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Series expansions for $1/π^m$ and $π^m$Nov 21 2013By means of the telescoping method, we establish two sum- mation formulas on sine function. As the special cases of them, several interesting series expansions for $1/\pi^m$ and $\pi^m$.
Summation formulas involving generalized harmonic numbersJun 27 2016In terms of the derivative operator and three hypergeometric series identities, several interesting summation formulas involving generalized harmonic numbers are established.
Spectral characterization of a specific class of treesNov 03 2010In this paper, it is shown that the graph $T_4(p,q,r)$ is determined by its Laplacian spectrum and there are no two non-isomorphic such graphs which are cospectral with respect to adjacency spectrum.
Evaluations of series of the $q$-Watson, $q$-Dixon, and $q$-Whipple typeJul 12 2013Jun 26 2017Using $q$-series identities and series rearrangement, we establish several extensions of $q$-Watson formulas with two extra integer parameters. Then they and Sears' transformation formula are utilized to derive some generalizations of $q$-Dixon formulas ... More
Generalizations of Andrews' curious identitiesMay 20 2014According to the method of series rearrangement, we establish two generalizations of Andrews' curious $q$-series identity with an extra integer parameter. The limiting cases of them produce two extensions of Andrews' curious $_3F_2(\frac{3}{4})$-series ... More
Whipple-type $_3F_2$-series and summation formulae involving generalized harmonic numbersAug 31 2017By means of the derivative operator and Whipple-type $_3F_2$-series identities, two families of summation formulae involving generalized harmonic numbers are established.
A new proof of Andrews' conjecture for $_4φ_3$-seriesSep 13 2013In terms of Sear's transformation formula for $_4\phi_3$-series, we give new proofs of a summation formula for ${_4\phi_3}$-series due to Andrews [2] and another summation formula for${_4\phi_3}$-series conjectured in the same paper. Meanwhile, other ... More
AdaGrad stepsizes: Sharp convergence over nonconvex landscapes, from any initializationJun 05 2018Apr 10 2019Adaptive gradient methods such as AdaGrad and its variants update the stepsize in stochastic gradient descent on the fly according to the gradients received along the way; such methods have gained widespread use in large-scale optimization for their ability ... More
Global Convergence of Adaptive Gradient Methods for An Over-parameterized Neural NetworkFeb 19 2019Adaptive gradient methods like AdaGrad are widely used in optimizing neural networks. Yet, existing convergence guarantees for adaptive gradient methods require either convexity or smoothness, and, in the smooth setting, only guarantee convergence to ... More
Generalizations of Ramanujan's reciprocity formula and the Askey-Wilson integralMay 14 2013By using two known transformation formulas for basic hypergeometric series, we establish a direct extension of Bailey's $_6\psi_6$-series identity. Subsequently, it and Milne's identity are employed to drive multi-variable generalizations of Ramanujan's ... More
Far-field nanoscale infrared spectroscopy of vibrational fingerprints of molecules with graphene plasmonsJun 30 2016Infrared spectroscopy, especially for molecular vibrations in the fingerprint region between 600 and 1500 cm-1, is a powerful characterization method for bulk materials. However, molecular fingerprinting at the nanoscale level still remains a significant ... More
Localizing Discriminative Visual Landmarks for Place RecognitionApr 14 2019We address the problem of visual place recognition with perceptual changes. The fundamental problem of visual place recognition is generating robust image representations which are not only insensitive to environmental changes but also distinguishable ... More
First Investigation on the Radiation Field of the Gas-Filled Three-Axis Cylindrical HohlraumSep 10 2018A novel ignition hohlraum named three-axis cylindrical hohlraum (TACH) is designed for indirect-drive inertial confinement fusion. TACH is a kind of 6 laser entrance holes (LEHs) hohlraum, which is orthogonally jointed of three cylindrical hohlraums. ... More
Ultralong Lifetime Plasmons on Picosecond Time Scale Enabled by Hybrid Plasmon-Phonon PolaritonsApr 01 2015Nov 26 2015Graphene plasmonics is of great interest for compact optical devices working in broad frequency domains with ultrahigh speed and very low energy consumption. However, graphene plasmons damp out quickly on most substrates mainly due to scattering loss ... More
BRAINS: Joint Bandwidth-Relay Allocation in Multi-Homing Cooperative D2D NetworksJan 29 2018Cooperative device to device (CD2D) communication has been considered to be a solution to capacity shortage problem. Combining multi-homing and CD2D techniques together can potentially improve network performance. We propose a novel multi-homing CD2D ... More
Pretty good state transfer on double starsJun 01 2012Aug 31 2012Let A be the adjacency matrix of a graph $X$ and suppose U(t)=exp(itA). We view A as acting on $\cx^{V(X)}$ and take the standard basis of this space to be the vectors $e_u$ for $u$ in $V(X)$. Physicists say that we have perfect state transfer from vertex ... More
On Constraining the Growth History of Massive Black Holes via Their Distribution on the Spin-Mass PlaneFeb 19 2019The spin distribution of massive black holes (MBHs) contains rich information on the MBH growth history. In this paper, we investigate the spin evolution of MBHs by assuming that each MBH experiences two-phase accretion, with an initial phase of coherent-accretion ... More
On the Mean Radiative Efficiency of Accreting Massive Black Holes in AGNs And QSOsFeb 22 2019Radiative efficiency is an important physical parameter that describes the fraction of accretion material converted to radiative energy for accretion onto massive black holes (MBHs). With the simplest So{\l}tan argument, the radiative efficiency of MBHs ... More
On Principal Spectrum Points/Principal Eigenvalues of Nonlocal Dispersal Operators and ApplicationsSep 18 2013This paper is to investigate the dependence of the principal spectrum points of nonlocal dispersal operators on underlying parameters and to consider its applications. In particular, we study the effects of the spatial inhomogeneity, the dispersal rate, ... More
Martingale Representation and Logarithmic-Sobolev Inequality for Fractional Ornstein-Uhlenbeck MeasureDec 11 2015In this paper, we consider the measure determined by a fractional Ornstein-Uhlenbeck process. For such measure, we establish a martingale representation theorem and consequently obtain the Logarithmic-Sobolev inequality. To this end, we also present the ... More
On semi-infinite systems of convex polynomial inequalities and polynomialDec 28 2018We consider the semi-infinite system of polynomial inequalities of the form \[ \mathbf{K}:=\{x\in\mathbb{R}^m\mid p(x,y)\ge 0,\ \ \forall y\in S\subseteq\mathbb{R}^n\}, \] where $p(X,Y)$ is a real polynomial in the variables $X$ and the parameters $Y$, ... More
Self-deformation in a dc driven helium jet micro dischargeJan 01 2016We report on the experimental observation of three dimensional self-deformation in an atmospheric micro discharge of the helium microjet through a tube into the ambient air upon a water electrode. The geometry of the discharge system is axial symmetric. ... More
Tricyclic graphs with exactly two main eigenvaluesDec 05 2010An eigenvalue of a graph $G$ is called a main eigenvalue if it has an eigenvector the sum of whose entries is not equal to zero. In this paper, all connected tricyclic graphs with exactly two main eigenvalues are determined.
Non-linear macro evolution of a dc driven micro atmospheric glow dischargeOct 15 2015We studied the macro evolution of the micro atmospheric glow discharge generated between a micro argon jet into ambient air and static water. The micro discharge behaves similarly to a complex ecosystem. Non-linear behaviors are found for the micro discharge ... More
Evaluations of $q$-Watson type, $q$-Dixon type and $q$-Whipple type seriesJul 12 2013Nov 11 2014According to the method of series rearrangement, we establish several extensions of q-Watson formulas with two extra integer parameters. Then they and Sear's transformation formula are used to derive some generalizations of q-Dixon formulas and q-Whipple ... More
Heat transport of nitrogen in helium atmospheric pressure microplasmaJun 20 2013Stable DC atmospheric pressure normal glow discharges in ambient air were produced between the water surface and the metallic capillary coupled with influx of helium gas. Multiple independent repeated trials indicated that vibrational temperature of nitrogen ... More
Approximations of Random Dispersal Operators/Equations by Nonlocal Dispersal Operators/EquationsFeb 25 2014May 20 2015This paper is concerned with the approximations of random dispersal operators/equations by nonlocal dispersal operators/equations. It first proves that the solutions of properly rescaled nonlocal dispersal initial-boundary value problems converge to the ... More
Spectral theory for nonlocal dispersal operators with time periodic indefinite weight functions and applicationsFeb 28 2016In this paper, we study the spectral theory for nonlocal dispersal operators with time periodic indefinite weight functions subject to Dirichlet type, Neumann type and spatial periodic type boundary conditions. We first obtain necessary and sufficient ... More
Er3+-doped Na0.5Bi0.5TiO3 Ferroelectric Thin Films with Enhanced Electrical Properties and Strong Green Up-conversion LuminescenceJan 03 2015Feb 04 2015Ferroelectric materials with up-conversion luminescence (UCL) properties have potential opto-electric applications for display and sensing etc. Here, we demonstrate strong green UCL and enhanced electrical properties in Er3+-doped Na0.5Bi0.5TiO3 thin ... More
New Laplace transforms for the generalized hypergeometric functions 2F2 and 3F3May 19 2015Motivated by the new Laplace transforms for the Kummer's confluent hypergeometric functions $_1F_1$ obtained recently by Kim et al. [Math $\&$ Comput. Modelling, 55 (2012), pp. 1068--1071], the authors aim is to establish so far unknown Laplace transforms ... More
Comments on "New generating relations for products of two Laguerre polynomials"May 19 2015By utilizing a two-dimensional extension of a very general series transform given by Bailey, Exton [Indian J. pure appl. Math. 24 (6) (1993), 401-408] deduced a very general double generating relation of a product of a pair of Laguerre polynomials and ... More
Inference on Estimators defined by Mathematical ProgrammingSep 26 2017We propose an inference procedure for estimators defined by mathematical programming problems, focusing on the important special cases of linear programming (LP) and quadratic programming (QP). In these settings, the coefficients in both the objective ... More
Effect of accreting tidally disrupted stars on the spin evolution of $\sim 10^6M_{\odot}$ black holesMay 12 2019Accretion of tidally disrupted stars (TDSs) is expected to contribute significantly to the growth of massive black holes (MBHs) with mass $\sim 10^6 M_{\odot}$ in galactic centers. In this paper, we quantitatively investigate the effect of the TDS accretion ... More
WNGrad: Learn the Learning Rate in Gradient DescentMar 07 2018Adjusting the learning rate schedule in stochastic gradient methods is an important unresolved problem which requires tuning in practice. If certain parameters of the loss function such as smoothness or strong convexity constants are known, theoretical ... More
Upper triangular matrices and Billiard ArraysAug 18 2015Jan 15 2016Fix a nonnegative integer $d$, a field $\mathbb{F}$, and a vector space $V$ over $\mathbb{F}$ with dimension $d+1$. Let $T$ denote an invertible upper triangular matrix in ${\rm Mat}_{d+1}(\mathbb{F})$. Using $T$ we construct three flags on $V$. We find ... More
The cosmic evolution of massive black holes and galaxy spheroids: global constraints at redshift z<~1.2Oct 15 2012We study the observational constraints on the cosmic evolution of the relationships between the massive black hole (MBH) mass (M_bh) and the stellar mass (M^*_sph; or velocity dispersion \sigma) of the host galaxy/spheroid. Assuming that the M_bh-M^*_sph ... More
Neutral gas temperature maps of the pin-to-plate Argon micro discharge into the ambient airFeb 17 2015This study is designed to explore the two dimensional temperature maps of the atmospheric argon discharge consisting of pin-to-plane electrodes supplied by a high voltage DC source. After checking the stability of the micro discharge, the two dimensional ... More
AdaGrad stepsizes: Sharp convergence over nonconvex landscapes, from any initializationJun 05 2018Jun 21 2018Adaptive gradient methods such as AdaGrad and its variants update the stepsize in stochastic gradient descent on the fly according to the gradients received along the way; such methods have gained widespread use in large-scale optimization for their ability ... More
Estimating Semi-parametric Panel Multinomial Choice Models using Cyclic MonotonicityApr 20 2016This paper proposes a new semi-parametric identification and estimation approach to multinomial choice models in a panel data setting with individual fixed effects. Our approach is based on cyclic monotonicity, which is a defining feature of the random ... More
Study of the NWC electrons belt observed on DEMETER SatelliteDec 07 2010Aug 20 2011We analyzed observation data collected by the Instrument for the Detection of Particles (IDP) on board of DEMETER satellite during the period of total seventeen months in 2007 and 2008. In the meantime, the VLF transmitter located at NWC ground station ... More
Structured Priors for Sparse-Representation-Based Hyperspectral Image ClassificationJan 16 2014Pixel-wise classification, where each pixel is assigned to a predefined class, is one of the most important procedures in hyperspectral image (HSI) analysis. By representing a test pixel as a linear combination of a small subset of labeled pixels, a sparse ... More
πand other formulae implied by hypergeometric summation theoremsMay 30 2012By employing certain extended classical summation theorems, several surprising \pi and other formulae are displayed.
Unsupervised domain adaption dictionary learning for visual recognitionJun 03 2015Over the last years, dictionary learning method has been extensively applied to deal with various computer vision recognition applications, and produced state-of-the-art results. However, when the data instances of a target domain have a different distribution ... More
Double $Q^2$-rescaling model and the nuclear effect of the parton distribution functionsOct 05 1997In order to overcome the shortcoming of nonconservation of nuclear momentum existing in the original $Q^2$-rescaling model(O$Q^2$RM) and avoid introducing nuclear shadowing factor, we proposed a double $Q^2$-rescaling model(D$Q^2$RM) for the parton distributions ... More
A Synthetic Error Analysis of Positioning Equation for Airborne Three-Dimensional Laser Imaging SensorNov 27 2011Dec 23 2011This paper presents the exact error analysis of point positioning equation used for airborne three-dimensional(3D) imaging sensor. With differential calculus and principles of precision analysis a mathematics formula on the point position error and relative ... More
On-demand semiconductor source of entangled photons which simultaneously has high fidelity, efficiency, and indistinguishabilityMar 14 2019An outstanding goal in quantum optics and scalable photonic quantum technology is to develop a source that each time emits one and only one entangled photon pair with simultaneously high entanglement fidelity, extraction efficiency, and photon indistinguishability. ... More
Blow-up formulae of high genus Gromov-Witten invariants in dimensional sixFeb 18 2014Jul 22 2014Using the degeneration formula and absolute/relative correspondence, one studied the change of Gromov-Witten invariants under blow-up for six dimensional symplectic manifolds and obtained closed blow-up formulae for high genus Gromov-Witten invariants. ... More
Supervised Deep Sparse Coding NetworksJan 29 2017May 23 2017In this paper, we describe the deep sparse coding network (SCN), a novel deep network that encodes intermediate representations with nonnegative sparse coding. The SCN is built upon a number of cascading bottleneck modules, where each module consists ... More
Observability transition in real networksJul 25 2016We consider the observability model in networks with arbitrary topologies. We introduce a system of coupled nonlinear equations, valid under the locally tree-like ansatz, to describe the size of the largest observable cluster as a function of the fraction ... More
Finite Heat conduction in 2D LatticesJul 30 2001This paper gives a 2D hamonic lattices model with missing bond defects, when the capacity ratio of defects is enough large, the temperature gradient can be formed and the finite heat conduction is found in the model. The defects in the 2D harmonic lattices ... More
Multiwave tomography in a closed domain: averaged sharp time reversalDec 29 2014Feb 05 2015We study the mathematical model of multiwave tomography including thermo and photoacoustic tomography with a variable speed for a fixed time interval $[0,T]$. We assume that the waves reflect from the boundary of the domain. We propose an averaged sharp ... More
A Parallel Best-Response Algorithm with Exact Line Search for Nonconvex Sparsity-Regularized Rank MinimizationNov 13 2017In this paper, we propose a convergent parallel best-response algorithm with the exact line search for the nondifferentiable nonconvex sparsity-regularized rank minimization problem. On the one hand, it exhibits a faster convergence than subgradient algorithms ... More
A Unified Successive Pseudo-Convex Approximation FrameworkJun 16 2015Apr 07 2016In this paper, we propose a successive pseudo-convex approximation algorithm to efficiently compute stationary points for a large class of possibly nonconvex optimization problems. The stationary points are obtained by solving a sequence of successively ... More
$(N,q)$-Laplacian problems with critical Trudinger-Moser nonlinearitiesNov 09 2014Oct 29 2015We obtain nontrivial solutions of a $(N,q)$-Laplacian problem with a critical Trudinger-Moser nonlinearity in a bounded domain. In addition to the usual difficulty of the loss of compactness associated with problems involving critical nonlinearities, ... More
$N$-Laplacian problems with critical Trudinger-Moser nonlinearitiesJun 24 2014Jan 03 2016We prove existence and multiplicity results for a $N$-Laplacian problem with a critical exponential nonlinearity that is a natural analog of the Brezis-Nirenberg problem for the borderline case of the Sobolev inequality. This extends results in the literature ... More
Sparse Coding with Fast Image Alignment via Large Displacement Optical FlowDec 21 2015Sparse representation-based classifiers have shown outstanding accuracy and robustness in image classification tasks even with the presence of intense noise and occlusion. However, it has been discovered that the performance degrades significantly either ... More
Task-Driven Dictionary Learning for Hyperspectral Image Classification with Structured Sparsity ConstraintsFeb 03 2015Sparse representation models a signal as a linear combination of a small number of dictionary atoms. As a generative model, it requires the dictionary to be highly redundant in order to ensure both a stable high sparsity level and a low reconstruction ... More
A regularity result for the nonlocal Fokker-Planck equation with Ornstein-Uhlenbeck driftApr 17 2015Jul 31 2015Despite there are numerous theoretical studies of stochastic differential equations with a symmetric $\alpha$-stable L\'evy noise, very few regularity results exist in the case of $0<\alpha\leq1$. In this paper, we study the fractional Fokker-Planck equation ... More
Common dependence on earthquake magnitudes for the trapped particles bursts approaching the earthquakeNov 08 2012Nov 17 2012Trapped particles bursts have long been observed to be frequently occurred several hours before earthquakes, especially for strong earthquakes, from several space experiments during past decades. However, the validity of earthquake origin of particles ... More
First Integrated Implosion Experiment of Three-Axis Cylindrical Hohlraum at the SGIII Laser FacilitySep 04 2018The first integrated implosion experiment of three-axis cylindrical hohlraum (TACH) was accomplished at the SGIII laser facility. 24 laser beams of the SGIII laser facility were carefully chosen and quasi-symmetrically injected into the TACH, in which ... More
The Inverse Problem for the Dirichlet-to-Neumann map on Lorentzian manifoldsJul 29 2016Sep 27 2016We consider the Dirichlet-to-Neumann map $\Lambda$ on a cylinder-like Lorentzian manifold related to the wave equation related to the metric $g$, a magnetic field $A$ and a potential $q$. We show that we can recover the jet of $g,A,q$ on the boundary ... More
Smooth Adjustment for Correlated EffectsJan 16 2019This paper considers a high dimensional linear regression model with corrected variables. A variety of methods have been developed in recent years, yet it is still challenging to keep accurate estimation when there are complex correlation structures among ... More
Boundedness of Linear Operators via Atoms on Hardy Spaces with Non-doubling MeasuresJun 07 2009Let $\mu$ be a non-negative Radon measure on ${\mathbb R}^d$ which only satisfies the polynomial growth condition. Let ${\mathcal Y}$ be a Banach space and $H^1(\mu)$ the Hardy space of Tolsa. In this paper, the authors prove that a linear operator $T$ ... More
Botnets Drilling Away Privacy InfrastructureDec 20 2015In this paper, we explore various technologies and their roles in subverting the privacy infrastructure of the Internet. We also provide mitigation techniques on the attack vectors the technologies provide, and assess the overall severity of these threats. ... More
Thermo and photoacoustic Tomography with variable speed and planar detectorsMay 03 2016We analyze the mathematical model of multiwave tomography with a variable speed with integrating measurements on planes tangent to a sphere surrounding the source. We prove sharp uniqueness and stability estimates with full and partial data and propose ... More
Multiwave tomography with reflectors: Landweber's iterationMar 23 2016Apr 19 2016We use the Landweber method for numerical simulations for the multiwave tomography problem with a reflecting boundary and compare it with the averaged time reversal method. We also analyze the rate of convergence and the dependence on the step size for ... More
Real-variable Characterizations of Orlicz-Hardy Spaces on Strongly Lipschitz Domains of $\mathbb{R}^n$Jul 17 2011Let $\Omega$ be a strongly Lipschitz domain of $\mathbb{R}^n$, whose complement in $\mathbb{R}^n$ is unbounded. Let $L$ be a second order divergence form elliptic operator on $L^2 (\Omega)$ with the Dirichlet boundary condition, and the heat semigroup ... More
Musielak-Orlicz Hardy Spaces Associated with Operators and Their ApplicationsJan 26 2012Jun 29 2012Let $\mathcal{X}$ be a metric space with doubling measure and $L$ a nonnegative self-adjoint operator in $L^2(\mathcal{X})$ satisfying the Davies-Gaffney estimates. Let $\varphi:\,\mathcal{X}\times[0,\infty)\to[0,\infty)$ be a function such that $\varphi(x,\cdot)$ ... More
A note on the geometric simplicity of the spectral radius of nonnegative irreducible tensorsJan 13 2011Mar 13 2012We prove that the spectral radius of even order nonnegative irreducible tensors is real geometrically simple. In the case when the order of the tensor is odd, or in the complex field, some conditions are given to guarantee the geometric simplicity of ... More
Bound-preserving discontinuous Galerkin method for compressible miscible displacement in porous mediaJul 18 2017In this paper, we develop bound-preserving discontinuous Galerkin (DG) methods for the coupled system of compressible miscible displacement problems. We consider the problem with two components and the (volumetric) concentration of the $i$th component ... More
Geometric Measure of non-Commuting Simultaneous Measurement based on K-Means ClusteringDec 13 2018Considering the simultaneous measurement of non-commuting observables, we define a geometric measure for the degree of non-commuting behavior of quantum measurements coming from the initial and final states of the measurements. The rationality of our ... More
Unique determination of a transversely isotropic perturbation in a linearized inverse boundary value problem for elasticityAug 04 2018Jan 04 2019We consider a linearized inverse boundary value problem for the elasticity system. From the linearized Dirichlet-to-Neumann map at zero frequency, we show that a transversely isotropic perturbation of a homogeneous isotropic elastic tensor can be uniquely ... More
Transformations between nonlocal and local integrable equationsApr 30 2017Recently, a number of nonlocal integrable equations, such as the PT-symmetric nonlinear Schrodinger (NLS) equation and PT-symmetric Davey-Stewartson equations, were proposed and studied. Here we show that many of such nonlocal integrable equations can ... More
Decay of correlations for maximal measure of maps derived from AnosovOct 03 2016Oct 23 2017It was proven by Ures that $C^1$ diffeomorphism on three dimensional torus that is derived from Anosov admits a unique maximal measure. Here we show that the maximal measure has exponential decay of correlations for H\"older observables, assuming the ... More
Adaptive elastic net and Separate Selection from Least Squares for ultra-high dimensional regression modelsOct 14 2014This paper studies the asymptotic properties of the adaptive elastic net in ultra-high dimensional sparse linear regression models and proposes a new method called SSLS (Separate Selection from Least Squares) to improve prediction accuracy. Besides, we ... More
Research on Information Security Enhancement Approaches and the Applications on HCI SystemsFeb 02 2016With rapid development of computer techniques, the human computer interaction scenarios are becoming more and more frequent. The development history of the human-computer interaction is from a person to adapt to the computer to the computer and continually ... More
$L^2$ Forms and Ricci flow with bounded curvature on Complete Non-compact manifoldsSep 11 2005In this paper, we study the evolution of $L^2$ one forms under Ricci flow with bounded curvature on a non-compact Rimennian manifold. We show on such a manifold that the $L^2$ norm of a smooth one form with compact support is non-increasing along the ... More
Decay of correlations for maximal measure of maps derived from Anosov: I: mostly contracting centerOct 03 2016It was proven by Ures that $C^1$ diffeomorphism on three dimensional torus that is derived from Anosov admits a unique maximal measure. Here we show that the maximal measure has exponential decay of correlations for H\"older observables, assuming the ... More
The Heart-shaped Supernova Remnant 3C391 viewed in Multi-bandsMar 29 2007Using Chandra X-ray, Spitzer mid-IR, and 1.5 GHz radio data, we examine the spatial structure of SNR 3C391. The X-ray surface brightness is generally anti-correlative with the IR and radio brightness. The multiband data clearly exhibit a heart-shaped ... More
Narrow Band Chandra X-ray Analysis of Supernova Remnant 3C391May 02 2005We present the narrow-band and the equivalent width (EW) images of the thermal composite supernova remnant (SNR) 3C391 for the X-ray emission lines of elements Mg, Si, & S using the Chandra ACIS Observational data. These EW images reveal the spatial distribution ... More
Full quantum theory of control-not gate in ion-trap quantum computationNov 26 2015We investigate the exact effect on ion trap quantum computation after field quantization. First an exact expression of failure probability from field quantization after many CNOT operations in Cirac-Zoller scheme is given. It is proportional to operation ... More
Further Results for Perron-Frobenius Theorem for Nonnegative Tensors IIApr 02 2011Nov 20 2012In this paper, we generalize some conclusions from the nonnegative irreducible tensor to the nonnegative weakly irreducible tensor and give more properties of eigenvalue problems.
Real-Variable Characterizations Of Hardy Spaces Associated With Bessel OperatorsFeb 07 2011Let $\lambda>0$, $p\in((2\lz+1)/(2\lz+2), 1]$, and $\triangle_\lambda\equiv-\frac{d^2}{dx^2}-\frac{2\lambda}{x} \frac d{dx}$ be the Bessel operator. In this paper, the authors establish the characterizations of atomic Hardy spaces $H^p((0, \infty), dm_\lambda)$ ... More
Orbital-selective Mott phase of Cu-substituted iron-based SuperconductorsJul 07 2016We study the phase transition in Cu-substituted iron-based superconductors with a new developed real-space Green's function method. We find that Cu substitution has strong effect on the orbital-selective Mott transition introduced by the Hund's rule coupling. ... More
A Hierarchical Butterfly LU Preconditioner for Two-Dimensional Electromagnetic Scattering Problems Involving Open SurfacesJan 31 2019This paper introduces a hierarchical interpolative decomposition butterfly-LU factorization (H-IDBF-LU) preconditioner for solving two-dimensional electric-field integral equations (EFIEs) in electromagnetic scattering problems of perfect electrically ... More
Weighted Local Orlicz-Hardy Spaces with Applications to Pseudo-differential OperatorsJul 17 2011Let $\Phi$ be a concave function on $(0,\infty)$ of strictly lower type $p_{\Phi}\in(0,1]$ and $\omega\in A^{\mathop\mathrm{loc}}_{\infty}(\mathbb{R}^n)$. We introduce the weighted local Orlicz-Hardy space $h^{\Phi}_{\omega}(\mathbb{R}^n)$ via the local ... More
Singularites in the Bousseneq equation and in the generalized KdV equationAug 16 2001In this paper, two kinds of the exact singular solutions are obtained by the improved homogeneous balance (HB) method and a nonlinear transformation. The two exact solutions show that special singular wave patterns exists in the classical model of some ... More
Maximal Function Characterizations of Musielak-Orlicz-Hardy Spaces Associated to Non-negative Self-adjoint Operators Satisfying Gaussian EstimatesMar 16 2016Let $L$ be a non-negative self-adjoint operator on $L^2(\mathbb{R}^n)$ whose heat kernels have the Gaussian upper bound estimates. Assume that the growth function $\varphi:\,\mathbb{R}^n\times[0,\infty) \to[0,\infty)$ satisfies that $\varphi(x,\cdot)$ ... More
Orlicz-Hardy Spaces Associated with Divergence Operators on Unbounded Strongly Lipschitz Domains of $\mathbb{R}^n$Jul 15 2011Jun 29 2012Let $\Omega$ be either $\mathbb{R}^n$ or an unbounded strongly Lipschitz domain of $\mathbb{R}^n$, and $\Phi$ be a continuous, strictly increasing, subadditive and positive function on $(0,\infty)$ of upper type 1 and of strictly critical lower type $p_{\Phi}\in(n/(n+1),1]$. ... More
Existence and mass concentration of pseudo-relativistic Hartree equationApr 12 2017In this paper, we investigate the constrained minimization problem \begin{equation}\label{eq:0.1} e(a):=\inf_{\{u\in \mathcal{H},\|u\|_2^2=1\}}E_a(u), \end{equation} where the energy functional \begin{equation} \label{eq:0.2} E_a(u)=\int_{\mathbb{R}^3}(u\sqrt{-\Delta+m^2}\,u+Vu^2)\,dx ... More
Irreducibility of Infinite Dimensional Steinberg Modules of Reductive Groups with Frobenius MapsJul 14 2015Jul 16 2015Let G be a connected reductive group over an algebraic closure of a finite field Fq. In this paper it is proved that the infinite dimensional Steinberg module of kG defined by N. Xi in 2014 is irreducible when k is a field of positive characteristic and ... More
Purely exponential growth of cusp-uniform actionsFeb 25 2016Suppose that a countable group $G$ admits a cusp-uniform action on a hyperbolic space $(X,d)$ such that $G$ is of divergent type. The main result of the paper is characterizing the purely exponential growth type of the orbit growth function by a condition ... More
Reactive Turing Machines with Infinite AlphabetsOct 20 2016Oct 24 2016The notion of Reactive Turing machines (RTM) was proposed as an orthogonal extension of Turing machines with interaction. RTMs are used to define the notion of executable transition system in the same way as Turing machines are used to define the notion ... More
Calculating intersection numbers on moduli spaces of pointed curvesAug 14 2008Mar 03 2010This is a note on calculating intersection numbers on moduli spaces of curves. A codimension 3 relation among tautological classes on the moduli space of genus 4 curves is given.
An Enhanced Leakage-Based Precoding Scheme for Multi-User Multi-Layer MIMO SystemsJul 15 2014In this paper, we propose an enhanced leakage-based precoding scheme, i.e., layer signal to leakage plus noise ratio (layer SLNR) scheme, for multi-user multi-layer MIMO systems. Specifically, the layer SLNR scheme incorporates the MIMO receiver structure ... More
Over-the-air Signaling in Cellular Networks: An OverviewNov 12 2013To improve the capacity and coverage of current cellular networks, many advanced technologies such as massive MIMO, inter-cell coordination, small cells, device-to-device communications, and so on, are under studying. Many proposed techniques have been ... More
Decay of solutions of Maxwell-Klein-Gordon equations with large Maxwell fieldNov 01 2015It has been shown in the author's companion paper that solutions of Maxwell-Klein-Gordon equations in $\mathbb{R}^{3+1}$ possess some form of global strong decay properties with data bounded in some weighted energy space. In this paper, we prove pointwise ... More
Global solutions of nonlinear wave equations with large energyDec 27 2013In this paper, we give a criterion on the Cauchy data for the semilinear wave equations satisfying the null condition in $\mathbb{R}^+\times\mathbb{R}^{3}$ such that the energy of the data can be arbitrarily large while the solution is still globally ... More
Semiclassical analysis of quantum dynamicsOct 18 2011Nov 15 2011Simulating the molecular dynamics (MD) using classical or semi-classical trajectories provides important details for the understanding of many chemical reactions, protein folding, drug design, and solvation effects. MD simulations using trajectories have ... More
New approach to Monte Carlo calculation of buckling of supercoiled DNA loopsSep 11 2000The short supercoiled circular DNA molecules are shown to be glassy systems and canonical Metropolis Monte Carlo simulations of the systems tend to get stuck in local metastable energy basins. A novel Monte Carlo algorithm is developed to alleviate the ... More