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Max-Pooling Dropout for Regularization of Convolutional Neural NetworksDec 04 2015Recently, dropout has seen increasing use in deep learning. For deep convolutional neural networks, dropout is known to work well in fully-connected layers. However, its effect in pooling layers is still not clear. This paper demonstrates that max-pooling ... More
Optimal Surface Segmentation with Convex Priors in Irregularly Sampled SpaceNov 09 2016Feb 14 2019Optimal surface segmentation is a state-of-the-art method used for segmentation of multiple globally optimal surfaces in volumetric datasets. The method is widely used in numerous medical image segmentation applications. However, nodes in the graph based ... More
Tensor Product Generation Networks for Deep NLP ModelingSep 26 2017Dec 16 2017We present a new approach to the design of deep networks for natural language processing (NLP), based on the general technique of Tensor Product Representations (TPRs) for encoding and processing symbol structures in distributed neural networks. A network ... More
Attribute-Driven Spontaneous Motion in Unpaired Image TranslationJul 02 2019Current image translation methods, albeit effective to produce high-quality results on various applications, still do not consider much geometric transforms. We in this paper propose spontaneous motion estimation module, along with a refinement module, ... More
Complete Solutions for a Combinatorial Puzzle in Linear TimeJul 17 2013In this paper we study a single player game consisting of $n$ black checkers and $m$ white checkers, called shifting the checkers. We have proved that the minimum number of steps needed to play the game for general $n$ and $m$ is $nm + n + m$. We have ... More
Aspect-based Opinion Summarization with Convolutional Neural NetworksNov 30 2015This paper considers Aspect-based Opinion Summarization (AOS) of reviews on particular products. To enable real applications, an AOS system needs to address two core subtasks, aspect extraction and sentiment classification. Most existing approaches to ... More
An Efficient Dynamic Programming Algorithm for STR-IC-SEQ-EC-LCS ProblemMay 30 2015In this paper, we consider a generalized longest common subsequence problem, in which a constraining sequence of length $s$ must be included as a substring and the other constraining sequence of length $t$ must be excluded as a subsequence of two main ... More
An efficient dynamic programming algorithm for the generalized LCS problem with multiple substring inclusive constraintsMay 25 2015In this paper, we consider a generalized longest common subsequence problem with multiple substring inclusive constraints. For the two input sequences $X$ and $Y$ of lengths $n$ and $m$, and a set of $d$ constraints $P=\{P_1,\cdots,P_d\}$ of total length ... More
A note on the largest number of red nodes in red-black treesJun 12 2014In this paper, we are interested in the number of red nodes in red-black trees. We first present an $O(n^2\log n)$ time dynamic programming solution for computing $r(n)$, the largest number of red internal nodes in a red-black tree on $n$ keys. Then the ... More
Joint Communication-Motion Planning in Wireless-Connected Robotic Networks: Overview and Design GuidelinesNov 07 2015Recent years have witnessed the prosperity of robots and in order to support consensus and cooperation for multi-robot system, wireless communications and networking among robots and the infrastructure have become indispensable. In this technical note, ... More
Experimental realization of quantum games on a quantum computerApr 18 2001Apr 03 2002We generalize the quantum Prisoner's Dilemma to the case where the players share a non maximally entangled states. We show that the game exhibits an intriguing structure as a function of the amount of entanglement with two thresholds which separate a ... More
NFVactor: A Resilient NFV System using the Distributed Actor ModelMay 16 2018Resilience functionality, including failure resilience and flow migration, is of pivotal importance in practical network function virtualization (NFV) systems. However, existing failure recovery procedures incur high packet processing delay due to heavyweight ... More
Mappa Mundi: An Interactive Artistic Mind Map Generator with Artificial ImaginationMay 09 2019Jun 21 2019We present a novel real-time, collaborative, and interactive AI painting system, Mappa Mundi, for artistic Mind Map creation. The system consists of a voice-based input interface, an automatic topic expansion module, and an image projection module. The ... More
Vapor-Solid Growth of High Optical Quality MoS2 Monolayers With Near-Unity Valley PolarizationFeb 23 2013Monolayers of transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDCs) are atomically thin direct-gap semiconductors with potential applications in nanoelectronics, optoelectronics, and electrochemical sensing. Recent theoretical and experimental efforts suggest that ... More
Exploiting Parallelism Opportunities with Deep Learning FrameworksAug 13 2019State-of-the-art machine learning frameworks support a wide variety of design features to enable a flexible machine learning programming interface and to ease the programmability burden on machine learning developers. Identifying and using a performance-optimal ... More
Towards Dropout Training for Convolutional Neural NetworksDec 01 2015Recently, dropout has seen increasing use in deep learning. For deep convolutional neural networks, dropout is known to work well in fully-connected layers. However, its effect in convolutional and pooling layers is still not clear. This paper demonstrates ... More
Balancing Between Over-Weighting and Under-Weighting in Supervised Term WeightingApr 14 2016Supervised term weighting could improve the performance of text categorization. A way proven to be effective is to give more weight to terms with more imbalanced distributions across categories. This paper shows that supervised term weighting should not ... More
Social Robots for People with Developmental Disabilities: A User Study on Design Features of a Graphical User InterfaceAug 01 2018Social robots, also known as service or assistant robots, have been developed to improve the quality of human life in recent years. The design of socially capable and intelligent robots can vary, depending on the target user groups. In this work, we assess ... More
More than 3-mm-long carrier diffusion and strong absorption over the full solar spectrum in copper oxide and selenium composite filmMay 09 2019Usually, single-crystal material has a longer carrier diffusion length due to fewer defects. Here, we report a nano/amorphous copper oxide and selenium (COS) composite film prepared by radio frequency magnetron co-sputtering of CuO and Se and post annealing. ... More
Fast dose optimization for rotating shield brachytherapyApr 19 2017Purpose: To provide a fast computational method, based on the proximal graph solver (POGS) - a convex optimization solver using the alternating direction method of multipliers (ADMM), for calculating an optimal treatment plan in rotating shield brachytherapy ... More
Differential Harnack Estimates for Backward Heat Equations with Potentials under the Ricci FlowMay 22 2008In this paper, we derive a general evolution formula for possible Harnack quantities. As a consequence, we prove several differential Harnack inequalities for positive solutions of backward heat-type equations with potentials (including the conjugate ... More
Some new inequalities for the gamma functionMar 17 2015In this paper, we present some new inequalities for the gamma function. The main tools are the multiple-correction method developed in our previous works, and a generalized Mortici's lemma.
Knee menisci segmentation and relaxometry of 3D ultrashort echo time (UTE) cones MR imaging using attention U-Net with transfer learningAug 05 2019The purpose of this work is to develop a deep learning-based method for knee menisci segmentation in 3D ultrashort echo time (UTE) cones magnetic resonance (MR) imaging, and to automatically determine MR relaxation times, namely the T1, T1$\rho$, and ... More
Aesthetic Attributes Assessment of ImagesJul 11 2019Jul 29 2019Image aesthetic quality assessment has been a relatively hot topic during the last decade. Most recently, comments type assessment (aesthetic captions) has been proposed to describe the general aesthetic impression of an image using text. In this paper, ... More
Many-body effects in nonlinear optical responses of 2D layered semiconductorsDec 08 2016We performed ultrafast degenerate pump-probe spectroscopy on monolayer WSe2 near its exciton resonance. The observed differential reflectance signals exhibit signatures of strong many-body interactions including the exciton-exciton interaction and free ... More
Optimal Multi-Object Segmentation with Novel Gradient Vector Flow Based Shape PriorsMay 22 2017Shape priors have been widely utilized in medical image segmentation to improve segmentation accuracy and robustness. A major way to encode such a prior shape model is to use a mesh representation, which is prone to causing self-intersection or mesh folding. ... More
Plexus: An Interactive Visualization Tool for Analyzing Public Emotions from Twitter DataJan 23 2017Jan 24 2017Social media is often used by researchers as an approach to obtaining real-time data on people's activities and thoughts. Twitter, as one of the most popular social networking services nowadays, provides copious information streams on various topics and ... More
Simultaneous Multiple Surface Segmentation Using Deep LearningMay 19 2017The task of automatically segmenting 3-D surfaces representing boundaries of objects is important for quantitative analysis of volumetric images, and plays a vital role in biomedical image analysis. Recently, graph-based methods with a global optimization ... More
Ultra-Low Threshold Monolayer Semiconductor Nanocavity LasersFeb 06 2015Engineering the electromagnetic environment of a nanoscale light emitter by a photonic cavity can significantly enhance its spontaneous emission rate through cavity quantum electrodynamics in the Purcell regime. This effect can greatly reduce the lasing ... More
Electrical Control of Two-Dimensional Neutral and Charged Excitons in a Monolayer SemiconductorNov 01 2012Feb 15 2013Monolayer group VI transition metal dichalcogenides have recently emerged as semiconducting alternatives to graphene in which the true two-dimensionality (2D) is expected to illuminate new semiconducting physics. Here we investigate excitons and trions ... More
Lateral heterojunctions within monolayer semiconductorsJun 12 2014Heterojunctions between three-dimensional (3D) semiconductors with different bandgaps are the basis of modern light-emitting diodes, diode lasers, and high-speed transistors. Creating analogous heterojunctions between different two-dimensional (2D) semiconductors ... More
Optical Generation of Excitonic Valley Coherence in Monolayer WSe2Mar 21 2013Due to degeneracies arising from crystal symmetries, it is possible for electron states at band edges ("valleys") to have additional spin-like quantum numbers. An important question is whether coherent manipulation can be performed on such valley pseudospins, ... More
Imaging Quantum Spin Hall Edges in Monolayer WTe2Jul 24 2018A two-dimensional (2D) topological insulator (TI) exhibits the quantum spin Hall (QSH) effect, in which topologically protected spin-polarized conducting channels exist at the sample edges. Experimental signatures of the QSH effect have recently been ... More
Robust Image Segmentation Quality Assessment without Ground TruthMar 20 2019Deep learning based image segmentation methods have achieved great success, even having human-level accuracy in some applications. However, due to the black box nature of deep learning, the best method may fail in some situations. Thus predicting segmentation ... More
Robust Sparse Coding via Self-Paced LearningSep 10 2017Sparse coding (SC) is attracting more and more attention due to its comprehensive theoretical studies and its excellent performance in many signal processing applications. However, most existing sparse coding algorithms are nonconvex and are thus prone ... More
Control of Two-Dimensional Excitonic Light Emission via Photonic CrystalNov 24 2013Monolayers of transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDCs) have emerged as new optoelectronic materials in the two dimensional (2D) limit, exhibiting rich spin-valley interplays, tunable excitonic effects, and strong light-matter interactions. An essential ... More
What does AI see? Deep segmentation networks discover biomarkers for lung cancer survivalMar 26 2019Non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) represents approximately 80-85% of lung cancer diagnoses and is the leading cause of cancer-related death worldwide. Recent studies indicate that image-based radiomics features from positron emission tomography-computed ... More
Optimal Distributed Control for Networked Control Systems with DelaysDec 12 2013In networked control systems (NCS), sensing and control signals between the plant and controllers are typically transmitted wirelessly. Thus, the time delay plays an important role for the stability of NCS, especially with distributed controllers. In ... More
Interfacial thermal conduction and negative temperature jump in one-dimensional latticesJul 19 2015We study the thermal boundary conduction in one-dimensional harmonic and $\phi^{4}$ lattices, both of which consist of two segments coupled by a harmonic interaction. For the ballistic interfacial heat transport through the harmonic lattice, we use both ... More
Conditional Results for a Class of Arithmetic Functions: a variant of H. L. Montgomery and R. C. Vaughan's methodJan 19 2013Let $a, b,c $ and $k$ be positive integers such that $1\leq a\leq b,a<c<2(a+b), c\ne b$ and $(a,b,c)=1$. Define the arithmetic function $f_k(a,b;c;n)$ by $$ \sum_{n=1}^{\infty}\frac{f_k(a,b;c;n)}{n^s}=\frac{\zeta (as)\zeta (bs)}{\zeta^k(cs)}, \Re s >1.$$ ... More
Subspace Perspective on Canonical Correlation Analysis: Dimension Reduction and Minimax RatesMay 12 2016Jan 21 2018Canonical correlation analysis (CCA) is a fundamental statistical tool for exploring the correlation structure between two sets of random variables. In this paper, motivated by recent success of applying CCA to learn low dimensional representations of ... More
Carrier free long-range magnetism in Mo doped one quintuple layer Bi2Te3 and Sb2Te3Jul 31 2019One of the keys to the realization of Quantum Anomalous Hall effect (QAHE) is long range ferromagnetism, which is only experimentally realized in Cr or V doped (Bi,Sb)2Te3 system. Both elements are 3d transition metals and 4d transition metals are found ... More
Redefinition of the concept of fuzzy set based on vague partition from the perspective of axiomatizationJan 27 2017Based on the in-depth analysis of the essence and features of vague phenomena, this paper focuses on establishing the axiomatical foundation of membership degree theory for vague phenomena, presents an axiomatic system to govern membership degrees and ... More
An Enhanced MPPT Method based on ANN-assisted Sequential Monte Carlo and Quickest Change DetectionMay 13 2018The performance of a photovoltaic system is subject to varying environmental conditions, and it becomes more challenging to track the maximum power point (MPP) and maintain the optimal performance when partial shading occurs. In this paper, we propose ... More
Quickest Attack Detection in Smart Grid Based on Sequential Monte Carlo FilteringDec 22 2017Quick and accurate detection of cyber attack is key to the normal operation of the smart grid system. In this paper, a joint state estimation and sequential attack detection method for a given bus with grid frequency drift is proposed that utilizes the ... More
On the mean square of the error term for the two-dimensional divisor problem (I)Jun 24 2008Suppose $a$ and $b$ are two fixed positive integers such that $(a,b)=1.$ In this paper we shall establish an asymptotic formula for the mean square of the error term $\Delta_{a,b}(x)$ of the general two-dimensional divisor problem.
On a conjecture of Schroeder and StrakeMar 02 2007We prove some rigidity results for compact manifolds with boundary. In particular for a compact Riemannian manifold with nonnegative Ricci curvature and simply connected mean convex boundary, it is shown that if the sectional curvature vanishes on the ... More
Einstein four-manifolds of pinched sectional curvatureDec 19 2016Aug 08 2019In this paper, we obtain classification of four-dimensional Einstein manifolds with positive Ricci curvature and pinched sectional curvature. In particular, the first result concerns with an upper bound of sectional curvature, improving a theorem of E. ... More
The metric space of geodesic laminations on a surface: IAug 28 2003Mar 19 2004We consider the space of geodesic laminations on a surface, endowed with the Hausdorff metric d_H and with a variation of this metric called the d_log metric. We compute and/or estimate the Hausdorff dimensions of these two metrics. We also relate these ... More
Manipulating Spin-polarized Photocurrent in 2D Transition Metal DichalcogenidesSep 02 2015Manipulating spin polarization of electrons in nonmagnetic semiconductors by means of electric fields or optical fields is an essential theme of the conceptual nonmagnetic semiconductor-based spintronics. Here we experimentally demonstrate a method of ... More
Efficient particle filtering through residual nudgingMar 11 2013We introduce an auxiliary technique, called residual nudging, to the particle filter to enhance its performance in cases that it performs poorly. The main idea of residual nudging is to monitor, and if necessary, adjust the residual norm of a state estimate ... More
Ensemble Kalman filtering with residual nudgingOct 04 2012Covariance inflation and localization are two important techniques that are used to improve the performance of the ensemble Kalman filter (EnKF) by (in effect) adjusting the sample covariances of the estimates in the state space. In this work an additional ... More
On the mean square of the error term for the two-dimensional divisor problems(II)Aug 08 2008Let $\Delta(a,b;x)$ denote the error term of the general two-dimensional divisor problem. In this paper we shall study the relation between the discrete mean value $\sum_{n\leq T}\Delta^2(a,b;n)$ and the continuous mean value $\int_1^T\Delta^2(a,b;x)dx$. ... More
Inverse scattering by an inhomogeneous penetrable obstacle in a piecewise homogeneous mediumDec 15 2009This paper is concerned with the inverse problem of scattering of time-harmonic acoustic waves by an inhomogeneous penetrable obstacle in a piecewise homogeneous medium. The well-posedness of the direct problem is first established by using the integral ... More
Quickest Detection of Time-Varying False Data Injection Attacks in Dynamic Linear Regression ModelsNov 13 2018Motivated by the sequential detection of false data injection attacks (FDIAs) in a dynamic smart grid, we consider a more general problem of sequentially detecting time-varying FDIAs in dynamic linear regression models. The unknown time-varying parameter ... More
Bounds on Shannon Capacity and Ramsey Numbers from Product of GraphsDec 31 2011Jan 31 2013In this note we study Shannon capacity of channels in the context of classical Ramsey numbers. We overview some of the results on capacity of noisy channels modelled by graphs, and how some constructions may contribute to our knowledge of this capacity. ... More
Giant and nonreciprocal second harmonic generation from layered antiferromagnetism in bilayer CrI3Apr 07 2019Layered antiferromagnetism is the spatial arrangement of ferromagnetic layers with antiferromagnetic interlayer coupling. Recently, the van der Waals magnet, chromium triiodide (CrI3), emerged as the first layered antiferromagnetic insulator in its few-layer ... More
An Obata-type Theorem in CR GeometryJul 17 2012Aug 14 2013We discuss a sharp lower bound for the first positive eigenvalue of the sublaplacian on a closed, strictly pseudoconvex pseudo-hermitian manifold of dimension $2m+1\geq 5$. We prove that the equality holds iff the manifold is equivalent to the CR sphere ... More
Differential Harnack Estimates for Time-dependent Heat Equations with PotentialsJul 03 2008In this paper, we prove a differential Harnack inequality for positive solutions of time-dependent heat equations with potentials. We also prove a gradient estimate for the positive solution of the time-dependent heat equation.
Coupled-mode theory for stimulated Raman scattering in high-Q/Vm silicon photonic band gap defect cavity lasersJul 06 2006We demonstrate the dynamics of stimulated Raman scattering in designed high-Q/Vm silicon photonic band gap nanocavities through the coupled-mode theory framework towards optically-pumped silicon lasing. The interplay of other chi(3) effects such as two-photon ... More
Semi-interactive Attention Network for Answer Understanding in Reverse-QAJan 12 2019Question answering (QA) is an important natural language processing (NLP) task and has received much attention in academic research and industry communities. Existing QA studies assume that questions are raised by humans and answers are generated by machines. ... More
Observation of Long-Lived Interlayer Excitons in Monolayer MoSe2-WSe2 HeterostructuresMar 19 2014Two-dimensional (2D) materials, such as graphene1, boron nitride2, and transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs)3-5, have sparked wide interest in both device physics and technological applications at the atomic monolayer limit. These 2D monolayers can ... More
3-D Surface Segmentation Meets Conditional Random FieldsJun 11 2019Automated surface segmentation is important and challenging in many medical image analysis applications. Recent deep learning based methods have been developed for various object segmentation tasks. Most of them are a classification based approach, e.g. ... More
Universal superconductivity phase diagram for pressurized tetradymite topological insulatorsAug 30 2018We show that two different superconducting phases exist at high pressures in the optimized tetradymite topological insulators Bi2Te2Se (BTS) and Bi1.1Sb0.9Te2S (BSTS). The superconducting phases emerge at structural phase transitions, the first at 8.4 ... More
Continuous-variable measurement-device-independent quantum key distribution via quantum catalysisJul 08 2019Jul 17 2019The continuous-variable measurement-device-independent quantum key distribution (CV-MDI-QKD) is a promising candidate for the immunity to side-channel attacks, but unfortunately seems to face the limitation of transmission distance in contrast to discrete-variable ... More
Optimal Multiple Surface Segmentation with Convex Priors in Irregularly Sampled SpaceNov 09 2016Optimal surface segmentation is widely used in numerous medical image segmentation applications. However, nodes in the graph based optimal surface segmentation method typically encode uniformly distributed orthogonal voxels of the volume. Thus the segmentation ... More
Continuous-variable measurement-device-independent quantum key distribution via quantum catalysisJul 08 2019The continuous-variable measurement-device-independent quantum key distribution (CV-MDI-QKD) is a promising candidate for the immunity to side-channel attacks, but unfortunately seems to face the limitation of transmission distance in contrast to discrete-variable ... More
A Practical O(R\log\log n+n) time Algorithm for Computing the Longest Common SubsequenceAug 23 2015In this paper, we revisit the much studied LCS problem for two given sequences. Based on the algorithm of Iliopoulos and Rahman for solving the LCS problem, we have suggested 3 new improved algorithms. We first reformulate the problem in a very succinct ... More
An Efficient Dynamic Programming Algorithm for the Generalized LCS Problem with Multiple Substring Exclusion ConstrainsMar 08 2013In this paper, we consider a generalized longest common subsequence problem with multiple substring exclusion constrains. For the two input sequences $X$ and $Y$ of lengths $n$ and $m$, and a set of $d$ constrains $P=\{P_1,...,P_d\}$ of total length $r$, ... More
Attentive Tensor Product LearningFeb 20 2018Nov 01 2018This paper proposes a new architecture - Attentive Tensor Product Learning (ATPL) - to represent grammatical structures in deep learning models. ATPL is a new architecture to bridge this gap by exploiting Tensor Product Representations (TPR), a structured ... More
A Neural-Symbolic Approach to Design of CAPTCHAOct 29 2017Sep 25 2018CAPTCHAs based on reading text are susceptible to machine-learning-based attacks due to recent significant advances in deep learning (DL). To address this, this paper promotes image/visual captioning based CAPTCHAs, which is robust against machine-learning-based ... More
A Dynamic Programming Solution to a Generalized LCS ProblemJan 30 2013In this paper, we consider a generalized longest common subsequence problem, the string-excluding constrained LCS problem. For the two input sequences $X$ and $Y$ of lengths $n$ and $m$, and a constraint string $P$ of length $r$, the problem is to find ... More
Analytical investigations of quasi-circular frozen orbits in the Martian gravity fieldAug 23 2011Frozen orbits are always important foci of orbit design because of their valuable characteristics that their eccentricity and argument of pericentre remain constant on average. This study investigates quasi-circular frozen orbits and examines their basic ... More
Periodic orbits in the gravity field of a fixed homogeneous cubeAug 23 2011In the current study, the existence of periodic orbits around a fixed homogeneous cube is investigated, and the results have powerful implications for examining periodic orbits around non-spherical celestial bodies. In the two different types of symmetry ... More
Deep Reinforcement Learning for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle-Assisted Vehicular NetworksJun 12 2019Sep 03 2019Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are envisioned to complement the 5G communication infrastructure in future smart cities. Hot spots easily appear in road intersections, where effective communication among vehicles is challenging. UAVs may serve as relays ... More
On a Diagonal Conjecture for Classical Ramsey NumbersOct 26 2018Jun 21 2019Let $R(k_1, \cdots, k_r)$ denote the classical $r$-color Ramsey number for integers $k_i \ge 2$. The Diagonal Conjecture (DC) for classical Ramsey numbers poses that if $k_1, \cdots, k_r$ are integers no smaller than 3 and $k_{r-1} \leq k_r$, then $R(k_1, ... More
On the Capacity Regions of Two-Way Diamond ChannelsOct 19 2014In this paper, we study the capacity regions of two-way diamond channels. We show that for a linear deterministic model the capacity of the diamond channel in each direction can be simultaneously achieved for all values of channel parameters, where the ... More
Multiple-correction and Faster ApproximationSep 03 2014In this paper, we formulate a new \emph{multiple-correction method}. The goal is to accelerate the rate of convergence. In particular, we construct some sequences to approximate the Euler-Mascheroni and Landau constants, which are faster than the classical ... More
Harnack Estimates for Conjugate Heat Kernel on Evolving ManifoldsAug 18 2014In this article we derive Harnack estimates for conjugate heat kernel in an abstract geometric flow. Our calculation involves a correction term D. When D is nonnegative, we are able to obtain a Harnack inequality. Our abstract formulation provides a unified ... More
The Backward behavior of the Ricci and Cross Curvature Flows on SL(2,R)Jun 23 2009Jan 11 2010This paper is concerned with properties of maximal solutions of the Ricci and cross curvature flows on locally homogeneous three-manifolds of type SL(2,R). We prove that, generically, a maximal solution originates at a sub-Riemannian geometry of Heisenberg ... More
Towards Edge-assisted Internet of Things: From Security and Efficiency PerspectivesFeb 19 2019As we are moving towards the Internet of Things (IoT) era, the number of connected physical devices is increasing at a rapid pace. Mobile edge computing is emerging to handle the sheer volume of produced data and reach the latency demand of computation-intensive ... More
Deconfinement Phase Transition Heating and Thermal Evolution of Neutron StarsNov 03 2007Nov 08 2007The deconfinement phase transition will lead to the release of latent heat during spins down of neutron stars if the transition is the first-order one.We have investigated the thermal evolution of neutron stars undergoing such deconfinement phase transition. ... More
Optimal Rates of Convergence for Noisy Sparse Phase Retrieval via Thresholded Wirtinger FlowJun 10 2015This paper considers the noisy sparse phase retrieval problem: recovering a sparse signal $x \in \mathbb{R}^p$ from noisy quadratic measurements $y_j = (a_j' x )^2 + \epsilon_j$, $j=1, \ldots, m$, with independent sub-exponential noise $\epsilon_j$. The ... More
Multi-target Position and Velocity Estimation Using OFDM Communication SignalsFeb 15 2019Jun 27 2019In this paper, we consider a passive radar system that estimates the positions and velocities of multiple moving targets by using OFDM signals transmitted by a totally un-coordinated and un-synchronizated illuminator and multiple receivers. It is assumed ... More
Secure Distributed Dynamic State Estimation in Wide-Area Smart GridsFeb 19 2019Jul 15 2019Smart grid is a large complex network with a myriad of vulnerabilities, usually operated in adversarial settings and regulated based on estimated system states. In this study, we propose a novel highly secure distributed dynamic state estimation mechanism ... More
Robust Linear Precoder Design for Multi-cell Downlink TransmissionSep 27 2010Coordinated information processing by the base stations of multi-cell wireless networks enhances the overall quality of communication in the network. Such coordinations for optimizing any desired network-wide quality of service (QoS) necessitate the base ... More
On the Stability of Kähler-Einstein MetricsApr 26 2005Using spin$^c$ structure we prove that K\"ahler-Einstein metrics with nonpositive scalar curvature are stable (in the direction of changes in conformal structures) as the critical points of the total scalar curvature functional. Moreover if all infinitesimal ... More
A Note on Upper Bounds for Some Generalized Folkman NumbersAug 01 2017We present some new constructive upper bounds based on product graphs for generalized vertex Folkman numbers. They lead to new upper bounds for some special cases of generalized edge Folkman numbers, including $F_e(K_3,K_4-e; K_5) \leq 27$ and $F_e(K_4-e,K_4-e; ... More
The DoF of Two-way Butterfly NetworksJul 20 2016This paper studies the two-way butterfly network, a class of two-way four-unicast networks. We first show that bidirectional links do not increase the degrees of freedom for this network thus giving the first example for networks, to the best of our knowledge, ... More
A Delay Metric for Video Object Detection: What Average Precision Fails to TellAug 18 2019Average precision (AP) is a widely used metric to evaluate detection accuracy of image and video object detectors. In this paper, we analyze object detection from videos and point out that AP alone is not sufficient to capture the temporal nature of video ... More
Discovering Spatio-Temporal Action TubesNov 29 2018In this paper, we address the challenging problem of spatial and temporal action detection in videos. We first develop an effective approach to localize frame-level action regions through integrating static and kinematic information by the early- and ... More
Optical Field Enhancement in Nanoscale Slot Waveguides of Hyperbolic MetamaterialsApr 19 2012Nanoscale slot waveguides of hyperbolic metamaterials are proposed and demonstrated for achieving large optical field enhancement. The dependence of the enhanced electric field within the air slot on waveguide mode coupling and permittivity tensors of ... More
mmWave/THz Channel Estimation Using Frequency-Selective Atomic Norm MinimizationAug 27 2019We propose a MIMO channel estimation method for millimeter-wave (mmWave) and terahertz (THz) systems based on frequency-selective atomic norm minimization (FS-ANM). Due to the strong line-of-sight property of the channel in such high-frequency bands, ... More
Beamforming and Rate Allocation in MISO Cognitive Radio NetworksAug 07 2009We consider decentralized multi-antenna cognitive radio networks where secondary (cognitive) users are granted simultaneous spectrum access along with license-holding (primary) users. We treat the problem of distributed beamforming and rate allocation ... More
Mappa Mundi: An Interactive Artistic Mind Map Generator with Artificial ImaginationMay 09 2019We present a novel real-time, collaborative, and interactive AI painting system, Mappa Mundi, for artistic Mind Map creation. The system consists of a voice-based input interface, an automatic topic expansion module, and an image projection module. The ... More
Nonlinear valley and spin currents from Fermi pocket anisotropy in 2D crystalsJun 11 2014Controlled flow of spin and valley pseudospin is key to future electronics exploiting these internal degrees of freedom of carriers. Here we discover a universal possibility for generating spin and valley currents by electric bias or temperature gradient ... More
Trust but Verify: An Information-Theoretic Explanation for the Adversarial Fragility of Machine Learning Systems, and a General Defense against Adversarial AttacksMay 25 2019Deep-learning based classification algorithms have been shown to be susceptible to adversarial attacks: minor changes to the input of classifiers can dramatically change their outputs, while being imperceptible to humans. In this paper, we present a simple ... More
Outlier Detection using Generative Models with Theoretical Performance GuaranteesOct 26 2018This paper considers the problem of recovering signals from compressed measurements contaminated with sparse outliers, which has arisen in many applications. In this paper, we propose a generative model neural network approach for reconstructing the ground ... More
Deep Learning Inference in Facebook Data Centers: Characterization, Performance Optimizations and Hardware ImplicationsNov 24 2018Nov 29 2018The application of deep learning techniques resulted in remarkable improvement of machine learning models. In this paper provides detailed characterizations of deep learning models used in many Facebook social network services. We present computational ... More
Valley Contrasting Magnetoluminescence in Monolayer MoS$_{2}$ Quantum Hall SystemsJan 20 2014Jul 21 2014The valley dependent optical selection rules in recently discovered monolayer group-VI transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs) make possible optical control of valley polarization, a crucial step towards valleytronic applications. However, in presence ... More