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3-D Surface Segmentation Meets Conditional Random FieldsJun 11 2019Automated surface segmentation is important and challenging in many medical image analysis applications. Recent deep learning based methods have been developed for various object segmentation tasks. Most of them are a classification based approach, e.g. ... More
An efficient dynamic programming algorithm for the generalized LCS problem with multiple substring inclusive constraintsMay 25 2015In this paper, we consider a generalized longest common subsequence problem with multiple substring inclusive constraints. For the two input sequences $X$ and $Y$ of lengths $n$ and $m$, and a set of $d$ constraints $P=\{P_1,\cdots,P_d\}$ of total length ... More
A note on the largest number of red nodes in red-black treesJun 12 2014In this paper, we are interested in the number of red nodes in red-black trees. We first present an $O(n^2\log n)$ time dynamic programming solution for computing $r(n)$, the largest number of red internal nodes in a red-black tree on $n$ keys. Then the ... More
An Efficient Dynamic Programming Algorithm for STR-IC-SEQ-EC-LCS ProblemMay 30 2015In this paper, we consider a generalized longest common subsequence problem, in which a constraining sequence of length $s$ must be included as a substring and the other constraining sequence of length $t$ must be excluded as a subsequence of two main ... More
Towards Dropout Training for Convolutional Neural NetworksDec 01 2015Recently, dropout has seen increasing use in deep learning. For deep convolutional neural networks, dropout is known to work well in fully-connected layers. However, its effect in convolutional and pooling layers is still not clear. This paper demonstrates ... More
Balancing Between Over-Weighting and Under-Weighting in Supervised Term WeightingApr 14 2016Supervised term weighting could improve the performance of text categorization. A way proven to be effective is to give more weight to terms with more imbalanced distributions across categories. This paper shows that supervised term weighting should not ... More
Social Robots for People with Developmental Disabilities: A User Study on Design Features of a Graphical User InterfaceAug 01 2018Social robots, also known as service or assistant robots, have been developed to improve the quality of human life in recent years. The design of socially capable and intelligent robots can vary, depending on the target user groups. In this work, we assess ... More
Direct observation of van der Waals stacking dependent interlayer magnetismJun 08 2019Controlling the crystal structure is a powerful approach for manipulating the fundamental properties of solids. Unique to two-dimensional (2D) van der Waals materials, the control can be achieved by modifying the stacking order through rotation and translation ... More
Mappa Mundi: An Interactive Artistic Mind Map Generator with Artificial ImaginationMay 09 2019We present a novel real-time, collaborative, and interactive AI painting system, Mappa Mundi, for artistic Mind Map creation. The system consists of a voice-based input interface, an automatic topic expansion module, and an image projection module. The ... More
Max-Pooling Dropout for Regularization of Convolutional Neural NetworksDec 04 2015Recently, dropout has seen increasing use in deep learning. For deep convolutional neural networks, dropout is known to work well in fully-connected layers. However, its effect in pooling layers is still not clear. This paper demonstrates that max-pooling ... More
NFVactor: A Resilient NFV System using the Distributed Actor ModelMay 16 2018Resilience functionality, including failure resilience and flow migration, is of pivotal importance in practical network function virtualization (NFV) systems. However, existing failure recovery procedures incur high packet processing delay due to heavyweight ... More
Transversally Elliptic OperatorsNov 05 2003May 20 2004We construct certain spectral triples in the sense of A. ~Connes and H. \~Moscovici (``The local index formula in noncommutative geometry'' {\it Geom. Funct. Anal.}, 5(2):174--243, 1995) that is transversally elliptic but not necessarily elliptic. We ... More
Robust Image Segmentation Quality Assessment without Ground TruthMar 20 2019Deep learning based image segmentation methods have achieved great success, even having human-level accuracy in some applications. However, due to the black box nature of deep learning, the best method may fail in some situations. Thus predicting segmentation ... More
Simultaneous Multiple Surface Segmentation Using Deep LearningMay 19 2017The task of automatically segmenting 3-D surfaces representing boundaries of objects is important for quantitative analysis of volumetric images, and plays a vital role in biomedical image analysis. Recently, graph-based methods with a global optimization ... More
Optimal Multi-Object Segmentation with Novel Gradient Vector Flow Based Shape PriorsMay 22 2017Shape priors have been widely utilized in medical image segmentation to improve segmentation accuracy and robustness. A major way to encode such a prior shape model is to use a mesh representation, which is prone to causing self-intersection or mesh folding. ... More
Plexus: An Interactive Visualization Tool for Analyzing Public Emotions from Twitter DataJan 23 2017Jan 24 2017Social media is often used by researchers as an approach to obtaining real-time data on people's activities and thoughts. Twitter, as one of the most popular social networking services nowadays, provides copious information streams on various topics and ... More
Optimal Surface Segmentation with Convex Priors in Irregularly Sampled SpaceNov 09 2016Feb 14 2019Optimal surface segmentation is a state-of-the-art method used for segmentation of multiple globally optimal surfaces in volumetric datasets. The method is widely used in numerous medical image segmentation applications. However, nodes in the graph based ... More
Robust Sparse Coding via Self-Paced LearningSep 10 2017Sparse coding (SC) is attracting more and more attention due to its comprehensive theoretical studies and its excellent performance in many signal processing applications. However, most existing sparse coding algorithms are nonconvex and are thus prone ... More
Optimal Distributed Control for Networked Control Systems with DelaysDec 12 2013In networked control systems (NCS), sensing and control signals between the plant and controllers are typically transmitted wirelessly. Thus, the time delay plays an important role for the stability of NCS, especially with distributed controllers. In ... More
Order-2 Asymptotic Optimality of the Fully Distributed Sequential Hypothesis TestJun 14 2016This work analyzes the asymptotic performances of fully distributed sequential hypothesis testing procedures as the type-I and type-II error rates approach zero, in the context of a sensor network without a fusion center. In particular, the sensor network ... More
Anomalous optical coupling between two silicon wires of a slot waveguide in epsilon-near-zero metamaterialsAug 27 2013Anomalous optical coupling properties between two silicon wires in a silicon slot waveguide embedded in epsilon-near-zero (ENZ) metamaterials are proposed and demonstrated. The dependences of optical field enhancement in the slot region and transverse ... More
Four-manifolds of Pinched Sectional CurvatureSep 13 2018In this paper, we study closed four-dimensional manifolds. In particular, we show that under various new pinching curvature conditions (for example, the sectional curvature is no more than 5/6 of the smallest Ricci eigenvalue) then the manifold is definite. ... More
The Weyl Tensor of Gradient Ricci SolitonsNov 04 2013This paper derives new identities for the Weyl tensor on a gradient Ricci soliton, particularly in dimension four. First, we prove a Bochner-Weitzenb\"ock type formula for the norm of the self-dual Weyl tensor and discuss its applications, including connections ... More
(n,K)-user Interference Channels: Degrees of FreedomJul 21 2010We analyze the gains of opportunistic communication in multiuser interference channels. Consider a fully connected $n$-user Gaussian interference channel. At each time instance only $K\leq n$ transmitters are allowed to be communicating with their respective ... More
Ensemble Kalman filtering with residual nudging: an extension to state estimation problems with nonlinear observation operatorsJun 17 2014The ensemble Kalman filter (EnKF) is an efficient algorithm for many data assimilation problems. In certain circumstances, however, divergence of the EnKF might be spotted. In previous studies, the authors proposed an observation-space-based strategy, ... More
Inverse elastic scattering problems with phaseless far field dataDec 06 2018Dec 12 2018This paper is concerned with uniqueness, phase retrieval and shape reconstruction methods for inverse elastic scattering problems with phaseless far field data. Systematically, we study two basic models, i.e., inverse scattering of plane waves by rigid ... More
Einstein four-manifolds of pinched sectional curvatureDec 19 2016In this paper, we obtain classification of four-dimensional Einstein manifolds with positive Ricci curvature and pinched sectional curvature. In particular, the first result concerns with an upper bound of sectional curvature, improving a theorem of E. ... More
Inverse scattering by an inhomogeneous penetrable obstacle in a piecewise homogeneous mediumDec 15 2009This paper is concerned with the inverse problem of scattering of time-harmonic acoustic waves by an inhomogeneous penetrable obstacle in a piecewise homogeneous medium. The well-posedness of the direct problem is first established by using the integral ... More
Manipulating Spin-polarized Photocurrent in 2D Transition Metal DichalcogenidesSep 02 2015Manipulating spin polarization of electrons in nonmagnetic semiconductors by means of electric fields or optical fields is an essential theme of the conceptual nonmagnetic semiconductor-based spintronics. Here we experimentally demonstrate a method of ... More
Giant and nonreciprocal second harmonic generation from layered antiferromagnetism in bilayer CrI3Apr 07 2019Layered antiferromagnetism is the spatial arrangement of ferromagnetic layers with antiferromagnetic interlayer coupling. Recently, the van der Waals magnet, chromium triiodide (CrI3), emerged as the first layered antiferromagnetic insulator in its few-layer ... More
An Obata-type Theorem in CR GeometryJul 17 2012Aug 14 2013We discuss a sharp lower bound for the first positive eigenvalue of the sublaplacian on a closed, strictly pseudoconvex pseudo-hermitian manifold of dimension $2m+1\geq 5$. We prove that the equality holds iff the manifold is equivalent to the CR sphere ... More
Optimal Multiple Surface Segmentation with Convex Priors in Irregularly Sampled SpaceNov 09 2016Optimal surface segmentation is widely used in numerous medical image segmentation applications. However, nodes in the graph based optimal surface segmentation method typically encode uniformly distributed orthogonal voxels of the volume. Thus the segmentation ... More
A Practical O(R\log\log n+n) time Algorithm for Computing the Longest Common SubsequenceAug 23 2015In this paper, we revisit the much studied LCS problem for two given sequences. Based on the algorithm of Iliopoulos and Rahman for solving the LCS problem, we have suggested 3 new improved algorithms. We first reformulate the problem in a very succinct ... More
An Efficient Dynamic Programming Algorithm for the Generalized LCS Problem with Multiple Substring Exclusion ConstrainsMar 08 2013In this paper, we consider a generalized longest common subsequence problem with multiple substring exclusion constrains. For the two input sequences $X$ and $Y$ of lengths $n$ and $m$, and a set of $d$ constrains $P=\{P_1,...,P_d\}$ of total length $r$, ... More
Tensor Product Generation Networks for Deep NLP ModelingSep 26 2017Dec 16 2017We present a new approach to the design of deep networks for natural language processing (NLP), based on the general technique of Tensor Product Representations (TPRs) for encoding and processing symbol structures in distributed neural networks. A network ... More
The Architectural Implications of Facebook's DNN-based Personalized RecommendationJun 06 2019The widespread application of deep learning has changed the landscape of computation in the data center. In particular, personalized recommendation for content ranking is now largely accomplished leveraging deep neural networks. However, despite the importance ... More
Semi-interactive Attention Network for Answer Understanding in Reverse-QAJan 12 2019Question answering (QA) is an important natural language processing (NLP) task and has received much attention in academic research and industry communities. Existing QA studies assume that questions are raised by humans and answers are generated by machines. ... More
Atomically-thin Femtojoule Filamentary MemristorSep 12 2017The morphology and dimension of the conductive filament formed in a memristive device are strongly influenced by the thickness of its switching medium layer. Aggressive scaling of this active layer thickness is critical towards reducing the operating ... More
Attentive Tensor Product LearningFeb 20 2018Nov 01 2018This paper proposes a new architecture - Attentive Tensor Product Learning (ATPL) - to represent grammatical structures in deep learning models. ATPL is a new architecture to bridge this gap by exploiting Tensor Product Representations (TPR), a structured ... More
A Neural-Symbolic Approach to Design of CAPTCHAOct 29 2017Sep 25 2018CAPTCHAs based on reading text are susceptible to machine-learning-based attacks due to recent significant advances in deep learning (DL). To address this, this paper promotes image/visual captioning based CAPTCHAs, which is robust against machine-learning-based ... More
Correlation between intercalated magnetic layers and superconductivity in pressurized EuFe2(As0.81P0.19)2Aug 12 2010Nov 22 2015We report comprehensive high pressure studies on correlation between intercalated magnetic layers and superconductivity in EuFe2(As0.81P0.19)2 single crystal through in-situ high pressure resistance, specific heat, X-ray diffraction and X-ray absorption ... More
A Dynamic Programming Solution to a Generalized LCS ProblemJan 30 2013In this paper, we consider a generalized longest common subsequence problem, the string-excluding constrained LCS problem. For the two input sequences $X$ and $Y$ of lengths $n$ and $m$, and a constraint string $P$ of length $r$, the problem is to find ... More
Gate tunable third-order nonlinear optical response of massless Dirac fermions in grapheneOct 13 2017Materials with massless Dirac fermions can possess exceptionally strong and widely tunable optical nonlinearities. Experiments on graphene monolayer have indeed found very large third-order nonlinear responses, but the reported variation of the nonlinear ... More
Aspect-based Opinion Summarization with Convolutional Neural NetworksNov 30 2015This paper considers Aspect-based Opinion Summarization (AOS) of reviews on particular products. To enable real applications, an AOS system needs to address two core subtasks, aspect extraction and sentiment classification. Most existing approaches to ... More
Universal superconductivity phase diagram for pressurized tetradymite topological insulatorsAug 30 2018We show that two different superconducting phases exist at high pressures in the optimized tetradymite topological insulators Bi2Te2Se (BTS) and Bi1.1Sb0.9Te2S (BSTS). The superconducting phases emerge at structural phase transitions, the first at 8.4 ... More
Complete Solutions for a Combinatorial Puzzle in Linear TimeJul 17 2013In this paper we study a single player game consisting of $n$ black checkers and $m$ white checkers, called shifting the checkers. We have proved that the minimum number of steps needed to play the game for general $n$ and $m$ is $nm + n + m$. We have ... More
Joint Communication-Motion Planning in Wireless-Connected Robotic Networks: Overview and Design GuidelinesNov 07 2015Recent years have witnessed the prosperity of robots and in order to support consensus and cooperation for multi-robot system, wireless communications and networking among robots and the infrastructure have become indispensable. In this technical note, ... More
The vital role of hole-carriers for superconductivity in pressurized black phosphorusNov 10 2016The influence of carrier type on superconductivity has been an important issue for understanding both conventional and unconventional superconductors [1-7]. For elements that superconduct, it is known that hole-carriers govern the superconductivity for ... More
Analytical investigations of quasi-circular frozen orbits in the Martian gravity fieldAug 23 2011Frozen orbits are always important foci of orbit design because of their valuable characteristics that their eccentricity and argument of pericentre remain constant on average. This study investigates quasi-circular frozen orbits and examines their basic ... More
Periodic orbits in the gravity field of a fixed homogeneous cubeAug 23 2011In the current study, the existence of periodic orbits around a fixed homogeneous cube is investigated, and the results have powerful implications for examining periodic orbits around non-spherical celestial bodies. In the two different types of symmetry ... More
Realizing broadband electromagnetic transparency with a graded-permittivity sphereJun 27 2014Broadband electromagnetic transparency phenomenon is realized with a well-designed graded-permittivity sphere, which has an extremely low scattering cross section over a wide frequency range, based on the generalized Mie scattering theory and numerical ... More
Loss enhanced transmission and collimation in anisotropic epsilon-near-zero metamaterialsNov 20 2012We verify the extraordinary transmission enhancement and collimation induced by the material loss in anisotropic near-zero permittivity (ENZ) metamaterials, and reveal the physical mechanism of this exotic electromagnetic phenomenon via the iso-frequency ... More
Broadband Epsilon-Near-Zero Metamaterials with Step-Like Metal-Dielectric Multilayer StructuresApr 24 2013The concept of the broadband epsilon-near-zero meta-atom consisting of layered stacks with specified metallic filling ratio and thickness is proposed based on the Bergman spectral representation of the effective permittivity. The step-like metal-dielectric ... More
The inverse electromagnetic scattering problem in a piecewise homogeneous mediumJan 18 2010This paper is concerned with the problem of scattering of time-harmonic electromagnetic waves from an impenetrable obstacle in a piecewise homogeneous medium. The well-posedness of the direct problem is established, employing the integral equation method. ... More
Recovery of an embedded obstacle and the surrounding medium for Maxwell's systemJan 06 2018In this paper, we are concerned with the inverse electromagnetic scattering problem of recovering a complex scatterer by the corresponding electric far-field data. The complex scatterer consists of an inhomogeneous medium and a possibly embedded perfectly ... More
Deconfinement Phase Transition Heating and Thermal Evolution of Neutron StarsNov 03 2007Nov 08 2007The deconfinement phase transition will lead to the release of latent heat during spins down of neutron stars if the transition is the first-order one.We have investigated the thermal evolution of neutron stars undergoing such deconfinement phase transition. ... More
Surrogate data method applied to nonlinear time seriesMar 01 2006The surrogate data method is widely applied as a data dependent technique to test observed time series against a barrage of hypotheses. However, often the hypotheses one is able to address are not those of greatest interest, particularly for system known ... More
On Computing Groebner Basis in the Rings of Differential OperatorsApr 13 2010Oct 01 2010Insa and Pauer presented a basic theory of Groebner basis for differential operators with coefficients in a commutative ring in 1998, and a criterion was proposed to determine if a set of differential operators is a Groebner basis. In this paper, we will ... More
Long-term perturbations due to a disturbing body in elliptic inclined orbitMar 08 2012In the current study, a double-averaged analytical model including the action of the perturbing body's inclination is developed to study third-body perturbations. The disturbing function is expanded in the form of Legendre polynomials truncated up to ... More
Five Special Types of Orbits Around MarsAug 24 2011Dec 04 2012The abstract is additional with repect to the paper published in JGCD. Ordinary Earth satellites are usually placed into five categories of special orbits: sun-synchronous orbits, orbits at the critical inclination, frozen orbits, repeating ground track ... More
Equilibria, periodic orbits around equilibria, and heteroclinic connections in the gravity field of a rotating homogeneous cubeAug 23 2011This paper investigates the dynamics of a particle orbiting around a rotating homogeneous cube, and shows fruitful results that have implications for examining the dynamics of orbits around non-spherical celestial bodies. This study can be considered ... More
Periodic orbits around areostationary points in the Martian gravity fieldMar 08 2012Apr 17 2012This study investigates the problem of areostationary orbits around Mars in the three-dimensional space. Areostationary orbits are expected to be used to establish a future telecommunication network for the exploration of Mars. However, no artificial ... More
On the Stability of Kähler-Einstein MetricsApr 26 2005Using spin$^c$ structure we prove that K\"ahler-Einstein metrics with nonpositive scalar curvature are stable (in the direction of changes in conformal structures) as the critical points of the total scalar curvature functional. Moreover if all infinitesimal ... More
Reversing cooling flows with AGN jets: shock waves, rarefaction waves, and trailing outflowsMay 31 2017Oct 03 2017The cooling flow problem is one of the central problems in galaxy clusters, and active galactic nucleus (AGN) feedback is considered to play a key role in offsetting cooling. However, how AGN jets heat and suppress cooling flows remains highly debated. ... More
Experimental Implementation of the Quantum Random-Walk AlgorithmMar 24 2002Apr 23 2003The quantum random walk is a possible approach to construct new quantum algorithms. Several groups have investigated the quantum random walk and experimental schemes were proposed. In this paper we present the experimental implementation of the quantum ... More
Deep Learning Recommendation Model for Personalization and Recommendation SystemsMay 31 2019With the advent of deep learning, neural network-based recommendation models have emerged as an important tool for tackling personalization and recommendation tasks. These networks differ significantly from other deep learning networks due to their need ... More
Experimental realization of quantum games on a quantum computerApr 18 2001Apr 03 2002We generalize the quantum Prisoner's Dilemma to the case where the players share a non maximally entangled states. We show that the game exhibits an intriguing structure as a function of the amount of entanglement with two thresholds which separate a ... More
Trust but Verify: An Information-Theoretic Explanation for the Adversarial Fragility of Machine Learning Systems, and a General Defense against Adversarial AttacksMay 25 2019Deep-learning based classification algorithms have been shown to be susceptible to adversarial attacks: minor changes to the input of classifiers can dramatically change their outputs, while being imperceptible to humans. In this paper, we present a simple ... More
Outlier Detection using Generative Models with Theoretical Performance GuaranteesOct 26 2018This paper considers the problem of recovering signals from compressed measurements contaminated with sparse outliers, which has arisen in many applications. In this paper, we propose a generative model neural network approach for reconstructing the ground ... More
Nonlinear valley and spin currents from Fermi pocket anisotropy in 2D crystalsJun 11 2014Controlled flow of spin and valley pseudospin is key to future electronics exploiting these internal degrees of freedom of carriers. Here we discover a universal possibility for generating spin and valley currents by electric bias or temperature gradient ... More
Breakdown of Three-dimensional Dirac Semimetal State in pressurized Cd3As2Oct 13 2014Jun 22 2015We report the first observation of a pressure-induced breakdown of the 3D-DSM state in Cd3As2, evidenced by a series of in-situ high-pressure synchrotron X-ray diffraction (XRD) and single crystal transport measurements. We find that Cd3As2 undergoes ... More
Hierarchically Structured Reinforcement Learning for Topically Coherent Visual Story GenerationMay 21 2018Jan 18 2019We propose a hierarchically structured reinforcement learning approach to address the challenges of planning for generating coherent multi-sentence stories for the visual storytelling task. Within our framework, the task of generating a story given a ... More
Adaptive Sampling of RF Fingerprints for Fine-grained Indoor LocalizationAug 10 2015Dec 01 2015Indoor localization is a supporting technology for a broadening range of pervasive wireless applications. One promis- ing approach is to locate users with radio frequency fingerprints. However, its wide adoption in real-world systems is challenged by ... More
An LS-Decomposition Approach for Robust Data Recovery in Wireless Sensor NetworksSep 12 2015Wireless sensor networks are widely adopted in military, civilian and commercial applications, which fuels an exponential explosion of sensory data. However, a major challenge to deploy effective sensing systems is the presence of {\em massive missing ... More
Fast dose optimization for rotating shield brachytherapyApr 19 2017Purpose: To provide a fast computational method, based on the proximal graph solver (POGS) - a convex optimization solver using the alternating direction method of multipliers (ADMM), for calculating an optimal treatment plan in rotating shield brachytherapy ... More
More than 3-mm-long carrier diffusion and strong absorption over the full solar spectrum in copper oxide and selenium composite filmMay 09 2019Usually, single-crystal material has a longer carrier diffusion length due to fewer defects. Here, we report a nano/amorphous copper oxide and selenium (COS) composite film prepared by radio frequency magnetron co-sputtering of CuO and Se and post annealing. ... More
Combining the synergistic control capabilities of modelling and experiments: illustration of finding a minimum time quantum objectiveDec 12 2018A common way to manipulate a quantum system, for example spins or artificial atoms, is to use properly tailored control pulses. In order to accomplish quantum information tasks before coherence is lost, it is crucial to implement the control in the shortest ... More
Fully spin-polarized nodal loop semimetals in alkaline-metal monochalcogenide monolayersMar 26 2019Topological semimetals in ferromagnetic materials have attracted enormous attention due to the potential applications in spintronics. Using the first-principles density functional theory together with an effective lattice model, here we present a new ... More
Vapor-Solid Growth of High Optical Quality MoS2 Monolayers With Near-Unity Valley PolarizationFeb 23 2013Monolayers of transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDCs) are atomically thin direct-gap semiconductors with potential applications in nanoelectronics, optoelectronics, and electrochemical sensing. Recent theoretical and experimental efforts suggest that ... More
Mappa Mundi: An Interactive Artistic Mind Map Generator with Artificial ImaginationMay 09 2019Jun 21 2019We present a novel real-time, collaborative, and interactive AI painting system, Mappa Mundi, for artistic Mind Map creation. The system consists of a voice-based input interface, an automatic topic expansion module, and an image projection module. The ... More
Valley Contrasting Magnetoluminescence in Monolayer MoS$_{2}$ Quantum Hall SystemsJan 20 2014Jul 21 2014The valley dependent optical selection rules in recently discovered monolayer group-VI transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs) make possible optical control of valley polarization, a crucial step towards valleytronic applications. However, in presence ... More
Quantum-Enhanced Tunable Second-Order Optical Nonlinearity in Bilayer GrapheneJan 10 2012Second order optical nonlinear processes involve the coherent mixing of two electromagnetic waves to generate a new optical frequency, which plays a central role in a variety of applications, such as ultrafast laser systems, rectifiers, modulators, and ... More
Coherent Electronic Coupling in Atomically Thin MoSe2Jan 09 2014We report the first direct spectroscopic evidence for coherent electronic coupling between excitons and trions in atomically thin transition metal dichalcogenides, specifically monolayer MoSe2. Signatures of coupling appear as isolated cross-peaks in ... More
Modeling and Deciphering on Two Spin-polariton Entanglement Experiments in NV Centers of DiamondNov 23 2011Feb 22 2012This work is a theoretical investigation on the spin-polariton (polarized single photon) entanglement in nitrogen vacancy (NV) centers in diamond in order to interpret the results of two landmark experiments reported by the teams of Buckley and Togan ... More
Some new inequalities for the gamma functionMar 17 2015In this paper, we present some new inequalities for the gamma function. The main tools are the multiple-correction method developed in our previous works, and a generalized Mortici's lemma.
Differential Harnack Estimates for Backward Heat Equations with Potentials under the Ricci FlowMay 22 2008In this paper, we derive a general evolution formula for possible Harnack quantities. As a consequence, we prove several differential Harnack inequalities for positive solutions of backward heat-type equations with potentials (including the conjugate ... More
Dynamic Fusion Networks for Machine Reading ComprehensionNov 14 2017Feb 26 2018This paper presents a novel neural model - Dynamic Fusion Network (DFN), for machine reading comprehension (MRC). DFNs differ from most state-of-the-art models in their use of a dynamic multi-strategy attention process, in which passages, questions and ... More
Language-Based Image Editing with Recurrent Attentive ModelsNov 16 2017Jun 10 2018We investigate the problem of Language-Based Image Editing (LBIE). Given a source image and a natural language description, we want to generate a target image by editing the source image based on the description. We propose a generic modeling framework ... More
Joint Learning of Distributed Representations for Images and TextsApr 13 2015Apr 28 2015This technical report provides extra details of the deep multimodal similarity model (DMSM) which was proposed in (Fang et al. 2015, arXiv:1411.4952). The model is trained via maximizing global semantic similarity between images and their captions in ... More
Noise Level Estimation for Overcomplete Dictionary Learning Based on Tight Asymptotic BoundsDec 09 2017In this letter, we address the problem of estimating Gaussian noise level from the trained dictionaries in update stage. We first provide rigorous statistical analysis on the eigenvalue distributions of a sample covariance matrix. Then we propose an interval-bounded ... More
Models Matter, So Does Training: An Empirical Study of CNNs for Optical Flow EstimationSep 14 2018We investigate two crucial and closely related aspects of CNNs for optical flow estimation: models and training. First, we design a compact but effective CNN model, called PWC-Net, according to simple and well-established principles: pyramidal processing, ... More
Diffraction-free optical beam propagation with near-zero phase variation in extremely anisotropic metamaterialsFeb 03 2015Extremely anisotropic metal-dielectric multilayer metamaterials are designed to have the effective permittivity tensor of a transverse component (parallel to the interfaces of the multilayer) with zero real part and a longitudinal component (normal to ... More
Deep subwavelength beam propagation in extremely loss-anisotropic metamaterialsApr 18 2013Metal-dielectric multilayer metamaterials with extreme loss-anisotropy, in which the longitudinal component of the permittivity tensor has ultra-large imaginary part, are proposed and designed. Diffraction-free deep subwavelength beam propagation and ... More
CNN Feature boosted SeqSLAM for Real-Time Loop Closure DetectionApr 17 2017Loop closure detection (LCD) is an indispensable part of simultaneous localization and mapping systems (SLAM); it enables robots to produce a consistent map by recognizing previously visited places. When robots operate over extended periods, robustness ... More
A novel sampling method for multiple multiscale targets from scattering amplitudes at a fixed frequencyJan 03 2017A sampling method by using scattering amplitude is proposed for shape and location reconstruction in inverse acoustic scattering problems. Only matrix multiplication is involved in the computation, thus the novel sampling method is very easy and simple ... More
Super-biderivations of the contact Lie superalgebra $K(m,n;\underline{t})$May 22 2019Let $K$ denote the contact Lie superalgebra $K(m,n;\underline{t})$ over a field of characteristic $p>3$, which has a finite $\mathbb{Z}$-graded structure. Let $T_K$ be the canonical torus of $K$, which is an abelian subalgebra of $K_{0}$ and operates ... More
Deep Semantic Role Labeling with Self-AttentionDec 05 2017Semantic Role Labeling (SRL) is believed to be a crucial step towards natural language understanding and has been widely studied. Recent years, end-to-end SRL with recurrent neural networks (RNN) has gained increasing attention. However, it remains a ... More
Vague partition, fuzzy sets and their axiomatical foundationsJun 24 2015Based on the in-depth analysis of the nature and features of vague phenomenon, this paper focuses on establishing the axiomatical foundation of the membership degree theory for vague phenomenon, presents an axiomatic system of governing membership degrees ... More
Orbital Angular Momentum Waves: Generation, Detection and Emerging ApplicationsMar 19 2019Mar 20 2019Orbital angular momentum (OAM) has aroused a widespread interest in many fields, especially in telecommunications due to its potential for unleashing new capacity in the severely congested spectrum of commercial communication systems. Beams carrying OAM ... More
On the pluricanonical maps of varieties of intermediate Kodaira dimensionDec 17 2010Mar 02 2012In this paper we will prove a uniformity result for the Iitaka fibration $f:X \rightarrow Y$, provided that the generic fiber has a good minimal model and the variation of $f$ is zero or that $\kappa(X)=\rm{dim}(X)-1$.