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Semileptonic decays of $B_c$ meson to S-wave charmonium states in the perturbative QCD approachFeb 29 2016Oct 24 2016Inspired by the recent measurement of the ratio of $B_c$ branching fractions to $J/\psi \pi^+$ and $J/\psi \mu^+\nu_{\mu}$ final states at the LHCb detector, we study the semileptonic decays of $B_c$ meson to the S-wave ground and radially excited 2S ... More
Semileptonic decays of $B_c$ meson to S-wave charmonium states in the perturbative QCD approachFeb 29 2016Inspired by the recent measurement of the ratio of $B_c$ branching fractions to $J/\psi \pi^+$ and $J/\psi \mu^+\nu_{\mu}$ final states at the LHCb detector, we study the semileptonic decays of $B_c$ meson to the S-wave ground and radially excited 2S ... More
Multiple phase estimation in quantum cloning machinesJul 22 2014Since the initial discovery of the Wootters-Zurek no-cloning theorem, a wide variety of quantum cloning machines have been proposed aiming at imperfect but optimal cloning of quantum states within its own context. Remarkably, most previous studies have ... More
Quantum fisher information in noninertial framesJan 03 2014We investigate the performance of quantum fisher information under the Unruh-Hawking effect, where one of the observers (eg, Rob) is uniformly accelerated with respect to other partners. In the context of relativistic quantum information theory, we demonstrate ... More
Experimental investigation of the entanglement-assisted entropic uncertainty principleDec 02 2010Apr 23 2012The uncertainty principle, which bounds the uncertainties involved in obtaining precise outcomes for two complementary variables defining a quantum particle, is a crucial aspect in quantum mechanics. Recently, the uncertainty principle in terms of entropy ... More
Performance Analysis of Millimeter-Wave Relaying: Impacts of Beamwidth and Self-InterferenceOct 21 2017We study the maximum achievable rate of a two-hop amplified-and-forward (AF) relaying millimeter-wave (mm-wave) system, where two AF relaying schemes, i.e., half-duplex (HD) and full-duplex (FD) are discussed. By considering the two-ray mm-wave channel ... More
Moderate-Dimensional Inferences on Quadratic Functionals in Ordinary Least SquaresOct 02 2018Statistical inferences on quadratic functionals of linear regression parameter have found wide applications including signal detection, one/two-sample global testing, inference of fraction of variance explained and genetic co-heritability. Conventional ... More
Semiparametric Additive Transformation Model under Current Status DataMay 06 2011We consider the efficient estimation of the semiparametric additive transformation model with current status data. A wide range of survival models and econometric models can be incorporated into this general transformation framework. We apply the B-spline ... More
Coupling graphene nanomechanical motion to a single-electron transistorMar 24 2017Graphene-based electromechanical resonators have attracted much interest recently because of the outstanding mechanical and electrical properties of graphene and their various applications. However, the coupling between mechanical motion and charge transport ... More
A Quantum Electrodynamics Kondo Circuit with Orbital and Spin EntanglementSep 21 2015Oct 15 2015Recent progress in nanotechnology allows to engineer hybrid mesoscopic devices comprising on chip an artificial atom or quantum dot, capacitively coupled to a microwave (superconducting) resonator. These systems can then contribute to explore non-equilibrium ... More
Introduction of DC line structures into a superconducting microwave 3D cavityDec 27 2014We report a technique that can noninvasively add multiple DC wires into a 3D superconducting microwave cavity for electronic devices that require DC electrical terminals. We studied the influence of our DC lines on the cavity performance systematically. ... More
Feed-down effect on $Λ$ spin polarizationMay 08 2019We develop a theoretical framework to study the feed-down effect of higher-lying strange baryons on the spin polarization of $\Lambda$ hyperon. In this framework, we consider two-body decays through strong, electromagnetic, and weak processes and derive ... More
Hybrid nature of 0846+51W1: a BL Lac object with a narrow line Seyfert 1 nucleusNov 10 2004We have found a NLS1 nucleus in the extensively studied eruptive BL Lac, 0846+51W1, out of a large sample of NLS1 compiled from the spectroscopic dataset of SDSS DR1. Its optical spectrum can be well decomposed into three components, a power law component ... More
Ultra-sensitive phase estimation with white lightFeb 24 2011May 19 2011An improvement of the scheme by Brunner and Simon [Phys. Rev. Lett. 105, 010405 (2010)] is proposed in order to show that quantum weak measurements can provide a method to detect ultrasmall longitudinal phase shifts, even with white light. By performing ... More
Phase estimation with weak measurement using a white light sourceJun 20 2013We report results of a high precision phase estimation based on a weak measurements scheme using commercial light-emitting diode. The method is based on a measurement of the imaginary part of the weak value of a polarization operator. The imaginary part ... More
Mini-Orange Spectrometer at CIAEJan 06 2016A Mini-Orange spectrometer used for in-beam measurements of internal conversion electrons, which consists of a Si(Li) detector and different sets of SmO$_5$ permanent magnets for filtering and transporting the conversion electrons to the Si(Li) detector, ... More
Semihierarchical quantum repeaters based on moderate lifetime quantum memoriesJan 20 2017The construction of large-scale quantum networks relies on the development of practical quantum repeaters. Many approaches have been proposed with the goal of outperforming the direct transmission of photons, but most of them are inefficient or difficult ... More
Experimental nonlocal steering of Bohmian trajectoriesJun 19 2017Interpretations of quantum mechanics (QM), or proposals for underlying theories, that attempt to present a definite realist picture, such as Bohmian mechanics, require strong non-local effects. Naively, these effects would violate causality and contradict ... More
Quantum computation with graphene nanoribbonAug 12 2008We propose a scalable scheme to implement quantum computation in graphene nanoribbon. It is shown that electron or hole can be naturally localized in each zigzag region for a graphene nanoribbon with a sequence of Z-shaped structure without exploiting ... More
Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Segmentation with a Small Number of Training SubjectsApr 09 2018Pre-operative Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) 3D shape is critical for customized stent-graft design in Fenestrated Endovascular Aortic Repair (FEVAR). Traditional segmentation approaches implement expert-designed feature extractors while recent deep ... More
Measurement-induced quantum entanglement recoveryOct 11 2010Dec 21 2010By using photon pairs created in parametric down conversion, we report on an experiment, which demonstrates that measurement can recover the quantum entanglement of two qubit system in a pure dephasing environment. The concurrence of the final state with ... More
Quantum Key Distribution and Quantum Authentication Based on Entangled StateFeb 12 2001Using the previously shared Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen pairs, a proposal which can be used to distribute a quantum key and identify the user's identification simultaneously is presented. In this scheme, two local unitary operations and the Bell state measurement ... More
Experimental demonstration of nonlocal effects of the partial collapse measurement and reversal processDec 21 2010Feb 24 2011We experimentally demonstrate the nonlocal reversal of a partial-collapse quantum measurement on two-photon entangled state. Both the partial measurement and the reversal operation are implemented in linear optics with two displaced Sagnac interferometers, ... More
Observing momentum disturbance in double-slit "which-way" measurementsMay 05 2018Making a "which-way" measurement (WWM) to identify which slit a particle goes through in a double-slit apparatus will reduce the visibility of interference fringes. There has been a long-standing controversy over whether this can be attributed to an uncontrollable ... More
Semiconductor Quantum ComputationMay 05 2019Semiconductors, a significant type of material in the information era, are becoming more and more powerful in the field of quantum information. In the last decades, semiconductor quantum computation was investigated thoroughly across the world and developed ... More
Demonstration of MultiSetting One-Way Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Steering in Two-Qubit SystemsMar 16 2017Apr 10 2017Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen (EPR) steering describes the ability of one party to remotely affect another's state through local measurements. One of the most distinguishable properties of EPR steering is its asymmetric aspect. Steering can work in one direction ... More
The strong decay patterns of $Z_c$ and $Z_b$ states in the relativized quark modelNov 26 2018Employing the relativized quark model and the quark-interchange model, we investigate the decay of the charged heavy quarkonium-like states $Z_c(3900)$, $Z_c(4020)$, $Z_c(4430)$, $Z_b(10610)$ and $Z_b(10650)$ into the ground and radially excited heavy ... More
Dependence of the decoherence of polarization states in phase-damping channels on the frequency spectrum envelope of photonsJul 03 2008Oct 08 2008We consider the decoherence of photons suffering in phase-damping channels. By exploring the evolutions of single-photon polarization states and two-photon polarization-entangled states, we find that different frequency spectrum envelopes of photons induce ... More
Simulation and performance study of the ceramic THGEMAug 08 2014Oct 20 2014The THGEMs based on ceramic substrate were developed successfully for neutron and single photon detection. The influences on thermal neutron scattering and the internal radioactivity of both ceramic and FR-4 substrates were studied and compared. The ceramic ... More
Analyticity and Resonance Sum Rules 1n Large $N_c$ $ππ$ ScatteringsDec 14 2004Feb 22 2005This paper is withdrawn due to a mistake. The revised version with a new tiltle can be found in hep-ph/0502199.
Parametric strong mode-coupling in carbon nanotube mechanical resonatorsDec 27 2016Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) have attracted much attention for use in nanomechanical devices because of their exceptional properties, such as large resonant frequencies, low mass, and high quality factors. Here, we report the first experimental realization ... More
Strong indirect coupling between graphene-based mechanical resonators via a phonon cavityJan 26 2018Mechanical resonators are promising systems for storing and manipulating information. To transfer information between mechanical modes, either direct coupling or an interface between these modes is needed. In previous works, strong coupling between different ... More
Photon-assisted-tunneling in a coupled double quantum dot out of thermal equilibriumAug 17 2013We perform photon-assisted-tunneling (PAT) experiments on a GaAs double quantum dot device under high microwave excitation power. Photon-assisted absorption of up to 14 photons is observed, when electron temperature (>1K) are far above the lattice temperature. ... More
Quantitative verification of the Kibble-Zurek mechanism in quantum non-equilibrium dynamicsJan 13 2013The Kibble-Zurek mechanism (KZM) captures the key physics in the non-equilibrium dynamics of second-order phase transitions, and accurately predict the density of the topological defects formed in this process. However, despite much effort, the veracity ... More
An effective formulation on quantum hadrodynamics at finite temperatures and densitiesSep 16 2002May 10 2006According to Wick's theorem, the second order self-energy corrections of hadrons in the hot and dense nuclear matter are calculated. Furthermore, the Feynman rules are summarized, and an effective formulation on quantum hadrodynamics at finite temperatures ... More
Coupling two distant double quantum dots to a microwave resonatorSep 17 2014With recent advances in the circuit quantum electrodynamics (cQED) architecture, hybrid systems that couple nano-devices to microwave resonators have been developing rapidly. Here we report an experimental demonstration of two graphene double quantum ... More
Charge Number Dependence of the Dephasing Rates of a Graphene Double Quantum Dot in a Circuit QED ArchitectureOct 23 2013Feb 22 2016We use an on-chip superconducting resonator as a sensitive meter to probe the properties of graphene double quantum dots at microwave frequencies. Specifically, we investigate the charge dephasing rates in a circuit quantum electrodynamics architecture. ... More
Symmetric reflection line resonator for semiconductor circuit quantum electrodynamicsSep 01 2013We have designed and fabricated a half-wavelength reflection line resonator (RLR) that consists of a pair of two coupled microstrip lines on a GaAs/AlGaAs heterostructure. By changing the top gate voltage on a square of two dimensional electron gas under ... More
Experimental investigation of the non-Markovian dynamics of classical and quantum correlationsMay 25 2010Sep 26 2010We experimentally investigate the dynamics of classical and quantum correlations of a Bell diagonal state in a non-Markovian dephasing environment. The sudden transition from classical to quantum decoherence regime is observed during the dynamics of such ... More
Experimental characterization of entanglement dynamics in noisy channelsMay 21 2009The dynamics of entanglement between two photons with one of them passing through noisy quantum channels is characterized. It is described by a simple factorization law which was first theoretically proposed by Konrad {\it et al.} [Nature Phys., 4, 99 ... More
Controlled-Not Quantum Logic Gate in Two Strongly Coupled Semiconductor Charge QubitsNov 09 2014Nov 19 2014A crucial requirement for scalable quantum-information processing is the realization of multiple-qubit quantum gates. Universal multiple-qubit gates can be implemented by a set of universal single qubit gates and any one kind of two-qubit gate, such as ... More
Experimental investigation of majorization uncertainty relations in the high-dimensional systemsJan 03 2019Uncertainty relation is not only of fundamental importance to quantum mechanics, but also crucial to the quantum information technology. Recently, majorization formulation of uncertainty relations (MURs) have been widely studied, ranging from two measurements ... More
Experimental multi-level quantum teleportationApr 28 2019Quantum teleportation provides a way to transmit unknown quantum states from one location to another via previously shared quantum entanglement and classical communications. Discrete variable states and continuous variable states in one degree of freedom ... More
Observation of Nonlocality Sharing among Three Observers with One Entangled Pair via Optimal Weak MeasurementSep 07 2016Nov 07 2018Bell nonlocality plays a fundamental role in quantum theory. Numerous tests of the Bell inequality have been reported since the ground-breaking discovery of the Bell theorem.Up to now, however, most discussions of the Bell scenario have focused on a single ... More
Big Deformation in 17CMay 01 2013Reaction- and interaction cross sections of 17C on a carbon target have been reanalyzed by use of the modified Glauber model. The analysis with a deformed Woods-Saxon density/potential suggests a big deformation structure for 17C. The existence of a tail ... More
Experimental Demonstration of Robust Bidirectional Quantum Optical CommunicationsMay 07 2013We experimentally realized a new method for transmitting quantum information reliably through paired optical polarization-maintaining (PM) fibers. The physical setup extends the use of a Mach-Zehnder interferometer, where noises are canceled through interference. ... More
An arbitrary two-particle high-dimensional Bell state measurement by auxiliary entanglementJan 05 2019Jan 08 2019Bell state measurement (BSM) plays a vital role in quantum information. There are many researches on BSM of qubit Bell state, however, there is no definite solution of how to realize high-dimensional Bell state measurement (HDBSM). In this paper, We present ... More
Metasurface-assisted phase-matching-free second harmonic generation in lithium niobate waveguidesAug 09 2017The phase-matching condition is a key aspect in nonlinear wavelength conversion processes, which requires the momenta of the photons involved in the processes to be conserved. Conventionally, nonlinear phase matching is achieved using either birefringent ... More
Magnetic measurements and 57Fe Mossbauer spectroscopy in oxygen deficient SmFeAsO0.85May 19 2008Jun 25 2008Magnetic measurements and 57Fe Mossbauer spectroscopy studies were performed on oxygen- deficient high temperature superconductor SmFeAsO0.85 with TC=52.4 K. The upper-critical behavior (HC2) values were extracted from the real part of ac measurements. ... More
Scanning tunneling spectroscopy of SmFeAsO0.85: Possible evidence for d-wave order parameter symmetryJul 02 2008We report a scanning tunneling spectroscopy investigation of polycrystalline SmFeAsO0.85 having a superconducting transition at 52 K. On large regions of the sample surface the tunneling spectra exhibited V-shaped gap structures with no coherence peaks, ... More
Experimental investigation of classical and quantum correlations under decoherenceNov 15 2009Mar 23 2010It is well known that many operations in quantum information processing depend largely on a special kind of quantum correlation, that is, entanglement. However, there are also quantum tasks that display the quantum advantage without entanglement. Distinguishing ... More
Controlled Quantum Operations of a Semiconductor Three-Qubit SystemOct 21 2016The Coulomb interactions between electrons play important roles in coupling multiple qubits in various quantum systems. Here we demonstrate controlled quantum operations of three electron charge qubits based on three capacitively coupled semiconductor ... More
Beating the channel capacity limit for superdense coding with entangled ququartsJul 27 2018Quantum superdense coding protocols enhance channel capacity by using shared quantum entanglement between two users. The channel capacity can be as high as 2 when one uses entangled qubits. However, this limit can be surpassed by using high-dimensional ... More
Demonstration of Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Steering with Enhanced Subchannel DiscriminationFeb 26 2018Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen (EPR) steering describes a quantum nonlocal phenomenon in which one party can nonlocally affect the other's state through local measurements. It reveals an additional concept of quantum nonlocality, which stands between quantum ... More
Experimental Measurement of Lower and Upper Bounds of Concurrence for Mixed Quantum StatesAug 06 2008We experimentally measure the lower and upper bounds of concurrence for a set of two-qubit mixed quantum states using photonic systems. The measured concurrence bounds are in agreement with the results evaluated from the density matrices reconstructed ... More
On the role of secondary electron emission in capacitively coupled radio frequency plasma sheath: a theoretical groundMay 28 2019Jun 30 2019We propose a theoretical ground for emissive capacitively coupled radio-frequency plasma sheath under low pressure. The rf sheath is assumed to be collisionless, and oscillates with external source. A known sinusoidal voltage instead of current is taken ... More
High-Tc Superconductivity in some Heavy Rare-earth Iron-arsenide REFeAsO1-delta(RE = Ho, Y, Dy and Tb) CompoundsSep 22 2008New iron-arsenide superconductors of REFeAsO1-delta (RE = Ho, Y, Dy and Tb) were successfully synthesized by a high pressure synthesizing method with a special rapid quenching process, with the onset superconducting critical temperatures at 50.3 K, 46.5 ... More
Strongly-coupled nanotube electromechanical resonatorsJan 30 2016Coupling an electromechanical resonator with carbon-nanotube quantum dots is a significant method to control both the electronic charge and the spin quantum states. By exploiting a novel micro-transfer technique, we fabricate two strongly-coupled and ... More
Statistical Properties and Algebraic Characteristics of Quantum Superpositions of Negative Binomial StatesOct 23 1999We introduce new kinds of states of quantized radiation fields, which are the superpositions of negative binomial states. They exhibit remarkable non-classical properties and reduce to Schr\"odinger cat states in a certain limit. The algebras involved ... More
Superconductivity at 55 K in iron-based F-doped layered quaternary compound Sm[O1-xFx]FeAsApr 13 2008May 15 2008Here we report the superconductivity in the iron-based oxyarsenide Sm[O1-xFx]FeAs, with the onset resistivity transition temperature at 55.0 K and Meissner transition at 54.6 K. This compound has the same crystal structure as LaOFeAs with shrunk crystal ... More
Superconductivity at 53.5 K in GdFeAsO1-deltaApr 23 2008May 21 2008Here we report the fabrication and superconductivity of the iron-based arsenic-oxide GdFeAsO1-delta compound with oxygen-deficiency, which has an onset resistivity transition temperature at 53.5 K. This material has a same crystal structure as the newly ... More
Superconductivity and Phase Diagram in the Iron-based Arsenic-oxides ReFeAsO1-delta (Re = rare earth metal) without F-DopingApr 16 2008May 08 2008Here we report a new class of superconductors prepared by high pressure synthesis in the quaternary family ReFeAsO1-delta (Re = Sm, Nd, Pr, Ce, La) without fluorine doping. The onset superconducting critical temperature (Tc) in these compounds increases ... More
Superconductivity in iron-based F-doped layered quaternary compound Nd[O1-xFx]FeAsMar 31 2008May 21 2008The recently discovered quaternary arsenide oxide superconductor La[O1-xFx]FeAs with the superconducting critical transition temperature (Tc) of 26 K [1], has been quickly expanded to another high-Tc superconducting system beyond copper oxides by the ... More
Experimental demonstration of quantum key distribution without monitoring of the signal disturbanceMay 28 2015Quantum key distribution (QKD) enables two distant users, Alice and Bob, to share secret keys. In existing QKD protocols, an eavesdropper's intervention will inevitably disturb the quantum signals; thus, Alice and Bob must monitor the signal disturbance ... More
Dipole coupling of a tunable hole double quantum dot in germanium hut wire to a microwave resonatorMay 05 2019Germanium (Ge) hole quantum dot system is a promising candidate for the realization of strong coupling of spin to superconducting resonators and scalable for multiple qubits coupling through resonators, benefiting from its strong and tunable spin orbit ... More
Three-electron spin states and entanglement statesJan 24 2014In this paper, we have given the symmetrical and antisymmetrical spin and space wave functions of three-electron, and further given the full total entanglement states for the three-electron, which are related to their space and spin wave function. When ... More
Normalization in Training U-Net for 2D Biomedical Semantic SegmentationSep 11 2018Jan 12 20192D biomedical semantic segmentation is important for robotic vision in surgery. Segmentation methods based on Deep Convolutional Neural Network (DCNN) can out-perform conventional methods in terms of both accuracy and levels of automation. One common ... More
Analysis on 60 GHz Wireless Communications with Beamwidth-Dependent MisalignmentNov 23 2016High speed wireless access on 60 GHz spectrum relies on high-gain directional antennas to overcome the severe signal attenuation. However, perfect alignment between transmitting and receiving antenna beams is rare in practice and overheard signals from ... More
Superconductivity at 41.0 K in the F-doped LaFeAsO1-xFxApr 23 2008Here we report the superconductivity in the LaFeAsO1-xFx system prepared by high pressure synthesis. The highest onset superconducting transition temperature (Tc) in this La-based system is 41.0 K with the nominal composition of LaFeAsO1-xFx (x = 0.6), ... More
Factorization and Unitarity in Superstring TheoryMar 31 2005Jul 31 2005The overall coefficient of the two-loop 4-particle amplitude in superstring theory is determined by making use of the factorization and unitarity. To accomplish this we computed in detail all the relevant tree and one-loop amplitudes involved and determined ... More
Negative Binomial States of the Radiation Field and their Excitations are Nonlinear Coherent StatesMar 03 1999Nov 29 1999We show that the well-known negative binomial states of the radiation field and their excitations are nonlinear coherent states. Excited nonlinear coherent state are still nonlinear coherent states with different nonlinear functions. We finally give exponential ... More
Traffic Allocation for Low-Latency Multi-Hop Networks with BuffersNov 22 2017Apr 29 2018For millimeter-wave (mm-wave) buffer-aided tandem networks consisting of relay nodes and multiple channels per hop, we consider two traffic allocation schemes, namely local allocation and global allocation, and investigate the end-to-end latency of a ... More
Low-Latency Millimeter-Wave Communications: Traffic Dispersion or Network Densification?Sep 25 2017Mar 14 2018This paper investigates two strategies to reduce the communication delay in future wireless networks: traffic dispersion and network densification. A hybrid scheme that combines these two strategies is also considered. The probabilistic delay and effective ... More
Multiplexed storage and real-time manipulation based on a multiple-degree-of-freedom quantum memoryAug 05 2018Sep 05 2018The faithful storage and coherent manipulation of quantum states with matter-systems enable the construction of large-scale quantum networks based on quantum repeater. To achieve useful communication rates, highly multimode quantum memories will be required ... More
Linear NDCG and Pair-wise LossMar 11 2013Linear NDCG is used for measuring the performance of the Web content quality assessment in ECML/PKDD Discovery Challenge 2010. In this paper, we will prove that the DCG error equals a new pair-wise loss.
Excited Binomial States and Excited Negative Binomial States of the Radiation Field and Some of their Statistical PropertiesMar 16 1999Apr 09 1999We introduce excited binomial states and excited negative binomial states of the radiation field by repeated application of the photon creation operator on binomial states and negative binomial states. They reduce to Fock states and excited coherent states ... More
Factorization of the Two Loop Four-Particle Amplitude in Superstring Theory RevisitedDec 02 2004Apr 01 2005We study in detail the factorization of the newly obtained two-loop four-particle amplitude in superstring theory. In particular some missing factors from the scalar correlators are obtained correctly, in comparing with a previous study of the factorization ... More
Relativistic spinor equation of photonJan 02 2014In this paper, we have proposed the spiron equation of free and non-free photon, and give the spin operator and spin wave function of photon. We calculate the helicity of photon and prove there are left-handed and right-handed photon. By the spiron equation ... More
Superconductivity at 52 K in iron-based F-doped layered quaternary compound Pr[O1-xFx]FeAsMar 29 2008Since the discovery of copper oxide superconductor in 1986 [1], extensive efforts have been devoted to the search of new high-Tc superconducting materials, especially high-Tc systems other than cuprates. The recently discovered quaternary superconductor ... More
Transmission of Photonic Quantum Polarization Entanglement in a Nanoscale Hybrid Plasmonic WaveguideAug 08 2014Apr 09 2015Photonic quantum technologies have been extensively studied in quantum information science, owing to the high-speed transmission and outstanding low-noise properties of photons. However, applications based on photonic entanglement are restricted due to ... More
Superconductivity above 50 K in Tb$_{1-x}$Th$_{x}$FeAsOJun 10 2008Sep 25 2008We have successfully synthesized one member of LnFeAsO (Ln stands for lanthanides) with Ln=Tb. By partial substitution of Tb$^{3+}$ by Th$^{4+}$, superconductivity with onset $T_{c}$ up to 52 K was observed. In the undoped parent compound, the magnetic ... More
Non-Abelian photonDec 28 2013Jan 24 2014In this paper, we have proposed $SU(2)$ non-Abelian electromagnetism gauge theory. In the theory, photon has self-interaction and interaction, which can explain photon entanglement phenomenon in quantum information. Otherwise, we find there are three ... More
Multiband superconductivity in Ta$_4$Pd$_3$Te$_{16}$ with anisotropic gap structureJan 15 2015We carried out the measurements of magnetoresistance, magnetic susceptibility and specific heat on crystals of the low-dimensional transition metal telluride Ta$_4$Pd$_3$Te$_{16}$. Our results indicate that Ta$_4$Pd$_3$Te$_{16}$ is an anisotropic type-II ... More
Experimental observation of anomalous trajectories of single photonsApr 20 2017A century after its conception, quantum mechanics still hold surprises that contradict many "common sense" notions. The contradiction is especially sharp in case one consider trajectories of truly quantum objects such as single photons. From a classical ... More
Coherent phonon Rabi oscillations with a high frequency carbon nanotube phonon cavityJan 10 2017Phonon-cavity electromechanics allows the manipulation of mechanical oscillations similar to photon-cavity systems. Many advances on this subject have been achieved in various materials. In addition, the coherent phonon transfer (phonon Rabi oscillations) ... More
Possible Supersymmetric KinematicsSep 19 2014The contraction method in different limits to obtain 22 different realizations of kinematical algebras is applied to study the supersymmetric extension of \AdS\ algebra and its contractions. It is shown that $\frak{p}_2$ $\frak{h}_-$, $\frak{p}'$, $\frak{c}_2$ ... More
On the Lagrangian angle and the Kähler angle of immersed surfaces in the complex plane $\bbc^2$Nov 09 2015In this paper, we discuss the Lagrangian angle and the K\"ahler angle of immersed surfaces in $\mathbb C^2$. Firstly, we provide an extension of Lagrangian angle, Maslov form and Maslov class to more general surfaces in $\mathbb C^2$ than Lagrangian surfaces, ... More
Quantum Storage of Three-Dimensional Orbital-Angular-Momentum Entanglement in a CrystalDec 17 2014Aug 15 2015Here we present the quantum storage of three-dimensional orbital-angular-momentum photonic entanglement in a rare-earth-ion-doped crystal. The properties of the entanglement and the storage process are confirmed by the violation of the Bell-type inequality ... More
Observation of Kondo Effect in a Quadruple Quantum DotsDec 09 2013We investigate the Kondo effect in a quadruple quantum dot device of coupled-double quantum dots (DQDs), which simultaneously contains intra-DQDs and inter-DQDs coupling. A variety of novel behaviors are observed. The differential conductance dI/dV is ... More
Tuning inter-dot tunnel coupling of an etched graphene double quantum dot by adjacent metal gatesJul 22 2013Jul 25 2013Graphene double quantum open the possibility to use charge or spin degrees of freedom for storing and manipulating quantum information in this new electronic material. However, impurities and edge disorders in etched graphene nano-structures hinder the ... More
Quantum dot behavior in transition metal dichalcogenides nanostructuresDec 29 2016Jan 14 2017Recently, transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDCs) semiconductors have been utilized for investigating quantum phenomena because of their unique band structures and novel electronic properties. In a quantum dot (QD), electrons are confined in all lateral ... More
Spin blockade and coherent dynamics of high-spin states in a three-electron double quantum dotOct 17 2016Asymmetry in a three-electron double quantum dot (DQD) allows spin blockade, when spin-3/2 (quadruplet) states and spin-1/2 (doublet) states have different charge configurations. We have observed this DQD spin blockade near the (1,2)-(2,1) charge transition ... More
Developments of a 2D Position Sensitive Neutron DetectorAug 30 2011Chinese Spallation Neutron Source (CSNS), one project of the 12th five-year-plan scheme of China, is under construction in Guangdong province. Three neutron spectrometers will be installed at the first phase of the project, where two-dimensional position ... More
Electronic structure and $H$-$T$ phase diagram of Eu(Fe$_{1-x}$Rh$_x$)$_2$As$_2$May 28 2019The iron-based superconductors represent a promising platform for high-temperature superconductivity, but the interactions underpinning their pairing present a puzzle. The EuFe$_2$As$_2$ family is unique among these materials for having magnetic order ... More
A gate defined quantum dot on the two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenide semiconductor WSe2Jan 19 2015Oct 13 2015Two-dimensional layered materials, such as transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDCs), are promising materials for future electronics owing to their unique electronic properties. With the presence of a band gap, atomically thin gate defined quantum dots ... More
A Graphene Quantum Dot with a Single Electron Transistor as Integrated Charge SensorAug 28 2010We have developed an etching process to fabricate a quantum dot and a nearby single electron transistor as a charge detector in a single layer graphene. The high charge sensitivity of the detector is used to probe Coulomb diamonds as well as excited spectrum ... More
Nonadiabatic population transfer in a tangent-pulse driven quantum modelAug 02 2016Jun 17 2018Fine control of the dynamics of a quantum system is the key element to perform quantum information processing and coherent manipulations for atomic and molecular systems. In this paper we propose a control protocol using a tangent-pulse driven model and ... More
Inconsistency of Measure-Theoretic ProbabilityDec 06 2014We reveal a contradiction in measure-theoretic probability. The contradiction is an "equation" $1/2 = 0$ with its two sides representing probabilities. Unlike known paradoxes in mathematics, the revealed contradiction cannot be explained away and actually ... More
Current Mathematics Appears to Be InconsistentJun 25 2006Aug 15 2007We show that some mathematical results and their negations are both deducible. The derived contradictions indicate the inconsistency of current mathematics. This paper is an updated version of arXiv:math/0606635v3 with additional results and proofs.
Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics Is IncorrectSep 13 2005Sep 23 2005(A point-by-point response to a comment (quant-ph/0509130) on our paper (quant-ph/0509089) is added as Appendix C. We find the comment incorrect.) Einstein's criticism of the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics is an important part of his legacy. ... More