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Imaging observations of chromospheric evaporation in a circular-ribbon flareNov 28 2018In this paper, we report our multiwavelength imaging observations of chromospheric evaporation in a C5.5 circular-ribbon flare (CRF) on 2014 August 24. The flare was observed by the Atmospheric Imaging Assembly (AIA) on board the \textit{Solar Dynamics ... More
A Robust Deep Learning Approach for Automatic Classification of Seizures Against Non-seizuresDec 17 2018Jun 06 2019Identifying epileptic seizures through analysis of the electroencephalography (EEG) signal becomes a standard method for the diagnosis of epilepsy. Manual seizure identification on EEG by trained neurologists is time-consuming, labor-intensive and error-prone, ... More
Spin-phonon coupling and pressure effect in the superconductor LiFeAs : Lattice dynamics from first-principles calculationsApr 12 2010The lattice dynamics and the effect of pressure on superconducting LiFeAs in both nonmagnetic (NM) and striped antiferromagnetic (SAF) phases are investigated using the plane-wave pseudopotential, density-functional-based method. While the obtained electron-phonon ... More
Role of Starbursts in LINERsNov 25 1998We report our preliminary results on the role of starbursts in LINERs by use of WR galaxies as a tool. The essence of this approach lies in the different FIR-radio relation of WR galaxies from the pure AGN's.
Modeling the Multi-Band Afterglow of GRB 130831A: Evidence for a Spinning-Down Magnetar Dominated by Gravitational Wave Losses?Apr 17 2016The X-ray afterglow of GRB 130831A shows an "internal plateau" with a decay slope of $\sim$ 0.8, followed by a steep drop at around $10^5$ s with a slope of $\sim$ 6. After the drop, the X-ray afterglow continues with a much shallower decay. The optical ... More
Gluonic and leptonic decays of heavy quarkonia and the determination of $α_s(m_c)$ and $α_s(m_b)$Mar 01 1995QCD running coupling constant $\alpha_s(m_c)$ and $\alpha_s(m_b)$ are determined from heavy quarkonia $c\overline{c}$ and $b\overline{b}$ decays. The decay rates of $V\rightarrow 3g$ and $V\rightarrow e^+ e^-$ for $V=J/\psi$ and $\Upsilon$ are estimated ... More
Manipulating local heat flux with different patternsNov 02 2014Since the thermal conduction equation has form invariance under coordinate transformation, one can design thermal metamaterials with novel functions by tailoring materials' thermal conductivities. In this work, we establish a different transformation ... More
Controllable high-quality electron beam generation by phase slippage effect in layered targetsSep 01 2014The bubble structure generated by laser and plasma interactions changes in size depending on the local plasma density. The self injection electrons position with respect to wakefield can be controlled by tailoring the longitudinal plasma density. A regime ... More
A Robust Deep Learning Approach for Automatic Seizure DetectionDec 17 2018Detecting epileptic seizure through analysis of the electroencephalography (EEG) signal becomes a standard method for the diagnosis of epilepsy. In a manual way, monitoring of long term EEG is tedious and error prone. Therefore, a reliable automatic seizure ... More
Gasdynamics in NGC 4736Apr 10 1996New test-particle simulations have been performed to study the secular evolution of the gaseous distribution in NGC 4736. We find that the distribution of gas clouds can be understood in the frame of perturbation induced by a nuclear oval potential, in ... More
Time-dependent occurrence rate of electromagnetic cyclotron waves in the solar wind: evidence for effect of alpha particles?Sep 04 2017Previous studies revealed that electromagnetic cyclotron waves (ECWs) near the proton cyclotron frequency exist widely in the solar wind, and the majority of ECWs are left-handed (LH) polarized waves. Using the magnetic field data from the STEREO mission, ... More
Dilatancy of Shear Transformations in a Colloidal GlassJun 20 2017Jul 19 2017Shear transformations, as fundamental rearrangement events operating in local regions, hold the key of plastic flow of amorphous solids. Despite their importance, the dynamic features of shear transformations are far from clear. Here, we use a colloidal ... More
Spin-Orbit Coupling Induced Spin Squeezing in Three-Component Bose GasesSep 11 2016We observe spin squeezing in three-component Bose gases where all three hyperfine states are coupled by synthetic spin-orbit coupling. This phenomenon is a direct consequence of spin-orbit coupling, as can be seen clearly from an effective spin Hamiltonian. ... More
Infrared-red Cores in Nearby Elliptical GalaxiesJul 01 2009We present the Spitzer Space Telescope Infrared Array Camera (IRAC) observations for a sample of local elliptical galaxies to study later stages of AGN activities. A sample of 36 elliptical galaxies is selected from the Palomar spectroscopic survey. We ... More
Enhancing Transport Efficiency by Hybrid Routing StrategyApr 15 2012Traffic is essential for many dynamic processes on real networks, such as internet and urban traffic systems. The transport efficiency of the traffic system can be improved by taking full advantage of the resources in the system. In this paper, we propose ... More
Ultralow-temperature heat transport in the quantum spin liquid candidate Ca10Cr7O28 with bilayer kagome latticeMar 09 2018Recently, a novel material with bilayer kagome lattice Ca$_{10}$Cr$_7$O$_{28}$ was proposed to be a gapless quantum spin liquid, due to the lack of long-range magnetic order and the observation of broad diffuse excitations. Here, we present the ultralow-temperature ... More
ARPES/STM study of the surface terminations and 5$f$-electron character in URu$_2$Si$_2$Sep 19 2018Hidden order in URu$_2$Si$_2$ has remained a mystery now entering its 4th decade. The importance of resolving the nature of the hidden order has stimulated extensive research. Here we present a detailed characterization of different surface terminations ... More
Impact of Building-Level Motor Protection on Power System Transient BehaviorsJun 19 2018Protection strategies for transmission and distribution systems have been extensively investigated to facilitate better coordination of physical protection devices. A diverse range of functional motors with dedicated protection schemes are being used ... More
Coherent Charge Transport in Ballistic InSb Nanowire Josephson JunctionsApr 06 2016Hybrid InSb nanowire-superconductor devices are promising for investigating Majorana modes and topological quantum computation in solid-state devices. An experimental realisation of ballistic, phase-coherent superconductor-nanowire hybrid devices is a ... More
Incommensurate magnetic structure in the orthorhombic perovskite ErMnO_3Jul 03 2007Aug 02 2007By combining dielectric, specific heat, and magnetization measurements and high-resolution neutron powder diffraction, we have investigated the thermodynamic and magnetic/structural properties of the metastable orthorhombic perovskite ErMnO_3 prepared ... More
Nodeless superconductivity in the SnAs-based van der Waals type superconductor NaSn2As2Jun 04 2018We grew the single crystals of the SnAs-based van der Waals (vdW)-type superconductor NaSn$_2$As$_2$ and systematically measured its resistivity, specific heat, and ultralow-temperature thermal conductivity. The superconducting transition temperature ... More
Superconductivity, charge ordering and structural properties of alpha and beta-NaxCoO2.y(H2O, D2O)Aug 21 2005Two series of alpha and beta-NaxCoO2 materials have been prepared by means of Na deintercalation from the parent alpha-NaCoO2 and beta-Na0.6CoO2 phases, respectively. The alpha-NaxCoO2 materials undergo a clear phase transition ... More
Structural transition in NaxCoO2 with x near 0.75 due to Na rearrangementMay 28 2004We report neutron powder diffraction measurements on a series of NaxCoO2 samples with x near 0.75 which were prepared under different synthesis conditions. Two different crystal structures for the samples are observed at room temperature. The two structures ... More
Magnetic Reconnection resulting from Flux Emergence: Implications for Jet Formation in the lower solar atmosphere?Sep 26 2011We aim at investigating the formation of jet-like features in the lower solar atmosphere, e.g. chromosphere and transition region, as a result of magnetic reconnection. Magnetic reconnection as occurring at chromospheric and transition regions densities ... More
Quantum spin liquid states in the two dimensional kagome antiferromagnets, ZnxCu4-x(OD)6Cl2May 16 2007A three-dimensional system of interacting spins typically develops static long-range order when it is cooled. If the spins are quantum (S = 1/2), however, novel quantum paramagnetic states may appear. The most highly sought state among them is the resonating ... More
Transit modelling of selected Kepler systemsJun 17 2019This paper employs a simple model, considering just geometry and linear or quadratic limb darkening, to fit Kepler transit data via a Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) methodology for Kepler-1b, 5b, 8b, 12b, 77b, 428b, 491b, 699b, 706b, and 730b. Additional ... More
AFGL 5157 NH$_3$: A new stellar cluster in the formingJan 21 2013Jan 29 2013We present the analysis of Spitzer/IRAC and NIR imaging observation of AFGL 5157, an active star forming region. In the IRAC images, this region shows strong PAH emissions in channel 4 and H$_2$ emissions in channel 2. Many of the H$_2$ features are aligned ... More
Dust-to-gas ratio, $X_{\rm CO}$ factor and CO-dark gas in the Galactic anticentre: an observational studyJan 15 2015We investigate the correlation between extinction and H~{\sc i} and CO emission at intermediate and high Galactic latitudes ($|b|>10\degr$) within the footprint of the Xuyi Schmidt Telescope Photometric Survey of the Galactic anticentre (XSTPS-GAC) on ... More
New Wolf-Rayet Galaxies with Detection of WC StarsSep 15 1998We report the discovery of two new Wolf-Rayet (WR) galaxies: Mrk~1039, and F08208$+$2816. Two broad WR bumps at 5808\AA~ and 4650\AA~ indicate the presence of WCE and WNL star population in all two sources. We also confirm the presenceof WR features in ... More
The Consistent Result of Cosmological Constant From Quantum Cosmology and Inflation with Born-Infeld Scalar FieldJan 15 2007Feb 20 2008The Quantum cosmology with Born-Infeld(B-I) type scalar field is considered. In the extreme limits of small cosmological scale factor the wave function of the universe can also be obtained by applying the methods developed by Hartle-Hawking(H-H) and Vilenkin. ... More
Parity independence of the zero-bias conductance peak in a nanowire based topological superconductor-quantum dot hybrid deviceJun 12 2014We explore the signatures of Majorana fermions in a nanowire based topological superconductor-quantum dot-topological superconductor hybrid device by charge transport measurements. The device is made from an epitaxially grown InSb nanowire with two superconductor ... More
Quantum Cosmology and Dark Energy Model of Born-Infeld Type Scalar FieldApr 05 2005Nov 08 2005In this paper, we consider a quantum model of gravitation interacting with a Born-Infeld(B-I) type scalar field $\phi$. The corresponding Wheeler-Dewitt equation can be solved analytically for both very large and small cosmological scale factor. In the ... More
Quantum coherence in ultrastrong optomechanicsOct 10 2014Jan 08 2015Ultrastrong light-matter interaction in an optomechanical system can result in nonlinear optical effects such as photon blockade. The system-bath couplings in such systems play an essential role in observing these effects. Here we study the quantum coherence ... More
The FIR-Radio Correlation of Wolf-Rayet Galaxies and the Role of Star Formation in LINERsJan 26 2000We find that a preliminary classification of LINERs' energetics may be made in terms of the FIR-radio correlation of Wolf-Rayet galaxies. The AGN- or starburst-supported LINERs can be distinguished by their FIR-to-radio ratio, $Q\equiv L(1.4{\rm GHz})/$ ... More
Type II Perfect Absorption and Amplification Modes with Controllable Bandwidth in PT-Symmetric/Traditional Bragg Grating Combined StructuresJul 29 2013We reveal previously unnoticed Type II perfect absorption and amplification modes of optical scattering system. These modes, in contrast to the counterparts in recent works [Phys. Rev. A 82, 031801 (2010); Phys. Rev. Lett. 106, 093902 (2011).] which could ... More
Performance of a 967 nm CW diode end-pumped Er:GSGG laser at 2.79 MicrometerDec 21 2012We demonstrated a 967 nm diode end-pumped Er:GSGG laser operated at 2.794 Micrometer with spectrum width 3.6 nm in the continuous wave(CW) mode. The maximum output power of 440 mW is obtained at an incident pumping power of 3.4 W, which corresponds to ... More
Quantum Nondemolition Measurement and Heralded Preparation of Fock States with Electromagnetically Induced Transparency in an Optical CavityMar 01 2012Mar 29 2012We propose a technique for quantum nondemolition (QND) measurement and heralded preparation of Fock states by dynamics of electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT). An atomic ensemble trapped in an optical cavity is driven by two external continuous-wave ... More
Orbital-selective Kondo entanglement and antiferromagnetic order in USb$_2$Jun 06 2019In heavy-fermion compounds, the dual character of $f$ electrons underlies their rich and often exotic properties like fragile heavy quasipartilces, variety of magnetic orders and unconventional superconductivity. 5$f$-electron actinide materials provide ... More
On Synergy effect of Ohkawa Current Drive of Electron Cyclotron Waves and Lower Hybrid Current Drive: A New MechanismJul 31 2018A new synergy mechanism between Ohkawa current drive (OKCD) of electron cyclotron (EC) waves and lower hybrid current drive (LHCD) is discovered and discussed. And the methodology to achieve this synergy effect is also introduced. Improvement of OKCD ... More
High-pressure synthesis, crystal structure determination, and a Ca substitution study of the metallic rhodium oxide NaRh2O4Oct 28 2004The sodium rhodate NaRh2O4 was synthesized for the first time and characterized by neutron and x-ray diffraction studies, measurements of magnetic susceptibility, specific heat, electrical resistivity, and the Seebeck coefficient. NaRh2O4 crystallizes ... More
Intense source of cold cesium atoms based on a two-dimensional magneto-optical trap with independent axial cooling and pushingSep 24 2015We report our studies on an intense source of cold cesium atoms based on a two-dimensional magneto-optical trap with independent axial cooling and pushing. The new-designed source, proposed as 2D-HP MOT, uses hollow laser beams for axial cooling and a ... More
Scaling of maximum probability density functions of velocity and temperature increments in turbulent systemsJan 17 2014In this paper, we introduce a new way to estimate the scaling parameter of a self-similar process by considering the maximum probability density function (pdf) of tis increments. We prove this for $H$-self-similar processes in general and experimentally ... More
The cross-correlation analysis in Z source GX 349+2Nov 02 2015Nov 12 2015Using all the observations from Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer for Z source GX 349+2, we systematically carry out cross-correlation analysis between its soft and hard X-ray light curves. During the observations from January 9 to January 29, 1998, GX 349+2 ... More
Ultralow-temperature thermal conductivity of Pr2Ir2O7: a metallic spin-liquid candidate with quantum criticalityJul 30 2018The frustrated pyrochlore iridate Pr$_2$Ir$_2$O$_7$ was proposed as a metallic quantum spin liquid located at a zero-field quantum critical point. Here we present the ultralow-temperature thermal conductivity measurements on the Pr$_2$Ir$_2$O$_7$ single ... More
Tracing crystal-field splittings in the rare earth-based intermetallic CeIrIn$_5$Feb 13 2018Crystal electric field states in rare earth intermetallics show an intricate entanglement with the many-body physics that occurs in these systems and that is known to lead to a plethora of electronic phases. Here, we attempt to trace different contributions ... More
Muon Identification with Muon Telescope Detector at the STAR ExperimentJan 02 2016Jul 15 2016Muon Telescope Detector (MTD) is a newly installed detector in the STAR experiment. It provides an excellent opportunity to study heavy quarkonium physics using the dimuon channel in heavy ion collisions. In this paper, we report the muon identification ... More
Multigap nodeless superconductivity in CsCa2Fe4As4F2 probed by heat transportNov 15 2018Recently, a new family of iron-based superconductors called 12442 was discovered and the muon spin relaxation ($\mu$SR) measurements on KCa$_2$Fe$_4$As$_4$F$_2$ and CsCa$_2$Fe$_4$As$_4$F$_2$ polycrystals, two members of the family, indicated that both ... More
Global Perturbation Configurations in a Composite Disc System with an Isopedic Magnetic FieldAug 28 2005We construct stationary global configurations of both aligned and unaligned logarithmic spiral perturbations in a composite disc system of stellar and isopedically magnetized gaseous singular isothermal discs (SIDs) coupled by gravity. The thin gaseous ... More
Measurements of strain and bandgap of coherently epitaxially grown wurtzite InAsP-InP core-shell nanowiresApr 12 2019We report on experimental determination of the strain and bandgap of InAsP in epitaxially grown InAsP-InP core-shell nanowires. The core-shell nanowires are grown via metal-organic vapor phase epitaxy. The as-grown nanowires are characterized by transmission ... More
The Chandra Deep Fields: Lifting the Veil on Distant Active Galactic Nuclei and X-Ray Emitting GalaxiesSep 14 2017The Chandra Deep Fields (CDFs), being a major thrust among extragalactic X-ray surveys and complemented effectively by multiwavelength observations, have critically contributed to our dramatically improved characterization of the 0.5-8 keV cosmic X-ray ... More
Unconventional Ferromagnetic Transition in La1-xCaxMnO3Apr 29 1996Neutron scattering has been used to study the magnetic correlations and long wavelength spin dynamics of La1-xCaxMnO3 in the ferromagnetic regime (0<=x<1/2). For x=1/3 (Tc=250K) where the magnetoresistance effects are largest the system behaves as an ... More
$L^p-L^q$ estimates on the solutions to $u_{tt}-u_{x_1x_1}=\triangle u_t$Sep 06 2008This paper focuses the study on the $L^p-L^q$ estimates on the solutions to an asymmetric wave equation with dissipation which arises in the study for the magneto-hydrodynamics by using the method of Green function.
Testing inflationary consistency relations by the potential CMB observationsJan 17 2011Nov 08 2011Testing the so-called consistency relations plays an important role for distinguishing the different classes of inflation models. In this paper, we investigate the possible testing based on the potential observations of the cosmic microwave background ... More
Online Vehicle Detection For Estimating Traffic StatusJul 06 2011We propose a traffic congestion estimation system based on unsupervised on-line learning algorithm. The system does not rely on background extraction or motion detection. It extracts local features inside detection regions of variable size which are drawn ... More
Scanning tunneling microscopy study of the possible topological surface states in BiTeClFeb 25 2015Recently, the non-centrosymmetric bismuth tellurohalides such as BiTeCl are being studied as possible candidates of topological insulators. While some photoemission studies showed that BiTeCl is an inversion asymmetric topological insulator, others showed ... More
A Novel Large Moment Antiferromagnetic Order in K0.8Fe1.6Se2 SuperconductorFeb 04 2011The discovery of cuprate high Tc superconductors has inspired searching for unconventional su- perconductors in magnetic materials. A successful recipe has been to suppress long-range order in a magnetic parent compound by doping or high pressure to drive ... More
Superconductivity in the metastable 1T' and 1T''' phases of MoS$_2$ crystalsSep 25 2018Transition-metal dichalcogenides open novel opportunities for the exploration of exciting new physics and devices. As a representative system, 2H-MoS$_2$ has been extensively investigated owing to its unique band structure with a large band gap, degenerate ... More
Direct measurement of the localized-itinerant transition, hybridization and antiferromagnetic transition of 5f electronsNov 24 2016Jul 07 2017In heavy-fermion compounds, f electrons show both itinerant and localized behaviour depending on the external conditions, and the hybridization between localized f electrons and itinerant conduction bands gives rise to their exotic properties like heavy-fermions, ... More
The Fractal Geometrical Properties of NucleiJun 06 2014We present a new idea to understand the structure of nuclei, which is comparing to the liquid drop model. After discussing the probability that the nuclear system may be a fractal object with the characteristic of self-similarity, the nuclear irregular ... More
Coexistence of the spin-density-wave and superconductivity in the (Ba,K)Fe2As2Jul 24 2008The relation between the spin-density-wave (SDW) and superconducting order is a central topic in current research on the FeAs-based high Tc superconductors. Conflicting results exist in the LaFeAs(O,F)-class of materials, for which whether the SDW and ... More
Search for Magnetic Order in Superconducting RuSr2Eu1.2Ce0.8Cu2O10Dec 13 2006Neutron diffraction, polarized neutron transmission, and small angle neutron scattering have been used to investigate the crystal structure and nature of the magnetic order in a polycrystalline sample of RuSr2Eu1.2Ce0.8Cu2O10. The sample was made with ... More
Moderate hybridization effects revealed by ARPES in heavy-fermion Ce2IrIn8May 20 2019We utilized high-resolution resonant angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES) to study the band structure and hybridization effect of the heavy-fermion compound Ce2IrIn8. We observe a nearly flat band at the binding energy of 7 meV below the ... More
Nodal superconductivity in FeS: Evidence from quasiparticle heat transportNov 24 2015Jun 13 2016We report low-temperature heat transport measurements on superconducting iron sulfide FeS with $T_c \approx$ 5 K, which has the same crystal structure and similar electronic band structure to the superconducting iron selenide FeSe. In zero magnetic field, ... More
Effects of Mn and Ti doping on superconductivity and charge ordering in NaxCoO2 systemJan 04 2005The superconductivity in Na0.3Co1-xMxO2.1.3H2O and the charge ordering in Na0.5Co1-xMxO2 have been investigated for M = Mn and Ti substituting for Co. We have first successfully synthesized the single-phase Na0.7Co1-xMxO2(M= Mn and Ti) materials with ... More
Formation of Long Single Quantum Dots in High Quality InSb Nanowires Grown by Molecular Beam EpitaxyAug 13 2015We report on realization and transport spectroscopy study of single quantum dots (QDs) made from InSb nanowires grown by molecular beam epitaxy (MBE). The nanowires employed are 50-80 nm in diameter and the QDs are defined in the nanowires between the ... More
Magnetic Properties of the low dimensional BaM$_2$Si$_2$O$_7$(M= Cu, Co, Mn) systemJul 18 2018We performed susceptibility, magnetization, specific heat, and single crystal neutron diffraction measurements on single crystalline BaMn$_2$Si$_2$O$_7$. Based on the results, we revisited its spin structure with a more accurate solution and constructed ... More
A Neutron Scattering Study of the H-T Phase Diagram of the Bond Frustrated ZnCr2S4Jun 01 2014Detailed neutron scattering measurements on the bond frustrated magnet ZnCr2S4 reveal a rich H-T phase diagram. The field dependence of the two subsequent antiferromagnetic transitions follows closely that of recently reported structural instabilities, ... More
An enthalpy-based multiple-relaxation-time lattice Boltzmann method for solid-liquid phase change heat transfer in metal foamsDec 28 2016Jul 22 2017In this paper, an enthalpy-based multiple-relaxation-time (MRT) lattice Boltzmann (LB) method is developed for solid-liquid phase change heat transfer in metal foams under local thermal non-equilibrium (LTNE) condition. The enthalpy-based MRT-LB method ... More
Dual Fano and Lorentzian line profile poperties of autoionizing statesApr 22 2015Ott et al. (Science (340, 716 (2013)) successfully transferred Fano profile into Lorentzian lineshape using an intense infrared laser, after excitation of autoionizing states in helium by attosecond XUV pulse. This is a very important step forward of ... More
A new superconductor of cuprates with unique featuresAug 28 2018The mechanism of superconductivity of cuprates remains one of the biggest challenges in condensed matter physics. High-Tc cuprates crystallize into layered perovskite structure typically featured with copper-oxygen octahedra forming corner shared network. ... More
The Galactic disc phase spirals at different Galactic positions revealed by Gaia and LAMOST dataMar 24 2019We have investigated the distributions of stellar azimuthal and radial velocity components $V_{\Phi}$ and $V_{R}$ in the vertical position-velocity plane $Z$-$V_{Z}$ across the Galactic disc of $6.34 \lesssim R \lesssim 12.34$\,kpc and $|\Phi| \lesssim ... More
Experimental Observation of Three-Component 'New Fermions' in Topological Semimetal MoPOct 27 2016Condensed matter systems can host quasiparticle excitations that are analogues to elementary particles such as Majorana, Weyl, and Dirac fermions. Recent advances in band theory have expanded the classification of fermions in crystals, and revealed crystal ... More
Magnetic order in BaFe2As2, the parent compound of the FeAs based superconductors in a new structural familyJun 17 2008Jul 09 2008In addition to higher Tc compared with the ubiquitous cuprates for a material composed of a single electronically active layer, the newly discovered LnFeAsO superconductors offer additional compositional variation. In a similar fashion to the CuO2 layers ... More
BCS-like Superconductivity in MgCNi3Feb 02 2002Dec 30 2002The low-temperature specific heat C(T,H) of a new superconductor MgCNi3 has been measured in detail. (C/gammasub_nTc=1.97 is estimated from the anomaly at Tc. At low temperatures, the electronic contribution in the superconducting state follows Ces/gammasub_nTc=7.96exp(-1.46Tc/T). ... More
Phonon number fluctuations in Debye model of solidJan 31 2019Statistical mechanics for the Debye model of solid gives well-defined phonon number fluctuations and isothermal compressibility, respectively, but these two types of quantities violate the fluctuation-compressibility theorem which states that fluctuations ... More
Structure determination and coexistence of superconductivity and antiferromagnetic order in (Li0.8Fe0.2)OHFeSeAug 09 2014FeSe-derived superconductors show some unique behaviors relative to iron-pnictide superconductors, which are very helpful to understand the mechanism of superconductivity in high-Tc iron-based superconductors. The low-energy electronic structure of the ... More
Determination of the magnetic structure of Yb3Pt4: a k=0 local-moment antiferromagnetJun 26 2009We have used neutron diffraction measurements to study the zero-field magnetic structure of the intermetallic compound Yb3Pt4, which was earlier found to order antiferromagnetically at the Neel temperature TN=2.4 K, and displays a field-driven quantum ... More
Effect of antiferromagnetic spin correlations on lattice distortion and charge ordering in Pr$_{0.5}$Ca$_{1.5}$MnO$_{4}$Jun 20 2007We use neutron scattering to study the lattice and magnetic structure of the layered half-doped manganite Pr$_{0.5}$Ca$_{1.5}$MnO$_4$. On cooling from high temperature, the system first becomes charge- and orbital- ordered (CO/OO) near $T_{CO}=300$ K ... More
Gamma-ray emission from globular clusters 2MS-GC01, IC 1257, NGC5904, NGC6656 and FSR1735Jan 26 2015Globular clusters (GCs) are the oldest stellar system in the Galaxy, in which the millisecond pulsars are widely believed to be the only steady {\gamma}-ray emitters. So far 9 {\gamma}-ray GCs have been identified and a few candidates such as 2MS-GC01 ... More
Structure and Magnetic Order in the NdFeAs(O,F) Superconductor SystemJun 13 2008Jul 11 2008The transition temperature Tc~26 K of the recently discovered superconductor LaFeAs(O,F) has been demonstrated to be extremely sensitive to the lanthanide ion, reaching 55 K for the Sm containing oxypnictides. Therefore, it is important to determine how ... More
Presence of Exotic Electronic Surface States in LaBi and LaSbJul 14 2016Nov 01 2016Extremely high magnetoresistance (XMR) in the lanthanum monopnictides La$X$ ($X$ = Sb, Bi) has recently attracted interest in these compounds as candidate topological materials. However, their perfect electron-hole compensation provides an alternative ... More
On the Presence of Exotic Electronic Surface States in LaBi and LaSbJul 14 2016Extremely high magnetoresistance (XMR) in the lanthanum monopnictides La$X$ ($X$ = Sb, Bi) has recently attracted interest in these compounds as candidate topological materials. However, their perfect electron-hole compensation provides an alternative ... More
Organic Molecules in Low-Mass Protostellar Hot Cores: Submillimeter Imaging of IRAS 16293-2422Oct 01 2004Arcsecond-resolution spectral observations toward the protobinary system IRAS 16293-2422 at 344 and 354 GHz were conducted using the Submillimeter Array. Complex organic molecules such as CH3OH and HCOOCH3 were detected. Together with the rich organic ... More
Experimental Hamiltonian Learning of An 11-qubit Solid-State Quantum Spin RegisterMay 29 2019Learning Hamiltonian of a quantum system is indispensable for prediction of the system dynamics and realization of high fidelity quantum gates. However, it is a significant challenge to efficiently characterize the Hamiltonian when its Hilbert space dimension ... More
Spectroscopic evidence for bulk-band inversion and three-dimensional massive Dirac fermions in ZrTe5Jan 26 2017Three-dimensional topological insulators (3D TIs) represent novel states of quantum matters in which surface states are protected by time-reversal symmetry and an inversion occurs between bulk conduction- and valence-bands. However, the bulk-band inversion ... More
Charge trapping and super-Poissonian noise centers in a cuprate high-temperature superconductorSep 25 2018The electronic properties of cuprate high temperature superconductors in their normal state are very two-dimensional: while transport in the ab plane is perfectly metallic, it is insulating along the c-axis, with ratios between the two exceeding 10^4. ... More
Observation of $^{6}$He+$t$ cluster states in $^{9}$LiSep 08 2017Jan 06 2018$^{6}$He+$t$ cluster states of exited $^{9}$Li have been measured by 32.7 MeV/nucleon $^{9}$Li beams bombarding on $^{208}$Pb target. Two resonant states are clearly observed with the excitation energies at 9.8 MeV and 12.6 MeV and spin-parity of 3/2$^{-}$ ... More
Observation of a nodal chain with Dirac surface states in TiB2May 12 2018Topological nodal-line semimetals (TNLSMs) are characterized by symmetry-protected band crossings extending along one-dimensional lines in momentum space. The nodal lines exhibit a variety of possible configurations, such as nodal ring, nodal link, nodal ... More
AGN-Host Connection at 0.5 < z < 2.5: A rapid evolution of AGN fraction in red galaxies during the last 10 GyrDec 09 2016Feb 09 2017We explore the dependence of the incidence of moderate-luminosity ($L_{X} = 10^{41.9-43.7}$ erg s$^{-1}$) AGNs and the distribution of their accretion rates on host color at 0.5 < z < 2.5, using deep X-ray data in GOODS fields. We use extinction-corrected ... More
Observation of multiple types of topological fermions in PdBiSeMay 27 2019Topological semimetals with different types of band crossings provide a rich platform to realize novel fermionic excitations, known as topological fermions. In particular, some fermionic excitations can be direct analogues of elementary particles in quantum ... More
Born-Infeld Type Phantom Model in the $ω-ω'$ PlaneOct 01 2006Nov 10 2006In this paper, we investigate the dynamics of Born-Infeld(B-I) phantom model in the $\omega-\omega'$ plane, which is defined by the equation of state parameter for the dark energy and its derivative with respect to $N$(the logarithm of the scale factor ... More
B Physics and Hadronic Matrix ElementsOct 20 2004In a mini workshop on B Physics which were held at Dalian, China, a number of lectures was given. Around 40 participants joined the workshop. In this workshop, people discussed the heavy quark effective field theory, light cone QCD sum rules and light ... More
Three-dimensional multiple-relaxation-time lattice Boltzmann model for convection heat transfer in porous media at the REV scaleNov 10 2016In this paper, a three-dimensional (3D) multiple-relaxation-time (MRT) lattice Boltzmann (LB) model is presented for convection heat transfer in porous media at the representative elementary volume (REV) scale. The model is developed in the framework ... More
Turbulent convection model in the overshooting region: II. Theoretical analysisFeb 20 2012Feb 21 2012Turbulent convection models are thought to be good tools to deal with the convective overshooting in the stellar interior. However, they are too complex to be applied in calculations of stellar structure and evolution. In order to understand the physical ... More
Semiconductor to Metal Transition, Dynamical Stability and Superconductivity of Strained PhosphoreneSep 25 2014Very recently, field-effect transistors based on few-layer phosphorene crystals with thickness down to a few nanometres have been successfully fabricated, triggering interest in this new functional two-dimensional material. In this work, we apply the ... More
Majorana fermions in topological insulator nanowires: from single superconducting nanowires to Josephson junctionsDec 07 2016Signatures of Majorana fermion bound states in one-dimensional topological insulator (TI) nanowires with proximity effect induced superconductivity are studied. The phase diagram and energy spectra are calculated for single TI nanowires and it is shown ... More
Synthesis, Crystal Structure and Magnetic Properties of the Linear-Chain Cobalt Oxide Sr5Pb3CoO12Oct 15 2001The novel spin-chain cobalt oxide Sr5Pb3CoO12 [P-62m, a = 10.1093(2) A and c = 3.562 51(9) A at 295 K] is reported. Polycrystalline sample of the compound was studied by neutron diffraction (at 6 and 295 K) and magnetic susceptibility measurements (5 ... More
A Comparative Study on Lithium Abundances in Solar--Type Stars With and Without PlanetsJul 13 2006We have investigated the abundance anomalies of lithium for stars with planets in the temperature range of 5600--5900 K reported by Israelian and coworkers, as compared to 20 normal stars at the same temperature and metallicity ranges. Our result indicates ... More
Three-dimensional multiple-relaxation-time lattice Boltzmann model for convection heat transfer in porous media at the REV scaleNov 10 2016Nov 23 2016In this paper, a three-dimensional (3D) multiple-relaxation-time (MRT) lattice Boltzmann (LB) model is presented for convection heat transfer in porous media at the representative elementary volume (REV) scale. The model is developed in the framework ... More
Annealing induced colossal magnetocapacitance and colossal magnetoresistance in In-doped CdCr2S4Dec 29 2012The correlation between colossal magnetocapacitance (CMC) and colossal magnetoresistance (CMR) in CdCr2S4 system has been revealed. The CMC is induced in polycrystalline Cd0.97In0.03Cr2S4 by annealing in cadmium vapor. At the same time, an insulator-metal ... More