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Coupling between heavy fermion superconductor CeCoIn$_5$ and antiferromagnetic metal CeIn$_3$ through the atomic interfaceApr 15 2019To study the mutual interaction between unconventional superconductivity and magnetic order through an interface, we fabricate Kondo superlattices consisting of alternating layers of heavy-fermion superconductor CeCoIn$_5$ and antiferromagnetic (AFM) ... More
Variational Approach to the Chiral Phase Transition in the Linear Sigma ModelNov 11 2008The chiral phase transition at finite temperature is investigated in the linear sigma model, which is regarded as a low energy effective theory of QCD with three momentum cutoff, in the variational method with the Gaussian approximation in the functional ... More
Fulde-Ferrell-Larkin-Ovchinnikov State in Heavy Fermion SuperconductorsFeb 21 2007The Fulde-Ferrell-Larkin-Ovchinnikov (FFLO) state is a novel superconducting state in a strong magnetic field characterized by the formation of Cooper pairs with nonzero total momentum (k \uparrow, -k+q \downarrow), instead of the ordinary BCS pairs (k ... More
Multiphase Superconductivity in Skutterudite PrOs_4Sb_12Dec 04 2002Jul 19 2003We propose a model of nodal order parameters for the superconducting A and B - phase of skutterudite PrOs_4Sb_{12} and discuss the associated angular dependent magnetothermal conductivity at low temperatures. The model for the hybrid gap functions \De(k) ... More
Thermodynamic evidence for broken fourfold rotational symmetry in the hidden-order phase of URu2Si2Jul 17 2012Jul 19 2012Despite more than a quarter century of research, the nature of the second-order phase transition in the heavy-fermion metal URu$_2$Si$_2$ remains enigmatic. The key question is which symmetry is being broken below this "hidden order" transition. We review ... More
Triplet superconductivity in the skutterudite PrOs_4Sb_12Jun 21 2004There is mounting evidence for triplet superconductivity in the recently discovered skutterudite compound PrOs_4Sb_12. In this work, we propose nodal order parameters for the A- and B-phases of this superconductor which are consistent with angle dependent ... More
Gap Symmetry of Superconductivity in UPd2Al3Jul 11 2004Aug 12 2004The angle dependent thermal conductivity of the heavy-fermion superconductor UPd$_2$Al$_3$ in the vortex state was recently measured by Watanabe et al. Here we analyze this data from two perspectives: universal heat conduction and the angle-dependence. ... More
Two-dimensional conducting layer on SrTiO$_{3}$ surface induced by hydrogenationApr 01 2019We found that a surface state induced by hydrogenation on the surface of SrTiO$_{3}$(001) (STO) did not obey the rigid band model, which was confirmed by in situ electrical resistivity measurements in ultrahigh vacuum. With exposure of atomic hydrogen ... More
Superconducting Gap Structure of Spin-Triplet Superconductor Sr_2RuO_4 Studied by Thermal ConductivityDec 08 2000Jan 30 2001To clarify the superconducting gap structure of the spin-triplet superconductor Sr_2RuO_4, the in-plane thermal conductivity has been measured as a function of relative orientations of the thermal flow, the crystal axes, and a magnetic field rotating ... More
Tuning the pairing interaction in a $d$-wave superconductor by paramagnons injected through interfacesDec 01 2017Unconventional superconductivity and magnetism are intertwined on a microscopic level in a wide class of materials. A new approach to this most fundamental and hotly debated issue focuses on the role of interactions between superconducting electrons and ... More
Low Energy Quasiparticle Excitation in the Vortex State of Borocarbide Superconductor YNi_2B_2CDec 09 2000Feb 01 2001We have measured the low temperature heat capacity Cp and microwave surface impedance Zs in the vortex state of YNi_2B_2C. In contrast to conventional s-wave superconductors, Cp shows a nearly \sqrt H-dependence. This \sqrt H-dependence persists even ... More
Large-scale Filamentary Structure around the Protocluster at Redshift z=3.1Oct 27 2005We report the discovery of a large-scale coherent filamentary structure of Lyman alpha emitters in a redshift space at z=3.1. We carried out spectroscopic observations to map the three dimensional structure of the belt-like feature of the Lyman alpha ... More
An enhanced merger fraction within the galaxy population of the SSA22 protocluster at z ~ 3.1Jun 16 2015Nov 09 2015The over-dense environments of protoclusters of galaxies in the early Universe (z>2) are expected to accelerate the evolution of galaxies, with an increased rate of stellar mass assembly and black hole accretion compared to co-eval galaxies in the average ... More
A search for galaxies in and around an HI overdense region at z=5Jan 12 2010We present the discovery of a large-scale structure of emission-line galaxies at redshift z=4.86 behind a massive cluster of galaxies, A1689. Previous spectroscopic observations of a galaxy, A1689-7.1 at z=4.87, near this structure, revealed a possible ... More
Study of photoinduced valence dynamics in EuNi$_2$(Si$_{0.21}$Ge$_{0.79}$)$_2$ through time-resolved X-ray absorption spectroscopyMay 10 2019The photoinduced valence dynamics of EuNi$_2$(Si$_{0.21}$Ge$_{0.79}$)$_2$ are investigated using time-resolved X-ray absorption spectroscopy for Eu $M_5$-edge. Through the pump-probe technique with synchrotron X-ray and Ti:sapphire laser pulse, a photoinduced ... More
Quantum Oscillations of Electrical Resistivity in an InsulatorMay 13 2019In metals, orbital motions of conduction electrons on the Fermi surface are quantized in magnetic fields, which is manifested by quantum oscillations in electrical resistivity. This Landau quantization is generally absent in insulators. Here we report ... More
Unconventional thermal metallic state of charge-neutral fermions in an insulatorMay 14 2019Quantum oscillations (QOs) in transport and thermodynamic parameters at high magnetic fields are an unambiguous signature of the Fermi surface, the defining characteristic of a metal. Therefore, recent observations of QOs in insulating SmB$_6$ and YbB$_{12}$, ... More
Lexsegment ideals and their h-polynomialsJul 08 2018Jul 13 2018Let $S = K[x_1, \ldots, x_n]$ denote the polynomial ring in $n$ variables over a field $K$ with each $\mathrm{deg}\ x_i = 1$ and $I \subset S$ a homogeneous ideal of $S$ with $\dim S/I = d$. The Hilbert series of $S/I$ is of the form $h_{S/I}(\lambda)/(1 ... More
Quantum critical point lying beneath the superconducting dome in iron-pnictidesApr 23 2013Whether a quantum critical point (QCP) lies beneath the superconducting dome has been a long-standing issue that remains unresolved in many classes of unconventional superconductors, notably cuprates, heavy fermion compounds and most recently iron-pnictides. ... More
Enhancement of HI absorption associated with the $z=3.1$ large-scale proto-cluster and characteristic structures with AGNs sculptured over Gpc scale in the SSA22 fieldJan 31 2019In the SSA22 field which exhibits a large-scale proto-cluster at $z=3.1$, we carried out a spectroscopic survey for Lyman Break Galaxies (LBGs) with the VLT/VIMOS and identified 78 confident LBGs at $z=2.5$--4. We stacked their spectra in the observer's ... More
The Chandra Deep Protocluster Survey: Point-Source Catalogs for a 400 ks Observation of the z = 3.09 Protocluster in SSA22Jul 24 2009We present X-ray point-source catalogs for a deep 400 ks Chandra ACIS-I exposure of the SSA22 field. The observations are centred on a z = 3.09 protocluster, which is populated by Lyman break galaxies (LBGs), Lyalpha emitters (LAEs), and extended Lyalpha-emitting ... More
Can the SO(10) Model with Two Higgs Doublets Reproduce the Observed Fermion Masses?Oct 04 2000Apr 12 2001It is usually considered that the SO(10) model with one 10 and one 126 Higgs scalars cannot reproduce the observed quark and charged lepton masses. Against this conventional conjecture, we find solutions of the parameters which can give the observed fermion ... More
Broken symmetries in URu2Si2Jun 19 2014To resolve the nature of the hidden order below 17.5\,K in the heavy fermion compound URu$_2$Si$_2$, identifying which symmetries are broken below the hidden order transition is one of the most important steps. Several recent experiments on the electronic ... More
Nodal Structure of Unconventional Superconductors Probed by the Angle Resolved Thermal Transport MeasurementsNov 14 2006Over the past two decades, unconventional superconductivity with gap symmetry other than s-wave has been found in several classes of materials, including heavy fermion (HF), high-T_c, and organic superconductors. Unconventional superconductivity is characterized ... More
Lyman `bump' galaxies - II. A possible signature of massive extremely metal-poor or metal-free stars in z=3.1 Ly-alpha emittersOct 13 2010(Abridged) Deep NB359 imaging with Subaru by Iwata et al. have detected surprisingly strong Lyman continuum (LyC; ~900A in the rest-frame) from some LAEs at z=3.1. However, the redshifts might be misidentified due to a narrow wavelength coverage in previous ... More
Static and Dynamical Properties of the Spin-1/2 Equilateral Triangular-Lattice Antiferromagnet Ba$_3$CoSb$_2$O$_9$Jul 21 2015Feb 26 2016We present single-crystal neutron scattering measurements of the spin-1/2 equilateral triangular lattice antiferromagnet Ba$_3$CoSb$_2$O$_9$. Besides confirming that the Co$^{2+}$ magnetic moments lie in the ab plane for zero magnetic field, we determine ... More
An Extragalactic Spectroscopic Survey of the SSA22 FieldApr 03 2015Oct 24 2015We present VLT VIMOS, Keck DEIMOS and Keck LRIS multi-object spectra of 367 sources in the field of the z ~ 3.09 protocluster SSA22. Sources are spectroscopically classified via template matching, allowing new identifications for 206 extragalactic sources, ... More
FFLO state in thin superconducting filmsOct 18 2007We present the analysis of the inhomogeneous Fulde-Ferrell-Larkin-Ovchinnikov (FFLO) superconducting state in thin superconducting films in the parallel magnetic field. For the tetragonal crystal symmetry (relevant to CeCoIn$_{5}$ - the most probable ... More
Tunneling Spectra of Skutterudite PrOs_4Sb_{12}Jun 06 2003Aug 11 2003The tunnel conductance in normal-metal / insulator / PrOs$_4$Sb$_{12}$ junctions is theoretically studied, where skutterudite PrOs$_4$Sb$_{12}$ is considered to be an unconventional superconductor. The conductance are calculated for several pair potentials ... More
The End of the Reionization Epoch Probed by Ly-alpha Emitters at z=6.5 in the Subaru Deep FieldApr 06 2006Jul 22 2006We report an extensive search for Lyman-alpha emitters (LAEs) at z=6.5 in the Subaru Deep Field. Subsequent spectroscopy with Subaru and Keck identified eight more LAEs, giving a total of 17 spectroscopically confirmed LAEs at z=6.5. Based on this spectroscopic ... More
Ly Alpha Emitters at z=5.7 in the Subaru Deep FieldFeb 28 2006We present the properties of Ly Alpha emitters (LAEs) at z = 5.7 in the Subaru Deep Field. A photometric sample of 89 LAE candidates is constructed from narrow-band (NB816) data down to NB816 = 26.0 (AB) in a continuous 725 arcmin^2 area. Spectra of 39 ... More
Evolution of the Fermi surface of BaFe_2(As_{1-x}P_x)_2 on entering the superconducting domeOct 19 2009Using the de Haas-van Alphen effect we have measured the evolution of the Fermi surface of BaFe_2(As_{1-x}P_x)_2 as function of isoelectric substitution (As/P) for 0.41<x<1 (T_c up to 25 K). We find that the volume of electron and hole Fermi surfaces ... More
Signature splitting inversion and backbending in 80RbOct 22 2012High spin states of 80Rb are studied via the fusion-evaporation reactions 65Cu+19F, 66Zn+18O and 68Zn+16O with the beam energies of 75 MeV, 76 MeV and 80 MeV, respectively. Twenty-three new states with twenty-eight new \gamma transitions were added to ... More
Measurement of ultra-low heating rates of a single antiproton in a cryogenic Penning trapJan 28 2019We report on the first detailed study of motional heating in a cryogenic Penning trap using a single antiproton. Employing the continuous Stern-Gerlach effect we observe cyclotron quantum transition rates of 6(1) quanta/h and an electric field noise spectral ... More
Neutron inelastic scattering measurements of low energy phonons in the multiferroic BiFeO3Oct 08 2014We present neutron inelastic scattering measurements of the low-energy phonons in single crystal BiFeO3. The dispersions of the three acoustic phonon modes (LA along [100], TA1 along [010] and TA2 along [110]) and two low energy optic phonon modes (LO ... More
Spin-wave induced phonon resonance in multiferroic BiFeO$_3$Mar 02 2018We report the direct observation of a "resonance" mode in the lowest-energy optic phonon very near the zone center around (111) in the multiferroic BiFeO$_3$ using neutron scattering methods. The phonon scattering intensity is enhanced when antiferromagnetic ... More
On Cannon-Thurston maps for relatively hyperbolic groupsJun 26 2012Baker and Riley proved that a free group of rank 3 can be contained in a hyperbolic group as a subgroup for which the Cannon-Thurston map is not well-defined. By using their result, we show that the phenomenon occurs for not only a free group of rank ... More
On rectangular diagrams, Legendrian knots and transverse knotsAug 17 2007A correspondence is studied by H. Matsuda between front projections of Legendrian links in the standard contact structure for 3-space and rectangular diagrams. In this paper, we introduce braided rectangular diagrams, and study a relationship with Legendrian ... More
Predictive density estimation under the Wasserstein lossApr 05 2019We investigate predictive density estimation under the $L^2$ Wasserstein loss for location families and location-scale families. We show that plug-in densities form a complete class and that the Bayesian predictive density is given by the plug-in density ... More
Semileptonic Decay of $B$-Meson into $D^{**}$ and the Bjorken Sum RuleMar 20 1996May 27 1996We study the semileptonic branching fraction of $B$-meson into higher resonance of charmed meson $D^{**}$ by using the Bjorken sum rule and the heavy quark effective theory(HQET). This sum rule and the current experiment of $B$-meson semileptonic decay ... More
Rotational Symmetry Breaking in the Hidden-Order Phase of URu2Si2Jul 27 2011A second-order phase transition is characterized by spontaneous symmetry breaking. The nature of the broken symmetry in the so-called "hidden order" phase transition in the heavy fermion compound URu2Si2, at transition temperature T_h=17.5 K, has posed ... More
Deep submillimeter and radio observations in the SSA22 field. I. Powering sources and Lyα escape fraction of Lyα blobsApr 17 2017Oct 24 2017We study the heating mechanisms and Ly{\alpha} escape fractions of 35 Ly{\alpha} blobs (LABs) at z = 3.1 in the SSA22 field. Dust continuum sources have been identified in 11 of the 35 LABs, all with star formation rates (SFRs) above 100 Msun/yr. Likely ... More
Thermal Conductivity of the Pyrochlore Superconductor KOs2O6: Strong Electron Correlations and Fully Gapped SuperconductivityMar 02 2006Jun 07 2006To elucidate the nature of the superconducting ground state of the geometrically frustrated pyrochlore KOs2O6 (Tc=9.6K), the thermal conductivity was measured down to low temperatures (~Tc/100). We found that the quasiparticle mean free path is strikingly ... More
Evolution of Paramagnetic Quasiparticle Excitations Emerged in the High-Field Superconducting Phase of CeCoIn5Mar 08 2011We present In NMR measurements in a novel thermodynamic phase of CeCoIn5 in high magnetic field, where exotic superconductivity coexists with the incommensurate spin-density wave order. We show that the NMR spectra in this phase provide direct evidence ... More
Penetration depth, lower critical fields, and quasiparticle conductivity in Fe-arsenide superconductorsApr 24 2009In this article, we review our recent studies of microwave penetration depth, lower critical fields, and quasiparticle conductivity in the superconducting state of Fe-arsenide superconductors. High-sensitivity microwave surface impedance measurements ... More
Disordered Ground State and Magnetic Field-Induced Long-Range Order in an S=3/2 Antiferromagnetic Honeycomb Lattice Compound Bi3Mn4O12(NO3)Dec 03 2010Bi3Mn4O12(NO3), in which the Mn4+ ions carry S=3/2, is the first honeycomb lattice system that shows no long-range magnetic order. Using neutron scattering, we have determined that short-range antiferromagnetic correlations develop at low temperatures. ... More
Proving Nontrivial Topology of Pure Bismuth by Quantum ConfinementMay 11 2016Dec 03 2016The topology of pure Bi is controversial because of its very small ($\sim$10 meV) band gap. Here we perform high-resolution angle-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy measurements systematically on 14$-$202 bilayers Bi films. Using high-quality films, ... More
Ultrafast unbalanced electron distributions in quasicrystalline 30° twisted bilayer grapheneMay 10 2019Layers of twisted bilayer graphene exhibit varieties of exotic quantum phenomena1-5. Today, the twist angle {\Theta} has become an important degree of freedom for exploring novel states of matters, i.e. two-dimensional superconductivity ( {\Theta} = 1.1{\deg})6, ... More
Antiferromagnetic Vortex Core of Tl_2Ba_2CuO_{6+x} Studied by Nuclear Magnetic ResonanceMay 22 2003Spatially-resolved NMR is used to probe the magnetism in and around vortex cores of nearly optimally-doped Tl_2Ba_2CuO_{6+x} (Tc=85 K). The NMR relaxation rate 1/T_1 at Tl site provides a direct evidence that the AF spin correlation is significantly enhanced ... More
How Far Can the SO(10) Two Higgs Model Describe the Observed Neutrino Masses and Mixings ?Aug 24 2001Feb 23 2002Can the SO(10) model with one {\bf 10} and one {\bf 126} Higgs scalars give the observed masses and mixings of quarks and leptons without any other additional Higgs scalars? Recently, at least, for quarks and charged leptons, it has been demonstrated ... More
Precise Measurement of a Magnetic Field Generated by the Electromagnetic Flux Compression TechniqueJan 13 2013The precision of the values of a magnetic field generated by electromagnetic flux compression was investigated in ultra-high magnetic fields of up to 700 T. In an attempt to calibrate the magnetic field measured by pickup coils, precise Faraday rotation ... More
The Overdense Environment of a Large Lyman-alpha Nebula at z~2.7Mar 29 2008Large nebulae (>50 kpc) emitting strongly in Lya (also known as Lya ``blobs'') are likely signposts of ongoing massive galaxy formation. The relative rarity of these sources and their discovery in well-studied galaxy overdensities suggest that they may ... More
Field-angle resolved specific heat and thermal conductivity in the vortex phase of UPd_2Al_3Jan 06 2005The field-angle dependent specific heat and thermal conductivity in the vortex phase of UPd_2Al_3 is studied using the Doppler shift approximation for the low energy quasiparticle excitations. We first give a concise presentation of the calculation procedure ... More
Non-Fermi surface nesting driven commensurate magnetic ordering in Fe-doped Sr$_2$RuO$_4$Jan 31 2018Sr$_2$RuO$_4$, an unconventional superconductor, is known to possess an incommensurate spin density wave instability driven by Fermi surface nesting. Here we report a static spin density wave ordering with a commensurate propagation vector $q_c$ = (0.25 ... More
Incidence Angle and Polarization Dependence of Photo-Induced FMR in Co/Pd MultilayersApr 16 2014Dependence of photo-induced FMR (phi-FMR) on incident angle of excitation and probing laser beams has been studied in a [Co (dCo = 0.78 nm) / Pd (dPd = 0.81 nm) ]5 multi-layer film with the aim to find experimentally the limitation of inducement and detection ... More
Concurrent Supermassive Black Hole and Galaxy Growth: Linking Environment and Nuclear Activity in z = 2.23 H-alpha EmittersJan 16 2013We present results from a ~100 ks Chandra observation of the 2QZ Cluster 1004+00 structure at z = 2.23 (hereafter, 2QZ Clus). 2QZ Clus was originally identified as an overdensity of four optically-selected QSOs at z = 2.23 within a 15x15 arcmin^2 region. ... More
The Chandra Deep Protocluster Survey: Ly-alpha Blobs are powered by heating, not coolingApr 03 2009Jun 23 2009We present the results of a 400ks Chandra survey of 29 extended Ly-alpha emitting nebulae (Ly-alpha Blobs, LABs) in the z=3.09 proto-cluster in the SSA22 field. We detect luminous X-ray counterparts in five LABs, implying a large fraction of active galactic ... More
Antiferromagnetic ordering and disappearance of pseudogap within the vortex core of Tl_2Ba_2CuO_{6+δ}Jun 19 2002Spatially-resolved NMR is used to probe the magnetism in and around the vortex core of nearly optimally-doped Tl_2Ba_2CuO_{6+\delta} (T_c=85K). The NMR relaxation rate T_1^{-1} at ^{205}Tl site, at which antiferromagnetic (AF) fluctuation can be monitored ... More
Neutron Electric Dipole Momento in Two-Higgs-Doublet ModelSep 21 1994The effect of the "chromo-electric" dipole moment on the electric dipole moment(EDM) of the neutron is studied in the two-Higgs-doublet model. The Weinberg's operator $O_{3g}=GG\t G$ and the operator $O_{qg}=\bar q\sigma\t Gq$ are both investigated in ... More
Finiteness of the total first curvature of a non-closed curve in $\mathbb{E}^{n}$Nov 16 2012We consider a regular smooth curve in $\mathbb{E}^n$ such that its coordinates' components are the fundamental solutions of the differential equation $ y^{(n)} (x) - y(x) = 0 ,$ $x \in \mathbb{R} $ of order $n$. We show that the total first curvature ... More
The average submillimetre properties of Lyman-alpha Blobs at z=3May 16 2016Ly-alpha blobs (LABs) offer insight into the complex interface between galaxies and their circumgalactic medium. Whilst some LABs have been found to contain luminous star-forming galaxies and active galactic nuclei that could potentially power the Ly-alpha ... More
Suppression of the antiferromagnetic order when approaching the superconducting state in a phase-separated crystal of K$_x$Fe$_{2-y}$Se$_2$Aug 30 2017We have combined elastic and inelastic neutron scattering techniques, magnetic susceptibility and resistivity measurements to study single-crystal samples of K$_x$Fe$_{2-y}$Se$_2$, which contain the superconducting phase that has a transition temperature ... More
Anomalous quasiparticle transport in the superconducting state of CeCoIn5Jun 03 2005We report on a study of thermal Hall conductivity k_xy in the superconducting state of CeCoIn_5. The scaling relation and the density of states of the delocalized quasiparticles, both obtained from k_xy, are consistent with d-wave superconducting symmetry. ... More
Superconducting Gap Function in Antiferromagnetic Heavy-Fermion UPd_2Al_3 Probed by Angle Resolved Magnetothermal Transport MeasurementsMay 11 2004The superconducting gap structure of heavy fermion UPd_2Al_3, in which unconventional superconductivity coexists with antiferromagnetic (AF) order with atomic size local moments, was investigated by the thermal conductivity measurements in a magnetic ... More
ALMA Deep Field in SSA22: A concentration of dusty starbursts in a z=3.09 protocluster coreOct 29 2015We report the results of $1^{\prime}.5 \times3^{\prime}$ mapping at 1.1~mm with the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) toward the central region of the $z=3.09$ SSA22 protocluster. By combining our source catalog with archival spectroscopic ... More
Cyclotron resonance study of quasiparticle mass and scattering rate in the hidden-order and superconducting phases of URu2Si2Oct 12 2013The observation of cyclotron resonance in ultra-clean crystals of URu2Si2 [S. Tonegawa et al., PRL 109, 036401 (2012)] provides another route besides quantum oscillations to the determination of the bulk electronic structure in the hidden order phase. ... More
Giant Nernst effect in a Kondo lattice close to a quantum critical pointNov 20 2003We present a study of Nernst and Seebeck coefficients of the heavy-fermion superconductor CeCoIn$_{5}$. Below 18 K, concomitant with a field-dependent Seebeck coefficient, a large sub-linear Nernst signal emerges with a magnitude drastically exceeding ... More
The ALMA Patchy Deep Survey: A blind search for [CII] emitters at z~4.5May 09 2015We present a result of a blind search for [CII] 158 $\mu$m emitters at $z\sim 4.5$ using ALMA Cycle~0 archival data. We collected extra-galactic data covering at 330-360 GHz (band~7) from 8 Cycle~0 projects from which initial results have been already ... More
Herschel protocluster survey: A search for dusty star-forming galaxies in protoclusters at z=2-3May 24 2016We present a Herschel/SPIRE survey of three protoclusters at z=2-3 (2QZCluster, HS1700, SSA22). Based on the SPIRE colours (S350/S250 and S500/S350) of 250 $\mu$m sources, we selected high redshift dusty star-forming galaxies potentially associated with ... More
Flux Line Lattice Melting and the Formation of a Coherent Quasiparticle Bloch State in the Ultraclean URu$_2$Si$_2$ SuperconductorOct 12 2007Dec 16 2007We find that in ultraclean heavy-fermion superconductor URu$_2$Si$_2$ ($T_{c0}=1.45$ K) a distinct flux line lattice melting transition with outstanding characters occurs well below the mean-field upper critical fields. We show that a very small number ... More
Colossal thermomagnetic response in the exotic superconductor URu2Si2Nov 05 2014Nov 06 2014When a superconductor is heated above its critical temperature $T_c$, macroscopic coherence vanishes, leaving behind droplets of thermally fluctuating Cooper pair. This superconducting fluctuation effect above $T_c$ has been investigated for many decades ... More
Thermal conductivity evidence for d_{x^2-y^2} pairing symmetry in the heavy-fermion CeIrIn5 superconductorDec 17 2007Quasi-two dimensional CeIrIn5 contains two distinct domes with different heavy fermion superconducting states in its phase diagram. Here we pinned down the superconducting gap structure of CeIrIn5 in the second dome, located away from the antiferromagnetic ... More
Line nodes in the superconducting gap function of noncentrosymmetric CePt_3SiApr 14 2005The superconducting gap structure of recently discovered heavy fermion CePt_3Si without spatial inversion symmetry was investigated by thermal transport measurements down to 40 mK. In zero field a residual T-linear term was clearly resolved as T-> 0, ... More
Exotic Superconducting Properties in the Electron-Hole Compensated Heavy Fermion `Semimetal' URu2Si2Aug 08 2007We show that the charge and thermal transport measurements on ultraclean crystals of URu2Si2 reveal a number of unprecedented superconducting properties. The uniqueness is best highlighted by the peculiar field dependence of thermal conductivity including ... More
Cyclotron Resonance in the Hidden-Order Phase of URu2Si2Jul 17 2012We report the first observation of cyclotron resonance in the hidden-order phase of ultra-clean URu$_2$Si$_2$ crystals, which allows the full determination of angle-dependent electron-mass structure of the main Fermi-surface sheets. We find an anomalous ... More
Anomalous Temperature Dependence of Lower Critical Field in Ultraclean URu$_2$Si$_2$Sep 06 2009Jul 26 2010To investigate a mysterious superconducting state of URu_2Si_2 embedded in the so-called hidden order state, the lower critical field H_{c1} is precisely determined down to 55 mK for H || a and H || c. For this purpose, the positional dependence of the ... More
Possible Phase Transition Deep Inside the Hidden Order Phase of Ultraclean URu2Si2Mar 23 2009To elucidate the underlying nature of the hidden order (HO) state in heavy-fermion compound URu2Si2, we measure electrical transport properties of ultraclean crystals in a high field/low temperature regime. Unlike previous studies, the present system ... More
Information criteria for non-normalized modelsMay 15 2019Many statistical models are given in the form of non-normalized densities with an intractable normalization constant. Since maximum likelihood estimation is computationally intensive for these models, several estimation methods have been developed which ... More
Induced matching numbers of finite graphs and edge idealsFeb 27 2019Let $G$ be a finite simple graph on the vertex set $V(G) = \{x_1, \ldots, x_n\}$ and $I(G) \subset K[V(G)]$ its edge ideal, where $K[V(G)]$ is the polynomial ring in $x_1, \ldots, x_n$ over a field $K$ with each ${\rm deg} x_i = 1$ and where $I(G)$ is ... More
Extremal Betti numbers of edge idealsOct 21 2018Mar 14 2019Given integers $r$ and $b$ with $1 \leq b \leq r$, a finite simple connected graph $G$ for which ${\rm reg}(S/I(G)) = r$ and the number of extremal Betti numbers of $S/I(G)$ is equal to $b$ will be constructed.
Two and Three Dimensional Numerical Simulations of Accretion Discs in a Close Binary SystemSep 01 1998Sep 02 1998We perform 2D and 3D numerical simulations of an accretion disc in a close binary system using the Simplified Flux vector Splitting (SFS) finite volume method. In our calculations, gas is assumed to be the ideal one, and we calculate the cases with gamma=1.01, ... More
Issues in Complex Structure Moduli InflationOct 28 2014Supersymmetric compactification with moderately large radius (${\rm Re}< T > \sim {\cal O}(10)$ or more) not only accommodates supersymmetric unification, but also provides candidates for an inflaton in the form of geometric moduli; the value of ${\rm ... More
Regularity and $h$-polynomials of edge idealsOct 16 2018For any two integers $d,r \geq 1$, we show that there exists an edge ideal $I(G)$ such that the ${\rm reg}\left(R/I(G)\right)$, the Castelnuovo-Mumford regularity of $R/I(G)$, is $r$, and ${\rm deg} (h_{R/I(G)}(t))$, the degree of the $h$-polynomial of ... More
Cancellation properties in ideal systems: an $\boldsymbol{e.a.b.}$ not $\boldsymbol{a.b.}$ star operationFeb 11 2010Feb 21 2010We show that Krull's \texttt{a.b.} cancellation condition is a properly stronger condition than Gilmer's \texttt{e.a.b.} cancellation condition for star operations.
The universal relatively hyperbolic structure on a group and relative quasiconvexity for subgroupsJun 27 2011May 10 2012We discuss the notion of the universal relatively hyperbolic structure on a group which is used in order to characterize relatively hyperbolic structures on the group. We also study relations between relatively hyperbolic structures on a group and relative ... More
Generalized Mannheim Curves in Minkowski space-time $E_1^4$Jun 23 2010In this paper, the definition of generalized spacelike Mannheim curve in Minkowski space-time $E_1^4$ is given. The necessary and sufficient conditions for the generalized spacelike Mannheim curve are obtained. Also, some characterizations of Mannheim ... More
Measurements of Primary and Atmospheric Cosmic-Ray Spectra with the BESS-TeV SpectrometerMar 31 2004Primary and atmospheric cosmic-ray spectra were precisely measured with the BESS-TeV spectrometer. The spectrometer was upgraded from BESS-98 to achieve seven times higher resolution in momentum measurement. We report absolute fluxes of primary protons ... More
Field-induced quantum critical route to a Fermi liquid in high-temperature superconductorsMay 15 2008In high transition temperature (T_c) superconductivity, charge doping is a natural tuning parameter that takes copper oxides from the antiferromagnet to the superconducting region. In the metallic state above T_c the standard Landau's Fermi-liquid theory ... More
Single crystal growth and physical properties of a new uranium compound URhIn$_5$Jul 16 2013We have grown the new uranium compound URhIn$_5$ with the tetragonal HoCoGa$_5$-type by the In self flux method. In contrast to the nonmagnetic ground state of the isoelectronic analogue URhGa$_5$, URhIn$_5$ is an antiferromagnet with antiferromagnetic ... More
Superconducting gap structure of BaFe_2(As_{1-x}P_{x})_2Sep 26 2014We present a study of the superconducting gap structure in the iron-pnictide series BaFe2(As1-xPx)2. By measuring the variation of the specific heat as a function of temperature and magnetic field we are able to determine the number and Fermi surface ... More
Fulde-Ferrell-Larkin-Ovchinnikov state in a perpendicular field of quasi two-dimensional CeCoIn5May 16 2006May 18 2006A Fulde-Ferrell-Larkin-Ovchinnkov (FFLO) state was previously reported in the quasi-2D heavy fermion CeCoIn5 when a magnetic field was applied parallel to the ab-plane. Here, we conduct 115^In NMR studies of this material in a PERPENDICULAR field, and ... More
Free flux flow resistivity in strongly overdoped high-T_c cuprate; purely viscous motion of the vortices in semiclassical d-wave superconductorJun 04 2002We report the free flux flow (FFF) resistivity associated with a purely viscous motion of the vortices in moderately clean d-wave superconductor Bi:2201 in the strongly overdoped regime (T_c=16K) for a wide range of the magnetic field in the vortex state. ... More
Abrupt recovery of Fermi-liquid transport by the c-axis collapse in CaFe2(As1-xPx)2 single crystalsDec 05 2010Single crystals of CaFe$_2$(As$_{1-x}$P$_x$)$_2$ are found to exhibit the tetragonal (T) to collapsed-tetragonal (cT) transition at $T_{\rm cT} \lesssim100$\,K for $x>0.05$. The c-axis shrinks by $\sim9$% below $T_{\rm cT}$, which substantially diminishes ... More
Thermoelectric response near a quantum critical point: the case of CeCoIn5Apr 16 2007Oct 09 2007We present a study of thermoelectric coefficients in CeCoIn_5 down to 0.1 K and up to 16 T in order to probe the thermoelectric signatures of quantum criticality. In the vicinity of the field-induced quantum critical point, the Nernst coefficient nu exhibits ... More
Conventional s-wave superconductivity in BiS2-based NdO0.71F0.29BiS2 revealed by thermal transport measurementsJan 14 2016Apr 08 2016To study the superconducting gap structure of BiS$_2$-based layered compound NdO$_{0.71}$F$_{0.29}$BiS$_{2}$ ($T$$_{\rm c}$ = 5 K), we measured the thermal conductivity $\kappa$, which is a sensitive probe of the low-energy quasiparticle spectrum. In ... More
Search for a kaonic nuclear state via $^4$He$(K^-, N)$Jun 03 2007Very recently, we have performed a couple of experiments, {\it{KEK PS-E549/E570}}, for the detailed study of the strange tribaryon $S^0(3115)$ obtained in {\it{KEK PS-E471}}. These experiments were performed to accumulate much higher statistics with improved ... More
Measurement of the cosmic-ray antiproton spectrum at solar minimum with a long-duration balloon flight over AntarcticaJul 29 2011Dec 10 2011The energy spectrum of cosmic-ray antiprotons from 0.17 to 3.5 GeV has been measured using 7886 antiprotons detected by BESS-Polar II during a long-duration flight over Antarctica near solar minimum in December 2007 and January 2008. This shows good consistency ... More
Microscopic Evidence of Direct Coupling between Magnetic and Superconducting Order Parameters in BaFe$_2$(As$_{1-x}$P$_x$)$_2$Nov 30 2011Feb 11 2012The coexistence of magnetism and superconductivity in the isovalent-P-substituted BaFe$_2$(As$_{1-x}$P$_x$)$_2$ has been investigated microscopically by $^{31}$P-NMR measurements. We found that superconducting (SC) transition occurs in a magnetic region ... More
Polarised target for Drell-Yan experiment in COMPASS at CERN, part ISep 20 2017In the polarised Drell-Yan experiment at the COMPASS facility in CERN pion beam with momentum of 190 GeV/c and intensity about $10^8$ pions/s interacted with transversely polarised NH$_3$ target. Muon pairs produced in Drel-Yan process were detected. ... More
Optical evidence of type-II Weyl semimetals MoTe$_2$ and WTe$_2$Feb 26 2019The carrier dynamics and electronic structures of type-II Weyl semimetal candidates MoTe$_2$ and WTe$_2$ have been investigated by using temperature-dependent optical conductivity [$\sigma(\omega)$] spectra. Two kinds of Drude peaks (narrow and broad) ... More