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Asymptotic Behavior of a Nonlocal KPP Equation with a Stationary Ergodic NonlinearityNov 20 2014Dec 07 2014We consider a space-inhomogeneous Kolmogorov-Petrovskii-Piskunov (KPP) equation with a nonlocal diffusion and a stationary ergodic nonlinearity. By employing and adapting the theory of stochastic homogenization, we show that solutions of this equation ... More
Asymptotic Behavior of a Nonlocal KPP Equation with an Almost Periodic NonlinearityNov 19 2014Jan 18 2016We consider a space-inhomogeneous Kolmogorov-Petrovskii-Piskunov (KPP) equation with a nonlocal diffusion and an almost-periodic nonlinearity. By employing and adapting the theory of homogenization, we show that solutions of this equation asymptotically ... More
Disjunctive Logic Programs versus Normal Logic ProgramsApr 02 2013This paper focuses on the expressive power of disjunctive and normal logic programs under the stable model semantics over finite, infinite, or arbitrary structures. A translation from disjunctive logic programs into normal logic programs is proposed and ... More
$ε$ expansion analysis of very weak first-order transitions in the cubic anisotropy model, Part IIOct 22 1996Oct 23 1996A companion article analyzed very weakly first-order phase transitions in the cubic anisotropy model using $\eps$ expansion techniques. We extend that analysis to a calculation of the relative discontinuity of specific heat across the transition.
A note on an Counter Example of DacorognaNov 28 2018In this short note,we correct a well-known counter example of the famous book of Dacorogna[2].
Inverse scattering transforms and N-double-pole solutions for the derivative NLS equation with zero/non-zero boundary conditionsDec 06 2018We systematically report a rigorous theory of the inverse scattering transforms (ISTs) for the derivative nonlinear Schrodinger (DNLS) equation with both zero boundary condition (ZBC)/non-zero boundary conditions (NZBCs) at infinity and double poles of ... More
Four Variations on Graded PosetsAug 03 2015Aug 04 2015We explore the enumeration of some natural classes of graded posets, including all graded posets, (2+2)- and (3+1)-avoiding graded posets, (2+2)-avoiding graded posets, and (3+1)-avoiding graded posets. We obtain enumerative and structural theorems for ... More
A unified inverse scattering transform and soliton solutions of the nonlocal modified KdV equation with non-zero boundary conditionsOct 29 2018Mar 21 2019We present a rigorous theory of a unified and simple inverse scattering transform (IST) for both focusing and defocusing real nonlocal (reverse-space-time) modified Korteweg-de Vries (mKdV) equations with non-zero boundary conditions (NZBCs) at infinity. ... More
Inverse scattering transforms for the focusing and defocusing mKdV equations with nonzero boundary conditionsOct 29 2018Mar 21 2019We explore systematically a rigorous theory of the inverse scattering transforms with matrix Riemann-Hilbert problems for both focusing and defocusing modified Korteweg-de Vries (mKdV) equations with non-zero boundary conditions (NZBCs) at infinity. Using ... More
A Unified Enumeration of 1-dimension Garden Algebras and Valise AdinkrasJan 08 2018In the study of supersymmetry in one dimension, various works enumerate sets of generators of garden algebras $GR(d,N)$ (and equivalently, valise Adinkras) for special cases $N = d = 4$ and $N = d = 8$, using group-theoretic methods and computer computation. ... More
A Dynamic Programming Approach To Length-Limited Huffman CodingJun 30 2008The ``state-of-the-art'' in Length Limited Huffman Coding algorithms is the $\Theta(ND)$-time, $\Theta(N)$-space one of Hirschberg and Larmore, where $D\le N$ is the length restriction on the code. This is a very clever, very problem specific, technique. ... More
Polarisation of submillimetre lines from interstellar mediumJul 04 2017Dec 05 2017Magnetic fields play important roles in many astrophysical processes. However, there is no universal diagnostic for the magnetic fields in the interstellar medium (ISM) and each magnetic tracer has its limitation. Any new detection method is thus valuable. ... More
Many-Anyons Wavefunction, State Capacity and Gentile StatisticsApr 01 2015The many-anyons wavefunction is constructed via the superposition of all the permutations on the direct product of single anyon states and its interchange properties are examined. The phase of permutation is not a representation but the word metric of ... More
Understanding the TeV emission from a distant blazar PKS 1424+240 in a lepto-hadronic jet modelDec 04 2014We investigate the formation of TeV spectrum of a distant blazar PKS 1424+240 residing at a redshift $z\geq0.6$ in two scenarios in the frame of a lepto-hadronic jet model taking both the uncertainties of the extragalactic background light (EBL) and its ... More
Enumeration of perfect matchings of a type of Cartesian products of graphsNov 12 2005Let $G$ be a graph and let Pm$(G)$ denote the number of perfect matchings of $G$. We denote the path with $m$ vertices by $P_m$ and the Cartesian product of graphs $G$ and $H$ by $G\times H$. In this paper, as the continuance of our paper [19], we enumerate ... More
Applying Fourier Analysis to Judgment AggregationOct 27 2018The classical Arrow's Theorem answers "how can $n$ voters obtain a collective preference on a set of outcomes, if they have to obey certain constraints?" We give an analogue in the judgment aggregation framework of List and Pettit, answering "how can ... More
Spin-filtered and Spatially Distinguishable Crossed Andreev Reflection in a Silicene-Superconductor JunctionJul 05 2016We theoretically investigate the quantum transports in a junction between a superconductor and a silicene nanoribbon, under the effect of a magnetic exchange field. We find that for a narrow nanoribbon of silicene, remarkable crossed Andreev reflection ... More
Inequalities for selected eigenvalues of the product of matricesMay 09 2019The product of a Hermitian matrix and a positive semidefinite matrix has only real eigenvalues. We present bounds for sums of eigenvalues of such a product.
A Comparison of Methods for Identifying Location Effects in Unreplicated Fractional Factorials in the Presence of Dispersion EffectsApr 24 2019Most methods for identifying location effects in unreplicated fractional factorial designs assume homoscedasticity of the response values. However, dispersion effects in the underlying process may create heteroscedasticity in the response values. This ... More
Skyrmion dynamics in a chiral magnet driven by periodically varying spin currentsJun 30 2016In this work, we investigated the spin dynamics in a slab of chiral magnets induced by an alternating (ac) spin current. Periodic trajectories of the skyrmion in real space are discovered under the ac current as a result of the competition among the Gilbert-damping-induced ... More
Structural Theory of 2-d AdinkrasAug 03 2015Adinkras are combinatorial objects developed to study 1-dimensional supersymmetry representations. Recently, 2-d Adinkras have been developed to study 2-dimensional supersymmetry. In this paper, we classify all 2-d Adinkras, confirming a conjecture of ... More
Independence of Causal Influence and Clique Tree PropagationFeb 06 2013This paper explores the role of independence of causal influence (ICI) in Bayesian network inference. ICI allows one to factorize a conditional probability table into smaller pieces. We describe a method for exploiting the factorization in clique tree ... More
On the greatest solution of equations in $\text{CLL}_R$Feb 12 2015It is shown that, for any equation $X=_{RS} t_X$ in the LLTS-oriented process calculus $\text{CLL}_R$, if $X$ is strongly guarded in $t_X$, then the recursive term $\langle X|X=t_X \rangle$ is the greatest solution of this equation w.r.t L\"{u}ttgen and ... More
Axiomatizing Lüttgen and Vogler's ready simulation for finite processes in $\text{CLL}_R$Feb 12 2015In the framework of logic labelled transition system, a variant of weak ready simulation has been presented by L\"{u}ttgen and Vogler. It has been shown that such behavioural preorder is the largest precongruence w.r.t parallel and conjunction composition ... More
Formation of very hard electron and gamma-ray spectra of flat spectrum radio quasar in fast-cooling regimeOct 31 2015Mar 29 2016In external Compton scenario, we investigate the formation of the very hard electron spectrum in the fast-cooling regime, using a time-dependent emission model. It is shown that a very hard electron distribution $N'_{\rm e}(\gp)\propto\gp^{-p}$ with the ... More
Parameter constraints in a near-equipartition model with multi-frequency \emph{NuSTAR}, \emph{Swift} and \emph{Fermi-LAT} data from 3C 279Sep 16 2015Precise spectra of 3C 279 in the 0.5-70 keV range, obtained during two epochs of \emph{Swift} and \emph{NuSTAR} observations, are analyzed using a near-equipartition model. We apply a one-zone leptonic model with a three-parameter log-parabola electron ... More
Spin-Cherenkov effect in a magnetic nanostrip with interfacial Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interactionJan 28 2016Apr 12 2016Spin-Cherenkov effect enables strong excitations of spin waves (SWs) with nonlinear wave dispersions. The Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction (DMI) results in anisotropy and nonreciprocity of SWs propagation. In this work, we study the effect of the interfacial ... More
Stochastic Primal-Dual Algorithms with Faster Convergence than $O(1/\sqrt{T})$ for Problems without Bilinear StructureApr 23 2019Previous studies on stochastic primal-dual algorithms for solving min-max problems with faster convergence heavily rely on the bilinear structure of the problem, which restricts their applicability to a narrowed range of problems. The main contribution ... More
Giant intrinsic spin Hall effect in the TaAs family of Weyl semimetalsApr 25 2016Aug 12 2016Since their discovery, topological insulators have been expected to be ideal spintronic materials owing to the spin currents carried by surface states with spin--momentum locking. However, the bulk doping problem remains an obstacle that hinders such ... More
A semiparametric spatial dynamic modelMay 23 2014Stimulated by the Boston house price data, in this paper, we propose a semiparametric spatial dynamic model, which extends the ordinary spatial autoregressive models to accommodate the effects of some covariates associated with the house price. A profile ... More
The Rise of Social Botnets: Attacks and CountermeasuresMar 08 2016Apr 06 2016Online social networks (OSNs) are increasingly threatened by social bots which are software-controlled OSN accounts that mimic human users with malicious intentions. A social botnet refers to a group of social bots under the control of a single botmaster, ... More
Target Directed Event Sequence Generation for Android ApplicationsJul 12 2016Aug 23 2017Testing is a commonly used approach to ensure the quality of software, of which model-based testing is a hot topic to test GUI programs such as Android applications (apps). Existing approaches mainly either dynamically construct a model that only contains ... More
A semiparametric model for cluster dataAug 24 2009In the analysis of cluster data, the regression coefficients are frequently assumed to be the same across all clusters. This hampers the ability to study the varying impacts of factors on each cluster. In this paper, a semiparametric model is introduced ... More
Frequency identification and asteroseismic analysis of the red giant KIC 9145955: fundamental parameters and helium core sizeFeb 05 2018We have analyzed 18 quarters of long-cadence data of KIC 9145955 provided by \emph{Kepler}, and extracted 61 oscillation frequencies from these high precision photometric data. The oscillation frequencies include 7 $l = 0$ modes, 44 $l = 1$ modes, 7 $l ... More
On parallel multisplitting methods for non-Hermitian positive definite linear systemsOct 13 2014To solve non-Hermitian linear system Ax=b on parallel and vector machines, some paralell multisplitting methods are considered. In this work, in particular: i) We establish the convergence results of the paralell multisplitting methods, together with ... More
SL(2,C) gravity on noncommutative space with Poisson structureApr 13 2010Sep 16 2010The Einstein's gravity theory can be formulated as an SL(2,C) gauge theory in terms of spinor notations. In this paper, we consider a noncommutative space with the Poisson structure and construct an SL(2,C) formulation of gravity on such a space. Using ... More
The quadratic covariation for a weighted fractional Brownian motionMar 05 2016Let $B^{a,b}$ be a weighted fractional Brownian motion with indices $a,b$ satisfying $a>-1,-1<b<0,|b|<1+a$. In this paper, motivated by the asymptotic property $$ E[(B^{a,b}_{s+\varepsilon}-B^{a,b}_s)^2] =O(\varepsilon^{1+b})\not\sim \varepsilon^{1+a+b}=E[(B^{a,b}_{\varepsilon})^2]\qquad ... More
Singularity of the extremal solution for supercritical biharmonic equations with power-type nonlinearityJan 20 2011Jul 21 2011Let $\lambda^{*}>0$ denote the largest possible value of $\lambda$ such that $$ \{{array}{lllllll} \Delta^{2}u=\lambda(1+u)^{p} & {in}\ \ \B, %0<u\leq 1 & {in}\ \ \B, u=\frac{\partial u}{\partial n} =0 & {on}\ \ \partial \B {array}. $$ has a solution, ... More
Two-Dimensional Scanning Phased Array Based on Pattern Reconfigurable AntennaMar 15 2019This paper presents a novel planar phased array that can work in Ka band designed for two-dimensional scanning. A four-modes pattern reconfigurable element based on microstrip Yagi antenna is proposed, and then developed into the 4X4 phased array, in ... More
An answer to Hammerlindl's question on strong unstable foliationsApr 07 2014Let $f: \mathbb{T}^3\to\mathbb{T}^3$ be a partially hyperbolic diffeomorphism on the 3-torus $\mathbb{T}^3$. In his thesis, Hammerlindl proved that for lifted center foliation $\mathcal{F}^c_f$, there exists $R>0$, such that for any $x\in \mathbb{R}^3$, ... More
On properties of a class of strong limits for supercritical superprocessesMar 08 2018Aug 29 2018Suppose that $X=\{X_t, t\ge 0; \mathbb{P}_{\mu}\}$ is a supercritical superprocess in a locally compact separable metric space $E$. Let $\phi_0$ be a positive eigenfunction corresponding to the first eigenvalue $\lambda_0$ of the generator of the mean ... More
High-precision gravimeter based on a nano-mechanical resonator hybrid with an electron spinJul 16 2018We show that the gravitational acceleration can be measured with the matter-wave Ramsey interferometry, by using a nitrogen-vacancy center coupled to a nano-mechanical resonator. We propose two experimental methods to realize the Hamiltonian, by using ... More
Control contribution identifies top driver nodes in complex networksJun 11 2019We propose a new measure to quantify the impact of a node $i$ in controlling a directed network. This measure, called `control contribution' $\mathcal{C}_{i}$, combines the probability for node $i$ to appear in a set of driver nodes and the probability ... More
Robustness of classification ability of spiking neural networksJan 30 2018It is well-known that the robustness of artificial neural networks (ANNs) is important for their wide ranges of applications. In this paper, we focus on the robustness of the classification ability of a spiking neural network which receives perturbed ... More
Attention Guided Graph Convolutional Networks for Relation ExtractionJun 18 2019Jun 19 2019Dependency trees convey rich structural information that is proven useful for extracting relations among entities in text. However, how to effectively make use of relevant information while ignoring irrelevant information from the dependency trees remains ... More
Cross-sectional Learning of Extremal Dependence among Financial AssetsMay 31 2019We propose a novel probabilistic model to facilitate the learning of multivariate tail dependence of multiple financial assets. Our method allows one to construct from known random vectors, e.g., standard normal, sophisticated joint heavy-tailed random ... More
Hierarchical Model for Long-term Video PredictionJun 27 2017Jul 03 2017Video prediction has been an active topic of research in the past few years. Many algorithms focus on pixel-level predictions, which generates results that blur and disintegrate within a few frames. In this project, we use a hierarchical approach for ... More
High-topological-number magnetic skyrmions and topologically protected dissipative structureMay 04 2015Jan 05 2016The magnetic skyrmion with the topological number of unity ($Q=1$) is a well-known nanometric swirling spin structure in the nonlinear $\sigma$ model with the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction. Here, we show that magnetic skyrmion with the topological ... More
A two-step approach to model precipitation extremes in California based on max-stable and marginal point processesApr 02 2012Jun 16 2015In modeling spatial extremes, the dependence structure is classically inferred by assuming that block maxima derive from max-stable processes. Weather stations provide daily records rather than just block maxima. The point process approach for univariate ... More
The coordinate coherent states approach revisitedMay 20 2011Nov 13 2012We revisit the coordinate coherent states approach through two different quantization procedures in the quantum field theory on the noncommutative Minkowski plane. The first procedure, which is based on the normal commutation relation between an annihilation ... More
Incorporating Context and External Knowledge for Pronoun Coreference ResolutionMay 24 2019Linking pronominal expressions to the correct references requires, in many cases, better analysis of the contextual information and external knowledge. In this paper, we propose a two-layer model for pronoun coreference resolution that leverages both ... More
On characterization of Poisson integrals of Schrodinger operators with BMO tracesJun 03 2013Sep 22 2013Let L be a Schrodinger operator of the form L=-\Delta+V acting on L^2(Rn) where the nonnegative potential V belongs to the reverse Holder class Bq for some q>= n. Let BMO_L(Rn) denote the BMO space on Rn associated to the Schrodinger operator L. In this ... More
Supercritical Superprocesses: Proper Normalization and Non-degenerate Strong LimitAug 15 2017Oct 18 2018Suppose that $X=\{X_t, t\ge 0; \mathbb{P}_{\mu}\}$ is a supercritical superprocess in a locally compact separable metric space $E$. Let $\phi_0$ be a positive eigenfunction corresponding to the first eigenvalue $\lambda_0$ of the generator of the mean ... More
Central Limit Theorems for Supercritical SuperprocessesOct 21 2013Sep 19 2014In this paper, we establish a central limit theorem for a large class of general supercritical superprocesses with spatially dependent branching mechanisms satisfying a second moment condition. This central limit theorem generalizes and unifies all the ... More
Degree conditions for the partition of a graph into triangles and quadrilateralsDec 29 2010Nov 15 2011For two positive integers $r$ and $s$ with $r\geq 2s-2$, if $G$ is a graph of order $3r+4s$ such that $d(x)+d(y)\geq 4r+4s$ for every $xy\not\in E(G)$, then $G$ independently contains $r$ triangles and $s$ quadrilaterals, which partially prove the El-Zahar's ... More
Algebraic and Geometric Mean Density of States in Topological Anderson InsulatorsSep 10 2013Algebraic and geometric mean density of states in disordered systems may reveal properties of electronic localization. In order to understand the topological phases with disorder in two dimensions, we present the calculated density of states for disordered ... More
Electronic structure and optical properties of Graphene MonoxideSep 04 2012The electronic and optical properties of graphene monoxide, a new type of semiconductor materials, are first theoretically studied based on density functional theory. Electronic calculations show that the band gap is 0.952 eV which indicate that graphene ... More
Automated Selection of r for the r Largest Order Statistics Approach with Adjustment for Sequential TestingApr 07 2016The r largest order statistics approach is widely used in extreme value analysis because it may use more information from the data than just the block maxima. In practice, the choice of r is critical. If r is too large, bias can occur; if too small, the ... More
FSPool: Learning Set Representations with Featurewise Sort PoolingJun 06 2019We introduce a pooling method for sets of feature vectors based on sorting features across elements of the set. This allows a deep neural network for sets to learn more flexible representations. We also demonstrate how FSPool can be used to construct ... More
Magnetic bilayer-skyrmions without skyrmion Hall effectApr 09 2015Arising from emergent electromagnetic field of magnetic skyrmions due to their nontrivial topology, the skyrmion Hall effect might be a roadblock for practical applications since any longitudinal motions of skyrmions in nanotrack is accompanied by a transverse ... More
Magnetic skyrmion logic gates: conversion, duplication and merging of skyrmionsOct 12 2014Mar 25 2015Magnetic skyrmions, which are topological particle-like excitations in ferromagnets, have attracted a lot of attention recently. Skyrmionics is an attempt to use magnetic skyrmions as information carriers in next generation spintronic devices. Proposals ... More
Tracing Magnetic Fields by Atomic Alignment in Extended Radiation FieldsOct 16 2014May 21 2015Tracing magnetic fields is crucial as magnetic fields play an important role in many astrophysical processes. Earlier studies have demonstrated that Ground State Alignment (GSA) is a unique way to detect weak magnetic fields (1G> B> 1exp(-15)G) in diffuse ... More
One condition for solution uniqueness and robustness of both l1-synthesis and l1-analysis minimizationsApr 18 2013Oct 29 2014The $\ell_1$-synthesis model and the $\ell_1$-analysis model recover structured signals from their undersampled measurements. The solution of former is a sparse sum of dictionary atoms, and that of the latter makes sparse correlations with dictionary ... More
Automatic Spelling Correction with Transformer for CTC-based End-to-End Speech RecognitionMar 27 2019Connectionist Temporal Classification (CTC) based end-to-end speech recognition system usually need to incorporate an external language model by using WFST-based decoding in order to achieve promising results. This is more essential to Mandarin speech ... More
UAV Communications for 5G and Beyond: Recent Advances and Future TrendsJan 20 2019Providing ubiquitous connectivity to diverse device types is the key challenge for 5G and beyond 5G (B5G). Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are expected to be an important component of the upcoming wireless networks that can potentially facilitate wireless ... More
Noncommutative corrections to the holographic entanglement entropy of the pure AdS spacetime and Schwarzschild-AdS black holeMar 07 2019Mar 18 2019We compute the noncommutative corrections to the holographic entanglement entropy of the pure AdS spacetime and Schwarzschild-AdS black hole, where the noncommutaitve background is suitably constructed that matches the Poincar\'e coordinate system. In ... More
Unconditional convergence of a fast two-level linearized algorithm for semilinear subdiffusion equationsMar 27 2018Apr 06 2018A fast two-level linearized scheme with unequal time-steps is constructed and analyzed for an initial-boundary-value problem of semilinear subdiffusion equations. The two-level fast L1 formula of the Caputo derivative is derived based on the sum-of-exponentials ... More
The influence of atomic alignment on absorption and emission spectroscopyJul 09 2018Spectroscopic observations play essential roles in astrophysics. They are crucial for determining physical parameters in the universe, providing information about the chemistry of various astronomical environments. The proper execution of the spectroscopic ... More
An analysis of a random algorithm for estimating all the matchingsNov 12 2007Nov 15 2007Counting the number of all the matchings on a bipartite graph has been transformed into calculating the permanent of a matrix obtained from the extended bipartite graph by Yan Huo, and Rasmussen presents a simple approach (RM) to approximate the permanent, ... More
Direct Method of Moving Spheres on Fractional Order EquationsSep 12 2015Apr 16 2016In this paper, we introduce a direct method of moving spheres for the nonlocal fractional Laplacian $(-\triangle)^{\alpha/2}$ for $0<\alpha<2$, in which a key ingredient is the narrow region maximum principle. As immediate applications, we classify the ... More
Domain Adaptation via Maximum Independence of Domain FeaturesMar 15 2016When the distributions of the source and the target domains are different, domain adaptation techniques are needed. For example, in the field of sensors and measurement, discrete and continuous distributional change often exist in data because of instrumental ... More
A DNN Framework For Text Image Rectification From Planar TransformationsNov 14 2016In this paper, a novel neural network architecture is proposed attempting to rectify text images with mild assumptions. A new dataset of text images is collected to verify our model and open to public. We explored the capability of deep neural network ... More
On Non-Integer Linear Degrees of Freedom of Constant Two-Cell MIMO Cellular NetworksDec 23 2014The study of degrees of freedom (DoF) of multiuser channels has led to the development of important interference managing schemes, such as interference alignment (IA) and interference neutralization. However, while the integer DoF have been widely studied ... More
Weakly Supervised Audio Source Separation via Spectrum Energy Preserved Wasserstein LearningNov 11 2017May 17 2018Separating audio mixtures into individual instrument tracks has been a long standing challenging task. We introduce a novel weakly supervised audio source separation approach based on deep adversarial learning. Specifically, our loss function adopts the ... More
Quantum molecular dynamics simulations of the thermophysical properties of shocked liquid ammonia for pressures up to 1.3 TPaMay 22 2013We investigate via quantum molecular-dynamics simulations the thermophysical properties of shocked liquid ammonia up to the pressure 1.3 TPa and temperature 120000 K. The principal Hugoniot is predicted from wide-range equation of state, which agrees ... More
Distributed Relay Selection Protocols for Simultaneous Wireless Information and Power TransferJul 06 2014Aug 11 2014Harvesting energy from the radio-frequency (RF) signal is an exciting solution to replenish energy in energy-constrained wireless networks. In this paper, an amplify-and-forward (AF) based wireless relay network is considered, where the relay nodes need ... More
Quantum molecular dynamics simulations of lithium melting using Z-methodOct 12 2010We performed first-principles molecular dynamics calculations for lithium using the projector augmented waves method and the generalized gradient approximation as exchange-correlation energy. The melting curve of lithium was computed using the \textit{Z}-method ... More
Deep Set Prediction NetworksJun 15 2019We study the problem of predicting a set from a feature vector with a deep neural network. Existing approaches ignore the set structure of the problem and suffer from discontinuity issues as a result. We propose a general model for predicting sets that ... More
Graphical condensation of plane graphs: a combinatorial approachSep 15 2005Sep 23 2005The method of graphical vertex-condensation for enumerating perfect matchings of plane bipartite graph was found by Propp (Theoret. Comput. Sci. 303(2003), 267-301), and was generalized by Kuo (Theoret. Comput. Sci. 319 (2004), 29-57) and Yan and Zhang ... More
Extremal matching energy of complements of treesNov 27 2014The matching energy is defined as the sum of the absolute values of the zeros of the matching polynomial of a graph, which is proposed first by Gutman and Wagner [The matching energy of a graph, Discrete Appl. Math. 160 (2012) 2177--2187]. And they gave ... More
On r-equitable chromatic threshold of Kronecker products of complete graphsOct 08 2013A graph $G$ is $r$-equitably $k$-colorable if its vertex set can be partitioned into $k$ independent sets, any two of which differ in size by at most $r$. The $r$-equitable chromatic threshold of a graph $G$, denoted by $\chi_{r=}^*(G)$, is the minimum ... More
Subspace Attack: Exploiting Promising Subspaces for Query-Efficient Black-box AttacksJun 11 2019Unlike the white-box counterparts that are widely studied and readily accessible, adversarial examples in black-box settings are generally more Herculean on account of the difficulty of estimating gradients. Many methods achieve the task by issuing numerous ... More
Understanding the multiwavelength observation of Geminga's TeV halo: the role of anisotropic diffusion of particlesApr 25 2019In this letter we demonstrate that the X-ray and the TeV observations in the vicinity of Geminga can be understood in the framework of anisotropic diffusion of injected electrons/positrons. This interpretation only requires the turbulence in the vicinity ... More
Functional central limit theorems for supercritical superprocessesOct 07 2014In this paper, we establish some functional central limit theorems for a large class of general supercritical superprocesses with spatially dependent branching mechanisms satisfying a second moment condition. In the particular case when the state $E$ ... More
Limit Theorems for Some Critical SuperprocessesMar 06 2014Nov 24 2015In this paper we establish some conditional limit theorems for some critical superprocesses $X=\{X_t, t\ge 0\}$. First we identify the rate of non-extinction. Then we show that, for a large class of functions $f$, conditioned on non-extinction at time ... More
Central Limit Theorems for Supercritical Branching Nonsymmetric Markov ProcessesApr 01 2014In this paper, we establish a spatial central limit theorem for a large class of supercritical branching, not necessarily symmetric, Markov processes with spatially dependent branching mechanisms satisfying a second moment condition. This central limit ... More
Degenerate quantum general linear groupsMay 18 2018Given any pair of positive integers m and n, we construct a new Hopf algebra, which may be regarded as a degenerate version of the quantum group of gl(m+n). We study its structure and develop a highest weight representation theory. The finite dimensional ... More
Ice-templated poly(vinylidene fluoride) ferroelectretsAug 20 2018Ferroelectrets are piezoelectrically-active polymer foams that can convert externally applied loads into electric charge. Existing processing routes used to create pores of the desired geometry and degree of alignment appropriate for ferroelectrets are ... More
Stability and chaotic behavior of Bose-Einstein condensates in optical lattices with two- and three-body interactionsApr 22 2009May 07 2009The stability and chaotic behaviors of Bose-Einstein condensates with two- and three-atom interactions in optical lattices are discussed with analytical and numerical methods. It is found that the steady-state relative population appears tuning-fork bifurcation ... More
SafeEmail A safe and reliable email communication system without any spamFeb 25 2019Using multi group asymmetric public and private keys, this paper proposes a encryption email communication system, which makes email communication more secure, lowers the service provider\'s network and storage consumption, and completely eliminates any ... More
Discovery of Proteomics based on Machine learningDec 04 2013The ultimate target of proteomics identification is to identify and quantify the protein in the organism. Mass spectrometry (MS) based on label-free protein quantitation has mainly focused on analysis of peptide spectral counts and ion peak heights. Using ... More
Universal quantum gates between nitrogen-vacancy centers in a levitated nanodiamondSep 30 2018We propose a scheme to realize universal quantum gates between nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centers in an optically trapped nanodiamond, through uniform magnetic field induced coupling between the NV centers and the torsional mode of the levitated nanodiamond. ... More
Attention Guided Graph Convolutional Networks for Relation ExtractionJun 18 2019Dependency trees convey rich structural information that is proven useful for extracting relations among entities in text. However, how to effectively make use of relevant information while ignoring irrelevant information from the dependency trees remains ... More
Thermally stable magnetic skyrmions in multilayer synthetic antiferromagnetic racetracksJan 15 2016Jul 22 2016A magnetic skyrmion is a topological magnetization structure with a nanometric size and a well-defined swirling spin distribution, which is anticipated to be an essential building block for novel skyrmion-based device applications. We study the motion ... More
Antiferromagnetic Skyrmion: Stability, Creation and ManipulationApr 06 2015Apr 04 2016Magnetic skyrmions are particle-like topological excitations in ferromagnets, which have the topological number $Q=\pm 1$, and hence show the skyrmion Hall effect (SkHE) due to the Magnus force effect originating from the topology. Here, we propose the ... More
Automated Threshold Selection for Extreme Value Analysis via Goodness-of-Fit Tests with Application to Batched Return Level MappingApr 07 2016Threshold selection is a critical issue for extreme value analysis with threshold-based approaches. Under suitable conditions, exceedances over a high threshold have been shown to follow the generalized Pareto distribution (GPD) asymptotically. In practice, ... More
Quantum molecular dynamics simulations for the nonmetal-metal transition in shocked methaneDec 22 2010Mar 24 2011We have performed quantum molecular-dynamics simulations for methane under shock compressions up to 80 GPa. We obtain good agreement with available experimental data for the principal Hugoniot, derived from the equation of state. A systematic study of ... More
Classification of certain qualitative properties of solutions for the quasilinear parabolic equationsMar 29 2017In this paper, we mainly consider the initial boundary problem for a quasilinear parabolic equation \[ u_t-\mathrm{div}\left(|\nabla u|^{p-2}\nabla u\right)=-|u|^{\beta-1}u+\alpha|u|^{q-2}u, \] where $p>1,\beta>0$, $q\geq1$ and $\alpha>0$. By using Gagliardo-Nirenberg ... More
Deep Defense: Training DNNs with Improved Adversarial RobustnessFeb 23 2018Dec 20 2018Despite the efficacy on a variety of computer vision tasks, deep neural networks (DNNs) are vulnerable to adversarial attacks, limiting their applications in security-critical systems. Recent works have shown the possibility of generating imperceptibly ... More
Blockchain for Internet of Things: A SurveyJun 01 2019Jun 06 2019Internet of Things (IoT) is reshaping the incumbent industry to smart industry featured with data-driven decision-making. However, intrinsic features of IoT result in a number of challenges such as decentralization, poor interoperability, privacy and ... More