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The Algonauts Project: A Platform for Communication between the Sciences of Biological and Artificial IntelligenceMay 14 2019In the last decade, artificial intelligence (AI) models inspired by the brain have made unprecedented progress in performing real-world perceptual tasks like object classification and speech recognition. Recently, researchers of natural intelligence have ... More
Low Resolution Face Recognition Using a Two-Branch Deep Convolutional Neural Network ArchitectureJun 20 2017We propose a novel couple mappings method for low resolution face recognition using deep convolutional neural networks (DCNNs). The proposed architecture consists of two branches of DCNNs to map the high and low resolution face images into a common space ... More
Non-Linear Trans-Planckian Corrections of Spectra due to the Non-trivial Initial StatesOct 06 2014Recent Planck results motivated us to use non-Bunch-Davies vacuum. In this paper, we use the excited-de Sitter mode as non-linear initial states during inflation to calculate the corrected spectra of the initial fluctuations of the scalar field. First, ... More
Higher Order and Harmonic Corrections to the Quasi-de Sitter InflationJun 13 2016Jun 14 2016Since the trans-Planckian considerations can be associated with the re-definition of the initial vacuum, we investigate further the influence of trans-planckian physics on the spectra produced by initial quasi-de Sitter (dS) state during inflation. Recently, ... More
Visualizing Cosmological Concepts Using the Analog of a Hot LiquidJun 26 2010We have used the expansion process of hot milk, which has similarities with the cosmic expansion, to facilitate easier and better visualization and teaching of cosmological concepts. Observations of the milk are used to illustrate phenomena related to ... More
Particle Creation and Excited-de Sitter ModesDec 22 2014Recently, in Ref.\cite{moh1}, we introduced exited-de Sitter modes to study the power spectrum which was finite in Krein space quantization and the trans-Plankian corrections due to the exited modes were non-linear. It was shown that the de Sitter limit ... More
Torsion of Space-time in f(R) gravityJul 07 2012In this paper, we first review some aspects of the f(R) gravity and then the concept of torsion of space-time due to metric-affine formalism in f(R) gravity is studied. Within this formalism in which the matter action is supposed to dependent on the connection, ... More
Power Spectrum with Auxiliary Fields in de Sitter SpaceJun 28 2013May 15 2014We use the auxiliary fields and (excited-) de Sitter solutions to study the standard power spectrum of primordial fluctuations of a scalar field in the early universe. The auxiliary fields are the negative norm solutions of the field equation and as it ... More
Power Spectrum in Krein Space QuantizationNov 06 2008The power spectrum of scalar field and space-time metric perturbations produced in the process of inflation of universe, have been presented in this paper by an alternative approach to field quantization namely, Krein space quantization [1,2]. Auxiliary ... More
A Context-based Trust Management Model for Pervasive Computing SystemsNov 03 2009Trust plays an important role in making collaborative decisions about service evaluation and service selection in pervasive computing. Context is a fundamental concept in pervasive systems, which is based on the interpretation of environment and systems. ... More
Inflation in Non-de Sitter Background with Coherent StatesOct 01 2014Mar 15 2016We use the excited coherent states built over the initial non-de Sitter modes, to study the modification of spectra of primordial scalar fluctuation. Non-de Sitter modes are actually the asymptotic solution of the inflaton field equation[JHEP 09(2014) ... More
An Approach for Agile SOA Development using Agile PrincipalsApr 02 2012In dynamic and turbulent business environment, the need for success and survival of any organization is the ability of adapting to changes efficiently and cost-effectively. So, for developing software applications, one of the methods is Service Oriented ... More
Reconstruction of initial Asymptotic-de Sitter mode in light of the Planck dataFeb 28 2017Apr 06 2018The recently relased \emph{Planck} data, emphasize that the background geometry of inflation is not pure de Sitter, but from the slow variation of Hubble parameter during the inflationary era, it can be quasi-de Sitter. This motivates us to consider an ... More
Proposed platform for improving grid security by trust management systemNov 03 2009With increasing the applications of grid system, the risk in security field is enhancing too. Recently Trust management system has been recognized as a noticeable approach in enhancing of security in grid systems. In this article due to improve the grid ... More