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Magnetic Field Properties in High Mass Star Formation from Large to Small Scales - A Statistical Analysis from Polarization DataAug 02 2010Polarization data from high mass star formation regions (W51 e2/e8, Orion BN/KL) are used to derive statistical properties of the plane of sky projected magnetic field. Structure function and auto-correlation function are calculated for observations with ... More
Quantifying the Significance of the Magnetic Field from Large-Scale Cloud to Collapsing Core: Self-Similarity, Mass-to-Flux Ratio and Star Formation EfficiencyJan 20 2012Dust polarization observational results are analyzed for the high-mass star formation region W51 from the largest parent cloud ($\sim$ 2~pc, JCMT) to the large-scale envelope ($\sim$ 0.5~pc, BIMA) down to the collapsing core e2 ($\sim$ 60~mpc, SMA). Magnetic ... More
Magnetic Field Strength Maps for Molecular Clouds: A New Method Based on a Polarization - Intensity Gradient RelationJan 20 2012Dust polarization orientations in molecular clouds often tend to be close to tangential to the Stokes $I$ dust continuum emission contours. The magnetic field and the emission gradient orientations, therefore, show some correlation. A method is proposed, ... More
From Poloidal to Toroidal: Detection of Well-ordered Magnetic Field in High-mass Proto-cluster G35.2-0.74NNov 04 2013We report on detection of an ordered magnetic field (B field) threading a massive star-forming clump in the molecular cloud G35.2-0.74, using Submillimeter Array observations of polarized dust emission. Thanks to the sensitive and high-angular-resolution ... More
High-Angular Resolution Dust Polarization Measurements: Shaped B-field Lines in the Massive Star Forming Region Orion BN/KLJun 15 2010Jun 16 2010We present observational results of the thermal dust continuum emission and its linear polarization in one of the nearest massive star-forming sites Orion BN/KL in Orion Molecular Cloud-1. The observations were carried out with the Submillimeter Array. ... More
Pore-scale simulation of multicomponent multiphase reactive transport with dissolution and precipitationOct 14 2014Multicomponent multiphase reactive transport processes with dissolution-precipitation are widely encountered in energy and environment systems. A pore-scale two-phase multi-mixture model based on the lattice Boltzmann method (LBM) is developed for such ... More
Prevalence of Tidal Interactions among Local Seyfert Galaxies: The Control ExperimentFeb 28 2008Apr 15 2008We test whether there is a relation between the observed tidal interactions and Seyfert activity by imaging in HI twenty inactive galaxies at the same spatial resolution and detection threshold as the Seyfert sample. This control sample of inactive galaxies ... More
Prevalence of Tidal Interactions among Local Seyfert GalaxiesFeb 27 2008Mar 04 2008No mechanisms have hitherto been conclusively demonstrated to be responsible for initiating optically-luminous nuclear (Seyfert) activity in local disk galaxies. Only a small minority of such galaxies are visibly disturbed in optical starlight, with the ... More
Dust continuum and Polarization from Envelope to Cores in Star Formation: A Case Study in the W51 North regionDec 04 2012We present the first high-angular resolution (up to 0.7", ~5000 AU) polarization and thermal dust continuum images toward the massive star-forming region W51 North. The observations were carried out with the Submillimeter Array (SMA) in both the subcompact ... More
Submillimeter Array Observations of Magnetic Fields in G240.31+0.07: an Hourglass in a Massive Cluster-forming CoreSep 19 2014We report the first detection of an hourglass magnetic field aligned with a well-defined outflow-rotation system in a high-mass star-forming region. The observations were performed with Submillimeter Array toward G240.31+0.07, which harbors a massive, ... More
The Extremely High-Velocity Outflow from the Luminous Young Stellar Object G5.89-0.39Dec 09 2011We have imaged the extremely high-velocity outflowing gas in CO (2-1) and (3-2) associated with the shell-like ultracompact HII region G5.89-0.39 at a resolution of ~3" (corresponding to ~4000 AU) with the Submillimeter Array. The integrated high-velocity ... More
Evolution of Magnetic Fields in High Mass Star Formation: Linking field geometry and collapse for the W51 e2/e8 coresMay 13 2009We report our observational results of 870 $\mu$m continuum emission and its linear polarization in the massive star formation site W51 e2/e8. Inferred from the linear polarization maps, the magnetic field in the plane of sky (B$_{\bot}$) is traced with ... More
Polarization Properties and Magnetic Field Structures in the High-Mass Star-Forming Region W51 Observed with ALMAJan 25 2018We present the first ALMA dust polarization observations towards the high-mass star-forming regions W51 e2, e8, and W51 North in Band 6 (230 GHz) with a resolution around 0.26" ($\sim5$mpc). Polarized emission in all three sources is clearly detected ... More
Discovery of GeV gamma-ray emission from the LMC B0443-6657 with the Fermi Large Area TelescopeDec 12 2017Jan 05 2018We report the discovery of gamma-ray detection from the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) B0443-6657 using the Large Area Telescope (LAT) on board the \textit{Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope}. LMC B0443-6657 is a flat spectrum radio source, possibly associated ... More
Topological invariants for holographic semimetalsSep 03 2018Dec 18 2018We study the behavior of fermion spectral functions for the holographic topological Weyl and nodal line semimetals. We calculate the topological invariants from the Green functions of both holographic semimetals using the topological Hamiltonian method, ... More
Negative magnetoresistivity in holographyMar 08 2016Sep 19 2016Negative magnetoresistivity is a special magnetotransport property associated with chiral anomaly in four dimensional chiral anomalous systems, which refers to the transport behavior that the DC longitudinal magnetoresistivity decreases with increasing ... More
JCMT POL-2 and ALMA polarimetric observations of 6000-100 au scales in the protostar B335: linking magnetic field and gas kinematics in observations and MHD simulationsJan 02 2019We present our analysis of the magnetic field structures from 6000 au to 100 au scales in the Class 0 protostar B335 inferred from our JCMT POL-2 observations and the ALMA archival polarimetric data. To interpret the observational results, we perform ... More
Magnetized converging flows towards the hot core in the intermediate/high-mass star-forming region NGC 6334 VJun 12 2017We present Submillimeter Array (SMA) observations at 345 GHz towards the intermediate/high-mass cluster-forming region NGC 6334 V. From the dust emission we spatially resolve three dense condensations, the brightest one presenting the typical chemistry ... More
First Confirmed Detection of a Bipolar Molecular Outflow from a Young Brown DwarfOct 15 2008Oct 30 2008Studying the earliest stages in the birth of stars is crucial for understanding how they form. Brown dwarfs with masses between that of stars and planets are not massive enough to maintain stable hydrogen-burning fusion reactions during most of their ... More
Molecular Gas Feeding the Circumnuclear Disk of the Galactic CenterAug 29 2017The interaction between a supermassive black hole (SMBH) and the surrounding material is of primary importance in modern astrophysics. The detection of the molecular 2-pc circumnuclear disk (CND) immediately around the Milky Way SMBH, SgrA*, provides ... More
Self-similar Fragmentation Regulated by Magnetic Fields in a Massive Star Forming FilamentOct 24 2015Most molecular clouds are filamentary or elongated. Among those forming low-mass stars, their long axes tend to be either parallel or perpendicular to the large-scale (10-100 pc) magnetic field (B-field) in the surrounding inter cloud medium. This arises ... More
Circumbinary Ring, Circumstellar disks and accretion in the binary system UY AurigaeJul 17 2014Recent exo-planetary surveys reveal that planets can orbit and survive around binary stars. This suggests that some fraction of young binary systems which possess massive circumbinary disks (CB) may be in the midst of planet formation. However, there ... More
A New Ferromagnetic Superconductor: CsEuFe$_4$As$_4$May 29 2016Superconductivity (SC) and ferromagnetism (FM) are in general antagonistic, which makes their coexistence very rare. Following our recent discovery of robust coexistence of SC and FM in RbEuFe$_4$As$_4$ [Y. Liu et al., arXiv: 1605.04396 (2016)], here ... More
Magnetic Fields from Filaments to CoresJan 22 2018How important is the magnetic (B-) field when compared to gravity and turbulence in the star-formation process? Does its importance depend on scale and location? We summarize submm dust polarization observations towards the large filamentary infrared ... More
The complex morphology of the young disk MWC 758: Spirals and dust clumps around a large cavityDec 23 2017Feb 12 2018We present Atacama Large Millimeter Array (ALMA) observations at an angular resolution of 0.1-0.2" of the disk surrounding the young Herbig Ae star MWC 758. The data consist of images of the dust continuum emission recorded at 0.88 millimeter, as well ... More
Gravity, Magnetic Field, and Turbulence: Relative Importance and Impact on Fragmentation in the Infrared Dark Cloud G34.43+00.24Mar 29 2019(Abbreviated) We investigate the interplay between magnetic (B) field, gravity, and turbulence in the fragmentation process of cores within the filamentary infrared dark cloud G34.43+00.24. We observe the magnetic field (B) morphology across G34.43 and ... More
Interaction effects on 1D fermionic symmetry protected topological phasesApr 02 2012May 16 2012In free fermion systems with given symmetry and dimension, the possible topological phases are labeled by elements of only three types of Abelian groups, Z_1, Z_2, or Z. For example non-interacting 1D fermionic superconducting phases with S_z spin rotation ... More
Temperature Effects on Threshold Counterion Concentration to Induce Aggregation of fd VirusNov 17 2005Dec 15 2005We seek to determine the mechanism of like-charge attraction by measuring the temperature dependence of critical divalent counterion concentration ($\rm{C_{c}}$) for the aggregation of fd viruses. We find that an increase in temperature causes $\rm{C_c}$ ... More
$L_p$-norm regularization algorithms for optimization over permutation matricesAug 24 2016Aug 31 2016Optimization problems over permutation matrices appear widely in facility layout, chip design, scheduling, pattern recognition, computer vision, graph matching, etc. Since this problem is NP-hard due to the combinatorial nature of permutation matrices, ... More
Tunable mechanical properties of the graphene/MoS2 tubal van der Waals heterostructureApr 28 2018We propose a tubal van der Waals heterostructure by rolling up the graphene and MoS2 atomic layers into a tubal form. We illustrate that the interlayer space for the tubal van der Waals heterostructure can be varied in a specific range, which is determined ... More
Superconductivity with intrinsic topological order induced by pure Coulomb interaction and time-reversal symmetry breakingJun 06 2013Recently, in certain flat band lattice systems at commensurate fillings, fractional quantum Hall states have been found -- which have anyonic excitations. We study such systems away from commensuration, i.e. the ground state of an anyon gas in such a ... More
The third Zemach moment and the size of the protonAug 15 2011Sep 02 2011To resolve the puzzle of the proton size raised from the recent result of muonic hydrogen Lamb shift, De R\'{u}jula has proposed that a large value of the third Zemach moment $< r^3_{p}>{(2)}$ of the proton to be the solution. His suggestion has been ... More
Mapping CO Gas in the GG Tauri A Triple System with 50 AU Spatial ResolutionNov 18 2015Feb 03 2016We aim to unveil the observational imprint of physical mechanisms that govern planetary formation in the young, multiple system GG Tau A. We present ALMA observations of $^{12}$CO and $^{13}$CO 3-2 and 0.9 mm continuum emission with 0.35" resolution. ... More
An inertial primal-dual fixed point algorithm for composite optimization problemsApr 17 2016We consider an inertial primal-dual fixed point algorithm (IPDFP) to compute the minimizations of the following Problem (1.1). This is a full splitting approach, in the sense that the nonsmooth functions are processed individually via their proximity ... More
Planet Formation in AB Aurigae: Imaging of the inner gaseous Spirals observed inside the Dust CavityApr 10 2017We report the results of ALMA observations of a protoplanetary disk surrounding the Herbig Ae star AB Aurigae. We obtained high-resolution (0.1"; 14 au) images in $^{12}$CO (J=2-1) emission and in dust continuum at the wavelength of 1.3 mm. The continuum ... More
Superconductivity and Ferromagnetism in Hole-Doped RbEuFe$_4$As$_4$May 14 2016May 28 2016We discover a robust coexistence of superconductivity and ferromagnetism in an iron arsenide RbEuFe$_4$As$_4$. The new material crystallizes in an intergrowth structure of RbFe$_2$As$_2$ and EuFe$_2$As$_2$, such that the Eu sublattice turns out to be ... More
The three-parameter correlations about optical plateaus of gamma-ray burstsJun 30 2018Well-sampled optical light curves of 50 gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) with plateau features are compiled from the literature. By empirical fitting, we obtained the parameters of the optical plateaus, such as the decay slopes ($\alpha_{\rm 1}$ and $\alpha_{\rm ... More
Semantic Augmented Reality Environment with Material-Aware Physical InteractionsAug 03 2017Mar 16 2018In Augmented Reality (AR) environment, realistic interactions between the virtual and real objects play a crucial role in user experience. Much of recent advances in AR has been largely focused on developing geometry-aware environment, but little has ... More
Self-Supervised Monocular Image Depth Learning and Confidence EstimationMar 14 2018Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) need large amounts of data with ground truth annotation, which is a challenging problem that has limited the development and fast deployment of CNNs for many computer vision tasks. We propose a novel framework for ... More
A stochastic coordinate descent inertial primal-dual algorithm for large-scale composite optimizationApr 17 2016We consider an inertial primal-dual algorithm to compute the minimizations of the sum of two convex functions and the composition of another convex function with a continuous linear operator. With the idea of coordinate descent, we design a stochastic ... More
Joint Concept Matching based Learning for Zero-Shot RecognitionJun 13 2019Jul 03 2019Zero-shot learning (ZSL) which aims to recognize unseen object classes by only training on seen object classes, has increasingly been of great interest in Machine Learning, and has registered with some successes. Most existing ZSL methods typically learn ... More
Emergence of collective oscillations in adaptive cellsSep 19 2018Jul 05 2019Collective oscillation of cells in a population has been reported under diverse biological contexts and with vastly different molecular constructs. Could there be common principles similar to those that govern spontaneous oscillation in mechanical or ... More
Real-time Geometry-Aware Augmented Reality in Minimally Invasive SurgeryAug 03 2017The potential of Augmented Reality (AR) technology to assist minimally invasive surgeries (MIS) lies in its computational performance and accuracy in dealing with challenging MIS scenes. Even with the latest hardware and software technologies, achieving ... More
Variational principles for topological pressures on subsetsAug 02 2013The goal of this paper is to define and investigate those topological pressures, which is an extension of topological entropy presented by Feng and Huang [13], of continuous transformations. This study reveals the similarity between many known results ... More
Integration of an optical fiber taper with an optical microresonator fabricated in glass by femtosecond laser 3D micromachiningFeb 06 2014We report on fabrication of a microtoroid resonator of a high-quality factor (i. e., Q-factor of ~3.24x10^6 measured under the critical coupling condition) using femtosecond laser three-dimensional (3D) micromachining. Coupling of light into and out of ... More
Addressing Components' Evolvement and Execution Behavior to Measure Component-Based Software ReliabilityMar 05 2007Software reliability is an important quality attrib-ute, often evaluated as either a function of time or of system structures. The goal of this study is to have this metric cover both for component-based software, be-cause its reliability strongly depends ... More
Prediction of the effective force on DNA in a nanopore based on density functional theoryJun 17 2013We consider voltage-driving DNA translocation through a nanopore in the present study. By assuming the DNA is coaxial with the cylindrical nanopore, a hydrodynamic model for determining effective force on a single DNA molecule in a nanopore was presented, ... More
Bose-Fermi competition in holographic metalsJul 17 2013Sep 19 2013We study the holographic dual of a finite density system with both bosonic and fermionic degrees of freedom. There is no evidence for a universal bose-dominated ground state. Instead, depending on the relative conformal weights the preferred groundstate ... More
Domino successive-deviation ghost imagingMay 15 2019Traditional ghost imaging acquires images via the correlation of the intensity fluctuations of reference patterns and bucket values, and can even generate positive-negative images by conditionally averaging partial patterns. Here, we propose a domino ... More
A multiple-relaxation-time lattice Boltzmann model for convection heat transfer in porous mediaAug 09 2013Nov 28 2013In this paper, a two-dimensional (2D) multiple-relaxation-time (MRT) lattice Boltzmann (LB) model is developed for simulating convection heat transfer in porous media at the representative elementary volume scale. In the model, a MRT-LB equation is used ... More
Observing zero-field spin dynamics with spin noise in a pi-pulse modulated fieldJan 03 2019Jun 17 2019Spin noise spectroscopic study of spin dynamics in a zero magnetic field is commonly frustrated by the dominating 1/f noise. We show that in a pi-pulse modulated magnetic field, spin noise spectrum centered one-half of the field modulation frequency reveals ... More
Lattice potentials and fermions in holographic non Fermi-liquids: hybridizing local quantum criticalityMay 23 2012Oct 05 2012We study lattice effects in strongly coupled systems of fermions at a finite density described by a holographic dual consisting of fermions in Anti-de-Sitter space in the presence of a Reissner-Nordstrom black hole. The lattice effect is encoded by a ... More
Hawking-Page Phase Transition of black Dp-branes and R-charged black holes with an IR CutoffSep 22 2007Nov 02 2007We show that the confinement-deconfinement phase transition of supersymmetric Yang-Mills theories with 16 supercharges in various dimensions can be realized through the Hawking-Page phase transition between the near horizon geometries of black Dp-branes ... More
Audio Visual Emotion Recognition with Temporal Alignment and Perception AttentionMar 28 2016This paper focuses on two key problems for audio-visual emotion recognition in the video. One is the audio and visual streams temporal alignment for feature level fusion. The other one is locating and re-weighting the perception attentions in the whole ... More
Efficient primal-dual fixed point algorithm with dynamic stepsize for convex problems with applications to imaging restorationApr 17 2016We consider the problem of finding the minimization of the sum of a convex function and the composition of another convex function with a continuous linear operator from the view of fixed point algorithms based on proximity operators. We design a primal-dual ... More
A Sharp Condition for Exact Support Recovery of with Orthogonal Matching PursuitDec 22 2015Dec 15 2017Support recovery of sparse signals from noisy measurements with orthogonal matching pursuit (OMP) has been extensively studied. In this paper, we show that for any $K$-sparse signal $\x$, if a sensing matrix $\A$ satisfies the restricted isometry property ... More
Analysis Dictionary Learning: An Efficient and Discriminative SolutionMar 07 2019Discriminative Dictionary Learning (DL) methods have been widely advocated for image classification problems. To further sharpen their discriminative capabilities, most state-of-the-art DL methods have additional constraints included in the learning stages. ... More
Analysis Dictionary Learning based Classification: Structure for RobustnessJul 13 2018Jun 27 2019A discriminative structured analysis dictionary is proposed for the classification task. A structure of the union of subspaces (UoS) is integrated into the conventional analysis dictionary learning to enhance the capability of discrimination. A simple ... More
An inverse Compton origin for the 55 GeV photon in the late afterglow of GRB 130907AMay 02 2014May 11 2014The extended high-energy gamma-ray (>100 MeV) emission which occurs well after the prompt gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) is usually explained as the afterglow synchrotron radiation. Here we report the analysis of the Fermi Large Area Telescope observations of ... More
Local Magnetic Field Role in Star FormationNov 23 2015We highlight distinct and systematic observational features of magnetic field morphologies in polarized submm dust continuum. We illustrate this with specific examples and show statistical trends from a sample of 50 star-forming regions.
Magnetic Fields and Massive Star FormationJul 15 2014Massive stars ($M > 8$ \msun) typically form in parsec-scale molecular clumps that collapse and fragment, leading to the birth of a cluster of stellar objects. We investigate the role of magnetic fields in this process through dust polarization at 870 ... More
Evidence of an Internal Dissipation Origin for the High-energy Prompt Emission of GRB 170214AJun 17 2017Jul 21 2017The origin of the prompt high-energy ($>100$MeV) emission of Gamma-ray Bursts (GRBs), detected by the Large Area Telescope (LAT) on board the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope, is still under debate, for which both the external shock origin and internal ... More
The Importance of the Magnetic Field from an SMA-CSO-Combined Sample of Star-Forming RegionsNov 14 2014Submillimeter dust polarization measurements of a sample of 50 star-forming regions, observed with the SMA and the CSO covering pc-scale clouds to mpc-scale cores, are analyzed in order to quantify the magnetic field importance. The magnetic field misalignment ... More
1000 AU Exterior Arcs Connected to the Protoplanetary Disk around HL TauAug 08 2017The protoplanetary disk around HL Tau is so far the youngest candidate of planet formation, and it is still embedded in a protostellar envelope with a size of thousands of au. In this work, we study the gas kinematics in the envelope and its possible ... More
Conceptualization Topic ModelingApr 07 2017Recently, topic modeling has been widely used to discover the abstract topics in text corpora. Most of the existing topic models are based on the assumption of three-layer hierarchical Bayesian structure, i.e. each document is modeled as a probability ... More
MUSEFood: Multi-sensor-based Food Volume Estimation on SmartphonesMar 18 2019Jun 08 2019Researches have shown that diet recording can help people increase awareness of food intake and improve nutrition management, and thereby maintain a healthier life. Recently, researchers have been working on smartphone-based diet recording methods and ... More
Spectral properties and magneto-optical excitations in semiconductor double-rings under Rashba spin-orbit interactionMar 24 2007We have numerically solved the Hamiltonian of an electron in a semiconductor double ring subjected to the magnetic flux and Rashba spin-orbit interaction. It is found that the Aharonov-Bohm energy spectrum reveals multi-zigzag periodic structures. The ... More
Structured Analysis Dictionary Learning for Image ClassificationMay 02 2018We propose a computationally efficient and high-performance classification algorithm by incorporating class structural information in analysis dictionary learning. To achieve more consistent classification, we associate a class characteristic structure ... More
Search for high energy gamma-ray emission from tidal disruption events with the Fermi Large Area TelescopeJan 12 2016Apr 27 2016Massive black holes at galaxy center may tear apart a star when the star passes occasionally within the disruption radius, which is the so-called tidal disruption event(TDE). Most TDEs radiate with thermal emission resulted from the accretion disk, but ... More
Recent Developments and Future Challenges in Medical Mixed RealityAug 03 2017Mixed Reality (MR) is of increasing interest within technology-driven modern medicine but is not yet used in everyday practice. This situation is changing rapidly, however, and this paper explores the emergence of MR technology and the importance of its ... More
Discovery of GeV emission from the direction of the luminous infrared galaxy NGC 2146Jul 12 2014Aug 08 2014Recent detection of high-energy gamma-ray emission from starburst galaxies M82 and NGC 253 suggests that starburst galaxies are huge reservoirs of cosmic rays and these cosmic rays convert a significant fraction of their energy into gamma-rays by colliding ... More
Dynamic Studies of Scaffold-dependent Mating Pathway in YeastSep 11 2006The mating pathway in \emph{Saccharomyces cerevisiae} is one of the best understood signal transduction pathways in eukaryotes. It transmits the mating signal from plasma membrane into the nucleus through the G-protein coupled receptor and the mitogen-activated ... More
An Efficient Optimal Algorithm for the Successive Minima ProblemOct 20 2016Nov 04 2018In many applications including integer-forcing linear multiple-input and multiple-output (MIMO) receiver design, one needs to solve a successive minima problem (SMP) on an $n$-dimensional lattice to get an optimal integer coefficient matrix $\A^\star\in ... More
Zero-bias anomaly induced by the point defect in grapheneJan 26 2009It is generally believed that a point defect in graphene gives rise to an impurity state at zero energy and causes a sharp peak in the local density of states near the defect site. We revisit the defect problem in graphene and find the general consensus ... More
Collective resonances near zero energy induced by a point defect in bilayer grapheneOct 18 2017Jul 03 2018Intrinsic defects give rise to scattering processes governing the transport properties of mesoscopic systems. We investigate analytically and numerically the local density of states in Bernal stacking bilayer graphene with a point defect. With Bernal ... More
Energy dependence of hadron polarization in $e^+e^-\to hX$ at high energiesSep 22 2016Jan 13 2017The longitudinal polarization of hyperons in $e^+e^-$ annihilation at high energies depends on the longitudinal polarization of the quark produced at the $e^+e^-$ annihilation vertex whereas the spin alignment of vector mesons is independent of it. They ... More
Perihelion precession and deflection of light in the general spherically symmetric spacetimeDec 28 2013Nov 27 2014In this paper, the perihelion precession and deflection of light have been investigated in the 4-dimensional general spherically symmetric spacetime, and the main equation is obtained. As the application of this main equation, the Reissner-Nordstorm-AdS ... More
Fabrication of three-dimensional microdisk resonators in calcium fluoride by femtosecond laser micromachiningJan 13 2014We report on fabrication of on-chip calcium fluoride (CaF2) microdisk resonators using water-assisted femtosecond laser micromachining. Focused ion beam (FIB) milling is used to create ultra-smooth sidewalls. The quality (Q)-factors of the fabricated ... More
Multi-Domain Pose Network for Multi-Person Pose Estimation and TrackingOct 19 2018Multi-person human pose estimation and tracking in the wild is important and challenging. For training a powerful model, large-scale training data are crucial. While there are several datasets for human pose estimation, the best practice for training ... More
$\mathrm{BaAs_3}$: A narrow gap 2D semiconductor with vacancy-induced semiconductor-metal transitionApr 18 2019Searching for novel two-dimensional (2D) materials is highly desired in the field of nanoelectronics. We here propose a new 2D crystal barium tri-arsenide ($\mathrm{BaAs_3}$) with a series of encouraging functionalities. Being kinetically and thermally ... More
The impact of margin trading on share price evolution: A cascading failure model investigationApr 02 2018Margin trading in which investors purchase shares with money borrowed from brokers is blamed to be a major cause of the 2015 Chinese stock market crash. We propose a cascading failure model and examine how an increase in margin trading increases share ... More
Google Map Aided Visual Navigation for UAVs in GPS-denied EnvironmentMar 29 2017We propose a framework for Google Map aided UAV navigation in GPS-denied environment. Geo-referenced navigation provides drift-free localization and does not require loop closures. The UAV position is initialized via correlation, which is simple and efficient. ... More
On-chip tuning of the resonant wavelength in a high-Q microresonator integrated with a microheaterNov 18 2014We report on fabrication of a microtoroid resonator of high-quality (high-Q) factor integrated with an on-chip microheater. Both the microresonator and microheater are fabricated using femtosecond laser three-dimensional (3D) micromachining. The microheater, ... More
Size effect on deformation twinning at the nanoscale in hcp metalsDec 26 2013Deformation twinning is generally considered to be the primary mechanism for hexagonal close-packed (hcp) metals due to their limited slip systems. Recent microcompression experiments on hcp metals point to intriguing strong size effects on twinning mechanisms, ... More
Long-range Effects on the Pyroelectric Coefficient of Ferroelectric SuperlatticeJan 23 2002Long-range effects on the pyroelectric coefficient of a ferroelectric superlattice consisting of two different ferroelectric materials are investigated based on the Transverse Ising Model. The effects of the interfacial coupling and the thickness of one ... More
Performance of Underwater Quantum Key Distribution with Polarization EncodingMar 04 2019Mar 25 2019Underwater quantum key distribution (QKD) has potential applications in absolutely secure underwater communication. However, the performance of underwater QKD is limited by the optical elements, background light, and dark counts of the detector. In this ... More
Swelling thermodynamics and phase transitions of polymer gelsJun 12 2019We present a pedagogical review of the swelling thermodynamics and phase transitions of polymer gels. In particular, we discuss how features of the volume phase transition of the gel's osmotic equilibrium is analogous to other transitions described by ... More
Hot-electron refluxing enhanced relativistic transparency of overdense plasmasAug 05 2013A new phenomenon of enhancing the relativistic transparency of overdense plasmas by the influence of hot-electron refluxing has been found via particle-in-cell simulations. When a p-polarized laser pulse, with intensity below the self-induced-transparency ... More
Electroweak radiative corrections to the Higgs-boson production in association with $Z^0$-boson pair at $e^+ e^-$ collidersApr 14 2006We present the full ${\cal O}(\alpha_{{ew}})$ electroweak radiative corrections to the Higgs-boson production in association with $Z^0$-boson pair at an electron-positron linear collider(LC) in the standard model. We analyze the dependence of the full ... More
The Effects of a Non-Ferroelectric Slab on the Polarization and the Susceptibility of the Ferroelectric MultilayerSep 16 2002The polarization and the susceptibility of a ferroelectric multilayer with a non-ferroelectric slab are investigated within the framework of transverse Ising model with a four-spin interaction term. The effect of the thickness and the position of the ... More
Investigation of methane adsorption and its effect on gas transport in shale matrix through microscale and mesoscale simulationsMar 25 2015Methane adsorption and its effect on fluid flow in shale matrix are investigated through multi-scale simulation scheme by using molecular dynamics (MD) and lattice Boltzmann (LB) methods. Equilibrium MD simulations are conducted to study methane adsorption ... More
Theoretical $Σ$-$D$ Relations for Shell-Type Galactic Supernova RemnantsJan 22 2015Jan 27 2019Relations between radio surface brightness ($\Sigma$) and diameter ($D$) of supernova remnants (SNRs) are important in astronomy. In this paper, following the work Duric \& Seaquist (1986) at adiabatic phase, we carefully investigate shell-type supernova ... More
Long-range Effects on the Pyroelectric Coefficient and Dielectric Susceptibility of a Ferroelectric BilayerDec 25 2001Apr 01 2002Long-range effects on the pyroelectric coefficient and susceptibility of a ferroelectric bilayer with a ferroelectric interfacial coupling are investigated by use of the transverse Ising model within the framework of mean-field theory. The effects of ... More
Quasi-two-body decays $B_{(s)}\to P f_2(1270)\to Pππ$ in the perturbative QCD approachJul 07 2018Sep 24 2018In this work, we calculate the $CP$-averaged branching ratios and direct $CP$-violating asymmetries of the quasi-two-body decays $B_{(s)}\to P f_2(1270)\to P\pi\pi$ with the two-pion distribution amplitude $\Phi_{\pi\pi}^{\rm D}$ by using the perturbative ... More
Local indistinguishability of orthogonal product statesSep 06 2015Sep 14 2015In the general bipartite quantum system $m \otimes n$, Wang \emph{et al.} [Y.-L Wang \emph{et al.}, Phys. Rev. A \textbf{92}, 032313 (2015)] presented $3(m+n)-9$ orthogonal product states which cannot be distinguished by local operations and classical ... More
Particle production in relativistic $pp$($\overline{p}$) and $AA$ collisions at RHIC and LHC energies with Tsallis statistics using the two-cylindrical multisource thermal modelMar 17 2014An improved Tsallis statistics is implemented in a multisource thermal model to describe systematically pseudorapidity spectra of charged particles produced in relativistic nucleon-nucleon ($pp$ or $p\overline{p}$) collisions at various collision energies ... More
Machine learning valence force field modelAug 06 2018The valence force field (VFF) model is a concise physical interpretation of the atomic interaction in terms of the bond and angle variations in the explicit quadratic functional form, while the machine learning (ML) method is a flexible numerical approach ... More
Constraints on the generalized natural inflation and reheatingJul 10 2018Jul 11 2018Based on the dynamics of single scalar field slow-roll inflation and the theory of reheating, we investigate the generalized natural inflationary (GNI) model. Concretely, by means of the observation data of scalar spectral index $n_{s}$ and tensor-to-scalar ... More
Unseen Object Segmentation in Videos via Transferable RepresentationsJan 08 2019In order to learn object segmentation models in videos, conventional methods require a large amount of pixel-wise ground truth annotations. However, collecting such supervised data is time-consuming and labor-intensive. In this paper, we exploit existing ... More
Intense isolated few-cycle attosecond XUV pulses from overdense plasmas driven by tailored laser pulsesMar 24 2014Jun 12 2014A method to generate an intense isolated few-cycle attosecond XUV pulse is demonstrated using particle-in-cell simulations. When a tailored laser pulse with a sharp edge irradiates a foil target, a strong transverse net current can be excited, which emits ... More