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Standard Rothe TableauxJul 13 2016Edelman and Greene constructed a bijection between the set of standard Young tableaux and the set of balanced Young tableaux of the same shape. Fomin, Greene, Reiner and Shimozono introduced the notion of balanced Rothe tableaux of a permutation $w$, ... More
Reversible jump Markov chain Monte CarloJan 13 2010To appear to MCMC handbook, S. P. Brooks, A. Gelman, G. Jones and X.-L. Meng (eds), Chapman & Hall.
ABC SamplersFeb 26 2018This Chapter, "ABC Samplers", is to appear in the forthcoming Handbook of Approximate Bayesian Computation (2018). It details the main ideas and algorithms used to sample from the ABC approximation to the posterior distribution, including methods based ... More
Late internal shock model for bright X-ray flares in Gamma-ray Burst afterglows and GRB 011121Jun 08 2005Sep 01 2005We explore two possible models which might give rise to bright X-ray flares in GRBs afterglows. One is an external forward-reverse shock model, in which the shock parameters of forward/reverse shocks are taken to be quite different. The other is a so ... More
Bayesian threshold selection for extremal models using measures of surpriseNov 13 2013Dec 09 2014Statistical extreme value theory is concerned with the use of asymptotically motivated models to describe the extreme values of a process. A number of commonly used models are valid for observed data that exceed some high threshold. However, in practice ... More
Operator for Describing Polarization States of a PhotonJan 08 1999Sep 16 1999Based on the quantized electromagnetic field described by the Riemann-Silberstein complex vector $F$, we construct the eigenvector set of $% F$, which makes up an orthonormal and complete representation. In terms of $% F $ we then introduce a new operator ... More
Effects of the complex mass distribution of dark matter halos on weak lensing cluster surveysAug 24 2005Gravitational lensing effects arise from the light ray deflection by all of the mass distribution along the line of sight. It is then expected that weak lensing cluster surveys can provide us true mass-selected cluster samples. With numerical simulations, ... More
Curvature effect in structured GRB jetsNov 24 2005We study the influence of jet structure on the curvature effect in a GRB-lightcurve. Using a simple model of jet emissivity, we numerically calculate lightcurves for a short flash from a relativistic outflow having various profiles of the Lorentz factor ... More
A Note on Specializations of Grothendieck PolynomialsNov 28 2018Buch and Rim\'{a}nyi proved a formula for specializations of double Grothendieck polynomials based on the Yang-Baxter equation related to the degenerate Hecke algebra. A geometric proof was found by Yong and Woo by constructing a Gr\"{o}bner basis for ... More
Radiation pressure induced difference-sideband generation beyond linearized descriptionOct 09 2016We investigate radiation-pressure induced generation of the frequency components at the difference-sideband in an optomechanical system, which beyond the conventional linearized description of optomechanical interactions between cavity fields and the ... More
Entangled state representations in noncommutative quantum mechanicsMar 30 2005We introduce new representations to formulate quantum mechanics on noncommutative coordinate space, which explicitly display entanglement properties between degrees of freedom of different coordinate components and hence could be called entangled state ... More
Enhancing synchronization in growing networksJul 14 2011Most real systems are growing. In order to model the evolution of real systems, many growing network models have been proposed to reproduce some specific topology properties. As the structure strongly influences the network function, designing the function-aimed ... More
Analysis of terahertz wave nonlinear reflection by an array of double silicon elements placed on a metal substrateMar 14 2019We demonstrate results of a simulation of nonlinear reflection of intensive terahertz radiation from a silicon-on-metal metasurface involving an excitation of a high-Q trapped mode resonance. Conditions are presented to observe effects of bistability ... More
Overview of Approximate Bayesian ComputationFeb 27 2018This Chapter, "Overview of Approximate Bayesian Computation", is to appear as the first chapter in the forthcoming Handbook of Approximate Bayesian Computation (2018). It details the main ideas and concepts behind ABC methods with many examples and illustrations. ... More
Adaptive Optimal Scaling of Metropolis-Hastings Algorithms Using the Robbins-Monro ProcessJun 18 2010We present an adaptive method for the automatic scaling of Random-Walk Metropolis-Hastings algorithms, which quickly and robustly identifies the scaling factor that yields a specified overall sampler acceptance probability. Our method relies on the use ... More
The optical flare and afterglow light curve of GRB 050904 at redshift z=6.29Nov 05 2005Dec 07 2005GRB050904 is very interesting since it is by far the most distant GRB event known to date($z=6.29$). It was reported that during the prompt high energy emission phase, a very bright optical flare was detected, and it was temporal coincident with an X-ray ... More
Direction-Dependent Parity-Time Phase Transition and Non-Reciprocal Directional Amplification with Dynamic Gain-Loss ModulationJun 01 2018We show that a dynamic gain-loss modulation in an optical structure can lead to a direction-dependent parity-time (PT) phase transition. The phase transition can be made thresholdless in the forward direction, and yet remains with a non-zero threshold ... More
Quantum cloning of identical mixed qubitsJan 03 2006Jan 16 2007Quantum cloning of two identical mixed qubits $\rho \otimes \rho $ is studied. We propose the quantum cloning transformations not only for the triplet (symmetric) states but also for the singlet (antisymmetric) state. We can copy these two identical mixed ... More
New solution to quantum master equation for diffusionNov 16 2015Based on the Kraus-form solution to the master equation describing diffusion we develop an integral form solution by using the method of integration within ordered product of operators, i.e., the evolution law of density operator in diffusion channel ... More
Noncrossing simultaneous Bayesian quantile curve fittingNov 26 2017Bayesian simultaneous estimation of nonparametric quantile curves is a challenging problem, requiring a flexible and robust data model whilst satisfying the monotonicity or noncrossing constraints on the quantiles. This paper presents the use of the pyramid ... More
A note on target distribution ambiguity of likelihood-free samplersMay 28 2010Methods for Bayesian simulation in the presence of computationally intractable likelihood functions are of growing interest. Termed likelihood-free samplers, standard simulation algorithms such as Markov chain Monte Carlo have been adapted for this setting. ... More
Early photon-shock interaction in stellar wind: sub-GeV photon flash and high energy neutrino emission from long GRBsApr 01 2005Jun 09 2005For gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) born in a stellar wind, as the reverse shock crosses the ejecta, usually the shocked regions are still precipitated by the prompt MeV \gamma-ray emission. Because of the tight overlapping of the MeV photon flow with the shocked ... More
Optical afterglows of short Gamma-ray Bursts and GRB 040924Oct 04 2004Mar 08 2005Short-duration Gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) (\leq 2{\rm s}) have remained a mystery due to the lack of afterglow detection until recently. The models to interpret short GRBs invoke distinct progenitor scenarios. Here we present a generic analysis of short ... More
Approximate Bayesian Computation via Regression Density EstimationDec 06 2012Approximate Bayesian computation (ABC) methods, which are applicable when the likelihood is difficult or impossible to calculate, are an active topic of current research. Most current ABC algorithms directly approximate the posterior distribution, but ... More
High Energy Afterglow Emission from Giant Flares of Soft Gamma-Ray Repeaters: The Case of the 2004 December 27 Event from SGR 1806-20May 23 2005May 24 2005We discuss the high enegry afterglow emission (including high energy photons, neutrinos and cosmic rays) following the 2004 December 27 Giant Flare from SGR 1806-20. If the initial outflow is relativistic with a bulk Lorentz factor \Gamma_0\sim {\rm tens}, ... More
The very early optical afterglow of GRBs, revealing the nature of the ejectaMar 08 2005Mar 09 2005We show that if the GRB ejecta itself is magnetized or neutron-rich, the very early afterglow of GRBs is very different from that powered by a pure ion fireball. In the Swift era, with the well monitored early afterglow data, we can potentially diagnose ... More
The very early afterglow powered by the ultra-relativistic mildly magnetized outflowsMay 20 2004Aug 26 2004In the Poynting Flux dominated outflow (the initial ratio of the electromagnetic energy flux to the particle energy flux $\sigma_0\gg1$) model for Gamma-ray bursts, nearly half of the internally dissipated magnetic energy is converted into the prompt ... More
The Effects of Rotation on the Evolution of Rising Omega-loops in a Stratified Model Convection ZoneAug 30 2000We present three-dimensional MHD simulations of buoyant magnetic flux tubes that rise through a stratified model convection zone in the presence of solar rotation. The equations of MHD are solved in the anelastic approximation, and the results are used ... More
Diagnostics of a Subsurface Radial Outflow From a SunspotMar 15 1996We measure the mean frequencies of acoustic waves propagating toward and away from a sunspot employing a spot-centered Fourier-Hankel decomposition of p-mode amplitudes as measured from a set of observations made at the South Pole in 1991. We demonstrate ... More
Low-Rank Principal Eigenmatrix AnalysisApr 28 2019Sparse PCA is a widely used technique for high-dimensional data analysis. In this paper, we propose a new method called low-rank principal eigenmatrix analysis. Different from sparse PCA, the dominant eigenvectors are allowed to be dense but are assumed ... More
A revisit to phonon-phonon scattering in single-layer grapheneApr 29 2019Understanding the mechanisms of thermal conduction in graphene is a long-lasting research topic, due to its high thermal conductivity. Peierls-Boltzmann transport equation (PBTE) based studies have revealed many unique phonon transport properties in graphene, ... More
The Generating Function for the Dirichlet Series $L_m(s)$Apr 13 2010The Dirichlet series $L_m(s)$ are of fundamental importance in number theory. Shanks defined the generalized Euler and class numbers in connection with these Dirichlet series, denoted by $\{s_{m,n}\}_{n\geq 0}$. We obtain a formula for the exponential ... More
Modeling the Subsurface Evolution of Active Region Flux TubesJan 13 2009I present results from a set of 3D spherical-shell MHD simulations of the buoyant rise of active region flux tubes in the solar interior which put new constraints on the initial twist of the subsurface tubes in order for them to emerge with tilt angles ... More
Additive Self Helicity as a Kink Mode ThresholdSep 27 2009In this paper we propose that additive self helicity, introduced by Longcope and Malanushenko (2008), plays a role in the kink instability for complex equilibria, similar to twist helicity for thin flux tubes (Hood and Priest (1979), Berger and Field ... More
Generalised linear mixed model analysis via sequential Monte Carlo samplingOct 07 2008We present a sequential Monte Carlo sampler algorithm for the Bayesian analysis of generalised linear mixed models (GLMMs). These models support a variety of interesting regression-type analyses, but performing inference is often extremely difficult, ... More
Simultaneous adjustment of bias and coverage probabilities for confidence intervalsOct 12 2012Aug 29 2013A new method is proposed for the correction of confidence intervals when the original interval does not have the correct nominal coverage probabilities in the frequentist sense. The proposed method is general and does not require any distributional assumptions. ... More
On Bayesian Curve Fitting Via Auxiliary VariablesNov 10 2009Nov 11 2009In this article we revisit the auxiliary variable method introduced in Smith and kohn (1996) for the fitting of P-th order spline regression models with an unknown number of knot points. We introduce modifications which allow the location of knot points ... More
Labeled Ballot Paths and the Springer NumbersSep 12 2010The Springer numbers are defined in connection with the irreducible root systems of type $B_n$, which also arise as the generalized Euler and class numbers introduced by Shanks. Combinatorial interpretations of the Springer numbers have been found by ... More
Thermal signatures of tether-cutting reconnections in pre-eruption coronal flux ropes: hot central voids in coronal cavitiesMay 04 2012Aug 26 2012Using a 3D MHD simulation, we model the quasi-static evolution and the onset of eruption of a coronal flux rope. The simulation begins with a twisted flux rope emerging at the lower boundary and pushing into a pre-existing coronal potential arcade field. ... More
An MHD Model of the December 13 2006 Eruptive FlareSep 16 2011We present a 3D MHD simulation that qualitatively models the coronal mag- netic field evolution associated with the eruptive flare that occurred on December 13, 2006 in the emerging {\delta}-sunspot region NOAA 10930 observed by the Hinode satellite. ... More
The Emergence of a Twisted Flux Tube into the Solar Atmosphere: Sunspot Rotations and the Formation of a Coronal Flux RopeMar 06 2009We present a 3D simulation of the dynamic emergence of a twisted magnetic flux tube from the top layer of the solar convection zone into the solar atmosphere and corona. It is found that after a brief initial stage of flux emergence during which the two ... More
The Very Early Gamma-ray Burst Afterglows Powered by Structured JetsDec 07 2005If X-ray flashes (XRFs) and X-ray rich Gamma-ray Bursts(XRRGs) have the same origin with Gamma-ray Bursts (GRBs) but are viewed from larger angles of structured jets, their early afterglows may differ from those of GRBs. When the ultra-relativistic outflow ... More
New Astrophysical Reaction Rate for the $^{12}\textrm{C}(α,γ)^{16}\textrm{O}$ ReactionFeb 04 2016A new astrophysical reaction rate for $^{12}$C($\alpha,\gamma$)$^{16}$O has been evaluated on the basis of a global R-matrix fitting to the available experimental data. The reaction rates of $^{12}$C($\alpha,\gamma$)$^{16}$O for stellar temperatures between ... More
Han's Bijection via Permutation CodesApr 19 2010Sep 07 2010We show that Han's bijection when restricted to permutations can be carried out in terms of the cyclic major code and the cyclic inversion code. In other words, it maps a permutation $\pi$ with a cyclic major code $(s_1, s_2, ..., s_n)$ to a permutation ... More
Hardness ratio evolutionary curves of gamma-ray bursts expected by the curvature effectJan 04 2007We have investigated the gamma-ray bursts pulses assumed to arise from relativistically expending fireballs. We find, due to the curvature effect, the evolutionary curve of the raw hardness ratio (when the background count is included) varies significantly, ... More
An energetic blast wave from the December 27 giant flare of the soft gamma-ray repeater 1806-20Feb 04 2005Mar 03 2005Recent follow-up observations of the December 27 giant flare of SGR 1806-20 have detected a multiple-frequency radio afterglow from 240 MHz to 8.46 GHz, extending in time from a week to about a month after the flare. The angular size of the source was ... More
A Class of Kazhdan-Lusztig R-Polynomials and q-Fibonacci NumbersDec 08 2013Let $S_n$ denote the symmetric group on $\{1,2,\ldots,n\}$. For two permutations $u, v\in S_n$ such that $u\leq v$ in the Bruhat order, let $R_{u,v}(q)$ and $\R_{u,v}(q)$ denote the Kazhdan-Lusztig $R$-polynomial and $\R$-polynomial, respectively. Let ... More
Periodicities in Solar Coronal Mass EjectionsJul 14 2003Mid-term quasi-periodicities in solar coronal mass ejections (CMEs) during the most recent solar maximum cycle 23 are reported here for the first time using the four-year data (February 5, 1999 to February 10, 2003) of the Large Angle Spectrometric Coronagraph ... More
Duration distributions for different softness groups of gamma-ray burstsOct 07 2010Oct 10 2010Gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) are divided into two classes according to their durations. We investigate if the softness of bursts plays a role in the conventional classification of the objects. We employ the BATSE (Burst and Transient Source Experiment) catalog ... More
Optical Flash of GRB 990123: constraints on the physical parameter of the reverse shockJun 02 2003The optical flash accompanying GRB 990123 is believed to be powered by the reverse shock of a thin shell. With the best fitted physical parameters for GRB 990123 (Panaitescu & Kumar 2001) and the assumption that the parameters in the optical flash are ... More
LaPtSb: a half-Heusler compound with high thermoelectric performanceJan 28 2016Jun 07 2016The electronic and transport properties of the half-Heusler compound LaPtSb are investigated by performing first-principles calculations combined with semi-classical Boltzmann theory and deformation potential theory. Compared with many typical half-Heusler ... More
Biomechanical conditions of walkingAug 14 2015Sep 02 2015The development of rehabilitation training program for lower limb injury does not usually include gait pattern design. This paper introduced a gait pattern design by using equations (conditions of walking). Following the requirements of reducing force ... More
Staggered field driven domain walls motion in antiferromagnetic heterojunctionsJun 13 2018In this work, we study the antiferromagnetic (AFM) spin dynamics in heterostructures which consist of two kinds of AFM layers. Our micromagnetic simulations demonstrate that the AFM domain-wall (DW) can be driven by the other one (driven by field-like ... More
The Spectral Energy Distributions of Fermi BlazarsAug 13 2016(Abridged) In this paper, multi-wavelength data are compiled for a sample of 1425 Fermi blazars to calculate their spectral energy distributions (SEDs). A parabolic function, $\log(\nu F_{\nu}) = P_1(\log\nu - P_2)^2 + P_3,$ is used for SED fitting. Synchrotron ... More
Purification of Single Photons from Room-Temperature Quantum DotsOct 04 2017Single photon emitters are indispensable to photonic quantum technologies. Here we demonstrate waveform-controlled high-purity single photons from room-temperature colloidal quantum dots. The purity of the single photons does not vary with the excitation ... More
ROAM: a Radial-basis-function Optimization Approximation Method for diagnosing the three-dimensional coronal magnetic fieldJul 12 2016The Coronal Multichannel Polarimeter (CoMP) routinely performs coronal polarimetric measurements using the Fe XIII 10747 $\AA$ and 10798 $\AA$ lines, which are sensitive to the coronal magnetic field. However, inverting such polarimetric measurements ... More
High-dimensional ABCFeb 27 2018This Chapter, "High-dimensional ABC", is to appear in the forthcoming Handbook of Approximate Bayesian Computation (2018). It details the main ideas and concepts behind extending ABC methods to higher dimensions, with supporting examples and illustrations. ... More
The Magnetic Structure of Solar Prominence Cavities: New Observational Signature Revealed by Coronal MagnetometryApr 27 2013The Coronal Multi-channel Polarimeter (CoMP) obtains daily full-Sun above-the-limb coronal observations in linear polarization, allowing for the first time a diagnostic of the coronal magnetic field direction in quiescent prominence cavities. We find ... More
Transition between strong and weak topological insulator in ZrTe$_5$ and HfTe$_5$Nov 14 2016Mar 04 2017ZrTe$_5$ and HfTe$_5$ have attracted increasingly attention recently since the theoretical prediction of being topological insulators (TIs). However, subsequent works show many contradictions about their topological nature.Three possible phases, i.e. ... More
Correlation between the gamma-ray and the radio emissionsSep 02 1998In this paper, the correlation between the gamma-ray and the radio bands is investigated. The results show that there is a closer correlation between the gamma-ray emission and the high frequency (1.3mm, 230GHz) radio emission for maximum data than between ... More
Polarimetric Properties of Flux-Ropes and Sheared Arcades in Coronal Prominence CavitiesApr 29 2013The coronal magnetic field is the primary driver of solar dynamic events. Linear and circular polarization signals of certain infrared coronal emission lines contain information about the magnetic field, and to access this information, either a forward ... More
Errata: Distant Supervision for Relation Extraction with Matrix CompletionNov 17 2014The essence of distantly supervised relation extraction is that it is an incomplete multi-label classification problem with sparse and noisy features. To tackle the sparsity and noise challenges, we propose solving the classification problem using matrix ... More
First-Principles Threshold Calculation of Photonic Crystal Surface-Emitting Lasers Using Rigorous Coupled Wave AnalysisJun 20 2018We show that the threshold of a photonic crystal surface-emitting laser can be calculated from first-principles by the method of rigorous coupled wave analysis (RCWA), which has been widely used to simulate the response spectra of passive periodic structures. ... More
On the line shape of the electrically detected ferromagnetic resonanceMay 16 2011This work reviews and examines two particular issues related with the new technique of electrical detection of ferromagnetic resonance (FMR). This powerful technique has been broadly applied for studying magnetization and spin dynamics over the past few ... More
Planar immersion lens with metasurfacesMar 12 2015The solid immersion lens is a powerful optical tool that allows light entering material from air or vacuum to focus to a spot much smaller than the free-space wavelength. Conventionally, however, they rely on semispherical topographies and are non-planar ... More
Historic Light Curve and Long-term Optical Variation of BL Lacertae 2200+420Sep 04 1998In this paper, historical optical(UBVRI) data and newly observed data from the Yunnan Observatory of China(about100 years) are presented for BL Lacertae. Maximum variations in UBVRI: 5.12, 5.31, 4.73, 2.59, and 2.54 and color indices of U-B = -0.11 +/- ... More
Counting statistics of tunneling through a single molecule: effect of distortion and displacement of vibrational potential surfaceApr 30 2009May 19 2009We analyze the effects of a distortion of the nuclear potential of a molecular quantum dot (QD), as well as a shift of its equilibrium position, on nonequilibrium-vibration-assisted tunneling through the QD with a single level ($\epsilon_d$) coupled to ... More
Wide partitions, Latin tableaux, and Rota's basis conjectureMay 28 2002Sep 09 2002Say that mu is a ``subpartition'' of an integer partition lambda if the multiset of parts of mu is a submultiset of the parts of lambda, and define an integer partition lambda to be ``wide'' if for every subpartition mu of lambda, mu >= mu' in dominance ... More
Theory of second-harmonic generation in colloidal crystalsNov 14 2006Mar 24 2008On the basis of the Edward-Kornfeld formulation, we study the effective susceptibility of secondharmonic generation (SHG) in colloidal crystals, which are made of graded metallodielectric nanoparticles with an intrinsic SHG susceptibility suspended in ... More
Ramanujan-type Congruences for Broken 2-Diamond Partitions Modulo 3Apr 02 2013The notion of broken $k$-diamond partitions was introduced by Andrews and Paule. Let $\Delta_k(n)$ denote the number of broken k-diamond partitions of $n$. They also posed three conjectures on the congruences of $\Delta_2(n)$ modulo 2, 5 and 25. Hirschhorn ... More
On parabolic Kazhdan-Lusztig R-polynomials for the symmetric groupJan 18 2015Parabolic $R$-polynomials were introduced by Deodhar as parabolic analogues of ordinary $R$-polynomials defined by Kazhdan and Lusztig. In this paper, we are concerned with the computation of parabolic $R$-polynomials for the symmetric group. Let $S_n$ ... More
Probing Physics in Vacuum Using an X-ray Free-Electron Laser, a High-Power Laser, and a High-Field MagnetJul 02 2017A nonlinear interaction between photons is observed in a process that involves charge sources. To observe this process in a vacuum, there are a growing number of theoretical and experimental studies. This process may contain exotic contribution from new ... More
Proof of a Conjecture of Reiner-Tenner-Yong on Barely Set-valued TableauxJul 22 2018The notion of a barely set-valued semistandard Young tableau was introduced by Reiner, Tenner and Yong in their study of the probability distribution of edges in the Young lattice of partitions. Given a partition $\lambda$ and a positive integer $k$, ... More
Bumpless Pipedreams, Reduced Word Tableaux and Stanley Symmetric FunctionsOct 29 2018Lam, Lee and Shimozono introduced the structure of bumpless pipedreams in their study of back stable Schubert calculus. They found that a specific family of bumpless pipedreams, called EG-pipedreams, can be used to interpret the Edelman-Greene coefficients ... More
First-principles study of the thermoelectric properties of quaternary tetradymite BiSbSeTe2Feb 08 2018The electronic and phonon transport properties of quaternary tetradymite BiSbSeTe2 are investigated using first-principles approach and Boltzmann transport theory. Unlike the binary counterpart Bi2Te3, we obtain a pair of Rashba splitting bands induced ... More
Spin orbit coupling controlled spin pumping effectAug 03 2015Sep 18 2015Effective spin mixing conductance (ESMC) across the nonmagnetic metal (NM)/ferromagnet interface, spin Hall conductivity (SHC) and spin diffusion length (SDL) in the NM layer govern the functionality and performance of pure spin current devices with spin ... More
High-dimensional classification using features annealed independence rulesJan 03 2007Jan 23 2009Classification using high-dimensional features arises frequently in many contemporary statistical studies such as tumor classification using microarray or other high-throughput data. The impact of dimensionality on classifications is poorly understood. ... More
Single crystal growth of the pyrochlores $R_2$Ti$_2$O$_7$ ($R$ = rare earth) by the optical floating-zone methodNov 12 2013We report a systematic study on the crystal growth of the rare-earth titanates $R_2$Ti$_2$O$_7$ ($R$ = Gd, Tb, Dy, Ho, Y, Er, Yb and Lu) and Y-doped Tb$_{2-x}$Y$_x$Ti$_2$O$_7$ ($x$ = 0.2 and 1) using an optical floating-zone method. High-quality single ... More
Optical Photometrical Observations and Variability for Quasar 4C 29.45Oct 08 2006Oct 13 2006We reported the result of long term optical variability of the blazar 4C 29.45 (QSO 1156+295, Ton 599), carried out optical photometric observations in Johnson V, Cousins RI passbands during April 1997 to March 2002 using the 1.56 meter telescope of the ... More
Intrinsic Correlations for Flaring Blazars Detected by FermiFeb 19 2017Blazars are an extreme subclass of active galactic nuclei. Their rapid variability, luminous brightness, superluminal motion, and high and variable polarization are probably due to a beaming effect. However, this beaming factor (or Doppler factor) is ... More
Bounded tiles in $\mathbb{Q}_p$ are compact open setsNov 17 2015Any bounded tile of the field $\mathbb{Q}_p$ of $p$-adic numbers is a compact open set up to a zero Haar measure set. In this note, we give a simple and direct proof of this fact.
The silicon matrix for the prototype for the Dark Matter Particle ExplorerMar 07 2014May 19 2014A new generation detector for the high energy cosmic ray - the DAMPE(DArk Matter Particle Explorer) is a satellite based project. Its main object is the measurement of energy spectrum of cosmic ray nuclei from 100GeV to 100TeV, the high energy electrons ... More
Explicit quasi-periodic wave solutions and asymptotic analysis to the supersymmetric Ito's equationJan 10 2010Apr 06 2010Based on a Riemann theta function and the super-Hirota bilinear form, we propose a key formula for explicitly constructing quasi-periodic wave solutions of the supersymmetric Ito's equation in superspace $\mathbb{C}_{\Lambda}^{2,1}$. Once a nonlinear ... More
Physical processes shaping GRB X-ray afterglow lightcurves: theoretical implications from the Swift XRT observationsAug 15 2005Dec 20 2005(Abridged) The Swift X-Ray Telescope (XRT) reveals some interesting features of early X-ray afterglows, including a distinct rapidly decaying component preceding the conventional afterglow component in many sources, a shallow decay component before the ... More
Cosmic Reionization ReduxMar 29 2006We show that numerical simulations of reionization that resolve the Lyman Limit systems (and, thus, correctly count absorptions of ionizing photons) have converged to about 10% level for 5<z<6.2 and are in reasonable agreement (within 10%) with the SDSS ... More
Magnetically originated phonon-glass-like behavior in Tb_2Ti_2O_7 single crystalMay 29 2013We report a study on the thermal conductivity (\kappa) of Tb_2Ti_2O_7 single crystals at low temperatures. It is found that in zero field this material has an extremely low phonon thermal conductivity in a broad temperature range. The mean free path of ... More
Data-Optimized Coronal Field Model: I. Proof of ConceptApr 12 2019Deriving the strength and direction of the three-dimensional (3D) magnetic field in the solar atmosphere is fundamental for understanding its dynamics. Volume information on the magnetic field mostly relies on coupling 3D reconstruction methods with photospheric ... More
Pressure-tuning of the electrical-transport properties in the Weyl semimetal TaPApr 11 2019We investigated the pressure evolution of the electrical transport in the almost compensated Weyl semimetal TaP. In addition, we obtained information on the modifications of the Fermi-surface topology with pressure from the analysis of pronounced Shubnikov-de ... More
Likelihood-free Markov chain Monte CarloJan 13 2010To appear to MCMC handbook, S. P. Brooks, A. Gelman, G. Jones and X.-L. Meng (eds), Chapman & Hall.
Tunnel barrier enhanced voltage signals generated by magnetization precession of a single ferromagnetic layerFeb 25 2008We report the electrical detection of magnetization dynamics in an Al/AlOx/Ni80Fe20/Cu tunnel junction, where a Ni80Fe20 ferromagnetic layer is brought into precession under the ferromagnetic resonance (FMR) conditions. The dc voltage generated across ... More
VHE Gamma-ray Afterglow Emission from Nearby GRBsOct 21 2008Gamma-ray Bursts (GRBs) are among the potential extragalactic sources of very-high-energy (VHE) gamma-rays. We discuss the prospects of detecting VHE gamma-rays with current ground-based Cherenkov instruments during the afterglow phase. Using the fireball ... More
A long-term frequency-stabilized erbium-fiber-laser-based optical frequency comb with an intra-cavity electro-optic modulatorOct 10 2014Nov 25 2014We demonstrate an optical frequency comb based on an erbium-doped-fiber femtosecond laser with the nonlinear polarization evolution scheme. The repetition rate of the laser is about 209 MHz. By controlling an intra-cavity electro-optic modulator and a ... More
Influences of Si sheet doping densities on the morphological, conductive and optical characteristics of InAs/GaAs quantum dotsJun 10 2011The influences of Si sheet doping levels on the properties of InAs/GaAs quantum dots (QDs) are investigated by atomic force microscopy (AFM) and photoluminescence (PL). AFM measurements reveal that Si sheet doping doesn't change the morphology of InAs ... More
Generalized Super Bell Polynomials with Applications to Superymmetric EquationsAug 25 2010In this paper, we introduce a class of new generalized super Bell polynomials on a superspace, explore their properties, and show that they are a natural and effective tool to systematically investigate integrability of supersymmetric equations. The connections ... More
The X-ray afterglow of GRB 081109A: clue to the wind bubble structureMar 26 2009Aug 17 2009We present the prompt BAT and afterglow XRT data of Swift-discovered GRB081109A up to ~ 5\times 10^5 sec after the trigger, and the early ground-based optical follow-ups. The temporal and spectral indices of the X-ray afterglow emission change remarkably. ... More
Coherent Charge Transport in Ballistic InSb Nanowire Josephson JunctionsApr 06 2016Hybrid InSb nanowire-superconductor devices are promising for investigating Majorana modes and topological quantum computation in solid-state devices. An experimental realisation of ballistic, phase-coherent superconductor-nanowire hybrid devices is a ... More
Anisotropic gradient driven domain wall motion in antiferromagnetsMay 16 2019Searching for new energy-saving method of controlling antiferromagnetic (AFM) domain wall is one of the most important issues for AFM spintronic device design. In this work, we study theoretically and numerically the domain wall motion in AFM nanowires ... More
Rotating magnetic fields driven antiferromagnetic domain wall motionsApr 01 2019In this work, we study the rotating magnetic fields driven domain wall motions in antiferromagnetic nanowires, using the numerical simulations of the classical Heisenberg spin model. We show that in low frequency region, the rotating field alone could ... More
Microwave fields driven domain wall motions in antiferromagnetic nanowiresJan 21 2018In this work, we study the microwave field driven antiferromagnetic domain wall motion in an antiferromagnetic nanowire, using the numerical calculations based on a classical Heisenberg spin model. We show that a proper combination of a static magnetic ... More
Graphene based widely-tunable and singly-polarized pulse generation with random fiber lasersDec 11 2015Dec 22 2015Pulse generation often requires a stabilized cavity and its corresponding mode structure for initial phase-locking. Contrastingly, modeless cavity-free random lasers provide new possibilities for high quantum efficiency lasing that could potentially be ... More