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Theory of Deep Learning III: explaining the non-overfitting puzzleDec 30 2017Jan 16 2018A main puzzle of deep networks revolves around the absence of overfitting despite large overparametrization and despite the large capacity demonstrated by zero training error on randomly labeled data. In this note, we show that the dynamics associated ... More
Bs Physics at LEP, SLD, and CDF: Delta m_s and Delta Gamma_sApr 27 2001The current status of the experimental knowledge of $\Bs$ meson physics is reviewed. Results from LEP and CDF on the width difference $\dgs$ are presented, the corresponding average is found to be in good agreement with the present theoretical estimation. ... More
Random Binary Mappings for Kernel Learning and Efficient SVMJul 19 2013Mar 28 2014Support Vector Machines (SVMs) are powerful learners that have led to state-of-the-art results in various computer vision problems. SVMs suffer from various drawbacks in terms of selecting the right kernel, which depends on the image descriptors, as well ... More
The Bs oscillation amplitude analysisSep 20 1999The properties of the amplitude method for $\Bs$ oscillation analyses are studied in detail. The world combination of measured amplitudes is converted into a likelihood profile as a function of oscillation frequency. A procedure is proposed to estimate ... More
Comment on "Ensemble Projection for Semi-supervised Image Classification"Aug 29 2014In a series of papers by Dai and colleagues [1,2], a feature map (or kernel) was introduced for semi- and unsupervised learning. This feature map is build from the output of an ensemble of classifiers trained without using the ground-truth class labels. ... More
Minimal Images in Deep Neural Networks: Fragile Object Recognition in Natural ImagesFeb 08 2019The human ability to recognize objects is impaired when the object is not shown in full. "Minimal images" are the smallest regions of an image that remain recognizable for humans. Ullman et al. 2016 show that a slight modification of the location and ... More
An Information-Percolation Bound for Spin Synchronization on General GraphsJun 08 2018Jun 11 2018This paper considers the problem of reconstructing $n$ independent uniform spins $X_1,\dots,X_n$ living on the vertices of an $n$-vertex graph $G$, by observing their interactions on the edges of the graph. This captures instances of models such as (i) ... More
Herding Generalizes Diverse M -Best SolutionsNov 14 2016We show that the algorithm to extract diverse M -solutions from a Conditional Random Field (called divMbest [1]) takes exactly the form of a Herding procedure [2], i.e. a deterministic dynamical system that produces a sequence of hypotheses that respect ... More
Foveation-based Mechanisms Alleviate Adversarial ExamplesNov 19 2015Jan 19 2016We show that adversarial examples, i.e., the visually imperceptible perturbations that result in Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) fail, can be alleviated with a mechanism based on foveations---applying the CNN in different image regions. To see this, ... More
Frobenius and Cartier algebras of Stanley-Reisner rings (II)Aug 26 2016Oct 27 2016It is known that the Frobenius algebra of the injective hull of the residue field of a complete Stanley-Reisner ring (i.e. a formal power series ring modulo a squarefree monomial ideal) can be only principally generated or infinitely generated as algebra ... More
Subadditivity Beyond Trees and the Chi-Squared Mutual InformationFeb 06 2019In 2000, Evans et al. [Eva+00] proved the subadditivity of the mutual information in the broadcasting on tree model with binary vertex labels and symmetric channels. They raised the question of whether such subadditivity extends to loopy graphs in some ... More
SEEDS: Superpixels Extracted via Energy-Driven SamplingSep 16 2013Superpixel algorithms aim to over-segment the image by grouping pixels that belong to the same object. Many state-of-the-art superpixel algorithms rely on minimizing objective functions to enforce color ho- mogeneity. The optimization is accomplished ... More
Graph powering and spectral robustnessSep 13 2018Spectral algorithms, such as principal component analysis and spectral clustering, typically require careful data transformations to be effective: upon observing a matrix $A$, one may look at the spectrum of $\psi(A)$ for a properly chosen $\psi$. The ... More
Virial expansion with Feynman diagramsSep 22 2011We present a field theoretic method for the calculation of the second and third virial coefficients b2 and b3 of 2-species fermions interacting via a contact interaction. The method is mostly analytic. We find a closed expression for b3 in terms of the ... More
Estimation des dimensions de certaines variétés de KisinMay 13 2010Jan 30 2011In this paper, we study dimensions of some varieties, that were introduced recently by Kisin in order to prove modularity of some Galois representations. In fact, we mainly consider a special case for which we obtain an estimation of the dimension we ... More
Polynomial parametrizations of length $4$ Büchi sequencesAug 18 2010B\"uchi's problem asks whether there exists a positive integer $M$ such that any sequence $(x_n)$ of at least $M$ integers, whose second difference of squares is the constant sequence $(2)$, satisifies $x_n^2=(x+n)^2$ for some $x\in\Z$. A positive answer ... More
On generalized inverses and Green's relationsMar 10 2009We study generalized inverses on semigroups by means of Green's relations. We first define the notion of inverse along an element and study its properties. Then we show that the classical generalized inverses (group inverse, Drazin inverse and Moore-Penrose ... More
The Transverse SpinJul 25 2002Sep 30 2002Contents : 1. Pre-history 2. Transversity versus helicity 3. The massless limit. "Cardan" and "see-saw" transformations 4. Transversity distribution delta q(x). The diquark spectator model 5. Soffer inequality 6. Tensor charge sum rule 7. t-channel analysis ... More
BMO, H^1, and Calderon-Zygmund operators for non doubling measuresFeb 18 2000Given a Radon measure $\mu$ on $R^d$, which may be non doubling, we introduce a space of type BMO with respect to this measure. It is shown that many properties that hold when $\mu$ is doubling remain valid for the space BMO introduced in this paper, ... More
Construction optimale d'images bolometriques - Contribution a l'etude du milieu interstellaire et du rayonnement fossileOct 02 2002This work takes part of the development of far-infrared and millimeter astrophysics. We have worked on the data processing and analysis in the fields of the Galactic interstellar medium, through the dust thermal emission, and cosmology through the observation ... More
Iterative map-making methods for Cosmic Microwave Background data analysisSep 27 2001The map-making process of Cosmic Microwave Background data involves linear inversion problems which cannot be performed by a brute force approach for the large timelines of most modern experiments. We present optimal iterative map-making methods, both ... More
Mass transport and uniform rectifiabilityMar 08 2011Aug 29 2011In this paper we characterize the so called uniformly rectifiable sets of David and Semmes in terms of the Wasserstein distance $W_2$ from optimal mass transport. To obtain this result, we first prove a localization theorem for the distance $W_2$ which ... More
Uniform rectifiability, Calderon-Zygmund operators with odd kernel, and quasiorthogonalityMay 07 2008In this paper we study some questions in connection with uniform rectifiability and the $L^2$ boundedness of Calderon-Zygmund operators. We show that uniform rectifiability can be characterized in terms of some new adimensional coefficients which are ... More
Planck Length and CosmologyApr 11 2007We show that an unification of quantum mechanics and general relativity implies that there is a fundamental length in Nature in the sense that no operational procedure would be able to measure distances shorter than the Planck length. Furthermore we give ... More
Radiative Lepton Decays and the Substructure of LeptonsAug 08 2001The leptons are viewed as composite objects, exhibiting anomalous magnetic moments and anomalous flavor-changing transition moments. The decay \mu \to e \gamma is expected to occur with a branching ratio of the same order as the present experimental limit. ... More
Equivalence Principle and the Gauge Hierarchy ProblemAug 21 2007Mar 19 2008We show that the gauge hierarchy problem can be solved in the framework of scalar-tensor theories of gravity very much in the same way as it is solved in the Randall-Sundrum scenario. Our solution involves a fine-tuning of the gravitational sector. However ... More
On the Precision of a Length MeasurementJan 09 2007We show that quantum mechanics and general relativity imply the existence of a minimal length. To be more precise, we show that no operational device subject to quantum mechanics, general relativity and causality could exclude the discreteness of spacetime ... More
Space-Time Symmetries of Noncommutative SpacesNov 15 2004Apr 13 2005We define a noncommutative Lorentz symmetry for canonical noncommutative spaces. The noncommutative vector fields and the derivatives transform under a deformed Lorentz transformation. We show that the star product is invariant under noncommutative Lorentz ... More
Simultaneous estimation of the mean and the variance in heteroscedastic Gaussian regressionJul 16 2008Dec 30 2008Let $Y$ be a Gaussian vector of $\mathbb{R}^n$ of mean $s$ and diagonal covariance matrix $\Gamma$. Our aim is to estimate both $s$ and the entries $\sigma_i=\Gamma_{i,i}$, for $i=1,...,n$, on the basis of the observation of two independent copies of ... More
Abelian varieties with many endomorphisms and their absolutely simple factorsFeb 04 2011We characterize the abelian varieties arising as absolutely simple factors of GL2-type varieties over a number field k. In order to obtain this result, we study a wider class of abelian varieties: the k-varieties A/k satisfying that $\End_k^0(A)$ is a ... More
Calderon-Zygmund capacities and Wolff potentials on Cantor setsJan 18 2010Jan 31 2013We show that, for some Cantor sets in R^d, the capacity g_s associated to the s-dimensional Riesz kernel x/|x|^{s+1} is comparable to the capacity C_{2(d-s)/3,3/2} from non linear potential theory. It is an open problem to show that, when s is positive ... More
Bounded negativity, Miyaoka-Sakai inequality and elliptic curve configurationsNov 25 2014Mar 14 2015Similarly to the linear Harbourne constant recently defined, we study the elliptic $H$-constants of $\mathbb{P}^{2}$ and Abelian surfaces. We exhibit configurations of smooth plane cubic curves whose Harbourne index is arbitrarily close to $-4$. As a ... More
Regularity of C^1 and Lipschitz domains in terms of the Beurling transformJan 25 2012Let D be a bounded planar C^1 domain, or a Lipschitz domain "flat enough", and consider the Beurling transform of 1_D, the characteristic function of D. Using a priori estimates, in this paper we solve the following free boundary problem: if the Beurling ... More
Squares in arithmetic progression over number fieldsSep 09 2009We show that there exists an upper bound for the number of squares in arithmetic progression over a number field that depends only on the degree of the field. We show that this bound is 5 for quadratic fields, and also that the result generalizes to $k$-powers ... More
Fano surfaces with 12 or 30 elliptic curvesJan 27 2010Feb 05 2010Curves of low genus on a surface carry important informations on that surface. We study the Fano surfaces of lines of cubic threefolds that contain 12 or 30 elliptic curves. We determine their Picard number and compute a basis of the N\'eron-Severi group ... More
On generalized Kummer surfaces and the orbifold Bogomolov-Miyaoka-Yau inequalityAug 30 2017Dec 29 2017A generalized Kummer surface $X=Km(T,G)$ is the resolution of a quotient of a torus $T$ by a finite group of symplectic automorphisms $G$. We complete the classification of generalized Kummer surfaces by studying the two last groups which have not been ... More
Issues in Electric-Magnetic DualitySep 20 2002Chapters : 1. Introduction to electric-magnetic duality 2. Classical duality in bosonic brane electrodynamics 3. Massless spin two gauge theory 4. Duality-symmetric actions and chiral forms 5. BRST quantization of duality-symmetric Maxwell's theory 6. ... More
Sur la classification de quelques phi-modules simplesJul 10 2008This note is an appendix to a preprint by E. Hellmann. We give a complete classification of simple objects of the category of vector spaces D over K = Fpbar((u)) equipped with an endomorphism phi whose image generates D and that are semi-linear with respect ... More
Weighted norm inequalities for Calderon-Zygmund operators without doubling conditionsJan 23 2001Oct 17 2011In this paper we develop a kind of A_p theory for Calderon-Zygmund operators in a non-homogeneous setting. Let \mu be a Borel measure on \R^d which may be non doubling. The only condition that \mu must satisfy is \mu(B(x,r))\leq Cr^n for all x\in\R^d, ... More
Littlewood-Paley theory and the T(1) theorem with non doubling measuresJun 05 2000Let $\mu$ be a Borel measure on $R^d$ which may be non doubling. The only condition that $\mu$ must satisfy is $\mu(B(x,r))\leq C r^n$ for all $x\in R^d$, $r>0$, and for some fixed $0<n\leq d$. In this paper, we develop Littlewood-Paley theory for functions ... More
A matrix phase for the phi^4 scalar field on the fuzzy sphereFeb 27 2004May 13 2004The critical properties of the real phi^4 scalar field theory are studied numerically on the fuzzy sphere. The fuzzy sphere is a matrix (non commutative) discretisation of the algebra of functions on the usual two dimensional sphere. It is also one of ... More
Well-posedness for a higher order nonlinear Schrodinger equation in Sobolev spaces of negative indicesJul 31 2003We prove that, the initial value problem associated to u_{t} + i\alphau_{xx} + \beta u_{xxx} + i\gamma |u|^{2}u = 0, x,t \in R, is locally well-posed in Sobolev spaces H^{s} for s>-1/4.
Fibre derivatives: some applications to singular lagrangiansJul 27 2000The fibre derivative of a bundle map is studied in detail. In the particular case of a real function, several constructions useful to study singular lagrangians are presented. Some applications are given; in particular, a geometric construction useful ... More
Dualité de Cartier et modules de BreuilNov 16 2005Let O\_K be a complete discrete valuation ring. Denote by K its fractions field and by k its residue field. Assume that k is of characteristic p>0 and perfect. Breuil gives an anti-equivalence between the category of finite flat O\_K-group schemes killed ... More
Grand Unification on Noncommutative SpacetimeMay 12 2006Mar 22 2007We compute the beta-functions of the standard model formulated on a noncommutative spacetime. If we assume that the scale for spacetime noncommutativity is of the order of 2.2 \times 10^{15} GeV we find that the three gauge couplings of the standard model ... More
Quantum Electrodynamics on Noncommutative SpacetimeApr 05 2006Mar 22 2007We propose a new method to quantize gauge theories formulated on a canonical noncommutative spacetime with fields and gauge transformations taken in the enveloping algebra. We show that the theory is renormalizable at one loop and compute the beta function ... More
Symmetries, Microcausality and Physics on Canonical Noncommutative SpacetimeMay 03 2006May 09 2006In this paper we describe how to implement symmetries on a canonical noncommutative spacetime. We focus on noncommutative Lorentz transformations. We then discuss the structure of the light cone on a canonical noncommutative spacetime and show that field ... More
What are the Bounds on Space-Time Noncommutativity?Jan 14 2004In this article we consider the bounds on the noncommutative nature of space-time. We argue that these bounds are extremely model dependent. In the only phenomenologically viable framework, i.e. when the fields are taken to be in the enveloping of the ... More
Natural generalized inverse and core of an element in semigroups, rings and Banach and Operator AlgebrasMar 16 2012Using the recent notion of inverse along an element in a semigroup, and the natural partial order on idempotents, we study bicommuting generalized inverses and define a new inverse called natural inverse, that generalizes the Drazin inverse in a semigroup, ... More
Isoperimetric, Sobolev, and eigenvalue inequalities via the Alexandroff-Bakelman-Pucci method: a surveyJul 16 2015Oct 19 2015We present the proof of several inequalities using the technique introduced by Alexandroff, Bakelman, and Pucci to establish their ABP estimate. First, we give a new and simple proof of a lower bound of Berestycki, Nirenberg, and Varadhan concerning the ... More
Characterization of $n$-rectifiability in terms of Jones' square function: Part IJan 07 2015Jan 19 2015In this paper it is shown that if $\mu$ is a finite Radon measure in $\mathbb R^d$ which is $n$-rectifiable and $1\leq p\leq 2$, then $$\int_0^\infty \beta_{\mu,p}^n(x,r)^2\,\frac{dr}r<\infty \quad {for $\mu$-a.e. $x\in\mathbb R^d$,}$$ where $$\beta_{\mu,p}^n(x,r) ... More
Uniform measures and uniform rectifiabilityOct 02 2013Dec 16 2014In this paper it is shown that if $\mu$ is an n-dimensional Ahlfors-David regular measure in $R^d$ which satisfies the so-called weak constant density condition, then $\mu$ is uniformly rectifiable. This had already been proved by David and Semmes in ... More
Diffractive Rho Meson Electroproduction at High Q^2 and High |t|Jul 02 2002The electroproduction of rho mesons is studied at HERA with the H1 detector at high Q^2 and high |t|. Cross sections are measured as a function of Q^2, W and t. The W dependence of the gamma*-p cross section is observed to increase with Q^2 from values ... More
A conjecture for q-decomposition matrices of cyclotomic v-Schur algebrasMay 18 2005Apr 27 2006The Jantzen sum formula for cyclotomic v-Schur algebras yields an identity for some q-analogues of the decomposition matrices of these algebras. We prove a similar identity for matrices of canonical bases of higher-level Fock spaces. We conjecture then ... More
Canonical bases of higher-level q-deformed Fock spacesJun 09 2006We show that the transition matrices between the standard and the canonical bases of infinitely many weight subspaces of the higher-level q-deformed Fock spaces are equal.
Hadronic and rare B decays with the BaBar and Belle experimentsMay 16 2012We review recent experimental results on Bd and Bs mesons decays by the BaBar and Belle experiments. These include measurements of the color-suppressed decays B0bar to D(*)0h0, h0=pi0, eta, etaprime, omega, observation of the baryonic decay B0bar to Lambdac+ ... More
Phragmén's sequential method with a variance criterionNov 18 2016A variant of Phragm\'en's method for proportional representation via approval voting is briefly explored. Instead of D'Hondt's rule, this variant generalizes Sainte-Lagu\"e's rule.
Variance optimal hedging with application to Electricity marketsNov 10 2017Aug 28 2018In Electricity markets, illiquidity, transaction costs and market price characteristics prevent managers to replicate exactly contracts. A residual risk is always present and the hedging strategy depends on a risk criterion chosen. We present an algorithm ... More
Comments on higher-spin symmetriesJul 28 2008Nov 14 2010The unconstrained frame-like formulation of an infinite tower of completely symmetric tensor gauge fields is reviewed and examined in the limit where the cosmological constant goes to zero. By partially fixing the gauge and solving the torsion constraints, ... More
Représentations galoisiennes p-adiques et (phi,tau)-modulesOct 23 2010Oct 01 2012Let p be an odd prime number and K be a p-adic field. In this paper, we develop an analogue of Fontaine's theory of (phi,Gamma)-modules replacing the p-cyclotomic extension by the extension K_infty obtained by adding to K a compatible system of p^n-th ... More
Conjecture de l'inertie modérée de SerreSep 29 2005Let K be a local field of mixte characteristics. We assume that the residue field is perfect. Let X\_K be a proper smooth scheme over K admitting an integer model X which is proper and semi-stable. In this article, we prove a period isomorphism linking ... More
Schémas en groupes et poids de Diamond-SerreMay 09 2007This note is a correction of (statement and proof of) proposition 3.3.1 of Toby Gee's preprint intitled *On the weights of mod p Hilbert modular forms*. The aim is to compare Galois representations arising from extensions of some group schemes (over the ... More
Primordial Black Holes and a Large Hidden SectorJul 17 2010Nov 01 2010In this note we point out that primordial black holes could be much shorter lived than usually assumed if there is a large hidden sector of particles that only interacts gravitationally with the particles of the standard model. The observation of the ... More
Cosmological Constant and Noncommutative SpacetimeOct 19 2005We show that the cosmological constant appears as a Lagrange multiplier if nature is described by a canonical noncommutative spacetime. It is thus an arbitrary parameter unrelated to the action and thus to vacuum fluctuations. The noncommutative algebra ... More
An algorithm for computing the canonical bases of higher-level q-deformed Fock spacesSep 14 2006Dec 12 2006We derive a straightening-free algorithm that computes the canonical bases of any higher-level q-deformed Fock space.
On lexicographic Groebner bases of radical ideals in dimension zero: interpolation and structureJul 17 2012Oct 01 2012Due to the elimination property held by the lexicographic monomial order, the corresponding Groebner bases display strong structural properties from which meaningful informations can easily be extracted. We study these properties for radical ideals of ... More
Regular graphs of large girth and arbitrary degreeOct 24 2011Sep 21 2013For every integer d > 9, we construct infinite families {G_n}_n of d+1-regular graphs which have a large girth > log_d |G_n|, and for d large enough > 1,33 log_d |G_n|. These are Cayley graphs on PGL_2(q) for a special set of d+1 generators whose choice ... More
About Inverse 3-SATMar 18 2013Aug 26 2013The Inverse 3-SAT problem is known to be coNP Complete. This article shows a new interesting way to solve directly the problem by using closure under resolution and partial assignment properties. An algorithm is proposed which lets solve the (co)Inverse ... More
Adaptive sparse grids for time dependent Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equations in stochastic controlAug 19 2014We introduce some sparse grids interpolations used in Semi-Lagrangian schemes for linear and fully non-linear diffusion Hamilton Jacobi Bellman equations arising in stochastic control. We prove that the method introduced converges toward the viscosity ... More
Monte Carlo for high-dimensional degenerated Semi Linear and Full Non Linear PDEsMay 14 2018We extend a recently developed method to solve semi-linear PDEs to the case of a degenerated diffusion. Being a pure Monte Carlo method it does not suffer from the so called curse of dimensionality and it can be used to solve problems that were out of ... More
Representations semi-stables de torsion dans le cas peu ramifieJul 17 2004Oct 24 2004Let K be a local field of mixed characteristic not absolutely ramified. Fontaine-Laffaille theory gives a description of the torsion crystalline Z_p-representations of the absolute Galois group of K (p denotes the characteristic of the residual field). ... More
A proof of the weak (1,1) inequality for singular integrals with non doubling measures based on a Calderon-Zygmund decompositionFeb 25 2000Given a doubling measure $\mu$ on $R^d$, it is a classical result of harmonic analysis that Calderon-Zygmund operators which are bounded in $L^2(\mu)$ are also of weak type (1,1). Recently it has been shown that the same result holds if one substitutes ... More
On concrete models for local operator spacesOct 28 2008In this short note, we propose a concrete analogue of the space $\cL(H)$ for local operator spaces, the multinormed $C^*$-algebra $\displaystyle\prod_{\alpha} \cL(H_{\alpha})$.
Painleve's problem and the semiadditivity of analytic capacityApr 02 2002Let $\gamma(E)$ be the analytic capacity of a compact set $E$ and let $\gamma_+(E)$ be the capacity of $E$ originated by Cauchy transforms of positive measures. In this paper we prove that $\gamma(E)\approx\gamma_+(E)$ with estimates independent of $E$. ... More
Principal values for Riesz transforms and rectifiabilityAug 01 2007Let $E\subset R^d$ with $H^n(E)<\infty$, where H^n stands for the $n$-dimensional Hausdorff measure. In this paper we prove that E is n-rectifiable if and only if the limit $$\lim_{\ve\to0}\int_{y\in E:|x-y|>\ve} \frac{x-y}{|x-y|^{n+1}} dH^n(y)$$ exists ... More
Clusters, Graphs, and Networks for Analysing Internet-Web-Supported Communication within a Virtual CommunityJul 10 2007The proposal is to use clusters, graphs and networks as models in order to analyse the Web structure. Clusters, graphs and networks provide knowledge representation and organization. Clusters were generated by co-site analysis. The sample is a set of ... More
A priori estimates for solutions of a nonlinear dispersive equationAug 24 2005Mar 19 2010This paper has been withdrawn by the author due to a crucial error.
Sharp global well-posedness for a higher order Schrödinger equationApr 28 2005Apr 30 2005Using the theory of almost conserved energies and the ``I-method'' developed by Colliander, Keel, Staffilani, Takaoka and Tao, we prove that the initial value problem for a higher order Schr\"odinger equation is globally well-posed in Sobolev spaces of ... More
Courants dynamiques pluripolairesMar 08 2010We show the existence of birational self-maps f of P^k which are algebraically stable with algebraic degree d, for which there is a unique positive closed (1,1) current T satisfying f^*T=d T and ||T||=1 and for which the current T gives total mass to ... More
Geometry of the Feigenbaum mapNov 15 1997Aug 11 1998We show that the Feigenbaum-Cvitanovic equation can be interpreted as a linearizing equation, and the domain of analyticity of the Feigenbaum fixed point of renormalization as a basin of attraction. There is a natural decomposition of this basin which ... More
Asymptotically safe weak interactionsDec 26 2010We emphasize that the electroweak interactions without a Higgs boson are very similar to quantum general relativity. The Higgs field could just be a dressing field and might not exist as a propagating particle. In that interpretation, the electroweak ... More
Very Light Cosmological Scalar Fields from a Tiny Cosmological ConstantMay 03 2007Jun 28 2007We discuss a mechanism which generates a mass term for a scalar field in an expanding universe. The mass of this field turns out to be generated by the cosmological constant and can be naturally small if protected by a conformal symmetry which is however ... More
Softening the Naturalness ProblemFeb 07 2003Mar 17 2003It was observed by Veltman a long time ago that a special value for the Higgs boson mass could lead to a cancellation of the quadratically divergent corrections to the Higgs boson's squared mass which appear at one loop. We present a class of low energy ... More
Requirements Management for Service Providers: the Case of Services for CitizensJan 19 2013Take the Internet of Things, a piece of cloud computing, a handful of smart cities, don't forget social platforms, flavour it with mobile technologies and ever-changing environments, shake it up and... voila! What a wonderful service! Oops! Wait a minute, ... More
Essential spectrum of local multi-trace boundary integral operatorsAug 03 2015Considering pure transmission scattering problems in piecewise constant media, we derive an exact analytic formula for the spectrum of the corresponding local multi-trace boundary integral operators in the case where the geometrical configuration does ... More
Quantum Mechanics, Gravity and Modified Quantization RelationsApr 29 2015In this paper we investigate a possible energy scale dependence of the quantization rules and in particular, from a phenomenological point of view, an energy scale dependence of an effective $\hbar$. We set a bound on the deviation from the value of $\hbar$ ... More
A new light on the breaking of uniaxial symmetry in nematicsJul 01 2013Sep 18 2013Within the Landau-de Gennes theory of liquid crystals, we study theoretically the equilibrium configurations with uniaxial symmetry. For an arbitrary form of the bulk energy density, we show that energy minimizers among uniaxially symmetric configurations ... More
The Dual Standard Model and the 750 GeV Events at the LHCApr 21 2016The aim of this short paper is to discuss the recently observed excess at 750 GeV by both CMS and ATLAS in the light of the dual standard model. Within this framework it is natural to introduce neutral spin 0 and/or spin 2 $SU(2)$ glue mesons which could ... More
Random matrix over a DVR and LU factorizationDec 03 2012Let R be a discrete valuation ring (DVR) and K be its fraction field. If M is a matrix over R admitting a LU decomposition, it could happen that the entries of the factors L and U do not lie in R, but just in K. Having a good control on the valuations ... More
Renormalized stress tensor in one-bubble spacetimesApr 08 1999We compute the two-point function and the renormalized expectation value of the stress tensor of a quantum field interacting with a nucleating bubble. Two simple models are considered. One is the massless field in the Vilenkin-Ipser-Sikivie spacetime ... More
The Asset Liability Management problem of a nuclear operator : a numerical stochastic optimization approachNov 15 2016We numerically study an Asset Liability Management problem linked to the decommissioning of French nuclear power plants. We link the risk aversion of practitioners to an optimization problem. Using different price models we show that the optimal solution ... More
Hadronic B Decays to Charm and Charmonium With the BaBar ExperimentSep 17 2008Oct 17 2008The {\it BaBar} experiment has recorded the decays of more than 465$\times 10^6 B\bar{B}$ pairs since 1999, and is reaching an unprecedented precision in the measurement of hadronic B decays. The following results are presented: tests of QCD factorization ... More
Sobolev and isoperimetric inequalities with monomial weightsOct 16 2012Apr 20 2015We consider the monomial weight $|x_1|^{A_1}...|x_n|^{A_n}$ in $\mathbb R^n$, where $A_i\geq0$ is a real number for each $i=1,...,n$, and establish Sobolev, isoperimetric, Morrey, and Trudinger inequalities involving this weight. They are the analogue ... More
Regularity of stable solutions up to dimension 7 in domains of double revolutionFeb 06 2012We consider the class of semi-stable positive solutions to semilinear equations $-\Delta u=f(u)$ in a bounded domain $\Omega\subset\mathbb R^n$ of double revolution, that is, a domain invariant under rotations of the first $m$ variables and of the last ... More
Review on possible gravitational anomaliesApr 16 2006Sep 03 2008This is an updated introductory review of 2 possible gravitational anomalies that has attracted part of the Scientific community: the Allais effect that occur during solar eclipses, and the Pioneer 10 spacecraft anomaly, experimented also by Pioneer 11 ... More
Quasiconformal distortion of Hausdorff measuresJul 28 2009Sep 09 2009In this paper we prove that if f is a planar K-quasiconformal map and 0<t<2, t' = 2t/(2K-Kt+t), then f transforms sets of finite (t')-Hausdorff measure into sets of finite t-Hausdorff measure. We also prove the following more quantitative statement: If ... More
Interactions of chiral two-formsNov 15 1999Dec 21 1999Two issues regarding the interactions of the chiral two-forms are reviewed. First, the problem of constructing Lorentz-invariant self-couplings of a single chiral two-form is investigated in the light of the Dirac-Schwinger condition on the energy-momentum ... More
Fields of definition of building blocks with quaternionic multiplicationMay 27 2009Sep 13 2011This paper investigates the fields of definition up to isogeny of the abelian varieties called building blocks. A result of Ribet characterizes the fields of definition of these varieties together with their endomorphisms, in terms of a Galois cohomology ... More
Characterization of the atomic space $H^1$ for non doubling measures in terms of a grand maximal operatorMay 06 2000Let $\mu$ be a Radon measure on $R^d$, which may be non doubling. The only condition that $\mu$ must satisfy is $\mu(B(x,r))\leq C r^n$, for all $x,r$ and for some fixed $0<n\leq d$. Recently we introduced spaces of type $BMO(\mu)$ and $H^1(\mu)$ which ... More
Fuzzy OrbifoldsMay 07 2004A family of fuzzy orbifolds are generated by looking at sub-algebras of the fuzzy sphere. One of them is actually commutative and can be mapped exactly onto a lattice. The others are fuzzy approximations of S^2/Z_N where Z_N is the cyclic group of rotations ... More