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Conserving and Gapless Hartree-Fock-Bogoliubov theory for 3D dilute Bose gas at finite temperatureJul 22 2013Sep 03 2013The energy spectrum for the three dimensional Bose gas in Bose-Einstein Condensation phase is calculated with Modified Hartree-Fock-Bogoliubov theory, which is both conserving and gapless. From Improved $\Phi -$% derivable theory, the diagrams needed ... More
Twisted Bilayer Graphene Aligned with Hexagonal Boron Nitride: Anomalous Hall Effect and a Lattice ModelJan 24 2019A recent experiment reported a large anomalous Hall effect in Magic Angle Twisted Bilayer Graphene (TBG) aligned with a hexagonal boron nitride(h-BN) substrate at $\frac{3}{4}$ filling of the conduction band. In this paper we study this system theoretically, ... More
Hydrodynamics with conserved current via AdS/CFT correspondence in the Maxwell-Gauss-Bonnet gravityMar 19 2011Jun 05 2011Using the AdS/CFT correspondence, we study the hydrodynamics with conserved current from the dual Maxwell-Gauss-Bonnet gravity. After constructing the perturbative solution to the first order based on the boosted black brane solution in the bulk Maxwell-Gauss-Bonnet ... More
Hydrodynamics of a 5D Einstein-dilaton black hole solution and the corresponding BPS stateNov 06 2011Dec 05 2011We apply the potential reconstruction approach to generate a series of asymptotically AdS (aAdS) black hole solutions, with a self-interacting bulk scalar field. Based on the method, we reproduce the pure AdS solution as a consistency check and we also ... More
Pair density wave, charge density wave and vortex in high Tc cupratesFeb 08 2018Mar 02 2018A recent scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) experiment reports the observation of charge density wave (CDW) with period of approximately 8a in the halo region surrounding the vortex core, in striking contrast to the approximately period 4a CDW that are ... More
Landau Level Degeneracy in Twisted Bilayer Graphene: Role of Symmetry BreakingApr 23 2019The degeneracy of Landau levels flanking charge neutrality in twisted bilayer graphene is known to change from eight-fold to four-fold when the twist angle is reduced to values near the magic angle of $\approx 1.05^\circ$. This degeneracy lifting has ... More
On Productions of Net-baryons in Central Au-Au Collisions at RHIC EnergiesSep 29 2015The transverse momentum and rapidity distributions of net-baryons (baryons minus anti-baryons) produced in central gold-gold (Au-Au) collisions at 62.4 and 200 GeV are analyzed in the framework of a multisource thermal model. Each source in the model ... More
Theoretical Derivation of $Σ$-$D$ Relation of Galactic SNRsSep 01 2009Aug 20 2014We derive the $\Sigma$-$D$ relation of Galactic supernova remnants of shell-type separately at adiabatic-phase and at radiative-phase through two sets of different formulas, considering the different physical processes of shell-type remnants at both stages. ... More
Unextendible maximally entangled bases and mutually unbiased bases in multipartite systemsAug 14 2017We generalize the notion of unextendible maximally entangled basis from bipartite systems to multipartite quantum systems. It is proved that there do not exist unextendible maximally entangled bases in three-qubit systems. Moreover,two types of unextendible ... More
Selective optomechanically-induced amplification with driven oscillatorsJan 07 2019We study optomechanically-induced transparency (OMIT) in a compound system consisting of an optical cavity and an acoustic molecule, which features not only double OMIT peaks but also light advance. We find that by selectively driving one of the acoustic ... More
The Profiles of Fe Kα Line From the Inhomogeneous Accretion FlowFeb 13 2018The clumpy disc, or inhomogeneous accretion flow, has been proposed to explain the properties of accreting black hole systems. However, the observational evidences remain to be explored. In this work, we calculate the profiles of Fe K{\alpha} lines emitted ... More
Optimization of quantum well number of AlGaN/AlGaN deep-ultraviolet light-emitting diodesDec 01 2018In this work, performance and characteristics of AlGaN/AlGaN deep-ultraviolet light-emitting diodes (DUV LEDs) with varied number of quantum-well (QW) are investigated numerically. From our simulation, 1-QW structure give the best performance at low injection ... More
Max-Min Fairness User Scheduling and Power Allocation in Full-Duplex OFDMA SystemsMar 20 2018Apr 08 2019In a full-duplex (FD) multi-user network, the system performance is not only limited by the self-interference but also by the co-channel interference due to the simultaneous uplink and downlink transmissions. Joint design of the uplink/downlink transmission ... More
Nearly Flat Chern Bands in Moiré SuperlatticesMay 21 2018Dec 04 2018Topology and electron interactions are two central themes in modern condensed matter physics. Here we propose graphene based systems where both the band topology and interaction effects can be simply controlled with electric fields. We study a number ... More
Max-Min Fairness User Scheduling and Power Allocation in Full-Duplex OFDMA SystemsMar 20 2018Apr 11 2018In a full-duplex (FD) multi-user network, the system performance is not only limited by the self-interference but also by the co-channel interference due to the simultaneous uplink and downlink transmissions. Joint design of the uplink/downlink transmission ... More
The restricted strong convexity revisited: Analysis of equivalence to error bound and quadratic growthNov 05 2015Jun 19 2016The restricted strong convexity is an effective tool for deriving globally linear convergence rates of descent methods in convex minimization. Recently, the global error bound and quadratic growth properties appeared as new competitors. In this paper, ... More
Epitaxial growth of highly strained antimonene on Ag (111)Mar 27 2018The synthesis of antimonene, which is a promising group-V 2D material for both fundamental studies and technological applications, remains highly challenging. Thus far, it has been synthesized only by exfoliation or growth on a few substrates. In this ... More
Production of proton-rich nuclei around Z=84-90 in fusion-evaporation reactionsNov 30 2016Within the framework of the dinuclear system model, production cross sections of proton-rich nuclei with charged numbers of Z=84-90 are investigated systematically. Possible combinations with the $^{28}$Si, $^{32}$S, $^{40}$Ar bombarding the target nuclides ... More
Planar penta-transition metal phosphide and arsenide as narrow-bandgap semiconductors from first principle calculationsNov 12 2018Searching for materials with single atom-thin as well as planar structure, like graphene and borophene, is one of the most attractive themes in two dimensional materials. Herein, using density functional theory calculations, we have proposed a series ... More
Isospin splitting of nucleon effective mass and symmetry energy in isotopic nuclear reactionsNov 26 2016Within an isospin and momentum dependent transport model, the dynamics of isospin particles (nucleons and light clusters) in Fermi-energy heavy-ion collisions are investigated for constraining the isospin splitting of nucleon effective mass and the symmetry ... More
Probing Noncommutativities of Phase Space by Using Persistent Charged Current and Its AsymmetryMar 30 2017Jun 05 2017We study the physical properties of the persistent charged current in a metal ring on a noncommutative phase space, and temperature dependence of the noncommutative corrections are also analyzed. We find that the coordinate noncommutativity only affects ... More
Propagating Terrace and Asymptotic Profile to Time-Periodic Reaction-Diffusion EquationsJan 16 2019This paper is concerned with the asymptotic behavior of solutions of time periodic reaction-diffusion equation \begin{equation*}\label{aaa} \begin{cases} u_{t}(x,t)=u_{xx}(x,t)+f(t,u(x,t)),\quad \,\,\forall x\in\mathbb{R},\,t>0,\\ u(x,0)=u_{0}(x), \quad ... More
A New Exact Worst-Case Linear Convergence Rate of the Proximal Gradient MethodFeb 25 2019Mar 12 2019In this note, we establish a new exact worst-case linear convergence rate of the proximal gradient method in terms of the proximal gradient norm, which complements the recent results in [1] and implies a refined descent lemma.descent lemma. Based on the ... More
Direct Evidence of Metallic Bands in a Monolayer Boron SheetDec 16 2015Jul 22 2016The search for metallic boron allotropes has attracted great attention in the past decades and recent theoretical works predict the existence of metallicity in monolayer boron. Here, we synthesize the \b{eta}12-sheet monolayer boron on a Ag(111) surface ... More
The origin of bias independent conductance plateaus and zero bias conductance peaks in Bi2Se3/NbSe2 hybrid structuresJul 26 2016Superconducting proximity effect (SPE) in topological insulator (TI) and superconductor (SC) hybrid structure has attracted intense attention in recent years in an effort to search for mysterious Majorana fermions (MFs) in condensed matter systems. Here ... More
Creatism: A deep-learning photographer capable of creating professional workJul 11 2017Machine-learning excels in many areas with well-defined goals. However, a clear goal is usually not available in art forms, such as photography. The success of a photograph is measured by its aesthetic value, a very subjective concept. This adds to the ... More
Topological Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev ModelMar 04 2018In this letter we construct a large-N exactly solvable model to study the interplay between interaction and topology, by connecting Sacheve-Ye-Kitaev (SYK) model with constant hopping. The hopping forms a band structure that can exhibit both topological ... More
SUSY SU(5) $\times S_{4}$ GUT Flavor Model for Fermion Masses and Mixings with Adjoint, Large $θ^{PMNS}_{13}$Feb 24 2014Apr 26 2016We propose an $S_{4}$ flavor model based on supersymmetric (SUSY) SU(5) GUT. The first and third generations of \textbf{10} dimensional representations in SU(5) are all assigned to be $1_{1}$ of $S_{4}$. The second generation of \textbf{10} is to be $1_{2}$ ... More
Advances and Outlooks of Heat Transfer Enhancement by Longitudinal Vortex GeneratorsJan 31 2016Mar 05 2016In the last several decades, heat transfer enhancements using extended surface (fins) has received considerable attentions. A new heat transfer enhancement technique, longitudinal vortex generators (LVG), has received significant attention since the 1990s. ... More
Constraining the Infrared Behavior of the Soft-Wall AdS/QCD ModelMay 31 2011Sep 14 2013By requiring the correct Regge behavior in both meson and nucleon sectors, we determine the infrared asymptotic behavior of various background fields in the soft-wall AdS/QCD model, including the dilaton, the warp factor, and the scalar VEV. We then use ... More
ZZ Brane Decay in D DimensionsJul 25 2006Nov 11 2006In this paper we consider the ZZ brane decay in a D-dimensional background with a linear dilaton and a Liouville potential switched on. We mainly calculate the closed string emission rate during the decay process. For the case of a spacelike dilaton we ... More
Asymptotic normality of a nonparametric estimator of sample coverageAug 24 2009This paper establishes a necessary and sufficient condition for the asymptotic normality of the nonparametric estimator of sample coverage proposed by Good [Biometrica 40 (1953) 237--264]. This new necessary and sufficient condition extends the validity ... More
Gradient methods for convex minimization: better rates under weaker conditionsMar 19 2013Sep 08 2013The convergence behavior of gradient methods for minimizing convex differentiable functions is one of the core questions in convex optimization. This paper shows that their well-known complexities can be achieved under conditions weaker than the commonly ... More
Efimov Effect in the Dirac Semi-metalsNov 08 2017Efimov effect refers to quantum states with discrete scaling symmetry and a universal scaling factor, and has attracted considerable interests from nuclear to atomic physics communities. In a Dirac semi-metal, when an electron interacts with a static ... More
Convergence Analysis and Parallel Computing Implementation for the Multiagent Coordination Optimization AlgorithmJun 02 2013Nov 29 2014In this report, a novel variation of Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) algorithm, called Multiagent Coordination Optimization (MCO), is implemented in a parallel computing way for practical use by introducing MATLAB built-in function "parfor" into MCO. ... More
Stable P-symmetric closed characteristics on partially symmetric compact convex hypersurfacesApr 30 2015In this paper, let $n\geq2$ be an integer, $P=diag(-I_{n-\kappa},I_\kappa,-I_{n-\kappa},I_\kappa)$ for some integer $\kappa\in[0, n-1)$, and $\Sigma \subset {\bf R}^{2n}$ be a partially symmetric compact convex hypersurface, i.e., $x\in \Sigma$ implies ... More
Estimation of sums of random variables: Examples and information boundsFeb 10 2006This paper concerns the estimation of sums of functions of observable and unobservable variables. Lower bounds for the asymptotic variance and a convolution theorem are derived in general finite- and infinite-dimensional models. An explicit relationship ... More
Vortex Lattice in the Planar Bose-Einstein Condensates with Dipolar InteractionsJun 05 2005Dec 14 2005In this letter we investigate the effects of dipole-dipole interactions on the vortex lattices in fast rotating Bose-Einstein condensates. For single planar condensate, we show that the triangular lattice structure will be unfavorable when the s-wave ... More
Mean-field approximation for the chiral soliton in a chiral phase transitionJan 06 2014Sep 11 2015In the mean-field approximation we study the chiral soliton within the linear sigma model in a thermal vacuum. The chiral soliton equations with different boundary conditions are solved at finite temperatures and densities. The solitons are discussed ... More
Nearly unbiased variable selection under minimax concave penaltyFeb 25 2010We propose MC+, a fast, continuous, nearly unbiased and accurate method of penalized variable selection in high-dimensional linear regression. The LASSO is fast and continuous, but biased. The bias of the LASSO may prevent consistent variable selection. ... More
Projected shrinkage algorithm for box-constrained L1-minimizationAug 22 2014Box-constrained L1-minimization can perform remarkably better than classical L1-minimization when correction box constraints are available. And also many practical L1-minimization models indeed involve box constraints because they take certain values ... More
New bounds for circulant Johnson-Lindenstrauss embeddingsAug 29 2013This paper analyzes circulant Johnson-Lindenstrauss (JL) embeddings which, as an important class of structured random JL embeddings, are formed by randomizing the column signs of a circulant matrix generated by a random vector. With the help of recent ... More
Discovery of the correlation between peak episodic jet power and X-ray peak luminosity of the soft state in black hole transientsFeb 12 2015May 14 2015Episodic jets are usually observed in the intermediate state of black hole transients during their X-ray outbursts. Here we report the discovery of a strong positive correlation between the peak radio power of the episodic jet $P_{\rm jet}$ and the corresponding ... More
General empirical Bayes wavelet methods and exactly adaptive minimax estimationApr 25 2005In many statistical problems, stochastic signals can be represented as a sequence of noisy wavelet coefficients. In this paper, we develop general empirical Bayes methods for the estimation of true signal. Our estimators approximate certain oracle separable ... More
On the number of P-invariant closed characteristics on partially symmetric compact convex hypersurfaces in ${\bf R}^{2n}$Jun 19 2014In this paper, let $n\geq2$ be an integer, $P=diag(-I_{n-\kappa},I_\kappa,-I_{n-\kappa},I_\kappa)$ for some integer $\kappa\in[0, n)$, and $\Sigma \subset {\bf R}^{2n}$ be a partially symmetric compact convex hypersurface, i.e., $x\in \Sigma$ implies ... More
Stable Cosparse Recovery via \ell_p-analysis OptimizationSep 16 2014Oct 10 2016In this paper we study the $\ell_p$-analysis optimization ($0<p\leq1$) problem for cosparse signal recovery. We establish a bound for recovery error via the restricted $p$-isometry property over any subspace. We further prove that the nonconvex $\ell_q$-analysis ... More
A Survey on Mobile Affective ComputingOct 07 2014Jul 29 2015This survey presents recent progress on Affective Computing (AC) using mobile devices. AC has been one of the most active research topics for decades. The primary limitation of traditional AC research refers to as impermeable emotions. This criticism ... More
Semistability-Based Convergence Analysis for Paracontracting Multiagent Coordination OptimizationAug 13 2013Dec 07 2013This sequential technical report extends some of the previous results we posted at arXiv:1306.0225.
Hybrid Orthogonal Projection and Estimation (HOPE): A New Framework to Probe and Learn Neural NetworksFeb 03 2015Jun 06 2015In this paper, we propose a novel model for high-dimensional data, called the Hybrid Orthogonal Projection and Estimation (HOPE) model, which combines a linear orthogonal projection and a finite mixture model under a unified generative modeling framework. ... More
On Random Walks with a General Moving BarrierAug 17 2005Random walks with a general, nonlinear barrier have found recent applications ranging from reionization topology to refinements in the excursion set theory of halos. Here, we derive the first-crossing distribution of random walks with a moving barrier ... More
Pairing between Atoms and Molecules in a Boson-Fermion Resonant MixtureApr 24 2005Oct 06 2005We consider a mixture of fermionic and bosonic atoms nearby interspecies Feshbach resonances, which have been observed recently in $^6$Li-$^{23}$Na mixture by MIT group, and in $^{40}$K-$^{87}$Rb mixture by JILA group. We point out that the fermion-boson ... More
Variants of alternating minimization method with sublinear rates of convergence for convex optimizationNov 26 2014Jan 15 2015The alternating minimization (AM) method is a fundamental method for minimizing convex functions whose variable consists of two blocks. How to efficiently solve each subproblems when applying the AM method is the most concerned task. In this paper, we ... More
A General Framework of Dual Certificate Analysis for Structured Sparse Recovery ProblemsJan 16 2012Apr 04 2012This paper develops a general theoretical framework to analyze structured sparse recovery problems using the notation of dual certificate. Although certain aspects of the dual certificate idea have already been used in some previous work, due to the lack ... More
A General Theory of Concave Regularization for High Dimensional Sparse Estimation ProblemsAug 25 2011Feb 11 2012Concave regularization methods provide natural procedures for sparse recovery. However, they are difficult to analyze in the high dimensional setting. Only recently a few sparse recovery results have been established for some specific local solutions ... More
Towards a sound massive cosmologyJan 27 2019It is known that de Rham-Gabadadze-Tolley (dRGT) massive gravity does not permit a homogeneous and isotropic universe with flat or spherical spatial metrics. We demonstrate that a singular reference metric solves this problem in an economic and straightforward ... More
A Unified Framework for Generalizable Style Transfer: Style and Content SeparationJun 13 2018Image style transfer has drawn broad attention in recent years. However, most existing methods aim to explicitly model the transformation between different styles, and the learned model is thus not generalizable to new styles. We here propose a unified ... More
Constraints on anomalous $tcZ$ coupling from $\bar B \to \bar K^* μ^+ μ^-$ and $B_s \to μ^+ μ^-$ decaysJan 31 2013Jun 05 2013In this paper, we analyze the possible anomalous $tcZ$ coupling effects in the $b \to s $ mediated decays $\bar B \to \bar K^* \mu^+ \mu^-$ and $B_s \to \mu^+ \mu^-$. After exploiting the available experimental data, the combined constraints on the anomalous ... More
Strong and radiative decays of the low-lying $D$-wave singly heavy baryonsMar 01 2018Oct 26 2018The strong and radiative decays of the low-lying $\lambda$-mode $D$-wave $\Lambda_{c(b)}$, $\Sigma_{c(b)}$, $\Xi_{c(b)}$, $\Xi_{c(b)}'$, and $\Omega_{c(b)}$ baryons are studied in a constituent quark model. Our calculation shows the following: (i) The ... More
QoS-Based Linear Transceiver Optimization for Full-Duplex Multi-User CommunicationsDec 15 2016In this paper, we consider a multi-user wireless system with one full duplex (FD) base station (BS) serving a set of half duplex (HD) mobile users.To cope with the in-band self-interference (SI) and co-channel interference, we formulate a quality-of-service ... More
Prediction for $5^{++}$ mesonsOct 04 2018Jan 23 2019In this paper, we study the spectrum and decay behavior of $5^{++}$ meson family which is still missing in experiment. By the modified Godfrey-Isgur model with a color screening effect, we obtain the mass spectrum of $a_5$, $f_5$ and $f_5^\prime$ mesons. ... More
Candidate members of the Pal 5, GD-1, Cetus Polar, and Orphan tidal stellar halo streams from Sdss DR9, Lamost DR3 and APOGEE cataloguesMar 21 2017We present candidate members of the Pal 5, GD-1, Cetus Polar, and Orphan tidal stellar streams found in LAMOST DR3, SDSS DR9 and APOGEE catalogs. In LAMOST DR3, we find 20, 4, 24 high confidence candidates of tidal streams GD-1, Cetus Polar and Orphan ... More
Tunable Correlated Chern Insulator and Ferromagnetism in Trilayer Graphene/Boron Nitride Moiré SuperlatticeMay 16 2019Studies on two-dimensional electron systems in a strong magnetic field first revealed the quantum Hall (QH) effect, a topological state of matter featuring a finite Chern number (C) and chiral edge states. Haldane later theorized that Chern insulators ... More
Giant circular dichroism of a molecule in a region of strong plasmon resonances between two neighboring gold nanocrystalsJun 30 2012Sep 28 2012We report on giant circular dichroism (CD) of a molecule inserted into a plasmonic hot spot. Naturally occurring molecules and biomolecules have typically CD signals in the UV range, whereas plasmonic nanocrystals exhibit strong plasmon resonances in ... More
Sorted Concave Penalized RegressionDec 28 2017The Lasso is biased. Concave penalized least squares estimation (PLSE) takes advantage of signal strength to reduce this bias, leading to sharper error bounds in prediction, coefficient estimation and variable selection. For prediction and estimation, ... More
Isotonic Regression in Multi-Dimensional Spaces and GraphsDec 21 2018In this paper we study minimax and adaptation rates in general isotonic regression. For uniform deterministic and random designs in $[0,1]^d$ with $d\ge 2$ and $N(0,1)$ noise, the minimax rate for the $\ell_2$ risk is known to be bounded from below by ... More
Space-filling curves of self-similar sets (I): Iterated function systems with order structureSep 21 2015This paper is the first paper of three papers in a series, which intend to provide a systematic treatment for the space-filling curves of self-similar sets. In the present paper, we introduce a notion of \emph{linear graph-directed IFS} (linear GIFS in ... More
On the Enumeration and Congruences for m-ary PartitionsJun 22 2017Nov 08 2017Let $m\ge 2$ be a fixed positive integer. Suppose that $m^j \leq n< m^{j+1}$ is a positive integer for some $j\ge 0$. Denote $b_{m}(n)$ the number of $m$-ary partitions of $n$, where each part of the partition is a power of $m$. In this paper, we show ... More
C^1-Regularity of planar \infty-harmonic functions - REVISITMay 15 2019In the seminal paper [Arch. Ration. Mech. Anal. 176 (2005), 351--361], Savin proved the $C^1$-regularity of planar $\infty$-harmonic functions $u$. Here we give a new understanding of it from a capacity viewpoint and drop several high technique arguments ... More
Beyond Gaussian Approximation: Bootstrap for Maxima of Sums of Independent Random VectorsMay 26 2017The Bonferroni adjustment, or the union bound, is commonly used to study rate optimality properties of statistical methods in high-dimensional problems. However, in practice, the Bonferroni adjustment is overly conservative. The extreme value theory has ... More
Penalized Estimation in Additive Regression with High-Dimensional DataApr 24 2017Additive regression provides an extension of linear regression by modeling the signal of a response as a sum of functions of covariates of relatively low complexity. We study penalized estimation in high-dimensional nonparametric additive regression where ... More
On Tensor Completion via Nuclear Norm MinimizationMay 07 2014Many problems can be formulated as recovering a low-rank tensor. Although an increasingly common task, tensor recovery remains a challenging problem because of the delicacy associated with the decomposition of higher order tensors. To overcome these difficulties, ... More
Representations of Finite Dimensional Pointed Hopf Algebras over $\mathbb{z}_n$Jun 21 2011In this paper, we study the representations of the new finite-dimensional pointed Hopf algebras in positive characteristic given in \cite{Cib09}. We find that these Hopf algebras are symmetric algebras. We determine the simple modules and their projective ... More
On the orbital evolution of a giant planet pair embedded in a gaseous disk. II. A Saturn-Jupiter configurationJul 26 2010We carry out a series of high-resolution (1024 X 1024) hydrodynamic simulations to investigate the orbital evolution of a Saturn-Jupiter pair embedded in a gaseous disk. This work extends the results of our previous work by exploring a different orbital ... More
On the orbital evolution of a giant planet pair embedded in a gaseous disk. I: Jupiter-Saturn configurationFeb 10 2010Mar 15 2010We carry out a series of high resolution ($1024\times 1024$) hydrodynamical simulations to investigate the orbital evolution of Jupiter and Saturn embedded in a gaseous protostellar disk. Our work extends the results in the classical papers of Masset ... More
Extreme Nonlinear Correlation for Multiple Random Variables and Stochastic Processes with Applications to Additive ModelsApr 29 2019The maximum correlation of functions of a pair of random variables is an important measure of stochastic dependence. It is known that this maximum nonlinear correlation is identical to the absolute value of the Pearson correlation for a pair of Gaussian ... More
The sparsity and bias of the Lasso selection in high-dimensional linear regressionAug 07 2008Meinshausen and Buhlmann [Ann. Statist. 34 (2006) 1436--1462] showed that, for neighborhood selection in Gaussian graphical models, under a neighborhood stability condition, the LASSO is consistent, even when the number of variables is of greater order ... More
Oblique Klein tunneling in 8-Pmmn borophene p-n junctionsJun 26 2018The 8-\textit{Pmmn} borophene is one kind of new elemental monolayer, which hosts anisotropic and tilted massless Dirac fermions (MDF). The planar \textit{p-n} junction (PNJ) structure as the basic component of various novel devices based on the monolayer ... More
Empirical Bayes methods for controlling the false discovery rate with dependent dataAug 07 2007False discovery rate (FDR) has been widely used as an error measure in large scale multiple testing problems, but most research in the area has been focused on procedures for controlling the FDR based on independent test statistics or the properties of ... More
Gate-tunable Phase Transitions in 1T-TaS$_2$Jul 13 2014The ability to tune material properties using gate electric field is at the heart of modern electronic technology. It is also a driving force behind recent advances in two-dimensional systems, such as gate-electric-field induced superconductivity and ... More
Individual-Level SNP Diversity and Similarity ProfilesMar 11 2019Classic concepts of genetic (gene) diversity (heterozygosity) such as Nei (1973: PNAS) and Nei and Li (1979: PNAS) nucleotide diversity were defined within the context of populations. Although variations are often measured in population context, the basic ... More
A Correlation-Breaking Interleaving of Polar Codes in Concatenated SystemsFeb 17 2017Dec 27 2018It is known that the bit errors of polar codes with successive cancellation (SC) decoding are coupled. However, existing concatenation schemes of polar codes with other error correction codes rarely take this coupling effect into consideration. To achieve ... More
Handwritten Chinese Font Generation with Collaborative Stroke RefinementApr 30 2019Automatic character generation is an appealing solution for new typeface design, especially for Chinese typefaces including over 3700 most commonly-used characters. This task has two main pain points: (i) handwritten characters are usually associated ... More
On the Two Conjectures of the Wiener IndexApr 03 2013The Wiener index of a graph, which is the sum of the distances between all pairs of vertices, has been well studied. Recently, Sills and Wang in 2012 proposed two conjectures on the maximal Wiener index of trees with a given degree sequence. This note ... More
Exactly Solvable Model of Superstring in Plane-wave Background with Linear Null DilatonSep 15 2005Feb 17 2006In this paper, we study an exactly solvable model of IIB superstring in a time-dependent plane-wave backgound with a constant self-dual Ramond-Ramond 5-form field strength and a linear dilaton in the light-like direction. This background keeps sixteen ... More
A density problem for Sobolev spaces on planar domainsAug 06 2015We prove that for a bounded simply connected domain $\Omega\subset \mathbb R^2$, the Sobolev space $W^{1,\,\infty}(\Omega)$ is dense in $W^{1,\,p}(\Omega)$ for any $1\le p<\infty$. Moreover, we show that if $\Omega$ is Jordan, then $C^{\infty}(\mathbb ... More
The Minimum Spectral Radius of Graphs with the Independence NumberAug 09 2013In this paper, we investigate some properties of the Perron vector of connected graphs. These results are used to characterize that all extremal connected graphs with having the minimum (maximum) spectra radius among all connected graphs of order $n=k\alpha$ ... More
The Wiener and Terminal Wiener indices of treesMay 27 2013Heydari \cite{heydari2013} presented very nice formulae for the Wiener and terminal Wiener indices of generalized Bethe trees. It is pity that there are some errors for the formulae. In this paper, we correct these errors and characterize all trees with ... More
The Algebraic Connectivity and the Clique Number of GraphsJun 30 2013This paper investigates some relationship between the algebraic connectivity and the clique number of graphs. We characterize all extremal graphs which have the maximum and minimum the algebraic connectivity among all graphs of order $n$ with the clique ... More
Isovector scalar $a_0(980)$ and $a_0(1450)$ resonances in the $B\rightarrow ψ(K\bar{K},πη) $ decaysNov 30 2018We present an analysis of two isovector scalar resonant contributions to the $B$ decays into charmonia plus $K\bar K$ or $\pi\eta$ pair in the perturbative QCD approach. The Flatt\'{e} model for the $a_0(980)$ resonance and the Breit Wigner formula for ... More
Complete multipartite graphs are determined by their distance spectraJul 23 2013It is well known that the complete multipartite graphs can not be determined by their adjacency spectra. But in this paper, we prove that they can be determined by their distance spectra, which confirms the conjecture proposed by Lin, Hong, Wang and Shu. ... More
The Terminal Wiener Index of Trees with Diameter or Maximum DegreeOct 12 2015The terminal Wiener index of a tree is the sum of distances for all pairs of pendent vertices, which recently arises in the study of phylogenetic tree reconstruction and the neighborhood of trees. This paper presents a sharp upper and lower bounds for ... More
The Wiener Index of Unicyclic Graphs with Girth and the Matching NumberFeb 26 2011In this paper, we investigate how the Wiener index of unicyclic graphs varies with graph operations. These results are used to present a sharp lower bound for the Wiener index of unicyclic graphs of order $n$ with girth and the matching number $\beta\ge ... More
On the spectral radius of simple digraphs with prescribed number of arcsSep 24 2015This paper presents a sharp upper bound for the spectral radius of simple digraphs with described number of arcs. Further, the extremal graphs which attain the maximum spectral radius among all simple digraphs with fixed arcs are investigated. In particular, ... More
Compressed Counting Meets Compressed SensingOct 03 2013Compressed sensing (sparse signal recovery) has been a popular and important research topic in recent years. By observing that natural signals are often nonnegative, we propose a new framework for nonnegative signal recovery using Compressed Counting ... More
High efficiently numerical simulation of the TDGL equation with reticular free energy in hydrogelMay 29 2017Sep 27 2017In this paper, we focus on the numerical simulation of phase separation about macromolecule microsphere composite (MMC) hydrogel. The model equation is based on Time-Dependent Ginzburg-Landau (TDGL) equation with reticular free energy. We have put forward ... More
Confidence Intervals for Low-Dimensional Parameters in High-Dimensional Linear ModelsOct 12 2011Nov 02 2012The purpose of this paper is to propose methodologies for statistical inference of low-dimensional parameters with high-dimensional data. We focus on constructing confidence intervals for individual coefficients and linear combinations of several of them ... More
A Conversation with Yuan Shih ChowJun 22 2006Yuan Shih Chow was born in Hubei province in China, on September 1, 1924. The eldest child of a local militia and political leader, he grew up in war and turmoil. His hometown was on the front line during most of the Japanese invasion and occupation of ... More
Sharp Spectral Gaps on Metric Measure SpacesMar 01 2015In this paper, we extend the sharp lower bounds of spectal gap, due to Chen- Wang [10, 11], Bakry-Qian [6] and Andrews-Clutterbuck [5], from smooth Riemaniannian manifolds to general metric measure spaces with Riemannian curvature-dimension condition ... More
P-T phase diagram of a holographic s+p model from Gauss-Bonnet gravityMay 09 2015Oct 19 2015In this paper, we study the holographic s+p model in 5-dimensional bulk gravity with the Gauss-Bonnet term. We work in the probe limit and give the $\Delta$-T phase diagrams at three different values of the Gauss-Bonnet coefficient to show the effect ... More
On the renormalization of quasi parton distributionMay 28 2015Recent developments showed that light-cone parton distributions can be studied by investigating the large momentum limit of the hadronic matrix elements of spacelike correlators, which are known as quasi parton distributions. Like a light-cone parton ... More