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On Shimura curves in the Torelli locus of curvesNov 22 2013Dec 02 2013Oort has conjectured that there do not exist Shimura curves lying generically in the Torelli locus of curves of genus $g \geq 8$. We show that there do not exist one-dimensional Shimura families of semi-stable curves of genus $g\geq 5$ of Mumford type. ... More
A Trust-based Pollution Attack Prevention Scheme in Peer-to-Peer Streaming NetworksJul 24 2014Nowadays, peer-to-peer (P2P) streaming systems have become a popular way to deliver multimedia content over the internet due to their low bandwidth requirement, high video streaming quality, and flexibility. However, P2P streaming systems are vulnerable ... More
On the slope of hyperelliptic fibrations with positive relative irregularityNov 28 2013Feb 11 2015Let $f:\, S \to B$ be a locally non-trivial relatively minimal fibration of hyperelliptic curves of genus $g\geq 2$ with relative irregularity $q_f$. We show a sharp lower bound on the slope $\lambda_f$ of $f$. As a consequence, we prove a conjecture ... More
On the Severi type inequalities for irregular surfacesApr 24 2015Apr 27 2015Let $X$ be a minimal surface of general type and maximal Albanese dimension with irregularity $q\geq 2$. We show that $K_X^2\geq 4\chi(\mathcal O_X)+4(q-2)$ if $K_X^2<\frac92\chi(\mathcal O_X)$, and also obtain the characterization of the equality. As ... More
The Oort conjecture on Shimura curves in the Torelli locus of curvesMay 19 2014Aug 18 2014Oort has conjectured that there do not exist Shimura curves contained generically in the Torelli locus of genus-$g$ curves when $g$ is large enough. In this paper we prove the Oort conjecture for Shimura curves of Mumford type and Shimura curves parameterizing ... More
On the slope conjecture of Barja and Stoppino for fibred surfacesApr 23 2015Let $f:\,S \to B$ be a locally non-trivial relatively minimal fibration of genus $g\geq 2$ with relative irregularity $q_f$. It was conjectured by Barja and Stoppino that the slope $\lambda_f\geq \frac{4(g-1)}{g-q_f}$. We prove the conjecture when $q_f$ ... More
On the Oort conjecture for Shimura varieties of unitary and orthogonal typesOct 21 2014Jul 27 2015In this paper we study the Oort conjecture on Shimura subvarieties contained generically in the Torelli locus in the Siegel modular variety $\mathcal{A}_g$. Using the poly-stability of Higgs bundles on curves and the slope inequality of Xiao on fibred ... More
Incentive Mechanisms for Motivating Mobile Data Offloading in Heterogeneous Networks: A Salary-Plus-Bonus ApproachFeb 08 2018In this paper, a salary-plus-bonus incentive mechanism is proposed to motivate WiFi Access Points (APs) to provide data offloading service for mobile network operators (MNOs). Under the proposed salary-plus-bonus scheme, WiFi APs are rewarded not only ... More
Full-Duplex Wireless-Powered Communication Network with Energy CausalityApr 02 2014In this paper, we consider a wireless communication network with a full-duplex hybrid access point (HAP) and a set of wireless users with energy harvesting capabilities. The HAP implements the full-duplex through two antennas: one for broadcasting wireless ... More
Price-Based Resource Allocation for Spectrum-Sharing Femtocell Networks: A Stackelberg Game ApproachMar 11 2011This paper investigates the price-based resource allocation strategies for the uplink transmission of a spectrum-sharing femtocell network, in which a central macrocell is underlaid with distributed femtocells, all operating over the same frequency band ... More
A note on Shimura subvarieties in the hyperelliptic Torelli locusApr 21 2015We prove the non-existence of Shimura subvarieties of positive dimension contained generically in the hyperelliptic Torelli locus for curves of genus at least 8, which is an analogue of Oort's conjecture in the hyperelliptic case.
Finiteness of hyperelliptic and superelliptic curves with CM JacobiansNov 25 2016In this paper we study the Coleman-Oort conjecture for superelliptic curves, i.e., curves defined by affine equations $y^n=F(x)$ with $F$ a separable polynomial. We prove that up to isomorphism there are at most finitely many superelliptic curves of fixed ... More
Singular Fibers and Kodaira DimensionsOct 25 2016Let $f:\,X \to \mathbb{P}^1$ be a non-isotrivial semi-stable family of varieties of dimension $m$ over $\mathbb{P}^1$ with $s$ singular fibers. Assume that the smooth fibers $F$ are minimal, i.e., their canonical line bundles are semiample. Then $\kappa(X)\leq ... More
On Higgs bundles over Shimura varieties of ball quotient typeOct 25 2016We prove the generic exclusion of certain Shimura varieties of unitary and orthogonal types from the Torelli locus. The proof relies on a slope inequality on surface fibration due to G. Xiao, and the main result implies that certain Shimura varieties ... More
Next-to-Leading QCD Factorization for Semi-Inclusive Deep Inelastic Scattering at Twist-4Oct 24 2013Mar 14 2014Within the framework of a high-twist approach, we calculate the next-to-leading order (NLO) perturbative QCD corrections to the transverse momentum broadening in semi-inclusive hadron production in deeply inelastic $e+A$ collisions, as well as lepton ... More
Optimizing DF Cognitive Radio Networks with Full-Duplex-Enabled Energy Access PointsNov 16 2016With the recent advances in radio frequency (RF) energy harvesting (EH) technologies, wireless powered cooperative cognitive radio network (CCRN) has drawn an upsurge of interest for improving the spectrum utilization with incentive to motivate joint ... More
Cost minimization for fading channels with energy harvesting and conventional energyApr 04 2014In this paper, we investigate resource allocation strategies for a point-to-point wireless communications system with hybrid energy sources consisting of an energy harvester and a conventional energy source. In particular, as an incentive to promote the ... More
On the minimal number of singular fibers with non-compact Jacobians for families of curves over $\mathbb P^1$Sep 23 2014Let $f:X \to \mathbb{P}^1$ be a non-isotrivial family of semi-stable curves of genus $g\geq 1$ defined over an algebraically closed field $k$ with $s_{nc}$ singular fibers whose Jacobians are non-compact. We prove that $s_{nc}\geq 5$ if $k=\mathbb C$ ... More
Transverse momentum broadening at NLO and QCD evolution of $\hat q$Jul 31 2014Within the framework of a high-twist approach, we show the first complete next-to-leading order calculation of transverse momentum broadening in semi-inclusive deeply inelastic $e+A$ scattering and Drell-Yan dilepton production in $p+A$ collisions. We ... More
Mobile Data Offloading through A Third-Party WiFi Access Point: An Operator's PerspectiveAug 22 2014WiFi offloading is regarded as one of the most promising techniques to deal with the explosive data increase in cellular networks due to its high data transmission rate and low requirement on devices. In this paper, we investigate the mobile data offloading ... More
Ergodic Sum-Rate Maximization for Fading Cognitive Multiple Access Channels without Successive Interference CancellationMar 03 2014In this paper, the ergodic sum-rate of a fading cognitive multiple access channel (C-MAC) is studied, where a secondary network (SN) with multiple secondary users (SUs) transmitting to a secondary base station (SBS) shares the spectrum band with a primary ... More
Band renormalization and Fermi surface reconstruction in iron-based superconductorsJan 07 2009Using the fluctuation exchange approximation and a three-orbital model, we study the band renormalization, Fermi surface reconstruction and the superconducting pairing symmetry in the newly-discovered iron-based superconductors. We find that the inter-orbital ... More
Transverse momentum broadening in semi-inclusive deep inelastic scattering at next-to-leading orderSep 04 2014Within the framework of higher-twist collinear factorization, transverse momentum broadening for the final hadrons in semi-inclusive deeply inelastic $e+A$ collisions is studied at the next-to-leading order (NLO) in perturbative QCD. Through explicit ... More
Incentive Mechanism Design for Heterogeneous Peer-to-Peer Networks: A Stackelberg Game ApproachJul 24 2014With high scalability, high video streaming quality, and low bandwidth requirement, peer-to-peer (P2P) systems have become a popular way to exchange files and deliver multimedia content over the internet. However, current P2P systems are suffering from ... More
Optimal Power Allocation for Fading Channels in Cognitive Radio Networks: Ergodic Capacity and Outage CapacityAug 27 2008Aug 28 2008A cognitive radio network (CRN) is formed by either allowing the secondary users (SUs) in a secondary communication network (SCN) to opportunistically operate in the frequency bands originally allocated to a primary communication network (PCN) or by allowing ... More
Next-to-leading order transverse momentum broadening for Drell-Yan production in p+A collisionsMay 23 2016We present the nuclear transverse momentum broadening for Drell-Yan lepton pair production in p+A collisions at next-to-leading order (NLO) in powers of strong coupling constant $\alpha_s$. We verify that the transverse momentum weighted differential ... More
Localize energy in random media: A new phase stateNov 08 2000This Letter reports a new wave phenomenon. We show that wave energy can be stored in random media. Associated with such energy storage is a global collective behavior. The features depicted are so general that they may be observed in many random systems. ... More
A renormalizable supersymmetric SO(10) modelApr 08 2015Jun 03 2015A realistic grand unified model has never been constructed in the literature due to three major difficulties: the seesaw mechanism without spoiling gauge coupling unification, the doublet-triplet splitting and the proton decay suppression. We propose ... More
ESE: Efficient Speech Recognition Engine with Compressed LSTM on FPGADec 01 2016Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) is widely used in speech recognition. In order to achieve higher prediction accuracy, machine learning scientists have built larger and larger models. Such large model is both computation intensive and memory intensive. Deploying ... More
Asteroseismic analysis of the CoRoT target HD49933Nov 25 2013Dec 05 2013The frequency ratios and of HD 49933 exhibit an increase at high frequencies. This behavior also exists in the ratios of other stars, which is considered to result from the low signal-to-noise ratio and the larger line width at the high-frequency end ... More
A note on the characteristic $p$ nonabelian Hodge theory in the geometric caseFeb 17 2012Oct 24 2012We provide a construction of associating a de Rham subbundle to a Higgs subbundle in characteristic $p$ in the geometric case. As applications, we obtain a Higgs semistability result and a $W_2$-unliftable result.
Origins of the Isospin Violation of Dark Matter InteractionsJul 18 2011Nov 06 2012Light dark matter (DM) with a large DM-nucleon spin-independent cross section and furthermore proper isospin violation (ISV) $f_n/f_p\approx-0.7$ may provide a way to understand the confusing DM direct detection results. Combing with the stringent astrophysical ... More
Structural and electronic properties of uranium-encapsulated Au14 cageDec 26 2013The structural properties of the uranium-encapsulated nano-cage U@Au14 are predicted using density functional theory. The presence of the uranium atom makes the Au14 structure more stable than the empty Au14-cage, with a triplet ground electronic state ... More
A renormalizable supersymmetric SO(10) model with natural doublet-triplet splittingOct 21 2014Dec 08 2014We propose a renormalizable supersymmetric SO(10) model where the doublet-triplet splitting problem is solved using the Dimopoulos-Wilczek mechanism. An unwanted coupling is forbidden through a filter sector. To suppress proton decay without spoiling ... More
Review of the three candidate hohlraums in ICFAug 07 2016In this paper, we give a review of three hohlraum geometries, including cylindrical, octahedral and six-cylinder-port hohlraums, in inertial confinement fusion (ICF) mainly from theoretical side. Every hohlraum has its own strengths and weaknesses. Although ... More
Interfacial Control of Dzyaloshinskii Moriya Interaction in Heavy Metal_Ferromagnetic Metal Thin Film HeterostructuresNov 05 2016The interfacial Dzyaloshinskii Moriya Interaction (DMI) in ultrathin magnetic thin film heterostructures provides a new approach for controlling spin textures on mesoscopic length scales. Here we investigate the dependence of the interfacial DMI constant ... More
Stellar Parameters of Main Sequence Turn-off Star Candidates Observed with the LAMOST and KeplerSep 19 2016Main sequence turn-off (MSTO) stars have advantages as indicators of Galactic evolution since their ages could be robustly estimated from atmospheric parameters. Hundreds of thousands of MSTO stars have been selected from the LAMOST Galactic sur- vey ... More
The Supersymmetric Standard Models with Decay and Stable Dark MattersJan 19 2010Aug 31 2010We propose two supersymmetric Standard Models (SMs) with decaying and stable dark matter (DM) particles. To explain the SM fermion masses and mixings and have a heavy decay DM particle S, we consider the Froggatt-Nielsen mechanism by introducing an anomalous ... More
Exact Simulation of Wishart Multidimensional Stochastic Volatility ModelSep 02 2013In this article, we propose an exact simulation method of the Wishart multidimensional stochastic volatility (WMSV) model, which was recently introduced by Da Fonseca et al. \cite{DGT08}. Our method is based onanalysis of the conditional characteristic ... More
A remote response of ATP hydrolysisApr 28 2013ATP-hydrolysis is the basic energy source of many physiological processes, but there is a lack of knowledge regarding its biological role other than energy transfer and thermogenesis. Not all the energy released by ATP-hydrolysis could be used in powering ... More
The Whittaker-Shintani functions for symplectic groupsNov 15 2012In this note, we give a formula for the Whittaker-Shintani functions for the p-adic symplectic groups, which is a generalization of the Zonal spherical functions and Whittaker functions. We then use the formula to give an alternative proof of a conjecture ... More
Semigroup C*-algebras of $ax+b$-semigroupsJun 24 2013We study semigroup C*-algebras of $ax+b$-semigroups over integral domains. The goal is to generalize several results about C*-algebras of $ax+b$-semigroups over rings of algebraic integers. We prove results concerning K-theory and structural properties ... More
Nuclearity of semigroup C*-algebras and the connection to amenabilityFeb 29 2012May 11 2012We study C*-algebras associated with subsemigroups of groups. For a large class of such semigroups including positive cones in quasi-lattice ordered groups and left Ore semigroups, we describe the corresponding semigroup C*-algebras as C*-algebras of ... More
Linked Ego Networks: Improving Estimate Reliability and Validity with Respondent-driven SamplingMay 09 2012Oct 16 2012Respondent-driven sampling (RDS) is currently widely used for the study of HIV/AIDS-related high risk populations. However, recent studies have shown that traditional RDS methods are likely to generate large variances and may be severely biased since ... More
An efficient search algorithm for inverting the sweep map on rational Dyck pathsMay 04 2015Given a coprime pair $(m,n)$ of positive integers, rational $(m,n)$-Dyck paths are lattice paths in the $m\times n$ rectangle that never go below the diagonal. The sweep map of a rational $(m,n)$-Dyck paths $D$ is the rational Dyck path $\Phi(D)$ obtained ... More
On K-theoretic invariants of semigroup C*-algebras attached to number fieldsDec 13 2012We show that semigroup C*-algebras attached to ax+b-semigroups over rings of integers determine number fields up to arithmetic equivalence, under the assumption that the number fields have the same number of roots of unity. For finite Galois extensions, ... More
Leptonic Charm DecaysJan 14 2011Jan 17 2011We review the recent experimental results on D and Ds meson leptonic decays from CLEO-c, Belle, and BABAR, which results in the decay constants f_D= (206.7 +- 8.9) MeV and f_Ds= (257.3 +- 5.3) MeV. The latter is an average obtained by the Heavy Flavor ... More
The Ring of Malcev-Neumann Series and the Residue TheoremMay 07 2004We develop a theory of the field of double Laurent series, iterated Laurent series, and Malcev-Neumann series that applies to most constant term evaluation problems. These include (i) MacMahon's partition analysis, counting solutions of systems of linear ... More
KPP Front Speeds in Random Shears and the Parabolic Anderson ProblemDec 19 2002We study the asymptotics of front speeds of the reaction-diffusion equations with Kolmogorov-Petrovsky-Piskunov (KPP) nonlinearity and zero mean stationary ergodic Gaussian shear advection on the entire plane. By exploiting connections of KPP front speeds ... More
Single/Double-Spin Asymmetry Measurements of Semi-Inclusive Pion Electroproduction on a Transversely Polarized 3He Target through Deep Inelastic ScatteringJun 07 2012Jun 21 2012Parton distribution functions, which represent the flavor and spin structure of the nucleon, provide invaluable information in illuminating quantum chromodynamics in the confinement region. Among various processes that measure such parton distribution ... More
The Automorphism Groups for a family of Generalized Weyl AlgebrasOct 14 2016In this paper, we study a family of generalized Weyl algebras $\{\A\}$ and their polynomial extensions. We will show that the algebra $\A$ has a simple localization $\A_{\mathbb{S}}$ when none of $p$ and $q$ is a root of unity. As an application, we determine ... More
The Prime ideal Stratification and The Automorphism Group of $U^{+}_{r,s}(B_{2})$Sep 12 2011Let ${\mathfrak g}$ be a finite dimensional complex simple Lie algebra, and let $r,s\in \mathbb{C}^{\ast}$ be transcendental over $\mathbb{Q}$ such that $r^{m}s^{n}=1$ implies $m=n=0$. We will obtain some basic properties of the two-parameter quantized ... More
(Hopf) Algebra Automorphisms of the Hopf algebra ${\check U}^{\geq 0}_{r,s}({\mathfrak sl_{3}})$Jun 09 2011In this paper, we completely determine the group of algebra automorphisms for the two-parameter Hopf algebra ${\check U}_{r,s}^{\geq 0}({\mathfrak sl_{3}})$. As a result, the group of Hopf algebra automorphisms is determined for $\V$ as well. We further ... More
On Whittaker modules over a class of algebras similar to $U(sl_{2})$Oct 29 2006Motivated by the study of invariant rings of finite groups on the first Weyl algebras $A_{1}$ (\cite{AHV}) and finding interesting families of new noetherian rings, a class of algebras similar to $U(sl_{2})$ were introduced and studied by Smith in \cite{S}. ... More
On Irreducible weight representations of a new deformation $U_{q}(sl_{2})$ of $U(sl_{2})$Oct 29 2006Starting from a Hecke $R-$matrix, Jing and Zhang constructed a new deformation $U_{q}(sl_{2})$ of $U(sl_{2})$, and studied its finite dimensional representations in \cite{JZ}. Especically, this algebra is proved to be just a bialgebra, and all finite ... More
Effective Non-vanishing of Asymptotic Adjoint SyzygiesMar 31 2012Apr 08 2014The purpose of this paper is to establish an effective non-vanishing theorem for the syzygies of an adjoint-type line bundle on a smooth variety, as the positivity of the embedding increases. Our purpose here is to show that for an adjoint type divisor ... More
A Euclid style algorithm for MacMahon's partition analysisAug 30 2012Apr 08 2015Solutions to a linear Diophantine system, or lattice points in a rational convex polytope, are important concepts in algebraic combinatorics and computational geometry. The enumeration problem is fundamental and has been well studied, because it has many ... More
A new approach to recent constructions of C*-algebras from modular index theoryAug 18 2014We present a new approach to C*-algebras recently constructed in the context of modular index theory by Carey, Phillips, Putnam and Rennie. It turns out that their constructions can be identified with full corners of ideals in semigroup C*-algebras. This ... More
Mixture Diffusion for Asset PricingOct 05 2016Oct 12 2016This paper proposes a general form of mixture diffusion process to model asset price dynamics, using a mixture of infinite number of parametric diffusions. We show that the underlying asset price dynamics of the risk-neutral probability density distributions ... More
Single Electron Transverse Momentum and Azimuthal Anisotropy Distributions: Charm Hadron Production at RHICSep 08 2005Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD) is a basic gauge field theory to describe strong interactions. Lattice QCD calculations predict a phase transition from hadronic matter to a deconfined, locally thermalized Quark-Gluon Plasma (QGP) state at high temperature ... More
Heavy Flavor Results at RHIC - A Comparative OverviewOct 24 2012I review the latest heavy flavor measurements at RHIC experiments. Measurements from RHIC together with preliminary results from LHC offer us an opportunity to systematically study the sQGP medium properties. In the end, I will outlook a prospective future ... More
Influence of awareness that results from direct experience on the spread of epidemicsNov 15 2016Here we study ODE epidemic models with spread of awareness, assuming that a certain proportion of the hosts will become aware of the ongoing outbreak upon recovery. This study builds on W. Just and J. Saldana's work in [1], and is conducted under the ... More
Rank complement of rational Dyck paths and conjugation of $(m,n)$-core partitionsApr 08 2015Apr 21 2015Given a coprime pair $(m,n)$ of positive integers, rational Catalan numbers $\frac{1}{m+n} \binom{m+n}{m,n}$ counts two combinatorial objects:rational $(m,n)$-Dyck paths are lattice paths in the $m\times n$ rectangle that never go below the diagonal; ... More
On K-theoretic invariants of semigroup C*-algebras attached to number fields, Part IIMar 05 2015This paper continues the study of K-theoretic invariants for semigroup C*-algebras attached to ax+b-semigroups over rings of algebraic integers in number fields. We show that from the semigroup C*-algebra together with its canonical commutative subalgebra, ... More
Recent Results on Charm Semileptonic DecaysAug 21 2009We review the recent results on D and D_s meson semileptonic decays from CLEO-c, BABAR, and Belle. Comparisons with lattice quantum chromodynamics (LQCD) calculations and implications for B physics are also discussed.
Charm Semileptonic Decays at CLEO-cJan 14 2011Jan 17 2011We review the recent results on D and Ds meson semileptonic decays from CLEO-c. Comparisons with lattice quantum chromodynamics (LQCD) calculations and implications for B physics are also discussed.
Meromorphic cubic differentials and convex projective structuresMar 09 2015Extending the Labourie-Loftin correspondence, we establish, on any punctured oriented surface of finite type, a one-to-one correspondence between convex projective structures with specific types of ends and punctured Riemann surface structures endowed ... More
Mixture Diffusion for Asset PricingOct 05 2016Oct 30 2016This paper proposes a general form of mixture diffusion process to model asset price dynamics, using a mixture of infinite number of parametric diffusions. We show that the underlying asset price dynamics of the risk-neutral distributions can be modeled ... More
Improved Non-Malleable Extractors, Non-Malleable Codes and Independent Source ExtractorsJul 30 2016In this paper we give improved constructions of several central objects in the literature of randomness extraction and tamper-resilient cryptography. Our main results are: (1) An explicit seeded non-malleable extractor with error $\epsilon$ and seed length ... More
Highlights from STAROct 24 2012In these proceedings, I highlight some selected results from the STAR experiment that were presented in the Quark Matter 2012 conference.
K-theory for ring C*-algebras attached to function fields with only one infinite placeApr 06 2011We study the K-theory of ring C*-algebras associated to rings of integers in global function fields with only one single infinite place. First, we compute the torsion-free part of the K-groups of these ring C*-algebras. Secondly, we show that, under a ... More
Longitudinal RF capture simulation and BPM signal estimationNov 06 2016Nov 16 2016In this paper, the theoretical aspects behind longitudinal RF capture are reviewed and the capture process is simulated via a program based on this theory. Four kinds of cases with different initial distribution and capture curve are considered, i.e. ... More
On reversible maps and symmetric periodic pointsOct 15 2014In reversible dynamical systems, it is frequently of importance to understand symmetric features. The aim of this paper is to explore symmetric periodic points of reversible maps on planar domains invariant under a reflection. We extend Franks' theorem ... More
The Consistency of Partial Observability for PDEsNov 24 2011In this paper, a new definition of observability is introduced for PDEs. It is a quantitative measure of partial observability. The quantity is proved to be consistent if approximated using well posed approximation schemes. A first order approximation ... More
On coated inclusions neutral to bulk strain fields in two dimensionsJan 19 2016Jan 28 2016The neutral inclusion problem in two dimensional isotropic elasticity is considered. The neutral inclusion, when inserted in a matrix having a uniform applied field, does not disturb the field outside the inclusion. The inclusion consists of the core ... More
Diffusive shock acceleration with magnetic field amplification and Alfvenic driftSep 24 2012We explore how wave-particle interactions affect diffusive shock acceleration (DSA) at astrophysical shocks by performing time-dependent kinetic simulations, in which phenomenological models for magnetic field amplification (MFA), Alfvenic drift, thermal ... More
Permanence of a general discrete-time two-species-interaction model with non-monotonic per capita growth ratesFeb 28 2011Combined with all density-dependent factors, the per capita growth rate of a species may be non-monotonic. One important consequence is that species may suffer from weak Allee effects or strong Allee effects. In this paper, we study the permanence of ... More
Dynamics of a generalized Beverton-Holt competition model subject to Allee effectsMay 21 2015We propose and study {a generalized Beverton-Holt competition model} subject to Allee effects to obtain insights on how the interplay of Allee effects and contest competition affects the persistence and the extinction of two competing species. By using ... More
Bulk Cluster Decomposition in AdS/CFT and A No-Go Theorem for Correlators in Microstates of Extremal Black HolesMay 13 2013May 19 2013Applying the thermo-field double formalism to extremal black holes in AdS with a macroscopic horizon, we show that (1) there exists a natural basis for the degenerate microstates of an extremal black hole, and (2) cluster decomposition in the bulk implies ... More
Local Geometric Phase and Quantum State Tomography in a Superconducting QubitMar 28 2013We investigate quantum state reconstruction of a superconducting qubit threaded by an Aharonov-Bohm flux, with particular attention to the local geometric phase. A state reconstruction scheme is introduced with a proper account of the local geometric ... More
Decoherence of the Kondo Singlet via a Quantum Point Contact DetectorJan 29 2005We investigate the effect of the charge state measurement of the Kondo singlet for a quantum dot transistor via a capacitively coupled quantum point contact detector. By employing the variational ansatz for the singlet ground state of the quantum dot ... More
Parity Effect in a mesoscopic superconducting ringMay 22 2000We study a mesoscopic superconducting ring threaded by a magnetic flux when the single particle level spacing is not negligible. It is shown that, for a superconducting ring with even parity, the behavior of persistent current is equivalent to what is ... More
Proposed test of Aharonov-Bohm type nonlocality and single particle interference without a loopDec 09 2015Mar 16 2016We propose a quantitative test of the quantum nonlocality in the electromagnetic interaction that generates the Aharonov-Bohm effect. For this purpose, we derive an interaction Lagrangian based on the local action of gauge-invariant quantities only, and ... More
Lebesgue approximation of $(2,β)$-superprocessesJan 31 2012Feb 01 2012Let $\xi=(\xi_t)$ be a locally finite $(2,\beta)$-superprocess in $\RR^d$ with $\beta<1$ and $d>2/\beta$. Then for any fixed $t>0$, the random measure $\xi_t$ can be a.s. approximated by suitably normalized restrictions of Lebesgue measure to the $\varepsilon$-neighborhoods ... More
Quasi-isometry, Kakutani equivalence, and applications to cohomologyApr 25 2016Oct 11 2016We show that two finitely generated groups are quasi-isometric if and only if there exist Kakutani equivalent topologically free systems of these groups on compact spaces. As applications, we deduce isomorphism results for group homology, cohomology and ... More
Generalized Matsumoto-Tits sections and quantum quasi-shuffle algebrasMay 27 2016In this paper generalized Matsumoto-Tits sections lifting permutations to the algebra associated to a generalized virtual braid monoid are defined. They are then applied to study the defining relations of the quantum quasi-shuffle algebras via the total ... More
A blow-up criterion for strong solutions to three-dimensional compressible magnetohydrodynamic equationsMar 28 2016Mar 31 2016We are concerned with an initial boundary value problem for the compressible magnetohydrodynamic equations with viscosity depending on the density. It is show that for the initial density away from vacuum, the strong solution to the problem exists globally ... More
Symplectomorphism group of $T^*(G_\mathbb{C}/B)$ and the braid group I: a homotopy equivalence for $G_\mathbb{C}=SL_3(\mathbb{C})$Dec 01 2014Oct 02 2016For a semisimple Lie group $G_\mathbb{C}$ over $\mathbb{C}$, we study the homotopy type of the symplectomorphism group of the cotangent bundle of the flag variety and its relation to the braid group. We prove a homotopy equivalence between the two groups ... More
Iwasawa Main Conjecture for Rankin-Selberg p-adic L-functionsAug 18 2014In this paper we prove that the p-adic L-function that interpolates the Rankin-Selberg product of a general modular form and a CM form of higher weight divides the characteristic ideal of the corresponding Selmer group. This is one divisibility of the ... More
Iwasawa Main Conjecture for Rankin-Selberg $p$-adic $L$-functions: Non-Ordinary CaseDec 04 2014In this paper we prove that the $p$-adic $L$-function that interpolates the Rankin-Selberg product of a general weight two modular form which is unramified and non-ordinary at $p$, and an ordinary CM form of higher weight contains the characteristic ideal ... More
Open Charm Production at RHICSep 30 2005Recent experimental measurements on open charm production in proton-proton, proton (deuteron)-nucleus and nucleus-nucleus collisions at RHIC are reviewed. A comparison with theoretical predictions is made. Some unsettled issues in open charm production ... More
On Representation of Integers from Thin Subgroups of SL(2,Z) with ParabolicsOct 03 2016Oct 05 2016Let $\Lambda<SL(2,\mathbb{Z})$ be a finitely generated, non-elementary Fuchsian group of the second kind, and $v, w$ be two primitive vectors in $\mathbb{Z}^2-(0,0)$. We consider the set $\mathcal{S}=\{\langle {v}\gamma,{w}\rangle_{\mathbb{R}^2}:\gamma\in\Lambda\}$, ... More
A Fast Algorithm for MacMahon's Partition AnalysisAug 27 2004This paper deals with evaluating constant terms of a special class of rational functions, the Elliott-rational functions. The constant term of such a function can be read off immediately from its partial fraction decomposition. We combine the theory of ... More
A Fast Algorithm for Partial Fraction DecompositionsAug 14 2004We obtain two new algorithms for partial fraction decompositions; the first is over algebraically closed fields, and the second is over general fields. These algorithms takes $O(M^2)$ time, where $M$ is the degree of the denominator of the rational function. ... More
Parallel Coordinates Guided High Dimensional Transfer Function DesignMay 20 2013Nov 03 2013High-dimensional transfer function design is widely used to provide appropriate data classification for direct volume rendering of various datasets. However, its design is a complicated task. Parallel coordinate plot (PCP), as a powerful visualization ... More
Diffusion Approximations for Double-ended Queues with Reneging in Heavy TrafficJul 06 2016Jul 15 2016We study a double-ended queue which consists of two classes of customers. Whenever there is a pair of customers from both classes, they are matched and leave the system immediately. The matching follows first-come-first-serve principle. If a customer ... More
On W_2 lifting of Frobenius of Algebraic SurfacesSep 03 2013We completely decide which minimal algebraic surfaces in positive characteristics allow a lifting of their Frobenius over the trucated witt rings of lengh 2.
On Zeilberger's Constant Term for Andrews' TSSCPP TheoremJun 24 2011This paper studies Zeilberger's two prized constant term identities. For one of the identities, Zeilberger asked for a simple proof that may give rise to a simple proof of Andrews theorem for the number of totally symmetric self complementary plane partitions. ... More
Ring C*-algebrasMay 29 2009We associate reduced and full C*-algebras to arbitrary rings and study the inner structure of these ring C*-algebras. As a result, we obtain conditions for them to be purely infinite and simple. We also discuss several examples. Originially, our motivation ... More
Singularity formation to the Cauchy problem of the two-dimensional non-baratropic magnetohydrodynamic equations without heat conductivityJan 28 2018We study the breakdown of strong solutions to the two-dimensional (2D) Cauchy problem of the non-baratropic compressible magnetohydrodynamic equations without heat conductivity. It is proved that the strong solution exists globally if the gradient of ... More