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Top quark chromomagnetic dipole moment in the littlest Higgs model with T-parityJan 12 2008The littlest Higgs model with T-parity, which is called $LHT$ model, predicts the existence of the new particles, such as heavy top quark, heavy gauge bosons, and mirror fermions. We calculate the one-loop contributions of these new particles to the top ... More
Charged Plate in Asymmetric Electrolytes: One-loop Renormalization of Surface Charge Density and Debye Length due to Ionic CorrelationsFeb 12 2016The self-consistent field theory (SCFT) is used to study the mean potential near a charged plate inside a $m:-n$ electrolyte. A perturbation series is developed in terms of $g = 4 \pi b/\ell_{\rm {\scriptscriptstyle DB}}$, where $b, \ell_{\rm{\scriptscriptstyle ... More
The new charged gauge boson $W'$ and the subprocess $eq\toνq'$ at $e^{+}e^{-}$ and $ep$ collidersFeb 04 2008Mar 04 2008In the framework of the little Higgs models and the three-site Higgsless model, we discuss the contributions of the new charged gauge boson $W'$ to the process $eq\to\nu q'$ and the possibility of detecting $W'$ via this process in future high energy ... More
Performance Analysis for Heterogeneous Cellular Systems with Range ExpansionJul 02 2012Recently heterogeneous base station structure has been adopted in cellular systems to enhance system throughput and coverage. In this paper, the uplink coverage probability for the heterogeneous cellular systems is analyzed and derived in closed-form. ... More
A Convolutional Neural Network for Aspect Sentiment ClassificationJul 04 2018With the development of the Internet, natural language processing (NLP), in which sentiment analysis is an important task, became vital in information processing.Sentiment analysis includes aspect sentiment classification. Aspect sentiment can provide ... More
Superconductivity Appears in the Vicinity of an Insulating-Like Behavior in CeO$_{1-x}$F$_{x}$BiS$_{2}$Aug 24 2012Resistive and magnetization properties have been measured in BiS$_2$-based samples CeO$_{1-x}$F$_{x}$BiS$_{2}$ with a systematic substitution of O with F (0 $<$ x $<$ 0.6). In contrast to the band structure calculations, it is found that the parent phase ... More
Dynamic Sparse Graph for Efficient Deep LearningOct 01 2018We propose to execute deep neural networks (DNNs) with dynamic and sparse graph (DSG) structure for compressive memory and accelerative execution during both training and inference. The great success of DNNs motivates the pursuing of lightweight models ... More
Electronic features around Fermi level correlating to occurrence of magnetism or superconductivity in Laves-phase intermetallic compoundsJul 29 2004Based on density functional calculations, the relationship between magnetism or superconductivity and electronic states around Fermi level were derived, and the location of the Fermi level in nonmagnetic "form" of Laves-phase compounds is very sensitive ... More
Anisotropic Quantum Transport in Layered High--$T_c$ CupratesAug 22 1997A random lattice model with dilute interlayer bonds of density $p$ is proposed to describe the underdoped high--$T_c$ cuprates. We show analytically via an appropriate perturbation expansion and verify independently by numerical scaling of the conductance ... More
Magnetic response of mesoscopic rings: a quantum size effectMar 08 2013We analytically study the magnetic response of persistent current (PC) in normally non-interacting mesoscopic rings of bimodal potential with nearest neighboring interactions (t) and alternating site energies. It is shown that a ring of perimeter (N) ... More
Maxwell Quasiparticles Emerged in Optical LatticesOct 19 2016We construct a two-dimensional tight-binding model of an optical lattice, where the low energy excitations should be described by the spin-1 Maxwell equations in the Hamiltonian form, and such linear dispersion excitations with pesudospin-1 are so called ... More
Precise QCD predictions on top quark pair production mediated by massive color octet vector boson at hadron collidersJan 03 2012Dec 03 2012We present a theoretical framework for systematically calculating next-to-leading order (NLO) QCD effects to various experimental observables in models with massive COVB in a model independent way at hadron colliders. Specifically, we show the numerical ... More
Optimal Throughput Fairness Trade-offs for Downlink Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access over Fading ChannelsAug 04 2017Feb 22 2018Recently, non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA) has attracted considerable interest as one of the 5G-enabling techniques. However, users with better channel conditions in downlink communications intrinsically benefits from NOMA thanks to successive decoding, ... More
A World of Difference: Divergent Word Interpretations among PeopleMar 08 2017Mar 28 2017Divergent word usages reflect differences among people. In this paper, we present a novel angle for studying word usage divergence -- word interpretations. We propose an approach that quantifies semantic differences in interpretations among different ... More
Extending the Correlation of $L_R - L_X$ to Gamma Ray BurstsFeb 08 2015The well-known correlation between the radio luminosity ($L_R$) and the X-ray luminosity ($L_X$) $L_R / L_X \simeq 10^{-5}$ holds for a variety of objects like active galactic nuclei, galactic black holes, solar flares and cool stars. Here we extend the ... More
Hamiltonian decomposition of the Cayley graph on the dihedral group $D_{2p}$ where $p$ is a primeOct 18 2018In this note, we give the Hamiltonian decomposition of the Cayley graph on the dihedral group $D_{2p}$ where $p$ is a prime.
Transport properties, upper critical field and anisotropy of Ba(Fe$_{0.75}$Ru$_{0.25}$)$_2$As$_2$ single crystalsMar 30 2012The temperature and angle dependent resistivity of Ba(Fe$_{0.75}$Ru$_{0.25}$)$_2$As$_2$ single crystals were measured in magnetic fields up to 14 T. The temperature dependent resistivity with the magnetic field aligned parallel to c-axis and ab-planes ... More
Measurement of the fluorescence quantum yield of bis-MSBMay 31 2015The fluorescence quantum yield of bis-MSB, a widely used liquid scintillator wavelength shifter, was measured to study the photon absorption and re-emission processes in liquid scintillator. The re-emission process affects the photoelectron yield and ... More
Study on flexible and organizable time-resolved measurement system and technology for multi-pulsed electron beam parameterMay 24 2016The proof test and debugging of the multi-pulsed electron accelerator, Dragon-2,requires a thorough comprehension of the quality of the beams. This puts forward a rigid requirement on the measurement system that it should have the ability that not only ... More
Physical Layer Security Jamming: Theoretical Limits and Practical Designs in Wireless NetworksJan 20 2017Physical layer security has been recently recognized as a promising new design paradigm to provide security in wireless networks. In addition to the existing conventional cryptographic methods, physical layer security exploits the dynamics of fading channels ... More
The anomaly Cu doping effects on LiFeAs superconductorsSep 19 2014Sep 25 2014The Cu substitution effect on the superconductivity of LiFeAs has been studied in comparison with Co/Ni substitution. It is found that the shrinking rate of the lattice parameter c for Cu substitution is much smaller than that of Co/Ni substitution. This ... More
Neural Network Model Extraction Attacks in Edge Devices by Hearing Architectural HintsMar 10 2019As neural networks continue their reach into nearly every aspect of software operations, the details of those networks become an increasingly sensitive subject. Even those that deploy neural networks embedded in physical devices may wish to keep the inner ... More
Particles inside Electrolytes with Ion-specific Interactions, Their Effective Charge Distributions and Effective InteractionsFeb 19 2016In this work, we explore the statistical physics of colloidal particles that interact with electrolytes via ion-specific interactions. Firstly we study particles interact weakly with electrolyte using linear response theory. We find that the mean potential ... More
Spreading in space-time periodic media governed by a monostable equation with free boundaries, Part 1: Continuous initial functionsNov 07 2016We aim to classify the long-time behavior of the solution to a free boundary problem with monostable reaction term in space-time periodic media. Such a model may be used to describe the spreading of a new or invasive species, with the free boundary representing ... More
Spreading in space-time periodic media governed by a monostable equation with free boundaries, Part 2: Spreading speedNov 07 2016This is Part 2 of our work aimed at classifying the long-time behavior of the solution to a free boundary problem with monostable reaction term in space-time periodic media. In Part 1 (see \cite{ddl}) we have established a theory on the existence and ... More
Erasure List-Decodable Codes from Random and Algebraic Geometry CodesJan 13 2014Erasure list decoding was introduced to correct a larger number of erasures with output of a list of possible candidates. In the present paper, we consider both random linear codes and algebraic geometry codes for list decoding erasure errors. The contributions ... More
Observation of strong electron pairing on bands without Fermi surfaces in LiFe1-xCoxAsJun 04 2014Jun 05 2014In conventional BCS superconductors, the quantum condensation of superconducting electron pairs is understood as a Fermi surface (FS) instability, in which the low-energy electrons are paired by attractive interactions. Whether this explanation is still ... More
On-Demand Single Photons with High Extraction Efficiency and Near-Unity Indistinguishability from a Resonantly Driven Quantum Dot in a MicropillarJan 03 2016May 13 2016Scalable photonic quantum technologies require on-demand single-photon sources with simultaneously high levels of purity, indistinguishability, and efficiency. These key features, however, have only been demonstrated separately in previous experiments. ... More
Magnetic moment evolution and spin freezing in doped BaFe$_{2}$As$_{2}$Jul 14 2016Fe-K$_{\beta}$ X-ray emission spectroscopy measurements reveal an asymmetric doping dependence of the magnetic moments $\mu_\text{bare}$ in electron- and hole-doped BaFe$_{2}$As$_{2}$. At low temperature, $\mu_\text{bare}$ is nearly constant in hole-doped ... More
Electronic structure of the ingredient planes of cuprate superconductor Bi2Sr2CuO6+δ: a comparison study with Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+δDec 31 2015Sep 16 2016By means of low-temperature scanning tunneling microscopy, we report on the electronic structures of BiO and SrO planes of Bi2Sr2CuO6+{\delta} (Bi-2201) superconductor prepared by argon-ion bombardment and annealing. Depending on post annealing conditions, ... More
A Class of Two-Weight and Three-Weight Codes and Their Applications in Secret SharingMar 23 2015In this paper, a class of two-weight and three-weight linear codes over $\gf(p)$ is constructed, and their application in secret sharing is investigated. Some of the linear codes obtained are optimal in the sense that they meet certain bounds on linear ... More
Basis entropy: A useful physical quantity about projective measurementJun 05 2016Sep 30 2016Projective measurement can increase the entropy of a state $\rho$, the increased entropy is not only up to the basis of projective measurement, but also has something to do with the properties of the state itself. In this paper we define this increased ... More
Some Torsion Classes in the Chow ring and Cohomology of $BPGL_n$Jan 29 2019In the integral cohomology ring of the classifying space of the projective linear group $PGL_n$ (over $\mathbb{C}$), we find a collection of $p$-torsions $y_{p,k}$ of degree $2(p^{k+1}+1)$ for any odd prime divisor $p$ of $n$, and $k\geq 0$. Similarly, ... More
On the decomposition of random hypergraphsOct 16 2015Nov 08 2015For an $r$-uniform hypergraph $H$, let $f(H)$ be the minimum number of complete $r$-partite $r$-uniform subhypergraphs of $H$ whose edge sets partition the edge set of $H$. For a graph $G$, $f(G)$ is the bipartition number of $G$ which was introduced ... More
Holographic entanglement entropy and thermodynamic instability of planar R-charged black holesJan 13 2014Jan 19 2014The holographic entanglement entropy of an infinite strip subsystem on the asymptotic AdS boundary is used as a probe to study the thermodynamic instabilities of planar R-charged black holes (or their dual field theories). We focus on the single-charge ... More
Stability of the exponential utility maximization problem with respect to preferencesMay 28 2012Sep 03 2013This paper studies stability of the exponential utility maximization when there are small variations on agent's utility function. Two settings are considered. First, in a general semimartingale model where random endowments are present, a sequence of ... More
Continuity of the complex Monge-Ampere operatorJun 30 1994The complex Monge-Amp\`ere operator $(dd^c)^n$ is an important tool in complex analysis. It would be interesting to find the right notion of convergence $u_j\to u$ such that $(dd^cu_j)^n\to (dd^cu)^n$ in the weak topology. In this paper, using the $C_{n-1}$-capacity, ... More
The combined effect of precession and convection on the dynamo actionJun 15 2016Aug 02 2016To understand the generation of the Earth's and planetary magnetic fields, we investigate numerically the combined effect of precession and convection on the dynamo action in a spherical shell. The convection alone, the precession alone and the combined ... More
Sign of helicity in the $α$-$Ω$ geodynamoAug 02 2010Aug 31 2013In this paper we discuss the sign of helicity in the $\alpha$-$\Omega$ dynamo and propose a wave-$\Omega$ model in which the $\alpha$ effect in the geodynamo is induced by helical wave but not helical flow as in the solar dynamo. We then tentatively interpret ... More
Surface tide on a rapidly rotating bodyFeb 03 2019By solving Laplace's tidal equations with friction terms we study the surface tide on a rapidly rotating body. When $\epsilon=\Omega^2 R/g$, the square of the ratio of dynamical timescale to rotational timescale, is very small for the Earth the asymptotic ... More
Associated production of the scalars and new gauge bosons from a little Higgs model at the LHCNov 07 2007Nov 11 2007The littlest Higgs model with T-parity ($LHT$ model) predicts the existence of the T-odd scalars ($\phi^{\pm}$, $\phi^{0}$, and $\phi^{p}$). We consider production of these new particles associated with T-odd gauge bosons at the $LHC$. We find that the ... More
Charge Renormalization and Charge Oscillation in Asymmetric Primitive ModelFeb 24 2015Feb 19 2016The Debye charging method is generalized to study the linear response properties of the asymmetric primitive model for electrolytes. Analytic results are obtained for the effective charge distributions of constituent ions inside the electrolyte, from ... More
A New Semantic Theory of Natural LanguageSep 10 2017Formal Semantics and Distributional Semantics are two important semantic frameworks in Natural Language Processing (NLP). Cognitive Semantics belongs to the movement of Cognitive Linguistics, which is based on contemporary cognitive science. Each framework ... More
Discussion of: Treelets--An adaptive multi-scale basis for sparse unordered dataJul 25 2008This is a discussion of paper "Treelets--An adaptive multi-scale basis for sparse unordered data" [arXiv:0707.0481] by Ann B. Lee, Boaz Nadler and Larry Wasserman. In this paper the authors defined a new type of dimension reduction algorithm, namely, ... More
Notes on holographic Schwinger effectJul 12 2015Aug 25 2015We use the method of evaluating the decay rate in terms of the imaginary part of a probe brane action to study the holographic Schwinger effect. In the confining D3-branes case, we find that the Schwinger effect occurs at energy scales higher than the ... More
Calculating rotating hydrodynamic and magneto-hydrodynamic waves to understand magnetic effects on dynamical tidesJun 16 2016For understanding magnetic effects on dynamical tides, we study the rotating magneto-hydrodynamic (MHD) flow driven by harmonic forcing. The linear responses are analytically derived in a periodic box under the local WKB approximation. Both the kinetic ... More
Local analysis of the magnetic instability in rotating magneto-hydrodynamics with the short-wavelength approximationAug 22 2010Aug 20 2013We investigate analytically the magnetic instability in a rotating and electrically conducting fluid induced by an imposed magnetic field with its associated electric current. The short-wavelength approximation is used in the linear stability analysis, ... More
Dynamo induced by time-periodic forceFeb 20 2018Feb 26 2018To understand the dynamo driven by time-dependent flow, e.g. turbulence, we investigate numerically the dynamo induced by time-periodic force in rotating magnetohydrodynamic flow and focus on the effect of force frequency on the dynamo action. It is found ... More
On Topological Brauer Classes over $8$-Complexes with Periods Divisible by $4$Mar 14 2018We determine the index of the topological Brauer class $\beta_n$, the canonical generator of $H^3(X;\mathbb{Z})$, where $X$ is the $8$th skeleton of the Eilenberg-Mac Lane space $K(\mathbb{Z}/n,2)$, and $4|n$. This makes an important complement to a theorem ... More
Which Are You In A Photo?Nov 17 2014Automatic image tagging has been a long standing problem, it mainly relies on image recognition techniques of which the accuracy is still not satisfying. This paper attempts to explore out-of-band sensing base on the mobile phone to sense the people in ... More
Magnetic effect on dynamical tide in rapidly rotating astronomical objectsJan 17 2018Jan 19 2018By numerically solving the equations of rotating magnetohydrodynamics (MHD), the magnetic effect on dynamical tide is studied. It is found that magnetic field has a significant impact not only on the flow structure, i.e. the internal shear layers in rotating ... More
The Ramsey number of generalized loose paths in uniform HypergrpahsMay 01 2013Sep 30 2015Let $H=(V,E)$ be an $r$-uniform hypergraph. For each $1 \leq s \leq r-1$, an $s$-path ${\mathcal P}^{r,s}_n$ of length $n$ in $H$ is a sequence of distinct vertices $v_1,v_2,\ldots,v_{s+n(r-s)}$ such that $\{v_{1+i(r-s)},\ldots, v_{s+(i+1)(r-s)}\}\in ... More
The Topological Period-Index Problem over 8-ComplexesSep 04 2017We study the Postnikov tower of the classifying space of a compact Lie group P(n,mn), which gives obstructions to lifting a topological Brauer class of period $n$ to a PU_{mn}-torsor, where the base space is a CW complex of dimension 8. Combined with ... More
On the Cohomology of the Classifying Spaces of Projective Unitary GroupsDec 01 2016Jan 29 2019Let $\mathbf{B}PU_{n}$ be the classifying space of $PU_n$, the projective unitary group of order $n$, for $n>1$. We use the Serre spectral sequence associated to a fiber sequence $\mathbf{B}U_n\rightarrow\mathbf{B}PU_n\rightarrow K(\mathbb{Z},3)$ to determine ... More
Consumption investment optimization with Epstein-Zin utility in incomplete marketsJan 20 2015Nov 12 2015In a market with stochastic investment opportunities, we study an optimal consumption investment problem for an agent with recursive utility of Epstein-Zin type. Focusing on the empirically relevant specification where both risk aversion and elasticity ... More
S-wave contributions in $\bar B_s^0\to (D^0,\bar D^0)π^+π^- $ within perturbative QCD approachMar 11 2019The $\bar B_s^0\to (D^0,\bar D^0) \pi^+\pi^-$ is induced by the $b\to c \bar us$/$b \to u\bar cs$ transition, and can interfere if a CP-eigenstate $D_{\rm CP}$ is formed. The interference contribution is sensitive to the CKM angle $\gamma$. In this work, ... More
Spinor representations of $U_q(\hat{\frak o}(N))$Feb 12 1996This is an extension of quantum spinor construction of $U_q(\hat {\frak gl}(n))$. We define quantum affine Clifford algebras based on the tensor category and the solutions of q-KZ equations, and construct quantum spinor representations of $U_q(\hat{\frak ... More
Cyclotomic Constructions of Cyclic Codes with Length Being the Product of Two PrimesNov 13 2011Cyclic codes are an interesting type of linear codes and have applications in communication and storage systems due to their efficient encoding and decoding algorithms. They have been studied for decades and a lot of progress has been made. In this paper, ... More
Cyclic Codes from Dickson PolynomialsJun 20 2012Nov 17 2016Due to their efficient encoding and decoding algorithms cyclic codes, a subclass of linear codes, have applications in consumer electronics, data storage systems, and communication systems. In this paper, Dickson polynomials of the first and second kind ... More
On surjectively universal Polish groupsSep 11 2011A Polish group is surjectively universal if it can be continuously homomorphically mapped onto every Polish group. Making use of a type of new metrics on free groups \cite{DG}, we prove the existence of surjectively universal Polish groups, answering ... More
Borel reducibility and Holder($α$) embeddability between Banach spacesDec 10 2009We investigate Borel reducibility between equivalence relations $E(X,p)=X^{\Bbb N}/\ell_p(X)$'s where $X$ is a separable Banach space. We show that this reducibility is related to the so called H\"older$(\alpha)$ embeddability between Banach spaces. By ... More
A remark on Gromov-Witten-Welschinger invariants of $\mathbb{C} P^3\#\overline{\mathbb{C} P}^3$Feb 20 2019We generalize the formula of Gromov-Witten-Welschinger invariants of $\mathbb{C} P^3$ established by E. Brugall\'e and P. Georgieva in [BG16b] to $\mathbb{C} P^3\#\overline{\mathbb{C} P}^3$. Using pencils of quadrics, some real and complex enumerative ... More
Production of the neutral top-pion $π_{t}^{0}$ in association with a high-$p_{T}$ jet at the $LHC$Sep 05 2008Dec 06 2008In the framework of the topcolor-assisted technicolor $(TC2)$ model, we study production of the neutral top-pion $\pi_{t}^{0}$ in association with a high-$p_{T}$ jet at the $LHC$, which proceeds via the partonic processes $gg\longrightarrow \pi_{t}^{0}g$, ... More
Production of mirror fermions via $eγ$ and $ep$ collisions in the littlest Higgs model with T-parityMar 30 2008One of the important features of the littlest Higgs model with T-parity, called the $LHT$ model, is that it introduces the mirror fermions, which are the T-parity partners of the standard model fermions. In this paper, we discuss production of the mirror ... More
Orbital-differentiated coherence-incoherence crossover identified by photoemission spectroscopy in LiFeAsJul 11 2016In the iron-based superconductors (FeSCs), orbital differentiation is an important phenomenon, whereby correlations stronger on the dxy orbital than on the dxz/yz orbital yield quasi-particles with dxy} orbital character having larger mass renormalization ... More
Two-dimensional InSe/WS$_2$ heterostructure with enhanced optoelectronic performance in the visible regionAug 05 2018Two-dimensional (2D) InSe and WS$_2$ exhibit promising characteristics for optoelectronic and photoelectrochemical applications, e.g. photodetection and photocatalytic water splitting. However, both of them have poor absorption of visible light due to ... More
Scalable boson sampling with a single-photon deviceMar 14 2016Mar 22 2016Boson sampling is a problem intractable for classical computers, but can be naturally solved on a specialized photonic quantum simulator which requires less resources than building a universal quantum computer. The biggest challenge to implement boson ... More
ARPES observation of isotropic superconducting gaps in isovalent Ru-substituted Ba(Fe$_{0.75}$Ru$_{0.25}$)$_2$As$_2$Nov 09 2012We used high-energy resolution angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy to extract the momentum dependence of the superconducting gap of Ru-substituted Ba(Fe$_{0.75}$Ru$_{0.25}$)$_2$As$_2$ ($T_c = 15$ K). Despite a strong out-of-plane warping of the ... More
Evidence for Multiple Underlying Fermi Surface and Isotropic Energy Gap in the Cuprate Parent Compound Ca$_2$CuO$_2$Cl$_2$May 28 2018The parent compounds of the high-temperature cuprate superconductors are Mott insulators. It has been generally agreed that understanding the physics of the doped Mott insulators is essential to understanding the mechanism of high temperature superconductivity. ... More
Observation of non-Fermi liquid behavior in hole-doped LiFe$_{1-x}$V$_x$AsApr 15 2016Sep 29 2016We synthesized a series of V-doped LiFe$_{1-x}$V$_x$As single crystals. The superconducting transition temperature $T_c$ of LiFeAs decreases rapidly at a rate of 7 K per 1\% V. The Hall coefficient of LiFeAs switches from negative to positive with 4.2\% ... More
Coexistence of orbital degeneracy lifting and superconductivity in iron-based superconductorsOct 17 2013Oct 29 2013In contrast to conventional superconducting (SC) materials, superconductivity in high-temperature superconductors (HTCs) usually emerges in the presence of other fluctuating orders with similar or higher energy scales, thus instigating debates over their ... More
Spin-Fluctuation-Induced Non-Fermi-Liquid Behavior with suppressed superconductivity in LiFe$_{1-x}$Co$_{x}$AsMay 03 2015Sep 16 2015A series of LiFe$_{1-x}$Co$_{x}$As compounds with different Co concentrations have been studied by transport, optical spectroscopy, angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy and nuclear magnetic resonance. We observed a Fermi liquid to non-Fermi liquid ... More
Effect of Li-deficiency impurities on the electron-overdoped LiFeAs superconductorAug 04 2012We use transport, inelastic neutron scattering, and angle resolved photoemission experiments to demonstrate that the stoichiometric LiFeAs is an intrinsically electron-overdoped superconductor similar to those of the electron-overdoped NaFe1-xTxAs and ... More
On the Conditional Distribution of the Multivariate $t$ DistributionApr 02 2016As alternatives to the normal distributions, $t$ distributions are widely applied in robust analysis for data with outliers or heavy tails. The properties of the multivariate $t$ distribution are well documented in Kotz and Nadarajah's book, which, however, ... More
Spinor Representations of $U_q(\hat{\frak gl}(n))$ and Quantum Boson-Fermion CorrespondenceOct 17 1995Nov 20 1995This is an extension of quantum spinor construction in \cite{DF2}. We define quantum affine Clifford algebras based on the tensor category and the solutions of q-KZ equations, construct quantum spinor representations of $U_q(\hat{\frak gl}(n))$ and explain ... More
A Remark On the FRTS realization and Drinfeld Realization of Quantum Affine Superalgebra $U_q(\hat {osp}(1,2))$May 13 1999May 14 1999In this paper, we present the hidden symmetry behind the Faddeev-Reshetikhin-Takhtajan-Semenov-Tian-Shansky realization of quantum affine superalgebras $U_q(\hat {osp}(1,2))$ and add the q-Serre relation to the Drinfeld realization of $U_q(\hat {osp}(1,2))$ ... More
On some partially de Rham Galois representationsOct 16 2014Sep 01 2015We study some partially de Rham representations of $\mathrm{Gal}(\bar{L}/L)$ for a finite unramified extension $L$ of $\mathbb{Q}_p$. We study some related subspaces of Galois cohomology and of cohomology of $B$-pairs. As an application, we associate ... More
On the Gradient of Harmonic FunctionsNov 10 2018Dec 05 2018For a harmonic function u on Euclidean space, this note shows that its gradient is essentially determined by the geometry of its level hypersurfaces. Specifically, the factor by which |grad(u)| changes along a gradient flow is completely determined by ... More
Two Propositions Involving the Standard Representation of $S_n$Feb 10 2013We present here two standalone results from a forthcoming work on the analysis of Markov chains using the representation theory of $S_n$. First, we give explicit formulas for the decompositions of tensor powers of the defining and standard representations ... More
Toward Scalable Boson Sampling with Photon LossJan 25 2018Boson sampling is a well-defined task that is strongly believed to be intractable for classical computers, but can be efficiently solved by a specific quantum simulator. However, an outstanding problem for large-scale experimental boson sampling is the ... More
A restriction for singularities on collapsing orbifoldsJan 24 2011Jul 07 2011An orbifold $X$ is locally homeomorphic to $G_x\backslash B_r(0)$, where $G_x$ is a finite group acting on $B_r(0)\subset{\mathbb R}^n$, so that $G_x(0)=0$. For collapsing orbifolds with isolated singularities, we show there is a uniform bound in $|G_x|$. ... More
Semantic Web: Who is who in the field - A bibliometric analysisDec 21 2010The Semantic Web is one of the main efforts aiming to enhance human and machine interaction by representing data in an understandable way for machines to mediate data and services. It is a fast-moving and multidisciplinary field. This study conducts a ... More
On List-decodability of Random Rank Metric CodesJan 13 2014Jan 23 2014In the present paper, we consider list decoding for both random rank metric codes and random linear rank metric codes. Firstly, we show that, for arbitrary $0<R<1$ and $\epsilon>0$ ($\epsilon$ and $R$ are independent), if $0<\frac{n}{m}\leq \epsilon$, ... More
A Construction for Constant-Composition CodesFeb 13 2008By employing the residue polynomials, a construction of constant-composition codes is given. This construction generalizes the one proposed by Xing[16]. It turns out that when d=3 this construction gives a lower bound of constant-composition codes improving ... More
Axiomatization and complexity of modal logic with knowing-what operator on model class KSep 25 2016Standard epistemic logic studies propositional knowledge, yet many other types of knowledge such as "knowing whether", "knowing what", "knowing how" are frequently and widely used in everyday life as well as academic fields. In "Conditionally Knowing ... More
Certain Metric Properties of Level HypersurfacesApr 21 2018This note establishes several integral identities relating certain metric properties of level hypersurfaces of Morse functions.
Borel reducibility and finitely Holder(α) embeddabilityJul 02 2010Let $(X_n,d_n),\,n\in\Bbb N$ be a sequence of pseudo-metric spaces, $p\ge 1$. For $x,y\in\prod_{n\in\Bbb N}X_n$, let $(x,y)\in E((X_n)_{n\in\Bbb N};p)\Leftrightarrow\sum_{n\in\Bbb N}d_n(x(n),y(n))^p<+\infty$. For Borel reducibility between equivalence ... More
Characterization of $\ell_p$-like and $c_0$-like equivalence relationsJun 23 2010Let $X$ be a Polish space, $d$ a pseudo-metric on $X$. If $\{(u,v):d(u,v)<\delta\}$ is ${\bf\Pi}^1_1$ for each $\delta>0$, we show that either $(X,d)$ is separable or there are $\delta>0$ and a perfect set $C\subseteq X$ such that $d(u,v)\ge\delta$ for ... More
Higher genus Welschinger invariants under real surgeriesOct 09 2017Jan 14 2018According to [3], a real surgery of a real del Pezzo surface $X_\mathbb{R}$ along a real sphere $S$ is a modification of the real structure on $X_\mathbb{R}$ in a neighborhood of $S$. In this paper, we study the behavior of higher genus Welschinger invariants ... More
Theoretical study of position-dependent defect formation in a single-walled carbon nanotube: Stability towards an open endJul 30 2006Point defects, including atom vacancy, add atom and Stone-Wale defect, close to a (5, 5) single-walled carbon nanotube (SWNT) end were studied by DFT, semi-empirical PM3 method and empirical Brenner Potential. It is found that closer to the SWNT opening ... More
Partial Gauss decomposition, \bf $U_q(\widehat{\frak{gl}(n-1)})\in U_q(\widehat{\frak{gl}(n)}) $ and Zamolodchikov algebraJan 19 1998We use the idea of partial Gauss decomposition to study structures related to $U_q(\widehat{{{\frak{gl}}}(n-1)})$ inside $U_q(\widehat{{{\frak{gl}}}(n)}) $. This gives a description of $U_q(\widehat{{{\frak{gl}}}(n)})$ as an extension of $U_q(\widehat{{{\frak{gl}}}(n-1)})$ ... More
Three Occurrences of the Hyperbolic-Secant DistributionJan 07 2014Although it is the generator distribution of the sixth natural exponential family with quadratic variance function, the Hyperbolic-Secant distribution is much less known than other distributions in the exponential families. Its lack of familiarity is ... More
On equivalence relations generated by Schauder basesApr 01 2015In this paper, a notion of Schauder equivalence relation $\mathbb R^\mathbb N/L$ is introduced, where $L$ is a linear subspace of $\mathbb R^\mathbb N$ and the unit vectors form a Schauder basis of $L$. The main theorem is to show that the following conditions ... More
Variational Analysis of the Ky Fan $k$-normJan 27 2016In this paper, we will study some variational properties of the Ky Fan $k$-norm $\theta=\|\cdot\|_{(k)}$ of matrices, which are closed related to a class of basic nonlinear optimization problems involving the Ky Fan $k$-norm. In particular, for the basic ... More
Cyclic Codes from Dickson PolynomialsJun 20 2012Due to their efficient encoding and decoding algorithms cyclic codes, a subclass of linear codes, have applications in consumer electronics, data storage systems, and communication systems. In this paper, Dickson polynomials of the first and second kind ... More
Graphs without large $K_{2,n}$-minorsFeb 05 2017The purpose of this paper is to characterize graphs that do not have a large $K_{2,n}$-minor. As corollaries, it is proved that, for any given positive integer $n$, every sufficiently large 3-connected graph with minimum degree at least six, every 4-connected ... More
A rigidity theorem on the second fundamental form for self-shrinkersJan 27 2017In Theorem 3.1 of [12], we proved a rigidity result for self-shrinkers under the integral condition on the norm of the second fundamental form. In this paper, we relax the such bound to any finite constant (see Theorem 4.4 for details).
Minimal cones and self-expanding solutions for mean curvature flowsMar 09 2015Jun 05 2017In this paper, we study self-expanding solutions for mean curvature flows and their relationship to minimal cones in Euclidean space. In [17], Ilmanen proved the existence of self-expanding hypersurfaces with prescribed tangent cones at infinity. If the ... More
Subsequent singularities of mean convex mean curvature flows in smooth manifoldsFeb 09 2015Jan 05 2016For any $n$-dimensional smooth manifold $\Sigma$, we show that all the singularities of the mean curvature flow with any initial mean convex hypersurface in $\Sigma$ are cylindrical (of convex type) if the flow converges to a smooth hypersurface $M_{\infty}$ ... More
Infinite families of $t$-designs from a type of five-weight codesJul 17 2016It has been known for a long time that $t$-designs can be employed to construct both linear and nonlinear codes and that the codewords of a fixed weight in a code may hold a $t$-design. While a lot of progress in the direction of constructing codes from ... More