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Electronic Geometry Textbook: A Geometric Textbook Knowledge Management SystemMay 01 2010Electronic Geometry Textbook is a knowledge management system that manages geometric textbook knowledge to enable users to construct and share dynamic geometry textbooks interactively and efficiently. Based on a knowledge base organizing and storing the ... More
On weakly S-embedded subgroups and weakly $τ$-embedded subgroupsJan 29 2013Let $G$ be a finite group. A subgroup $H$ of $G$ is said to be weakly S-embedded in $G$ if there exists $K\unlhd G$ such that $HK$ is S-quasinormal in $G$ and $H\cap K\leq H_{seG}$, where $H_{seG}$ is the subgroup generated by all those subgroups of $H$ ... More
Finite groups in which SS-permutability is a transitive relationJan 29 2013Mar 02 2014A subgroup $H$ of a finite group $G$ is said to be SS-permutable in $G$ if $H$ has a supplement $K$ in $G$ such that $H$ permutes with every Sylow subgroup of $K$. A finite group $G$ is called an SST-group if SS-permutability is a transitive relation ... More
On $Π$-supplemented subgroups of a finite groupJun 29 2013Jan 07 2014A subgroup $H$ of a finite group $G$ is said to satisfy $\Pi$-property in $G$ if for every chief factor $L/K$ of $G$, $|G/K:N_{G/K}(HK/K\cap L/K)|$ is a $\pi(HK/K\cap L/K)$-number. A subgroup $H$ of $G$ is called to be $\Pi$-supplemented in $G$ if there ... More
The influence of $\mathfrak{F_{\mathrm s}}$-quasinormality of subgroups on the structure of finite groupsJan 22 2014Let $\frak{F}$ be a class of finite groups. A subgroup $H$ of a finite group $G$ is said to be $\mathfrak{F_{\mathrm s}}$-quasinormal in $G$ if there exists a normal subgroup $T$ of $G$ such that $HT$ is $s$-permutable in $G$ and $(H\cap T)H_G/H_G$ is ... More
On finite groups with some primary subgroups satisfying partial $S$-$Π$-propertyJul 31 2015A $p$-subgroup $H$ of a finite group $G$ is said to satisfy partial $S$-$\Pi$-property in $G$ if $G$ has a chief series $\Gamma_{G}: 1=G_{0}<G_{1}<\cdots<G_{n}=G$ such that for every $G$-chief factor $G_{i}/G_{i-1}$ $(1\leqslant i\leqslant n)$ of $\Gamma_{G}$, ... More
On weakly $\frak{F}_{s}$-quasinormal subgroups of finite groupsJan 07 2014Mar 02 2014Let $\mathfrak{F}$ be a formation and $G$ a finite group. A subgroup $H$ of $G$ is said to be weakly $\mathfrak{F}_{s}$-quasinormal in $G$ if $G$ has an $S$-quasinormal subgroup $T$ such that $HT$ is $S$-quasinormal in $G$ and $(H\cap T)H_{G}/H_{G}\leq ... More
On HC-subgroups of a finite groupOct 24 2014A subgroup $H$ of a finite group $G$ is said to be an $\mathscr{H}C$-subgroup of $G$ if there exists a normal subgroup $T$ of $G$ such that $G=HT$ and $H^g \cap N_T(H)\leq H$ for all $g\in G$. In this paper, we investigate the structure of a finite group ... More
On the principal series representations of semisimple groups with Frobenius mapsFeb 19 2017Feb 25 2018Let ${\bf G}$ be a simply connected semisimple algebraic group over $\Bbbk=\bar{\mathbb{F}}_q$, the algebraically closure of $\mathbb{F}_q$ (the finite field with $q=p^e$ elements), and $F$ be the standard Frobenius map. Let ${\bf B}$ be an $F$-stable ... More
Object-centric Sampling for Fine-grained Image ClassificationDec 10 2014This paper proposes to go beyond the state-of-the-art deep convolutional neural network (CNN) by incorporating the information from object detection, focusing on dealing with fine-grained image classification. Unfortunately, CNN suffers from over-fiting ... More
Combined effects of pairing fluctuations and a pseudogap in the Cuprate Hall effectDec 12 2018The normal-state behavior of the temperature-dependent Hall coefficient in cuprate superconductors is investigated using linear response theory. The Hall conductivity is of paramount importance in that its sign and magnitude directly reflect the sign ... More
On the converse of Hall's theoremAug 02 2015In this paper, we mainly investigate the converse of a well-known theorem proved by P. Hall, and present detailed characterizations under the various assumptions of the existence of some families of Hall subgroups. In particular, we prove that if $p\neq ... More
On a problem from the Kourovka NotebookAug 05 2015In this manuscript, a solution to Problem 18.91(b) in the Kourovka Notebook is given by proving the following theorem. Let $P$ be a Sylow $p$-subgroup of a group $G$ with $|P| = p^n$. Suppose that there is an integer $k$ such that $1 < k < n$ and every ... More
The Decomposition of Permutation Module for Infinite Chevalley GroupsApr 17 2019Apr 19 2019Let ${\bf G}$ be a connected reductive group defined over $\mathbb{F}_q$, the finite field with $q$ elements. Let ${\bf B}$ be an Borel subgroup defined over $\mathbb{F}_q$. In this paper, we completely determine the composition factors of the induced ... More
Boosting up Scene Text Detectors with Guided CNNMay 10 2018May 14 2018Deep CNNs have achieved great success in text detection. Most of existing methods attempt to improve accuracy with sophisticated network design, while paying less attention on speed. In this paper, we propose a general framework for text detection called ... More
The Permutation Module on Flag Varieties in Cross CharacteristicJul 09 2017Apr 19 2019Let ${\bf G}$ be a connected reductive group over $\bar{\mathbb{F}}_q$, the algebraically closure of $\mathbb{F}_q$ (the finite field with $q=p^e$ elements), with the standard Frobenius map $F$. Let ${\bf B}$ be an $F$-stable Borel subgroup. Let $\Bbbk$ ... More
Queue-Aware Variable-Length Coding for Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communications with Random ArrivalMar 14 2019With the phenomenal growth of the Internet of Things (IoT), Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communications (URLLC) has potentially been the enabler to guarantee the stringent requirements on latency and reliability. However, how to achieve low latency and ... More
On the $π$$\mathfrak{F}$-norm and the $\mathfrak{H}$-$\mathfrak{F}$-norm of a finite groupAug 05 2013Mar 02 2014Let $\mathfrak{H}$ be a Fitting class and $\mathfrak{F}$ a formation. We call a subgroup $\mathcal{N}_{\mathfrak{H},\mathfrak{F}}(G)$ of a finite group $G$ the $\mathfrak{H}$-$\mathfrak{F}$-norm of $G$ if $\mathcal{N}_{\mathfrak{H},\mathfrak{F}}(G)$ is ... More
The Submodule Structure of Spherical Principal Series Module of Reductive Groups with Frobenius Maps in Cross CharacteristicJul 09 2017Jul 13 2017Let ${\bf G}$ be a connected reductive group over $\bar{\mathbb{F}}_q$, the algebraically closure of $\mathbb{F}_q$ (the finite field with $q=p^e$ elements), with the standard Frobenius map $F$. Let ${\bf B}$ be an $F$-stable Borel subgroup. Let $\Bbbk$ ... More
DolphinAtack: Inaudible Voice CommandsAug 31 2017Speech recognition (SR) systems such as Siri or Google Now have become an increasingly popular human-computer interaction method, and have turned various systems into voice controllable systems(VCS). Prior work on attacking VCS shows that the hidden voice ... More
On partial $Π$-property of subgroups of finite groupsJan 27 2013Nov 04 2014Let $H$ be a subgroup of a finite group $G$. We say that $H$ satisfies partial $\Pi$-property in $G$ if there exists a chief series $\mathit{\Gamma}_G:1=G_0<G_1<\cdots<G_n=G$ of $G$ such that for every $G$-chief factor $G_i/G_{i-1}$ ($1\leq i\leq n$) ... More
The Decomposition of Permutation Module for Infinite Chevalley GroupsApr 17 2019Let ${\bf G}$ be a connected reductive group defined over $\mathbb{F}_q$, the finite field with $q$ elements. Let ${\bf B}$ be an Borel subgroup defined over $\mathbb{F}_q$. In this paper, we completely determine the composition factors of the induced ... More
Selmer groups of symmetric powers of ordinary modular Galois representationsFeb 22 2018Let $p$ be a fixed odd prime number, $\mu$ be a Hida family over the Iwasawa algebra of one variable, $\rho_{\mu}$ its Galois representation, $\mathbb{Q}_\infty/\mathbb{Q}$ the $p$-cyclotomic tower and $S$ the variable of the cyclotomic Iwasawa algebra. ... More
Cylindrically Symmetric Ground State Solutions for Curl-Curl Equations with Critical ExponentSep 30 2016Dec 14 2017We study the following nonlinear critical curl-curl equation \begin{equation}\label{eq0.1}\nabla\times \nabla\times U +V(x)U=|U|^{p-2}U+ |U|^4U,\quad x\in \mathbb{R}^3,\end{equation} where $V(x)=V(r, x_3)$ with $r=\sqrt{x_1^2+x_2^2}$ is 1-periodic in ... More
A Two-Layer Distributed Control Method for Islanded Networked Microgrid SystemsOct 19 2018Mar 29 2019This paper presents a two-layer, four-level distributed control method for networked microgrid (NMG) systems, taking into account the proprietary nature of microgrid (MG) owners. The proposed control architecture consists of a MG-control layer and a NMG-control ... More
Existence and Uniqueness of Normalized Solutions for the Kirchhoff equationMar 29 2017For a class of Kirchhoff functional, we first give a complete classification with respect to the exponent $p$ for its $L^2$-normalized critical points, and show that the minimizer of the functional, if exists, is unique up to translations. Secondly, we ... More
Scattering mechanisms and electrical transport near an Ising nematic quantum critical pointFeb 12 2019Electrical transport properties near an electronic Ising-nematic quantum critical point in two dimensions are of both theoretical and experimental interest. In this work, we derive a kinetic equation valid in a broad regime near the quantum critical point ... More
Solutions for two conjectures on kaleidoscopic edge-coloringsNov 24 2016For an $r$-regular graph $G$, we define an edge-coloring $c$ with colors from $\{1,2,\cdots,$ $k\}$, in such a way that any vertex of $G$ is incident to at least one edge of each color. The multiset-color $c_m(v)$ of a vertex $v$ is defined as the ordered ... More
Automated Generation of Geometric Theorems from Images of DiagramsJun 06 2014We propose an approach to generate geometric theorems from electronic images of diagrams automatically. The approach makes use of techniques of Hough transform to recognize geometric objects and their labels and of numeric verification to mine basic geometric ... More
Non-volatile ferroelectric memory effect in ultrathin α-In2Se3Oct 12 2018Recent experiments on layered {\alpha}-In2Se3 have confirmed its room-temperature ferroelectricity under ambient condition. This observation renders {\alpha}-In2Se3 an excellent platform for developing two-dimensional (2D) layered-material based electronics ... More
On supersolubility of finite groups admitting a Frobenius group of automorphisms with fixed-point-free kernelAug 04 2015Assume that a finite group $G$ admits a Frobenius group of automorphisms $FH$ with kernel $F$ and complement $H$ such that $C_{G}(F)=1$. In this paper, we investigate this situation and prove that if $C_G(H)$ is supersoluble and $C_{G'}(H)$ is nilpotent, ... More
Convex PBW-type Lyndon Bases and Restricted Two-Parameter Quantum Group of Type $F_4$Sep 22 2016We determine convex PBW-type Lyndon bases for two-parameter quantum groups $U_{r,s}(F_4)$ with detailed commutation relations. We construct a finite-dimensional Hopf algebra $\mathfrak u_{r,s}(F_4)$, as a quotient of $U_{r,s}(F_4)$ by a Hopf ideal generated ... More
Stochastic Trust Region Methods with Trust Region Radius Depending on Probabilistic ModelsApr 06 2019We present a generic stochastic trust region scheme in which the trust region radius is directly related to the probabilistic models. The proposed scheme is based on probabilistic models which provide good approximations of the objective function with ... More
Description of coupling in the category of transitive Lie algebroidsOct 22 2013In our previous paper (arXiv:1306.5449) we have given a sufficient and necessary condition when the coupling between Lie algebra bundle (LAB) and the tangent bundle exists in the sense of Mackenzie (\cite{Mck-2005}, Definition 7.2.2) for the theory of ... More
The Existence of Coupling in the Category of Transitive Lie AlgebroidJun 23 2013Oct 22 2013The coupling of the tangent bundle $TM$ with the Lie algebra bundle $L$ (K.Mackenzie,2005, Definition 7.2.2) plays the crucial role in the classification of the transitive Lie algebroids for Lie algebra bundle $L$ with fixed finite dimensional Lie algebra ... More
Q-learning with UCB Exploration is Sample Efficient for Infinite-Horizon MDPJan 27 2019A fundamental question in reinforcement learning is whether model-free algorithms are sample efficient. Recently, Jin et al. \cite{jin2018q} proposed a Q-learning algorithm with UCB exploration policy, and proved it has nearly optimal regret bound for ... More
Distributed Bandit Learning: Near-Optimal Regret with Efficient CommunicationApr 12 2019May 29 2019We study the problem of regret minimization for distributed bandits learning, in which $M$ agents work collaboratively to minimize their total regret under the coordination of a central server. Our goal is to design communication protocols with near-optimal ... More
Dimensional Analysis and the Time Required to UrinateMar 23 2014According to the recently discovered 'Law of Urination', mammals, ranging in size from mice to elephants, take, on the average, 21s to urinate. We attempt to gain insights into the physical processes responsible for this uniformity using simple dimensional ... More
A high performance Nb nano-SQUID with a three-dimensional structureDec 24 2016A superconducting quantum interference device (SQUID) miniaturized into nanoscale is promising in the inductive detection of a single electron spin. A nano-SQUID with a strong spin coupling coefficient, a low flux noise, and a wide working magnetic field ... More
Towards Near Real-Time BGP Deep Analysis: A Big-Data ApproachMay 24 2017BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) serves as the primary routing protocol for the Internet, enabling Autonomous Systems (individual network operators) to exchange network reachability information. Alongside significant on-going research and development efforts, ... More
High-efficiency spontaneous terahertz emission from electrically-excited plasmons in AlGaN/GaN two-dimensional electron gasFeb 04 2017The advance of terahertz science and technology yet lays wait for the breakthrough in high-efficiency and high-power solid-state terahertz sources applicable at room temperature. Plasmon in two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG) has long been pursued as ... More
Model Interpretation: A Unified Derivative-based Framework for Nonparametric Regression and Supervised Machine LearningAug 22 2018Sep 08 2018Interpreting a nonparametric regression model with many predictors is known to be a challenging problem. There has been renewed interest in this topic due to the extensive use of machine learning algorithms and the difficulty in understanding and explaining ... More
Dual-label Deep LSTM Dereverberation For Speaker VerificationSep 08 2018In this paper, we present a reverberation removal approach for speaker verification, utilizing dual-label deep neural networks (DNNs). The networks perform feature mapping between the spectral features of reverberant and clean speech. Long short term ... More
Residual Pyramid Learning for Single-Shot Semantic SegmentationMar 23 2019Pixel-level semantic segmentation is a challenging task with a huge amount of computation, especially if the size of input is large. In the segmentation model, apart from the feature extraction, the extra decoder structure is often employed to recover ... More
Majorana and fractionally charged bound states in 1-D Rashba nanowire under spatially varying Zeeman fieldsSep 22 2014We study topological phase transitions in one dimensional (1-D) Rashba nanowire under a spatially varying Zeeman field when coupled to an $s$-wave superconductor substrate. We show that this system supports both Majorana bound states (MBS) and fractionally ... More
Effect of Binary Fraction on Horizontal Branch Morphology under Tidally Enhanced Stellar WindJul 17 2014Tidally enhanced stellar wind may affect horizontal branch (HB) morphology in globular clusters (GCs) by enhancing the mass loss of primary star during binary evolution. Lei et al. (2013a, 2013b) studied the effect of this kind of wind on HB morphology ... More
Event-Triggered Consensus for Linear Continuous-time Multi-agent Systems Based on a PredictorFeb 24 2017In this paper, the problem of event-triggered consensus for linear continuous-time multi-agent systems is investigated. A new event-triggered consensus protocol based on a predictor is proposed to achieve consensus without continuous communication among ... More
Distributed Bandit Learning: How Much Communication is Needed to Achieve (Near) Optimal RegretApr 12 2019We study the communication complexity of distributed multi-armed bandits (MAB) and distributed linear bandits for regret minimization. We propose communication protocols that achieve near-optimal regret bounds and result in optimal speed-up under mild ... More
Discrete Potts Model for Generating Superpixels on Noisy ImagesMar 20 2018Many computer vision applications, such as object recognition and segmentation, increasingly build on superpixels. However, there have been so far few superpixel algorithms that systematically deal with noisy images. We propose to first decompose the ... More
A Mixed Integer Linear Programming Model for Multi-Satellite SchedulingNov 29 2018Dec 07 2018We address the multi-satellite scheduling problem with limited observation capacities that arises from the need to observe a set of targets on the Earth's surface using imaging resources installed on a set of satellites. We define and analyze the conflict ... More
LDA+Gutzwiller Method for Correlated Electron SystemsJul 31 2007Combining the density functional theory (DFT) and the Gutzwiller variational approach, a LDA+Gutzwiller method is developed to treat the correlated electron systems from {\it ab-initio}. All variational parameters are self-consistently determined from ... More
Blow-up solutions for two coupled Gross-Pitaevskii equations with attractive interactionsAug 15 2015Apr 20 2017The paper is concerned with a system of two coupled time-independent Gross-Pitaevskii equations in $\mathbb{R}^2$, which is used to model two-component Bose-Einstein condensates with both attractive intraspecies and attractive interspecies interactions. ... More
Ramsey, Paper, ScissorsJun 03 2019In this paper, we introduce a two-player graph Ramsey game, which we call Ramsey, Paper, Scissors. In this game, two players Proposer and Decider play simultaneously. Starting from an empty graph on $n$ vertices, on each turn Proposer proposes a new pair ... More
Transverse momentum spectrum of dilepton pair in the unpolarized $π^-N$ Drell-Yan process within TMD factorizationJul 17 2017We study the transverse momentum spectrum of dilepton produced in the unpolarized $\pi^- N$ Drell-Yan process, using transverse momentum dependent factorization up to next-to-logarithmic order of QCD. We extract the nonperturbative Sudakov form factor ... More
Boer-Mulders function of pion meson and $q_T$-weighted $\cos2φ$ asymmetry in the unpolarized $π^- p$ Drell-Yan at COMPASSFeb 13 2017Jun 11 2017We calculate the two leading-twist transverse momentum dependent distribution functions of the pion meson, the unpolarized distribution $f_{1\pi}(x,\bm{k}^2_T)$ and the Boer-Mulders function $h_{1\pi}^\perp (x,\bm{k}^2_T)$, using the pion wave functions ... More
How does Gauge Cooling Stabilize Complex Langevin?May 28 2019We study the mechanism of the gauge cooling technique to stabilize the complex Langevin method in the one-dimensional periodic setting. In this case, we find the exact solutions for the gauge transform which minimizes the Frobenius norm of link variables. ... More
Best-scored Random Forest ClassificationMay 27 2019We propose an algorithm named best-scored random forest for binary classification problems. The terminology "best-scored" means to select the one with the best empirical performance out of a certain number of purely random tree candidates as each single ... More
Parabolic Hitchin Maps and Their Generic FibersJun 11 2019We set up a BNR correspondence for moduli spaces of vector bundles over a curve with a parabolic structure. This leads to a concrete description of generic fibers of the associated parabolic Hitchin map. We also prove that this map (and a weak version ... More
From Knowledge Map to Mind Map: Artificial ImaginationMar 04 2019Mar 06 2019Imagination is one of the most important factors which makes an artistic painting unique and impressive. With the rapid development of Artificial Intelligence, more and more researchers try to create painting with AI technology automatically. However, ... More
Direct Evidence of Superconductivity with Twofold Symmetry in Bi2Te3 Thin Film Deposited on FeTe0.55Se0.45Apr 25 2018Topological superconductor is a timely and frontier topic in condensed matter physics. In superconducting state, an order parameter will be established with the basic or subsidiary symmetry of the crystalline lattice. In doped Bi2Se3 with a basic threefold ... More
Passive TCP Identification for Wired and WirelessNetworks: A Long-Short Term Memory ApproachApr 09 2019Transmission control protocol (TCP) congestion control is one of the key techniques to improve network performance. TCP congestion control algorithm identification (TCP identification) can be used to significantly improve network efficiency. Existing ... More
From Knowledge Map to Mind Map: Artificial ImaginationMar 04 2019Imagination is one of the most important factors which makes an artistic painting unique and impressive. With the rapid development of Artificial Intelligence, more and more researchers try to create painting with AI technology automatically. However, ... More
Zero-Energy Modes on Superconducting Bismuth Islands Deposited on Fe(Te,Se)May 14 2019Topological superconductivity is one of the frontier research directions in condensed matter physics. One of the unique elementary excitations in topological superconducting state is the Majorana fermion (mode) which is its own antiparticle and obeys ... More
Discrete energy levels of Caroli-de Gennes-Martricon states in quantum limit due to small Fermi energy in FeTe$_{0.55}$Se$_{0.45}$Sep 27 2017Caroli-de Gennes-Martricon (CdGM) states were predicted in 1964 as low energy excitations within vortex cores of type-II superconductors. In the quantum limit, namely $T/T_\mathrm{c} \ll \Delta/E_\mathrm{F}$, the energy levels of these states were predicted ... More
Efficient Metropolitan Traffic Prediction Based on Graph Recurrent Neural NetworkNov 02 2018Traffic prediction is a fundamental and vital task in Intelligence Transportation System (ITS), but it is very challenging to get high accuracy while containing low computational complexity due to the spatiotemporal characteristics of traffic flow, especially ... More
Geometric Progression-Free Sequences with Small Gaps IIMar 24 2015When $k$ is a constant at least $3$, a sequence $S$ of positive integers is called $k$-GP-free if it contains no nontrivial $k$-term geometric progressions. Beiglb\"ok, Bergelson, Hindman and Strauss first studied the existence of a $ $$k$-GP-free sequence ... More
Cross Number Invariants of Finite Abelian GroupsAug 18 2013Oct 31 2013The cross number of a sequence over a finite abelian group $G$ is the sum of the inverse orders of the terms of that sequence. We study two group invariants, the maximal cross number of a zero-sum free sequence over $G$, called $\mathsf{k}(G)$, introduced ... More
On the Classification of Universal Rotor-RoutersNov 06 2011The combinatorial theory of rotor-routers has connections with problems of statistical mechanics, graph theory, chaos theory, and computer science. A rotor-router network defines a deterministic walk on a digraph G in which a particle walks from a source ... More
An Empirical Study on Sentiment Classification of Chinese Review using Word EmbeddingNov 05 2015In this article, how word embeddings can be used as features in Chinese sentiment classification is presented. Firstly, a Chinese opinion corpus is built with a million comments from hotel review websites. Then the word embeddings which represent each ... More
Properties of ground states of attractive Gross-Pitaevskii equations with multi-well potentialsFeb 06 2015We are interested in the attractive Gross-Pitaevskii (GP) equation in $\R^2$, where the external potential $V(x)$ vanishes on $m$ disjoint bounded domains $\Omega_i\subset \R^2\ (i=1,2,\cdots,m)$ and $V(x)\to\infty$ as $|x|\to\infty$, that is, the union ... More
Convergence of the martingale solution to two-time-scale SDEs driven by Lévy noiseJul 18 2018May 06 2019We focus on studying the convergence of the martingale solution to two-time-scale SDEs subject to L\'evy noise. There exist two difficulties. Due to the coupling, the key point in the proof of the convergence is to guarantee the exponential ergodicity ... More
Fermi surface topology and negative longitudinal magnetoresistance observed in centrosymmetric NbAs2 semimetalFeb 04 2016Mar 14 2016We report transverse and longitudinal magneto-transport properties of NbAs2 single crystals. Attributing to the electron-hole compensation, non-saturating large transverse magnetoresistance reaches up to 8000 at 9 T at 1.8 K with mobility around 1 to ... More
Ground States of Two-Component Attractive Bose-Einstein Condensates I: Existence and UniquenessJul 24 2017Nov 22 2017We study ground states of two-component Bose-Einstein condensates (BEC) with trapping potentials in $R^2$, where the intraspecies interaction $(-a_1,-a_2)$ and the interspecies interaction $-\beta$ are both attractive, $i.e,$ $a_1$, $a_2$ and $\beta $ ... More
CNN-based Steganalysis and Parametric Adversarial Embedding: a Game-Theoretic FrameworkJun 03 2019CNN-based steganalysis has recently achieved very good performance in detecting content-adaptive steganography. At the same time, recent works have shown that, by adopting an approach similar to that used to build adversarial examples, a steganographer ... More
Zero-sum Subsequences of Length kq over Finite Abelian p-GroupsMar 24 2015For a finite abelian group $G$ and a positive integer $k$, let $s_{k}(G)$ denote the smallest integer $\ell\in\mathbb{N}$ such that any sequence $S$ of elements of $G$ of length $|S|\geq\ell$ has a zero-sum subsequence with length $k$. The celebrated ... More
On the secondary Upsilon invariantMay 23 2018In this paper we construct an infinite family of knots with vanishing Upsilon invariant $\Upsilon$, although their secondary Upsilon invariants $\Upsilon^2$ show that they are linearly independent in the smooth knot concordance group. We also prove a ... More
A Scalable Framework for CSI Feedback in FDD Massive MIMO via DL Path AligningDec 30 2016Unlike the time-division duplexing (TDD) systems, the downlink (DL) and uplink (UL) channels are not reciprocal anymore in the case of frequency-division duplexing (FDD). However, some long-term parameters, e.g. the time delays and angles of arrival (AoAs) ... More
SEP-Nets: Small and Effective Pattern NetworksJun 13 2017While going deeper has been witnessed to improve the performance of convolutional neural networks (CNN), going smaller for CNN has received increasing attention recently due to its attractiveness for mobile/embedded applications. It remains an active ... More
Special L-values and Selmer groups of Siegel modular forms of genus 2Nov 05 2018Let $p$ be an odd prime, $N$ a square-free odd positive integer prime to $p$, $\pi$ a $p$-ordinary cohomological irreducible cuspidal automorphic representation of $\mathrm{GSp}_4(\mathbb{A}_\mathbb{Q})$ of principal level $N$ and Iwahori level at $p$. ... More
Covert Communication with A Full-Duplex Receiver Based on Channel Distribution InformationOct 12 2018Nov 10 2018In this work, we consider a system of covert communication with the aid of a full-duplex (FD) receiver to enhance the performance in a more realistic scenario, i.e., only the channel distribution information (CDI) rather than channel state information ... More
Classical and modern power spectrum estimation for tune measurement in CSNS RCSMay 27 2013Precise measurement of betatron tune is required for good operating condition of CSNS RCS. The fractional part of betatron tune is important and it can be measured by analyzing the signals of beam position from the appointed BPM. Usually these signals ... More
Ground States of Two-Component Attractive Bose-Einstein Condensates II: Semi-trivial Limit BehaviorJul 24 2017Mar 27 2018As a continuation of [14], we study new pattern formations of ground states $(u_1,u_2)$ for two-component Bose-Einstein condensates (BEC) with homogeneous trapping potentials in $R^2$, where the intraspecies interaction $(-a,-b)$ and the interspecies ... More
Kyrix: Interactive Visual Data Exploration at ScaleMay 12 2019Scalable interactive visual data exploration is crucial in many domains due to increasingly large datasets generated at rapid rates. Details-on-demand provides a useful interaction paradigm for exploring large datasets, where users start at an overview, ... More
On High-Order Capacity Statistics of Spectrum Aggregation Systems over $κ$-$μ$ and $κ$-$μ$ shadowed Fading ChannelsDec 06 2016The frequency scarcity imposed by fast growing demand for mobile data service requires promising spectrum aggregation systems. The so-called higher-order statistics (HOS) of the channel capacity is a suitable metric on the system performance. While prior ... More
The optical/UV excess of X-ray-dim isolated neutron star II. nonuniformity of plasma on strangeon star surfaceMay 10 2017Apr 01 2018X-ray-dim isolated neutron stars (XDINSs), also known as the Magnificent Seven, exhibits a Planck-like soft X-ray spectrum. In the optical/ultraviolet(UV) band, there is an excess of radiation compared to the extrapolation from the X-ray spectrum. A model ... More
Geometric Progression-Free Sequences with Small GapsJan 16 2015Various authors, including McNew, Nathanson and O'Bryant, have recently studied the maximal asymptotic density of a geometric progression free sequence of positive integers. In this paper we prove the existence of geometric progression free sequences ... More
Logarithmic decay of hyperbolic equations with arbitrary boundary dampingMay 06 2008In this paper, we study the logarithmic stability for the hyperbolic equations by arbitrary boundary observation. Based on Carleman estimate, we first prove an estimate of the resolvent operator of such equation. Then we prove the logarithmic stability ... More
Null controllability for the parabolic equation with a complex principal partMay 25 2008This paper is addressed to a study of the null controllability for the semilinear parabolic equation with a complex principal part. For this purpose, we establish a key weighted identity for partial differential operators $(\a+i\b)\pa_t+\sum\limits_{j,k=1}^n\pa_k(a^{jk}\pa_j)$ ... More
A Recurrent Encoder-Decoder Network for Sequential Face AlignmentAug 19 2016Aug 23 2016We propose a novel recurrent encoder-decoder network model for real-time video-based face alignment. Our proposed model predicts 2D facial point maps regularized by a regression loss, while uniquely exploiting recurrent learning at both spatial and temporal ... More
LogMaster: Mining Event Correlations in Logs of Large scale Cluster SystemsMar 04 2010Jan 15 2013This paper presents a methodology and a system, named LogMaster, for mining correlations of events that have multiple attributions, i.e., node ID, application ID, event type, and event severity, in logs of large-scale cluster systems. Different from traditional ... More
Conflict-free vertex-connections of graphsMay 20 2017A path in a vertex-colored graph is called \emph{conflict free} if there is a color used on exactly one of its vertices. A vertex-colored graph is said to be \emph{conflict-free vertex-connected} if any two vertices of the graph are connected by a conflict-free ... More
Eigenvalue problem for a p-Laplacian equation with trapping potentialsMay 26 2016Oct 08 2016Consider the following eigenvalue problem of p-Laplacian equation \begin{equation}\label{P} -\Delta_{p}u+V(x)|u|^{p-2}u=\mu|u|^{p-2}u+a| u|^{s-2}u, x\in \mathbb{R}^{n}, \tag{P} \end{equation} where $a\geq0$, $p\in (1,n)$ and $\mu\in\mathbb{R}$. $V(x)$ ... More
Exact quantum query complexity of weight decision problems via Chebyshev polynomialsJan 17 2018Oct 08 2018The weight decision problem, which requires to determine the Hamming weight of a given binary string, is a natural and important problem, with applications in cryptanalysis, coding theory, fault-tolerant circuit design and so on. In particular, both Deutsch-Jozsa ... More
Visualization of Surface-acoustic-wave Potential by Transmission-mode Microwave Impedance MicroscopyMay 18 2018Elastic waves propagating in piezoelectric materials are accompanied by a time-varying electric potential, which is of critical importance for acousto-electronic applications. The spatial mapping of such a potential at microwave frequencies is challenging ... More
Natural Language Processing for EHR-Based Computational PhenotypingJun 13 2018Jun 14 2018This article reviews recent advances in applying natural language processing (NLP) to Electronic Health Records (EHRs) for computational phenotyping. NLP-based computational phenotyping has numerous applications including diagnosis categorization, novel ... More
Cylindrically Symmetric Ground State Solutions for Curl-Curl Equations with Critical ExponentSep 30 2016We study the following nonlinear critical curl-curl equation \begin{equation}\label{eq0.1}\nabla\times \nabla\times U +V(x)U=|U|^{p-2}U+ |U|^4U,\quad x\in \mathbb{R}^3,\end{equation} where $V(x)=V(r, x_3)$ with $r=\sqrt{x_1^2+x_2^2}$ is 1-periodic in ... More
Ferromagnetism of electrons in solid quark cluster starsDec 14 2015In this paper we are trying to solve the problem of the origin of strong magnetic fields in the framework of solid quark-cluster stars. We propose that, under the Coulomb repulsion, the electrons inside the stars could spontaneously magnetized and become ... More
Distance proper connection of graphs and their complementsJul 20 2016Let $G$ be an edge-colored connected graph. A path $P$ in $G$ is called a distance $\ell$-proper path if no two edges of the same color can appear with less than $\ell$ edges in between on $P$. The graph $G$ is called $(k,\ell)$-proper connected if there ... More
Large-sensitive-area superconducting nanowire single-photon detector at 850 nm with high detection efficiencyJun 25 2015Satellite-ground quantum communication requires single-photon detectors of 850-nm wavelength with both high detection efficiency and large sensitive area. We developed superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors (SNSPDs) on one-dimensional photonic ... More
A Two-Layer Distributed Control Method for Islanded Networked Microgrid SystemsOct 19 2018Oct 29 2018This paper presents a two-layer, four-level distributed control method for networked microgrid (NMG) systems, taking into account the proprietary nature of microgrid (MG) owners. The proposed control architecture consists of a MG-control layer and a NMG-control ... More