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Moderate deviations and law of the iterated logarithm for intersections of the ranges of random walksAug 30 2005Let S_1(n),...,S_p(n) be independent symmetric random walks in Z^d. We establish moderate deviations and law of the iterated logarithm for the intersection of the ranges #{S_1[0,n]\cap... \cap S_p[0,n]} in the case d=2, p\ge 2 and the case d=3, p=2.
Moderate deviations and laws of the iterated logarithm for the local times of additive Lévy processes and additive random walksJul 30 2007We study the upper tail behaviors of the local times of the additive L\'{e}vy processes and additive random walks. The limit forms we establish are the moderate deviations and the laws of the iterated logarithm for the L_2-norms of the local times and ... More
Exponential asymptotics and law of the iterated logarithm for intersection local times of random walksMar 25 2005Let \alpha ([0,1]^p) denote the intersection local time of p independent d-dimensional Brownian motions running up to the time 1. Under the conditions p(d-2)<d and d\ge 2, we prove lim_{t\to\infty}t^{-1}\log P\bigl{\alpha([0,1]^p)\ge t^{(d(p-1))/2}\bigr}=-\gamma_{\alpha}(d,p) ... More
Annealed asymptotics for Brownian motion of renormalized potential in mobile random mediumMay 05 2014Motivated by the study of the directed polymer model with mobile Poissonian traps or catalysts and the stochastic parabolic Anderson model with time dependent potential, we investigate the asymptotic behavior of \[\mathbb{E}\otimes\mathbb{E}_0\exp\left\{\pm\theta\int^t_0\bar{V}(s,B_s)ds\right\}\qquad ... More
Spatial Brownian motion in renormalized Poisson potential: A critical caseMar 29 2011Let $B_s$ be a three dimensional Brownian motion and $\omega(dx)$ be an independent Poisson field on $\mathbb{R}^3$. It is proved that for any $t>0$, conditionally on $\omega(\cdot)$, \label{*} \mathbb{E}_0 \exp\{\theta \int_0^t \bar{V}(B_s) ds\} \ < ... More
Self-intersection local time: Critical exponent, large deviations, and laws of the iterated logarithmMar 25 2005If \beta_t is renormalized self-intersection local time for planar Brownian motion, we characterize when Ee^{\gamma\beta_1} is finite or infinite in terms of the best constant of a Gagliardo-Nirenberg inequality. We prove large deviation estimates for ... More
Coexistence of polar displacements and conduction in doped ferroelectrics: an ab initio comparative studyMay 31 2019Polar metals are rare because free carriers in metals screen electrostatic potential and eliminate internal dipoles. Degenerate doped ferroelectrics may create an approximate polar metallic phase. We use first-principles calculations to investigate $n$-doped ... More
Period ratios for standing kink and sausage modes in magnetized structures with siphon flow on the SunJan 08 2016Standing oscillations with multiple periods were found in a number of atmospheric structures on the Sun. The ratio of the period of the fundamental to twice the one of its first overtone, $P_1/2P_2$, is important in applications of solar magneto-seismology. ... More
Standing sausage modes in coronal loops with plasma flowJun 18 2014Magnetohydrodynamic waves are important for diagnosing the physical parameters of coronal plasmas. Field-aligned flows appear frequently in coronal loops.We examine the effects of transverse density and plasma flow structuring on standing sausage modes ... More
Periods and damping rates of fast sausage oscillations in multi-shelled coronal loopsJul 08 2015Standing sausage modes are important in interpreting quasi-periodic pulsations in the lightcurves of solar flares. Their periods and damping times play an important role in seismologically diagnosing key parameters like the magnetic field strength in ... More
Recovery of graded index profile by cubic spline functionNov 18 2004We present in this paper a method to recover the refractive index profile of graded waveguide from the effective indices by cubic spline interpolation function. It is proved by numerical analysis of several typical index distributions that the refractive ... More
An infinite family of cubic nonnormal Cayley graphs on nonabelian simple groupsDec 06 2016Jun 10 2018We construct a connected cubic nonnormal Cayley graph on $\mathrm{A}_{2^m-1}$ for each integer $m\geqslant4$ and determine its full automorphism group. This is the first infinite family of connected cubic nonnormal Cayley graphs on nonabelian simple groups. ... More
Cooling effect in emissions of 103mRh excited by bremsstrahlungDec 11 2008Apr 29 2009Nonlinear characteristic emissions of K alpha, K beta and gamma with a significant triplet splitting at room temperature are observed from the long-lived nuclear state of 103mRh excited by bremsstrahlung irradiation. A pronounced phase-transition-like ... More
Moderate deviations for the range of planar random walksJan 31 2006Given a symmetric random walk in $Z^2$ with finite second moments, let $R_n$ be the range of the random walk up to time $n$. We study moderate deviations for $R_n -E R_n$ and $E R_n -R_n$. We also derive the corresponding laws of the iterated logarithm. ... More
Moderate deviations and laws of the iterated logarithm for the renormalized self-intersection local times of planar random walksJun 20 2005Let B_n be the number of self-intersections of a symmetric random walk with finite second moments in the integer planar lattice. We obtain moderate deviation estimates for B_n - E B_n and E B_n- B_n, which are given in terms of the best constant of a ... More
$J^P$ Assignments of $Λ_c^+$ BaryonsJun 22 2009Jun 23 2010The "good" diquark is employed to study $\Lambda_c^{+}$ baryons within a mass loaded flux tube model. The study indicates that all $\Lambda_c^{+}$ baryons candidates in the 2008 review by the Particle Data Group (PDG) are well described in the mass loaded ... More
An infinite family of cubic nonnormal Cayley graphs on nonabelian simple groupsDec 06 2016Jun 20 2019We construct a connected cubic nonnormal Cayley graph on $\mathrm{A}_{2^m-1}$ for each integer $m\geqslant4$ and determine its full automorphism group. This is the first infinite family of connected cubic nonnormal Cayley graphs on nonabelian simple groups. ... More
Characterization of subgroup perfect codes in Cayley graphsJun 18 2019A subset $C$ of the vertex set of a graph $\Gamma$ is called a perfect code in $\Gamma$ if every vertex of $\Gamma$ is at distance no more than $1$ to exactly one vertex of $C$. A subset $C$ of a group $G$ is called a perfect code of $G$ if $C$ is a perfect ... More
A New Hybrid Half-Duplex/Full-Duplex Relaying System with Antenna DiversityFeb 21 2018The hybrid half-duplex/full-duplex (HD/FD) relaying scheme is an effective paradigm to overcome the negative effects of the self-interference incurred by the full-duplex (FD) mode. However, traditional hybrid HD/FD scheme does not consider the diversity ... More
Multicolor Ramsey numbers of cycles in Gallai coloringsJun 12 2019Jun 15 2019For a graph $H$ and an integer $k\ge1$, the $k$-color Ramsey number $R_k(H)$ is the least integer $N$ such that every $k$-coloring of the edges of the complete graph $K_N$ contains a monochromatic copy of $H$. Let $C_m$ denote the cycle on $m\ge4 $ vertices. ... More
Large deviations for renormalized self-intersection local times of stable processesAug 30 2005We study large deviations for the renormalized self-intersection local time of d-dimensional stable processes of index \beta \in (2d/3,d]. We find a difference between the upper and lower tail. In addition, we find that the behavior of the lower tail ... More
A Benchmark Dataset and Saliency-guided Stacked Autoencoders for Video-based Salient Object DetectionNov 01 2016May 09 2017Image-based salient object detection (SOD) has been extensively studied in the past decades. However, video-based SOD is much less explored since there lack large-scale video datasets within which salient objects are unambiguously defined and annotated. ... More
Simulations of Prominence Formation in the Magnetized Solar Corona by Chromospheric HeatingFeb 28 2012Starting from a realistically sheared magnetic arcade connecting chromospheric, transition region to coronal plasma, we simulate the in-situ formation and sustained growth of a quiescent prominence in the solar corona. Contrary to previous works, our ... More
Poisson process approximation: From Palm theory to Stein's methodFeb 27 2007This exposition explains the basic ideas of Stein's method for Poisson random variable approximation and Poisson process approximation from the point of view of the immigration-death process and Palm theory. The latter approach also enables us to define ... More
Stein's method, Palm theory and Poisson process approximationOct 06 2004The framework of Stein's method for Poisson process approximation is presented from the point of view of Palm theory, which is used to construct Stein identities and define local dependence. A general result (Theorem \refimportantproposition) in Poisson ... More
Interpretation of $D_{sJ}(2632)^+$, $D_{s1}(2700)^\pm$, $D^\star_{sJ}(2860)^+$ and $D_{sJ}(3040)^+$Aug 24 2009Aug 26 2009$D_s$ mesons are investigated in a semi-classic flux tube model where the spin-orbit interaction is taken into account. Spectrum of D-wave $D_s$ is predicted. The predicted spectrum is much lower than most previous predictions. Analysis of some $D_s$ ... More
Fast and noise-resistant implementation of quantum phase gates and creation of quantum entangled statesOct 30 2014May 17 2015The "Lewis-Riesenfeld phases" which plays a crucial role in constructing shortcuts to adiabaticity may be a resource for the implementation of quantum phase gates. By combining "Lewis-Riesenfeld invariant" with "quantum Zeno dynamics", we propose an effective ... More
Shortcuts to adiabatic passage for multiparticle in distant cavities: Applications to fast and noise-resistant quantum population transer, entangled states' preparation and transitionMay 30 2014Sep 26 2014In this paper, we study the fast and noise-resistant population transfer, quantum entangled states preparation, and quantum entangled states' transition by constructing the shortcuts to adiabatic passage (STAP) for multiparticle based on the approach ... More
Shortcuts to adiabatic passage for fast generation of Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger states by transitionless quantum drivingNov 25 2014Apr 18 2016Berry's approach on "transitionless quantum driving" shows how to set a Hamiltonian which drives the dynamics of a system along instantaneous eigenstates of a reference Hamiltonian to reproduce the same final result of an adiabatic process in a shorter ... More
Efficient shortcuts to adiabatic passage for the fast populations transfer in multiparticle systemsJan 17 2014Mar 29 2014Achieving fast populations transfer (FPT) in multiparticle systems based on the cavity quantum electronic dynamics (CQED) is an outstanding challenge. In this paper, motivated by the quantum Zeno dynamics (QZD), a shortcut for performing the FPT of ground ... More
Shortcuts to adiabatic passage for fast generation of three-atom singlet state by transitionless quantum drivingApr 12 2016Apr 18 2016Motivated by transitionless quantum driving, we construct shortcuts to adiabatic passage in a three-atom system to create a singlet state with the help of quantum zeno dynamics and non-resonant lasers. The influence of various decoherence processes is ... More
Spatial damping of propagating sausage waves in coronal cylindersJul 28 2015Sausage modes are important in coronal seismology. Spatially damped propagating sausage waves were recently observed in the solar atmosphere. We examine how wave leakage influences the spatial damping of sausage waves propagating along coronal structures ... More
Distributed Solver for Discrete-Time Lyapunov Equations Over Dynamic Networks with Linear Convergence RateApr 30 2019This paper investigates the problem of solving discrete-time Lyapunov equations (DTLE) over a multi-agent system, where every agent has access to its local information and communicates with its neighbors. To obtain a solution to DTLE, a distributed algorithm ... More
Large deviations and laws of the iterated logarithm for the local times of additive stable processesMar 07 2006Jul 25 2007We study the upper tail behaviors of the local times of the additive stable processes. Let $X_1(t),...,X_p(t)$ be independent, d-dimensional symmetric stable processes with stable index $0<\alpha\le 2$ and consider the additive stable process $\bar{X}(t_1,...,t_p)=X_1(t_1)+... ... More
Thermoelectric properties of $β$-As, Sb and Bi monolayersJan 31 2017Feb 09 2017Monolayer semiconductors of group-VA elements (As, Sb, Bi) with graphenelike buckled structure offer a potential to achieve nanoscale electronic, optoelectronic and thermoelectric devices. Motivated by recently-fabricated Sb monolayer, we systematically ... More
Observations on spectral deformations of 103mRh excited by bremsstrahlungJul 08 2008Apr 29 2009Spectral deformation of K alpha, K beta and gamma emissions from the nuclear state 103mRh excited by bremsstrahlung are investigated. Nonlinear increase for excitation number density of 103mRh with radiation exposure is observed. The spectral profiles ... More
Large deviations for local times and intersection local times of fractional Brownian motions and Riemann-Liouville processesOct 02 2009May 27 2010In this paper we prove exact forms of large deviations for local times and intersection local times of fractional Brownian motions and Riemann-Liouville processes. We also show that a fractional Brownian motion and the related Riemann-Liouville process ... More
Prediction-Tracking-SegmentationApr 05 2019We introduce a prediction driven method for visual tracking and segmentation in videos. Instead of solely relying on matching with appearance cues for tracking, we build a predictive model which guides finding more accurate tracking regions efficiently. ... More
Quenched asymptotics for a 1-d stochastic heat equation driven by a rough spatial noiseOct 09 2018In this note we consider the parabolic Anderson model in one dimension with time-independent fractional noise $\dot{W}$ in space. We consider the case $H<\frac{1}{2}$ and get existence and uniqueness of solution. In order to find the quenched asymptotics ... More
$L\log L$ criterion for a class of multitype superdiffusions with non-local branching mechanismsAug 28 2017In this paper, we provide a pathwise spine decomposition for multitype superdiffusions with non-local branching mechanisms under a martingale change of measure. As an application of this decomposition, we obtain a necessary and sufficient condition (called ... More
ZstGAN: An Adversarial Approach for Unsupervised Zero-Shot Image-to-Image TranslationJun 01 2019Image-to-image translation models have shown remarkable ability on transferring images among different domains. Most of existing work follows the setting that the source domain and target domain keep the same at training and inference phases, which cannot ... More
When ICN Meets C-RAN for HetNets: An SDN ApproachOct 22 2015In this paper, we contribute to novelly proposing and elaborating the integration of the ICN, C-RAN and SDN for the HetNet to achieve win-win situation. The vision of the proposed system is demonstrated, followed by the advantages and challenges. We further ... More
The inherent fluctuations of the pulsed atom laser in F=2 manifold of 87Rb atomsFeb 06 2008Oct 29 2008We have observed the intensity fluctuations of the F=2 87Rb atom laser at low output coupling rate. Theoretically, we find that the atom loss of the condensate due to the output of atom laser leads to fluctuations of the laser pulses, which is inherent ... More
The Effect of Explicit Structure Encoding of Deep Neural Networks for Symbolic Music GenerationNov 20 2018Jan 24 2019With recent breakthroughs in artificial neural networks, deep generative models have become one of the leading techniques for computational creativity. Despite very promising progress on image and short sequence generation, symbolic music generation remains ... More
Minkowski Brane in Asymptotic dS$_5$ Spacetime without Fine-tuningDec 11 2002Mar 31 2003We discuss properties of a 3-brane in an asymptotic 5-dimensional de-Sitter spacetime. It is found that a Minkowski solution can be obtained without fine-tuning. In the model, the tiny observed positive cosmological constant is interpreted as a curvature ... More
A Trust Model Based on Service Classification in Mobile ServicesNov 13 2010Internet of Things (IoT) and B3G/4G communication are promoting the pervasive mobile services with its advanced features. However, security problems are also baffled the development. This paper proposes a trust model to protect the user's security. The ... More
Boundary Harnack principle and gradient estimates for fractional Laplacian perturbed by non-local operatorsJan 09 2015Mar 24 2016Suppose $d\ge 2$ and $0<\beta<\alpha<2$. We consider the non-local operator $\mathcal{L}^{b}=\Delta^{\alpha/2}+\mathcal{S}^{b}$, where $$\mathcal{S}^{b}f(x):=\lim_{\varepsilon\to 0}\mathcal{A}(d,-\beta)\int_{|z|>\varepsilon}\left(f(x+z)-f(x)\right)\frac{b(x,z)}{|z|^{d+\beta}}\,dy.$$ ... More
Effects of the Cosmological Constant as the Origin of the Cosmic-Ray ParadoxJul 25 2003Feb 19 2004We show that a tiny but non-zero positive cosmological constant, which has been strongly suggested by the recent astronomical observations on supernovae and CMBR, may change notably the behaviors of the ultrahigh energy cosmic ray interacting with soft ... More
Skeleton decomposition and law of large numbers for supercritical superprocessesSep 04 2017The goal of this paper has two-folds. First, we establish skeleton and spine decompositions for superprocesses whose underlying processes are general symmetric Hunt processes. Second, we use these decompositions to obtain weak and strong law of large ... More
Experimental and numerical analysis of tribological behavior of CrAl(Si)N films during ScratchNov 12 2015Nov 16 2015Scratch sliding tests with a ZrO2 ball and CrAlSiN films with different Si content were conducted due to CrAlSiN films having high hardness and good wear resistance. After up to 6000 cycles the specimens were analyzed by Scanning Electron Microscopy. ... More
Pebbling on Jahangir graphsApr 29 2017The pebbling number of a graph $G$, $f(G)$, is the least $p$ such that, however $p$ pebbles are placed on the vertices of $G$, we can move a pebble to any vertex by a sequence of moves, each move taking two pebbles off one vertex and placing one on an ... More
ShIFT: A Semi-haptic Interface for Flute TutoringMar 18 2018Oct 18 2018Traditional instrument learning is time-consuming. It begins with learning music notation and necessitates layers of sophistication and abstraction. Haptic interfaces open another door to the music world for the vast majority of beginners when traditional ... More
Spatial asymptotics for the parabolic Anderson models with generalized time-space Gaussian noiseMar 30 2016Partially motivated by the recent papers of Conus, Joseph and Khoshnevisan [Ann. Probab. 41 (2013) 2225-2260] and Conus et al. [Probab. Theory Related Fields 156 (2013) 483-533], this work is concerned with the precise spatial asymptotic behavior for ... More
Mid-to-Far Infrared Spectral Energy Distribution of Galaxies in Spitzer First Look Survey FieldFeb 05 2007We made model fitting to the mid-to-far infrared spectral energy distributions (SEDs) for different categories of galaxies in the main extragalactic field of the {\it Spitzer} First Look Survey with the aid of spectroscopic information from the Sloan ... More
An optimal scheme for top quark mass measurement near $t\bar{t}$ threshold at future $e^{+}e^{-}$ collidersSep 03 2017A simulation of top quark mass measurement scheme near the $t\bar{t}$ production threshold in future $e^{+}e^{-}$ colliders, e.g. the Circular Electron Positron Collider(CEPC), is performed. $\chi^2$ fitting method is adopted to determine the number of ... More
Two constructions of asymptotically optimal codebooks via the trace functionsMay 06 2019In this paper, we present two new constructions of complex codebooks with multiplicative characters, additive characters and trace functions over finite fields, and determine the maximal cross-correlation amplitude of these codebooks. We prove that the ... More
Transitionless-based shortcuts for the fast and robust generation of W statesMay 17 2015Jul 09 2016We propose a scheme to generate W states based on transitionles-based shortcuts technique in cavity quantum electrodynamics (QED) system. In light of quantum Zeno dynamics, we first effectively design a system whose effective Hamiltonian is equivalent ... More
Influence of statistics on the measured moments of conserved quantities in relativistic heavy ion collisionsApr 17 2015We study statistics dependence of the probability distributions and the means of measured moments of conserved quantities, respectively. The required statistics of all interested moments and their products are estimated based on a simple simulation. We ... More
Temporal asymptotics for fractional parabolic Anderson modelApr 12 2016In this paper, we consider fractional parabolic equation of the form $ \frac{\partial u}{\partial t}=-(-\Delta)^{\frac{\alpha}{2}}u+u\dot W(t,x)$, where $-(-\Delta)^{\frac{\alpha}{2}}$ with $\alpha\in(0,2]$ is a fractional Laplacian and $\dot W$ is a ... More
Optimal Caching Placement for D2D Assisted Wireless Caching NetworksOct 27 2015Nov 03 2015In this paper, we devise the optimal caching placement to maximize the offloading probability for a two-tier wireless caching system, where the helpers and a part of users have caching ability. The offloading comes from the local caching, D2D sharing ... More
Image-to-Image Translation with Multi-Path Consistency RegularizationMay 29 2019Image translation across different domains has attracted much attention in both machine learning and computer vision communities. Taking the translation from source domain $\mathcal{D}_s$ to target domain $\mathcal{D}_t$ as an example, existing algorithms ... More
Energy-Efficient Power Control of Train-ground mmWave Communication for High Speed TrainsJul 17 2019High speed train system has proven to be a very flexible and attractive system that can be developed under various circumstances and in different contexts and cultures. As a result, high speed trains are widely deployed around the world. Providing more ... More
Estimates for eigenvalues of a system of of elliptic equations and of the biharmonic operatorMay 17 2010Sep 08 2010Let $\om $ be a bounded domain in an $n$-dimensional Euclidean space $\Bbb R^n$. We study eigenvalues of an eigenvalue problem of a system of elliptic equations: $$ \{\aligned &\Delta {\mathbf u}+ \alpha{\rm grad}(\text{div}{\mathbf u})=-\sigma {\mathbf ... More
On Path Memory in List Successive Cancellation Decoder of Polar CodesDec 06 2017Dec 09 2017Polar code is a breakthrough in coding theory. Using list successive cancellation decoding with large list size L, polar codes can achieve excellent error correction performance. The L partial decoded vectors are stored in the path memory and updated ... More
Additive Property of Drazin Invertibility of ElementsJul 15 2013In this article, we investigate additive properties of the Drazin inverse of elements in rings and algebras over an arbitrary field. Under the weakly commutative condition of $ab = \lambda ba$, we show that $a-b$ is Drazin invertible if and only if $aa^{D}(a-b)bb^{D}$ ... More
Inspecting and Interacting with Meaningful Music Representations using VAEApr 18 2019Variational Autoencoders(VAEs) have already achieved great results on image generation and recently made promising progress on music generation. However, the generation process is still quite difficult to control in the sense that the learned latent representations ... More
Constructions of Optimal Cyclic $(r,δ)$ Locally Repairable CodesSep 05 2016A code is said to be a $r$-local locally repairable code (LRC) if each of its coordinates can be repaired by accessing at most $r$ other coordinates. When some of the $r$ coordinates are also erased, the $r$-local LRC can not accomplish the local repair, ... More
Simplified Multiuser Detection for SCMA with Sum-Product AlgorithmAug 04 2015Sparse code multiple access (SCMA) is a novel non-orthogonal multiple access technique, which fully exploits the shaping gain of multi-dimensional codewords. However, the lack of simplified multiuser detection algorithm prevents further implementation ... More
Discriminative Relational Topic ModelsOct 09 2013Many scientific and engineering fields involve analyzing network data. For document networks, relational topic models (RTMs) provide a probabilistic generative process to describe both the link structure and document contents, and they have shown promise ... More
2-Log-concavity of the Boros-Moll PolynomialsOct 03 2010The Boros-Moll polynomials $P_m(a)$ arise in the evaluation of a quartic integral. It has been conjectured by Boros and Moll that these polynomials are infinitely log-concave. In this paper, we show that $P_m(a)$ is 2-log-concave for any $m\geq 2$. Let ... More
Multi-View 3D Object Detection Network for Autonomous DrivingNov 23 2016Jun 22 2017This paper aims at high-accuracy 3D object detection in autonomous driving scenario. We propose Multi-View 3D networks (MV3D), a sensory-fusion framework that takes both LIDAR point cloud and RGB images as input and predicts oriented 3D bounding boxes. ... More
Law of large numbers for branching symmetric Hunt processes with measure-valued branching ratesFeb 28 2015Jan 24 2016We establish weak and strong law of large numbers for a class of branching symmetric Hunt processes with the branching rate being a smooth measure with respect to the underlying Hunt process, and the branching mechanism being general and state-dependent. ... More
Cosmic ray threshold anomaly and kinematics in the dS spacetimeFeb 14 2004We present a covariant framework of kinematics in the dS spacetime, which is a natural postulate of recent astronomical observations ($\Lambda>0)$. One-particle states are presented explicitly. It is noticed that the dispersion relation of free particles ... More
Delay Outage Probability of Multi-relay Selection for Mobile Relay Edge Computing SystemsFeb 15 2019In this paper, we deal with the problem of relay selection in mobile edge computing networks, where a source node transmits a computation-intensive task to a destination via the aid of multiple relay nodes. It differs from the traditional relay nodes ... More
Strong law of large numbers for supercritical superprocesses under second moment conditionFeb 05 2015Feb 09 2015Suppose that $X=\{X_t, t\ge 0\}$ is a supercritical superprocess on a locally compact separable metric space $(E, m)$. Suppose that the spatial motion of $X$ is a Hunt process satisfying certain conditions and that the branching mechanism is of the form ... More
Artificial Interference Aided Physical Layer Security in Cache-enabled Heterogeneous NetworksNov 11 2017Caching popular contents is a promising way to offload the mobile data traffic in wireless networks, but so far the potential advantage of caching in improving physical layer security (PLS) is rarely considered. In this paper, we contribute to the design ... More
Observation and Simulation of Longitudinal Oscillations of an Active Region ProminenceApr 17 2012Filament longitudinal oscillations have been observed on the solar disk in H$\alpha$. We intend to find an example of the longitudinal oscillations of a prominence, where the magnetic dip can be seen directly, and examine what is the restoring force of ... More
Spatial asymptotics for the parabolic Anderson model driven by a Gaussian rough noiseJul 14 2016The aim of this paper is to establish the almost sure asymptotic behavior as the space variable becomes large, for the solution to the one spatial dimensional stochastic heat equation driven by a Gaussian noise which is white in time and which has the ... More
Firing regulation of fast-spiking interneurons by autaptic inhibitionJun 04 2016Fast-spiking (FS) interneurons in the brain are self-innervated by powerful inhibitory GABAergic autaptic connections. By computational modelling, we investigate how autaptic inhibition regulates the firing response of such interneurons. Our results indicate ... More
Overlaid Cellular and Mobile Ad Hoc NetworksJun 28 2008In cellular systems using frequency division duplex, growing Internet services cause unbalance of uplink and downlink traffic, resulting in poor uplink spectrum utilization. Addressing this issue, this paper considers overlaying an ad hoc network onto ... More
Effects of field-aligned flows on standing kink and sausage modes supported by coronal loopsSep 13 2013Sep 22 2013Fundamental standing modes and their overtones play an important role in coronal seismology. We examine how a significant field-aligned flow affects standing modes supported by coronal loops, modeled here as cold magnetic slabs. Of particular interest ... More
Domain Specific Code Smells in Smart ContractsMay 04 2019Smart contracts are programs running on a blockchain. They are immutable to patch for bugs once deployed -- it is critical to ensure they are bug-free and well-designed before deploying. Code smells are symptoms in source code that possibly indicate deeper ... More
Resonant sequential scattering in two-frequency-pumping superradiance from a Bose-Einstein condensateJul 03 2008We study sequential scattering in superradiance from a Bose-Einstein condensate pumped by a two-frequency laser beam. We find that the distribution of atomic side modes presents highly different patterns for various frequency difference between the two ... More
Triangular Decomposition of Semi-algebraic SystemsFeb 25 2010May 13 2010Regular chains and triangular decompositions are fundamental and well-developed tools for describing the complex solutions of polynomial systems. This paper proposes adaptations of these tools focusing on solutions of the real analogue: semi-algebraic ... More
A Scale-Free Topology Construction Model for Wireless Sensor NetworksMay 14 2014A local-area and energy-efficient (LAEE) evolution model for wireless sensor networks is proposed. The process of topology evolution is divided into two phases. In the first phase, nodes are distributed randomly in a fixed region. In the second phase, ... More
Deep Music Analogy Via Latent Representation DisentanglementJun 09 2019Analogy is a key solution to automated music generation, featured by its ability to generate both natural and creative pieces based on only a few examples. In general, an analogy is made by partially transferring the music abstractions, i.e., high-level ... More
Large deviations and renormalization for Riesz potentials of stable intersection measuresOct 18 2009We study the object formally defined as \gamma\big([0,t]^{2}\big)=\int\int_{[0,t]^{2}} | X_{s}- X_{r}|^{-\sigma} dr ds-E\int\int_{[0,t]^{2}} | X_{s}- X_{r}|^{-\sigma} dr ds, where $X_{t}$ is the symmetric stable processes of index $0<\beta\le 2$ in $R^{d}$. ... More
Performance Analysis for Training-Based Multi-Pair Two-Way Full-Duplex Relaying with Massive AntennasDec 14 2016This paper considers a multi-pair two-way amplify-and-forward relaying system, where multiple pairs of full-duplex users are served via a full-duplex relay with massive antennas, and the relay adopts maximum-ratio combining/maximum-ratio transmission ... More
A Nonparametric Normality Test for High-dimensional DataApr 10 2019May 08 2019Many statistical methodologies for high-dimensional data assume the population normality. Although a few multivariate normality tests have been proposed, to the best of our knowledge, none of them can properly control the type I error when the dimension ... More
Are Anchor Points Really Indispensable in Label-Noise Learning?Jun 01 2019In label-noise learning, \textit{noise transition matrix}, denoting the probabilities that clean labels flip into noisy labels, plays a central role in building \textit{statistically consistent classifiers}. Existing theories have shown that the transition ... More
Parallel Algorithms for Core Maintenance in Dynamic GraphsDec 30 2016This paper initiates the studies of parallel algorithms for core maintenance in dynamic graphs. The core number is a fundamental index reflecting the cohesiveness of a graph, which are widely used in large-scale graph analytics. The core maintenance problem ... More
Interpolation synthesis for quadratic polynomial inequalities and combination with EUFJan 19 2016Nov 10 2016An algorithm for generating interpolants for formulas which are conjunctions of quadratic polynomial inequalities (both strict and nonstrict) is proposed. The algorithm is based on a key observation that quadratic polynomial inequalities can be linearized ... More
Quasi-Periodic Releases of Streamer Blobs and Velocity Variability of the Slow Solar Wind near the SunJul 05 2009We search for persistent and quasi-periodic release events of streamer blobs during 2007 with the Large Angle Spectrometric Coronagraph on the \textit{Solar and Heliospheric Observatory} and assess the velocity of the slow solar wind along the plasma ... More
Ideal Intersecting Nodal Ring Phonons in a Body-Centered Cubic C$_{8}$Nov 23 2018Carbon, a basic versatile element in our universe, exhibits rich varieties of allotropic phases, most of which possess promising nontrivial topological fermions. In this work, we identify a distinct topological phonon phase in a realistic carbon allotrope ... More
ActiveHNE: Active Heterogeneous Network EmbeddingMay 14 2019May 15 2019Heterogeneous network embedding (HNE) is a challenging task due to the diverse node types and/or diverse relationships between nodes. Existing HNE methods are typically unsupervised. To maximize the profit of utilizing the rare and valuable supervised ... More
Reverse engineering of a Hamiltonian by designing the evolution operatorsAug 12 2016We propose an effective and flexible scheme for reverse engineering of a Hamiltonian by designing the evolution operators to eliminate the terms of Hamiltonian which are hard to be realized in practice. Different from transitionless quantum driving (TQD) ... More
Fast Standing Modes in Transversely Nonuniform Solar Coronal Slabs: Effects of a Finite Plasma BetaJan 28 2018We examine the dispersive properties of linear fast standing modes in transversely nonuniform solar coronal slabs with finite gas pressure, or, equivalently, finite plasma beta. We derive a generic dispersion relation governing fast waves in coronal slabs ... More
Improving the stimulated Raman adiabatic passage via dissipative quantum dynamicsMay 24 2016Sep 28 2016We propose a method to improve the stimulated Raman adiabatic passage (STIRAP) via dissipative quantum dynamics, taking into account the dephasing effects. Fast and robust population transfer can be obtained with the scheme by the designed pulses and ... More
Solar Magnetic Flux Rope Eruption Simulated by a Data-Driven Magnetohydrodynamic ModelDec 25 2018The combination of magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) simulation and multi-wavelength observations is an effective way to study mechanisms of magnetic flux rope eruption. We develop a data-driven MHD model using the zero-$\beta$ approximation. The initial condition ... More
Parameter Synthesis Problems for one parametric clock Timed AutomataSep 15 2018In this paper, we study the parameter synthesis problem for a class of parametric timed automata. The problem asks to construct the set of valuations of the parameters in the parametric timed automa- ton, referred to as the feasible region, under which ... More