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A Remark on the Localization formulas about two Killing vector fieldsApr 28 2017In this article, we will discuss a localization formulas of equivariant cohomology about two Killing vector fields on the set of zero points ${\rm{Zero}}(X_{M}-\sqrt{-1}Y_{M})=\{x\in M \mid |Y_{M}(x)|=|X_{M}(x)|=0 \}.$ As application, we use it to get ... More
Localization Formulas About Two Killing Vector FieldsApr 13 2013Apr 25 2017In this article, we will discuss the smooth $(X_{M}+\sqrt{-1}Y_{M})$-invariant forms on $M$ and to establish a localization formulas. As an application, we get a localization formulas for characteristic numbers.
The Homology Groups of $G_{n,m}(\mathbb{R})$Apr 10 2017In this article, we computed the homology groups of real Grassmann manifold $G_{n,m}(\mathbb{R})$ by Witten complex.
A Poincar'e-Hopf Type Formula for A Pair of Vector FieldsJan 08 2018We extend the reslut about Poincar\'e-Hopf type formula for the difference of the Chern character numbers (cf.[3]) to the non-isolated singularities, and establish a Poincar\'e-Hopf type formula for a pair of vector field with the function $h^{T_{\mathbb{C}}M}(\cdot,\cdot)$ ... More
Localization Formulas About Two Killing Vector FieldsApr 13 2013In this article, we will discuss the smooth $(X_{M}+\sqrt{-1}Y_{M})$-invariant forms on $M$ and to establish a localization formulas. As an application, we get a localization formulas for characteristic numbers.
The Cartan Model for Equivariant CohomologyAug 12 2016In this article, we will discuss a new operator $d_{C}$ on $W(\mathfrak{g})\otimes\Omega^{*}(M)$ and to construct a new Cartan model for equivariant cohomology. We use the new Cartan model to construct the corresponding BRST model and Weil model, and ... More
Unifying quantum heat transfer and superradiant signature in a nonequilibrium collective-qubit system: a polaron-transformed Redfield approachMar 04 2019We investigate full counting statistics of quantum heat transfer in a collective-qubit system, constructed by multi-qubits interacting with two thermal baths. The nonequilibrium polaron-transformed Redfield approach embedded with an auxiliary counting ... More
Localized nonlinear waves of the three-component coupled Hirota equation by the generalized Darboux transformationApr 24 2017In this paper, We extend the two-component coupled Hirota equation to the three-component one, and reconstruct the Lax pair with $4\times4$ matrixes of this three-component coupled system including higher-order effects such as third-order dispersion, ... More
A Comparative Study of an Asymptotic Preserving Scheme and Unified Gas-kinetic Scheme in Continuum Flow LimitJul 18 2013Asymptotic preserving (AP) schemes are targeting to simulate both continuum and rarefied flows. Many AP schemes have been developed and are capable of capturing the Euler limit in the continuum regime. However, to get accurate Navier-Stokes solutions ... More
Collaborative Service Caching for Edge Computing in Dense Small Cell NetworksSep 25 2017Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) pushes computing functionalities away from the centralized cloud to the proximity of data sources, thereby reducing service provision latency and saving backhaul network bandwidth. Although computation offloading has been extensively ... More
Conceptual Design Of An Ideal Variable Coupler For Superconducting Radiofrequency 1.3GHz CavitiesJun 27 2014Inspired by the development of over-moded RF component as an undulator, we explored another over-moded structure that could serve the variable coupling for SRF purpose. This application is to fulfill variation of S11 from 0 to -20db with CW power of 7 ... More
Hawking Radiation from General Kerr-(anti)de Sitter Black HolesDec 25 2006Jan 27 2007We calculate the total flux of Hawking radiation from Kerr-(anti)de Sitter black holes by using gravitational anomaly method developed in gr-qc/0502074. We consider the general Kerr-(anti)de Sitter black holes in arbitrary $D$ dimensions with the maximal ... More
New Explicit Binary Constant Weight Codes from Reed-Solomon CodesMay 25 2015Aug 07 2015Binary constant weight codes have important applications and have been studied for many years. Optimal or near-optimal binary constant weight codes of small lengths have been determined. In this paper we propose a new construction of explicit binary constant ... More
Many-Access Channels: The Gaussian Case with Random User ActivitiesMay 05 2014Classical multiuser information theory studies the fundamental limits of models with a fixed (often small) number of users as the coding blocklength goes to infinity. This work proposes a new paradigm, referred to as many-user information theory, where ... More
Dealing With 4-Variables by Resolution: An Improved MaxSAT AlgorithmMar 10 2015We study techniques for solving the Maximum Satisfiability problem (MaxSAT). Our focus is on variables of degree 4. We identify cases for degree-4 variables and show how the resolution principle and the kernelization techniques can be nicely integrated ... More
A New Exponential GravityMar 30 2012Apr 10 2012We propose a new exponential f(R) gravity model with f(R)=(R-\lambda c)e^{\lambda(c/R)^n} and n>3, \lambda\geq 1, c>0 to explain late-time acceleration of the universe. At the high curvature region, the model behaves like the \LambdaCDM model. In the ... More
Jenkins-Strebel Differentials on the Riemann Sphere with Four Simple PolesJun 15 2016Mar 15 2017A celebrated and deep theorem in the theory of Riemann surfaces states the existence and uniqueness of the Jenkins-Strebel differentials on a Riemann surface under some conditions, but the proof is non-constructive and examples are difficult to find. ... More
Budget-constrained Edge Service Provisioning with Demand Estimation via Bandit LearningMar 21 2019Shared edge computing platforms, which enable Application Service Providers (ASPs) to deploy applications in close proximity to mobile users are providing ultra-low latency and location-awareness to a rich portfolio of services. Though ubiquitous edge ... More
Robustness of quantum discord to sudden death in NMRJun 01 2011We investigate the dynamics of entanglement and quantum discord of two qubits in liquid state homonuclear NMR. Applying a phenomenological description for NMR under relaxation process, and taking a group of typical parameters of NMR, we show that when ... More
Decay of massive scalar field in a black hole background immersed in magnetic fieldJul 16 2015Aug 25 2015We evaluate quasinormal modes of massive scalar field of the Ernst spacetime, an exact solution of the Einstein-Maxwell equations describing a black hole immersed in uniform magnetic field $B$. It is known that the quasinormal spectrum for massive scalar ... More
Redefining the Attraction Measure, Scaling Exponent and Impedance Function of the Gravity ModelJun 17 2013The attraction measure, scaling exponent, and impedance function of the gravity model are redefined using the concepts from fractals and spatial complexity. Firstly, the attraction measure of spatial interaction in human systems is defined by the product ... More
A Generalized LDPC Framework for Robust and Sublinear Compressive SensingMar 20 2016Compressive sensing aims to recover a high-dimensional sparse signal from a relatively small number of measurements. In this paper, a novel design of the measurement matrix is proposed. The design is inspired by the construction of generalized low-density ... More
Robust Active Learning for Electrocardiographic Signal ClassificationNov 21 2018The classification of electrocardiographic (ECG) signals is a challenging problem for healthcare industry. Traditional supervised learning methods require a large number of labeled data which is usually expensive and difficult to obtain for ECG signals. ... More
Multi-dark soliton solutions for the multi-component coupled Maccari systemNov 19 2018Based on the KP hierarchy reduction method, the general multi-dark soliton solutions in Gram type determinant forms for the multi-component coupled Maccari system are constructed. Especially, the three-component coupled Maccari system comprised of two-component ... More
Computational Optimal Control of the Saint-Venant PDE Model Using the Time-scaling TechniqueOct 30 2015This paper proposes a new time-scaling approach for computational optimal control of a distributed parameter system governed by the Saint-Venant PDEs. We propose the time-scaling approach, which can change a uniform time partition to a nonuniform one. ... More
Task Offloading and Replication for Vehicular Cloud Computing: A Multi-Armed Bandit ApproachDec 11 2018Vehicular Cloud Computing (VCC) is a new technological shift which exploits the computation and storage resources on vehicles for computational service provisioning. Spare on-board resources are pooled by a VCC operator, e.g. a roadside unit, to complete ... More
Socially Trusted Collaborative Edge Computing in Ultra Dense NetworksMay 09 2017May 11 2017Small cell base stations (SBSs) endowed with cloud-like computing capabilities are considered as a key enabler of edge computing (EC), which provides ultra-low latency and location-awareness for a variety of emerging mobile applications and the Internet ... More
Hall algebras for odd periodic triangulated categoriesJan 25 2010Jan 30 2010We define the Hall algebra associated to any triangulated category under some finiteness conditions with the $t$-periodic translation functor $T$ for odd $t>1.$ This generalizes the results in \cite{Toen2005} and \cite{XX2006}.
Modeling complex spatial dynamics of two-population interaction in urbanization processSep 19 2013This paper is mainly devoted to lay an empirical foundation for further research on complex spatial dynamics of two-population interaction. Based on the US population census data, a rural and urban population interaction model is developed. Subsequently ... More
Mixed interactions of localized waves in the three-component coupled derivative nonlinear Schrödinger equationsNov 02 2017The Darboux transformation of the three-component coupled derivative nonlinear Schr\"{o}dinger equations is constructed, based on the special vector solution elaborately generated from the corresponding Lax pair, various interactions of localized waves ... More
Deterministic Construction of RIP Matrices in Compressed Sensing from Constant Weight CodesJun 08 2015Jun 12 2015The expicit restricted isometry property (RIP) measurement matrices are needed in practical application of compressed sensing in signal processing. RIP matrices from Reed-Solomon codes, BCH codes, orthogonal codes, expander graphs have been proposed and ... More
Power Lower Bounds for the Central Moments of the Last Passage Time for Directed Percolation in a Thin RectangleMay 24 2019In directed last passage site percolation with i.i.d.~random weights with finite support over a $n\times\lfloor n^{\alpha}\rfloor$ grid, we prove that for $n$ large enough, the order of the $r$-th central moment, $1\le r<+\infty$, of the last passage ... More
Calculation of Evaluation Variables for High Gradient Magnetic Separation with an Idealized Capture ModelNov 29 2016This paper regards feed mine as a mixture of intergrowths and pure non-magnetic mineral particles, presents a method to calculate the evaluation variables such as grade and recovery in high gradient magnetic separation (HGMS). A idealized capture model ... More
The Moore-Penrose inverse in rings with involutionJan 28 2016Let $R$ be a unital ring with involution.In this paper, several new necessary and sufficient conditions for the existence of the Moore-Penrose inverse of an element in a ring $R$ are given.In addition, the formulae of the Moore-Penrose inverse of an element ... More
$I=0$ $ππ$ $s$-wave scattering length from lattice QCDDec 06 2017Jul 11 2018We deliver lattice results for the $I=0$ $\pi\pi$ elastic $s$-wave scattering length calculated with the MILC $N_f=3$ flavors of the Asqtad-improved staggered fermions. The scattering phase shifts are determined by L\"uscher's formula from the energy-eigenvalues ... More
The Sufficiency Principle for Decentralized Data ReductionJul 13 2012This paper develops the sufficiency principle suitable for data reduction in decentralized inference systems. Both parallel and tandem networks are studied and we focus on the cases where observations at decentralized nodes are conditionally dependent. ... More
Darboux transformation of nonisospectral coupled Gross-Pitaevskii equation and its multi-component generalizationApr 24 2017We extend one component Gross-Pitaevskii equation to two component coupled case with the damping term, linear and parabolic density profiles, then give the Lax pair and infinitely-many conservations laws of this coupled system. The system is nonautonomous, ... More
A Note on the Expected Length of the Longest Common Subsequences of two i.i.d. Random PermutationsMar 22 2017Jun 04 2018We address a question and a conjecture on the expected length of the longest common subsequences of two i.i.d.$\ $random permutations of $[n]:=\{1,2,...,n\}$. The question is resolved by showing that the minimal expectation is not attained in the uniform ... More
Concentration of Geodesics in Directed Bernoulli PercolationJul 08 2016Jan 25 2018For directed Bernoulli last passage percolation with i.i.d.~weights on vertices over a $n\times n$ grid and for $n$ large enough, the geodesics are shown to be concentrated in a cylinder, centered on the main diagonal and of width of order $n^{(2\kappa+2)/(2\kappa+3)}\sqrt{\ln ... More
A geometric criterion for the existence of chaos based on periodic orbits in continuous-time autonomous systemsJun 12 2019A new geometric criterion is derived for the existence of chaos in continuous-time autonomous systems in three-dimensional Euclidean spaces: the intersection of stable and unstable manifolds of two points on a hyperbolic periodic orbit implies the existence ... More
Pulse-laser Based Long-range Non-line-of-sight Ultraviolet Communication with Pulse Response Position EstimationAug 10 2018We propose pulse laser-based ultra-violet communication over long distance, such that the pulse response signals can be detected at the receiver at the cost of low data transmission rate. We characterize the signal and achievable performance for the pulse ... More
Freedericksz-like positional transition of a micro-droplet suspended in a nematic cellJul 02 2019In this paper, a Freedericksz-like positional transition is found for a spherical micro-droplet suspended in a nematic liquid crystal cell in the presence of an external electric field. Based on the numerical calculation of elastic energy using Green ... More
Quasi-normal modes of warped black holes and warped AdS/CFT correspondenceAug 01 2009Nov 04 2009We analytically calculate the quasi-normal modes of various perturbations of spacelike stretched and null warped $AdS_3$ black holes. From AdS/CFT correspondence, these quasi-normal modes are expected to appear as the poles in momentum space of retarded ... More
Bergman kenel and oscillation theory of plurisubharmonic functionsJun 24 2019ased on Harnack's inequality and convex analysis we show that each plurisubharmonic function has bounded upper oscillation with respect to polydiscs of finite type but not for arbitrary polydiscs. As an application we obtain an approximation formula for ... More
A weighted edge-count two-sample test for multivariate and object dataApr 22 2016Two-sample tests for multivariate data and non-Euclidean data are widely used in many fields. Parametric tests are mostly restrained to certain types of data that meets the assumptions of the parametric models. In this paper, we study a nonparametric ... More
Capacity of Gaussian Many-Access ChannelsJul 04 2016Feb 10 2017Classical multiuser information theory studies the fundamental limits of models with a fixed (often small) number of users as the coding blocklength goes to infinity. This work proposes a new paradigm, referred to as {\em many-user information theory}, ... More
Many-Broadcast Channels: Definition and Capacity in the Degraded CaseMay 05 2014Classical multiuser information theory studies the fundamental limits of models with a fixed (often small) number of users as the coding blocklength goes to infinity. Motivated by emerging systems with a massive number of users, this paper studies the ... More
Isospectral operatorsNov 22 2014For a large class of integral operators or second order differential operators, their isospectral (or cospectral) operators are constructed explicitly in terms of $h$-transform (duality). This provides us a simple way to extend the known knowledge on ... More
Noise filtering of composite pulses for singlet-triplet qubitsFeb 18 2016Jun 30 2016Semiconductor quantum dot spin qubits are promising candidates for quantum computing. In these systems, the dynamically corrected gates offer considerable reduction of gate errors and are therefore of great interest both theoretically and experimentally. ... More
Holomorphic maps with large imagesMar 21 2013May 10 2014We show that each pseudoconvex domain $\Omega\subset {\mathbb C}^n$ admits a holomorphic map $F$ to ${\mathbb C}^m$ with $|F|\le C_1 e^{C_2 \hat{\delta}^{-6}}$, where $\hat{\delta}$ is the minimum of the boundary distance and $(1+|z|^2)^{-1/2}$, such ... More
Suppression of charge noise using barrier control of a singlet-triplet qubitApr 26 2017Jun 21 2017It has been recently demonstrated that a singlet-triplet spin qubit in semiconductor double quantum dots can be controlled by changing the height of the potential barrier between the two dots ("barrier control"), which has led to a considerable reduction ... More
Quasinormal modes of warped $AdS_3$ black holes and AdS/CFT correspondenceJan 23 2009Apr 04 2009We calculate the scalar quasinormal modes of warped $AdS_3$ black holes analytically. We find that in general they are not in agreement with the prediction of the usual AdS/CFT correspondence. Nevertheless, for the black hole not deviating far from BTZ ... More
Energy spectrum, exchange interaction and gate crosstalk in a pair of double-quantum-dot system: a molecular orbital calculationNov 22 2016Apr 25 2017We present a theoretical study of a four-electron four-quantum-dot system based on molecular orbital methods, which hosts a pair of singlet-triplet spin qubits. We explicitly take into account of the admixture of electron wave functions in all dots, and ... More
Magic angle for barrier-controlled double quantum dotsJul 25 2017Jan 02 2018We show that the exchange interaction of a singlet-triplet spin qubit confined in double quantum dots, when being controlled by the barrier method, is insensitive to a charged impurity lying along certain directions away from the center of the double-dot ... More
Pr$_2$Ir$_2$O$_7$: when Luttinger semimetal meets Melko-Hertog-Gingras spin ice stateDec 18 2017Dec 20 2017We study the band structure topology and engineering from the interplay between local moments and itinerant electrons in the context of pyrochlore iridates. For the metallic iridate Pr$_2$Ir$_2$O$_7$, the Ir $5d$ conduction electrons interact with the ... More
A Deep Learning Based Resource Allocation Scheme in Vehicular Communication SystemsMar 10 2019In vehicular communications, intracell interference and the stringent latency requirement are challenging issues. In this paper, a joint spectrum reuse and power allocation problem is formulated for hybrid vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure ... More
Learning to See in the DarkMay 04 2018Imaging in low light is challenging due to low photon count and low SNR. Short-exposure images suffer from noise, while long exposure can induce blur and is often impractical. A variety of denoising, deblurring, and enhancement techniques have been proposed, ... More
Geographical effects on epidemic spreading in scale-free networksJun 30 2006Many real networks are embedded in a metric space: the interactions among individuals depend on their spatial distances and usually take place among their nearest neighbors. In this paper, we introduce a modified susceptible-infected-susceptible (SIS) ... More
Controllable high-fidelity quantum state transfer and entanglement generation in circuit QEDNov 24 2015We propose a scheme to realize controllable quantum state transfer and entanglement generation among transmon qubits in the typical circuit QED setup based on adiabatic passage. Through designing the time-dependent driven pulses applied on the transmon ... More
Joint Time Allocation and Power Control in Multi-Cell Networks with Load Coupling: Energy Saving and Rate ImprovementJul 01 2017In this paper, we consider the problems of minimizing sum power and maximizing sum rate for multi-cell networks with load coupling, where coupling relation occurs among cells due to inter-cell interference. This coupling relation is characterized by the ... More
Conjugate metamaterials and the perfect lensOct 29 2015In this letter, we show how transformation optics makes it possible to design what we call conjugate metamaterials. We show that these materials can also serve as substrates for making a subwavelength-resolution lens. The so-called "perfect lens", which ... More
Learning Student Networks via Feature EmbeddingDec 17 2018Deep convolutional neural networks have been widely used in numerous applications, but their demanding storage and computational resource requirements prevent their applications on mobile devices. Knowledge distillation aims to optimize a portable student ... More
Nuclear Data and Fuel/Assembly Manufacturing Uncertainties Analysis and Preliminary Validation of SUACLApr 13 2017As the sensitivity and uncertainty analysis of nuclear system can provide more confident bounds for the Best-estimate Prediction used to assess the performance and safety of nuclear plant, the uncertainty and sensitivity analysis has been a component ... More
Can Early Joining Participants Contribute More? - Timeliness Sensitive Incentivization for CrowdsensingOct 05 2017This paper investigates the incentive mechanism design from a novel and practically important perspective in which mobile users as contributors do not join simultaneously and a requester desires large efforts from early contributors. A two-stage Tullock ... More
A Survey on Neural Machine Reading ComprehensionJun 10 2019Enabling a machine to read and comprehend the natural language documents so that it can answer some questions remains an elusive challenge. In recent years, the popularity of deep learning and the establishment of large-scale datasets have both promoted ... More
Efficient Public Blockchain Client for Lightweight UsersNov 12 2018Public blockchains provide a decentralized method for storing transaction data and have many applications in different sectors. In order for users to track transactions, a simple method is to let them keep a local copy of the entire public ledger. Since ... More
Association and Load Optimization with User Priorities in Load-Coupled Heterogeneous NetworksOct 18 2017In this paper, we consider the network utility maximization problem with various user priorities via jointly optimizing user association, load distribution and power control in a load-coupled heterogeneous network. In order to tackle the nonconvexity ... More
Pilot Reuse Among D2D Users in D2D Underlaid Massive MIMO SystemsAug 04 2017In a device-to-device (D2D) underlaid massive MIMO system, D2D transmitters reuse the uplink spectrum of cellular users (CUs), leading to cochannel interference. To decrease pilot overhead, we assume pilot reuse (PR) among D2D pairs. We first derive the ... More
A Calibration Method for Wide Field Multicolor Photometric SystemMar 04 1999Mar 07 1999The purpose of this paper is to present a method to self-calibrate the spectral energy distribution (SED) of objects in a survey based on the fitting of an SED library to the observed multi-color photometry. We adopt for illustrative purposes the Vilnius ... More
Election with Bribed Voter Uncertainty: Hardness and Approximation AlgorithmNov 07 2018Bribery in election (or computational social choice in general) is an important problem that has received a considerable amount of attention. In the classic bribery problem, the briber (or attacker) bribes some voters in attempting to make the briber's ... More
Texture Object Segmentation Based on Affine Invariant Texture DetectionDec 23 2017To solve the issue of segmenting rich texture images, a novel detection methods based on the affine invariable principle is proposed. Considering the similarity between the texture areas, we first take the affine transform to get numerous shapes, and ... More
Spin polarization direction switch based on an asymmetrical quantum wireMar 25 2012A scheme for a spin polarization direction switch is investigated by studying the spin-dependent electron transport of an asymmetrical quantum wire (QW) with Rashba spin-orbit coupling (SOC). It is found that the magnitude of the spin-polarized current ... More
Sequential Labeling with online Deep LearningDec 10 2014May 04 2015Deep learning has attracted great attention recently and yielded the state of the art performance in dimension reduction and classification problems. However, it cannot effectively handle the structured output prediction, e.g. sequential labeling. In ... More
Generalized laws of reflection and refraction from transformation opticsFeb 27 2012Based on transformation optics, we introduce another set of generalized laws of reflection and refraction (differs from that of [Science 334, 333 (2011)]), through which a transformation media slab is derived as a meta-surface, producing anomalous reflection ... More
On Regular Courant AlgebroidsSep 02 2009Sep 15 2009For any regular Courant algebroid, we construct a characteristic class a la Chern-Weil. This intrinsic invariant of the Courant algebroid is a degree-3 class in its naive cohomology. When the Courant algebroid is exact, it reduces to the Severa class ... More
Utterance-Based Audio Sentiment Analysis Learned by a Parallel Combination of CNN and LSTMNov 20 2018Audio Sentiment Analysis is a popular research area which extends the conventional text-based sentiment analysis to depend on the effectiveness of acoustic features extracted from speech. However, current progress on audio sentiment analysis mainly focuses ... More
A well-balanced gas kinetic scheme for Navier-Stokes equations with gravitational potentialMar 30 2019The hydrostatic equilibrium state is the consequence of the exact hydrostatic balance between hydrostatic pressure and external force. Standard finite volume or finite difference schemes cannot keep this balance exactly due to their unbalanced truncation ... More
The Riemannian manifolds with boundary and large symmetryJan 07 2008May 09 2009Sixty years ago, S. B. Myers and N. E. Steenrod ({\it Ann. of Math.} {\bf 40} (1939), 400-416) showed that the isometry group of a Riemannian manifold without boundary has a structure of Lie group. Recently A. V. Bagaev and N. I. Zhukova ({\it Siberian ... More
Belitskii's canonical forms of linear dynamical systemsMar 04 2017In the note, all indecomposable canonical forms of linear systems with dimension less than or equal to $4$ are determined based on Belitskii's algorithm. As an application, an effective way to calculate dimensions of equivalence classes of linear systems ... More
Ratio-Preserving Half-Cylindrical Warps for Natural Image StitchingMar 18 2018A novel warp for natural image stitching is proposed that utilizes the property of cylindrical warp and a horizontal pixel selection strategy. The proposed ratio-preserving half-cylindrical warp is a combination of homography and cylindrical warps which ... More
On the optimal convergence rate of a Robin-Robin domain decomposition methodDec 19 2011Jul 10 2012In this work, we solve a long-standing open problem: Is it true that the convergence rate of the Lions' Robin-Robin nonoverlapping domain decomposition(DD) method can be constant, independent of the mesh size $h$? We closed this twenty-year old problem ... More
Local well-posedness of strong solutions to density-dependent liquid crystal systemDec 02 2015In this paper, we study the Cauchy problem to the density-dependent liquid crystal system in $\mathbb R^3$. We establish the local existence and uniqueness of strong solutions to this system. In order to overcome the difficulties caused by the high order ... More
New SLED 3 system for Multi-mega Watt RF compressorAug 21 2014Sep 25 2014At SLAC, we have designed and installed an X-band radio-frequency transverse deflector system at the LCLS for measurement of the time-resolved lasing effects on the electron beam and extraction of the temporal profile of the pulses in routine operations. ... More
Floquet Weyl semimetals in light-irradiated type-II and hybrid line-node semimetalsJan 05 2018Jul 02 2019Type-II Weyl semimetals have recently attracted intensive research interest because they host Lorentz-violating massless fermions as quasiparticles. The discovery of type-II Weyl semimetals evokes the study of type-II line-node semimetals (LNSMs) whose ... More
Labeled Partitions and the q-Derangement NumbersJun 20 2006By a re-examination of MacMahon's original proof of his celebrated theorem on the distribution of the major indices over permutations, we give a reformulation of his argument in terms of the structure of labeled partitions. In this framework, we are able ... More
Harmonic analysis on quantum toriJun 15 2012This paper is devoted to the study of harmonic analysis on quantum tori. We consider several summation methods on these tori, including the square Fej\'er means, square and circular Poisson means, and Bochner-Riesz means. We first establish the maximal ... More
Deep Reinforcement Learning for Multi-Resource Multi-Machine Job SchedulingNov 20 2017Minimizing job scheduling time is a fundamental issue in data center networks that has been extensively studied in recent years. The incoming jobs require different CPU and memory units, and span different number of time slots. The traditional solution ... More
Deep Haar Scattering NetworksSep 30 2015An orthogonal Haar scattering transform is a deep network, computed with a hierarchy of additions, subtractions and absolute values, over pairs of coefficients. It provides a simple mathematical model for unsupervised deep network learning. It implements ... More
Quantum corrections to the dynamics of the Bose-Einstein condensate in a double-well potentialMar 21 2011Feb 22 2012The dynamics of the Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC) in a double-well potential is of- ten investigated under the mean-field theory (MFT). This works successfully for large particle numbers with dynamical stability. But for dynamical instabilities, quantum ... More
Geometric measure of entanglement for pure multipartite statesNov 08 2009Apr 19 2012We provide methods for computing the geometric measure of entanglement for two families of pure states with both experimental and theoretical interests: symmetric multiqubit states with non-negative amplitudes in the Dicke basis and symmetric three-qubit ... More
Superfluidity of $Λ$ hyperons in warm strange hadronic star matterSep 27 2014Aug 26 2015In this work we evaluate the $^1S_0$ superfluidity of $\Lambda$ hyperons in $\beta$-stable strange hadronic matter. We investigate the equation of state (EOS) of hadronic matter at finite values of baryon density and temperature in the relativistic mean ... More
Obj-GloVe: Scene-Based Contextual Object EmbeddingJul 02 2019Recently, with the prevalence of large-scale image dataset, the co-occurrence information among classes becomes rich, calling for a new way to exploit it to facilitate inference. In this paper, we propose Obj-GloVe, a generic scene-based contextual embedding ... More
Hadronic production of $Ξ_{cc}$ at the After@LHC with intrinsic charm mechanismMar 02 2019In the present paper, we present a detailed discussion on the hadronic production of $\Xi_{cc}$ at a fixed target experiment at the LHC (After@LHC). The charm components in the incident hadrons could be either extrinsic or intrinsic. In addition to our ... More
DoPa: A Fast and Comprehensive CNN Defense Methodology against Physical Adversarial AttacksMay 21 2019Recently, Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) demonstrate a considerable vulnerability to adversarial attacks, which can be easily misled by adversarial perturbations. With more aggressive methods proposed, adversarial attacks can be also applied to ... More
Efficient File Delivery for Coded Prefetching in Shared Cache Networks with Multiple Requests Per UserMar 26 2018Aug 02 2018We consider a centralized caching network, where a server serves several groups of users, each having a common shared homogeneous fixed-size cache and requesting arbitrary multiple files. An existing coded prefetching scheme is employed where each file ... More
Analysis of a mixed finite element method for the quad-curl problemNov 16 2018May 22 2019The quad-curl term is an essential part in the resistive magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) equation and the fourth order inverse electromagnetic scattering problem which are both of great significance in science and engineering. It is desirable to develop efficient ... More
Metallicity Estimates for Old Star Clusters in M33Mar 29 2005Using the theoretical stellar population synthesis models of BC96, Kong et al. (2003) showed that some BATC colors and color indices could be used to disentangle the age and metallicity effect. They found that there is a very good relation between the ... More
Feasibility study on the least square method for fitting non-Gaussian noise dataMay 03 2017Jun 13 2017This study is to investigate the feasibility of least square method in fitting non-Gaussian noise data. We add different levels of the two typical non-Gaussian noises, L\'evy and stretched Gaussian noises, to exact value of the selected functions including ... More
An Alternating Direction Method Approach to Cloud Traffic ManagementJul 31 2014Feb 03 2016In this paper, we introduce a unified framework for studying various cloud traffic management problems, ranging from geographical load balancing to backbone traffic engineering. We first abstract these real-world problems as a multi-facility resource ... More
Constrained Partial Group Decoding with Max-Min Fairness for Multi-color Multi-user Visible Light CommunicationMay 20 2018A visible light communication (VLC) system can adopt multi-color light emitting diode (LED) arrays to support multiple users. In this paper, a multi-layer coding and constrained partial group decoding (CPGD) method is proposed to tackle strong color interference ... More