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Meso-resolved simulations of shock-to-detonation transition in nitromethane with air-filled cavitiesMay 14 2019May 15 2019Two-dimensional, meso-resolved numerical simulations are performed to investigate the complete shock-to-detonation transition (SDT) process in a mixture of liquid nitromethane (NM) and air-filled, circular cavities. The shock-induced initiation behaviors ... More
Influence of Discrete Sources on Detonation Propagation in a Burgers Equation Analog SystemFeb 01 2015An analog to the equations of compressible flow that is based on the inviscid Burgers equation is utilized to investigate the effect of spatial discreteness of energy release on the propagation of a detonation wave. While the traditional Chapman-Jouguet ... More
Propagation Distance Required to Reach Steady-State Detonation Velocity in Finite-Sized ChargesJul 08 2014The decay of a detonation wave from its initial CJ velocity to its final, steady state velocity upon encountering a finite thickness or diameter charge is investigated numerically and theoretically. The numerical simulations use an ideal gas equation ... More
Geometric Scaling for a Detonation Wave Governed by a Pressure-Dependent Reaction Rate and Yielding ConfinementMay 30 2014Jul 09 2014The propagation of detonation waves in reactive media bounded by an inert, compressible layer is examined via computational simulations in two different geometries, axisymmetric cylinders and two dimensional, planar slabs. For simplicity, an ideal gas ... More
Effect of Spatial Heterogeneity on Near-Limit Propagation of a Stable DetonationJun 04 2014The effect of introducing a spatial heterogeneity into an explosive medium is studied computationally by examining the detonation velocity near the limit to propagation in a thin explosive layer. The explosive system studied is an ideal gas with a single ... More
Effect of spatial discretization of energy on detonation wave propagationAug 27 2016Detonation propagation in the limit of highly spatially discretized energy sources is investigated. The model of this problem begins with a medium consisting of a calorically perfect gas with a prescribed energy release per unit mass. The energy release ... More
The Influence of Spatial Discreteness on the Thermo-Diffusive Instability of Flame Propagation with Infinite Lewis NumberDec 04 2015Jun 13 2016The dynamics of flame propagation in systems with infinite Lewis number and spatially discretized sources of heat release is examined, which is applicable to the combustion of suspensions of fuel particles in air. The system is analyzed numerically using ... More
Practical Inexact Proximal Quasi-Newton Method with Global Complexity AnalysisNov 26 2013Jul 14 2015Recently several methods were proposed for sparse optimization which make careful use of second-order information [10, 28, 16, 3] to improve local convergence rates. These methods construct a composite quadratic approximation using Hessian information, ... More
Adaptive Thermostats for Noisy Gradient SystemsMay 26 2015Mar 06 2016We study numerical methods for sampling probability measures in high dimension where the underlying model is only approximately identified with a gradient system. Extended stochastic dynamical methods are discussed which have application to multiscale ... More
Time correlation functions of equilibrium and nonequilibrium Langevin dynamics: Derivations and numerics using random numbersOct 30 2018We study the time correlation functions of coupled linear Langevin dynamics without and with inertia effects, both analytically and numerically. The model equation represents the physical behavior of a harmonic oscillator in two or three dimensions in ... More
Structure-preserving integrators for dissipative systems based on reversible-irreversible splittingApr 13 2018We study the optimal design of numerical integrators for dissipative systems, for which there exists an underlying thermodynamic structure known as GENERIC (General Equation for the NonEquilibrium Reversible-Irreversible Coupling). We present a framework ... More
Propagation of gaseous detonation waves in a spatially inhomogeneous reactive mediumMar 27 2017Detonation propagation in a compressible medium wherein the energy release has been made spatially inhomogeneous is examined via numerical simulation. The inhomogeneity is introduced via step functions in the reaction progress variable, with the local ... More
Meso-resolved simulations of shock-to-detonation transition in nitromethane with air-filled cavitiesMay 14 2019Two-dimensional, meso-resolved numerical simulations are performed to investigate the complete shock-to-detonation transition (SDT) process in a mixture of liquid nitromethane (NM) and air-filled, circular cavities. The shock-induced initiation behaviors ... More
Quantile Markov Decision ProcessNov 15 2017Jan 17 2018In this paper, we consider the problem of optimizing the quantiles of the cumulative rewards of Markov Decision Processes (MDP), to which we refers as Quantile Markov Decision Processes (QMDP). Traditionally, the goal of a Markov Decision Process (MDP) ... More
Quantization of Poisson CGL extensionsAug 29 2018CGL extensions, named after G. Cauchon, K. Goodearl, and E. Letzter, are a special class of noncommutative algebras that are iterated Ore extensions of associative algebras with compatible torus actions. Examples of CGL extensions include quantum Schubert ... More
Interstellar Pickup Ion Production in the Global Heliosphere and HeliosheathSep 20 2016Interstellar Pickup ions (PUIs) play a significant part in mediating the solar wind (SW) interaction with the interstellar medium. In this paper, we examine the details of spatial variation of the PUI velocity distribution function (VDF) in the SW by ... More
Cubic Extremal Transition and Gromov-Witten TheoryNov 29 2017Jun 01 2018In this article, we study the change of genus zero Gromov-Witten invariants under cubic extremal transitions, following Lee-Lin-Wang [arXiv:1705.04799]. We use the language of quantum $D$-modules.
Assessing numerical methods for molecular and particle simulationNov 03 2017We discuss the design of state-of-the-art numerical methods for molecular dynamics, focusing on the demands of soft matter simulation, where the purposes include sampling and dynamics calculations both in and out of equilibrium. We discuss the characteristics ... More
HIPAD - A Hybrid Interior-Point Alternating Direction algorithm for knowledge-based SVM and feature selectionNov 16 2014We consider classification tasks in the regime of scarce labeled training data in high dimensional feature space, where specific expert knowledge is also available. We propose a new hybrid optimization algorithm that solves the elastic-net support vector ... More
Bose-Einstein condensation temperature of finite systemsApr 13 2019In the studies of the Bose-Einstein condensation of ideal gases in finite systems, the divergence problem usually arises in the equation of state. In this paper, we present a technique based on the heat kernel expansion and the zeta-function regularization ... More
Tunable magnetism of hexagonal Anderson droplet on the triangular latticeMar 22 2019Motivated by recent progress on quantum engineered Kondo lattices, we numerically investigated the local magnetic properties of a hexagonal Anderson impurity droplet consisting of multiple rings of magnetic atoms periodically arrayed on a triangular lattice. ... More
Gromov-Witten theory under degree-4 Type II Extremal TransitionsOct 13 2018In this article, we study the change of genus zero Gromov-Witten invariants under Type II extremal transitions in degree 4.
Bose-Einstein condensation in two-dimensional trapsMay 02 2019In two-dimensional traps, since the theoretical study of Bose-Einstein condensation (BEC) will encounter the problem of divergence, the actual contribution of the divergent terms is often estimated in some indirect ways with the accuracy to the leading ... More
Covariance-Controlled Adaptive Langevin Thermostat for Large-Scale Bayesian SamplingOct 29 2015Monte Carlo sampling for Bayesian posterior inference is a common approach used in machine learning. The Markov Chain Monte Carlo procedures that are used are often discrete-time analogues of associated stochastic differential equations (SDEs). These ... More
An Asymmetric Adaptive SCL Decoder Hardware for Ultra-Low-Error-Rate Polar CodesApr 04 2019In theory, Polar codes do not exhibit an error floor under successive-cancellation (SC) decoding. In practice, frame error rate (FER) down to $10^{-12}$ has not been reported with a real SC list (SCL) decoder hardware. This paper presents an asymmetric ... More
Discretization error cancellation in the plane-wave approximation of periodic Hamiltonians with Coulomb singularitiesOct 02 2018In solid-state physics, energies of molecular systems are usually computed with a plane-wave discretization of Kohn-Sham equations. A priori estimates of plane-wave convergence for periodic Kohn-Sham calculations with pseudopotentials have been proved ... More
Families of 0-dimensional submanifolds on supercurvesOct 17 2016In the present paper we prove that the Hilbert scheme of 0-dimensional subspaces on supercurves of dimension $(1|1)$ exists and it is smooth. We show that the Hilbert scheme is not split in general.
Position angle changes of inner-jets in a sample of blazarsMay 24 2013May 02 2014We have carried out the Gaussian model-fitting to the 15 GHz VLBA cores for a sample of blazars from the MOJAVE database, analyzed the correlations in the model-fitted parameters and studied the variability properties for different group of sources. We ... More
Edge scaling limit of the spectral radius for random normal matrix ensembles at hard edgeAug 26 2015We show that for the hard edge ensemble with power potential, the limiting law of the spectral radius with a proper rescaling follows an exponential distribution and prove this edge universality for radially symmetric subharmonic potentials. We also obtain ... More
Quantile regression with varying coefficientsAug 03 2007Quantile regression provides a framework for modeling statistical quantities of interest other than the conditional mean. The regression methodology is well developed for linear models, but less so for nonparametric models. We consider conditional quantiles ... More
Sampling the Probability Distribution of Type Ia Supernova Lightcurve Parameters in Cosmological AnalysisMay 19 2015Mar 31 2016In order to obtain robust cosmological constraints from Type Ia supernova (SN Ia) data, we have applied Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) to SN Ia lightcurve fitting. We develop a method for sampling the resultant probability density distributions (pdf) ... More
Resonance in the nonadiabatic quantum pumping of the time-dependent Josephson junctionAug 26 2015In this work, we investigated the nonadiabatic transport properties of the one-dimensional time-dependent superconductor-normal metal-superconductor (SNS) Josephson junction biased by a current source and driven by a high-frequency-ac-gate-potential applied ... More
Effective LSTMs for Target-Dependent Sentiment ClassificationDec 03 2015Sep 29 2016Target-dependent sentiment classification remains a challenge: modeling the semantic relatedness of a target with its context words in a sentence. Different context words have different influences on determining the sentiment polarity of a sentence towards ... More
Target-Dependent Sentiment Classification with Long Short Term MemoryDec 03 2015Target-dependent sentiment classification remains a challenge: modeling the semantic relatedness of a target with its context words in a sentence. Different context words have different influences on determining the sentiment polarity of a sentence towards ... More
Projector augmented-wave method: an analysis in a one-dimensional settingDec 13 2017In this article, a numerical analysis of the projector augmented-wave (PAW) method is presented, restricted to the case of dimension one with Dirac potentials modeling the nuclei in a periodic setting. The PAW method is widely used in electronic ab initio ... More
An optimized system to solve text-based CAPTCHAJun 11 2018CAPTCHA(Completely Automated Public Turing test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart) can be used to protect data from auto bots. Countless kinds of CAPTCHAs are thus designed, while we most frequently utilize text-based scheme because of most convenience ... More
Shot noise of the conductance through a superconducting barrier in grapheneMay 04 2015We investigated the conductance and shot noise properties of quasiparticle-transport through a superconducting barrier in graphene. Based on the Blonder, Tinkham, and Klapwijk (BTK) formulation, the theory to investigate the transport properties in the ... More
An Optimal Trade-off between Content Freshness and Refresh CostAug 03 2010Caching is an effective mechanism for reducing bandwidth usage and alleviating server load. However, the use of caching entails a compromise between content freshness and refresh cost. An excessive refresh allows a high degree of content freshness at ... More
Exploring uncertainties in dark energy constraints using current observational data with Planck 2015 distance priorsSep 07 2015Oct 10 2016We present the distance priors that we have derived from the 2015 Planck data, and use these in combination with the latest observational data from Type Ia Supernovae (SNe Ia) and galaxy clustering, to explore the systematic uncertainties in dark energy ... More
Microscopic densities and Fock-Sobolev spacesOct 31 2016We study two-dimensional eigenvalue ensembles close to certain types of singular points in the bulk of the droplet. We prove existence of a microscopic density which quickly approaches the classical equilibrium density, as the distance from the singularity ... More
Towards Interactive Logic ProgrammingNov 28 2012Jul 01 2015Linear logic programming uses provability as the basis for computation. In the operational semantics based on provability, executing the additive-conjunctive goal $G_1 \& G_2$ from a program $P$ simply terminates with a success if both $G_1$ and $G_2$ ... More
The number of eigenstates: counting function and heat kernelFeb 14 2009Mar 08 2009The main aim of this paper is twofold: (1) revealing a relation between the counting function N(lambda) (the number of the eigenstates with eigenvalue smaller than a given number) and the heat kernel K(t), which is still an open problem in mathematics, ... More
Virial coefficients expressed by heat kernel coefficientsApr 13 2019In this paper, we generally expressed the virial expansion of ideal quantum gases by the heat kernel coefficients for the corresponding Laplace type operator. As examples, we give the virial coefficients for quantum gases in $d$-dimensional confined space ... More
Electromagnetic Transition in Waveguide with Application to LasersMar 27 2002The electromagnetic transition of two-level atomic systems in a waveguide is calculated. Compared with the result in free space, the spontaneous emission rate decrease because the phase space is smaller, and meanwhile, some resonance appears in some cases. ... More
The explicit expression of the fugacity for hard-sphere Bose and Fermi gasesJun 04 2009In this paper, we calculate the explicit expression for the fugacity for three-dimensional hard-sphere Bose and Fermi gases from their equations of state in isochoric and isobaric processes, respectively, based on the mathematical result of the boundary ... More
An exactly solvable phase transition model: generalized statistics and generalized Bose-Einstein condensationAug 31 2009In this paper, we present an exactly solvable phase transition model in which the phase transition is purely statistically derived. The phase transition in this model is a generalized Bose-Einstein condensation. The exact expression of the thermodynamic ... More
Quantum statistics of ideal gases in confined spaceOct 10 2002May 15 2003In this paper, the effects of boundary and connectivity on ideal gases in two-dimensional confined space and three-dimensional tubes are discussed in detail based on the analytical result. The implication of such effects on the mesoscopic system is also ... More
Gentile statistics with a large maximum occupation numberOct 03 2003Jul 31 2007In Gentile statistics the maximum occupation number can take on unrestricted integers: $1<n<\infty $. It is usually believed that Gentile statistics will reduce to Bose-Einstein statistics when n equals the total number of particles in the system N. In ... More
The Anomalous Behavior of Solid $^{4}$He in Porous Vycor GlassApr 03 2012Apr 26 2012The low temperature properties of solid $^4$He contained in porous Vycor glass have been investigated utilizing a two-mode compound torsional oscillator. At low temperatures, we find period shift signals for the solid similar to those reported by Kim ... More
Microscopic densities and Fock-Sobolev spacesOct 31 2016Nov 07 2016We study two-dimensional eigenvalue ensembles close to certain types of singular points in the bulk of the droplet. We prove existence of a microscopic density which quickly approaches the classical equilibrium density, as the distance from the singularity ... More
Accomplishable Tasks in Knowledge RepresentationJun 07 2013Knowledge Representation (KR) is traditionally based on the logic of facts, expressed in boolean logic. However, facts about an agent can also be seen as a set of accomplished tasks by the agent. This paper proposes a new approach to KR: the notion of ... More
The explicit expression of the fugacity for weakly interacting Bose and Fermi gasesJun 04 2009Nov 08 2017In this paper, we calculate the explicit expression for the fugacity for two- and three-dimensional weakly interacting Bose and Fermi gases from their equations of state in isochoric and isobaric processes, respectively, based on the mathematical result ... More
The equation of state for two-dimensional hard-sphere gases: Hard-sphere gases as ideal gases with multi-core boundariesFeb 25 2006The equation of state for a two-dimensional hard-sphere gas is difficult to calculate by usual methods. In this paper we develop an approach for calculating the equation of state of hard-sphere gases, both for two- and three-dimensional cases. By regarding ... More
Comment on "Bose-Einstein condensation in low-dimensional traps"Nov 28 2002Dec 18 2002We show that the critical temperature of a one-dimensional gas confined by a power-law potential should be lower than that in the paper of Vanderlei Bagnato and Daniel Kleppner. Moreover, a sketch of the critical temperature is given in some more details. ... More
Do bosons obey Bose-Einstein distribution: two iterated limits of Gentile distributionJun 20 2009It is a common impression that by only setting the maximum occupation number to infinity, which is the demand of the indistinguishability of bosons, one can achieve the statistical distribution that bosons obey -- the Bose-Einstein distribution. In this ... More
A representation of angular momentum (SU(2)) algebraSep 12 2003Dec 01 2004This paper seeks to construct a representation of the algebra of angular momentum (SU(2) algebra) in terms of the operator relations corresponding to Gentile statistics in which one quantum state can be occupied by $n$ particles. First, we present an ... More
Microscopic densities and Fock-Sobolev spacesOct 31 2016Jun 20 2018We study two-dimensional eigenvalue ensembles close to certain types of singular points in the bulk of the droplet. We prove existence of a microscopic density which quickly approaches the classical equilibrium density, as the distance from the singularity ... More
Star operations and PullbacksNov 05 2003In this paper we study the star operations on a pullback of integral domains. In particular, we characterize the star operations of a domain arising from a pullback of ``a general type'' by introducing new techniques for ``projecting'' and ``lifting'' ... More
Efficiently Using Second Order Information in Large l1 Regularization ProblemsMar 27 2013We propose a novel general algorithm LHAC that efficiently uses second-order information to train a class of large-scale l1-regularized problems. Our method executes cheap iterations while achieving fast local convergence rate by exploiting the special ... More
Answering Regular Path Queries on Workflow ProvenanceAug 03 2014Aug 05 2014This paper proposes a novel approach for efficiently evaluating regular path queries over provenance graphs of workflows that may include recursion. The approach assumes that an execution g of a workflow G is labeled with query-agnostic reachability labels ... More
Non-Markovian quantum state diffusion for an open quantum system in fermionic environmentsMar 10 2012May 09 2013Non-Markovian quantum state diffusion (NMQSD) provides a powerful approach to the dynamics of an open quantum system in bosonic environments. Here we develop an NMQSD method to study the open quantum system in fermionic environments. This problem involves ... More
Upper limit on the transition temperature for non-ideal Bose gasesAug 01 2007In this paper we show that for a non-ideal Bose gas there exists an upper limit on the transition temperature above which Bose-Einstein condensation cannot occur regardless of the pressure applied. Such upper limits for some realistic Bose gases are estimated. ... More
The transverse wakefield calculated by double circuit modelMay 17 2014Aug 12 2014X-band accelerator for multi-bunches has been a new way to produce high luminosity and energy efficiency bunches. As the smaller size and multi-bunches, the wakefield is more severe in X-band accelerator, unless some means of strongly suppressing of the ... More
On bulk singularities in the random normal matrix modelMar 22 2016Aug 30 2016We extend the method of rescaled Ward identities of Ameur-Kang-Makarov to study the distribution of eigenvalues close to a bulk singularity, i.e. a point in the interior of the droplet where the density of the classical equilibrium measure vanishes. We ... More
Generalized Bruhat Cells and Completeness of Hamiltonian Flows of Kogan-Zelevinsky Integrable SystemsAug 04 2017Nov 01 2017Let $G$ be any connected and simply connected complex semisimple Lie group, equipped with a standard holomorphic multiplicative Poisson structure. We show that the Hamiltonian flows of all the Fomin-Zelevinsky twisted generalized minors on every double ... More
Knowledge-Aware Conversational Semantic Parsing Over Web TablesSep 12 2018Conversational semantic parsing over tables requires knowledge acquiring and reasoning abilities, which have not been well explored by current state-of-the-art approaches. Motivated by this fact, we propose a knowledge-aware semantic parser to improve ... More
On the Star Class Group of a PullbackSep 20 2005For the domain $R$ arising from the construction $T, M,D$, we relate the star class groups of $R$ to those of $T$ and $D$. More precisely, let $T$ be an integral domain, $M$ a nonzero maximal ideal of $T$, $D$ a proper subring of $k:=T/M$, $\phi: T\to ... More
An approach for the calculation of one-loop effective actions, vacuum energies, and spectral counting functionsJul 19 2010In this paper, we provide an approach for the calculation of one-loop effective actions, vacuum energies, and spectral counting functions and discuss the application of this approach in some physical problems. Concretely, we construct the equations for ... More
Geometry effects in confined spaceJul 31 2004In this paper we calculate some exact solutions of the grand partition functions for quantum gases in confined space, such as ideal gases in two- and three-dimensional boxes, in tubes, in annular containers, on the lateral surface of cylinders, and photon ... More
Calculating statistical distributions from operator relations: the statistical distributions of various intermediate statisticsDec 17 2013In this paper, we give a general discussion on the calculation of the statistical distribution from a given operator relation of creation, annihilation, and number operators. Our result shows that as long as the relation between the number operator and ... More
Intermediate-statistics spin wavesJun 25 2009In this paper, we show that spin waves, the elementary excitation of the Heisenberg magnetic system, obey a kind of intermediate statistics with a finite maximum occupation number n. We construct an operator realization for the intermediate statistics ... More
The relation between the counting function N(lambda) and the heat kernel K(t)Mar 28 2007Feb 17 2008For a given spectrum {lambda_{n}} of the Laplace operator on a Riemannian manifold, in this paper, we present a relation between the counting function N(lambda), the number of eigenvalues (with multiplicity) smaller than \lambda, and the heat kernel K(t), ... More
Semi-cubically hyponormal weighted shifts with Stampfi's subnormal completionMar 09 2018Let $\alpha :1,(1,\sqrt{x},\sqrt{y})^{\wedge }$ be a weight sequence with Stampfli's subnormal completion and let $W_{\alpha }$ be its associated weighted shift. In this paper we discuss some properties of the region $\mathcal{U}:\mathcal{=}\{(x,y):W_{\alpha ... More
Formation of localized magnetic states in a large-spin Fermi systemMay 14 2019We extend the Anderson impurity model to a large-spin Fermi system with spin $f$=3/2, stimulated by the realization of large-spin ultracold Fermi atoms. The condition required for the spontaneous formation of local magnetic moments is examined and the ... More
Pairwise adaptive thermostats for improved accuracy and stability in dissipative particle dynamicsJul 28 2016We examine the formulation and numerical treatment of dissipative particle dynamics (DPD) and momentum-conserving molecular dynamics. We show that it is possible to improve both the accuracy and the stability of DPD by employing a pairwise adaptive Langevin ... More
On the numerical treatment of dissipative particle dynamics and related systemsMay 19 2014Oct 11 2014We review and compare numerical methods that simultaneously control temperature while preserving the momentum, a family of particle simulation methods commonly used for the modelling of complex fluids and polymers. The class of methods considered includes ... More
Modulation of Solar Wind Energy Flux Input on Global Tropical Cyclone ActivitySep 18 2017Studies on Sun-climate connection have been carried out for several decades, and almost all of them focused on the effects of solar total irradiation energy. As the second major terrestrial energy source from outer space, the solar wind energy flux exhibits ... More
Gas Bubbles and Gas Pancakes at Liquid/Solid Interface: A Continuum Theory Incorporated with Molecular InteractionsAug 04 2006Oct 27 2007The states of gas accumulated at the liquid-solid interface are analyzed based on the continuum theory where the Hamaker constant is used to describe the long-range interaction at the microscopic scale. The Hamaker constant is always negative, whereas ... More
Fast thresholding algorithms with feedbacks for sparse signal recoveryApr 17 2012Nov 11 2012We provide another framework of iterative algorithms based on thresholding, feedback and null space tuning for sparse signal recovery arising in sparse representations and compressed sensing. Several thresholding algorithms with various feedbacks are ... More
Performance Analysis of $\ell_1$-synthesis with Coherent FramesFeb 10 2012Feb 18 2012Signals with sparse frame representations comprise a much more realistic model of nature than that with orthonomal bases. Studies about the signal recovery associated with such sparsity models have been one of major focuses in compressed sensing. In such ... More
Generation of hierarchically correlated multivariate symbolic sequencesFeb 12 2008We introduce an algorithm to generate multivariate series of symbols from a finite alphabet with a given hierarchical structure of similarities. The target hierarchical structure of similarities is arbitrary, for instance the one obtained by some hierarchical ... More
The Asymptotic Behaviour of the $m$-th Order Cardinal $B$-Spline waveletAug 27 2017It is well-known that the $m$-th order cardinal $B$-spline wavelet, $\psi_{m},$ decays exponentially. Our aim in this paper is to determine the exact rate of this decay and thereby to describe the asymptotic behaviour of $\psi_{m}$.
Weak Localization Effect in Superconductors by Radiation DamageSep 24 1999Large reductions of the superconducting transition temperature $T_{c}$ and the accompanying loss of the thermal electrical resistivity (electron-phonon interaction) due to radiation damage have been observed for several A15 compounds, Chevrel phase and ... More
A Probe Towards Understanding GAN and VAE ModelsDec 13 2018Dec 17 2018This project report compares some known GAN and VAE models proposed prior to 2017. There has been significant progress after we finished this report. We upload this report as an introduction to generative models and provide some personal interpretations ... More
Sentence Similarity Learning by Lexical Decomposition and CompositionFeb 23 2016Jul 14 2017Most conventional sentence similarity methods only focus on similar parts of two input sentences, and simply ignore the dissimilar parts, which usually give us some clues and semantic meanings about the sentences. In this work, we propose a model to take ... More
The difference of boundary effects between Bose and Fermi systemsMar 10 2006In this paper, we show that there exists an essential difference of boundary effects between Bose and Fermi systems both for Dirichlet and Neumann boundary conditions: at low temperatures and high densities the influence of the boundary on the Bose system ... More
Irregular and multi--channel sampling of operatorsMar 05 2009The classical sampling theorem for bandlimited functions has recently been generalized to apply to so-called bandlimited operators, that is, to operators with band-limited Kohn-Nirenberg symbols. Here, we discuss operator sampling versions of two of the ... More
Spin-resolved Andreev levels and parity crossings in hybrid superconductor-semiconductor nanostructuresFeb 11 2013Jan 23 2014The hybrid combination of superconductors and low-dimensional semiconductors offers a versatile ground for novel device concepts, such as sources of spin-entangled electrons, nanoscale superconducting magnetometers, or recently proposed qubits based on ... More
Scaling of sub-gap excitations in a superconductor-semiconductor nanowire quantum dotSep 24 2016A quantum dot coupled to a superconducting contact provides a tunable artificial analogue of a magnetic atom in a superconductor, a paradigmatic quantum impurity problem. We realize such a system with an InAs semiconductor nanowire contacted by an Al-based ... More
Backhaul-Aware User Association and Resource Allocation for Energy-Constrained HetNetsApr 14 2015Mar 08 2016Growing attentions have been paid to renewable energy or hybrid energy powered heterogeneous networks (HetNets). In this paper, focusing on backhaul-aware joint user association and resource allocation for this type of HetNets, we formulate an online ... More
Knowledge Based Machine Reading ComprehensionSep 12 2018Machine reading comprehension (MRC) requires reasoning about both the knowledge involved in a document and knowledge about the world. However, existing datasets are typically dominated by questions that can be well solved by context matching, which fail ... More
Quantum Discord and Quantum Entanglement in the Background of an Asymptotically Flat Static Black HolesJun 25 2012The quantum discord and tripartite entanglement are discussed in the presence of an asymptotically flat static black holes. The total correlation, quantum discord and classical correlation exhibit decreasing behavior with increasing Hawking temperature. ... More
Theoretical Analysis of Image-to-Image Translation with Adversarial LearningJun 19 2018Recently, a unified model for image-to-image translation tasks within adversarial learning framework has aroused widespread research interests in computer vision practitioners. Their reported empirical success however lacks solid theoretical interpretations ... More
SQuantizer: Simultaneous Learning for Both Sparse and Low-precision Neural NetworksDec 20 2018Mar 23 2019Deep neural networks have achieved state-of-the-art accuracies in a wide range of computer vision, speech recognition, and machine translation tasks. However the limits of memory bandwidth and computational power constrain the range of devices capable ... More
Hybrid Pruning: Thinner Sparse Networks for Fast Inference on Edge DevicesNov 01 2018We introduce hybrid pruning which combines both coarse-grained channel and fine-grained weight pruning to reduce model size, computation and power demands with no to little loss in accuracy for enabling modern networks deployment on resource-constrained ... More
Intermediate-statistics quantum bracket, coherent state, oscillator, and representation of angular momentum (su(2)) algebraMay 16 2007In this paper, we first discuss the general properties of an intermediate-statistics quantum bracket, $[ u,v]_{n}=uv-e^{i2\pi /(n+1)}vu$, which corresponds to intermediate statistics in which the maximum occupation number of one quantum state is an arbitrary ... More
Automation of gene function prediction through modeling human curators' decisions in GO phylogenetic annotation projectFeb 20 2018The Gene Ontology Consortium launched the GO-PAINT project (Phylogenetic Annotation and INference Tool) 9 years ago and is currently being used in the GO Reference Genome Annotation Project to support inference of GO function terms (molecular function, ... More
Towards Interactive Object-Oriented ProgrammingJan 29 2013To represent interactive objects, we propose a choice-disjunctive declaration statement of the form S R where S;R are the (procedure or field) declaration statements within a class. This statement has the following semantics: request the user to choose ... More
On the abundance of SRB measuresApr 10 2018We prove the abundance of Sinai-Ruelle-Bowen measures for diffeomorphisms away from ones with a homoclinic tangency. This is motivated by conjectures of Palis on the existence of physical (Sinai-Ruelle-Bowen) measures for global dynamics. The main novelty ... More
A modified lattice Bhatnagar-Gross-Krook model for convection heat transfer in porous mediaMay 12 2015The lattice Bhatnagar-Gross-Krook (LBGK) model has become the most popular one in the lattice Boltzmann method for simulating the convection heat transfer in porous media. However, the LBGK model generally suffers from numerical instability at low fluid ... More