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A Chemical Evolution Model for the Fornax Dwarf Spheroidal GalaxyDec 17 2015Fornax is the brightest Milky Way (MW) dwarf spheroidal galaxy and its star formation history (SFH) has been derived from observations. We estimate the time evolution of its gas mass and net inflow and outflow rates from the SFH using a simple star formation ... More
Randomized Iterative Reconstruction for Sparse View X-ray Computed TomographyMar 06 2017With the availability of more powerful computers, iterative reconstruction algorithms are the subject of an ongoing work in the design of more efficient reconstruction algorithms for X-ray computed tomography. In this work, we show how two analytical ... More
Precisely determined the spent nuclear fuel antineutrino flux and spectrum for Daya Bay antineutrino experimentDec 23 2015Spent nuclear fuel (SNF) antineutrino flux is an important source of uncertainties for a reactor neutrino flux prediction. However, if one want to determine the contribution of spent fuel, many data are needed, such as the amount of spent fuel in the ... More
Antineutrino flux and spectrum calculation for spent nuclear fuel for the Daya Bay antineutrino experimentDec 23 2015May 19 2017Spent nuclear fuel (SNF) antineutrino flux is an important source of uncertainties for a reactor neutrino flux prediction. However, if one want to determine the contribution of spent fuel, many data are needed, such as the amount of spent fuel in the ... More
QCD Sum Rules: Isospin Symmetry Breakings in Pion-Nucleon CouplingsOct 18 1996We use the method of QCD sum rules in the presence of an external pion field to investigate isospin symmetry breakings in pion-nucleon couplings. Possible manifestations of such isospin symmetry breaking are examined in the context of low-energy nucleon-nucleon ... More
Searching for Classical Be Stars from the LAMOST DR1May 27 2015We report on searching for Classical B-type emission-line (CBe) stars from the first data release (DR1) of the Large Sky Area Multi-Object fiber Spectroscopic Telescope (LAMOST; also named the Guoshoujing Telescope). A total of 192 (12 known CBes) objects ... More
Data-Driven Forecasting of High-Dimensional Chaotic Systems with Long Short-Term Memory NetworksFeb 21 2018Jul 10 2018We introduce a data-driven forecasting method for high-dimensional chaotic systems using long short-term memory (LSTM) recurrent neural networks. The proposed LSTM neural networks perform inference of high-dimensional dynamical systems in their reduced ... More
The effect of Ta oxygen scavenger layer on HfO$_2$-based resistive switching behavior: thermodynamic stability, electronic structure, and low-bias transportFeb 22 2016Reversible resistive switching between high-resistance and low-resistance states in metal-oxide-metal heterostructures makes them very interesting for applications in random access memories. While recent experimental work has shown that inserting a metallic ... More
Suppression of dephasing by qubit motion in superconducting circuitsSep 01 2015We suggest and demonstrate a protocol which suppresses dephasing due to the low-frequency noise by qubit motion, i.e., transfer of the logical qubit of information in a system of $n \geq 2$ physical qubits. The protocol requires only the nearest-neighbor ... More
$Θ^{+}$ hypernuclei in relativistic mean field modelAug 19 2004We have investigated the properties of $\Theta^{+}$ in nuclei within the framework of relativistic mean field. The coupling constants are educed with quark meson coupling model. There is strong attractive interaction for $\Theta^{+}$-nucleus and $\Theta^{+}$ ... More
Determination of Dark Matter Halo Mass from Dynamics of Satellite GalaxiesOct 22 2017We show that the mass of a dark matter halo can be inferred from the dynamical status of its satellite galaxies. Using 9 dark-matter simulations of halos like the Milky Way (MW), we find that the present-day substructures in each halo follow a characteristic ... More
Eta-mesic nuclei in relativistic mean-field theoryFeb 26 2008Feb 27 2008With the eta-nucleon (eta N) interaction Lagrangian deduced from chiral perturbation theory, we study the possible eta-mesic nuclei in the framework of relativistic mean-field theory. The eta single-particle energies are sensitive to the eta N scattering ... More
On the Enumeration of $(s,s+1,s+2)$-Core PartitionsJun 10 2014Jul 09 2014Anderson established a connection between core partitions and order ideals of certain posets by mapping a partition to its $\beta$-set. In this paper, we give a characterization of the poset $P_{(s,s+1,s+2)}$ whose order ideals correspond to $(s,s+1,s+2)$-core ... More
Canonical dual method for mixed integer fourth-order polynomial minimization problems with fixed cost termsJul 16 2016We study a canonical duality method to solve a mixed-integer nonconvex fourth-order polynomial minimization problem with fixed cost terms. This constrained nonconvex problem can be transformed into a continuous concave maximization dual problem without ... More
On modeling and global solutions for d.c. optimization problems by canonical duality theoryJul 12 2016This paper presents a canonical d.c. (difference of canonical and convex functions) programming problem, which can be used to model general global optimization problems in complex systems. It shows that by using the canonical duality theory, a large class ... More
Abrupt Transition between Thermally-Activated Relaxation and Quantum Tunneling in a Molecular MagnetDec 13 2000Dec 14 2000We report Hall sensor measurements of the magnetic relaxation of Mn$_{12}$ acetate as a function of magnetic field applied along the easy axis of magnetization. Data taken at a series of closely-spaced temperatures between 0.24 K and 1.4 K provide strong ... More
Directed and Elliptic Flow in $^{112}$Sn + $^{112}$Sn Collisions below 100 MeV/nucleonFeb 15 2001The directed and elliptic flow in collisions of $^{112}Sn$ + $^{112}Sn$ at energies from 35 to 90 MeV/nucleon were studied in an isospin-dependent quantum molecule dynamics model (IQMD). With increasing incident energy, the directed flow rises from the ... More
Magnetoresistance due to Domain Walls in Micron Scale Fe Wires with Stripe DomainsMar 09 1998The magnetoresistance (MR) associated with domain boundaries has been investigated in microfabricated bcc Fe (0.65 to 20 $\mu$m linewidth) wires with controlled stripe domains. Domain configurations have been characterized using magnetic force microscopy. ... More
Layered semiconductor EuTe 4 with charge density wave order in square tellurium sheetsJan 18 2019We report a novel quasi-two dimensional compound of EuTe4 hosting charge density waves (CDW) instability. The compound has a crystallographic structure in a orthorhombic space group Pmmn (No.59) with cell parameters a = 4.6347(2){\AA}, b = 4.5119(2){\AA}, ... More
Ferroelectricity driven magnetism at domain walls in LaAlO$_3$/PbTiO$_3$ superlatticesAug 12 2015Charge dipole moment and spin moment rarely coexist in single-phase bulk materials except in some multiferroics. Despite the progress in the past decade, for most multiferroics their magnetoelectric performance remains poor due to the intrinsic exclusion ... More
Exploring the quantum critical behaviour in a driven Tavis-Cummings circuitJun 05 2014May 25 2015Quantum phase transitions play an important role in many-body systems and have been a research focus in conventional condensed matter physics over the past few decades. Artificial atoms, such as superconducting qubits that can be individually manipulated, ... More
Reducing intrinsic decoherence in a superconducting circuit by quantum error detectionSep 01 2013A fundamental challenge for quantum information processing is reducing the impact of environmentally-induced errors. Quantum error detection (QED) provides one approach to handling such errors, in which errors are rejected when they are detected. Here ... More
First-principles study of native point defects in Bi2Se3Jun 30 2012Using first-principles method within the framework of the density functional theory, we study the influence of native point defect on the structural and electronic properties of Bi$_2$Se$_3$. Se vacancy in Bi$_2$Se$_3$ is a double donor, and Bi vacancy ... More
Uncertainties analysis of fission fraction for reactor antineutrino experimentsMay 27 2014Mar 17 2015Reactor antineutrino experiment are used to study neutrino oscillation, search for signatures of nonstandard neutrino interaction, and monitor reactor operation for safeguard application. Reactor simulation is an important source of uncertainties for ... More
Cr-K Emission Line as a Constraint on the Progenitor Properties of Supernova RemnantsFeb 01 2013We perform a survey of the Cr, Mn and Fe-K emission lines in young supernova remnants (SNRs) with the Japanese X-ray astronomy satellite {\sl Suzaku}. The Cr and/or Mn emission lines are detected in 3C\,397 and 0519-69.0 for the first time. We also confirm ... More
Structure and evolution of rotationally and tidally distorted starsJul 26 2009This paper aims to study the configuration of two components caused by rotational and tidal distortions in the model of a binary system. The potentials of the two distorted components can be approximated to 2nd-degree harmonics. Furthermore, both the ... More
Qualitative properties of $α$-fair policies in bandwidth-sharing networksApr 12 2011Jan 15 2014We consider a flow-level model of a network operating under an $\alpha$-fair bandwidth sharing policy (with $\alpha>0$) proposed by Roberts and Massouli\'{e} [Telecomunication Systems 15 (2000) 185-201]. This is a probabilistic model that captures the ... More
Distributed Low Rank Approximation of Implicit Functions of a MatrixJan 28 2016We study distributed low rank approximation in which the matrix to be approximated is only implicitly represented across the different servers. For example, each of $s$ servers may have an $n \times d$ matrix $A^t$, and we may be interested in computing ... More
Subaru constraint on circular polarization in I-band emission from the Magnetar 4U 0142+61Nov 22 2011Jan 25 2012We present the first imaging circular polarimetry of the anomalous X-ray pulsar (AXP) 4U 0142+61 at optical wavelengths. The AXP is the only magnetar that has been well studied at optical and infrared wavelengths and is known to have a complicated broad-band ... More
Interaction of hot spots and THz waves in Bi_2Sr_2CaCu_2O_8 intrinsic Josephson junction stacks of various geometryMay 12 2010At high enough input power in stacks of Bi_2Sr_2CaCu_2O8 intrinsic Josephson junctions a hot spot (a region heated to above the superconducting transition temperature) coexists with regions still in the superconducting state. In the ``cold'' regions cavity ... More
On the Joint Source-Channel Coding Error Exponent for Discrete Memoryless Systems: Computation and Comparison with Separate CodingJan 04 2006We investigate the computation of Csiszar's bounds for the joint source-channel coding (JSCC) error exponent, E_J, of a communication system consisting of a discrete memoryless source and a discrete memoryless channel. We provide equivalent expressions ... More
Coherent THz emission of Bi_2Sr_2CaCu_2O_8 intrinsic Josephson junction stacks in the hot spot regimeMay 01 2010We report on THz emission measurements and low temperature scanning laser imaging of Bi_2Sr_2CaCu_2O_8 intrinsic Josephson junction stacks. Coherent emission is observed at large dc input power, where a hot spot and a standing wave, formed in the "cold" ... More
Optimal queue-size scaling in switched networksOct 21 2011Sep 03 2014We consider a switched (queuing) network in which there are constraints on which queues may be served simultaneously; such networks have been used to effectively model input-queued switches and wireless networks. The scheduling policy for such a network ... More
On Synergy effect of Ohkawa Current Drive of Electron Cyclotron Waves and Lower Hybrid Current Drive: A New MechanismJul 31 2018A new synergy mechanism between Ohkawa current drive (OKCD) of electron cyclotron (EC) waves and lower hybrid current drive (LHCD) is discovered and discussed. And the methodology to achieve this synergy effect is also introduced. Improvement of OKCD ... More
Reconfigurable on-chip entangled sources based on lithium-niobate waveguide circuitsApr 01 2014Integrated quantum optics becomes a consequent tendency towards practical quantum information processing. Here, we report the on-chip generation and manipulation of photonic entanglement based on reconfigurable lithium niobate waveguide circuits. By introducing ... More
1/m_Q Corrections to B -> rho l nu Decay and |V_{ub}|Nov 12 2005In the heavy quark effective field theory of QCD, we analyze the order 1/m_Q contributions to heavy to light vector decays. Light cone sum rule method is applied with including the effects of 1/m_Q order corrections. We then extract |V_{ub}| from B -> ... More
Visual C++ Implementation of Sinogram-based Adaptive Iterative Reconstruction for Sparse View X-Ray CTAug 22 2016With the availability of more powerful computing processors, iterative reconstruction algorithms have recently been successfully implemented as an approach to achieving significant dose reduction in X-ray CT. In this report, we describe our proposal of ... More
Exclusive B-meson Rare Decays and General Relations of Form Factors in Effective Field Theory of Heavy QuarksJun 03 2002Nov 11 2002B meson rare decays ($B\to K(K^{*})l\bar l$ and $B\to K^*\gamma$) are analyzed in the framework of effective field theory of heavy quarks. The semileptonic and penguin type form factors for these decays are calculated by using the light cone sum rules ... More
Heavy to Light Meson Exclusive Semileptonic Decays in Effective Field Theory of Heavy QuarkMay 15 2002Aug 28 2002We present a general study on exclusive semileptonic decays of heavy (B, D, B_s) to light (pi, rho, K, K^*) mesons in the framework of effective field theory of heavy quark. Transition matrix elements of these decays can be systematically characterized ... More
1/m_Q order contributions to B \to πl νdecay in HQEFTOct 22 2003Contributions to B\to \pi l \nu decay from 1/m_Q order corrections are analyzed in the heavy quark effective field theory (HQEFT) of QCD. Transition wave functions of 1/m_Q order are calculated through light cone sum rule (LCSR) within the HQEFT framework. ... More
Effect of microstructures on the electron-phonon interaction in the disordered metals Pd$_{60}$Ag$_{40}$Sep 11 2002Using the weak-localization method, we have measured the electron-phonon scattering times $\tau_{ep}$ in Pd$_{60}$Ag$_{40}$ thick films prepared by DC- and RF-sputtering deposition techniques. In both series of samples, we find an anomalous $1/\tau_{ep} ... More
Ferroelectric switched all-metallic-oxide $p$-$n$ junctionsNov 19 2006We report the first formation of the metallic $p$-$n$ junctions, the ferroelectric (Ba,Sr)TiO$_3$ (BST) switched optimally electron-doped ($n$-type) metallic T'-phase superconductor, (La,Ce)$_2$CuO$_4$ (LCCO), and hole-doped ($p$-type) metallic CMR manganite ... More
Coherent population transfer between weakly-coupled states in a ladder-type superconducting qutritAug 08 2015Stimulated Raman adiabatic passage (STIRAP) offers significant advantages for coherent population transfer between un- or weakly-coupled states and has the potential of realizing efficient quantum gate, qubit entanglement, and quantum information transfer. ... More
Electric-field control of oxygen vacancy and magnetic phase transition in cobaltite/manganite bilayerOct 31 2017Manipulation of oxygen vacancies (V_O) in single oxide layers by varying the electric field can result in significant modulation of the ground state. However, in many oxide multilayers with strong application potentials, e.g. ferroelectric tunnel junctions ... More
A More Precise Extraction of |V_{cb}| in HQEFT of QCDOct 22 2003The more precise extraction for the CKM matrix element |V_{cb}| in the heavy quark effective field theory (HQEFT) of QCD is studied from both exclusive and inclusive semileptonic B decays. The values of relevant nonperturbative parameters up to order ... More
HQEFT as A Large Component QCD and Comments on The Incompleteness of HQETMay 21 2003The Heavy quark effective field theory (HQEFT) is revisited in a more intuitive way. It is shown that HQEFT is a consistent large component QCD of heavy quarks. In the non-relativistic limit, HQEFT recovers the non-relativistic QCD (NRQCD). The resulting ... More
Towards a Zero-One Law for Entrywise Low Rank ApproximationNov 04 2018There are a number of approximation algorithms for NP-hard versions of low rank approximation, such as finding a rank-$k$ matrix $B$ minimizing the sum of absolute values of differences to a given matrix $A$, $\min_{\textrm{rank-}k~B}\|A-B\|_1$, or more ... More
Reduced-space Gaussian Process Regression for Data-Driven Probabilistic Forecast of Chaotic Dynamical SystemsNov 05 2016We formulate a reduced-order strategy for efficiently forecasting complex high-dimensional dynamical systems entirely based on data streams. The first step of our method involves reconstructing the dynamics in a reduced-order subspace of choice using ... More
$Λ$$Λ$ interactions in finite-density QCD sum rulesSep 11 2006May 30 2007The properties of $\Lambda$-hyperons in pure $\Lambda$ matter are studied with the finite-density QCD sum rule approach. The first order quark and gluon condensates in $\Lambda$ nuclear matter are deduced from the chiral perturbation theory. The sum rule ... More
Relative Error Tensor Low Rank ApproximationApr 26 2017Mar 29 2018We consider relative error low rank approximation of $tensors$ with respect to the Frobenius norm: given an order-$q$ tensor $A \in \mathbb{R}^{\prod_{i=1}^q n_i}$, output a rank-$k$ tensor $B$ for which $\|A-B\|_F^2 \leq (1+\epsilon)$OPT, where OPT $= ... More
Optimal Principal Component Analysis in Distributed and Streaming ModelsApr 25 2015Jul 12 2016We study the Principal Component Analysis (PCA) problem in the distributed and streaming models of computation. Given a matrix $A \in R^{m \times n},$ a rank parameter $k < rank(A)$, and an accuracy parameter $0 < \epsilon < 1$, we want to output an $m ... More
Low Rank Approximation with Entrywise $\ell_1$-Norm ErrorNov 03 2016We study the $\ell_1$-low rank approximation problem, where for a given $n \times d$ matrix $A$ and approximation factor $\alpha \geq 1$, the goal is to output a rank-$k$ matrix $\widehat{A}$ for which $$\|A-\widehat{A}\|_1 \leq \alpha \cdot \min_{\textrm{rank-}k\textrm{ ... More
Diffuse Interstellar Bands and the Ultraviolet Extinction Curves: The Missing Link RevisitedOct 21 2016A large number of interstellar absorption features at ~ 4000\AA\ -- 1.8 {\mu}m, known as the "diffuse interstellar bands" (DIBs), remains unidentified. Most recent works relate them to large polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) molecules or ultrasmall ... More
A Tale of Two Mysteries in Interstellar Astrophysics: The 2175 Angstrom Extinction Bump and Diffuse Interstellar BandsOct 24 2012The diffuse interstellar bands (DIBs) are ubiquitous absorption spectral features arising from the tenuous material in the space between stars -- the interstellar medium (ISM). Since their first detection nearly nine decades ago, over 400 DIBs have been ... More
Direct Detection of the Cosmic Neutrino Background Including Light Sterile NeutrinosJul 06 2010Jul 31 2010Current cosmological data drop an interesting hint about the existence of sub-eV sterile neutrinos, which should be a part of the cosmic neutrino background (C$\nu$B). We point out that such light sterile neutrinos may leave a distinct imprint on the ... More
Electron dephasing near zero temperature: an experimental reviewSep 12 2002The behavior of the electron dephasing time near zero temperature, $\tau_\phi^0$, has recently attracted vigorous attention. This renewed interest is primarily concerned with whether $\tau_\phi^0$ should reach a finite or an infinite value as $T \to$ ... More
Proof and extension of the resistance formula for an m x n cobweb network conjectured by Tan, Zhou and YangDec 24 2013An m x n cobweb network consists of n radial lines emanating from a center and connected by $m$ concentric n-sided polygons. A conjecture of Tan, Zhou and Yang for the resistance from center to perimeter of the cobweb is proved by extending the method ... More
The two-point resistance of a cobweb with a superconducting boundaryApr 09 2014We consider the problem of two-point resistance on an m x n cobweb network with a superconducting boundary, which is topologically equivalent to a geographic globe. We deduce a concise formula for the resistance between any two nodes on the globe using ... More
Surface collective modes in the topological insulators Bi$_2$Se$_3$ and Bi$_{0.5}$Sb$_{1.5}$Te$_{3-x}$Se$_{x}$May 14 2015Dec 16 2015We used low-energy, momentum-resolved inelastic electron scattering to study surface collective modes of the three-dimensional topological insulators Bi$_2$Se$_3$ and Bi$_{0.5}$Sb$_{1.5}$Te$_{3-x}$Se$_{x}$. Our goal was to identify the "spin plasmon" ... More
Thompson Sampling for Cascading BanditsOct 02 2018We design and analyze TS-Cascade, a Thompson sampling algorithm for the cascading bandit problem. In TS-Cascade, Bayesian estimates of the click probability are constructed using a univariate Gaussian; this leads to a more efficient exploration procedure ... More
Isomerism in the "south-east" of $^{132}$Sn and a predicted neutron-decaying isomer in $^{129}$PdSep 09 2016Excited states in neutron-rich nuclei located south-east of $^{132}$Sn are investigated by shell-model calculations. A new shell-model Hamiltonian is constructed for the present study. The proton-proton and neutron-neutron interactions of the Hamiltonian ... More
Resistance between two nodes in general position on an $m\times n$ fan networkApr 10 2014The resistance between two nodes in general position on a fan network with n radial lines and m transverse lines is determined. Also a similar result of Izmailian, Kenna and Wu [7] for an $m\times n$ cobweb network is reproduced but the method used here ... More
Beam energy dependence of Hanbury-Brown-Twiss radii from a blast-wave modelFeb 04 2016Sep 09 2016The beam energy dependence of correlation lengths (the Hanbury-Brown-Twiss radii) is calculated by using a blast-wave model and the results are comparable with those from RHIC-STAR beam energy scan data as well as the LHC-ALICE measurements. A set of ... More
Effect of annealing on electron dephasing in three-dimensional polycrystalline metalsDec 21 2001We have studied the effect of thermal annealing on electron dephasing times $\tau_\phi$ in three-dimensional polycrystalline metals. Measurements are performed on as-sputtered and annealed AuPd and Sb thick films, using weak-localization method. In all ... More
GeV-TeV $γ$-ray energy spectral break of BL Lac objectsAug 01 2018In this paper, we compile the very-high-energy and high-energy spectral indices of 43 BL Lac objects from the literature. Based on a simple math model, $\Delta\Gamma_{obs}=\alpha {\rm{z}}+\beta $, we present evidence for the origin of an observed spectral ... More
Remote generation of entanglement for individual atoms via optical fibersMay 29 2008The generation of atomic entanglement is discussed in a system that atoms are trapped in separate cavities which are connected via optical fibers. Two distant atoms can be projected to Bell-state by synchronized turning off the local laser fields and ... More
Stellar population analysis on local infrared-selected galaxiesNov 28 2008Mar 02 2009To study the stellar population of local infrared galaxies, which contain star-forming galaxies, composite galaxies, LINERs, and Seyfert 2s. We also want to find whether infrared luminosity and spectral class have any effects on their stellar populations. ... More
X-ray and EUV spectroscopy of various astrophysical and laboratory plasmas -- Collisional, photoionization and charge-exchange plasmasJan 30 2014Several laboratory facilities were used to benchmark theoretical spectral models those extensively used by astronomical communities. However there are still many differences between astrophysical environments and laboratory miniatures that can be archived. ... More
Using Mineral Oil to Improve the Performance of Multi-Crystal Detector for Dark Matter SearchingJul 04 2017Sep 04 2017The inorganic crystals have been widely used for dark matter direct searching for many decades. However, limited by the crystal growth technique, a lot of small crystals have to be used together for large target mass, which results in a degradation of ... More
Squeezing with a flux-driven Josephson parametric amplifierJul 27 2013Josephson parametric amplifiers (JPA) are promising devices for applications in circuit quantum electrodynamics (QED) and for studies on propagating quantum microwaves because of their good noise performance. In this work, we present a systematic characterization ... More
Hybrid-Entanglement in Continuous Variable SystemsJul 08 2010Entanglement is one of the most fascinating features arising from quantum-mechanics and of great importance for quantum information science. Of particular interest are so-called hybrid-entangled states which have the intriguing property that they contain ... More
Emulating anyonic fractional statistical behavior in a superconducting quantum circuitAug 17 2016Anyons are exotic quasiparticles obeying fractional statistics,whose behavior can be emulated in artificially designed spin systems.Here we present an experimental emulation of creating anyonic excitations in a superconducting circuit that consists of ... More
Path Entanglement of Continuous-Variable Quantum MicrowavesOct 16 2012Path entanglement constitutes an essential resource in quantum information and communication protocols. Here, we demonstrate frequency-degenerate entanglement between continuous-variable quantum microwaves propagating along two spatially separated paths. ... More
The $ΣΣ$ interactions in finite-density QCD sum rulesNov 07 2007Mar 26 2008The properties of $\Sigma$-hyperons in pure $\Sigma$ matter are studied with the finite-density quantum chromo-dynamics sum rule (QCDSR) approach. The $\Sigma\Sigma$ nuclear potential $U_\Sigma$ is most likely strongly attractive, it could be about -50 ... More
R-matrix electron-impact excitation data for astrophysically abundant sulphur ionsJul 30 2011Aug 04 2011We present results for the electron-impact excitation of highly-charged sulphur ions (S8+ - S11+) obtained using the intermediate-coupling frame transformation R-matrix approach. A detailed comparison of the target structure has been made for the four ... More
$φ$-meson production at forward/backward rapidity in high-energy nuclear collisions from a multiphase transport modelApr 15 2016Within the framework of a multiphase transport model (AMPT), the $\phi$-meson production is studied in d+Au collisions at \srt = {200} GeV in the forward (d-going, $1.2<y<2.2$) and backward (Au-going, $-2.2<y<-1.2$) direction. The AMPT model with string ... More
A Class of Kazhdan-Lusztig R-Polynomials and q-Fibonacci NumbersDec 08 2013Let $S_n$ denote the symmetric group on $\{1,2,\ldots,n\}$. For two permutations $u, v\in S_n$ such that $u\leq v$ in the Bruhat order, let $R_{u,v}(q)$ and $\R_{u,v}(q)$ denote the Kazhdan-Lusztig $R$-polynomial and $\R$-polynomial, respectively. Let ... More
Statistical nature of cluster emission in nuclear liquid-vapour phase coexistenceJun 10 2004The emission of nuclear clusters is investigated within the framework of isospin dependent lattice gas model and classical molecular dynamics model. It is found that the emission of individual cluster which is heavier than proton is almost Poissonian ... More
Effects of Pressure on Electron Transport and Local Structure of Manganites: Low to High Pressure RegimeOct 10 2002Mar 31 2003The pressure dependence of the resistivity and structure of La0.60Y0.07Ca0.33MnO3 has been explored in the pressure range from 1 atm to ~7 GPa. The metal to insulator transition temperature (TMI) was found to reach a maximum and the resistivity achieves ... More
A Method for Selecting M dwarfs with an Increased Likelihood of Unresolved Ultra-cool CompanionshipJan 13 2016Locating ultra-cool companions to M dwarfs is important for constraining low-mass formation models, the measurement of sub-stellar dynamical masses and radii, and for testing ultra-cool evolutionary models. We present an optimised method for identifying ... More
$Ω$ and $φ$ in Au + Au ~collisions at \srt~= 200 and 11.5 GeV from a multiphase transport modelJun 03 2017Within the framework of a multiphase transport model, we study the production and properties of $\Omega$ and $\phi$ in Au + Au collisions with a new set of parameters for $\sqrt{s_{NN}}$ = 200 GeV and with the original set of parameters for $\sqrt{s_{NN}}$ ... More
The star formation histories of red and blue low surface brightness disk galaxiesApr 25 2010We study the star formation histories (SFH) and stellar populations of 213 red and 226 blue nearly face-on low surface brightness disk galaxies (LSBGs), which are selected from the main galaxy sample of Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) Data Release Seven ... More
Energy dissipation in the time domain governed by bosons in a correlated materialMay 26 2015Mar 16 2016In complex materials various interactions play important roles in determining the material properties. Angle Resolved Photoelectron Spectroscopy (ARPES) has been used to study these processes by resolving the complex single particle self energy $\Sigma(E)$ ... More
Unidirectional Distributed Acoustic Reflection Transducers for Quantum ApplicationsMay 08 2019Recent significant advances in coupling superconducting qubits to acoustic wave resonators has led to demonstrations of quantum control of surface and bulk acoustic resonant modes as well Wigner tomography of quantum states in these modes. These advances ... More
Violating Bell's inequality with remotely-connected superconducting qubitsAug 09 2018Oct 17 2018Quantum communication relies on the efficient generation of entanglement between remote quantum nodes, due to entanglement's key role in achieving and verifying secure communications. Remote entanglement has been realized using a number of different probabilistic ... More
Phonon-mediated quantum state transfer and remote qubit entanglementMar 13 2019Phonons, and in particular surface acoustic wave phonons, have been proposed as a means to coherently couple distant solid-state quantum systems. Recent experiments have shown that superconducting qubits can control and detect individual phonons in a ... More
Static Charge Density Wave Order in the Superconducting State of La2-xBaxCuO4Apr 03 2017Jun 13 2017Charge density wave (CDW) correlations feature prominently in the phase diagram of the cuprates, motivating competing theories of whether fluctuating CDW correlations aid superconductivity or whether static CDW order coexists with superconductivity in ... More
The Origin, Composition, and Energy Source for the SunNov 10 2004Heterogeneous supernova debris formed the solar system. Cores of inner planets formed in the central iron rich region. The Sun formed on the collapsed supernova core. Lighter elements and the lighter isotopes of each element are enriched at the solar ... More
Field-dependence of the Magnetic Relaxation in Mn12-Acetate: A New Form of SpectroscopyJun 07 2000Jun 23 2000We report point by point measurements below the blocking temperature of the magnetic relaxation of Mn$_{12}$-acetate as a function of magnetic field applied along the easy axis of magnetization. Unexpectedly complex structure is observed which we attribute ... More
Some Calculations for Cold Fusion Superheavy ElementsOct 18 2004The Q value and optimal exciting energy of the hypothetical superheavy nuclei in cold fusion reaction are calculated with relativistic mean field model and semiemperical shell model mass equation(SSME) and the validity of the two models is tested. The ... More
Compensated semimetal LaSb with unsaturated magnetoresistanceApr 27 2016Sep 19 2016By combining angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy and quantum oscillation measurements, we performed a comprehensive investigation on the electronic structure of LaSb, which exhibits near-quadratic extremely large magnetoresistance (XMR) without ... More
Exact solution of the two-axis countertwisting Hamiltonian for the half-integer $J$ caseOct 19 2016Dec 14 2016Bethe ansatz solutions of the two-axis countertwisting Hamiltonian for any (integer and half-integer) $J$ are derived based on the Jordan-Schwinger (differential) boson realization of the $SU(2)$ algebra after desired Euler rotations, where $J$ is the ... More
Exact solution of the two-axis countertwisting Hamiltonian for the half-integer $J$ caseOct 19 2016Bethe ansatz solutions of the two-axis countertwisting Hamiltonian for any (integer and half-integer) $J$ are derived based on the Jordan-Schwinger (differential) boson realization of the $SU(2)$ algebra after desired Euler rotations, where $J$ is the ... More
Polarity-induced oxygen vacancies at LaAlO3|SrTiO3 interfacesJun 26 2010Using first-principles density functional theory calculations, we find a strong position and thickness dependence of the formation energy of oxygen vacancies in LaAlO3|SrTiO3 (LAO|STO) multilayers and interpret this with an analytical capacitor model. ... More
On the momentum-dependence of $K^{-}$-nuclear potentialsJan 22 2007May 09 2007The momentum dependent $K^{-}$-nucleus optical potentials are obtained based on the relativistic mean-field theory. By considering the quarks coordinates of $K^-$ meson, we introduced a momentum-dependent "form factor" to modify the coupling vertexes. ... More
Effect of Electric Field on the Band Structure of Graphene/BN and BN/BN BilayersAug 08 2011Effect of electric field on the band structures of graphene/BN and BN/BN bilayers is investigated within the framework of density functional theory. A relatively large degree of modulation is predicted for the graphene/BN bilayer. The calculated band ... More
Multi-deformed Configurations and Shape Coexistence for Superheavy ElementsOct 20 2004We use the considered axial deformed relativistic mean field theory to perform systematical calculations for Z=112 and 104 isotopic chains with force parameters NL3, NL-SH and NL-Z2 sets. Three deformed chains (oblate, moderate prolate and super-deformed ... More
Exact solution of the two-axis countertwisting HamiltonianSep 19 2016Dec 01 2016It is shown that the two-axis countertwisting Hamiltonian is exactly solvable when the quantum number of the total angular momentum of the system is an integer after the Jordan-Schwinger (differential) boson realization of the SU(2) algebra. Algebraic ... More
Magnetic Phase Diagram of FeAs based superconductorsOct 17 2008The recently discovered high-temperature superconductivity in doped quaternary iron oxypnictides correlates experimentally with a magnetic instability. We have used first-principles calculations to determine a magnetic phase diagram of ReO$_{1-\delta}$FeAs ... More
Spin entanglement induced by spin-orbit interactions in coupled quantum dotsMar 14 2006Mar 17 2006We theoretically explore the possibility of creating spin quantum entanglement in a system of two electrons confined respectively in two vertically coupled quantum dots in the presence of Rashba type spin-orbit coupling. We find that the system can be ... More