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Folding mechanisms at finite temperatureFeb 08 2018Folding mechanisms are zero elastic energy motions essential to the deployment of origami, linkages, reconfigurable metamaterials and robotic structures. In this paper, we determine the fate of folding mechanisms when such structures are miniaturized ... More
Isostaticity, auxetic response, surface modes, and conformal invariance in twisted kagome latticesDec 05 2011Model lattices consisting of balls connected by central-force springs provide much of our understanding of mechanical response and phonon structure of real materials. Their stability depends critically on their coordination number $z$. $d$-dimensional ... More
Soft random solids and their heterogeneous elasticityDec 20 2008Apr 15 2010Spatial heterogeneity in the elastic properties of soft random solids is examined via vulcanization theory. The spatial heterogeneity in the \emph{structure} of soft random solids is a result of the fluctuations locked-in at their synthesis, which also ... More
Elastic heterogeneity of soft random solidsOct 16 2006Spatial heterogeneity in the elastic properties of soft random solids is investigated via a two-pronged approach. First, a nonlocal phenomenological model for the elastic free energy is examined. This features a quenched random kernel, which induces randomness ... More
Entropic effects in the self-assembly of open lattices from patchy particlesMar 02 2013Open lattices are characterized by low volume-fraction arrangements of building blocks, low coordination number, and open spaces between building blocks. The self-assembly of these lattices faces the challenge of mechanical instability due to their open ... More
Transformable topological mechanical metamaterialsOct 21 2015Mechanical metamaterials are engineered materials that gain their remarkable mechanical properties, such as negative Poisson's ratios, negative compressibility, phononic bandgaps, and topological phonon modes, from their structure rather than composition. ... More
Phonons and elasticity in critically coordinated latticesMar 04 2015Much of our understanding of vibrational excitations and elasticity is based upon analysis of frames consisting of sites connected by bonds occupied by central-force springs, the stability of which depends on the average number of neighbors per site $z$. ... More
Tighter Relations Between Sensitivity and Other Complexity MeasuresNov 13 2014Sensitivity conjecture is a longstanding and fundamental open problem in the area of complexity measures of Boolean functions and decision tree complexity. The conjecture postulates that the maximum sensitivity of a Boolean function is polynomially related ... More
Finite temperature mechanical instability in disordered latticesMar 18 2015Mechanical instability takes different forms in various ordered and disordered systems. We study the effect of thermal fluctuations in two disordered central-force lattice models near mechanical instability: randomly diluted triangular lattice and randomly ... More
Capillary-driven binding of thin triangular prisms at fluid interfacesFeb 08 2018We observe capillary-driven binding between thin, equilateral triangular prisms at a flat air-water interface. The edge length of the equilateral triangle face is 120 $\mu m$, and the thickness of the prism is varied between 2 and 20 $\mu m$. For thickness ... More
Finite-temperature buckling of an extensible rodJul 09 2015Thermal fluctuations can play an important role in the buckling of elastic objects at small scales, such as polymers or nanotubes. In this paper, we study the finite-temperature buckling transition of an extensible rod by analyzing fluctuation corrections ... More
Self-assembly of three-dimensional open structures using patchy colloidal particlesMar 04 2014Open structures can display a number of unusual properties, including a negative Poisson's ratio, negative thermal expansion, and holographic elasticity, and have many interesting applications in engineering. However, it is a grand challenge to self-assemble ... More
Coherent potential approximation of random nearly isostatic kagome latticeAug 12 2010The kagome lattice has coordination number $4$, and it is mechanically isostatic when nearest neighbor ($NN$) sites are connected by central force springs. A lattice of $N$ sites has $O(\sqrt{N})$ zero-frequency floppy modes that convert to finite-frequency ... More
Rigidity percolation on the square latticeJul 20 2011The square lattice with central forces between nearest neighbors is isostatic with a subextensive number of floppy modes. It can be made rigid by the random addition of next-nearest neighbor bonds. This constitutes a rigidity percolation transition which ... More
A general comparison theorem for 1-dimensional anticipated BSDEsNov 03 2009Oct 28 2011Anticipated backward stochastic differential equation (ABSDE) studied the first time in 2007 is a new type of stochastic differential equations. In this paper, we establish a general comparison theorem for 1-dimensional ABSDEs with the generators depending ... More
Fully Coupled Forward-Backward Stochastic Functional Differential Equations and Applications to Quadratic Optimal ControlOct 25 2013Dec 04 2013In this paper, we consider the fully coupled forward-backward stochastic functional differential equations (FBSFDEs) with stochastic functional differential equations as the forward equations and the generalized anticipated backward stochastic differential ... More
Anticipated backward doubly stochastic differential equationsJul 26 2012Jul 09 2013In this paper, we deal with a new type of differential equations called anticipated backward doubly stochastic differential equations (anticipated BDSDEs). The coefficients of these BDSDEs depend on the future value of the solution $(Y, Z)$. We obtain ... More
Necessary and sufficient condition for the comparison theorem of multidimensional anticipated backward stochastic differential equationsOct 22 2009Mar 03 2011Anticipated backward stochastic differential equations, studied the first time in 2007, are equations of the following type: {tabular}{rlll} $-dY_t$ &=& $f(t, Y_t, Z_t, Y_{t+\delta(t)}, Z_{t+\zeta(t)})dt-Z_tdB_t, $ & $ t\in[0, T];$ $Y_t$ &=& $\xi_t, $ ... More
Soft modes and elasticity of nearly isostatic lattices: randomness and dissipationSep 14 2009Apr 15 2010The square lattice with central-force springs on nearest-neighbor bonds is isostatic. It has a zero mode for each row and column, and it does not support shear. Using the Coherent Potential Approximation (CPA), we study how the random addition, with probability ... More
Elasticity of Filamentous Kagome LatticeJan 05 2013Jan 16 2013The diluted kagome lattice, in which bonds are randomly removed with probability $1-p$, consists of straight lines that intersect at points with a maximum coordination number of four. If lines are treated as semi-flexible polymers and crossing points ... More
Effective Medium Theory of Filamentous Triangular LatticeNov 07 2011Jan 05 2013We present an effective medium theory that includes bending as well as stretching forces, and we use it to calculate mechanical response of a diluted filamentous triangular lattice. In this lattice, bonds are central-force springs, and there are bending ... More
Consensus Control for Linear Systems with Optimal Energy CostDec 01 2016In this paper, we design an optimal energy cost controller for linear systems asymptotic consensus given the topology of the graph. The controller depends only on relative information of the agents. Since finding the control gain for such controller is ... More
Performance Analysis and Optimization for Interference Alignment over MIMO Interference Channels with Limited FeedbackFeb 03 2014In this paper, we address the problem of interference alignment (IA) over MIMO interference channels with limited channel state information (CSI) feedback based on quantization codebooks. Due to limited feedback and hence imperfect IA, there are residual ... More
Joint Optimization of Spectrum Sensing and Accessing in Multiuser MISO Cognitive NetworksJun 30 2014In this paper, a joint spectrum sensing and accessing optimization framework for a multiuser cognitive network is proposed to significantly improve spectrum efficiency. For such a cognitive network, there are two important and limited resources that should ... More
Alignment and Nonlinear Elasticity in Biopolymer GelsFeb 12 2014Oct 14 2014We present a Landau type theory for the non-linear elasticity of biopolymer gels with a part of the order parameter describing induced nematic order of fibers in the gel. We attribute the non-linear elastic behavior of these materials to fiber alignment ... More
Elasticity of randomly diluted honeycomb and diamond lattices with bending forcesJan 22 2016Mar 01 2016We use numerical simulations and an effective-medium theory to study the rigidity percolation transition of the honeycomb and diamond lattices when weak bond-bending forces are included. We use a rotationally invariant bond-bending potential, which, in ... More
New upper bound on block sensitivity and certificate complexity in terms of sensitivityJun 19 2013Jun 24 2013Sensitivity \cite{CD82,CDR86} and block sensitivity \cite{Nisan91} are two important complexity measures of Boolean functions. A longstanding open problem in decision tree complexity, the "Sensitivity versus Block Sensitivity" question, proposed by Nisan ... More
Cavity Approach to the Random Solid StateJun 08 2005The cavity approach is used to address the physical properties of random solids in equilibrium. Particular attention is paid to the fraction of localized particles and the distribution of localization lengths characterizing their thermal motion. This ... More
Mechanical instability at finite temperatureJul 08 2014Many physical systems including lattices near structural phase transitions, glasses, jammed solids, and bio-polymer gels have coordination numbers that place them at the edge of mechanical instability. Their properties are determined by an interplay between ... More
Elasticity of highly cross-linked random networksAug 17 2006Starting from a microscopic model of randomly cross-linked particles with quenched disorder, we calculate the Laudau-Wilson free energy S for arbitrary cross-link densities. Considering pure shear deformations, S takes the form of the elastic energy of ... More
Exponential Quantum-Classical Gaps in Multiparty Nondeterministic Communication ComplexityAug 12 2013Aug 18 2013There are three different types of nondeterminism in quantum communication: i) $\nqp$-communication, ii) $\qma$-communication, and iii) $\qcma$-communication. In this \redout{paper} we show that multiparty $\nqp$-communication can be exponentially stronger ... More
Nonlinear elasticity of disordered fiber networksJul 27 2015Disordered biopolymer gels have striking mechanical properties including strong nonlinearities. In the case of athermal gels (such as collagen-I) the nonlinearity has long been associated with a crossover from a bending dominated to a stretching dominated ... More
On Interference Alignment with Imperfect CSI: Characterizations of Outage Probability, Ergodic Rate and SERJan 25 2015In this paper, we give a unified performance analysis of interference alignment (IA) over MIMO interference channels. Rather than the asymptotic characterization, i.e. degree of freedom (DOF) at high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), we focus on the other ... More
On the inherent self-excited macroscopic randomness of chaotic three-body systemJul 15 2014Mar 29 2015What is the origin of macroscopic randomness (uncertainty)? This is one of the most fundamental open questions for human being. In this paper, 10000 samples of reliable (convergent), multiple-scale (from 1.0E-60 to 100) numerical simulations of a chaotic ... More
Analysis and simulations of a Viscoelastic Model of AngiogenesisOct 15 2010The work analyzes a one-dimensional viscoelastic model of blood vessel growth under nonlinear friction with surroundings, and provides numerical simulations for various growing cases. For the nonlinear differential equations, two sufficient conditions ... More
Interference-Aware Resource Control in Multi-Antenna Cognitive Ad Hoc Networks with Heterogeneous Delay ConstraintsApr 05 2013In this work, we consider a multi-antenna cognitive ad hoc network (CAHNet) with heterogeneous delay requirements. To fulfill the interference and delay constraints simultaneously, we propose to perform adaptive zero-forcing beamforming (ZFBF) at cognitive ... More
Criticality and isostaticity in fiber networksNov 30 2010The rigidity of elastic networks depends sensitively on their internal connectivity and the nature of the interactions between constituents. Particles interacting via central forces undergo a zero-temperature rigidity-percolation transition near the isostatic ... More
Rigidity percolation by next-nearest-neighbor braces on generic and regular isostatic latticesDec 20 2014We study rigidity percolation transitions in two-dimensional central-force isostatic lattices, including the square and the kagome lattices, as next-nearest-neighbor bonds ("braces") are randomly added to the system. In particular, we focus on the differences ... More
Non-affine displacements in flexible polymer networksNov 28 2010The validity of the affine assumption in model flexible polymer networks is explored. To this end, the displacements of fluorescent tracer beads embedded in polyacrylamide gels are quantified by confocal microscopy under shear deformation, and the deviations ... More
On the Fundamental Relationship Determining the Capacity of Static and Mobile Wireless NetworksJul 05 2012Studying the capacity of wireless multi-hop networks is an important problem and extensive research has been done in the area. In this letter, we sift through various capacity-impacting parameters and show that the capacity of both static and mobile networks ... More
Relativistic quantum transport theory for heavy-ion collisionsOct 29 2001Oct 26 2003This paper was withdrawn by the author.
Degree reduction of disk rational Bézier curvesSep 08 2014This paper presents an algorithm for optimal multi-degree reduction of rational disk B\'ezier curve in the $L^{2}$ norm. We start by introducing a novel disk rational B\'ezier based on parallel projection, whose properties are also discussed. Then we ... More
Smarandache Multi-Space Theory(II)--Multi-spaces on graphsApr 22 2006A Smarandache multi-space is a union of $n$ different spaces equipped with some different structures for an integer $n\geq 2$, which can be both used for discrete or connected spaces, particularly for geometries and spacetimes in theoretical physics. ... More
Combinatorial Structure of Manifolds with Poincaré ConjectureApr 08 2010Jun 18 2010A manifold $M^n$ inherits a labeled $n$-dimensional graph $\widetilde{M}[G^L]$ structure consisting of its charts. This structure enables one to characterize fundamental groups of manifolds, classify those of locally compact manifolds with finite non-homotopic ... More
Automorphism groups of maps, surfaces and Smarandache geometriesMay 16 2005A combinatorial map is a connected topological graph cellularly embedded in a surface. This monograph concentrates on the automorphism group of a map, which is related to the automorphism group of a Klein surface and a Smarandache manifold, also applied ... More
Solving Satisfiability Problems by the Ground-State Quantum ComputerJun 23 2005A quantum algorithm is proposed to solve the Satisfiability problems by the ground-state quantum computer. The scale of the energy gap of the ground-state quantum computer is analyzed for the 3-bit Exact Cover problem. The time cost of this algorithm ... More
Pseudo-Manifold Geometries with ApplicationsOct 10 2006A Smarandache geometry is a geometry which has at least one Smarandachely denied axiom(1969), i.e., an axiom behaves in at least two different ways within the same space, i.e., validated and invalided, or only invalided but in multiple distinct ways and ... More
The Caffarelli-Kohn-Nirenberg inequalities and manifolds with nonnegative weighted Ricci curvatureSep 19 2014Oct 02 2014We prove that $n$-dimensional ($n\geqslant3$) complete and non-compact metric measure spaces with non-negative weighted Ricci curvature in which some Caffarelli-Kohn-Nirenberg type inequality holds are close to the model metric measure $n$-space (i.e., ... More
A new way to Dirichlet problems for minimal surface systems in arbitrary dimensions and codimensionsJan 13 2015In this paper, by considering a special case of the spacelike mean curvature flow investigated by Li and Salavessa [6], we get a condition for the existence of smooth solutions of the Dirichlet problem for the minimal surface equation in arbitrary codimension. ... More
Open manifold with nonnegative Ricci curvature and collapsing volumeSep 18 2011Jun 13 2012In this paper, an n-dimensional complete open manifold with nonnegative Ricci curvature and collapsing volume has been investigated. If its radial sectional curvature bounded from below, it shows that such a manifold is of finite topological type under ... More
Constraining Gravitational and Cosmological Parameters with Astrophysical DataAug 15 2008We use astrophysical data to shed light on fundamental physics by constraining parametrized theoretical cosmological and gravitational models. Gravitational parameters are those constants that parametrize possible departures from Einstein's general theory ... More
Reconstruction of Binary Functions and Shapes from Incomplete Frequency InformationApr 04 2011Mar 12 2012The characterization of a binary function by partial frequency information is considered. We show that it is possible to reconstruct binary signals from incomplete frequency measurements via the solution of a simple linear optimization problem. We further ... More
Spectra of anti-nucleons in the vacuum of finite nucleiDec 25 2003The quantum vacuum in a many-body system of finite nuclei has been investigated within the relativistic Hartree approach which describes the bound states of nucleons and anti-nucleons consistently. The contributions of the Dirac sea to the source terms ... More
Exploiting Large-Scale MIMO Techniques for Physical Layer Security with Imperfect Channel State InformationJul 28 2014In this paper, we study the problem of physical layer security in large-scale multiple input multiple output (LS-MIMO) systems. The large number of antenna elements in LS-MIMO system is exploited to enhance transmission security and improve system performance, ... More
Resource Allocation for Cost Minimization in Limited Feedback MU-MIMO Systems with Delay GuaranteeNov 05 2013In this paper, we design a resource allocation framework for the delay-sensitive Multi-User MIMO (MU-MIMO) broadcast system with limited feedback. Considering the scarcity and interrelation of the transmit power and feedback bandwidth, it is imperative ... More
Adaptive Mode Selection in Multiuser MISO Cognitive Networks with Limited Cooperation and FeedbackOct 16 2013In this paper, we consider a multiuser MISO downlink cognitive network coexisting with a primary network. With the purpose of exploiting the spatial degree of freedom to counteract the inter-network interference and intra-network (inter-user) interference ... More
Partial and spectral-viscosity models for geophysical flowsOct 19 2010Oct 21 2010Two models based on the hydrostatic primitive equa- tions are proposed. The first model is the primitive equations with partial viscosity only, and is oriented towards large-scale wave structures in the ocean and atmosphere. The second model is the viscous ... More
Effect of tensor couplings in a relativistic Hartree approach for finite nucleiNov 12 2002The relativistic Hartree approach describing the bound states of both nucleons and anti-nucleons in finite nuclei has been extended to include tensor couplings for the $\omega$- and $\rho$-meson. After readjusting the parameters of the model to the properties ... More
On-line Non-stationary Inventory Control using Champion CompetitionAug 16 2014Jan 14 2016The commonly adopted assumption of stationary demands cannot actually reflect fluctuating demands and will weaken solution effectiveness in real practice. We consider an On-line Non-stationary Inventory Control Problem (ONICP), in which no specific assumption ... More
A Theoretical Investigation on the Gamma-ray Burst Host GalaxiesMay 11 2010Long-duration gamma-ray bursts(LGRBs) are believed to be linked with the star formation. We adopt a galactic evolution model, in which the star formation process inside the virialized dark halo at given redshift can be achieved. In this paper, the gamma-ray ... More
A Generalization of Seifert-Van Kampen Theorem for Fundamental GroupsJun 18 2010As we known, the {\it Seifert-Van Kampen theorem} handles fundamental groups of those topological spaces $X=U\cup V$ for open subsets $U, V\subset X$ such that $U\cap V$ is arcwise connected. In this paper, this theorem is generalized to such a case of ... More
On Multi-Metric SpacesOct 22 2005A Smarandache multi-space is a union of $n$ spaces $A_1,A_2,..., A_n$ with some additional conditions holding. Combining Smarandache multi-spaces with classical metric spaces, the conception of multi-metric space is introduced. Some characteristics of ... More
On Algebraic Multi-Group SpacesOct 20 2005A Smarandache multi-space is a union of $n$ spaces $A_1,A_2,..., A_n$ with some additional conditions holding. Combining classical of a group with Smarandache multi-spaces, the conception of a multi-group space is introduced in this paper, which is a ... More
Rational Bézier Curves Approximated by Bernstein-Jacobi Hybrid Polynomial CurvesMay 13 2016In this paper, we propose a linear method for $C^{(r,s)}$ approximation of rational B\'{e}zier curve with arbitrary degree polynomial curve. Based on weighted least-squares, the problem be converted to an approximation between two polynomial curves. Then ... More
Efficiency of Ground State Quantum ComputerNov 03 2004Feb 28 2005The energy gap is calculated for the ground state quantum computer circuit, which was recently proposed by Mizel When implementing a quantum algorithm by Hamiltonians containing only pairwise interaction, the inverse of energy gap $1/\Delta$ is ... More
Design of efficient vdW thermionic heterostructures from first principlesOct 13 2015Mar 30 2016This work is the first step towards understanding thermionic transport properties of graphene/phosphorene/graphene van der Waals heterostructures in contact with gold electrodes by using density functional theory based first principles calculations combined ... More
Secure Wireless Information and Power Transfer in Large-Scale MIMO Relaying Systems with Imperfect CSIJul 21 2014In this paper, we address the problem of secure wireless information and power transfer in a large-scale multiple-input multiple-output (LS-MIMO) amplify-and-forward (AF) relaying system. The advantage of LS-MIMO relay is exploited to enhance wireless ... More
The Existence of Quantum Entanglement CatalystsNov 19 2003Jan 18 2005Without additional resources, it is often impossible to transform one entangled quantum state into another with local quantum operations and classical communication. Jonathan and Plenio [Phys. Rev. Lett. 83, 3566(1999)] presented an interesting example ... More
Recent Advances and Challenges in Ubiquitous SensingMar 17 2015Ubiquitous sensing is tightly coupled with activity recognition. This survey reviews recent advances in Ubiquitous sensing and looks ahead on promising future directions. In particular, Ubiquitous sensing crosses new barriers giving us new ways to interact ... More
Multi-peak semiclassical solutions for Fractional Schrödinger Equations with Potential Vanishing at InfinityJan 24 2018We study the following fractional Schr\"{o}dinger equation \begin{equation}\label{eq0.1} \varepsilon^{2s}(-\Delta)^s u + Vu = |u|^{p - 2}u, \,\,x\in\,\,\mathbb{R}^N, \end{equation} where $p\in (2 + 2s/(N - 2s), 2^*_s)$, $2^*_s=2N/(N-2s),\,N\ge 2s$, $V\in ... More
Research on Wireless Multi-hop Networks: Current State and ChallengesAug 22 2011Wireless multi-hop networks, in various forms and under various names, are being increasingly used in military and civilian applications. Studying connectivity and capacity of these networks is an important problem. The scaling behavior of connectivity ... More
What PhD students really wantJun 23 2010The road to becoming an astronomer is exciting, but often fraught with danger and conflicting messages. A PhD student is inundated with catch-phrases such as "publish or perish" and "it's not about the quantity, but the quality of work". How do we know ... More
Forced hyperbolic mean curvature flowMar 12 2012In this paper, we investigate two hyperbolic flows obtained by adding forcing terms in direction of the position vector to the hyperbolic mean curvature flows in \cite{klw,hdl}. For the first hyperbolic flow, as in \cite{klw}, by using support function, ... More
Quantum Algorithm to Solve Satisfiability ProblemsNov 29 2004Feb 28 2005A new quantum algorithm is proposed to solve Satisfiability(SAT) problems by taking advantage of non-unitary transformation in ground state quantum computer. The energy gap scale of the ground state quantum computer is analyzed for 3-bit Exact Cover problems. ... More
On Multi-Vector SpacesOct 22 2005A Smarandache multi-space is a union of $n$ spaces $A_1,A_2,..., A_n$ with some additional conditions holding. Combining Smarandache multi-spaces with linear vector spaces in classical linear algebra, the conception of multi-vector spaces is introduced. ... More
A note on convergence analysis of NURBS curve when weights approach infinityApr 15 2016This article considers the convergence of NURBS curve when weights approach infinity. We shows that limit of NURBS curve dose not exist when independent variables weights approach infinity. Further, pointwise convergence uniform convergence and $L^1$ ... More
Eigenvalue inequalities for the p-Laplacian on a Riemannian manifold and estimates for the heat kernelNov 27 2012Apr 04 2013In this paper, we successfully generalize the eigenvalue comparison theorem for the Dirichlet $p$-Laplacian ($1<p<\infty$) obtained by Matei [A.-M. Matei, First eigenvalue for the $p$-Laplace operator, Nonlinear Anal. TMA 39 (8) (2000) 1051--1068] and ... More
Monotonicity of the first eigenvalue of the Laplace and the p-Laplace operators under a forced mean curvature flowOct 21 2013Dec 23 2013In this paper, we would like to give an answer to \textbf{Problem 1} below issued firstly in [J. Mao, Eigenvalue estimation and some results on finite topological type, Ph.D. thesis, IST-UTL, 2013]. In fact, by imposing some conditions on the mean curvature ... More
Drell-Yan process with jet vetoes: breaking of generalized factorizationJul 07 2015Oct 29 2015Resummation of hadron collision cross sections, when the measurement imposes a hierarchy of scales, relies on factorization. Cancellation of Glauber / Coulomb gluons is a necessary condition for factorization. For Drell-Yan-like processes, the known proofs ... More
The Distribution of Integers in a Totally Real Cubic FieldJun 13 2016Hecke studies the distribution of fractional parts of quadratic irrationals with Fourier expansion of Dirichlet series. This method is generalized by Behnke and Ash-Friedberg, to study the distribution of the number of totally positive integers of given ... More
The vertex-rainbow index of a graphJan 31 2015The $k$-rainbow index $rx_k(G)$ of a connected graph $G$ was introduced by Chartrand, Okamoto and Zhang in 2010. As a natural counterpart of the $k$-rainbow index, we introduced the concept of $k$-vertex-rainbow index $rvx_k(G)$ in this paper. For a graph ... More
Hydrodynamic flow in the vicinity of a nanopore induced by an applied voltageMay 16 2013Continuum simulation is employed to study ion transport and fluid flow through a nanopore in a solid-state membrane under an applied potential drop. Results show the existence of concentration polarization layers on the surfaces of the membrane. The nonuniformity ... More
Magneto-structural coupling and harmonic lattice dynamics in CaFe$_2$As$_2$ probed by Mössbauer spectroscopyApr 25 2010May 29 2011In this paper we present detailed M\"ossbauer spectroscopy study of structural and magnetic properties of the undoped parent compound CaFe$_2$As$_2$ single crystal. By fitting the temperature dependence of the hyperfine magnetic field we show that the ... More
Caching as a Service: Small-cell Caching Mechanism Design for Service ProvidersJul 17 2016Wireless network virtualization has been well recognized as a way to improve the flexibility of wireless networks by decoupling the functionality of the system and implementing infrastructure and spectrum as services. Recent studies have shown that caching ... More
File-based storage of Digital Objects and constituent datastreams: XMLtapes and Internet Archive ARC filesMar 07 2005Jun 03 2005This paper introduces the write-once/read-many XMLtape/ARC storage approach for Digital Objects and their constituent datastreams. The approach combines two interconnected file-based storage mechanisms that are made accessible in a protocol-based manner. ... More
Representing Digital Assets for Long-Term Preservation using MPEG-21 DIDSep 27 2005Various efforts aimed at representing digital assets have emerged from several communities over the last years, including the Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standard (METS), the IMS Content Packaging (IMS-CP) XML Binding and the XML Formatted Data ... More
Spin excitations in K$_{0.84}$Fe$_{1.99}$Se$_2$ superconductor as studied by Mössbauer spectroscopyMar 01 2011Apr 02 2012M\"ossbauer spectroscopy was used to probe the site specific information of the $K_{0.84}Fe_{1.99}Se_2$ superconductor. Possibility of coexistence of superconductivity and magnetism is discussed. A spin excitation gap, $\Delta E \approx$5\,meV, is observed ... More
The Extended Mapping Class Group Can Be Generated by Two TorsionsJul 14 2016Let $S_g$ be the closed oriented surface of genus g and let $\text{Mod}^{\pm}(S_g)$ be the extended mapping class group of $S_g$. When the genus is at least 5, we prove that $\text{Mod}^{\pm}(S_g)$ can be generated by two torsion elements. One of these ... More
Generating the mapping class groups with torsionsJun 14 2015Let $S_g$ be the closed oriented surface of genus g and let $\text{Mod}(S_g)$ be the mapping class group. When the genus is at least 3, $\text{Mod}(S_g)$ can be generated by torsion elements. We prove the follow results. For $g \geq 4$, $\text{Mod}(S_g)$ ... More
On Self-mapping Degrees of $S^3$-geometry manifoldsNov 26 2008In this paper we determined all of the possible self mapping degrees of the manifolds with $S^3$-geometry, which are supposed to be all 3-manifolds with finite fundamental groups. This is a part of a project to determine all possible self mapping degrees ... More
Secrecy Wireless Information and Power Transfer: Challenges and OpportunitiesDec 21 2015Dec 22 2015Wireless information and power transfer (WIPT) enables more sustainable and resilient communications owing to the fact that it avoids frequent battery charging and replacement. However, it also suffers from possible information interception due to the ... More
Location Prediction of Social Images via Generative ModelMay 15 2015The vast amount of geo-tagged social images has attracted great attention in research of predicting location using the plentiful content of images, such as visual content and textual description. Most of the existing researches use the text-based or vision-based ... More
Enhancing Wireless Information and Power Transfer by Exploiting Multi-Antenna TechniquesJan 11 2015This paper reviews emerging wireless information and power transfer (WIPT) technique with an emphasis on its performance enhancement employing multi-antenna techniques. Compared to traditional wireless information transmission, WIPT faces numerous challenges. ... More
SAID: A Control Protocol for Scalable and Adaptive Information Dissemination in ICNOct 29 2015Information dissemination applications (video, news, social media, etc.) with large number of receivers need to be efficient but also have limited loss tolerance. The new Information-Centric Networks (ICN) paradigm offers an alternative approach for reliably ... More
Bregman distances and Klee setsFeb 16 2008In 1960, Klee showed that a subset of a Euclidean space must be a singleton provided that each point in the space has a unique farthest point in the set. This classical result has received much attention; in fact, the Hilbert space version is a famous ... More
Bregman distances and Chebyshev setsDec 24 2007A closed set of a Euclidean space is said to be Chebyshev if every point in the space has one and only one closest point in the set. Although the situation is not settled in infinite-dimensional Hilbert spaces, in 1932 Bunt showed that in Euclidean spaces ... More
Quaternion-Valued Single-Phase Model for Three-Phase Power SystemsJan 07 2016In this work, a quaternion-valued model is proposed in lieu of the Clarke's \alpha, \beta transformation to convert three-phase quantities to a hypercomplex single-phase signal. The concatenated signal can be used for harmonic distortion detection in ... More
How to select the largest k elements from evolving data?Dec 28 2014In this paper we investigate the top-$k$-selection problem, i.e. determine the largest, second largest, ..., and the $k$-th largest elements, in the dynamic data model. In this model the order of elements evolves dynamically over time. In each time step ... More
Optimization and analysis of large scale data sorting algorithm based on HadoopJun 01 2015When dealing with massive data sorting, we usually use Hadoop which is a framework that allows for the distributed processing of large data sets across clusters of computers using simple programming models. A common approach in implement of big data sorting ... More
On The Communication Complexity of Linear Algebraic Problems in the Message Passing ModelJul 17 2014We study the communication complexity of linear algebraic problems over finite fields in the multi-player message passing model, proving a number of tight lower bounds. Specifically, for a matrix which is distributed among a number of players, we consider ... More