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Detection of Cooperative Interactions in Logistic Regression ModelsFeb 12 2016Dec 28 2016An important problem in the field of bioinformatics is to identify interactive effects among profiled variables for outcome prediction. In this paper, a logistic regression model with pairwise interactions among a set of binary covariates is considered. ... More
Stochastic Block Coordinate Frank-Wolfe Algorithm for Large-Scale Biological Network AlignmentMay 25 2015May 26 2015With increasingly "big" data available in biomedical research, deriving accurate and reproducible biology knowledge from such big data imposes enormous computational challenges. In this paper, motivated by recently developed stochastic block coordinate ... More
Optimal Bayesian Transfer LearningJan 02 2018May 25 2018Transfer learning has recently attracted significant research attention, as it simultaneously learns from different source domains, which have plenty of labeled data, and transfers the relevant knowledge to the target domain with limited labeled data ... More
BNP-Seq: Bayesian Nonparametric Differential Expression Analysis of Sequencing Count DataAug 13 2016We perform differential expression analysis of high-throughput sequencing count data under a Bayesian nonparametric framework, removing sophisticated ad-hoc pre-processing steps commonly required in existing algorithms. We propose to use the gamma (beta) ... More
BNP-Seq: Bayesian Nonparametric Differential Expression Analysis of Sequencing Count DataAug 13 2016May 02 2017We perform differential expression analysis of high-throughput sequencing count data under a Bayesian nonparametric framework, removing sophisticated ad-hoc pre-processing steps commonly required in existing algorithms. We propose to use the gamma (beta) ... More
Fast Exact Computation of Expected HyperVolume ImprovementDec 18 2018Jan 23 2019In multi-objective Bayesian optimization and surrogate-based evolutionary algorithms, Expected HyperVolume Improvement (EHVI) is widely used as the acquisition function to guide the search approaching the Pareto front. This paper focuses on the exact ... More
Experimental Design via Generalized Mean Objective Cost of UncertaintyMay 03 2018The mean objective cost of uncertainty (MOCU) quantifies the performance cost of using an operator that is optimal across an uncertainty class of systems as opposed to using an operator that is optimal for a particular system. MOCU-based experimental ... More
Tunneling Effect Near Weakly Isolated HorizonFeb 06 2007The tunneling effect near a weakly isolated horizon (WIH) has been studied. By applying the null geodesic method of Parikh and Wilczek and Hamilton-Jacibi method of Angheben et al. to a weakly isolated horizon, we recover the semiclassical emission rate ... More
Detection of Cooperative Interactions in Logistic Regression ModelsFeb 12 2016An important problem in the field of bioinformatics is to identify interactive effects among profiled variables for outcome prediction. In this paper, a simple logistic regression model with pairwise interactions among a set of binary covariates is considered. ... More
Safe Active Feature Selection for Sparse LearningJun 15 2018Jun 19 2018We present safe active incremental feature selection~(SAIF) to scale up the computation of LASSO solutions. SAIF does not require a solution from a heavier penalty parameter as in sequential screening or updating the full model for each iteration as in ... More
Optimal Clustering with Missing ValuesFeb 26 2019Missing values frequently arise in modern biomedical studies due to various reasons, including missing tests or complex profiling technologies for different omics measurements. Missing values can complicate the application of clustering algorithms, whose ... More
Collaborative Global-Local Networks for Memory-Efficient Segmentation of Ultra-High Resolution ImagesMay 15 2019Segmentation of ultra-high resolution images is increasingly demanded, yet poses significant challenges for algorithm efficiency, in particular considering the (GPU) memory limits. Current approaches either downsample an ultra-high resolution image or ... More
Critical phenomena in gravitational collapse of Husain-Martinez-Nunez scalar fieldApr 29 2019We construct analytical models to study the critical phenomena in gravitational collapse of the Husain-Martinez-Nunez massless scalar field. We first use the cut-and-paste technique to match the conformally flat solution ($c=0$ ) onto an outgoing Vaidya ... More
A note on electrical and thermodynamic properties of Isolated HorizonOct 27 2014Oct 29 2014The electrical laws and Carnot cycle of Isolated Horizon (IH) are investigated in this paper. We establish the Ohm's law and Joule's law of an Isolated Horizon, and find that the conceptual picture of black holes (Membrane Paradigm) can also apply to ... More
Adaptive Activity Monitoring with Uncertainty Quantification in Switching Gaussian Process ModelsJan 08 2019Emerging wearable sensors have enabled the unprecedented ability to continuously monitor human activities for healthcare purposes. However, with so many ambient sensors collecting different measurements, it becomes important not only to maintain good ... More
Prognostics of Surgical Site Infections using Dynamic Health DataNov 12 2016Surgical Site Infection (SSI) is a national priority in healthcare research. Much research attention has been attracted to develop better SSI risk prediction models. However, most of the existing SSI risk prediction models are built on static risk factors ... More
Differential Expression Analysis of Dynamical Sequencing Count Data with a Gamma Markov ChainMar 07 2018Next-generation sequencing (NGS) to profile temporal changes in living systems is gaining more attention for deriving better insights into the underlying biological mechanisms compared to traditional static sequencing experiments. Nonetheless, the majority ... More
Bayesian multi-domain learning for cancer subtype discovery from next-generation sequencing count dataOct 22 2018Precision medicine aims for personalized prognosis and therapeutics by utilizing recent genome-scale high-throughput profiling techniques, including next-generation sequencing (NGS). However, translating NGS data faces several challenges. First, NGS count ... More
Autonomous Efficient Experiment Design for Materials Discovery with Bayesian Model AveragingMar 14 2018Oct 30 2018The accelerated exploration of the materials space in order to identify configurations with optimal properties is an ongoing challenge. Current paradigms are typically centered around the idea of performing this exploration through high-throughput experimentation/computation. ... More
Scalable optimal Bayesian classification of single-cell trajectories under regulatory model uncertaintyFeb 08 2019Single-cell gene expression measurements offer opportunities in deriving mechanistic understanding of complex diseases, including cancer. However, due to the complex regulatory machinery of the cell, gene regulatory network (GRN) model inference based ... More
Semi-Implicit Graph Variational Auto-EncodersAug 19 2019Semi-implicit graph variational auto-encoder (SIG-VAE) is proposed to expand the flexibility of variational graph auto-encoders (VGAE) to model graph data. SIG-VAE employs a hierarchical variational framework to enable neighboring node sharing for better ... More
Bayesian Gamma-Negative Binomial Modeling of Single-Cell RNA Sequencing DataAug 01 2019Background: Single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq) is a powerful profiling technique at the single-cell resolution. Appropriate analysis of scRNA-seq data can characterize molecular heterogeneity and shed light into the underlying cellular process to ... More
Quasi-local energy-momentum and energy flux at null infinityMay 04 2005Jun 02 2005The null infinity limit of the gravitational energy-momentum and energy flux determined by the covariant Hamiltonian quasi-local expressions is evaluated using the NP spin coefficients. The reference contribution is considered by three different embedding ... More
The Discrete AKNS-D HierarchyJun 06 2006In this paper, we consider the discrete AKNS-D hierarchy, find the construction of the hierarchy, prove the bilinear identity and give the construction of the $\tau$-functions of this hierarchy.
Engineering and Manipulating Structured ExcitonsMay 13 2016May 23 2016When a semiconductor absorbs light, the resulting electron-hole superposition amounts to a uncontrolled quantum ripple that eventually degenerates into diffusion. If the conformation of these excitonic superpositions could be engineered, though, they ... More
MMDF2018 Workshop ReportAug 30 2018Driven by the recent advances in smart, miniaturized, and mass produced sensors, networked systems, and high-speed data communication and computing, the ability to collect and process larger volumes of higher veracity real-time data from a variety of ... More
Engineering and Manipulating Exciton Wave PacketsMay 13 2016May 30 2017When a semiconductor absorbs light, the resulting electron-hole superposition amounts to a uncontrolled quantum ripple that eventually degenerates into diffusion. If the conformation of these excitonic superpositions could be engineered, though, they ... More
Multi-Objective Bayesian Materials Discovery: Application on the Discovery of Precipitation Strengthened NiTi Shape Memory Alloys through Micromechanical ModelingJul 18 2018In this study, a framework for the multi-objective materials discovery based on Bayesian approaches is developed. The capabilities of the framework are demonstrated on an example case related to the discovery of precipitation strengthened NiTi shape memory ... More
Augmenting Phrase Table by Employing Lexicons for Pivot-based SMTDec 01 2015Pivot language is employed as a way to solve the data sparseness problem in machine translation, especially when the data for a particular language pair does not exist. The combination of source-to-pivot and pivot-to-target translation models can induce ... More
Ensemble Estimation of Large Sparse Covariance Matrix Based on Modified Cholesky DecompositionJan 01 2018Estimation of large sparse covariance matrices is of great importance for statistical analysis, especially in the high dimensional setting. The traditional approach such as sample covariance matrix could perform poorly due to the high dimensionality. ... More
Position space of Doubly Special RelativityNov 04 2003Dec 08 2003We consider three possible approaches to formulating coordinate transformations on position space associated with non-linear Lorentz transformations on momentum space. The first approach uses the definition of velocity and gives the standard Lorentz transformation. ... More
More on gravitational memoryDec 18 2018Jan 08 2019Two novel results for gravitational memory effect are presented in this paper. We first extend the formula of the memory effect to the solutions with arbitrary two surface boundary topology. The memory effect for Robinson-Trautman solution is obtained ... More
On Uniqueness of Kerr Space-time near null infinityNov 24 2008We re-express the Kerr metric in standard Bondi-Saches' coordinate near null infinity ${\cal I}^+$. Using the uniqueness result of characteristic initial value problem, we prove the Kerr metric is the only asymptotic flat, stationary, axial symmetric, ... More
An Improved Modified Cholesky Decomposition Method for Inverse Covariance Matrix EstimationOct 14 2017The modified Cholesky decomposition is commonly used for inverse covariance matrix estimation given a specified order of random variables. However, the order of variables is often not available or cannot be pre-determined. Hence, we propose a novel estimator ... More
Proof of the entropy bound on dynamical horizonsJul 29 2008The entropy bound conjecture concerning black hole dynamical horizons is proved. The conjecture states, if a dynamical horizon, $D_H$, is bounded by two surfaces with areas of $A_B$ and $\abp$ ($\abp>A_B$), then the entropy, $S_D$, that crosses $D_H$ ... More
Broadband solid cloak for underwater acousticsNov 02 2016Jan 03 2017Application of transformation theory to underwater acoustics has been a challenging task because highly anisotropic density is unachievable in water. A possible strategy is to exploit anisotropic modulus rather than density, while has not been experimentally ... More
New approach to Fully Nonlinear Adiabatic TWM TheoryApr 20 2016May 04 2016I'm presenting a new elegant formulation of the theory of fully nonlinear adiabatic TWM (FNA-TWM) in terms of elliptic function here. Note that the linear case of SFG and DFG in the undepleted pump approximation described by the FVH representation has ... More
Conditioning a Brownian loop-soup cluster on a portion of its boundaryOct 28 2016We show that if one conditions a cluster in a Brownian loop-soup $L$ (of any intensity) in a two-dimensional domain by a portion $l$ of its outer boundary, then in the remaining domain, the union of all the loops of $L$ that touch $l$ satisfies the conformal ... More
Optimal control of coupled forward-backward stochastic system with jumps and related Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equationsNov 20 2011Mar 21 2013In this paper we investigate a kind of optimal control problem of coupled forward-backward stochastic system with jumps whose cost functional is defined through a coupled forward-backward stochastic differential equation with Brownian motion and Poisson ... More
Representation of G-martingales as stochastic integrals with respect to the G-Brownian motionMar 16 2010The objective of this paper is to derive a representation of symmetric G-martingales as stochastic integrals with respect to the G-Brownian motion. For this end, we first study some extensions of stochastic calculus with respect to G-martingales under ... More
Constraining Photon Mass by Energy-Dependent Gravitational Light BendingJun 06 2014In the standard model of particle physics, photons are mass-less particles with a particular dispersion relation. Tests of this claim at different scales are both interesting and important. Experiments in territory labs and several exterritorial tests ... More
Separability of Multipartite Quantum States with Strong Positive Partial TransposeApr 29 2018May 01 2018We generalize the definition of strong positive partial transpose (SPPT) to the multipartite system. The tripartite case was first considered by X.-Y. Yu and H. Zhao [ Int. J. Theor. Phys.,54, 292, (2015)]. In this extension, unfortunately, desired properties ... More
Nonlinear Stochastic Dynamics of Complex Systems, I: A Chemical Reaction Kinetic Perspective with Mesoscopic Nonequilibrium ThermodynamicsMay 24 2016We distinguish a mechanical representation of the world in terms of point masses with positions and momenta and the chemical representation of the world in terms of populations of different individuals, each with intrinsic stochasticity, but population ... More
Thermodynamic and Kinetic Analysis of Sensitivity Amplification in Biological Signal TransductionJul 12 2002Sep 16 2003Based on a thermodynamic analysis of the kinetic model for the protein phosphorylation-dephosphorylation cycle, we study the ATP (or GTP) energy utilization of this ubiquitous biological signal transduction process. It is shown that the free energy from ... More
An Analysis of the Thermodynamics of Hydrophobic Solvation Based on Scaled Particle TheoryApr 25 2001A comprehensive, semi-quantitative model for the thermodynamics of hydrophobic solvation is presented. The model is based on a very simple premise suggested by the scaled particle theory and treats both solute and solvent molecules as hard spheres. A ... More
Asymptotic estimates on the time derivative of $Φ$-entropy on Riemannian manifoldsApr 16 2011Aug 11 2011In this note, we obtain the asymptotic estimate for the time derivative of the $\Phi$-entropy in terms of the lower bound on the Bakry-Emery $\Gamma_2$ curvature. In the cases of Hyperbolic space and Heisenberg group, we show that the time derivative ... More
An intrinsic hyperboloid approach for Einstein Klein-Gordon equationsJul 06 2016In [7] Klainerman introduced the hyperboloidal method to prove the global existence results for nonlinear Klein-Gordon equations by using commuting vector fields. In this paper, we extend the hyperboloidal method from Minkowski space to Lorentzian spacetimes. ... More
Fisher information matrix for three-parameter exponentiated-Weibull distribution under type II censoringFeb 01 2011This paper considers the three-parameter exponentiated Weibull family under type II censoring. It first graphically illustrates the shape property of the hazard function. Then, it proposes a simple algorithm for computing the maximum likelihood estimator ... More
Dissipative Stability Conditions for Linear Coupled Differential-Difference Systems via a Dynamical Constraints ApproachJul 07 2017Oct 26 2017In this short note, we derive dissipative conditions with slack variables for a linear coupled differential-difference (CDDS) via constructing a Krasovskii functional. The approach can be interpreted as a generalization of the Finsler Lemma approach for ... More
Qutrit Dichromatic Calculus and Its UniversalityJun 08 2014Dec 30 2014We introduce a dichromatic calculus (RG) for qutrit systems. We show that the decomposition of the qutrit Hadamard gate is non-unique and not derivable from the dichromatic calculus. As an application of the dichromatic calculus, we depict a quantum algorithm ... More
Thermodynamics of Black Holes from Equipartition of Energy and HolographyFeb 05 2010May 09 2010A gravitational potential in the relativistic case is introduced as an alternative to Wald's potential used by Verlinde, which reproduces the familiar entropy/area relation S=A/4 (in the natural units) when Verlinde's idea is applied to the black hole ... More
More on gravitational memoryDec 18 2018May 10 2019Two novel results for the gravitational memory effect are presented in this paper. We first extend the formula for the memory effect to solutions with arbitrary two surface boundary topology. The memory effect for the Robinson-Trautman solution is obtained ... More
Model simulation of optical light curves for blazar OJ287Apr 06 2019The light curves of optical outbursts observed in blazar OJ287 during 1983-2015 are analyzed and model-simulated to investigate the nature of its optical radiation. It is shown that the December/2015 outburst has its multi-wavelength variability behavior ... More
Contribution of Cross-Correlations to the 21cm Angular Power Spectrum in the Epoch of ReionizationNov 24 2009Measurement of the 21cm hyperfine transition of neutral hydrogen provides a unique probe of the epoch of reionization and the Dark Ages. Three major mechanisms are believed to dominate the radiation process: emission from neutral hydrogen surrounding ... More
Improving Scientific Workflow with Cloud OffloadingOct 04 2017Scientific workflow is a powerful tool to streamline and organize computational steps of scientific application. This paper presents Emerald, a system that adds sophisticated cloud offloading capabilities to scientific workflows. Emerald automatically ... More
Stochastic Physics, Complex Systems and BiologyMar 15 2012Dec 21 2012In complex systems, the interplay between nonlinear and stochastic dynamics, e.g., J. Monod's necessity and chance, gives rise to an evolutionary process in Darwinian sense, in terms of discrete jumps among attractors, with punctuated equilibrium, spontaneous ... More
Thermodynamics of Markov Processes with Non-extensive Entropy and Free EnergyMay 07 2010Feb 02 2011Parallel to the recent presented complete thermodynamic formalism for master equation systems, we show that a "thermodynamic" theory can also be developed based on Tsallis' generalized entropy $S_q and Shiino's generalized free energy F_q which depends ... More
From Discrete Protein Kinetics to Continuous Brownian Dynamics: A New PerspectiveApr 20 2001An analysis on the discrete versus continuous views of kinetics of macromolecules is presented. It is shown that the discrete approach traditional to biochemistry is insufficient for understanding the dynamics of protein molecules in aqueous solution. ... More
Mathematical Formalism for Isothermal Linear IrreversibilityJul 08 2000Jun 27 2001We prove the equivalence among symmetricity, time reversibility, and zero entropy production of the stationary solutions of linear stochastic differential equations. A sufficient and necessary reversibility condition expressed in terms of the coefficients ... More
Two-Dimensional Adaptive Fourier DecompositionJun 09 2014Mar 18 2015One-dimensional adaptive Fourier decomposition, abbreviated as 1-D AFD, or AFD, is an adaptive representation of a physically realizable signal into a linear combination of parameterized Szeg\"o and higher order Szeg\"o kernels of the context. In the ... More
A Novel Fourier Theory on Non-linear Phases and ApplicationsMay 16 2018Positive time varying frequency representation for transient signals has been a hearty desire of signal analysts due to its theoretical and practical importance. During approximately the last two decades there has formulated a signal decomposition and ... More
Positive curvature property for some hypoelliptic heat kernelsJun 14 2010In this note, we look at some hypoelliptic operators arising from nilpotent rank 2 Lie algebras. In particular, we concentrate on the diffusion generated by three Brownian motions and their three L\'evy areas, which is the simplest extension of the Laplacian ... More
A geometric approach for sharp Local well-posedness of quasilinear wave equationsAug 17 2014The commuting vector fields approach, devised for strichartz estimates in [13], was developed for proving the local well-posedness in the Sobolev spaces $H^s$ with $s>2+\frac{2-\sqrt{3}}{2}$ for general quasi-linear wave equation in ${\mathbb R}^{1+3}$ ... More
Hyperbolic Metric, Punctured Riemann Sphere and Modular FunctionsJan 21 2019We derive a precise asymptotic expansion of the complete K\"{a}hler-Einstein metric on the punctured Riemann sphere with three or more omitting points. By using Schwarzian derivative, we prove that the coefficients of the expansion are polynomials on ... More
Spacetime orientation and the meaning of Lorentz invariance in general relativityFeb 14 2018The parity violation at the level of weak interactions and other similar discrete symmetries breaking show that the invariance of laws under the full group of Lorentz transformations can not be taken granted. We examine the principle of Lorentz invariance ... More
A scheme for determining fundamental interactions and the universality principleSep 20 2017The Standard Model of particle physics was established based on the equivalence principle and gauge invariance. The Lagrangians were built upon experimental data demonstrating the violation of discrete symmetries together with ideas of spontaneous symmetry ... More
The Analysis to Quasi-Local Energy and Hamiltonian Constraint based on VariationNov 07 2013Nov 14 2013In this paper, by arising condition in variation, from equal time to non-equal time, I reconsider how geometrodynamics equations allow to be derived from variational principle in general relativity and then find the variation of extrinsic curvature dependent ... More
Exotic candidates with heavy quark(s)Dec 04 2017In the last decades, the number of exotic candidates which are beyond the conventional quark model has grown dramatically. At the same time, numerous theoretical interpretations, such as tetraquark, hybrid, hadroquarkonium and hadronic molecule, have ... More
Flow polynomials of a signed graphMay 21 2018Jun 25 2018In contrast to ordinary graphs, the number of the nowhere-zero group-flows in a signed graph may vary with different groups, even if the groups have the same order. In fact, for a signed graph $G$ and non-negative integer $d$, it was shown that there ... More
Search for $J^{PC}=1^{-+}$ exotic state in $e^+e^-$ annihilationMar 10 2014The charmed meson pair $(\frac{3}{2})^+$ and anti-$(\frac{1}{2})^-$, i.e. $D_1(2420)\bar D+c.c.$, $D_1(2420)\bar D^*+c.c.$, $D_2(2460)\bar D^*+c.c.$, can couple to states with vector quantum number $J^{PC}=1^{--}$ and exotic quantum number $J^{PC}=1^{-+}$ ... More
Dynamic indifference pricing via the G-expectationMar 30 2015We study the dynamic indifference pricing with ambiguity preferences. For this, we introduce the dynamic expected utility with ambiguity via the nonlinear expectation--G-expectation, introduced by Peng (2007). We also study the risk aversion and certainty ... More
Properties of solutions of stochastic differential equations driven by the G-Brownian motionOct 15 2010Jul 24 2013In this paper, we study the differentiability of solutions of stochastic differential equations driven by the $G$-Brownian motion with respect to the initial data and the parameter. In addition, the stability of solutions of stochastic differential equations ... More
The Tychonoff uniqueness theorem for the G-heat equationJun 28 2010Mar 07 2011In this paper, we obtain the Tychonoff uniqueness theorem for the G-heat equation.
Small Open Chemical Systems Theory and Its Implications to Darwinian Evolutionary Dynamics, Complex Self-Organization and BeyondMar 17 2012Apr 03 2014The study of biological cells in terms of mesoscopic, nonequilibrium, nonlinear, stochastic dynamics of open chemical systems provides a paradigm for other complex, self-organizing systems with ultra-fast stochastic fluctuations, short-time deterministic ... More
Kinematic Basis of Emergent Energetic Descriptions of General Stochastic DynamicsMar 23 2017Sep 20 2017We show a stochastic, kinematic description of a dynamics has a hidden energetic and thermodynamic structure. An energy function $\varphi(x)$ emerges as the limit of the generalized free energy of the stochastic dynamics with vanishing noise. In terms ... More
Mesoscopic Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics of Single Macromolecules and Dynamic Entropy-Energy CompensationOct 01 2001We introduce axiomatically a complete thermodynamic formalism for a single macromolecule, either with or without detailed balance, in an isothermal ambient fluid based on its stochastic dynamics. With detailed balance, the novel theory yields mesoscopic, ... More
Lattès maps and combinatorial expansionSep 13 2011Feb 13 2014A Latt\`es map $f\colon \hat{\mathbb{C}}\rightarrow \hat{\mathbb{C}}$ is a rational map that is obtained from a finite quotient of a conformal torus endomorphism. We characterize Latt\`es maps by their combinatorial expansion behavior.
Sensitivity to Gauge-Mediated Supersymmetry Breaking Models of the Fermilab Upgraded Tevatron ColliderMar 31 1999Oct 14 1999This paper discusses supersymmetry discovery potential of the upgraded D\O experiment at the Tevatron $p\bar{p}$ collider. Six final states with large transverse energy (momentum) leptons or photons (with or without large transverse momentum imbalances) ... More
A geometric perspective on the method of descentMar 19 2017We derive a representation formula for the tensorial wave equation $\Box_\bg \phi^I=F^I$ in globally hyperbolic Lorentzian spacetimes $(\M^{2+1}, \bg)$ by giving a geometric formulation of the method of descent which is applicable for any dimension.
On the exterior stability of nonlinear wave equationsAug 07 2018We consider a very general class of nonlinear wave equations, which admit trivial solutions and not necessarily verify any form of null conditions. For compactly supported small data, one can only have a semi-global result which states that the solutions ... More
Quantum signatures of chaos in the dynamics of bipartite fluctuationsJun 05 2019We study the quantum signatures of chaos by using the concept of bipartite fluctuations in the kicked two-site Bose-Hubbard model, which can be mapped to the well-studied kicked top model. We find that the evolution of bipartite fluctuations is quasiperiodic ... More
Differential Harnack inequalities and Perelman type entropy formulae for subelliptic operatorsJul 09 2013In this paper, under the generalized curvature-dimension inequality recently introduced by F. Baudoin and N. Garofalo, we obtain differential Harnack inequalities for the positive solutions to the Sch\"odinger equation associated to subelliptic operator ... More
Nash equilibrium payoffs for stochastic differential games with jumps and coupled nonlinear cost functionalsAug 18 2011Jul 18 2013In this paper we investigate Nash equilibrium payoffs for two-player nonzero-sum stochastic differential games whose cost functionals are defined by a system of coupled backward stochastic differential equations. We obtain an existence theorem and a characterization ... More
Fitness and entropy production in a cell population dynamics with epigenetic phenotype switchingSep 07 2013Aug 01 2014Motivated by recent understandings in the stochastic natures of gene expression, biochemical signaling, and spontaneous reversible epigenetic switchings, we study a simple deterministic cell population dynamics in which subpopulations grow with different ... More
A Decomposition of Irreversible Diffusion Processes Without Detailed BalanceApr 29 2012May 08 2013As a generalization of deterministic, nonlinear conservative dynamical systems, a notion of {\em canonical conservative dynamics} with respect to a positive, differentiable stationary density $\rho(x)$ is introduced: $\dot{x}=j(x)$ in which $\nabla\cdot\big(\rho(x)j(x)\big)=0$. ... More
The Mathematical Theory of Molecular Motor Movement and Chemomechanical Energy TransductionJun 15 2001The mathematical formulation of the model for molecular movement of single motor proteins driven by cyclic biochemical reactions in an aqueous environment leads to a drifted Brownian motion characterized by coupled diffusion equations. In this article, ... More
Equations for Stochastic Macromolecular Mechanics of Single Proteins: Equilibrium Fluctuations, Transient Kinetics and Nonequilibrium Steady-StateJul 09 2000Jun 08 2001A modeling framework for the internal conformational dynamics and external mechanical movement of single biological macromolecules in aqueous solution at constant temperature is developed. Both the internal dynamics and external movement are stochastic; ... More
Nonequilibrium Potential Function of Chemically Driven Single Macromolecules via Jarzynski-Type Log-Mean-Exponential WorkJul 30 2005Oct 13 2005Applying the method from recently developed fluctuation theorems to the stochastic dynamics of single macromolecules in ambient fluid at constant temperature, we establish two Jarzynski-type equalities: (1) between the log-mean-exponential (LME) of the ... More
A Stochastic Analysis of a Brownian Ratchet Model for Actin-Based Motility and Integrate-and-Firing NeuronsJun 20 2001In recent single-particle tracking (SPT) measurements on {\it Listeria monocytogenes} motility {\em in vitro}, the actin-based stochastic dynamics of the bacterium movement is analyzed statistically (Kuo and McGrath, 2000). The mean-square displacement ... More
Enhanced Mobile Computing Experience with Cloud OffloadingOct 12 2017The need for increased performance of mobile device directly conflicts with the desire for longer battery life. Offloading compu-tation to multiple devices is an effective method to reduce energy consumption and enhance performance for mobile applications. ... More
Thermodynamics of the General Diffusion Process: Equilibrium Supercurrent and Nonequilibrium Driven Circulation with DissipationDec 18 2014Sep 19 2015Unbalanced probability circulation, which yields cyclic motions in phase space, is the defining characteristics of a stationary diffusion process without detailed balance. In over-damped soft matter systems, such behavior is a hallmark of the presence ... More
Finding the Optimal Demodulator Under Implementation ConstraintsJun 03 2015Mar 23 2016The common approach of designing a communication device is to maximize a well-defined objective function, e.g., the channel capacity and the cut-off rate. We propose easy-to-implement solutions for Gaussian channels that approximate the optimal results ... More
Static dielectric function with exact exchange contribution in the electron liquidJun 28 2015Aug 01 2015The exchange contribution, $\Pi_1 ({\bf k}, 0)$, to the static dielectric function in the electron liquid is evaluated exactly. Expression for it is derived analytically in terms of one quadrature. The expression, as presented in Eq. (3) in the Introduction, ... More
Dielectric function with exact exchange contribution in the electron liquid. II. Analytical expressionSep 25 2016The first-order, in terms of electron-interaction in the perturbation theory, of the proper linear response function $\Pi ({\bf k}, \omega )$ gives rise to the exchange-contribution to the dielectric function $\epsilon ({\bf k} , \omega)$ in the electron ... More
Remarks on Li-Yau inequality on graphsNov 14 2013In this paper, we study Li-Yau gradient estimates for the solutions $u$ to the heat equation $\partial_tu=\Delta u$ on graphs under the curvature condition $CD(n,-K)$ introduced by Bauer et al. in \cite{BHLLMY}. As applications, we derive Harnack inequalities ... More
Dictionary Integration using 3D Morphable Face Models for Pose-invariant Collaborative-representation-based ClassificationNov 01 2016The paper presents a dictionary integration algorithm using 3D morphable face models (3DMM) for pose-invariant collaborative-representation-based face classification. To this end, we first fit a 3DMM to the 2D face images of a dictionary to reconstruct ... More
Dictionary Integration using 3D Morphable Face Models for Pose-invariant Collaborative-representation-based ClassificationNov 01 2016Nov 16 2016The paper presents a dictionary integration algorithm using 3D morphable face models (3DMM) for pose-invariant collaborative-representation-based face classification. To this end, we first fit a 3DMM to the 2D face images of a dictionary to reconstruct ... More
On Newman-Penrose constants of stationary space-timesDec 18 2006We consider the general asymptotic expression of stationary space-time. Using Killing equation, we reduce the dynamical freedom of Einstein equation to the in-going gravitational wave $\Psi_0$. The general form of this function can be got. With the help ... More
Energy-momentum in general relativityNov 28 2018We briefly review of the definitions of the total energy, the total linear momentum and the angular momentum of gravitational field when the cosmological constant is zero. In particular, we show pseudo-tensor's definition of the energy and the momentum ... More
Light Cone Structure near Null Infinity of the Kerr MetricJan 31 2007Motivated by our attempt to understand the question of angular momentum of a relativistic rotating source carried away by gravitational waves, in the asymptotic regime near future null infinity of the Kerr metric, a family of null hypersurfaces intersecting ... More