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Oscillation: The Key For Understanding Strange Radio Behaviors Of AXP/SGRsDec 14 2015We suggest stellar oscillations are responsible for the strange radio behaviors of Anomalous X-ray pulsars and soft Gamma-ray repeaters (AXP/SGRs), within the framework of both solid quark star model and magnetar model. In solid quark star model, the ... More
Randomized Iterative Methods with Alternating ProjectionsAug 31 2017We use a unified framework to summarize sixteen randomized iterative methods including Kaczmarz method, coordinate descent method, etc. Some new iterative schemes are given as well. Some relationships with \textsc{mg} and \textsc{ddm} are also discussed. ... More
Gradient Estimates for Solutions To Quasilinear Elliptic Equations with Critical Sobolev Growth and Hardy PotentialFeb 13 2015This note is a continuation of the work \cite{CaoXiangYan2014}. We study the following quasilinear elliptic equations \[ -\Delta_{p}u-\frac{\mu}{|x|^{p}}|u|^{p-2}u=Q(x)|u|^{\frac{Np}{N-p}-2}u,\quad\, x\in\mathbb{R}^{N}, \] where $1<p<N,0\leq\mu<\left((N-p)/p\right)^{p}$ ... More
Remarks on Nondegeneracy of Ground States for Quasilinear Schrödinger EquationsJun 11 2015Jun 25 2015In this paper, we answer affirmatively the problem proposed by A. Selvitella in his paper "Nondegenracy of the ground state for quasilinear Schr\"odinger Equations" (see Calc. Var. Partial Differ. Equ., {\bf 53} (2015), pp 349-364): every ground state ... More
Uniqueness and Nondegeneracy of Ground States for Choquard Equations in three dimensionsJun 04 2015We obtain uniqueness and nondegeneracy results for ground states of Choquard equations $-\Delta u+u=\left(|x|^{-1}\ast|u|^{p}\right)|u|^{p-2}u$ in $\mathbb{R}^{3}$, provided that $p>2$ and $p$ is sufficiently close to 2.
Linearized Alternating Direction Method with Adaptive Penalty and Warm Starts for Fast Solving Transform Invariant Low-Rank TexturesMay 24 2012Jan 29 2013Transform Invariant Low-rank Textures (TILT) is a novel and powerful tool that can effectively rectify a rich class of low-rank textures in 3D scenes from 2D images despite significant deformation and corruption. The existing algorithm for solving TILT ... More
Nondegeneracy of positive solutions to a Kirchhoff problem with critical Sobolev growthJun 22 2018In this paper, we prove uniqueness and nondegeneracy of positive solutions to the following Kirchhoff equations with critical growth \begin{eqnarray*} -\left(a+b\int_{\mathbb{R}^{3}}|\nabla u|^{2}\right)\Delta u=u^{5}, & u>0 & \text{in }\mathbb{R}^{3},\end{eqnarray*} ... More
A Note on Asymptotic Behaviors Of Solutions To Quasilinear Elliptic Equations with Hardy PotentialJan 08 2015Jan 30 2015Optimal estimates on asymptotic behaviors of weak solutions both at the origin and at the infinity are obtained to the following quasilinear elliptic equations \begin{eqnarray*} -\Delta_{p}u-\frac{\mu}{|x|^{p}}|u|^{p-2}u+m|u|^{p-2}u=f(u), & & x\in\R^{N}, ... More
Uniqueness of Positive Radial Solutions To Singular Critical Growth Quasilinear Elliptic EquationsMar 20 2015In this paper, we prove that there exists at most one positive radial weak solution to the following quasilinear elliptic equation with singular critical growth \[ \begin{cases} -\Delta_{p}u-{\displaystyle \frac{\mu}{|x|^{p}}|u|^{p-2}u}{\displaystyle ... More
Quasi-potential Calculation and Minimum Action Method for Limit CycleJun 11 2018We study the noise-induced escape from a stable limit cycle of a non-gradient dynamical system driven by a small additive noise. The fact that the optimal transition path in this case is infinitely long imposes a severe numerical challenge to resolve ... More
Equivalence of zeta function technique and Abel-Plana formula in regularizing the Casimir energy of hyper-rectangular cavitiesDec 02 2014Zeta function regularization is an effective method to extract physical significant quantities from infinite ones. It is regarded as mathematically simple and elegant but the isolation of the physical divergency is hidden in its analytic continuation. ... More
Hidden-charm molecular pentaquarks and their charm-strange partnersJan 13 2016Apr 06 2016In the framework of one-pion-exchange (OPE) model, we study the hidden-charm and charm-strange molecular pentaquark systems composed of a heavy baryon $(\Sigma_c, \Sigma_c^*)$ and a vector meson $(\bar{K}^*, \bar{D}^*)$, where the S-D mixing effect is ... More
Thermal Casimir Effect for Rectangular Cavities inside D+1-dimensional Minkowski Spacetime RevisitedFeb 17 2014We reconsider the thermal scalar Casimir effect for $p$-dimensional rectangular cavity inside $D+1$-dimensional Minkowski space-time. We derive rigorously the regularization of the temperature-dependent part of the free energy by making use of the Abel-Plana ... More
Regularity of quasi-n-harmonic mappings into NPC spacesSep 13 2017Jan 02 2018We prove local Holder continuity of quasi-n-harmonic mappings from Euclidean domains into metric spaces with non-positive curvature in the sense of Alexandrov. We also obtain global Holder continuity of such mappings from bounded Lipschitz domains.
Multi-peak positive solutions to a class of Kirchhoff equationsAug 05 2017In the present paper, we consider the nonlocal Kirchhoff problem \begin{eqnarray*} -\left(\epsilon^2a+\epsilon b\int_{\mathbb{R}^{3}}|\nabla u|^{2}\right)\Delta u+V(x)u=u^{p},\,\,\,u>0 & & \text{in }\mathbb{R}^{3}, \end{eqnarray*} where $a,b>0$, $1<p<5$ ... More
Cache-Aided Massive MIMO: Linear Precoding Design and Performance AnalysisMar 22 2019In this paper, we propose a novel joint caching and massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) transmission scheme, referred to as cache-aided massive MIMO, for advanced downlink cellular communications. In addition to reaping the conventional advantages ... More
B_{s1}(5830) and B_{s2}^*(5840)Jan 05 2009Apr 07 2009In this paper we investigate the strong decays of the two newly observed bottom-strange mesons $B_{s1}(5830)$ and $B_{s2}^*(5840)$ in the framework of the quark pair creation model. The two-body strong decay widths of $B_{s1}(5830)^0\to B^{*+}K^-$ and ... More
On the Mutual Information in Conformal Field TheoryApr 12 2017Apr 25 2017In this work, we study the universal behaviors in the mutual information of two disjoint spheres in a conformal field theory(CFT). By using the operator product expansion of the spherical twist operator in terms of the conformal family, we show that the ... More
Subcategory-aware Convolutional Neural Networks for Object Proposals and DetectionApr 16 2016Mar 09 2017In CNN-based object detection methods, region proposal becomes a bottleneck when objects exhibit significant scale variation, occlusion or truncation. In addition, these methods mainly focus on 2D object detection and cannot estimate detailed properties ... More
Learning Dual Retrieval Module for Semi-supervised Relation ExtractionFeb 20 2019Feb 22 2019Relation extraction is an important task in structuring content of text data, and becomes especially challenging when learning with weak supervision---where only a limited number of labeled sentences are given and a large number of unlabeled sentences ... More
Estimation of exciton diffusion lengths of organic semiconductors in random domainsDec 14 2017Exciton diffusion length plays a vital role in the function of opto-electronic devices. Oftentimes, the domain occupied by an organic semiconductor is subject to surface measurement error. In many experiments, photoluminescence over the domain is measured ... More
Solar system tests for realistic $f(T)$ models with nonminimal torsion-matter couplingOct 17 2016In the previous paper, we have constructed two $f(T)$ models with nonminimal torsion-matter coupling extension, which are successful in describing the evolution history of the Universe including the radiation-dominated era, the matter-dominated era, and ... More
Systematic studies of charmonium-, bottomonium-, and $B_c$-like tetraquark statesOct 16 2018Jan 18 2019We study the mass splittings of $Q_1q_2\bar{Q}_3\bar{q}_4$ ($Q=c,b$, $q=u,d,s$) tetraquark states with chromomagnetic interactions between their quark components. Assuming that $X(4140)$ is the lowest $J^{PC}=1^{++}$ $cs\bar{c}\bar{s}$ tetraquark, we ... More
A Multi-length Bunches Design for Electron Storage Rings with Odd BucketsSep 11 2014A scheme with two superconducting RF cavities (sc-cavities) is designed to upgrade electron storage rings with odd buckets into multi-length bunches. In this paper, Hefei Light Source II (HLS II) is given as an example for odd buckets. In accordance with ... More
Using Context Information to Enhance Simple Question AnsweringApr 27 2019With the rapid development of knowledge bases(KBs),question answering(QA)based on KBs has become a hot research issue. In this paper,we propose two frameworks(i.e.,pipeline framework,an end-to-end framework)to focus answering single-relation factoid question. ... More
Terrestrial Planets Formation around Circumbinary Habitable Zone: Inward Migration in the Planetesimal SwarmNov 29 2012According to the core accretion theory, circumbinary embryos can form only beyond a critical semimajor axis (CSMA). However, due to the relatively high density of solid materials in the inner disk, significant amount of small planetesimals must exist ... More
Acoustic Dark Energy: Potential Conversion of the Hubble TensionMay 29 2019Jun 10 2019We discuss the ability of a dark fluid becoming relevant around the time of matter radiation equality to significantly relieve the tension between local measurements of the Hubble constant and CMB inference, within the $\Lambda$CDM model. We show the ... More
Multi-Objective Beamforming for Secure Communication in Systems with Wireless Information and Power TransferJul 29 2013In this paper, we study power allocation for secure communication in a multiuser multiple-input single-output (MISO) downlink system with simultaneous wireless information and power transfer. The receivers are able to harvest energy from the radio frequency ... More
$L^\infty$-variational problems associated to measurable Finsler structuresAug 12 2015Aug 13 2015We study $L^\infty$-variational problems associated to measurable Finsler structures in Euclidean spaces. We obtain existence and uniqueness results for the absolute minimizers.
Estimating the value of containment strategies in delaying the arrival time of an influenza pandemic: A case study of travel restriction and patient isolationSep 26 2012With a simple phenomenological metapopulation model, which characterizes the invasion process of an influenza pandemic from a source to a subpopulation at risk, we compare the efficiency of inter- and intra-population interventions in delaying the arrival ... More
The behavior of the fractional quantum Hall states in the LLL and 1LL with in-plane magnetic field and Landau level mixing: a numerical investigationMay 02 2018By exactly solving the effective two-body interaction for two-dimensional electron system with layer thickness and an in-plane magnetic field, we recently found that the effective interaction can be described by the generalized pseudopotentials (PPs) ... More
Probing charmonium-like state $X(3915)$ through meson photoproductionDec 26 2013Jan 11 2014Inspired by the observation of charmonium-like state $X(3915)$, we explore the discovery potential of the $X(3915)$ production via meson photoproduction process. By investigating the $\gamma p \to J/\psi\omega p$ process including the $X(3915)$ signal ... More
Revisiting the production of charmonium plus a light meson at PANDAMar 19 2012Jul 27 2012In this work, we calculate the total cross sections and the center-of-mass frame angular distributions of the charmonium production plus a light meson by the low energy $p\bar{p}$ interaction. The results of $p\bar{p}\to \pi^0 \Psi$ with and without form ... More
Initial state radiation correction and its effect to data-taking scheme for $σ^{\mathrm{B}}(e^+e^-\to ZH)$ measurementFeb 25 2019Apr 23 2019The measurement of Born cross section of $e^+e^-\to ZH$ process is one of the major goals of the future Circular Electron Positron Collider, which may reach a precision of 0.5%. Such unprecedented precision must be guaranteed by both theoretical and experimental ... More
Non-intrusive Subdomain POD-TPWL Algorithm for Reservoir History MatchingJun 09 2018This paper presents a non-intrusive subdomain POD-TPWL (SD POD-TPWL) algorithm for reservoir data assimilation through integrating domain decomposition (DD), radial basis function (RBF) interpolation and the trajectory piecewise linearization (TPWL). ... More
Subdomain POD-TPWL with Local Parameterization for Large-Scale Reservoir History Matching ProblemsJan 23 2019We have recently proposed an efficient subdomain POD-TPWL (Xiao et al, 2018) for history matching without the need of model intrusion. From a computational point of view, a local parameterization where the parameters are separately defined in each subdomain ... More
A Unified Linear-Time Framework for Sentence-Level Discourse ParsingMay 14 2019Jun 12 2019We propose an efficient neural framework for sentence-level discourse analysis in accordance with Rhetorical Structure Theory (RST). Our framework comprises a discourse segmenter to identify the elementary discourse units (EDU) in a text, and a discourse ... More
Top-k Spatial-keyword Publish/Subscribe Over Sliding WindowNov 10 2016With the prevalence of social media and GPS-enabled devices, a massive amount of geo-textual data has been generated in a stream fashion, leading to a variety of applications such as location-based recommendation and information dissemination. In this ... More
Novel charmonium-like structures in the $J/ψφ$ and $J/ψω$ invariant mass spectraNov 04 2010Apr 14 2011Stimulated by the new evidence of Y(4274) observed in the $J/\psi\phi$ invariant mass spectrum, we first propose the charmonium-like state Y(4274) as the S-wave $D_s\bar{D}_{s0}(2317)+h.c.$ molecular state with $J^P=0^-$, which is supported well by dynamics ... More
Strong LHCb evidence supporting the existence of the hidden-charm molecular pentaquarksMar 26 2019Jul 02 2019On March 26th, 2019, at the Rencontres de Moriond QCD conference, the LHCb Collaboration reported the observation of three new pentaquarks, namely $P_c(4312)$, $P_c(4440)$ and $P_c(4457)$, which are consistent with the loosely bound molecular hidden-charm ... More
Chiral corrections to the $1^{-+}$ exotic meson massMar 21 2016Dec 12 2016We first construct the effective chiral Lagrangians for the $1^{-+}$ exotic mesons. With the infrared regularization scheme, we derive the one-loop infrared singular chiral corrections to the $\pi_1(1600)$ mass explicitly. We investigate the variation ... More
Wormholes without exotic matter in nonminimal torsion-matter coupling $f(T)$ gravityJun 25 2019Wormholes are hypothetical tunnels that connect remote parts of spacetime. In General Relativity, wormholes are threaded by exotic matter that violates the energy conditions. In this work, we consider wormholes threaded by nonexotic matter in nonminimal ... More
Can Adversarial Network Attack be Defended?Mar 11 2019Machine learning has been successfully applied to complex network analysis in various areas, and graph neural networks (GNNs) based methods outperform others. Recently, adversarial attack on networks has attracted special attention since carefully crafted ... More
Energy Efficiency Evaluation of Cellular Networks Based on Spatial Distributions of Traffic Load and Power ConsumptionDec 17 2014Energy efficiency has gained its significance when service providers' operational costs burden with the rapidly growing data traffic demand in cellular networks. In this paper, we propose an energy efficiency model for Poisson-Voronoi tessellation (PVT) ... More
Strong decays of charmed baryonsApr 01 2007Apr 20 2007There has been important experimental progress in the sector of heavy baryons in the past several years. We study the strong decays of the S-wave, P-wave, D-wave and radially excited charmed baryons using the $^3P_0$ model. After comparing the calculated ... More
Semileptonic decays of $B_{s1}$, $B_{s2}^*$, $B_{s0}$ and $B_{s1}'$May 27 2008Feb 26 2009Stimulated by recent observations of the excited bottom-strange mesons $B_{s1}$ and $B_{s2}^*$, we calculate the semileptonic decays $B_{s0}, B_{s1}^{\prime}, B_{s1}, B_{s2}^*\to [D_s(1968), D_{s}^*(2112), D_{sJ}(2317), D_{sJ}(2460)]\ell\bar{\nu}$, which ... More
First Electromagnetic Pulse Associated with a Gravitational-Wave Event: Profile, Duration, and DelayMar 05 2018We study the first electromagnetic pulse after the gravitational wave chirp signal, focusing on the profile and duration. It is found that the light curve, especially the steep decay (SD) phase, can be very different by adopting different viewing angle ... More
Hierarchical Neural Network for Extracting Knowledgeable Snippets and DocumentsAug 22 2018In this study, we focus on extracting knowledgeable snippets and annotating knowledgeable documents from Web corpus, consisting of the documents from social media and We-media. Informally, knowledgeable snippets refer to the text describing concepts, ... More
Temporal Selective Max Pooling Towards Practical Face RecognitionSep 22 2016Sep 26 2016In this report, we deal with two challenges when building a real-world face recognition system - the pose variation in uncontrolled environment and the computational expense of processing a video stream. First, we argue that the frame-wise feature mean ... More
A variant of Horn's problem and derivative principleJul 23 2017Feb 22 2019Identifying the spectrum of eigenvalues of the sum of two given Hermitian matrices with fixed eigenvalues is the famous Horn's problem.In this note, we investigate a variant of Horn's problem, i.e., we identify the probability density function (abbr. ... More
Asymptotic Behaviors of Solutions to quasilinear elliptic Equations with critical Sobolev growth and Hardy potentialFeb 13 2015Optimal estimates on the asymptotic behaviors of weak solutions both at the origin and at the infinity are obtained to the following quasilinear elliptic equations \[-\Delta_{p}u-\frac{\mu}{|x|^{p}}|u|^{p-2}u=Q(x)|u|^{\frac{Np}{N-p}-2}u,\quad\,x\in \mathbb{R}^{N},\] ... More
Dual-Level Compressed Aggregation: Recovering Fields of Physical Quantities from Incomplete Sensory DataJul 25 2011Jul 30 2011Although wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are powerful in monitoring physical events, the data collected from a WSN are almost always incomplete if the surveyed physical event spreads over a wide area. The reason for this incompleteness is twofold: i) ... More
Hidden-charm pentaquarks and their hidden-bottom and $B_c$-like partner statesJan 14 2017Jan 18 2017In the framework of the color-magnetic interaction, we have systematically studied the mass splittings of the possible hidden-charm pentaquarks $qqqc\bar{c}$ ($q=u,d,s$) where the three light quarks are in a color-octet state. We find that i) the LHCb ... More
N2VSCDNNR: A Local Recommender System Based on Node2vec and Rich Information NetworkApr 12 2019Recommender systems are becoming more and more important in our daily lives. However, traditional recommendation methods are challenged by data sparsity and efficiency, as the numbers of users, items, and interactions between the two in many real-world ... More
Possible heavy molecular states composed of a pair of excited charm-strange mesonsApr 23 2010Jun 07 2010The P-wave charm-strange mesons $D_{s0}(2317)$ and $D_{s1}(2460)$ lie below the $DK$ and $D^\ast K$ threshold respectively. They are extremely narrow because their strong decays violate the isospin symmetry. We study the possible heavy molecular states ... More
The molecular systems composed of the charmed mesons in the $H\bar{S}+h.c.$ doubletMay 06 2010May 10 2010We study the possible heavy molecular states composed of a pair of charm mesons in the H and S doublets. Since the P-wave charm-strange mesons $D_{s0}(2317)$ and $D_{s1}(2460)$ are extremely narrow, the future experimental observation of the possible ... More
QCD sum rule study of hidden-charm pentaquarksFeb 07 2016We study the mass spectra of hidden-charm pentaquarks having spin $J = {1\over2},{3\over2},{5\over2}$ and quark contents $uud c \bar c$. We systematically construct all the relevant local hidden-charm pentaquark currents, and select some of them to perform ... More
Average entropy of a subsystem over a global unitary orbit of a mixed bipartite stateSep 01 2015Oct 26 2016We investigate the average entropy of a subsystem within a global unitary orbit of a given mixed bipartite state in the finite-dimensional space. Comparison with Page's formula for the average entropy of a subsystem of random bipartite pure state case, ... More
Average entropy of a subsystem over a global unitary orbit of a mixed bipartite stateSep 01 2015Mar 05 2017We investigate the average entropy of a subsystem within a global unitary orbit of a given mixed bipartite state in the finite-dimensional space. Without working out the closed-form expression of such average entropy for the mixed state case, we provide ... More
A variant of Horn's problem and derivative principleJul 23 2017Mar 06 2019Identifying the spectrum of the sum of two given Hermitian matrices with fixed eigenvalues is the famous Horn's problem.In this note, we investigate a variant of Horn's problem, i.e., we identify the probability density function (abbr. pdf) of the diagonals ... More
Nonlinear Liouville problems in a quarter planeSep 28 2015We answer affirmatively the open problem proposed by Cabr\'e and Tan in their paper "Positive solutions of nonlinear problems involving the square root of the Laplacian" (see Adv. Math. {\bf 224} (2010), no. 5, 2052-2093).
Far-from-equilibrium Sheared Colloidal Liquids: Disentangling Relaxation, Advection, and Shear-induced DiffusionJul 09 2013Dec 28 2013Using high-speed confocal microscopy, we measure the particle positions in a colloidal suspension under large amplitude oscillatory shear. Using the particle positions we quantify the in situ anisotropy of the pair-correlation function -- a measure of ... More
Surveying exotic pentaquarks with the typical $QQqq\bar{q}$ configurationJan 14 2018Sep 27 2018As a hot issue, exploring exotic pentaquarks is full of challenges and opportunities for both theorist and experimentalist. In this work, we focus on a type of pentaquark with the $QQqq\bar{q}$ ($Q=b,c$; $q=u,d,s$) configuration, where their mass spectrum ... More
A dark matter model that reconciles tensions between the cosmic-ray $e^\pm$ excess and the gamma-ray and CMB constraintsJul 28 2017The cosmic-ray (CR) $e^\pm$ excess observed by AMS-02 can be explained by dark matter (DM) annihilation. However, the DM explanation requires a large annihilation cross section which is strongly disfavored by other observations, such as the Fermi-LAT ... More
Maximum relative excitation of a specific vibrational mode via optimum laser pulse durationJan 07 2010Oct 01 2010For molecules and materials responding to femtosecond-scale optical laser pulses, we predict maximum relative excitation of a Raman-active vibrational mode with period T when the pulse has an FWHM duration of 0.42 T. This result follows from a general ... More
Scintillation and Ionization Responses of Liquid Xenon to Low Energy Electronic and Nuclear Recoils at Drift Fields from 236 V/cm to 3.93 kV/cmMay 04 2015Jul 14 2015We present new measurements of the scintillation and ionization yields in liquid xenon for low energy electronic (about 3--7 keV$_{ee}$) and nuclear recoils (about 8--20 keV$_{nr}$) at different drift fields from 236 V/cm to 3.93 kV/cm, using a three-dimensional ... More
$B\to Kπ$ Decays with $1/m_b$ Corrections in $QCD$ FactorizationApr 19 2004Oct 18 2004It is commonly believed that a careful investigation of the subleading terms is crucial for a better understanding of the $QCD$ factorization in charmless B decays. In this work the penguin-dominated $B\to K\pi$ decays are discussed systematically, including ... More
The $X(4140)$, $X(4270)$, $X(4500)$ and $X(4700)$ and their $cs\bar{c}\bar{s}$ tetraquark partnersAug 29 2016In the simple color-magnetic interaction model, we investigate possible ground $cs\bar{c}\bar{s}$ tetraquark states in the diquark-antidiquark basis. We use several methods to estimate the mass spectrum and discuss possible assignment for the $X$ states ... More
Cache-Enabled Physical-Layer Security for Video Streaming in Wireless Networks with Limited BackhaulDec 04 2016In this paper, we investigate for the first time the benefits of wireless caching for the physical layer security (PLS) of wireless networks. In particular, a caching scheme enabling power-efficient PLS is proposed for cellular video streaming with constrained ... More
Secure Video Streaming in Heterogeneous Small Cell Networks with Untrusted Cache HelpersJul 25 2017Jan 29 2018This paper studies secure video streaming in cache-enabled small cell networks, where some of the cache-enabled small cell base stations (BSs) helping in video delivery are untrusted. Unfavorably, caching improves the eavesdropping capability of these ... More
Pentaquark and Tetraquark statesMar 28 2019Apr 01 2019The past seventeen years have witnessed tremendous progress on the experimental and theoretical explorations of the multiquark states. The hidden-charm and hidden-bottom multiquark systems were reviewed extensively in [Phys. Rept. 639 (2016) 1-121]. In ... More
Superconductivity and abnormal pressure effect in Sr0.5La0.5FBiSe2 superconductorApr 29 2016Through the solid state reaction method, we synthesized a new BiSe2-based superconductor Sr0:5La0:5FBiSe2 with superconducting transition temperature Tc?3.8 K. A strong diamagnetic signal below Tc in susceptibility ?(T) is observed indicating the bulk ... More
Dynamic Network Embedding via Incremental Skip-gram with Negative SamplingJun 09 2019Network representation learning, as an approach to learn low dimensional representations of vertices, has attracted considerable research attention recently. It has been proven extremely useful in many machine learning tasks over large graph. Most existing ... More
Three-dimensional solitary waves with electrically tunable direction of propagation in nematicsJul 31 2019Production of stable multidimensional solitary waves is a grand challenge in modern science. Steering their propagation is an even harder problem. In this work we demonstrate three-dimensional solitary waves in a nematic, trajectories of which can be ... More
Femtosecond soliton diode on heterojunction Bragg-grating structureAug 11 2016We numerically propose a scheme for realizing an all-optical femtosecond soliton diode based on a tailored heterojunction Bragg grating, which is designed by two spatially asymmetric chirped cholesteric liquid crystals. Our simulations demonstrate that ... More
Heavy-flavored tetraquark states with the $QQ\bar{Q}\bar{Q}$ configurationMay 04 2016Apr 25 2018In the framework of the color-magnetic interaction, we systematically investigate the mass spectrum of the tetraquark states composed of four heavy quarks with the $QQ\bar Q\bar Q$ configuration in this work. We also show their strong decay patterns. ... More
Cache-Aided Non-Orthogonal Multiple AccessDec 27 2017Jan 29 2018In this paper, we propose a novel joint caching and non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA) scheme to facilitate advanced downlink transmission for next generation cellular networks. In addition to reaping the conventional advantages of caching and NOMA ... More
Cache-Aided Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access: The Two-User CaseJan 29 2018Mar 19 2019In this paper, we propose a cache-aided non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA) scheme for spectrally efficient downlink transmission. The proposed scheme not only reaps the benefits associated with NOMA and caching, but also exploits the data cached at ... More
Asymptotic Expansion with Boundary Layer Analysis for Strongly Anisotropic Elliptic EquationsJan 09 2017In this article, we derive the asymptotic expansion, up to an arbitrary order in theory, for the solution of a two-dimensional elliptic equation with strongly anisotropic diffusion coefficients along different directions, subject to the Neumann boundary ... More
Social capital at venture capital firms and their financial performance: Evidence from ChinaOct 06 2018This paper studies the extent to which social capital drives performance in the Chinese venture capital market and explores the trend toward VC syndication in China. First, we propose a hybrid model based on syndicated social networks and the latent-variable ... More
The effect of planet-planet scattering on the survival of exomoonsMay 08 2013Compared to the giant planets in the solar system, exoplanets have many remarkable properties such as the prevalence of giant planets on eccentric orbits and the presence of hot Jupiters. Planet-planet scattering (PPS) between giant planets is a possible ... More
Gaussian-modulated coherent-state measurement-device-independent quantum key distributionDec 18 2013May 01 2014Measurement-device-independent quantum key distribution (MDI-QKD), leaving the detection procedure to the third partner and thus being immune to all detector side-channel attacks, is very promising for the construction of high-security quantum information ... More
X(3872) and Other Possible Heavy Molecular StatesAug 01 2008Aug 18 2008We perform a systematic study of the possible molecular states composed of a pair of heavy mesons such as $D\bar D$, $D^\ast\bar D$, $D^\ast \bar D^\ast$ in the framework of the meson exchange model. The exchanged mesons include the pseudoscalar, scalar ... More
Distributed rank-1 dictionary learning: Towards fast and scalable solutions for fMRI big data analyticsAug 08 2017The use of functional brain imaging for research and diagnosis has benefitted greatly from the recent advancements in neuroimaging technologies, as well as the explosive growth in size and availability of fMRI data. While it has been shown in literature ... More
Orbital density wave order and electronic correlation driven insulating 1T-TaS2 monolayerJul 05 2014We present the orbital resolved electronic properties of structurally distorted 1T-TaS2 monolayers. After optimizing the crystal structures, we obtain the lattice parameters and atomic positions in the star-of-David structure, and show the low-temperature ... More
Towards realistic $f(T)$ models with nonminimal torsion-matter coupling extensionNov 25 2015Using the observation data of SNeIa, CMB and BAO, we establish two concrete $f(T)$ models with nonminimal torsion-matter coupling extension. We study in detail the cosmological implication of our models and find they are successful in describing the observation ... More
Diagnostics for generalized power-law torsion-matter coupling $f(T)$ modelMar 12 2018The currently accelerated expansion of our Universe is unarguably one of the most intriguing problems in today's physics research. Two realistic non-minimal torsion-matter coupling $f(T)$ models have been established and studied in our previous papers ... More
Action functional of the Cardassian universeMay 26 2017It is known that the Cardassian universe is successful in describing the accelerated expansion of the universe, but its dynamical equations are hard to get from the action principle. In this paper, we establish the connection between the Cardassian universe ... More
Visualizing and Understanding Deep Neural Networks in CTR PredictionJun 22 2018Although deep learning techniques have been successfully applied to many tasks, interpreting deep neural network models is still a big challenge to us. Recently, many works have been done on visualizing and analyzing the mechanism of deep neural networks ... More
Boosted Higgs-pair production associated with large $E_T^{miss}$: a signal of $Z^\prime$Apr 02 2018Non-resonant production of Higgs-pair via heavy intermediate states may be a distinctive signature for extended discrete symmetries when accompaied by large missing transvers energy. We discuss $T$-parity as an example of such symmetry within the Littlest ... More
Exotic tetraquark states with the $qq\bar{Q}\bar{Q}$ configurationJul 04 2017Oct 11 2017In this work, we study systematically the mass splittings of the $qq\bar{Q}\bar{Q}$ ($q=u$, $d$, $s$ and $Q=c$, $b$) tetraquark states with the color-magnetic interaction by considering color mixing effects and estimate roughly their masses. We find that ... More
Triply heavy tetraquark states with the $QQ\bar{Q}\bar{q}$ configurationSep 20 2016Dec 25 2016In the framework of the color-magnetic interaction, we systematically investigate the mass splittings of the $QQ\bar{Q}\bar{q}$ tetraquark states and estimated their rough masses in this work. These systems include the explicitly exotic states $cc\bar{b}\bar{q}$ ... More
$X(4140)$, $X(4270)$, $X(4500)$ and $X(4700)$ and their $cs\bar{c}\bar{s}$ tetraquark partnersAug 29 2016Nov 20 2016In the simple color-magnetic interaction model, we investigate possible ground $cs\bar{c}\bar{s}$ tetraquark states in the diquark-antidiquark basis. We use several methods to estimate the mass spectrum and discuss possible assignment for the $X$ states ... More
$Z^+(4430)$ as a $D_1'{D}^* $ ($D_1{D}^* $) molecular stateMar 09 2008Aug 01 2008We reexamine whether $Z^+(4430)$ could be a $D_1'-{D}^*$ or $D_1-{D}^*$ molecular state after considering both the pion and $\sigma$ meson exchange potentials and introducing the form factor to take into account the structure effect of the interaction ... More
Accurate Indoor Localization Using Acoustic Direction Finding via Smart PhonesJun 07 2013We propose and implement a novel indoor localization scheme, Swadloon, built upon an accurate acoustic direction finding. Swadloon leverages sensors of the smartphone without the requirement of any specialized devices. The scheme Swadloon does not rely ... More
Exotic superfluid of trapped Fermi gases with spin-orbit coupling in dimensional crossoverDec 23 2015Jan 30 2016We have studied the exotic superfluid phases of degenerated Fermi gases with spin-orbit coupling in a mixed dimensional system, where the motion of atoms are free in the x-direction and the tunneling between nearest tubes in the y-direction is permitted. ... More
Establishing low-lying doubly charmed baryonsJul 06 2017Dec 05 2017We systematically study the $S$-wave doubly charmed baryons using the method of QCD sum rules. Our results suggest that the $\Xi_{cc}^{++}$ recently observed by LHCb can be well identified as the $S$-wave $\Xi_{cc}$ state of $J^P = 1/2^+$. We study its ... More
Open-flavor charmed/bottom $sq\bar q\bar Q$ and $qq\bar q\bar Q$ tetraquark statesMay 29 2017We provide comprehensive investigations for the mass spectrum of exotic open-flavor charmed/bottom $sq\bar q\bar c$, $qq\bar q\bar c$, $sq\bar q\bar b$, $qq\bar q\bar b$ tetraquark states with various spin-parity assignments $J^P=0^+, 1^+, 2^+$ and $0^-, ... More
Mass spectra for $qc\bar q\bar c$, $sc\bar s\bar c$, $qb\bar q\bar b$, $sb\bar s\bar b$ tetraquark states with $J^{PC}=0^{++}$ and $2^{++}$Jun 29 2017We have studied the mass spectra of the hidden-charm/bottom $qc\bar q\bar c$, $sc\bar s\bar c$ and $qb\bar q\bar b$, $sb\bar s\bar b$ tetraquark states with $J^{PC}=0^{++}$ and $2^{++}$ in the framework of QCD sum rules. We construct ten scalar and four ... More
The hidden-charm multiquark statesJan 06 2017Since 2003 many charmonium-like states were observed experimentally. Especially those charged charmonium-like $Z_c$ states and bottomonium-like $Z_b$ states cannot be accommodated within the naive quark model, which are good candidates of either the hidden-charm ... More