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The least signless Laplacian eigenvalue of the complements of bicyclic graphsJul 10 2019Suppose that $G$ is a connected simple graph with the vertex set $V(G)=\{v_1, v_2,\cdots,v_n\}$. Then the adjacency matrix of $G$ is $A(G)=(a_{ij})_{n\times n}$, where $a_{ij}=1$ if $v_i$ is adjacent to $v_j$, and otherwise $a_{ij}=0$. The degree matrix ... More
Star-factors of tournamentsJul 03 1998Let S_m denote the m-vertex simple digraph formed by m-1 edges with a common tail. Let f(m) denote the minimum n such that every n-vertex tournament has a spanning subgraph consisting of n/m disjoint copies of S_m. We prove that m lg m - m lg lg m <= ... More
Tunable ultra-high-efficiency light absorption of monolayer graphene using critical coupling with guided resonanceSep 07 2017We numerically demonstrate a novel monolayer graphene-based perfect absorption multi-layer photonic structure by the mechanism of critical coupling with guided resonance, in which the absorption of graphene can significantly close to 99% at telecommunication ... More
Analysis of beauty-full bb\bar{b}\bar{b} stateJan 31 2019Motivated by the searching for $bb\bar{b}\bar{b}$ states at LHC recently, we calculate the ground-state energies of $bb\bar{b}\bar{b}$ states with quantum numbers $IJ^P=00^+,01^+,02^+$ in a nonrelativistic chiral quark model using the Gaussian expansion ... More
Active control of electromagnetically induced transparency analogue in all-dielectric metamaterials loaded with grapheneAug 22 2018Electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT) analogue in all-dielectric metamaterials with a high quality factor provides an effective route to enhance light-matter interaction at the nanoscale. In particular, the active control applied to it enables ... More
Is the exotic $X(5568)$ a bound state?Apr 19 2016Stimulated by the recent observation of the exotic $X(5568)$ state by D0 Collaboration, we study the four-quark system $us\bar{b}\bar{d}$ with quantum numbers $J^P=0^+$ in the framework of chiral quark model. Two structures, diquark-antidiquark and meson-meson, ... More
searches for ud\bar{s}\bar{b} in the chiral quark modelJul 27 2018Inspired by the report of D0 Collaboration on the state $X(5568)$ with four different flavors, a similar state, $ud\bar{s}\bar{b}$ is investigated in the present work. The advantage of looking for this state over the state $X(5568)$ with quark contents, ... More
Some remarks on Einstein-Randers metricsMay 31 2017Jun 07 2017In this essay, we study the sufficient and necessary conditions for a Randers metrc to be of constant Ricci curvature without the restriction of strong convexity (regularity). The classification result for the case $\|\beta\|_{\alpha}>1$ is provided, ... More
Approaching perfect absorption of monolayer molybdenum disulfide at visible wavelengths using critical couplingFeb 02 2018A simple perfect absorption structure is proposed to achieve the high efficiency light absorption of monolayer molybdenum disulfide (MoS 2 ) by the critical coupling mechanism of guided resonances. The results of numerical simulation and theoretical analysis ... More
Depth-Aware Video Frame InterpolationApr 01 2019Video frame interpolation aims to synthesize nonexistent frames in-between the original frames. While significant advances have been made from the recent deep convolutional neural networks, the quality of interpolation is often reduced due to large object ... More
Strong interaction between graphene layer and Fano resonance in terahertz metamaterialsFeb 03 2017Mar 22 2017Graphene has emerged as a promising building block in the modern optics and optoelectronics due to its novel optical and electrical properties. In the mid-infrared and terahertz (THz) regime, graphene behaves like metals and supports surface plasmon resonances ... More
Tunable anisotropic perfect absorption in hyperbolic metamaterials based on black phosphorous/dielectric multilayer structuresJun 04 2018Black phosphorus (BP) as a promising two-dimensional material with extraordinary optical properties constitutes an excellent building block in multilayer hyperbolic metamaterials. In this work, we design a multilayer hyperbolic structure composed of BP/dielectric ... More
$Apart: A Generalized Mathematica Apart FunctionApr 11 2012Aug 20 2012We have generalized the \textsc{Mathematica} function \texttt{Apart} from 1 to $N$ dimension, the generalized function \texttt{\$Apart} can decompose any linear dependent elements in $\mathcal{V}_{x}^*$ to irreducible ones. The elements in $\mathcal{V}_{x}^*$ ... More
Study of the NWC electrons belt observed on DEMETER SatelliteDec 07 2010Aug 20 2011We analyzed observation data collected by the Instrument for the Detection of Particles (IDP) on board of DEMETER satellite during the period of total seventeen months in 2007 and 2008. In the meantime, the VLF transmitter located at NWC ground station ... More
Automated One-loop Computation in Quarkonium Process within NRQCD FrameworkJul 22 2013In last decades, it has been realized that the next-to-leading order corrections may become very important, and sometimes requisite, for some processes involving quarkoinum production or decay, e.g., $e^+e^- \to J/\psi + \eta_c$ and $J/\psi \to 3\gamma$. ... More
Attacking Strategies and Temporal Analysis Involving Facebook Discussion GroupsFeb 13 2018Online social network (OSN) discussion groups are exerting significant effects on political dialogue. In the absence of access control mechanisms, any user can contribute to any OSN thread. Individuals can exploit this characteristic to execute targeted ... More
Self-Awareness of Cloud ApplicationsNov 01 2016Cloud applications today deliver an increasingly larger portion of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) services. To address the scale, growth, and reliability of cloud applications, self-aware management and scheduling are becoming commonplace. ... More
Common dependence on earthquake magnitudes for the trapped particles bursts approaching the earthquakeNov 08 2012Nov 17 2012Trapped particles bursts have long been observed to be frequently occurred several hours before earthquakes, especially for strong earthquakes, from several space experiments during past decades. However, the validity of earthquake origin of particles ... More
Normal-state pseudogap and electron flat dispersion in copper oxide materialsJun 06 2000The anomalous momentum and doping dependence of the electron spectral function and electron dispersion for copper oxide materials in the underdoped regime are studied within the t-J model. It is shown that the electron spectrum is changed with dopings, ... More
Large-scale Monte Carlo simulations for the depinning transition in Ising-type lattice modelsJan 03 2016With the developed "extended Monte Calro" (EMC) algorithm, we have studied the depinning transition in Ising-type lattice models by extensive numerical simulations, taking the random-field Ising model with a driving field and the driven bond-diluted Ising ... More
Effect of the additional second neighbor hopping on the charge dynamics in the t-J modelMar 17 2002The effect of the additional second neighbor hopping t' on the charge dynamics of the t-J model in the underdoped regime is studied within the fermion-spin theory. The conductivity spectrum of the t-t'-J model shows the low-energy peak and unusual midinfrared ... More
Complex short pulse and coupled complex short pulse equationsDec 22 2013Feb 13 2015In the present paper, we propose a complex short pulse equation and a coupled complex short equation to describe ultra-short pulse propagation in optical fibers. They are shown to be integrable due to the existence of Lax pairs and infinite number of ... More
Next-to-leading-order QCD corrections to gluon fragmentation into ${}^1S_0^{(1,8)}$ quarkoniaOct 09 2018Within the NRQCD factorization framework, we compute the next-to-leading-order QCD corrections to the gluon fragmentation into the ${}^1S_0^{(1,8)}$ Fock components of a quarkonium, at the lowest order in velocity expansion. We follow the operator definition ... More
Chebyshev-type cubature formulas for doubling weights on spheres, balls and simplexesMay 13 2017Jul 13 2017This paper proves that given a doubling weight $w$ on the unit sphere $\mathbb{S}^{d-1}$ of $\mathbb{R}^d$, there exists a positive constant $K_w$ such that for each positive integer $n$ and each integer $N\geq \max_{x\in \mathbb{S}^{d-1}} \frac {K_w} ... More
Optimistic Adaptive Acceleration for OptimizationMar 04 2019We consider a new variant of \textsc{AMSGrad}. AMSGrad \cite{RKK18} is a popular adaptive gradient based optimization algorithm that is widely used in training deep neural networks. Our new variant of the algorithm assumes that mini-batch gradients in ... More
A Secure Multiple Elliptic Curves Digital Signature Algorithm for BlockchainAug 09 2018Most cryptocurrency systems or systems based on blockchain technology are currently using the elliptic curves digital signature algorithm (ECDSA) on the secp256k1 curve, which is susceptible to backdoors implemented by the curve creator (secp256k1). The ... More
More or Less? Predict the Social Influence of Malicious URLs on Social MediaDec 07 2018Users of Online Social Networks (OSNs) interact with each other more than ever. In the context of a public discussion group, people receive, read, and write comments in response to articles and postings. In the absence of access control mechanisms, OSNs ... More
Mining Public Opinion about Economic Issues: Twitter and the U.S. Presidential ElectionFeb 06 2018Opinion polls have been the bridge between public opinion and politicians in elections. However, developing surveys to disclose people's feedback with respect to economic issues is limited, expensive, and time-consuming. In recent years, social media ... More
FormLink/FeynCalcFormLink : Embedding FORM in Mathematica and FeynCalcDec 14 2012Dec 17 2012FORM, a symbolic manipulation system, has been widely used in a lot of calculations for High Energy Physics due to its high performance and fficient design. Mathematica, another computational software program, has also widely been used, but more for reasons ... More
Pseudogap effects on the charge dynamics in the underdoped copper oxide materialsMay 13 2002Within the t-J model, the charge dynamics of copper oxide materials in the underdoped regime is studied based on the fermion-spin theory. It is shown that both in-plane charge dynamics and c-axis charge dynamics are mainly governed by the scattering from ... More
Effect of substrate temperature on the spin transport property in C60-based spin valve devicesJun 03 2013We report the effect of the substrate temperature on the magnetoresistance (MR) of the C60-based spin valve (SV) devices with the sandwich configuration of La0.67Sr0.33MnO3 (LSMO)/C60/cobalt (Co). The C60 interlayer deposited at different substrate temperatures ... More
Investigations into the impact of astronomical phenomena on the terrestrial biosphere and climateMay 28 2015This thesis assesses the influence of astronomical phenomena on the Earth's biosphere and climate. I examine in particular the relevance of both the path of the Sun through the Galaxy and the evolution of the Earth's orbital parameters in modulating non-terrestrial ... More
General laws of large numbers under sublinear expectationsApr 28 2011Feb 09 2012In this paper, under some weaker conditions, we give three laws of large numbers under sublinear expectations (capacities), which extend Peng's law of large numbers under sublinear expectations in [8] and Chen's strong law of large numbers for capacities ... More
SAT is a problem with exponential complexity measured by negentropyDec 03 2014Sep 21 2015In this paper the reason why entropy reduction (negentropy) can be used to measure the complexity of any computation was first elaborated both in the aspect of mathematics and informational physics. In the same time the equivalence of computation and ... More
Scripting Relational Database Engine Using TransducerMay 11 2018We allow database user to script a parallel relational database engine with a procedural language. Procedural language code is executed as a user defined relational query operator called transducer. Transducer is tightly integrated with relation engine, ... More
Algebraic Conformal Field Theories IIMar 16 1999Some mathematical questions relating to Coset Conformal Field Theories (CFT) are considered in the framework of Algebraic Quantum Field Theory as developed previously by us. We consider the issue of fixed point resolution in the diagonal coset of type ... More
QoS Challenges and Opportunities in Wireless Sensor/Actuator NetworksJun 01 2008A wireless sensor/actuator network (WSAN) is a group of sensors and actuators that are geographically distributed and interconnected by wireless networks. Sensors gather information about the state of physical world. Actuators react to this information ... More
Power Comparison between High Dimensional t-Test, Sign, and Signed Rank TestsDec 27 2018In this paper, we propose a power comparison between high dimensional t-test, sign and signed rank test for the one sample mean test. We show that the high dimensional signed rank test is superior to a high dimensional t test, but inferior to a high dimensional ... More
High Dimensional Spatial Rank Test for Two-Sample Location ProblemJun 27 2015This article concerns tests for the two-sample location problem when the dimension is larger than the sample size. The traditional multivariate-rank-based procedures cannot be used in high dimensional settings because the sample scatter matrix is not ... More
Simultaneous intraportation of many quantum states within the quantum computing networkMar 13 2001A scheme is proposed for simultaneous intraportation of many unknown quantum states within a quantum computing network. It is shown that our scheme, much different from the teleportation in the strict sense, can be very similar to the original teleportation ... More
Similarity-Aware Spectral Sparsification by Edge FilteringNov 14 2017Apr 07 2018In recent years, spectral graph sparsification techniques that can compute ultra-sparse graph proxies have been extensively studied for accelerating various numerical and graph-related applications. Prior nearly-linear-time spectral sparsification methods ... More
On examples of intermediate subfactors from conformal field theoryNov 02 2012Motivated by our subfactor generalization of Wall's conjecture, in this paper we determine all intermediate subfactors for conformal subnets corresponding to four infinite series of conformal inclusions, and as a consequence we verify that these series ... More
Note on Seiberg Duality in Matrix ModelMar 16 2003In this note, we give a method to derive the Seiberg duality by the matrix model. The key fact we used is that the effective actions given by matrix model method should be identical for both electric and magnetic theories. We demonstrate our method for ... More
Seiberg Duality in Matrix ModelNov 21 2002Dec 17 2002In this paper, we use the matrix model of pure fundamental flavors (without the adjoint field) to check the Seiberg duality in the case of complete mass deformation. We show that, by explicit integration at both sides of electric and magnetic matrix models, ... More
Multiple solutions for Schrodinger equations under the partially sublinear caseOct 24 2014In this paper, we prove the infinitely many solutions to a class of sublinear Schr\"{o}dinger-Poisson equations by using an extension of Clark's theorem established by Zhaoli Liu and Zhi-Qiang Wang.
Using Harmonic Mean to Replace Tsallis' q-AverageFeb 23 2010Feb 24 2010In this paper, a unified mathematical expression for the constraints leading to the equilibrium distributions of both extensive and non-extensive systems is presented. Based on this expression, a recommendation is made to replace Tsallis' q-average without ... More
Efficient EM-Variational Inference for Hawkes ProcessMay 29 2019In classical Hawkes process, the baseline intensity and triggering kernel are assumed to be a constant and parametric function respectively, which limits the model flexibility. To generalize it, we present a fully Bayesian nonparametric model, namely ... More
Characterizations of function spaces on the sphere using framesOct 04 2005In this paper we introduce a polynomial frame on the unit sphere $\sph$ of $\mathbb{R}^d$, for which every distribution has a wavelet-type decomposition. More importantly, we prove that many function spaces on the sphere $\sph$, such as $L^p$, $H^p$ and ... More
A New Approach to The Quantum MechanicsOct 24 2012Feb 15 2013In this paper, we try to give a new approach to the quantum mechanics(QM) on the framework of quantum field theory(QFT). Firstly, we make a detail study on the (non-relativistic) Schr\"odinger field theory, obtaining the Schr\"odinger equation as a field ... More
Collins Asymmetry at Hadron CollidersJan 22 2008We study the Collins effect in the azimuthal asymmetric distribution of hadrons inside a high energy jet in the single transverse polarized proton proton scattering. From the detailed analysis of one-gluon and two-gluon exchange diagrams contributions, ... More
Possible evidence for the disk origin for the powering of jets in Sgr A* and nearby elliptical galaxiesApr 14 2000Aug 08 2000The predicted radio flux for nearby ellipticals by the canonical ADAF(advection-dominated accretion flow) model is well above the observations. If the mass accretion rate favored by the numerical simulation were adopted, the ADAF model would also significantly ... More
A New Parameter In Accretion Disk ModelFeb 03 2000Taking optically thin accretion flows as an example, we investigate the dynamics and the emergent spectra of accretion flows with different outer boundary conditions (OBCs) and find that OBC plays an important role in accretion disk model. This is because ... More
A volume stability theorem on toric manifolds with positive Ricci curvatureOct 21 2012In this short note, we will prove a volume stability theorem which says that if an n-dimensional toric manifold $M$ admits a $\mathbb{T}^n$ invariant K\"ahler metric $\omega$ with Ricci curvature no less than 1 and its volume is close to the volume of ... More
Some computations in the cyclic permutations of completely rational netsNov 27 2005In this paper we calculate certain chiral quantities from the cyclic permutation orbifold of a general completely rational net. We determine the fusion of a fundamental soliton, and by suitably modified arguments of A. Coste , T. Gannon and especially ... More
Accretion models of Sgr A*Jul 07 2006The supermassive black hole in the center of our Galaxy, Sgr A*, is unique because the angular size of the black hole is the largest in the sky thus providing detailed boundary conditions on, and much less freedom for, accretion flow models. In this paper ... More
Variational Principles on Triangulated SurfacesMar 29 2008We give a brief introduction to some of the recent works on finding geometric structures on triangulated surfaces using variational principles.
Integral representations and complete monotonicity related to the remainder of Burnside's formula for the gamma functionMar 02 2014In the paper, the authors establish integral representations of some functions related to the remainder of Burnside's formula for the gamma function and find the (logarithmically) complete monotonicity of these and related functions. These results extend ... More
Complete monotonicity of a function involving the gamma function and applicationsApr 22 2011In the article we present necessary and sufficient conditions for a function involving the logarithm of the gamma function to be completely monotonic and apply these results to bound the gamma function $\Gamma(x)$, the $n$-th harmonic number $\sum_{k=1}^n\frac1k$, ... More
On automorphisms of quasi-circular domains fixing the originMar 30 2014Jan 27 2015It is known that automorphisms of quasi-circular domains fixing the origin are polynomial mappings. By introducing the so-called resonance order and quasi-resonance order, we provide a uniform upper bound for the degree of such polynomial automorphisms. ... More
Equivalent Theory and Retrieval of Effective Metamaterials ParametersMar 11 2010Jul 24 2010We apply the equivalent theory to orthorhombic anisotropic materials and provide a general unit-cell design criterion for achieving a length-independent retrieval of the effective material parameters from a single layer of unit cells. We introduce a graphical ... More
Zeros of the Riemann zeta function on the critical lineFeb 27 2010Mar 23 2011it is proved that at least 41.28% zeros of the Riemann zeta function are on the critical line
Large deviations for Dirichlet processes and Poisson-Dirichlet distributions with two parametersNov 22 2006Large deviation principles are established for the two-parameter Poisson-Dirichlet distribution and two-parameter Dirichlet process when parameter $\theta$ approaches infinity. The motivation for these results is to understand the differences in terms ... More
Kinetic energy driven superconductivity in doped cupratesJun 29 2003Nov 03 2003Within the t-J model, the mechanism of superconductivity in doped cuprates is studied based on the partial charge-spin separation fermion-spin theory. It is shown that dressed holons interact occurring directly through the kinetic energy by exchanging ... More
Upper bounds for geodesic periods over hyperbolic manifoldsMay 10 2016Let $X$ be an orientable complete $d$-dimensional ($d\geqslant 3$) hyperbolic manifold with finite volume, $\phi$ be a normalized Maass cusp form on $X$ with Laplace eigenvalue $\lambda$. Let $Y$ be a compact geodesic cycle of $X$ with codimension 1 and ... More
Finite flag-transitive affine planes with a solvable automorphism groupSep 26 2016In this paper, we consider finite flag-transitive affine planes with a solvable automorphism group. Under a mild number-theoretic condition involving the order and dimension of the plane, the translation complement must contain a linear cyclic subgroup ... More
Spin--Down Power in AstrophysicsFeb 01 2002While the accretion power in astrophysics has been studied in many astronomical environments, the ``spin--down power'' is often neglected. In this essay I demonstrate that the spin--down power alone may drive a rotating system from sub-critical condition ... More
Hidden Blazars and Emission Line Variability of High Redshift QuasarsJun 09 2001We have carried out a survey to search for hidden blazars in a sample of $z{\sim}2$ radio-loud quasars. The idea is based on our prediction that we should be able to see large CIV line variability not associated with observed continuum variations or most ... More
Dissipative Stability Conditions for Linear Coupled Differential-Difference Systems via a Dynamical Constraints ApproachJul 07 2017Oct 26 2017In this short note, we derive dissipative conditions with slack variables for a linear coupled differential-difference (CDDS) via constructing a Krasovskii functional. The approach can be interpreted as a generalization of the Finsler Lemma approach for ... More
Weak Bounded Negativity ConjectureAug 30 2017In this paper, we prove the following "Weak Bounded Negativity Conjecture", which says that given a complex smooth projective surface $X$, for any reduced curve $C$ in $X$ and integer $g$, assume that the geometric genus of each component of $C$ is bounded ... More
Theoretical study of position-dependent defect formation in a single-walled carbon nanotube: Stability towards an open endJul 30 2006Point defects, including atom vacancy, add atom and Stone-Wale defect, close to a (5, 5) single-walled carbon nanotube (SWNT) end were studied by DFT, semi-empirical PM3 method and empirical Brenner Potential. It is found that closer to the SWNT opening ... More
Moment bounds for IID sequences under sublinear expectationsApr 28 2011In this paper, with the notion of independent identically distributed (IID) random variables under sublinear expectations introduced by Peng [7-9], we investigate moment bounds for IID sequences under sublinear expectations. We can obtain a moment inequality ... More
Structural Learning for Template-free Protein FoldingNov 06 2013Nov 12 2013The thesis is aimed to solve the template-free protein folding problem by tackling two important components: efficient sampling in vast conformation space, and design of knowledge-based potentials with high accuracy. We have proposed the first-order and ... More
Upper bound for intermediate singular values of random matricesJun 13 2016Aug 02 2016In this paper, we prove that an $n\times n$ matrix $A$ with independent centered subgaussian entries satisfies \[ s_{n+1-l}(A) \le C_1t \frac{l}{\sqrt{n}} \] with probability at least $1-\exp(-C_2tl)$. This yields $s_{n-l}(A) \sim \frac{cl}{\sqrt{n}}$ ... More
Applications of braided endomorphisms from conformal inclusionsAug 12 1997We give three applications of general theory about braided endomorphisms from conformal inclusions developed previously by us. The first is an example of subfactors associated with conformal inclusion whose dual fusion ring is non-commutative. In the ... More
Optimal Sign Test for High Dimensional Location ParametersJun 28 2015This article concerns tests for location parameters in cases where the data dimension is larger than the sample size. We propose a family of tests based on the optimality arguments in Le Cam (1986) under elliptical symmetric. The asymptotic normality ... More
Bi-Hamiltonian Sturcture of Super KP HierarchySep 06 1991We obtain the bi-Hamiltonian structure of the super KP hierarchy based on the even super KP operator $\Lambda = \theta^{2} + \sum^{\infty}_{i=-2}U_{i} \theta^{-i-1}$, as a supersymmetric extension of the ordinary KP bi-Hamiltonian structure. It is expected ... More
Many Boson Realizations of Universal Nonlinear $W_{\infty}$-AlgebrasJan 14 1993An infinite number of free field realizations of the universal nonlinear $\hat{W}_{\infty}^{(N)}$ ($\hat{W}_{1+\infty}^{(N)}$) algebras, which are identical to the KP Hamiltonian structures, are obtained in terms of $p$ plus $q$ scalars of different signatures ... More
Non-local correction to the energy-momentum tensor for $φ^{3}$ theory in six dimensionsMay 07 2015Oct 05 2015Applying the background field method, we construct by explicit computation the leading-order non-local quantum correction to the on-shell effective action for $\phi^3$ theory in six dimensions. We then use the resulting action to obtain the non-local ... More
Physical foundation of the mathematical concepts in the nonstandard analysis theory of turbulenceJan 18 2006The physical foundation of the main mathematical concepts in the nonstandard analysis theory of turbulence are presented and discussed. The basic fact is that there does not exist the absolute zero fluid-volume. Therefore, the corresponding physical object ... More
Gravitational waves induced by massless vector fields with non-minimal coupling to gravityNov 28 2016In this paper, we calculate the contribution of the late time mode of a massless vector field to the power spectrum of the primordial gravitational wave using retarded Green's propagator. We consider a non-trivial coupling between gravity and the vector ... More
Computation Rate Maximization for Wireless Powered Mobile Edge ComputingJul 17 2017Integrating mobile edge computing (MEC) and wireless power transfer (WPT) has been regarded as a promising technique to improve computation capabilities for self-sustainable Internet of Things (IoT) devices. This paper investigates a wireless powered ... More
Some Results On Relative Entropy in Quantum Field TheoryOct 24 2018We prove that the mutual information for vacuum state as defined by Araki is finite for quantum field theory of free fermions on a Minkowski spacetime of any dimension. In the case of two dimensional chiral conformal field theory (CFT) we use our previous ... More
On intermediate subfactors of Goodman-de la Harpe-Jones subfactorsFeb 14 2010In this paper we present a conjecture on intermediate subfactors which is a generalization of Wall's conjecture from the theory of finite groups. Motivated by this conjecture, we determine all intermediate subfactors of Goodman-Harpe-Jones subfactors, ... More
Examples of subfactors from conformal field theoryAug 14 2016Conformal field theory (CFT) in two dimensions provide a rich source of subfactors. The fact that there are so many subfactors coming from CFT have led people to conjecture that perhaps all finite depth subfactors are related to CFT. In this paper we ... More
A Class of Conjugate Priors Defined on the Unit SimplexDec 04 2014Dirichlet distribution and Dirichlet process as its infinite dimensional generalization are primarily used conjugate prior of categorical and multinomial distributions in Bayesian statistics. Extensions have been proposed to broaden applications for different ... More
Note on Matrix Model with Massless FlavorsDec 21 2002Mar 12 2003In this note, following the work of Seiberg in hep-th/0211234 for the conjecture between the field theory and matrix model in the case with massive fundamental flavors, we generalize it to the case with massless fundamental flavors. We show that with ... More
An application of Mirror extensionsOct 22 2007In this paper we apply our previous results of mirror extensions to obtain realizations of three modular invariants constructed by A. N. Schellekens by holomorphic conformal nets with central charge equal to 24.
The Briot-Bouquet systems and the center families for holomorphic dynamical systemsJul 15 2013We give a complete solution to the existence of isochronous center families for holomorphic dynamical systems. The study of center families for n-dimensional holomorphic dynamical systems naturally leads to the study of (n-1)-dimensional Briot-Bouquet ... More
A semi-classical transport equation for the chiral quarks surrounding a SU(2) t'Hooft-Polyakov monopoleMar 06 2019Mar 10 2019A transport equation of the representative quasi-particles is derived, by solving Dirac (or Dyson) equations under the semi-classical approximation, for describing the entangled motions of the red and blue chiral quarks in the vicinity of a SU(2) t'Hooft-Polyakov ... More
An explicit formula for Bell numbers in terms of Stirling numbers and hypergeometric functionsFeb 11 2014In the paper, the author finds an explicit formula for computing Bell numbers in terms of Kummer confluent hypergeometric functions and Stirling numbers of the second kind.
Bergman metrics and geodesics in the space of Kähler metrics on principally polarized Abelian varietiesOct 13 2009Oct 27 2010It's well-known in \kahler geometry that the infinite dimensional symmetric space $\hcal$ of smooth \kahler metrics in a fixed \kahler class on a polarized \kahler manifold is well approximated by finite dimensional submanifolds $\bcal_k \subset \hcal$ ... More
On the Computation of the Galois Group of Linear Difference EquationsMar 08 2015We present an algorithm that determines the Galois group of linear difference equations with rational function coefficients.
An integral representation, complete monotonicity, and inequalities of Cauchy numbers of the second kindFeb 11 2014May 21 2014In the paper, the author establishes an integral representation for Cauchy numbers of the second kind, finds the complete monotonicity, minimality, and logarithmic convexity of Cauchy numbers of the second kind, and presents some inequalities for determinants ... More
A brief survey on local holomorphic dynamics in higher dimensionsJan 26 2015We give a brief survey on local holomorphic dynamics in higher dimensions. The main novelty of this note is that we will organize the material by the "level" of local invariants rather than the type of maps.
Diagonal recurrence relations, inequalities, and monotonicity related to Stirling numbersFeb 10 2014Sep 23 2014In the paper, the author derives several "diagonal" recurrence relations, constructs some inequalities, finds monotonicity, and poses a conjecture related to Stirling numbers of the second kind.
A Presentation of the Mapping Class GroupsJan 07 1998Using the works of Gervais, Harer, Hatcher and Thurston and others, we show that the mapping class group of a compact orientable surface has a presentation so that the generators are the set of all Dehn twists and the relations are supported in subsurfaces ... More
Some Applications of a Multiplicative Structure on Simple Loops in SurfacesJul 09 1999We discuss some applications of an intrinsic multipication in the space of simple loops in a surface.
An integral representation and properties of Bernoulli numbers of the second kindJan 30 2013In the paper, the author establishes an integral representation and properties of Bernoulli numbers of the second kind and reveals that the generating function of Bernoulli numbers of the second kind is a Bernstein function on $(0,\infty)$.
Equilibrium States of Two Stochastic Models in Mathematical EcologyMar 05 2007This work deals with two problems arising in mathematical ecology. The first problem is concerned with diploid branching particle models and its behavior when rapid stirring is added to the interaction. The particle models involve two types of particles, ... More
The Hessenberg matrices and Catalan and its generalized numbersOct 22 2018We present determinantal representations of the Catalan numbers, k-Fuss-Catalan numbers, and its generalized number. The entries of the normalized Hessenberg matrices are the binomial coefficients that related with the enumeration of lattice paths.