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Horizontal strips and spaces of quadratic differentialsApr 14 2019A (meromorphic) quadratic differential is a (meromorphic) section of the tensor square of the canonical bundle of a Riemann surface. They arose in the study of quasiconformal mappings in the works of Oswald Teichm\"uller, and have played a mayor role ... More
Kähler fibrations in quantum information theoryJan 29 2018We discuss the fibre bundle of co-adjoint orbits of compact Lie groups, and show how it admits a compatible K\"ahler structure. The case of the unitary group allows us to reformulate the geometric framework of quantum information theory. In particular, ... More
Singular perturbation of manifold-valued maps with anisotropic energySep 13 2018We study minimizers of a family of functionals $E_\varepsilon$ indexed by a characteristic length scale $\varepsilon$, whose formal limit is $E_\star(u)=\int W(\nabla u)$ for $u$ taking values into a manifold, where $W$ is a positive definite quadratic ... More
A non-linear minimization calculation of the renormalized frequency $\tildeω$ in dirty d-wave superconductorsDec 19 2018Jan 13 2019This work performs a comparative numerical study of the impurity average self-frequency $\tilde{\omega}$ in an unconventional superconducting alloy with non-magnetic impurities. Two methods are used: the Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm as a non-linear minimization ... More
Fast redshift clustering with the Baire (ultra) metricApr 20 2011The Baire metric induces an ultrametric on a dataset and is of linear computational complexity, contrasted with the standard quadratic time agglomerative hierarchical clustering algorithm. We apply the Baire distance to spectrometric and photometric redshifts ... More
Anisotropic shear stress $σ_{xy}$ effects in the basal plane of Sr$_2$RuO$_4$Jan 08 2019Feb 17 2019In this short note, we repeat the calculations the jumps for the specific heat C$_{\sigma_{xy}}$, the elastic compliance S$_{xyxy}^{\sigma_{xy}}$ and the thermal expansion $\alpha_{\sigma_{xy}}$ due to a shear stress $\sigma_{xy}$ in the basal plane of ... More
C2 densely the 2-sphere has an elliptic closed geodesicNov 29 2003We prove that a riemannian metric on the 2-sphere or the projective plane can be C2-approximated by a smooth metric whose geodesic flow has an elliptic closed geodesic.
Asymmetric Line Profiles in Dense Molecular Clumps Observed in MALT90: Evidence for Global CollapseNov 13 2018Using molecular line data from the Millimetre Astronomy Legacy Team 90 GHz Survey (MALT90), we have searched the optically thick \hcop\, line for the "blue asymmetry" spectroscopic signature of infall motion in a large sample of high-mass, dense molecular ... More
Surveys with the Cherenkov Telescope ArrayAug 28 2012Surveys open up unbiased discovery space and generate legacy datasets of long-lasting value. One of the goals of imaging arrays of Cherenkov telescopes like CTA is to survey areas of the sky for faint very high energy gamma-ray (VHE) sources, especially ... More
Estimating the three-month series of the Chilean Gross Domestic ProductMar 21 2019In this paper the methodology proponed by Cerqueira et al, 2008; is applied to estimate the three-month series of the Chilean Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the period composed between 1965 and 2009. In First place, the equation of Engle- Granger is ... More
A cluster in the making: ALMA reveals the initial conditions for high-mass cluster formationJan 29 2015G0.253+0.016 is a molecular clump that appears to be on the verge of forming a high mass, Arches-like cluster. Here we present new ALMA observations of its small-scale (~0.07 pc) 3mm dust continuum and molecular line emission. The data reveal a complex ... More
The link between turbulence, magnetic fields, filaments, and star formation in the Central Molecular Zone cloud G0.253+0.016Sep 19 2016Star formation is primarily controlled by the interplay between gravity, turbulence, and magnetic fields. However, the turbulence and magnetic fields in molecular clouds near the Galactic Center may differ substantially from spiral-arm clouds. Here we ... More
Turbulence sets the initial conditions for star formation in high-pressure environmentsSep 03 2014Despite the simplicity of theoretical models of supersonically turbulent, isothermal media, their predictions successfully match the observed gas structure and star formation activity within low-pressure (P/k < 10^5 K cm^-3) molecular clouds in the solar ... More
The 6-GHz multibeam maser survey III: comparison between the MMB and HOPSNov 21 2017We have compared the occurrence of 6.7-GHz and 12.2-GHz methanol masers with 22-GHz water masers and 6035-MHz excited-state OH masers in the 100 square degree region of the southern Galactic plane common to the Methanol Multibeam (MMB) and H2O southern ... More
The link between solenoidal turbulence and slow star formation in G0.253+0.016Sep 28 2016Star formation in the Galactic disc is primarily controlled by gravity, turbulence, and magnetic fields. It is not clear that this also applies to star formation near the Galactic Centre. Here we determine the turbulence and star formation in the CMZ ... More
Relative Frobenius algebras are groupoidsDec 06 2011Apr 01 2012We functorially characterize groupoids as special dagger Frobenius algebras in the category of sets and relations. This is then generalized to a non-unital setting, by establishing an adjunction between H*-algebras in the category of sets and relations, ... More
Lipschitz spaces adapted to Schrödinger operators and regularity propertiesJan 21 2019It is well known that the class of measurable functions which satisfy $$ \sup_{|z|>0}\frac{\|f(\cdot+z)+f(\cdot-z)-2f(\cdot)\|_\infty}{|z|^\alpha}<\infty $$ coincides with the class of Lipschitz functions for $0<\alpha<1$, with the Zygmund class if $\alpha=1$ ... More
Fractional powers of the parabolic Hermite operator. Regularity propertiesAug 09 2017Let $\mathcal{L}= \partial_t- \Delta_x+|x|^2$. Consider its Poisson semigroup $e^{-y\sqrt{\mathcal{L}}}$. For $\alpha >0$ define the Parabolic Hermite-Zygmund spaces $$ \Lambda^\alpha_{\mathcal{L}}=\left\{f: \:f\in L^\infty(\mathbb{R}^{n+1})\:\; {\rm ... More
Ellipsoidal impulse responses in fractured mediaDec 16 2018Multiple vertical fracture sets, combined with horizontal fine layering produce an equivalent medium of orthorhombic or monoclinic symmetry. This is particularly important in fracture reservoir characterization. Fractured reservoirs are azimuthal anisotropic ... More
On the convergence of minimizers of singular perturbation functionalsJul 25 2016Sep 16 2017The study of singular perturbations of the Dirichlet energy is at the core of the phenomenological-description paradigm in soft condensed matter. Being able to pass to the limit plays a crucial role in the understanding of the geometric-driven profile ... More
Numerical upscaling of the free boundary dam problem in multiscale high-contrast mediaFeb 17 2019In this paper, we address the numerical homogenization approximation of a free-boundary dam problem posed in a heterogeneous media. More precisely, we propose a generalized multiscale finite element (GMsFEM) method for the heterogeneous dam problem. The ... More
Institutional Repository A testimonial perspectiveDec 10 2009In this paper, we describe our decade-long experience of building and operating one of the most active Institutional Repository in the world: <> (University of the Andes, Merida-Venezuela). In order to share our ... More
Young massive star cluster formation in the Galactic Centre is driven by global gravitational collapse of high-mass molecular cloudsMar 14 2019Young massive clusters (YMCs) are the most compact, high-mass stellar systems still forming at the present day. The precursor clouds to such systems are, however, rare due to their large initial gas mass reservoirs and rapid dispersal timescales due to ... More
Low EUV Luminosities Impinging on Protoplanetary DisksJul 07 2014Aug 25 2014The amount of high-energy stellar radiation reaching the surface of protoplanetary disks is essential to determine their chemistry and physical evolution. Here, we use millimetric and centimetric radio data to constrain the EUV luminosity impinging on ... More
A detailed view of a Molecular Cloud in the far outer disk of M33Oct 24 2012The amount of H$_2$ present in spiral galaxies remains uncertain, particularly in the dim outer regions and in low-metallicity environments. We present high-resolution CO(1--0) observations with the Plateau de Bure interferometer of the most distant molecular ... More
Comprehensive Observations of the Bright and Energetic Type Iax SN 2012Z: Interpretation as a Chandrasekhar Mass White Dwarf ExplosionAug 05 2014We present UV through NIR broad-band photometry, and optical and NIR spectroscopy of Type Iax supernova 2012Z. The data set consists of both early and late-time observations, including the first late phase NIR spectrum obtained for a spectroscopically ... More
'The Brick' is not a brick: A comprehensive study of the structure and dynamics of the Central Molecular Zone cloud G0.253+0.016Feb 07 2019In this paper we provide a comprehensive description of the internal dynamics of G0.253+0.016 (a.k.a. 'the Brick'); one of the most massive and dense molecular clouds in the Galaxy to lack signatures of widespread star formation. As a potential host to ... More
A Physical Basis for the H-band Blue-edge Velocity and Light-Curve Shape Correlation in Context of Type Ia Supernova Explosion PhysicsApr 02 2019May 07 2019Our recent work demonstrates a correlation between the high-velocity blue edge, $v_{edge}$, of the iron-peak Fe/Co/Ni $H$-band emission feature and the optical light curve shape of normal, transitional and sub-luminous type Ia Supernovae (SNe Ia). We ... More
The Carnegie Supernova Project: Absolute Calibration and the Hubble ConstantSep 17 2018Sep 19 2018We present an analysis of the final data release of the Carnegie Supernova Project I, focusing on the absolute calibration of the luminosity-decline-rate relation for Type Ia supernovae (SNeIa) using new intrinsic color relations with respect to the color-stretch ... More
Generic Mañé setsOct 27 2014Oct 29 2014We prove that $C^2$ generic hyperbolic Ma\~n\'e sets contain a periodic orbit. In dimesion 2, adding a result with A. Figalli and L. Rifford, we obtain Ma\~n\'e's Conjecture for surfaces in the $C^2$ topology.
Scale-dependent planar Anti-de Sitter black holeJan 11 2019In this work, we investigate four-dimensional planar black hole solutions in anti-de Sitter spacetimes in light of the so-called scale-dependent scenario. To obtain this new family of solutions, the classical couplings of the theory, i.e., the gravitational ... More
Scale-dependent (2+1) - dimensional electrically charged black holes in Einstein-power-Maxwell theoryJul 20 2018Jul 24 2018In this work we extend and generalize our previous work on the scale dependence at the level of the effective action of black holes in the presence of non-linear electrodynamics. In particular, we consider the Einstein-power-Maxwell theory without a cosmological ... More
Non-local fractional derivatives. Discrete and continuousMay 23 2016We prove maximum and comparison principles for fractional discrete derivatives in the integers. Regularity results when the space is a mesh of length $h$, and approximation theorems to the continuous fractional derivatives are shown. When the functions ... More
Relevance of the fluorescence radiation in VHE gamma-ray observations with the Cherenkov techniqueJun 12 2018Dec 05 2018Atmospheric fluorescence is usually neglected in the reconstruction of the signals registered by Cherenkov telescopes, both IACTs and wide-angle detector arrays. In this paper we quantify the fluorescence contribution to the total light recorded in typical ... More
Alternating Hamiltonian cycles in $2$-edge-colored multigraphsOct 10 2018May 16 2019A path (cycle) in a $2$-edge-colored multigraph is alternating if no two consecutive edges have the same color. The problem of determining the existence of alternating Hamiltonian paths and cycles in $2$-edge-colored multigraphs is an $\mathcal{NP}$-complete ... More
DGLAP evolution for DIS diffraction production of high massesJun 26 2018In this paper we develop the DGLAP evolution for the system of produced gluons in the process of diffractive production in DIS, directly from the evolution equation in Color Glass Condensate approach. We are able to describe the available experimental ... More
The Divide-and-Conquer Framework: A Suitable Setting for the DDM of the FutureJan 02 2019This paper was prompted by numerical experiments we performed, in which algorithms already available in the literature (DVS-BDDM) yielded accelerations (or speedups) many times larger (more than seventy in some examples already treated, but probably often ... More
Towards detection of relativistic effects in galaxy number counts using kSZ TomographyApr 22 2019High-resolution, low-noise observations of the cosmic microwave background (CMB) planned for the near-future will enable new cosmological probes based on re-scattered CMB photons -- the secondary CMB. At the same time, enormous galaxy surveys will map ... More
Two transitional type~Ia supernovae located in the Fornax cluster member NGC 1404: SN 2007on and SN 2011ivJul 12 2017Sep 08 2017We present an analysis of ultraviolet (UV) to near-infrared observations of the fast-declining Type Ia supernovae (SNe Ia) 2007on and 2011iv, hosted by the Fornax cluster member NGC 1404. The B-band light curves of SN 2007on and SN 2011iv are characterised ... More
Modulus of continuity of averages of SRB measures for a transversal family of piecewise expanding unimodal mapsApr 12 2016Let $f_t:[0,1] \to [0,1]$ be a family of piecewise expanding unimodal maps with a common critical point that is dense for almost all $t \in [a,b]$. If $\mu_t$ is the corresponding SRB measure for $f_t$, we study the regularity of $\Gamma(t)=\int \phi ... More
Ground States are generically a Periodic OrbitJul 01 2013May 29 2015We prove that for an expanding transformation the maximizing measures of a generic Lipschitz function are supported on a single periodic orbit.
Homogenization on manifoldsDec 28 2014We present a theorem by Contreras, Iturriaga and Siconolfi in which we give a setting to generalize the homogenization of the Hamilton-Jacobi equation from tori to other manifolds.
Relational symplectic groupoids and Poisson sigma models with boundaryJun 17 2013We introduce the notion of relational symplectic groupoid as a way to integrate Poisson manifolds in general, following the construction through the Poisson sigma model (PSM) given by Cattaneo and Felder. We extend such construction to the infinite dimensional ... More
Minimal Geometric Deformation: the inverse problemJul 09 2018Sep 14 2018In this paper we show that any static and spherically symmetric anisotropic solution of the Einstein field equations can be thought as a system sourced by certain deformed isotropic system in the context of Minimal Geometric Deformation-decoupling approach. ... More
Gravitational decoupling in $2+1$ dimensional space--times with cosmological termJan 02 2019In this work we implement the Minimal Geometric Deformation method to obtain the isotropic sector and the decoupler matter content of any anisotropic solution of the Einstein field equations with cosmological constant in $2+1$ dimensional space--times. ... More
A Degenerate Isoperimetric Problem and Traveling Waves to a Bi-stable Hamiltonian SystemApr 02 2015Sep 12 2015We analyze a non-standard isoperimetric problem in the plane associated with a metric having degenerate conformal factor at two points. Under certain assumptions on the conformal factor, we establish the existence of curves of least length under a constraint ... More
Harnack inequalities and Hölder estimates for master equationsJun 26 2018We show parabolic interior and boundary Harnack inequalities and local H\"older continuity for solutions to master equations of the form $(\partial_t+L)^su=f$ in $\mathbb{R}\times\Omega$, where $L$ is a divergence form elliptic operator and $\Omega\subseteq\mathbb{R}^n$. ... More
Discriminant functions arising from selection distributions: theory and simulationJun 01 2014The assumption of normality in data has been considered in the field of statistical analysis for a long time. However, in many practical situations, this assumption is clearly unrealistic. It has recently been suggested that the use of distributions indexed ... More
Groupoids, Frobenius algebras and Poisson sigma modelsJun 18 2013In this paper we discuss some connections between groupoids and Frobenius algebras specialized in the case of Poisson sigma models with boundary. We prove a correspondence between groupoids in the category Set and relative Frobenius algebras in the category ... More
A resource theory of entanglement with a unique multipartite maximally entangled stateJul 30 2018Entanglement theory is formulated as a quantum resource theory in which the free operations are local operations and classical communication (LOCC). This defines a partial order among bipartite pure states that makes it possible to identify a maximally ... More
Cultural Evolution of CategorizationMar 18 2018Jul 05 2018Categorization is a fundamental function of minds, with wide ranging implications for the rest of the cognitive system. In humans, categories are shared and communicated between minds, thus requiring explanations at the population level. In this paper, ... More
The Palais-Smale condition for contact type energy levels for convex lagrangian systemsApr 17 2003Mar 29 2004We prove that for a uniformly convex Lagrangian system L on a compact manifold M, almost all energy levels contain a periodic orbit. We also prove that below Ma ne's critical value of the lift of the Lagrangian to the universal cover, almost all energy ... More
Solutions of the Dirac Equation in a Magnetic Field and Intertwining OperatorsOct 28 2012The intertwining technique has been widely used to study the Schr\"odinger equation and to generate new Hamiltonians with known spectra. This technique can be adapted to find the bound states of certain Dirac Hamiltonians. In this paper the system to ... More
Ground States are generically a Periodic OrbitJul 01 2013Dec 29 2018We prove that for an expanding transformation the maximizing measures of a generic Lipschitz function are supported on a single periodic orbit.
Light Pseudoscalar and Axial Spectroscopy using AdS/QCD Modified Soft Wall ModelNov 26 2018We study light pseudoscalar and axial states using a soft wall model that is modified by introducing two extra parameters: an UV-cutoff and an anomalous term in the conformal dimension of the fields involved such that meson fields with different parities ... More
Scale-dependent polytropic black holeMar 08 2018In the present work we study the scale--dependence of polytropic non-charged black holes in (3+1)-dimensional space--times assuming a cosmological constant. We allow for scale--dependence of the gravitational and cosmological couplings, and we solve the ... More
The relevance of fluorescence radiation in Cherenkov telescopesOct 03 2018Cherenkov telescopes are also sensitive to the atmospheric fluorescence produced by the extensive air showers. However this contribution is neglected by the reconstruction algorithms of imaging air Cherenkov telescopes IACTs and wide-angle Cherenkov detectors ... More
On the geometric and magnetic properties of the monomer, dimer and trimer of NiFe2O4Dec 16 2018In this work, by employing Density Functional Theory, we compute and discuss some geometric and magnetic properties of the monomer, dimer and trimer of NiFe2 O4 . The calculations are performed at the UDFT/ B3LYP level of calculation, by employing the ... More
Loewner Theory in annulus I: evolution families and differential equationsNov 18 2010Loewner Theory, based on dynamical viewpoint, is a powerful tool in Complex Analysis, which plays a crucial role in such important achievements as the proof of famous Bieberbach's conjecture and well-celebrated Schramm's Stochastic Loewner Evolution (SLE). ... More
Multivariant Assertion-based Guidance in Abstract InterpretationAug 15 2018Dec 17 2018Approximations during program analysis are a necessary evil, as they ensure essential properties, such as soundness and termination of the analysis, but they also imply not always producing useful results. Automatic techniques have been studied to prevent ... More
Alternating Hamiltonian cycles in $2$-edge-colored multigraphsOct 10 2018Apr 26 2019A path (cycle) in a $2$-edge-colored multigraph is alternating if no two consecutive edges have the same color. The problem of determining the existence of alternating Hamiltonian paths and cycles in $2$-edge-colored multigraphs is an $\mathcal{NP}$-complete ... More
Ergodic Transport Theory, periodic maximizing probabilities and the twist conditionMar 04 2011May 10 2013The present paper is a follow up of another one by A. O. Lopes, E. Oliveira and P. Thieullen which analyze ergodic transport problems. Our main focus will a more precise analysis of case where the maximizing probability is unique and is also a periodic ... More
The impact of assembly bias on the halo occupation in hydrodynamical simulationsMay 17 2018Aug 01 2018We investigate the variations in galaxy occupancy of the dark matter haloes with the large-scale environment and halo formation time, using two state-of-the-art hydrodynamical cosmological simulations, EAGLE and Illustris. For both simulations, we use ... More
The Carnegie Supernova Project I: Third Photometry Data Release of Low-Redshift Type Ia Supernovae and Other White Dwarf ExplosionsSep 15 2017Nov 07 2017We present final natural system optical (ugriBV) and near-infrared (YJH) photometry of 134 supernovae (SNe) with probable white dwarf progenitors that were observed in 2004-2009 as part of the first stage of the Carnegie Supernova Project (CSP-I). The ... More
Environmental effects on galaxy evolution. II: quantifying the tidal features in NIR-images of the cluster Abell 85Sep 19 2017This work is part of a series of papers devoted to investigate the evolution of cluster galaxies during their infall. In the present article we imaged in NIR a selected sample of galaxies through- out the massive cluster Abell 85 (z = 0.055). We obtained ... More
Complete set of translation invariant measurements with Lipschitz boundsMar 07 2019In image and audio signal classification, a major problem is to build stable representations that are invariant under rigid motions and, more generally, to small diffeomorphisms. Translation invariant representations of signals in $\mathbb{C}^n$ are of ... More
Diversity in extinction laws of Type Ia supernovae measured between $0.2$ and $2\,μ\mathrm{m}$Apr 08 2015Jul 08 2015We present ultraviolet (UV) observations of six nearby Type~Ia supernovae (SNe~Ia) obtained with the Hubble Space Telescope, three of which were also observed in the near-IR (NIR) with Wide-Field Camera~3. UV observations with the Swift satellite, as ... More
Determination of the b-mass using renormalon cancellationNov 29 2004Methods of Borel integration to calculate the binding ground energies and mass of b-barb quarkonia are presented. The methods take into account the leading infrared renormalon structure of the "soft" binding energy E(s) and of the quark pole masses mq, ... More
First critical field of highly anisotropic three-dimensional superconductors via a vortex density modelJan 07 2019We analyze a mean field model for $3$d anisotropic superconductors with a layered structure, in the presence of a strong magnetic field. The mean field model arises as the $Gamma$-limit of the Lawrence-Doniach energy in certain regimes. A reformulation ... More
Minimal Geometric Deformation in asymptotically (A-)dS space-times and the isotropic sector for a polytropic black holeSep 26 2018Dec 03 2018In the context of the Minimal Geometric Deformation method, in this paper we implement the inverse problem in a black hole scenario. In order to deal with an anisotropic polytropic black hole solution of the Einstein field equations with cosmological ... More
Classical and stochastic Löwner-Kufarev equationsSep 25 2013In this paper we present a historical and scientific account of the development of the theory of the L\"owner-Kufarev classical and stochastic equations spanning the 90-year period from the seminal paper by K.L\"owner in 1923 to recent generalizations ... More
Large vorticity stable solutions to the Ginzburg-Landau equationsSep 08 2011We construct local minimizers to the Ginzburg-Landau functional of superconductivity whose number of vortices N is prescribed and blows up as the parameter epsilon, inverse of the Ginzburg-Landau parameter kappa, tends to zero. We treat the case of N ... More
Qualitative Aspects of the Solutions of a Mathematical Model for the Dynamic Analysis of the Reversible Chemical Reaction SO2(g)+1/2O2(g)<=>SO3(g) in a Catalytic ReactorDec 19 2014We present some qualitative aspects concerning the solution to the mathematical model describing the dynamical behavior of the reversible chemical reaction SO2(g)+1/2O2(g)<=>SO3(g) carried out in a catalytic reactor used in the process of sulfuric acid ... More
The intercept of the BFKL pomeron from Forward Jets at HERADec 04 1998Recently the H1 and ZEUS collaborations have presented cross sections for DIS events with a forward jet. The BFKL formalism is able to produce an excellent fit to these data. The extracted intercept of the hard pomeron suggests that when all higher order ... More
Mapping the Central Region of the PPN CRL 618 at Sub-arcsecond Resolution at 350 GHzMay 08 2013CRL 618 is a well-studied pre-planetary nebula. We have mapped its central region in continuum and molecular lines with the Submillimeter Array at 350 GHz at ~ 0.3" to 0.5" resolutions. Two components are seen in 350 GHz continuum: (1) a compact emission ... More
The Future of Search and Discovery in Big Data Analytics: Ultrametric Information SpacesFeb 15 2012Consider observation data, comprised of n observation vectors with values on a set of attributes. This gives us n points in attribute space. Having data structured as a tree, implied by having our observations embedded in an ultrametric topology, offers ... More
Fast, Linear Time, m-Adic Hierarchical Clustering for Search and Retrieval using the Baire Metric, with linkages to Generalized Ultrametrics, Hashing, Formal Concept Analysis, and Precision of Data MeasurementNov 27 2011We describe many vantage points on the Baire metric and its use in clustering data, or its use in preprocessing and structuring data in order to support search and retrieval operations. In some cases, we proceed directly to clusters and do not directly ... More
Methods of Hierarchical ClusteringApr 30 2011We survey agglomerative hierarchical clustering algorithms and discuss efficient implementations that are available in R and other software environments. We look at hierarchical self-organizing maps, and mixture models. We review grid-based clustering, ... More
Hierarchical Clustering for Finding Symmetries and Other Patterns in Massive, High Dimensional DatasetsMay 14 2010Data analysis and data mining are concerned with unsupervised pattern finding and structure determination in data sets. "Structure" can be understood as symmetry and a range of symmetries are expressed by hierarchy. Such symmetries directly point to invariants, ... More
How to add massive neutrinos to your $Λ$CDM simulation - extending cosmology rescaling algorithmsMay 21 2019Providing accurate predictions for the spatial distribution of matter and luminous tracers in the presence of massive neutrinos is an important task, given the imminent arrival of highly accurate large-scale structure observations. In this work, we address ... More
Fast simulation of a HERA--like detectorOct 28 1997A set of FORTRAN routines to perform a fast simulation of a HERA--like detector including the smearing of the $z$ coordinate of the interaction vertex, the simulation of a tracker system, of an electromagnetic and of a hadronic calorimeter is presented. ... More
Small $x$ gluon shadowing from LHC data on coherent $\mathrm{J/}ψ$ photoproductionOct 07 2016We present a novel method to extract the coherent $\mathrm{J/}\psi$ photoproduction cross section, $\sigma_{\gamma \rm Pb}$, from measurements of peripheral and ultra-peripheral Pb-Pb collisions at the LHC. This method allows to access the contribution ... More
Anisotropic shear stress $σ_{xy}$ effects in the basal plane of Sr$_2$RuO$_4$Jan 08 2019Jan 13 2019In this short note, we calculate the jumps for the specific heat C$_{\sigma_{xy}}$, the elastic compliance S$_{xyxy}^{\sigma_{xy}}$ and the thermal expansion $\alpha_{\sigma_{xy}}$ due to a shear stress $\sigma_{xy}$ in the basal plane of $Sr_2RuO_4$. ... More
Extended gravitational decoupling in $2+1$ dimensional space--timesFeb 25 2019Mar 05 2019In this work we extend the so--called Minimal Geometric Deformation method in $2+1$ dimensional space--times with cosmological constant. We obtain that the conditions for gravitational decoupling of two circularly symmetric sources coincides with those ... More
84-GHz methanol masers, their relationship to 36-GHz methanol masers and their molecular environmentsDec 19 2018We present observations of the 36- (4_-1 -> 3_0E) and 84-GHz (5_-1 -> 4_0 E) class I methanol maser transitions towards a sample of 94 known class I sites. These observations resulted in 93 and 92 detections in the 84- and 36-GHz transitions. While the ... More
Thermal evolution of hybrid stars within the framework of a nonlocal Nambu--Jona-Lasinio modelJan 08 2016We study the thermal evolution of neutron stars containing deconfined quark matter in their core. Such objects are generally referred to as quark-hybrid stars. The confined hadronic matter in their core is described in the framework of non-linear relativistic ... More
A self-sustained traversable scale-dependent wormholeApr 03 2018A self--sustained traversable wormhole is obtained as a vacuum solution of a scale-dependent gravitational theory. Comparison with other approaches towards wormhole self--sustainability are presented, with emphasis on the running of the gravitational ... More
Minimal geometric deformation decoupling in $2+1$ dimensional space-timesMay 27 2018Jul 04 2018We study the minimal geometric deformation decoupling in $2+1$ dimensional space--times and implement it as a tool for obtaining anisotropic solutions from isotropic geometries. Interestingly, both the isotropic and the anisotropic sector fulfill Einstein ... More
Methodological considerations on the use of the normalized impact in the Severo Ochoa and María de Maetzu programmesApr 10 2018In 2011, the programme for Severo Ochoa Centers of Excellence and Mar\'ia de Maeztu Units of Excellence was launched for the first time. Since this programme has become one of the axes of the Spanish scientific policy. 186 million euros have been distributed ... More
The Graph Laplacian and Morse InequalitiesApr 26 2017The objective of this note is to provide an interpretation of the discrete version of Morse inequalities, following Witten's approach via supersymmetric quantum mechanics, adapted to finite graphs, as a particular instance of Morse-Witten theory for cell ... More
The Evolution of Assembly BiasAug 08 2018Feb 14 2019We examine the evolution of assembly bias using a semi-analytical model of galaxy formation implemented in the Millennium-WMAP7 N-body simulation. We consider fixed number density galaxy samples ranked by stellar mass or star formation rate. We investigate ... More
Water vapour pressure as determining control parameter to fabricate high efficiency perovskite solar cells at ambient conditionsFeb 12 2019Although perovskite solar cells have demonstrated impressive efficiencies in research labs (above 23%), there is a need of experimental procedures that allow their fabrication at ambient conditions, which would decrease substantially manufacturing costs. ... More
The Impact of Assembly Bias on the Galaxy Content of Dark Matter HalosJun 23 2017We study the dependence of the galaxy content of dark matter halos on large-scale environment and halo formation time using semi-analytic galaxy models applied to the Millennium simulation. We analyze subsamples of halos at the extremes of these distributions ... More
Characterizing the properties of cluster precursors in the MALT90 surveyNov 29 2016In the Milky Way there are thousands of stellar clusters each harboring from a hundred to a million stars. Although clusters are common, the initial conditions of cluster formation are still not well understood. To determine the processes involved in ... More
ATLASGAL --- Complete compact source catalogue: 280\degr\ $ <\ell <$ 60\degrJun 22 2014The APEX Telescope Large Area Survey of the Galaxy (ATLASGAL) is the largest and most sensitive systematic survey of the inner Galactic plane in the submillimetre wavelength regime. The observations were carried out with the Large APEX Bolometer Camera ... More
Credit allocation based on journal impact factor and coauthorship contributionMay 08 2016Some research institutions demand researchers to distribute the incomes they earn from publishing papers to their researchers and/or co-authors. In this study, we deal with the Impact Factor-based ranking journal as a criteria for the correct distribution ... More
Extended gravitational decoupling in $2+1$ dimensional space--timesFeb 25 2019In this work we extend the so--called Minimal Geometric Deformation method in $2+1$ dimensional space--times with cosmological constant. We obtain that the conditions for gravitational decoupling of two circularly symmetric sources coincides with those ... More
Scale--dependent Hayward black hole and the generalized uncertainty principleSep 04 2018Sep 14 2018In this work we present a technique to obtain bounds on the generalized uncertainty principle deformation parameter by using an improved Schwarzschild solution represented by the Hayward metric in the context of scale--dependent gravity. Specifically, ... More
Borromean surgery equivalence of spin 3-manifolds with boundaryFeb 21 2013Jul 08 2013Matveev introduced Borromean surgery on 3-manifolds, and proved that the equivalence relation on closed, oriented 3-manifolds generated by Borromean surgeries is characterized by the first homology group and the torsion linking pairing. Massuyeau generalized ... More
A note on the spin connection representation of gravityApr 06 1999The formulation of gravity in 3+1 dimensions in which the spin connection is the basic field ($\omega $-frame) leads to a theory with first and second class constraints. Here, the Dirac brackets for the second class constraints are evaluated and the Dirac ... More