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High Efficiency of Gamma-Ray Bursts RevisitedMar 07 2007Using the conservation of energy and momentum during collisions of any two shells, we consider the efficiency of gamma-ray bursts by assuming that the ejecta from the central engine are equally massive and have the same Lorentz factors. We calculate the ... More
Tail emission from a ring-like jet: its application to shallow decays of early afterglows and to GRB 050709Jan 30 2006Sep 19 2006Similar to the pulsar, the magnetic axis and the spin axis of the gamma-ray burst source may not lie on the same line. This may cause a ring-like jet due to collimation of the precessing magnetic axis. We analyze the tail emission from such a jet, and ... More
Almost-sure hedging with permanent price impactMar 18 2015We consider a financial model with permanent price impact. Continuous time trading dynamics are derived as the limit of discrete rebalancing policies. We then study the problem of super-hedging a European option. Our main result is the derivation of a ... More
Re-interpretation of Skyrme Theory: New Topological structuresApr 20 2017Recently it has been pointed out that the skyrmions carry two independent topology, the baryon topology and the monopole topology. We provide more evidence to support this. In specific, we prove that the baryon number $B$ can be decomposed to the monopole ... More
A Polynomially Irreducible Functional Basis of Hemitropic Invariants of Piezoelectric TensorsJan 07 2019For piezoelectric tensors, Olive (2014) proposed a minimal integrity basis of 495 hemitropic invariants, which is also a functional basis. In this article, we construct a new functional basis of hemitropic invariants of piezoelectric tensors, using the ... More
Early Afterglows in Wind Environments RevisitedAug 29 2005When a cold shell sweeps up the ambient medium, a forward shock and a reverse shock will form. We analyze the reverse-forward shocks in a wind environment, including their dynamics and emission. An early afterglow is emitted from the shocked shell, e.g., ... More
Comparison of Spearman's rho and Kendall's tau in Normal and Contaminated Normal ModelsNov 09 2010This paper analyzes the performances of the Spearman's rho (SR) and Kendall's tau (KT) with respect to samples drawn from bivariate normal and bivariate contaminated normal populations. The exact analytical formulae of the variance of SR and the covariance ... More
Abelian Decomposition and Glueball-Quarkonium Mixing in QCDJun 08 2016Nov 09 2018The Abelian decomposition of QCD which decomposes the gluons to the color neutral binding gluons (the neurons) and the colored valence gluons (the chromons) gauge independently naturally generalizes the quark model to the quark and chromon model which ... More
Generic Object Detection With Dense Neural Patterns and RegionletsApr 16 2014This paper addresses the challenge of establishing a bridge between deep convolutional neural networks and conventional object detection frameworks for accurate and efficient generic object detection. We introduce Dense Neural Patterns, short for DNPs, ... More
Experimental realization of optomechanically induced non-reciprocityApr 08 2016Non-reciprocal devices, such as circulators and isolators, are indispensable components in classical and quantum information processing in an integrated photonic circuit. Aside from those applications, the non-reciprocal phase shift is of fundamental ... More
Glueball Physics in QCDMar 31 2015The Abelian decomposition of QCD which decomposes the gluons to the color neutral binding gluons and the colored valence gluons shows that QCD can be viewed as the restricted QCD (RCD) made of the binding gluons which has the valence gluons as colored ... More
Role of Hydrogen in the Electronic Properties of CaFeAsH-based SuperconductorsJun 08 2016The electronic and magnetic properties of the new hydride superconductor CaFeAsH, which superconducts up to 47 K when electron-doped with La, and the isovalent alloy system CaFeAsH$_{1-x}$F$_x$ are investigated using density functional based methods. ... More
A rapid cosmic-ray increase in BC 3372-3371 from ancient buried tree rings in ChinaNov 14 2017Cosmic rays interact with the Earth's atmosphere to produce $^{14}$C, which can be absorbed by trees. Therefore, rapid increases of $^{14}$C in tree rings can be used to probe previous cosmic-ray events. By this method, three $^{14}$C rapidly increasing ... More
A study of pentaquark $Θ$ state in the chiral SU(3) quark modelOct 03 2003The structure of the pentaquark state uudd-sbar is studied in the chiral SU(3) quark model as well as in the extended chiral SU(3) quark model, in which the vector meson exchanges are included. Four configurations of JP=1/2- and four of JP=1/2+ are considered. ... More
Complex RG flows for 2D nonlinear O(N) sigma modelsJan 06 2011Mar 25 2011Motivated by recent attempts to find nontrivial infrared fixed points in 4-dimensional lattice gauge theories, we discuss the extension of the renormalization group (RG) transformations to complex coupling spaces for O(N) models on LxL lattices, in the ... More
Laser-induced Phase-change Perovskite Photodetector Arrays for Optical Information Storage and ImagingDec 09 2018The reversible phase transition between orthorhombic and cubic phases is demonstrated in all-inorganic perovskite CsPbIBr2 grown by a dual-source vapor-deposition method. The phase transition is actuated via heating and moisture exposure. The different ... More
The Fundamental Plane of Spiral Galaxies: Search from Observational DataJul 31 2001Aug 30 2001The fundamental plane of spiral galaxies was searched from observational data, which can be approximately represented in observational parameters by $ L \propto V^2 R $, where $L$, $R$, and $V$ are the luminosity, the linear size of galactic disk, and ... More
An HST Surface Photometric Study of Ultraluminous Infrared GalaxiesFeb 24 1999We study the surface photometry for 13 single-nucleus ultraluminous IRAS galaxies (ULIRGs), selected from a parent sample of 58 galaxies obtained in a Hubble Space Telescope snapshot survey. We find that these galaxies can be classified into three classes ... More
Artificial Gauge Field and Quantum Spin Hall States in a Conventional Two-dimensional Electron GasFeb 08 2015Apr 24 2015Based on the Born-Oppemheimer approximation, we divide total electron Hamiltonian in a spinorbit coupled system into slow orbital motion and fast interband transition process. We find that the fast motion induces a gauge field on slow orbital motion, ... More
Final State Interactions in $D^0 \to K^0 \bar{K^0}$Feb 28 1999It is believed that the production rate of $D^0\to K^0\bar K^0$ is almost solely determined by final state interactions (FSI) and hence provides an ideal place to test FSI models. Here we examine model calculations of the contributions from s-channel ... More
Comparison of Improved Perturbative MethodsJan 27 2012In many cases of interest, the perturbative series based on conventional Feynman diagrams have a zero radius of convergence. Series with a finite radius of convergence can be obtained by either introducing a large field cutoff or by replacing the exponential ... More
What happens if measure the electron spin twice?Feb 21 2018The mainstream textbooks of quantum mechanics explains the quantum state collapses into an eigenstate in the measurement, while other explanations such as hidden variables and multi-universe deny the collapsing. Here we propose an ideal thinking experiment ... More
A Comparative Study on Monte Carlo Simulations of Electron Emission from Liquid WaterMar 27 2019Liquid water has been proved to be an excellent medium for specimen structure imaging by a scanning electron microscope. Knowledge of electron-water interaction physics and particularly the secondary electron yield is essential to the interpretation of ... More
Fermi liquid breakdown and evidence for superconductivity in YFe$_2$Ge$_2$Nov 01 2013Sep 26 2014In the d-electron system YFe$_2$Ge$_2$, an unusually high and temperature dependent Sommerfeld ratio of the specific heat capacity $C/T \sim 100~\mathrm{mJ/(molK^2)}$ and an anomalous power law temperature dependence of the electrical resistivity $\rho ... More
On Finite Time Singularity and Global Regularity of an Axisymmetric Model for the 3D Euler EquationsMar 14 2012Nov 22 2013We investigate the large time behavior of an axisymmetric model for the 3D Euler equations. In \cite{HL09}, Hou and Lei proposed a 3D model for the axisymmetric incompressible Euler and Navier-Stokes equations with swirl. This model shares many properties ... More
Weyl symmetric structure of QCD vacuumApr 26 2012Sep 12 2012We consider Weyl symmetric structure of the classical vacuum in quantum chromodynamics. In the framework of formalism of gauge invariant Abelian projection we show that classical vacuums can be constructed in terms of Killing vector fields on the group ... More
D-wave superconductivity induced by proximity to the non-uniform chiral spin liquid on a square latticeDec 19 2017Dec 05 2018We use the tensor network algorithm to show evidences of a non-uniform chiral spin-liquid (CSL) ground state in a frustrated spin-1/2 model on a square lattice, in the regime of moat-like band structure of the lattice, i.e., a band with infinitely degenerate ... More
Mathematical definition of general systems based on semiotics and set theoryAug 04 2009Mar 13 2014We clarified the connection between measurements and partitions, and discussed the meaning of semiotics for measurements based on functions. The terms of property and relation quantity were defined by our understanding of partitions and functions. Farther ... More
Unusual UUDD magnetic chain structure of the spin-1/2 tetragonally distorted spinel GeCu2O4Oct 23 2016GeCu2O4 exhibits a tetragonal spinel structure due to the strong Jahn-Teller distortion associated with Cu2+ ions. We show that its magnetic structure can be described as slabs composed of a pair of layers with orthogonally oriented spin 1/2 Cu chains ... More
Nonlocal linear compression of two-photon time interval distributionAug 26 2013Oct 09 2013We propose a linear compression technique for the time interval distribution of photon pairs. Using a partially frequency-entangled two-photon (TP) state with appropriate mean time width, the compressed TP time interval width can be kept in the minimum ... More
Investigation of M1 transitions of the ground-state configuration of In-like TungstenMar 16 2015Apr 14 2016Three visible lines of M1 transitions from In-like W were recorded using the Shanghai permanent magnet electron beam ion trap. The experimental wavelengths were measured as 493.84 $\pm$ 0.15, 226.97 $\pm$ 0.13 and 587.63 $\pm$ 0.23 nm (vacuum wavelengths). ... More
Progress towards quantum simulating the classical O(2) modelMar 20 2014Nov 25 2014We connect explicitly the classical $O(2)$ model in 1+1 dimensions, a model sharing important features with $U(1)$ lattice gauge theory, to physical models potentially implementable on optical lattices and evolving at physical time. Using the tensor renormalization ... More
Tunable negative thermal expansion related with the gradual evolution of antiferromagnetic ordering in antiperovskite manganese nitrides Ag1-xNMn3+x (0<x<0.6)Mar 04 2015The thermal expansion and magnetic properties of antiperovskite manganese nitrides Ag1-xNMn3+x were reported. The substitution of Mn for Ag effectively broadens the temperature range of negative thermal expansion and drives it to cryogenic temperatures. ... More
Observation of indirect ionization of W7+ in an electron-beam ion-trap plasmaMay 15 2019In this work, visible and extreme ultraviolet spectra of W7+ are measured using the high-temperature superconducting electron-beam ion trap (EBIT) at the Shanghai EBIT Laboratory under extremely low-energy conditions (lower than the nominal electron-beam ... More
A new measurement method of electrode gains for orthogonal symmetric type beam position monitorDec 31 2013The new beam position monitor (BPM) system of the injector at the upgrade project of Hefei Light Source (HLS II) has 19 stripline beam position monitors. Most consist of four orthogonal symmetric stripline electrodes. The differences in electronic gain ... More
Unusual ferromagnetic critical behavior owing to short-range antiferromagnetic correlations in antiperovskite Cu1-xNMn3+x(0.1<x<0.4)Mar 04 2015For ferromagnets, varying from simple metals to strongly correlated oxides,the critical behaviors near the Curie temperature (TC) can be grouped into several universal classes. In this paper, we report an unusual critical behavior in manganese nitrides ... More
Quantum criticality of the Ising-like screw chain antiferromagnet SrCo2V2O8 in a transverse magnetic fieldApr 25 2019The quantum criticality of an Ising-like screw chain antiferromagnet SrCo$_2$V$_2$O$_8$, with a transverse magnetic field applied along the crystalline $a$-axis, is investigated by ultra-low temperature NMR measurements. The N\'{e}el temperature is rapidly ... More
Heisenberg limited single-mode quantum metrologyJan 28 2019Two-mode interferometers, such as Michelson interferometer based on two spatial optical modes, lay the foundations for quantum metrology. Instead of exploring quantum entanglement in the two-mode interferometers, a single bosonic mode also promises a ... More
Precise peculiar velocities from gravitational waves accompanied by electromagnetic signals and cosmological applicationsOct 17 2017Aug 26 2018Peculiar velocities are a precious tool to study the large-scale distribution of matter in the local universe and test cosmological models. However, present measurements of peculiar velocities are based on empirical distance indicators, which introduce ... More
Clues from the prompt emission of GRB 080319BDec 01 2008Dec 05 2008The extremely bright optical flash that accompanied GRB 080319B suggested, at first glance, that the prompt $\gamma$-rays in this burst were produced by Synchrotron self Compton (SSC). We analyze here the observed optical and $\gamma$ spectrum. We find ... More
Plasmon modes of silver nanowire on a silica substrateSep 17 2010Plasmon mode in a silver nanowire is theoretically studied when the nanowire is placed on or near a silica substrate. It is found that the substrate has much influence on the plasmon mode. For the nanowire on the substrate, the plasmon (hybrid) mode possesses ... More
Multiscale analysis of re-entrant production lines: An equation-free approachNov 14 2005The computer-assisted modeling of re-entrant production lines, and, in particular, simulation scalability, is attracting a lot of attention due to the importance of such lines in semiconductor manufacturing. Re-entrant flows lead to competition for processing ... More
Atomically-thin micas as proton conducting membranesJun 11 2019Monolayers of graphene and hexagonal boron nitride (hBN) are highly permeable to thermal protons. For thicker two-dimensional (2D) materials, proton conductivity diminishes exponentially so that, for example, monolayer MoS2 that is just three atoms thick ... More
Hedging of covered options with linear market impact and gamma constraintDec 22 2015Within a financial model with linear price impact, we study the problem of hedging a covered European option under gamma constraint. Using stochastic target and partial differential equation smoothing techniques, we prove that the super-replication price ... More
Spin dynamics, electronic and thermal transport properties of two-dimensional CrPS4 single crystalFeb 26 20162-Dimensional (2D) CrPS4 single crystals have been grown by the chemical vapor transport method. The crystallographic, magnetic, electronic and thermal transport properties of the single crystals were investigated by the room-temperature X-ray diffraction, ... More
Volume Effects in Discrete beta functionsDec 14 2011We calculate discrete beta functions corresponding to the two-lattice matching for the 2D O(N) models and Dyson's hierarchical model. We describe and explain finite-size effects such as the appearance of a nontrivial infrared fixed point that goes to ... More
Distributed Training Large-Scale Deep ArchitecturesAug 10 2017Scale of data and scale of computation infrastructures together enable the current deep learning renaissance. However, training large-scale deep architectures demands both algorithmic improvement and careful system configuration. In this paper, we focus ... More
Electronic structure in one-Fe Brillouin zone of iron-pnictide superconductor CsFe$_2$As$_2$Sep 08 2014Sep 09 2014The multiband nature of iron-pnictide superconductors is one of the keys to the understanding of their intriguing behavior. The electronic and magnetic properties heavily rely on the multiband interactions between different electron and hole pockets near ... More
Casimir forces on a silicon micromechanical chipJul 26 2012May 17 2013Quantum fluctuations give rise to van der Waals and Casimir forces that dominate the interaction between electrically neutral objects at sub-micron separations. Under the trend of miniaturization, such quantum electrodynamical effects are expected to ... More
SURE Information Criteria for Large Covariance Matrix Estimation and Their Asymptotic PropertiesJun 25 2014Mar 04 2016Consider $n$ independent and identically distributed $p$-dimensional Gaussian random vectors with covariance matrix $\Sigma.$ The problem of estimating $\Sigma$ when $p$ is much larger than $n$ has received a lot of attention in recent years. Yet little ... More
On a problem of countable expansionsMar 25 2015Aug 01 2015For a real number $q\in(1,2)$ and $x\in[0,1/(q-1)]$, the infinite sequence $(d_i)$ is called a \emph{$q$-expansion} of $x$ if $$ x=\sum_{i=1}^\infty\frac{d_i}{q^i},\quad d_i\in\{0,1\}\quad\textrm{for all}~ i\ge 1. $$ For $m=1, 2, \cdots$ or $\aleph_0$ ... More
Sampling of surfaces and functions in high dimensional spacesMar 03 2019We introduce a sampling theoretic framework for the recovery of smooth surfaces and functions living on smooth surfaces from few samples. The proposed approach can be thought of as a nonlinear generalization of union of subspace models widely used in ... More
Composite quantile regression and the oracle Model Selection TheoryJun 18 2008Coefficient estimation and variable selection in multiple linear regression is routinely done in the (penalized) least squares (LS) framework. The concept of model selection oracle introduced by Fan and Li [J. Amer. Statist. Assoc. 96 (2001) 1348--1360] ... More
A Framework towards Quantifying Human Restorativeness in Virtual Built EnvironmentsFeb 14 2019The impact of built environment on the human restorativeness has long been argued; however, the interrelations between neuroscience and the built environment, and the degree to which the built environment contributes to increased human restorativeness ... More
Rejoinder: One-step sparse estimates in nonconcave penalized likelihood modelsAug 07 2008We would like to take this opportunity to thank the discussants for their thoughtful comments and encouragements on our work [arXiv:0808.1012]. The discussants raised a number of issues from theoretical as well as computational perspectives. Our rejoinder ... More
An Improved Analysis of Training Over-parameterized Deep Neural NetworksJun 11 2019A recent line of research has shown that gradient-based algorithms with random initialization can converge to the global minima of the training loss for over-parameterized (i.e., sufficiently wide) deep neural networks. However, the condition on the width ... More
3-manifolding admitting locally large distance 2 Heegaard splittingsSep 17 2015Oct 26 2015From the view of Heegaard splitting, it is known that if a closed orientable 3-manifold admits a distance at least three Heegaard splitting, then it is hyperbolic. However, for a closed orientable 3-manifold admitting only distance at most two Heegaard ... More
A Direct Sampling Method for Inverse Scattering Using Far-Field DataJun 02 2012Dec 25 2012This work is concerned with a direct sampling method (DSM) for inverse acoustic scattering problems using far-field data. The method characterizes some unknown obstacles, inhomogeneous media or cracks, directly through an indicator function computed from ... More
Leveraging Data Driven Approaches to Quantify the Impact of Construction Projects on Urban Quality of LifeJan 25 2019Feb 05 2019According to the World Bank, more than half of the world's population now lives in cities, creating burdens on the degraded city infrastructures and driving up the demand for new ones. Construction sites are abundant in already dense cities and have unavoidable ... More
Vast volatility matrix estimation for high-frequency financial dataFeb 25 2010High-frequency data observed on the prices of financial assets are commonly modeled by diffusion processes with micro-structure noise, and realized volatility-based methods are often used to estimate integrated volatility. For problems involving a large ... More
Spikes of the two-component elliptic system in $\bbr^4$ with Sobolev critical exponentApr 02 2018Consider the following elliptic system: \begin{equation*} \left\{\aligned&-\ve^2\Delta u_1+\lambda_1u_1=\mu_1u_1^3+\alpha_1u_1^{p-1}+\beta u_2^2u_1\quad&\text{in}\Omega,\\ &-\ve^2\Delta u_2+\lambda_2u_2=\mu_2u_2^3+\alpha_2u_2^{p-1}+\beta u_1^2u_2\quad&\text{in}\Omega,\\ ... More
Asymptotic order of the geometric mean error for self-affine measures on Bedford-McMullen carpetsFeb 28 2019Jun 09 2019Let $E$ be a Bedford-McMullen carpet associated with a set of affine mappings $\{f_{ij}\}_{(i,j)\in G}$ and let $\mu$ be the self-affine measure associated with $\{f_{ij}\}_{(i,j)\in G}$ and a probability vector $(p_{ij})_{(i,j)\in G}$. We study the asymptotics ... More
Ideal Structure of Clifford AlgebrasFeb 03 2009The structures of the ideals of Clifford algebras which can be both infinite dimensional and degenerate over the real numbers are investigated.
One-step sparse estimates in nonconcave penalized likelihood modelsAug 07 2008Fan and Li propose a family of variable selection methods via penalized likelihood using concave penalty functions. The nonconcave penalized likelihood estimators enjoy the oracle properties, but maximizing the penalized likelihood function is computationally ... More
A Multilevel Sampling Algorithm for Locating Inhomogeneous MediaDec 17 2012In the reconstruction process of unknown multiple scattering objects in inverse medium scattering problems, the first important step is to effectively locate some approximate domains that contain all inhomogeneous media. Without such an effective step, ... More
HPSLPred: An Ensemble Multi-label Classifier for Human Protein Subcellular Location Prediction with Imbalanced SourceApr 18 2017Predicting the subcellular localization of proteins is an important and challenging problem. Traditional experimental approaches are often expensive and time-consuming. Consequently, a growing number of research efforts employ a series of machine learning ... More
Asymptotic order of the geometric mean error for some self-affine measuresFeb 28 2019Let $E$ be a Bedford-McMullen carpet associated with a set of affine mappings $\{f_{ij}\}_{(i,j)\in G}$ and let $\mu$ be the self-affine measure associated with $\{f_{ij}\}_{(i,j)\in G}$ and a probability vector $(p_{ij})_{(i,j)\in G}$. We study the asymptotics ... More
Iso-parametric tool path planning for point cloudsNov 15 2018The computational consuming and non-robust reconstruction from point clouds to either meshes or spline surfaces motivates the direct tool path planning for point clouds. In this paper, a novel approach for planning iso-parametric tool path from a point ... More
Finite volume schemes of any order on rectangular meshesJul 03 2012In this paper, we analyze vertex-centered finite volume method (FVM) of any order for elliptic equations on rectangular meshes. The novelty is a unified proof of the inf-sup condition, based on which, we show that the FVM approximation converges to the ... More
On Lipschitz Analysis and Lipschitz Synthesis for the Phase Retrieval ProblemJun 06 2015In this paper we prove two results regarding reconstruction from magnitudes of frame coefficients (the so called "phase retrieval problem"). First we show that phase retrievability as an algebraic property implies that nonlinear maps are bi-Lipschitz ... More
A perturbed nonlinear elliptic PDE with two Hardy-Sobolev critical exponentsApr 03 2015Jul 04 2015Let $\Omega$ be a $C^1$ open bounded domain in $\R^N$ ($N\geq 3$) with $0\in \partial \Omega$. Suppose that $\partial\Omega$ is $C^2$ at $0$ and the mean curvature of $\partial\Omega$ at $0$ is negative. Consider the following perturbed PDE involving ... More
Modeling and control of a cable-driven series elastic actuatorJan 14 2017Sep 17 2018Series elastic actuators (SEA) are playing an increasingly important role in the fields of physical human-robot interaction. This paper focuses on the modeling and control of a cable-driven SEA. First, the scheme of the cable-driven SEA has been proposed, ... More
Charmless $B \to PP $ decays and the new physics effects in the minimal supergravity modelJul 19 2004Oct 08 2004By employing the QCD factorization approach, we calculate the new physics contributions to the branching radios of the two-body charmless $ B \to PP$ decays in the framework of the minimal supergravity (mSUGRA) model. Within the considered parameter space, ... More
HAlign-II: efficient ultra-large multiple sequence alignment and phylogenetic tree reconstruction with distributed and parallel computingApr 04 2017Multiple sequence alignment (MSA) plays a key role in biological sequence analyses, especially in phylogenetic tree construction. Extreme increase in next-generation sequencing results in shortage of efficient ultra-large biological sequence alignment ... More
Hierarchical Meta LearningApr 19 2019Meta learning is a promising solution to few-shot learning problems. However, existing meta learning methods are restricted to the scenarios where training and application tasks share the same out-put structure. To obtain a meta model applicable to the ... More
Structural Phase Transition at High Temperatures in Solid Molecular Hydrogen and DeuteriumApr 12 2001We study the effect of temperature up to 1000K on the structure of dense molecular para-hydrogen and ortho-deuterium, using the path-integral Monte Carlo method. We find a structural phase transition from orientationally disordered hexagonal close packed ... More
Long-term X-ray emission from Swift J1644+57Jul 10 2013The X-ray emission from Swift J1644+57 is not steadily decreasing instead it shows multiple pulses with declining amplitudes. We model the pulses as reverse shocks from collisions between the late ejected shells and the externally shocked material, which ... More
Physical properties in hole-doped SrFe$_{2-x}$Cu$_x$As$_2$ single crystalsDec 03 2012We report the structural, magnetic and electronic transport properties of SrFe$_{2-x}$Cu$_x$As$_2$ single crystals grown by self-flux technique. SrCu$_2$As$_2$ and SrFe$_2$As$_2$ both crystallize in ThCr$_2$Si$_2$-type (122-type) structure at room temperature, ... More
A crossover in phase diagram of NaFe$_{1-x}$Co$_x$As determined by electronic transport measurementsJul 17 2012Dec 11 2012We report electronic transport measurements on single crystals of NaFe$_{1-x}$Co$_x$As system. We found that the cotangent of Hall angle, cot$\theta_{\rm H}$, follows $T^4$ for the parent compound with filamentary superconductivity and $T^2$ for the heavily-overdoped ... More
Discovering Conditionally Salient Features with Statistical GuaranteesMay 29 2019The goal of feature selection is to identify important features that are relevant to explain an outcome variable. Most of the work in this domain has focused on identifying globally relevant features, which are features that are related to the outcome ... More
Effective Superpotentials of Type II D-brane/F-theory on Compact Complete Intersection Calabi-Yau ThreefoldsOct 18 2015In this paper, we extend the GKZ-system method to the more general case: compact Complete Intersection Calabi-Yau manifolds (CICY). For several one-deformation modulus compact CICYs with D-branes, the on-shell superpotentials in this paper from the extended ... More
Improving the Stability of the Knockoff Procedure: Multiple Simultaneous Knockoffs and Entropy MaximizationOct 26 2018May 29 2019The Model-X knockoff procedure has recently emerged as a powerful approach for feature selection with statistical guarantees. The advantage of knockoff is that if we have a good model of the features X, then we can identify salient features without knowing ... More
Analysis of the Crystal Ball data on $K^-p\toπ^0Σ^0$ reaction with center-of-mass energies of $1536\sim 1676$ MeVNov 03 2014With an effective Lagrangian approach, we analyze the $K^-p\to \pi^0\Sigma^0$ reaction to study the $\Lambda$ hyperon resonances by fitting the Crystal Ball data on differential cross sections and $\Sigma^0$ polarization with the center-of-mass energies ... More
Parton Distribution of Proton in a Simple Statistical ModelJun 24 2001Mar 02 2002This paper has been withdrawn by the authors. due fail of replacement of the paper. new version is hep-ph/0201214.
Fisher's zeros as boundary of renormalization group flows in complex coupling spacesMay 12 2010We propose new methods to extend the renormalization group transformation to complex coupling spaces. We argue that the Fisher's zeros are located at the boundary of the complex basin of attraction of infra-red fixed points. We support this picture with ... More
Electronic States and Magnetism of Mn Impurities and Dimers in Narrow-Gap and Wide-Gap III-V SemiconductorsNov 24 2004Electronic states and magnetic properties of single $Mn$ impurity and dimer doped in narrow-gap and wide-gap $III$-$V$ semiconductors have been studied systematically. It has been found that in the ground state for single $Mn$ impurity, $Mn$-$As(N)$ complex ... More
Is GRB 050904 a super-long burst?Nov 08 2005Mar 07 2007By considering synchrotron radiative process in the internal shock model and assuming that all internal shocks are nearly equally energetic, we analyze the gamma-ray burst (GRB) emission at different radii corresponding to different observed times. We ... More
Constraining the bulk Lorentz factor from the photosphere emissionJan 25 2015We propose a direct and model-independent method to constrain the Lorentz factor of a relativistically expanding object, like gamma-ray bursts. Only the measurements, such as thermal component of the emission, the distance and the variable time scale ... More
Quantum Critical Dynamics of a Heisenberg-Ising Chain in a Longitudinal Field: Many-Body Strings versus Fractional ExcitationsMar 13 2019We report a high-resolution terahertz spectroscopic study of quantum spin dynamics in the antiferromagnetic Heisenberg-Ising spin-chain compound BaCo$_2$V$_2$O$_8$ as a function of temperature and longitudinal magnetic field. Confined spinon excitations ... More
Three-Dimensional Fermi-Surface and Electron-Phonon Coupling in Semimetallic 1T-TiTe2 studied by Angle-Resolved Photoemission SpectroscopyAug 31 2018We present an investigation on electronic structure of 1T-TiTe2 material via high-resolution angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES), utilizing tunable photon energy excitations. The typical semimetal-like electronic structure is observed and ... More
Rates for the reactions antiproton-proton --> pi phi and gamma phiNov 23 1993We study antiproton-proton annihilation at rest into $\pi\phi$ and $\gamma\phi$. Rescattering by $\overline{K^*}K+K^*\overline{K}$ and $\rho^{+}\rho^{-}$ for $\overline{p}p\rightarrow\pi\phi$ states is sizable, of order $(0.90\, {\rm to}\,2.6)\times 10^{-4}$ ... More
Mechanism Design for Time Critical and Cost Critical Task Execution via CrowdsourcingAug 08 2012An exciting application of crowdsourcing is to use social networks in complex task execution. In this paper, we address the problem of a planner who needs to incentivize agents within a network in order to seek their help in executing an {\em atomic task} ... More
Estimation of the detectability of optical orphan afterglowsJan 13 2006Sep 19 2006By neglecting sideways expansion of gamma-ray burst (GRB) jets and assuming their half-opening angle distribution, we estimate the detectability of orphan optical afterglows. This estimation is carried out by calculating the durations of off-axis optical ... More
Facial Expression Classification Using Rotation Slepian-based Moment InvariantsJun 28 2016Rotation moment invariants have been of great interest in image processing and pattern recognition. This paper presents a novel kind of rotation moment invariants based on the Slepian functions, which were originally introduced in the method of separation ... More
Crowdsourcing Feature Discovery via Adaptively Chosen ComparisonsMar 31 2015We introduce an unsupervised approach to efficiently discover the underlying features in a data set via crowdsourcing. Our queries ask crowd members to articulate a feature common to two out of three displayed examples. In addition we also ask the crowd ... More
The Tidal Tails of Globular Cluster Palomar 5 Based on Neural Networks MethodMay 22 2009Jul 02 2010The Sixth Data Release (DR6) in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) provides more photometric regions, new features and more accurate data around globular cluster Palomar 5. A new method, Back Propagation Neural Network (BPNN), is used to estimate the ... More
Electric-field controlled superconductor-ferromagnetic insulator transitionAug 18 2018How to control collectively ordered electronic states is a core interest of condensed matter physics. We report an electric field controlled reversible transition from superconductor to ferromagnetic insulator in (Li,Fe)OHFeSe thin flake using solid ion ... More
On the adaptive elastic-net with a diverging number of parametersAug 13 2009We consider the problem of model selection and estimation in situations where the number of parameters diverges with the sample size. When the dimension is high, an ideal method should have the oracle property [J. Amer. Statist. Assoc. 96 (2001) 1348--1360] ... More
Linear Transformations and Restricted Isometry PropertyJan 05 2009The Restricted Isometry Property (RIP) introduced by Cand\'es and Tao is a fundamental property in compressed sensing theory. It says that if a sampling matrix satisfies the RIP of certain order proportional to the sparsity of the signal, then the original ... More
Orthogonal abelian Cartan subalgebra decomposition of $\mathfrak{sl}_n$ over a finite commutative ringFeb 07 2018Orthogonal decomposition of the special linear Lie algebra over the complex numbers was studied in the early 1980s and attracted further attentions in the past decade due to its application in quantum information theory. In this paper, we study this decomposition ... More