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On the stability of self-adjointness of linear relationsMay 30 2019This paper focuses on the stability of self-adjointness of linear relations under perturbations in Hilbert spaces. It is shown that a self-adjoint relation is still self-adjoint under bounded and relatively bounded perturbations. The results obtained ... More
A Class of Five-weight Cyclic Codes and Their Weight DistributionDec 17 2013Feb 12 2015In this paper, a family of five-weight reducible cyclic codes is presented. Furthermore, the weight distribution of these cyclic codes is determined, which follows from the determination of value distributions of certain exponential sums.
Higher weight distribution of linearized Reed-Solomon codesMay 27 2015Linearized Reed-Solomon codes are defined. Higher weight distribution of those codes are determined.
A Class of Six-weight Cyclic Codes and Their Weight DistributionNov 14 2013Dec 04 2013In this paper, a family of six-weight cyclic codes over GF(p) whose duals have two zeros is presented, where p is an odd prime. And the weight distribution of these cyclic codes is determined.
Incompressible hydrodynamic approximation with viscous heating to the Boltzmann equationNov 16 2016The incompressible Navier-Stokes-Fourier system with viscous heating was first derived from the Boltzmann equation in the form of the diffusive scaling by Bardos-Levermore-Ukai-Yang (2008). The purpose of this paper is to justify such an incompressible ... More
Weyl semimetal/insulator transition from holographySep 23 2018We study a holographic model which exhibits a quantum phase transition from the strongly interacting Weyl semimetal phase to an insulating phase. In the holographic insulating phase there is a hard gap in the real part of frequency dependent diagonal ... More
Invariance of deficiency indices of Hermitian subspaces under relatively bounded perturbationsApr 12 2019This paper is concerned with the stability of deficiency indices of Hermitian subspaces (i.e., linear relations) under relatively bounded perturbations in Hilbert spaces. Several results about invariance of deficiency indices of Hermitian subspaces under ... More
Holographic entanglement entropy in two-order insulator/superconductor transitionsJul 28 2016Mar 11 2017We study holographic superconductor model with two scalar fields coupled to one single Maxwell field in the AdS soliton background away from the probe limit. We disclose properties of phase transitions mostly from the holographic topological entanglement ... More
Asymptotic profiles of solutions for regularity-loss type generalized thermoelastic plate equations and their applicationsJul 15 2019In this paper, we consider generalized thermoelastic plate equations with Fourier's law of heat conduction. By introducing a threshold for decay properties of regularity-loss, we investigate decay estimates of solutions with/without regularity-loss in ... More
Optimal p-ary cyclic codes with two zerosAug 08 2019As a subclass of linear codes, cyclic codes have efficient encoding and decoding algorithms, so they are widely used in many areas such as consumer electronics, data storage systems and communication systems. In this paper, we give a general construction ... More
Trace class perturbation of closed linear relationsDec 06 2018This paper studies trace class perturbation of closed linear relations in Hilbert spaces. The concept of trace class perturbation of closed relations is introduced by orthogonal projections. Equivalent characterizations of compact and trace class block ... More
Incidence Matrices of Polarized Projective SpacesApr 23 2013In this paper, we first define a non-degenerate symmetric bilinear form on Fq^4. Then we get an incidence matrix G of Fq^4 by the bilinear form. By its corresponding quadratic form Q, the lines of Fq^4 are classified as isotropic and anisotropic lines. ... More
Linearized Reed-Solomon codes and linearized Wenger graphsFeb 06 2015Feb 16 2015A codeword is associated to a linearized polynomial. The weight distribution of the codewords is determined as the linearized polynomial varies in a family of fixed degree. There is a corresponding result on Wenger graphs from linearized polynomials.
The Essential Norm of Composition Operator between Generalized Bloch Spaces in Polydiscs and its ApplicationsMar 31 2005Dec 27 2005Let $U^{n}$ be the unit polydisc of ${\Bbb C}^{n}$ and $\phi=(\phi_1, >..., \phi_n)$ a holomorphic self-map of $U^{n}.$ By ${\cal B}^p(U^{n})$, ${\cal B}^p_{0}(U^{n})$ and ${\cal B}^p_{0*}(U^{n})$ denote the $p$-Bloch space, Little $p$-Bloch space and ... More
Learning from Multiway Data: Simple and Efficient Tensor RegressionJul 08 2016Tensor regression has shown to be advantageous in learning tasks with multi-directional relatedness. Given massive multiway data, traditional methods are often too slow to operate on or suffer from memory bottleneck. In this paper, we introduce subsampled ... More
Regular approximations of spectra of singular discrete linear Hamiltonian systems with one singular endpoint?Jan 24 2017This paper is concerned with regular approximations of spectra of singular discrete linear Hamiltonian systems with one singular endpoint. For any given self-adjoint subspace extension (SSE) of the corresponding minimal subspace, its spectrum can be approximated ... More
The Uncertainty Relationship In Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)Sep 21 2001The uncertainty relationship in MRI is shown. The result of uncertainty relationship is compared with other factors influencing the resolution of MRI. Our estimations show that the uncertainty relationship is of no significance in practice.
Anomalous transport model with axial magnetic fieldsMar 06 2017May 04 2018The transport properties of massless fermions in $3+1$ spacetime dimension have been in the focus of recent theoretical and experimental research. New transport properties appear as consequences of chiral anomalies. The most prominent is the generation ... More
A general holographic metal/superconductor phase transition modelOct 27 2014Mar 03 2015We study the scalar condensation of a general holographic superconductor model in AdS black hole background away from the probe limit. We find the model parameters together with the scalar mass and backreaction can determine the order of phase transitions ... More
Differentiable Physics-informed Graph NetworksFeb 08 2019Feb 11 2019While physics conveys knowledge of nature built from an interplay between observations and theory, it has been considered less importantly in deep neural networks. Especially, there are few works leveraging physics behaviors when the knowledge is given ... More
Fraunhofer diffraction at the two-dimensional quadratically distorted (QD) GratingSep 14 2017Mar 21 2018A two-dimensional (2D) mathematical model of quadratically distorted (QD) grating is established with the principles of Fraunhofer diffraction and Fourier optics. Discrete sampling and bisection algorithm are applied for finding numerical solution of ... More
Compact Composition Operators on the Bloch Space in Bounded Symmetric DomainsApr 01 2005Let $\Omega$ be a bounded symmetric domain except the two exceptional domains of ${\Bbb C}^N$ and $\phi$ a holomorphic self-map of $\Omega.$ This paper gives a sufficient and necessary condition for the composition operator $C_{\phi}$ induced by $\phi$ ... More
Particle Transport in Pulsar Wind Nebula HESS J1825-137: Diffusion v.s. AdvectionJul 04 2019Deep observation of the High Energy Stereoscopic System (HESS) on the pulsar wind nebula HESS J1825-137 reveals an enhanced energy-dependent morphology, providing useful information on the particle transport mechanism in the nebula. We perform a comprehensive ... More
New parameter-free mobility model: Opportunity priority selection modelAug 20 2018Apr 19 2019Predicting human mobility patterns has many practical applications in urban planning, traffic engineering, infectious disease epidemiology, emergency management and location-based services. Developing a universal model capable of accurately predicting ... More
CNN based music emotion classificationApr 19 2017Music emotion recognition (MER) is usually regarded as a multi-label tagging task, and each segment of music can inspire specific emotion tags. Most researchers extract acoustic features from music and explore the relations between these features and ... More
Similarity Grouping-Guided Neural Network Modeling for Maritime Time Series PredictionMay 13 2019Reliable and accurate prediction of time series plays a crucial role in maritime industry, such as economic investment, transportation planning, port planning and design, etc. The dynamic growth of maritime time series has the predominantly complex, nonlinear ... More
DSNet: Deep and Shallow Feature Learning for Efficient Visual TrackingNov 06 2018In recent years, Discriminative Correlation Filter (DCF) based tracking methods have achieved great success in visual tracking. However, the multi-resolution convolutional feature maps trained from other tasks like image classification, cannot be naturally ... More
Achieving Secrecy Capacity of the Gaussian Wiretap Channel with Polar LatticesMar 08 2015Jan 04 2016In this work, an explicit wiretap coding scheme based on polar lattices is proposed to achieve the secrecy capacity of the additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN) wiretap channel. Firstly, polar lattices are used to construct secrecy-good lattices for the ... More
Ensemble-Compression: A New Method for Parallel Training of Deep Neural NetworksJun 02 2016In recent year, parallel implementations have been used to speed up the training of deep neural networks (DNN). Typically, the parameters of the local models are periodically communicated and averaged to get a global model until the training curve converges ... More
GLAD: Group Anomaly Detection in Social Media Analysis- Extended AbstractOct 07 2014Traditional anomaly detection on social media mostly focuses on individual point anomalies while anomalous phenomena usually occur in groups. Therefore it is valuable to study the collective behavior of individuals and detect group anomalies. Existing ... More
Evolution of Filament BarbsJan 11 2010We present a selected few cases in which the sense of chirality of filament barbs changed within as short as hours. We investigate in detail a quiescent filament on 2003 September 10 and 11. Of its four barbs displaying such changes only one overlay a ... More
Numerical Study on Mechanism of Multiple Rings FormationFeb 21 2014In this paper, the flow around each ring-like vortex is investigated by high order DNS including first sweep, first ejection, second sweep, second ejection, positive spike, momentum deficit, vortex shape, vortex location, strength of sweeps, etc. Meanwhile, ... More
Measuring Trilinear Higgs Coupling in $WHH$ and $ZHH$ Productions at the HL-LHCNov 10 2015Apr 20 2017Determination of trilinear Higgs coupling ($\lambda_{HHH}=\kappa\lambda_{HHH}^{\rm SM}$) through Higgs pair productions is a major motivation for the LHC high luminosity phase. We perform a detailed collider simulation to explore the potential of measuring ... More
Understanding the multiwavelength observation of Geminga's TeV halo: the role of anisotropic diffusion of particlesApr 25 2019In this letter we demonstrate that the X-ray and the TeV observations in the vicinity of Geminga can be understood in the framework of anisotropic diffusion of injected electrons/positrons. This interpretation only requires the turbulence in the vicinity ... More
A type of multiple integral with loggamma functionApr 21 2014In this paper, we study the multiple integral $ \displaystyle I= \int_0^1 \int_0^1 \dots \int_0^1 f(x_1+x_2 + \dots +x_n) \, dx_1 \, dx_2 \, \dots \, dx_n$. A general formula of $I$ is presented. As an application, the integral $I$ with $f(x)= \log \Gamma(x)$ ... More
Optical Spectroscopic Observations of CI CamelopardalisJun 26 2008We present the results of optical spectroscopic observations of CI Cam. Double-peaked profiles were simultaneously observed for the first time in the hydrogen Balmer, He {\small I} $\lambda$6678 and Fe {\small II} lines during an observational run in ... More
Search for H dibaryon on the latticeJun 10 2011Aug 01 2011We investigate the H-dibaryon, an $I(J^{P})=0(0^{+})$ with $s=-2$, in the chiral and continuum regimes on anisotropic lattices in quenched QCD. Simulations are performed on very coarse lattices with refined techniques to obtain results with high accuracy ... More
A penalized likelihood approach for efficiently estimating a partially linear additive transformation model with current status dataApr 23 2019Current status data are commonly encountered in medical and epidemiological studies in which the failure time for study units is the outcome variable of interest. Data of this form are characterized by the fact that the failure time is not directly observed ... More
On the thermodynamics of the black hole and hairy black hole transitions in the asymptotically flat spacetime with a boxAug 04 2017Feb 28 2018We study the asymptotically flat quasi-local black hole/hairy black hole model with nonzero mass of the scalar filed. We disclose effects of the scalar mass on transitions in a grand canonical ensemble with condensation behaviors of a parameter $\psi_{2}$, ... More
Sharp inequalities of homogeneous expansions for quasi-convex mappings of type B and almost starlike mappings of order alphaNov 22 2015In this paper, we first obtain several sharp inequalities of homogeneous expansion for both the subclass of all normalized biholomorphic quasi-convex mappings of type B and order alpha and the subclass of all normalized biholomorphic almost starlike mappings ... More
Beyond Exponentially Discounted Sum: Automatic Learning of Return FunctionMay 28 2019In reinforcement learning, Return, which is the weighted accumulated future rewards, and Value, which is the expected return, serve as the objective that guides the learning of the policy. In classic RL, return is defined as the exponentially discounted ... More
CSI: A Hybrid Deep Model for Fake News DetectionMar 20 2017Sep 03 2017The topic of fake news has drawn attention both from the public and the academic communities. Such misinformation has the potential of affecting public opinion, providing an opportunity for malicious parties to manipulate the outcomes of public events ... More
Sample phase gradient and fringe phase shift in dual phase grating X-ray interferometryJun 20 2019One of the key tasks in grating based x-ray phase contrast imaging is to accurately retrieve local phase gradients of a sample from measured intensity fringe shifts. To fulfill this task in dual phase grating interferometry, one needs to know the exact ... More
Exchange Bias and Quantum Anomalous Hall Effect in the MnBi2Te4-CrI3 HeterostructureAug 12 2019The layered antiferromagnetic MnBi2Te4 films have been proposed to be an intrinsic quantum anomalous Hall (QAH) insulator with a large gap. To realize this proposal, it is crucial to open a magnetic gap of surface states. However, recent experiments have ... More
Modelling Sentence Pairs with Tree-structured Attentive EncoderOct 10 2016We describe an attentive encoder that combines tree-structured recursive neural networks and sequential recurrent neural networks for modelling sentence pairs. Since existing attentive models exert attention on the sequential structure, we propose a way ... More
Spontaneous Parity--Time Symmetry Breaking and Stability of Solitons in Bose-Einstein CondensatesSep 21 2010We report explicitly a novel family of exact PT-symmetric solitons and further study their spontaneous PT symmetry breaking, stabilities and collisions in Bose-Einstein condensates trapped in a PT-symmetric harmonic trap and a Hermite-Gaussian gain/loss ... More
Observation of temperature peaks due to strong viscous heating in a dusty plasma flowSep 26 2012Profound temperature peaks are observed in regions of high velocity shear in a 2D dusty plasma experiment with laser-driven flow. These are attributed to viscous heating, which occurs due to collisional scattering in a shear flow. Using measurements of ... More
Longitudinal viscosity of 2D Yukawa liquidsJan 09 2013Jan 10 2013The longitudinal viscosity $\eta_l$ is obtained for a two-dimensional (2D) liquid using a Green-Kubo method with a molecular dynamics simulation. The interparticle potential used has the Debye-H\"{u}ckel or Yukawa form, which models a 2D dusty plasma. ... More
Energy Transport in a Shear Flow of Particles in a 2D Dusty PlasmaSep 25 2012Oct 06 2012A shear flow of particles in a laser-driven two-dimensional (2D) dusty plasma are observed in a further study of viscous heating and thermal conduction. Video imaging and particle tracking yields particle velocity data, which we convert into continuum ... More
Identifying anomalous diffusion and melting in dusty plasmasApr 19 2011Anomalous diffusion in liquids and the solid-liquid phase transition (melting) are studied in two-dimensional Yukawa systems. The self-intermediate scattering function (self-ISF), calculated from simulation data, exhibits a temporal decay, or relaxation, ... More
Accurate particle position measurement from imagesApr 19 2011Apr 20 2011The moment method is an image analysis technique for sub-pixel estimation of particle positions. The total error in the calculated particle position includes effects of pixel locking and random noise in each pixel. Pixel locking, also known as peak locking, ... More
Viscosity calculated in simulations of strongly-coupled dusty plasmas with gas frictionApr 18 2011A two-dimensional strongly-coupled dusty plasma is modeled using Langevin and frictionless molecular dynamical simulations. The static viscosity $\eta$ and the wave-number-dependent viscosity $\eta(k)$ are calculated from the microscopic shear in the ... More
$K$-anonymous Signaling SchemeNov 26 2013Nov 27 2013We incorporate signaling scheme into Ad Auction setting, to achieve better welfare and revenue while protect users' privacy. We propose a new \emph{$K$-anonymous signaling scheme setting}, prove the hardness of the corresponding welfare/revenue maximization ... More
Parameters estimation of a noisy sinusoidal signal with time-varying amplitudeMay 16 2011In this paper, we give estimators of the frequency, amplitude and phase of a noisy sinusoidal signal with time-varying amplitude by using the algebraic parametric techniques introduced by Fliess and Sira-Ramirez. We apply a similar strategy to estimate ... More
Mathematical properties of a semi-classical signal analysis method: noisy signal caseJul 01 2012Aug 31 2012Recently, a new signal analysis method based on a semi-classical approach has been proposed [1]. The main idea in this method is to interpret a signal as a potential of a Schrodinger operator and then to use the discrete spectrum of this operator to analyze ... More
Convergence Rate of the Causal Jacobi Derivative EstimatorJun 11 2011Numerical causal derivative estimators from noisy data are essential for real time applications especially for control applications or fluid simulation so as to address the new paradigms in solid modeling and video compression. By using an analytical ... More
Error analysis of a class of derivative estimators for noisy signalsMar 03 2011Recent algebraic parametric estimation techniques led to point-wise derivative estimates by using only the iterated integral of a noisy observation signal. In this paper, we extend such differentiation methods by providing a larger choice of parameters ... More
Differentiation by integration with Jacobi polynomialsDec 25 2010Mar 03 2011In this paper, the numerical differentiation by integration method based on Jacobi polynomials originally introduced by Mboup, Fliess and Join is revisited in the central case where the used integration window is centered. Such method based on Jacobi ... More
A Scaling Behavior of Bloch Oscillation in Weyl SemimetalsMay 09 2016We predict a linear logarithmical scaling law of Bloch oscillation dynamics in Weyl semimetals (WSMs), which can be applied to detect Weyl nodal points. Applying the semiclassical dynamics for quasiparticles which are accelerated bypassing a Weyl point, ... More
Private Rank Aggregation under Local Differential PrivacyAug 13 2019In typical collective decision-making scenarios, rank aggregation aims to combine different agents' preferences over the given alternatives into an aggregated ranking that agrees the most with all the preferences. However, since the aggregation procedure ... More
Cyclic Codes from Two-Prime Generalized Cyclotomic Sequences of Order 6Oct 05 2015Cyclic codes have wide applications in data storage systems and communication systems. Employing two-prime Whiteman generalized cyclotomic sequences of order 6, we construct several classes of cyclic codes over the finite field GF}(q) and give their generator ... More
Tensor Regression Meets Gaussian ProcessesOct 31 2017Low-rank tensor regression, a new model class that learns high-order correlation from data, has recently received considerable attention. At the same time, Gaussian processes (GP) are well-studied machine learning models for structure learning. In this ... More
Noncommutative corrections to the holographic entanglement entropy of the pure AdS spacetime and Schwarzschild-AdS black holeMar 07 2019Mar 18 2019We compute the noncommutative corrections to the holographic entanglement entropy of the pure AdS spacetime and Schwarzschild-AdS black hole, where the noncommutaitve background is suitably constructed that matches the Poincar\'e coordinate system. In ... More
Detecting high-dimensional multipartite entanglement via some classes of measurementsDec 09 2015Feb 26 2018Mutually unbiased bases, mutually unbiased measurements and general symmetric informationally complete measurements are three related concepts in quantum information theory. We investigate multipartite systems using these notions and present some criteria ... More
Trace Codes with Few Weights over $\mathbb{F}_p+u\mathbb{F}_p$Dec 01 2016We construct an infinite family of two-Lee-weight and three-Lee-weight codes over the chain ring $\mathbb{F}_p+u\mathbb{F}_p.$ They have the algebraic structure of abelian codes. Their Lee weight distribution is computed by using Gauss sums. Then by using ... More
Good Self-dual Generalized Quasi-Cyclic Codes ExistJan 11 2016We show that there are good long binary generalized quasi-cyclic self-dual (either Type I or Type II) codes.
Local degree blocking model for link prediction in complex networksJun 09 2014Sep 16 2014Recovering and reconstructing networks by accurately identifying missing and unreliable links is a vital task in the domain of network analysis and mining. In this article, by studying a specific local structure, namely a degree block having a node and ... More
Learning Efficient and Effective Exploration Policies with Counterfactual Meta PolicyMay 28 2019A fundamental issue in reinforcement learning algorithms is the balance between exploration of the environment and exploitation of information already obtained by the agent. Especially, exploration has played a critical role for both efficiency and efficacy ... More
Extracting Interpretable Concept-Based Decision Trees from CNNsJun 11 2019Jun 16 2019In an attempt to gather a deeper understanding of how convolutional neural networks (CNNs) reason about human-understandable concepts, we present a method to infer labeled concept data from hidden layer activations and interpret the concepts through a ... More
Multiple D2-Brane Action from M2-BranesJul 08 2008We study the detail derivation of the multiple D2-brane effective action from multiple M2-branes in the Bagger-Lambert-Gustavsson (BLG) theory and the Aharony-Bergman-Jafferis-Maldacena (ABJM) theory by employing the novel Higgs mechanism. We show explicitly ... More
Chiral vortical conductivity across a topological phase transition from holographyApr 17 2019We study the chiral vortical conductivity in a holographic Weyl semimetal model, which describes a topological phase transition from the strongly coupled topologically nontrivial phase to a trivial phase. We focus on the temperature dependence of the ... More
Is $J^{PC}=3^{-+}$ molecule possible?Feb 19 2013Jun 04 2014The confirmation of charged charmonium-like states indiates that heavy quark molecules should exist. We here discuss the possibility of a molecule state with $J^{PC}=3^{-+}$. In a one-boson-exchange model investigation for the S wave $C=+$ $D^*\bar{D}_2^*$ ... More
Electron correlation and impurity-induced quasiparticle resonance states in cuprate superconductorsNov 28 2013We theoretically study the quasiparticle resonance states around a nonmagnetic impurity in cuprate superconductors based on t-t'-J-U model. The purpose of introducing the Coulomb repulsive interaction U is to partially impose the double occupancy constraint ... More
The generalized quadratic covariation for fractional Brownian motion with Hurst index less than 1/2Jun 12 2011Jun 18 2011Let $B^H$ be a fractional Brownian motion with Hurst index $0<H<1/2$. In this paper we study the {\it generalized quadratic covariation} $[f(B^H),B^H]^{(W)}$ defined by $$ [f(B^H),B^H]^{(W)}_t=\lim_{\epsilon\downarrow 0}\frac{2H}{\epsilon^{2H}}\int_0^t\{f(B^{H}_{s+\epsilon})-f(B^{H}_s)\}(B^{H}_{s+\epsilon}- ... More
Video De-fencingOct 08 2012This paper describes and provides an initial solution to a novel video editing task, i.e., video de-fencing. It targets automatic restoration of the video clips that are corrupted by fence-like occlusions during capture. Our key observation lies in the ... More
Rapid heating and cooling in two-dimensional Yukawa systemsApr 19 2011Simulations are reported to investigate solid superheating and liquid supercooling of two-dimensional (2D) systems with a Yukawa interparticle potential. Motivated by experiments where a dusty plasma is heated and then cooled suddenly, we track particle ... More
Errors in particle tracking velocimetry with high-speed camerasApr 18 2011Velocity errors in particle tracking velocimetry (PTV) are studied. When using high-speed video cameras, the velocity error may increase at a high camera frame rate. This increase in velocity error is due to particle-position uncertainty, which is one ... More
Viscoelasticity of 2D liquids quantified in a dusty plasma experimentJun 15 2010The viscoelasticity of two-dimensional liquids is quantified in an experiment using a dusty plasma. An experimental method is demonstrated for measuring the wavenumber-dependent viscosity, $\eta(k)$, which is a quantitative indicator of viscoelasticity. ... More
Waves and instability in a one-dimensional microfluidic arrayJun 13 2012Jun 21 2012Motion in a one-dimensional (1D) microfluidic array is simulated. Water droplets, dragged by flowing oil, are arranged in a single row, and due to their hydrodynamic interactions spacing between these droplets oscillates with a wave-like motion that is ... More
Boundedness of Maximal Calderón-Zygmund Operators on Non-homogeneous Metric Measure SpacesAug 27 2013Let $(\cx,\,d,\,\mu)$ be a metric measure space and satisfy the so-called upper doubling condition and the geometrically doubling condition. In this paper, the authors show that for the maximal Calder\'on-Zygmund operator associated with a singular integral ... More
Automatic trajectory measurement of large numbers of crowded objectsFeb 03 2019Complex motion patterns of natural systems, such as fish schools, bird flocks, and cell groups, have attracted great attention from scientists for years. Trajectory measurement of individuals is vital for quantitative and high-throughput study of their ... More
Polar Lattices for Strong Secrecy Over the Mod-$Λ$ Gaussian Wiretap ChannelJan 18 2014Jan 24 2014Polar lattices, which are constructed from polar codes, are provably good for the additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN) channel. In this work, we propose a new polar lattice construction that achieves the secrecy capacity under the strong secrecy criterion ... More
Word-Entity Duet Representations for Document RankingJun 20 2017This paper presents a word-entity duet framework for utilizing knowledge bases in ad-hoc retrieval. In this work, the query and documents are modeled by word-based representations and entity-based representations. Ranking features are generated by the ... More
Energy Efficiency in Multicast Multihop D2D NetworksJun 08 2016As the demand of mobile devices (MDs) for data services is explosively increasing, traditional offloading in the cellular networks is facing the contradiction of energy efficiency and quality of service. Device-to-device (D2D) communication is considered ... More
Discrete Mass Ejections from the Be/X-ray Binary A0535+26/HD245770Nov 03 2011We present the long-term optical spectroscopic observations on the Be/X-ray binary A0535+26 from 1992 to 2010. Combining with the public V-band photometric data, we find that each giant X-ray outburst occurred in a fading phase of the optical brightness. ... More
Quality Aware Network for Set to Set RecognitionApr 11 2017This paper targets on the problem of set to set recognition, which learns the metric between two image sets. Images in each set belong to the same identity. Since images in a set can be complementary, they hopefully lead to higher accuracy in practical ... More
Scalar field condensation behaviors around reflecting shells in Anti-de Sitter spacetimesMar 24 2018Aug 28 2018We study scalar condensations around asymptotically Anti-de Sitter(AdS) regular reflecting shells. We show that the charged scalar field can condense around charged reflecting shells with both Dirichlet and Neumann boundary conditions. In particular, ... More
A general holographic insulator/superconductor model away from the probe limitDec 30 2015Dec 15 2016We investigate holographic phase transitions affected by dark matter sector in the AdS soliton background away from the probe limit. When neglecting backreaction, the scalar charge q can be scaled unity without loss of generality. While considering backreaction ... More
Representations and module-extensions of hom 3-Lie algebrasApr 27 2013In this paper, we study the representations and module-extensions of hom 3-Lie algebras. We show that a linear map between hom 3-Lie algebras is a morphism if and only if its graph is a hom 3-Lie subalgebra and show that the derivations of a hom 3-Lie ... More
Closed-Form Solutions to A Category of Nuclear Norm Minimization ProblemsNov 22 2010Nov 23 2010It is an efficient and effective strategy to utilize the nuclear norm approximation to learn low-rank matrices, which arise frequently in machine learning and computer vision. So the exploration of nuclear norm minimization problems is gaining much attention ... More
Three-weight codes and the quintic constructionDec 01 2016We construct a class of three-Lee-weight and two infinite families of five-Lee-weight codes over the ring $R=\mathbb{F}_2 +v\mathbb{F}_2 +v^2\mathbb{F}_2 +v^3\mathbb{F}_2 +v^4\mathbb{F}_2,$ where $v^5=1.$ The same ring occurs in the quintic construction ... More
Two-weight and three-weight codes from trace codes over $\mathbb{F}_p+u\mathbb{F}_p+v\mathbb{F}_p+uv\mathbb{F}_p$Dec 01 2016We construct an infinite family of two-Lee-weight and three-Lee-weight codes over the non-chain ring $\mathbb{F}_p+u\mathbb{F}_p+v\mathbb{F}_p+uv\mathbb{F}_p,$ where $u^2=0,v^2=0,uv=vu.$ These codes are defined as trace codes. They have the algebraic ... More
Model Selection for Topic Models via Spectral DecompositionOct 23 2014Feb 17 2015Topic models have achieved significant successes in analyzing large-scale text corpus. In practical applications, we are always confronted with the challenge of model selection, i.e., how to appropriately set the number of topics. Following recent advances ... More
Dependence of Solutions and Eigenvalues of Third Order Linear Measure Differential Equations on MeasuresJan 03 2019This paper deals with a complex third order linear measure differential equation \begin{equation*} i\mathrm{d}\left( y^{\prime }\right) ^{\bullet }+2iq\left( x\right) y^{\prime }\mathrm{d}x+y\left( i\mathrm{d}q\left( x\right) +\mathrm{d}p\left( x\right) ... More
Frequency-dependent shear viscosity of a liquid 2D dusty plasmaMay 24 2012The viscoelasticity of a two-dimensional liquid strongly-coupled dusty plasma is studied experimentally, without macroscopic shear. Positions and velocities of the dust particles, measured by video microscopy, are used as the inputs to the generalized ... More
Evolution of shear-induced melting in dusty plasmaApr 05 2010The spatiotemporal development of melting is studied experimentally in a 2D dusty plasma suspension. Starting with an ordered lattice, and then suddenly applying localized shear, a pair of counter-propagating flow regions develop. A transition between ... More
Nonautonomous discrete rogue waves and interaction in the generalized Ablowitz-Ladik-Hirota lattice with variable coefficientsMay 18 2011We analytically investigate the nonautonomous discrete rogue wave solutions and their interaction in the generalized Ablowitz-Ladik-Hirota lattice with variable coefficients, which possess complicated wave propagations in time and are beyond the usual ... More
A Revisit of the Masuda FlareMay 27 2009Mar 15 2010We revisit the flare on 1992 January 13, which is now universally termed the "Masuda flare". The revisit is motivated not only by its uniqueness despite accumulating observations of \hxr coronal emission, but also by the improvement of Yohkoh hard X-ray ... More
Charmed dibaryon resonances in the potential quark modelApr 01 2019Charmed dibaryon states with the spin-parity $J^{\pi}=0^+$, $1^+$, and $2^+$are predicted for the two-body $Y_cN$ ($=\Lambda_c$, $\Sigma_c$, or $\Sigma^*_c$) systems. We employ the complex scaling method for the coupled channel Hamiltonian with the $Y_cN$-CTNN ... More
A Novel Convolutional Neural Network for Image Steganalysis with Shared NormalizationNov 20 2017Nov 21 2017Deep learning based image steganalysis has attracted increasing attentions in recent years. Several Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) models have been proposed and achieved state-of-the-art performances on detecting steganography. In this paper, we explore ... More