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Robust Group LinkageMar 02 2015We study the problem of group linkage: linking records that refer to entities in the same group. Applications for group linkage include finding businesses in the same chain, finding conference attendees from the same affiliation, finding players from ... More
A region segmentation based algorithm for building crystal position lookup table in scintillation detectorApr 26 2014In scintillation detector, scintillation crystals are typically made into 2-dimension modular array. The location of incident gamma-ray need be calibrated due to spatial response nonlinearity. Generally, position histograms, the characteristic flood response ... More
A data-driven method for syndrome type identification and classification in traditional Chinese medicineOct 27 2014Feb 24 2016Objective: The efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) treatments for Western medicine (WM) diseases relies heavily on the proper classification of patients into TCM syndrome types. We develop a data-driven method for solving the classification ... More
Tunable Quantum Spin Hall Effect via Strain in two-Dimensional Arsenene MonolayerOct 16 2015The search for new quantum spin Hall (QSH) phase and effective manipulations of their edge states are very important for both fundamental sciences and practical applications. Here, we use first-principles calculations to study the strain-driven topological ... More
Pulsar Candidate Identification with Artificial Intelligence TechniquesNov 27 2017Discovering pulsars is a significant and meaningful research topic in the field of radio astronomy. With the advent of astronomical instruments such as he Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope (FAST) in China, data volumes and data rates are ... More
Exponential decay and symmetry of solitary waves to the Degasperis-Procesi equationJan 20 2019Jan 24 2019We prove that solitary waves to the steady Degasperis-Procesi equation, if they exist, decay as $e^{-|x|}$ for large $|x|$ and are symmetric with respect to the unique symmetry axis located at the only crest (although only peaked solitary waves are allowed). ... More
Decoherence of the two-level system coupled to a fermionic reservoir and the information transfer from it to the environmentDec 24 2010Feb 01 2011We study the evolution of reduced density matrix of an impurity coupled to a Fermi sea after the coupling is switched on at time $t=0$. We find the non-diagonal elements of the reduced density matrix decay exponentially, and the decay constant is the ... More
Belief Revision in Probability TheoryMar 06 2013In a probability-based reasoning system, Bayes' theorem and its variations are often used to revise the system's beliefs. However, if the explicit conditions and the implicit conditions of probability assignments `me properly distinguished, it follows ... More
Jet Studies in STAR via 2+1 CorrelationsOct 07 2011This paper reports analysis on jet-medium interactions and di-jet surface emission bias at RHIC, based on a new multi-hadron correlation technique called \texttt{2+1} where back-to-back high $p_{T}$ hadron triggers work as proxy of di-jets. In contrast ... More
Induction and restriction functors for cellular categoriesJan 23 2017Jan 25 2017Cellular categories are a generalization of cellular algebras, which include a number of important categories such as (affine)Temperley-Lieb categories, Brauer diagram categories, partition categories, the categories of invariant tensors for certain quantised ... More
Kaluza-Klein dimensional reduction and Gauss-Codazzi-Ricci equationsMay 29 2008In this paper we imitate the traditional method which is used customarily in the General Relativity and some mathematical literatures to derive the Gauss-Codazzi-Ricci equations for dimensional reduction. It would be more distinct concerning geometric ... More
On a Linear Chaotic Quantum Harmonic OscillatorMay 25 1998We show that a linear quantum harmonic oscillator is chaotic in the sense of Li-Yorke. We also prove that the weighted backward shift map, used as an infinite dimensional linear chaos model, in a separable Hilbert space is chaotic in the sense of Li-Yorke, ... More
Noncommutative Differential Calculus for D-brane in Non-Constant B Field BackgroundMay 19 2001Jun 05 2001In this paper we try to construct noncommutative Yang-Mills theory for generic Poisson manifolds. It turns out that the noncommutative differential calculus defined in an old work is exactly what we need. Using this calculus, we generalize results about ... More
Three-body force effect on off-shell mass operator and spectral functions in nuclear matterFeb 01 2013Feb 04 2013Within the framework of the Brueckner theory, the off-shell behaviors of the mass operator $M(k,\omega)=V(k,\omega)+iW(k,\omega)$, i.e., its dependence upon the momentum $k$ and upon the nucleon frequency $\omega$, are investigated by including nuclear ... More
$B_s^0-\bar{B}_s^0$ mixing within minimal flavor-violating two-Higgs-doublet modelsMay 14 2015Dec 16 2015In the "Higgs basis" for a generic 2HDM, only one scalar doublet gets a nonzero vacuum expectation value and, under the criterion of minimal flavor violation, the other one is fixed to be either color-singlet or color-octet, which are named as the type-III ... More
Pulsar Candidate Selection Using Ensemble Networks for FAST Drift-Scan SurveyMar 15 2019The Commensal Radio Astronomy Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope (FAST) Survey (CRAFTS) utilizes the novel drift-scan commensal survey mode of FAST and can generate billions of pulsar candidate signals. The human experts are not likely ... More
Strange Quarkonium States at BESIIIMay 12 2015Jun 14 2015We present physics opportunities and topics with the $s\bar{s}$ states (strangeonia) that can be studied with the BESIII detector operating at the BEPCII collider. Though the $\phi$ and $\eta/\eta^\prime$ states have long been established experimentally, ... More
struc2gauss: Structure Preserving Network Embedding via Gaussian EmbeddingMay 25 2018Network embedding (NE) is playing a principal role in network mining, due to its ability to map nodes into efficient low-dimensional embedding vectors. However, two major limitations exist in state-of-the-art NE methods: structure preservation and uncertainty ... More
Multiplexed storage and real-time manipulation based on a multiple-degree-of-freedom quantum memoryAug 05 2018Sep 05 2018The faithful storage and coherent manipulation of quantum states with matter-systems enable the construction of large-scale quantum networks based on quantum repeater. To achieve useful communication rates, highly multimode quantum memories will be required ... More
High Quality of Electromagnetically Induced Transparency Spectroscopy of 87Rb in a Buffer Gas Cell with Magnetic FieldMar 08 2017We have studied the phenomenon of electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT) of 87Rb vapor with a buffer gas in a magnetic field at room temperature. It is found that the spectral lines caused by the velocity selective optical pump effects get much ... More
A controllable superconducting electromechanical oscillator with a suspended membraneFeb 28 2019We fabricate a microscale electromechanical system, in which a suspended superconducting membrane, treated as a mechanical oscillator, capacitively couples to a superconducting microwave resonator. As the microwave driving power increases, nonmonotonic ... More
Theoretical Simulation of 87Rb Absorption Spectrum in a Thermal CellJul 02 2016Jul 07 2016In this paper, we present a theoretical simulation of 87Rb absorption spectrum in a thermal cm-cell which is adaptive to the experimental observation. In experiment, the coupling and probe beams are configured to copropagate but perpendicular polarized, ... More
Nonlinear branching processes with immigrationSep 28 2016The nonlinear branching process with immigration is constructed as the pathwise unique solution of a stochastic integral equation driven by Poisson ran- dom measures. Some criteria for the regularity, recurrence, ergodicity and strong ergodicity of the ... More
Nambu Bracket for M TheoryDec 01 2009Jan 19 2010In this article we give a concise review of recent progress in our understanding of the Lie 3-algebra and their application to the Bagger-Lambert-Gustavsson model describing multiple M2-branes in M theory.
From dark matter to neutrinoless double beta decayMar 19 2012Sep 13 2012Associated with two TeV-scale leptoquark scalars, a dark matter fermion which is the neutral component of an isotriplet can mediate a testable neutrinoless double beta decay at one-loop level. The dark matter fermion with determined mass and spin-independent ... More
Mirror left-right symmetryJan 17 2012Sep 13 2012We propose a novel SU(3)_c\times SU(2)_L\times SU(2)_R\times U(1)_{B-L} left-right symmetric model where the standard model fermion and Higgs fields are SU(2)_L doublets or SU(2) singlets while their mirror partners are SU(2)_R doublets or SU(2) singlets. ... More
Spontaneous mirror left-right symmetry breaking for leptogenesis parametrized by Majorana neutrino mass matrixJun 23 2017We introduce a mirror copy of the ordinary fermions and Higgs scalars for embedding the $SU(2)_L\times U(1)_Y$ electroweak gauge symmetry into an $SU(2)_L\times SU(2)_R\times U(1)_{B-L}$ left-right gauge symmetry. We then show the spontaneous left-right ... More
Cosmic matter from dark electroweak phase transition with neutrino mass generationMay 15 2017We consider a dark electroweak phase transition, during which a baryon asymmetry in the dark neutrons and an equal lepton asymmetry in the dark Dirac neutrinos can be simultaneously induced by the CP-violating reflection of the dark fermions off the expanding ... More
A Left-Right Symmetric Model for Neutrino Masses, Baryon Asymmetry and Dark MatterJan 08 2010Apr 15 2010In the left-right symmetric models without bi-doublet Higgs scalars, the standard model fermions can obtain masses by integrating out heavy charged singlet fermions. We find the decays of heavy neutral singlet fermions, responsible for generating small ... More
Resonant Leptogenesis and Verifiable Seesaw from Large Extra DimensionsJan 08 2010Apr 15 2010In the presence of large extra dimensions, the fundamental scale could be as low as a few TeV. This yields leptogenesis and seesaw at a TeV scale. Phenomenologically two TeV-scale Majorana fermions with a small mass split can realize a resonant leptogenesis ... More
Scattering of particles by deformed non-rotating black holesAug 03 2015We study the excitation of axial quasi-normal modes of deformed non-rotating black holes by test-particles and we compare the associated gravitational wave signal with that expected in general relativity from a Schwarzschild black hole. Deviations from ... More
Could a Classical Probability Theory Describe Quantum Systems?Mar 09 2005Sep 12 2008Quantum Mechanics (QM) is a quantum probability theory based on the density matrix. The possibility of applying classical probability theory, which is based on the probability distribution function(PDF), to describe quantum systems is investigated in ... More
Gyroscope Calibration via MagnetometerJul 22 2017Magnetometers, gyroscopes and accelerometers are commonly used sensors in a variety of applications. The paper proposes a novel gyroscope calibration method in the homogeneous magnetic field by the help of magnetometer. It is shown that, with sufficient ... More
Existence and uniqueness of generalized monopoles in six-dimensional non-Abelian gauge theoryMar 07 2010In this paper, we established the existence and uniqueness of the spherically symmetric monopole solutions in SO(5) gauge theory with Higgs scalar fields in the vector representation in six-dimensional Minkowski space-time and obtain sharp asymptotic ... More
Bifurcation of small limit cycles in cubic integrable systems using higher-order analysisAug 25 2017In this paper, we present a method of higher-order analysis on bifurcation of small limit cycles around an elementary center of integrable systems under perturbations. This method is equivalent to higher-order Melinikov function approach used for studying ... More
Resource Buying GamesApr 18 2012In resource buying games a set of players jointly buys a subset of a finite resource set E (e.g., machines, edges, or nodes in a digraph). The cost of a resource e depends on the number (or load) of players using e, and has to be paid completely by the ... More
A Reinforcement Learning Hyper-Heuristic in Multi-Objective Single Point Search with Application to Structural Fault IdentificationOct 29 2018Multi-objective optimizations are frequently encountered in engineering practices. The solution techniques and parametric selections however are usually problem-specific. In this study we formulate a reinforcement learning hyper-heuristic scheme, and ... More
Bifurcation of ten small-amplitude limit cycles by perturbing a quadratic Hamiltonian systemNov 14 2013Jul 20 2017This paper contains two parts. In the first part, we shall study the Abelian integrals for Zoladek's example [13], in which it is claimed the existence integrals of 11 small-amplitude limit cycles around a singular point in a particular cubic vector filed. ... More
Four limit cycles from perturbing quadratic integrable systems by quadratic polynomialsFeb 04 2010In this paper, we give a positive answer to the open question: Can there exist 4 limit cycles in quadratic near-integrable polynomial systems? It is shown that when a quadratic integrable system has two centers and is perturbed by quadratic polynomials, ... More
Nonelectromagnetic duality in twisted N=4 modelApr 09 1997In this paper we discuss the possible existing correlation functions in the N=4 topological model. Due to the distinguished feature that no anomaly exists in N=4 supersymmetric theories, the positive-negative ghost number balance has to be taken into ... More
On a quantum causal stochastic double product integral related to Lévy areaJun 13 2015We study the family of causal double product integrals \begin{equation*} \prod_{a < x < y < b}\left(1 + i{\lambda \over 2}(dP_x dQ_y - dQ_x dP_y) + i {\mu \over 2}(dP_x dP_y + dQ_x dQ_y)\right) \end{equation*} where $P$ and $Q$ are the mutually noncommuting ... More
On the Glide of 3x+1 ProblemOct 04 2017Oct 08 2017For any positive integer $n$, define an iterated function $$ f(n)=\left\{\begin{array}{ll} n/2, & \mbox{$n$ even,} \\ 3n+1, & \mbox{$n$ odd.} \end{array} \right. $$ Suppose $k$ (if it exists) is the lowest number such that $f^{k}(n)<n$, and there are ... More
Lattices and maximum flow algorithms in planar graphsNov 09 2012We show that the left/right relation on the set of s-t-paths of a plane graph induces a so-called submodular lattice. If the embedding of the graph is s-t-planar, this lattice is even consecutive. This implies that Ford and Fulkerson's uppermost path ... More
Rotation of D-brane and Non-commutative GeometryDec 22 1999Our motivation is to find the relationship between the commutator of coordinates and uncertainty relation involving only the coordinates. The boundary condition with constant background field is connected with the rotation of D-brane at general angle. ... More
Nonequilibrium dynamics of the density matrix in chaotic quantum systemsAug 21 2018The nonequilibrium dynamics of generic quantum systems denies a fully understanding up to now, even if the thermalization in the long-time asymptotic state has been explained by the eigenstate thermalization hypothesis which proposes a universal form ... More
The Devil is in the Tails: Regression Discontinuity Design with Measurement Error in the Assignment VariableSep 06 2016Identification in a regression discontinuity (RD) research design hinges on the discontinuity in the probability of treatment when a covariate (assignment variable) exceeds a known threshold. When the assignment variable is measured with error, however, ... More
On the local well-posedness and a Prodi-Serrin type regularity criterion of the three-dimensional MHD-Boussinesq system without thermal diffusionSep 20 2016We prove a Prodi-Serrin-type global regularity condition for the three-dimensional Magnetohydrodynamic-Boussinesq system (3D MHD-Boussinesq) without thermal diffusion, in terms of only two velocity and two magnetic components. This is the first Prodi-Serrin-type ... More
Approximate continuous data assimilation of the 2D Navier-Stokes equations via the Voigt-regularization with observable dataOct 24 2018We propose a data assimilation algorithm for the 2D Navier-Stokes equations, based on the Azouani, Olson, and Titi (AOT) algorithm, but applied to the 2D Navier-Stokes-Voigt equations. Adapting the AOT algorithm to regularized versions of Navier-Stokes ... More
Equivariant Verlinde formula from fivebranes and vorticesJan 06 2015May 30 2016We study complex Chern-Simons theory on a Seifert manifold $M_3$ by embedding it into string theory. We show that complex Chern-Simons theory on $M_3$ is equivalent to a topologically twisted supersymmetric theory and its partition function can be naturally ... More
Modeling edge effects in Graphene Nanoribbon Field-effect Transistors with real and mode space methodsFeb 26 2009A computationally efficient mode space simulation method for atomistic simulation of a graphene nanoribbon field-effect transistor in the ballistic limits is developed. The proposed simulation scheme, which solves the nonequilibrium Green's function coupled ... More
Nonlinear Continuous Data AssimilationMar 10 2017We introduce three new nonlinear continuous data assimilation algorithms. These models are compared with the linear continuous data assimilation algorithm introduced by Azouani, Olson, and Titi (AOT). As a proof-of-concept for these models, we computationally ... More
Face Liveness Detection Based on Client Identity Using Siamese NetworkMar 13 2019Face liveness detection is an essential prerequisite for face recognition applications. Previous face liveness detection methods usually train a binary classifier to differentiate between a fake face and a real face before face recognition. The client ... More
Leptonic Charm DecaysJan 14 2011Jan 17 2011We review the recent experimental results on D and Ds meson leptonic decays from CLEO-c, Belle, and BABAR, which results in the decay constants f_D= (206.7 +- 8.9) MeV and f_Ds= (257.3 +- 5.3) MeV. The latter is an average obtained by the Heavy Flavor ... More
On Beurling's uncertainty principleJun 17 2015Jul 14 2015We generalise a result of Hedenmalm to show that if a function $f$ on $\mathbb{R}$ is such that $\int_{\mathbb{R}^2} \bigl|f(x) \, \hat f(y)\bigr| \,e^{\lambda \left|xy\right|} \,dx\,dy = O( (1-\lambda)^{-N} )$ as $\lambda \to 1-$, then $f$ is the product ... More
The Automorphism Groups for a family of Generalized Weyl AlgebrasOct 14 2016In this paper, we study a family of generalized Weyl algebras $\{\A\}$ and their polynomial extensions. We will show that the algebra $\A$ has a simple localization $\A_{\mathbb{S}}$ when none of $p$ and $q$ is a root of unity. As an application, we determine ... More
The Prime ideal Stratification and The Automorphism Group of $U^{+}_{r,s}(B_{2})$Sep 12 2011Let ${\mathfrak g}$ be a finite dimensional complex simple Lie algebra, and let $r,s\in \mathbb{C}^{\ast}$ be transcendental over $\mathbb{Q}$ such that $r^{m}s^{n}=1$ implies $m=n=0$. We will obtain some basic properties of the two-parameter quantized ... More
(Hopf) Algebra Automorphisms of the Hopf algebra ${\check U}^{\geq 0}_{r,s}({\mathfrak sl_{3}})$Jun 09 2011In this paper, we completely determine the group of algebra automorphisms for the two-parameter Hopf algebra ${\check U}_{r,s}^{\geq 0}({\mathfrak sl_{3}})$. As a result, the group of Hopf algebra automorphisms is determined for $\V$ as well. We further ... More
On Irreducible weight representations of a new deformation $U_{q}(sl_{2})$ of $U(sl_{2})$Oct 29 2006Starting from a Hecke $R-$matrix, Jing and Zhang constructed a new deformation $U_{q}(sl_{2})$ of $U(sl_{2})$, and studied its finite dimensional representations in \cite{JZ}. Especically, this algebra is proved to be just a bialgebra, and all finite ... More
Heegner Point Kolyvagin System and Iwasawa Main ConjectureAug 18 2014Nov 24 2014In this paper we prove an anticyclotomic Iwasawa main conjecture proposed by Perrin-Riou for Heegner points when the global sign is -1, using a recent work of the author on one divisibility of Iwasawa-Greenberg main conjecture for Rankin-Selberg p-adic ... More
Quantum groups, q-Boson algebras and quantized Weyl algebrasApr 01 2010Sep 13 2010We give a unified construction of quantum groups, q-Boson algebras and quantized Weyl algebras and an action of quantum groups on quantized Weyl algebras. This enables us to give a conceptual proof of the semi-simplicity of the category $\mathcal{O}(B_q)$ ... More
Dedekind η-function and quantum groupsMay 02 2012Aug 10 2015We realize some powers of Dedekind $\eta$-function as traces on quantum coordinate algebras.
A Euclid style algorithm for MacMahon's partition analysisAug 30 2012Apr 08 2015Solutions to a linear Diophantine system, or lattice points in a rational convex polytope, are important concepts in algebraic combinatorics and computational geometry. The enumeration problem is fundamental and has been well studied, because it has many ... More
Well-posedness of strong solutions to the anelastic equations for viscous flowsMar 04 2019We address the local and global well-posedness issues of strong solutions to the anelastic equations for viscous flows. The density profile is taken to satisfy physical vacuum singularity, and the interaction of the density profile with the velocity fields ... More
Effective Non-vanishing of Asymptotic Adjoint SyzygiesMar 31 2012Apr 08 2014The purpose of this paper is to establish an effective non-vanishing theorem for the syzygies of an adjoint-type line bundle on a smooth variety, as the positivity of the embedding increases. Our purpose here is to show that for an adjoint type divisor ... More
Improved Online Wilson Score Interval Method for Community Answer Quality RankingSep 04 2018In this paper, a fast and easy-to-deploy method with a strong interpretability for community answer quality ranking is proposed. This method is improved based on the Wilson score interval method [Wilson, 1927], which retains its advantages and simultaneously ... More
Meromorphic cubic differentials and convex projective structuresMar 09 2015Extending the Labourie-Loftin correspondence, we establish, on any punctured oriented surface of finite type, a one-to-one correspondence between convex projective structures with specific types of ends and punctured Riemann surface structures endowed ... More
Mixture Diffusion for Asset PricingOct 05 2016Oct 30 2016This paper proposes a general form of mixture diffusion process to model asset price dynamics, using a mixture of infinite number of parametric diffusions. We show that the underlying asset price dynamics of the risk-neutral distributions can be modeled ... More
Improved Non-Malleable Extractors, Non-Malleable Codes and Independent Source ExtractorsJul 30 2016In this paper we give improved constructions of several central objects in the literature of randomness extraction and tamper-resilient cryptography. Our main results are: (1) An explicit seeded non-malleable extractor with error $\epsilon$ and seed length ... More
Nonlocal Symmetries and Interaction Solutions of the (2+1)-dimensional Higher Order Broer-Kaup SystemMar 17 2016The (2+1)-dimensional higher-order Broer-Kaup (HBK) system is studied by nonlocal symmetry method and consistent tanh expansion (CTE) method in this paper. Some exact interaction solutions among different nonlinear excitations such as solitons, rational ... More
Recent Results on Charm Semileptonic DecaysAug 21 2009We review the recent results on D and D_s meson semileptonic decays from CLEO-c, BABAR, and Belle. Comparisons with lattice quantum chromodynamics (LQCD) calculations and implications for B physics are also discussed.
Charm Semileptonic Decays at CLEO-cJan 14 2011Jan 17 2011We review the recent results on D and Ds meson semileptonic decays from CLEO-c. Comparisons with lattice quantum chromodynamics (LQCD) calculations and implications for B physics are also discussed.
Iwasawa Main Conjecture for Rankin-Selberg $p$-adic $L$-functions: Non-Ordinary CaseDec 04 2014Dec 19 2017In this paper we prove that the $p$-adic $L$-function that interpolates the Rankin-Selberg product of a general weight two modular form which is unramified and non-ordinary at $p$, and an ordinary CM form of higher weight contains the characteristic ideal ... More
Counting Lattice Paths By Gessel PairsSep 15 2004We count a large class of lattice paths by using factorizations of free monoids. Besides the classical lattice paths counting problems related to Catalan numbers, we give a new approach to the problem of counting walks on the slit plane (walks avoid a ... More
Generalized virtual braid groups, quasi-shuffle product and quantum groupsNov 14 2013We introduce in this paper the generalized virtual braid group on n strands GVB_n, generalizing simultaneously the braid groups and their virtual versions. A Mastumoto-Tits type section lifting shuffles in a symmetric group S_n to the monoid associated ... More
Proof of the Somos-4 Hankel Determinants ConjectureDec 06 2007By considering the fundamental equation $x=y-y^2=z-z^3$, Somos conjectured that the Hankel determinants for the generating series $y(z)$ are the Somos-4 numbers. We prove this conjecture by using the quadratic transformation for Hankel determinants of ... More
On the Hilbert geometry of simplicial Tits setsNov 05 2011Jul 11 2014The moduli space of convex projective structures on a simplicial hyperbolic Coxeter orbifold is either a point or the real line. Answering a question of M. Crampon, we prove that in the latter case, when one goes to infinity in the moduli space, the entropy ... More
Statistical Regularity of Apollonian GasketsSep 03 2017Sep 10 2017Apollonian gaskets are formed by repeatedly filling the gaps between three mutually tangent circles with further tangent circles. In this paper we give explicit formulas for the the limiting pair correlation and the limiting nearest neighbor spacing of ... More
Constructing Cartan subalgebras in classifiable stably finite C*-algebrasFeb 04 2018Apr 25 2018We construct Cartan subalgebras in all classifiable stably finite C*-algebras which are unital or stably projectionless with trivial pairing between K-theory and traces.
Highlights from STAROct 24 2012In these proceedings, I highlight some selected results from the STAR experiment that were presented in the Quark Matter 2012 conference.
K-theory for ring C*-algebras attached to function fields with only one infinite placeApr 06 2011We study the K-theory of ring C*-algebras associated to rings of integers in global function fields with only one single infinite place. First, we compute the torsion-free part of the K-groups of these ring C*-algebras. Secondly, we show that, under a ... More
Semigroup C*-algebrasJul 19 2017We give an overview of some recent developments in semigroup C*-algebras.
A genus-4 topological recursion relation for Gromov-Witten invariantsAug 18 2016In this paper, we give a new genus-4 topological recursion relation for Gromov-Witten invariants of compact symplectic manifolds via Pixton's relations on the moduli space of curves. As an application, we prove Pixton's relations imply a known topological ... More
Nonlocal symmetries and conservation laws of the coupled Hirota equationJan 15 2015Using the lax pair, nonlocal symmetry of the coupled Hirota equation is obtained. By introducing an appropriate auxiliary dependent variable the nonlocal symmetry is successfully localized to a Lie point symmetry. For the closed prolongation, one-dimensional ... More
Extended Klein model and a bound on curves with negative self-intersectionOct 26 2016Mar 10 2018Let $S$ be an irreducible smooth projective surface and $\mathcal{F}$ a collection of curves with negative self-intersection on $S$ such that no positive combination $aC_1 + bC_2$ is connected nef. In this paper, we provide an alternate proof that $\mathcal{F}$ ... More
On K-theoretic invariants of semigroup C*-algebras attached to number fieldsDec 13 2012We show that semigroup C*-algebras attached to ax+b-semigroups over rings of integers determine number fields up to arithmetic equivalence, under the assumption that the number fields have the same number of roots of unity. For finite Galois extensions, ... More
The Whittaker-Shintani functions for symplectic groupsNov 15 2012In this note, we give a formula for the Whittaker-Shintani functions for the p-adic symplectic groups, which is a generalization of the Zonal spherical functions and Whittaker functions. We then use the formula to give an alternative proof of a conjecture ... More
Semigroup C*-algebras and amenability of semigroupsMay 27 2011Feb 22 2012We construct reduced and full semigroup C*-algebras for left cancellative semigroups. Our new construction covers particular cases already considered by A. Nica and also Toeplitz algebras attached to rings of integers in number fields due to J. Cuntz. ... More
Nuclearity of semigroup C*-algebras and the connection to amenabilityFeb 29 2012May 11 2012We study C*-algebras associated with subsemigroups of groups. For a large class of such semigroups including positive cones in quasi-lattice ordered groups and left Ore semigroups, we describe the corresponding semigroup C*-algebras as C*-algebras of ... More
A Hamiltonian $\coprod\limits_n BO(n)$-action, stratified Morse theory and the $J$-homomorphismFeb 18 2019Apr 06 2019We use sheaves of spectra to quantize a Hamiltonian $\coprod\limits_n BO(n)$-action on $\varinjlim\limits_{N}T^*\mathbf{R}^N$ that naturally arises from Bott periodicity. We employ the category of correspondences developed in [GaRo] to give an enrichment ... More
Symplectomorphism group of $T^*(G_\mathbb{C}/B)$ and the braid group I: a homotopy equivalence for $G_\mathbb{C}=SL_3(\mathbb{C})$Dec 01 2014Feb 18 2019For a semisimple Lie group $G_\mathbb{C}$ over $\mathbb{C}$, we study the homotopy type of the symplectomorphism group of the cotangent bundle of the flag variety and its relation to the braid group. We prove a homotopy equivalence between the two groups ... More
Linked Ego Networks: Improving Estimate Reliability and Validity with Respondent-driven SamplingMay 09 2012Oct 16 2012Respondent-driven sampling (RDS) is currently widely used for the study of HIV/AIDS-related high risk populations. However, recent studies have shown that traditional RDS methods are likely to generate large variances and may be severely biased since ... More
Semigroup C*-algebras of $ax+b$-semigroupsJun 24 2013We study semigroup C*-algebras of $ax+b$-semigroups over integral domains. The goal is to generalize several results about C*-algebras of $ax+b$-semigroups over rings of algebraic integers. We prove results concerning K-theory and structural properties ... More
Maximal lexicographic spectra and ranks for states with fixed uniform marginsJan 03 2018Nov 27 2018We find the spectrum in maximal lexicographic order for quantum states $\rho_{AB}\in\mathcal{H}_A\otimes \mathcal{H}_B$ with margins $\rho_A=\frac{1}{n}I_n$ and $\rho_B=\frac{1}{m}I_m$ and discuss the construction of $\rho_{AB}$. By nonzero rectangular ... More
Note on non-Abelian two-form gauge fieldsJun 25 2012Aug 14 2012Motivated by application to multiple M5 branes, we study some properties of non-Abelian two-form gauge theories. We note that the fake curvature condition which is commonly used in the literature would restrict the dynamics to be either a free theory ... More
A toy model of open membrane field theory in constant 3-form fluxJan 14 2007Mar 07 2007Based on an explicit computation of the scattering amplitude of four open membranes in a constant 3-form background, we construct a toy model of the field theory for open membranes in the large C field limit. It is a generalization of the noncommutative ... More
Limits of Solutions to a Parabolic Monge-Ampere EquationFeb 01 2008We present the results from our earlier paper (arXiv:math/0602484) on the affine normal flow on noncompact convex hypersurfaces in affine space from a more PDE point of view, emphasizing the estimates involved. Our results concern the limits of solutions ... More
Time-dependent Ginzburg-Landau theory with floating nucleation kernel; FIR conductivity in the Abrikosov vortex latticeSep 10 2009We formulate the time-dependent Ginzburg-Landau theory, with the assumption of local equilibrium made in the reference frame floating with normal electrons. This theory with floating nucleation kernel is applied to the far infrared (FIR) conductivity ... More
Global Strong Solutions for 3D Viscous Incompressible Heat Conducting Navier-Stokes Flows with Non-negative DensityMay 17 2016We are concerned with an initial boundary value problem for the nonhomogeneous heat conducting fluids with non-negative density. First of all, we show that for the initial density allowing vacuum, the strong solution to the problem exists globally if ... More
Iwasawa Main Conjecture for Rankin-Selberg p-adic L-functionsAug 18 2014Jan 07 2018In this paper we prove that the p-adic L-function that interpolates the Rankin-Selberg product of a general modular form and a CM form of higher weight divides the characteristic ideal of the corresponding Selmer group. This is one divisibility of the ... More
A generalized type semigroup and dynamical comparisonFeb 16 2019In this paper, we construct a semigroup associated to an action of countable discrete group on a compact Hausdorff space, that can be regarded as a higher dimensional generalization of the type semigroup. Using this generalized type semigroup we obtain ... More