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Star Formation Rate Indicators in WISE/SDSSDec 06 2013With the goal of investigating the degree to which the total infrared luminosity ($L_{\rm TIR}$) traces the star formation rate (SFR), we analyze the $L_{\rm TIR}$ from the dust in a sample of $\sim$ 6000 star-forming galaxies, based on the 3.4, 4.6, ... More
Quantum gates by periodic drivingMay 19 2015Sep 12 2015Topological quantum computation has been extensively studied due to its robustness against decoherence. A conventional way to realize it is by adiabatic operations---it requires relatively long time to accomplish so that the speed of quantum computation ... More
The Droplet State and the Compressibility Anomaly in Dilute 2D Electron SystemsMar 26 2001We investigate the space distribution of carrier density and the compressibility of two-dimensional (2D) electron systems by using the local density approximation. The strong correlation is simulated by the local exchange and correlation energies. A slowly ... More
High-efficiency single-photon Fock state production by transitionless quantum drivingSep 12 2013Dec 12 2014Single photon source is one of the key devices for optical quantum information processing. Differing from the usual stimulated Raman adiabatic passage to obtain single-photon radiation, here we propose an approach to produce optical Fock state on demand ... More
Reply to Comment on: "Radiation-Induced 'Zero-Resistance State' and the Photon Assisted Transport"Mar 07 2003We show that the comment by A.F. Volkov ignores a delicate issue in the conductance measurement for a hall bar system. In such system, $\rho _{xx}\approx \rho_{xy}^{2}\sigma_{xx}$ while $\sigma_{xy}\gg \sigma_{xx}$, as correctly pointed out in Ref.3. ... More
Can the age discrepancies of neutron stars be circumvented by an accretion-assisted torque?Jul 07 2003Aug 23 2003It is found that 1E 1207.4-5209 could be a low-mass bare strange star if its small radius or low altitude cyclotron formation can be identified. The age problems of five sources could be solved by a fossil-disk-assisted torque. The magnetic dipole radiation ... More
Radiation-Induced "Zero-Resistance State" and the Photon Assisted TransportFeb 19 2003Mar 13 2003We demonstrate that the radiation induced "zero-resistance state" observed in a two-dimensional electron gas is a result of the non-trivial structure of the density of states of the systems and the photon assisted transport. A toy model of a structureless ... More
Preparation of topological modes by Lyapunov controlNov 20 2014Sep 14 2015By Lyapunov control, we present a proposal to drive quasi-particles into a topological mode in quantum systems described by a quadratic Hamiltonian. The merit of this control is the individual manipulations on the boundary sites. We take the Kitaev's ... More
Robust state transfer with high fidelity in spin-1/2 chains by Lyapunov controlMay 19 2015Based on the Lyapunov control, we present a scheme to realize state transfer with high fidelity by only modulating the boundary spins in a quantum spin-1/2 chain. Recall that the conventional transmission protocols aim at nonstationary state (or information) ... More
A Droplet State in an Interacting Two-Dimensional Electron SystemSep 30 1999It is well known that the dielectric constant of two-dimensional (2D) electron system goes negative at low electron densities. A consequence of the negative dielectric constant could be the formation of the droplet state. The droplet state is a two-phase ... More
Wax and wane of the cross-sectional momentum and contrarian effects: Evidence from the Chinese stock marketsJul 18 2017This paper investigates the time-varying risk-premium relation of the Chinese stock markets within the framework of cross-sectional momentum and contrarian effects by adopting the Capital Asset Pricing Model and the French-Fama three factor model. The ... More
Relations between three-point configuration space shear and convergence statisticsMay 11 2011With the growing interest in and ability of using weak lensing studies to probe the non-Gaussian properties of the matter density field, there is an increasing need for the study of suitable statistical measures, e.g. shear three-point statistics. In ... More
Approximating Cross-validatory Predictive P-values with Integrated IS for Disease Mapping ModelsMar 24 2016An important statistical task in disease mapping problems is to identify out- lier/divergent regions with unusually high or low residual risk of disease. Leave-one-out cross-validatory (LOOCV) model assessment is a gold standard for computing predictive ... More
Quantum computation with moving quantum dots generated by surface acoustic wavesFeb 15 2011Motivated by the recent experimental observations [M. Kataoka et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. {\bf102}, 156801 (2009)], we propose here an theoretical approach to implement quantum computation with bound states of electrons in moving quantum dots generated by ... More
Controlling intrinsic-shear alignment in three-point weak lensing statisticsFeb 03 2010Dec 09 2010Three-point weak lensing statistics provide cosmic information complementary to that of two-point statistics. However, both statistics suffer from intrinsic-shear alignment, which is one of their limiting systematics. The nulling technique is a model-independent ... More
Bispectrum covariance in the flat-sky limitJul 16 2009Feb 03 2010To probe cosmological fields beyond the Gaussian level, three-point statistics can be used, all of which are related to the bispectrum. Hence, measurements of CMB anisotropies, galaxy clustering, and weak gravitational lensing alike have to rely upon ... More
Oxygen abundance in the Sloan Digital Sky SurveyMar 10 2006We present two samples of $\hii$ galaxies from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) spectroscopic observations data release 3. The electron temperatures($T_e$) of 225 galaxies are calculated with the photoionized $\hii$ model and $T_e$ of 3997 galaxies ... More
Dephasing Effect in Photon-Assisted Resonant Tunneling through Quantum DotsMar 26 2001We analyze dephasing in single and double quantum dot systems. The decoherence is introduced by the B\"{u}ttiker model with current conserving fictitious voltage leads connected to the dots. By using the non-equilibrium Green function method, we investigate ... More
Meta-Percolation and Metal-Insulator Transition in Two DimensionsApr 27 1999According to the scaling theory of localization, all quantum electronic states are localized in two-dimensional (2D) systems. One consequence of the theory is that there is no quantum percolation transition in 2D. However, in a real system at a finite ... More
Wobbling geometry in simple triaxial rotorNov 26 2014The spectroscopy properties and angular momentum geometry for the wobbling motion of a simple triaxial rotor are investigated within the triaxial rotor model up to spin $I=40\hbar$. The obtained exact solutions of energy spectra and reduced quadrupole ... More
Floquet theorem for open systems and its applicationsDec 17 2015For a closed system with periodic driving, Floquet theorem tells that the time evolution operator can be written as $ U(t,0)\equiv P(t)e^{\frac{-i}{\hbar}H_F t}$ with $P(t+T)=P(t)$, and $H_F$ is Hermitian and time-independent called Floquet Hamiltonian. ... More
Entangled states of two quantum dots mediated by Majorana fermionsNov 29 2016With the assistance of a pair of Majorana fermions, we propose schemes to entangle two quantum dots by Lyapunov control in the charge and spin degrees of freedom. Four different schemes are considered, i.e., the teleportation scheme, the crossed Andreev ... More
Hall conductance of two-band systems in a quantized fieldNov 15 2015Kubo formula gives a linear response of a quantum system to external fields, which are classical and weak with respect to the energy of the system. In this work, we take the quantum nature of the external field into account, and define a Hall conductance ... More
Engineering the coupling between Majorana bound statesJul 13 2015Aug 12 2017We study the coupling between Majorana bound states (CMBS), which is mediated by a topologically trivial chain in the presence of pairing coupling and long-range coupling. The results show that CMBS can be enhanced by the pairing coupling and long-range ... More
Effect of loss on the topological features of dimer chain described by the extended Aubry-André-Harper modelJan 10 2017By introducing loss to one sublattice of a dimer chain described by the extended Aubry-Andr\'e or Harper (AAH) model, we study the topological features including the edge states, spectrum and winding number of the chain. We find that the parameter region ... More
Optical Schrödinger Cat States in One Mode and two Coupled-Modes Subject to EnvironmentsNov 24 2016Jun 19 2017Taking the decoherence into account, we investigate nonclassical features of the optical Schr\"odinger cat states in one mode and two coupled-modes systems with two-photon driving. In the one mode system, the relationship between the Schr\"odinger cat ... More
The influence of localization transition on dynamical properties for an extended Aubry-André-Harper modelApr 07 2017Jun 27 2017We show the localization transition and its effect on two dynamical processes for an extended Aubry-Andr\'e-Harper model with incommensurate on-site and hopping potentials. After specifying an extended Aubry-Andr\'e-Harper model, we check the localization ... More
Edge state preparation in one dimensional lattice by quantum Lyapunov controlDec 10 2016Quantum Lyapunov control uses a feedback control methodology to determine control fields which are applied to control quantum systems in an open-loop way. In this work, we adopt two Lyapunov control schemes to prepare an edge state for a fermionic chain ... More
Approximating Cross-validatory Predictive Evaluation in Bayesian Latent Variables Models with Integrated IS and WAICApr 10 2014Jan 15 2015A natural method for approximating out-of-sample predictive evaluation is leave-one-out cross-validation (LOOCV) --- we alternately hold out each case from a full data set and then train a Bayesian model using Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) without the ... More
Convolutional Random Walk Networks for Semantic Image SegmentationMay 24 2016May 08 2017Most current semantic segmentation methods rely on fully convolutional networks (FCNs). However, their use of large receptive fields and many pooling layers cause low spatial resolution inside the deep layers. This leads to predictions with poor localization ... More
Unsupervised Learning of Important Objects from First-Person VideosNov 16 2016Aug 02 2017A first-person camera, placed at a person's head, captures, which objects are important to the camera wearer. Most prior methods for this task learn to detect such important objects from the manually labeled first-person data in a supervised fashion. ... More
Enhancement of Transition Temperature in FexSe0.5Te0.5 Film via Iron VacanciesJul 07 2014The effects of iron deficiency in FexSe0.5Te0.5 thin films (0.8<x<1) on superconductivity and electronic properties have been studied. A significant enhancement of the superconducting transition temperature (TC) up to 21K was observed in the most Fe deficient ... More
Artificial Neural Network for search for metal poor galaxiesDec 06 2013In order to find a fast and reliable method for selecting metal poor galaxies (MPGs), especially in large surveys and huge database, an Artificial Neural Network (ANN) method is applied to a sample of star-forming galaxies from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey ... More
Tuning Magnetotransport in PdPt/Y3Fe5O12: Effects of magnetic proximity and spin orbital couplingSep 19 2013Oct 10 2013Anisotropic magnetoresistance (AMR) ratio and anomalous Hall conductivity (AHC) in PdPt/Y$_3$Fe$_5$O$_{12}$ (YIG) system are tuned significantly by spin orbital coupling strength $\xi$ through varying the Pt concentration. For both Pt/YIG and Pd/YIG, ... More
Internal-cycle variation of solar differential rotationMay 17 2013The latitudinal distributions of the yearly mean rotation rates measured respectively by Suzuki in 1998 and 2012 and Pulkkinen $\&$ Tuominen in 1998 are utilized to investigate internal-cycle variation of solar differential rotation. The rotation rate ... More
Anti-Resonance and the 0.7 Anomaly in Conductance through a Quantum Point ContactMar 03 2004We investigate the transmission of electrons through a quantum point contact by using a quasi-one-dimensional model with a local bound state below the band bottom. While the complete transmission in lower channels gives rise to plateaus of conductance ... More
On Solar Model Solutions to the Solar Neutrino ProblemApr 06 1994Apr 25 1994Without assuming any solar models and neutrino flavor conversions, $^8$B neutrinos seen by the Kamiokande experiment should contribute 2.6$\pm 0.45$ SNU to the chlorine experiment. When this rate is compared with the total event rate of 2.3$\pm 0.2$ SNU ... More
Manipulating Magnetism at Organic/Ferromagnetic Interfaces by Fullerene-Induced Surface ReconstructionJul 30 2015Fullerenes have several advantages as potential materials for organic spintronics. Through a theoretical first-principles study, we report that fullerene C$_{60}$ adsorption can induce a magnetic reconstruction in a Ni(111) surface and expose the merits ... More
Quantum computation with surface-state electrons by rapid population passagesSep 15 2012Quantum computation requires coherently controlling the evolutions of qubits. Usually, these manipulations are implemented by precisely designing the durations (such as the $\pi$-pulses) of the Rabi oscillations and tunable interbit coupling. Relaxing ... More
Am I a Baller? Basketball Performance Assessment from First-Person VideosNov 16 2016Aug 02 2017This paper presents a method to assess a basketball player's performance from his/her first-person video. A key challenge lies in the fact that the evaluation metric is highly subjective and specific to a particular evaluator. We leverage the first-person ... More
First Person Action-Object Detection with EgoNetMar 15 2016Jun 10 2017Unlike traditional third-person cameras mounted on robots, a first-person camera, captures a person's visual sensorimotor object interactions from up close. In this paper, we study the tight interplay between our momentary visual attention and motor action ... More
Temporal Variation of the Hemispheric Solar RotationDec 07 2011The daily sunspot numbers of the whole disk as well as the northern and southern hemispheres from January 1, 1945 to December 31, 2010 are used to investigate the temporal variation of the rotational cycle length through the continuous wavelet transformation ... More
Spectroscopic study of blue compact galaxies V. oxygen abundance and the metallicity-luminosity relationJul 13 2005This is the fifth paper in a series studying the stellar components, star formation histories, star formation rates and metallicities of a blue compact galaxy (BCG) sample. Based on our high-quality ground-based spectroscopic observations, we have determined ... More
Drastic improvement of surface structure and current-carrying ability in YBa2Cu3O7 films by introducing multilayered structureJun 13 2006Much smoother surfaces and significantly improved superconducting properties of relatively thick YBa2Cu3O7 (YBCO) films have been achieved by introducing a multilayered structure with alternating main YBCO and additional NdBCO layers. The surface of thick ... More
Quantum state engineering with flux-biased Josephson phase qubits by Stark-chirped rapid adiabatic passagesJul 01 2010Jul 12 2010In this paper, the scheme of quantum computing based on Stark chirped rapid adiabatic passage (SCRAP) technique [L. F. Wei et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 100, 113601 (2008)] is extensively applied to implement the quantum-state manipulations in the flux-biased ... More
Learning Non-Lambertian Object Intrinsics across ShapeNet CategoriesDec 27 2016We consider the non-Lambertian object intrinsic problem of recovering diffuse albedo, shading, and specular highlights from a single image of an object. We build a large-scale object intrinsics database based on existing 3D models in the ShapeNet database. ... More
Anomalous carrier density independent superconductivity in iron pnictidesApr 11 2016Dome-shape superconductivity phase diagram can commonly be observed in cuprate and iron-based systems via tuning parameters such as charge carrier doping, pressure, bond angle, and etc. We report doping electrons from transition-metal elements (TM = Co, ... More
Evidence for Transition Temperature Fluctuation Induced Pinning im MgB$_2$ SuperconductorAug 10 2001The magnetic field dependent critical current density $j_c(B)$ of a MgB$_2$ bulk sample has been obtained by means of magnetization hysteresis measurements. The $j_c(B)$ curves at different temperatures demonstrate a crossover from single vortex pinning ... More
Effects of the sintering atmosphere on the superconductivity of SmFeAsO1-xFx compoundsFeb 28 2011A series of SmFeAsO1-xFx samples were sintered in quartz tubes filled with air of different pressures. The effects of the sintering atmosphere on the superconductivity were systematically investigated. The SmFeAsO1-xFx system maintains a transition temperature ... More
Superconductivity, charge ordering and structural properties of alpha and beta-NaxCoO2.y(H2O, D2O)Aug 21 2005Two series of &#61537;alpha and beta-NaxCoO2 materials have been prepared by means of Na deintercalation from the parent &#61537;alpha-NaCoO2 and &#61538;beta-Na0.6CoO2 phases, respectively. The &#61537;alpha-NaxCoO2 materials undergo a clear phase transition ... More
Low-temperature thermal conductivity of antiferromagnetic S = 1/2 chain material CuCl_2$\cdot$2((CH_3)_2SO)Oct 14 2013We study the heat transport of S = 1/2 chain compound CuCl_2$\cdot$2((CH_3)_2SO) along the b axis (vertical to the chain direction) at very low temperatures. The zero-field thermal conductivity (\kappa) shows a distinct kink at about 0.9 K, which is related ... More
Quantum state engineering by periodical two-step modulation in atomic systemDec 22 2018By periodical two-step modulation, we demonstrate that the dynamics of multilevel system can still evolve even in multiple large detunings regime, and provide the effective Hamiltonian (of interest) for this system. We then illustrate this periodical ... More
Possible Phase Separation and Transport Properties in Large Superconducting Ca0.77La0.18Fe0.90As2 CrystalsDec 30 2013Mar 17 2016We synthesized large superconducting single crystal Ca0.77La0.18Fe0.90As2 ('112' type) of 2 millimeter size. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) measurements revealed that bright and dark stripes alternately spread on the surface of crystals, indicating ... More
Thermal noise limited higher-order mode locking of a reference cavityJan 12 2018Higher-order mode locking has been proposed to reduce the thermal noise limit of reference cavities. By locking a laser to the HG02 mode of a 10-cm long all ULE cavity, and measure its performance with the three-cornered-hat method among three independently ... More
Anomalous magneto-optical Kerr effect in perpendicularly magnetized Co/Pt films on two-dimensional colloidal crystalsMar 02 2009Mar 04 2009We have studied the magneto-optical Kerr effect and optical reflectance of perpendicular magnetized Co/Pt films on self-assembly two-dimensional polystyrene spheres. It is shown that the magneto-optical and the reflectance spectra are correlated to each ... More
Synthesis, characterization and physical properties of layered bismuthide PtBi$_2$May 29 2016Jun 02 2016We report details of single crystal growth of stoichiometric bismuthide PtBi$_2$ whose structure consists of alternate stacking of Pt layer sandwiched by Bi bilayer along the $c$-axis. The compound crystallizes in space group P-3 with a hexagonal unit ... More
The radio spectrum and magnetic field structure of SNR HB3Jun 10 2008Jul 30 2008Evidence for a spectral flattening of the supernova remnant (SNR) HB3 (G132.7+1.3) was recently claimed in literature based on previously published total flux density data, and the flattening was further interpreted as the discovery of thermal bremsstrahlung ... More
Millimeter-Scale, Highly Ordered Single Crystalline Graphene Grown on Ru (0001) SurfaceSep 18 2007We demonstrate a method for synthesizing large scale single layer graphene by thermal annealing of ruthenium single crystal containing carbon. Low energy electron diffraction indicates the graphene grows to as large as millimeter dimensions with good ... More
The effect of inter-Landau-band mixing on extended states in quantum Hall systemMay 01 2003The effect of inter-Landau-band mixing on electron localization in an integer quantum Hall system is studied. We find that mixing of localized states with {\it opposite chirality} tends to delocalize the states. This delocalization effect survives the ... More
Effects of Mn and Ti doping on superconductivity and charge ordering in NaxCoO2 systemJan 04 2005The superconductivity in Na0.3Co1-xMxO2.1.3H2O and the charge ordering in Na0.5Co1-xMxO2 have been investigated for M = Mn and Ti substituting for Co. We have first successfully synthesized the single-phase Na0.7Co1-xMxO2(M= Mn and Ti) materials with ... More
Vacancy Induced Splitting of Dirac Nodal Point in GrapheneSep 16 2011We investigate the vacancy effects on quasiparticle band structure of graphene near the Dirac point. It is found that each Dirac nodal point splits into two new nodal points due to the coherent scattering among vacancies. The splitting energy between ... More
Non-monotonic variation of anomalous Hall effect with spin orbit coupling strengthApr 05 2010Apr 27 2010For L1(0) FePt films, the anomalous Hall resistivity is found to be proportional to spontaneous magnetization $M_{\mathrm{S}}$. After the $M_{\mathrm{S}}$ temperature effect is eliminated, $\rho_{\mathrm{xyo}}$ can be fitted by $\rho_{\mathrm{xyo}}=a_{\mathrm{o}}\rho_{\mathrm{xx}}+ ... More
Theoretical study of the thermoelectric properties of SiGe nanotubesJun 23 2014The thermoelectric properties of two typical SiGe nanotubes are investigated using a combination of density functional theory, Boltzmann transport theory, and molecular dynamics simulations. Unlike carbon nanotubes, these SiGe nanotubes tend to have gear-like ... More
The sino-german 6cm polarization survey of the galactic plane: A summaryFeb 09 2012We have finished the 6cm polarization survey of the Galactic plane using the Urumqi 25m radio telescope. It covers 10deg<l<230deg in Galactic longitude and |b| <5deg in Galactic latitude. The new polarization maps not only reveal new properties of the ... More
Active Matter Class with Second-Order Transition to Quasi-Long-Range Polar OrderFeb 28 2018We introduce and study in two dimensions a new class of dry, aligning, active matter that exhibits a direct transition to orientational order, without the phase-separation phenomenology usually observed in this context. Characterized by self-propelled ... More
Comparative study of transport and magnetic Jc in the polycrystalline iron-based superconductor NdFeAsO{0.88}F{0.12}Mar 04 2010Sep 07 2010Polycrystalline NdFeAsO0.88F0.12 superconductors prepared by high pressure (HP) and ambient pressure (AP) method were comparatively studied by magnetization and transport measurements. Upper critical field (Hc2), irreversibility field (Hirr) and the anisotropy ... More
Structural properties and cation ordering in layered hexagonal CaxCoO2Aug 19 2005A series of CaxCoO2 (0.15 <= x <= 0.40) materials have been prepared by means of ion exchange reaction from NaxCoO2. Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) measurements revealed a rich variety of structural phenomena resulting from cation ordering, structural ... More
Large linear magnetoresistance in a transition-metal stannide $β$-RhSn$_4$Apr 30 2017Materials exhibiting large magnetoresistance may not only be of fundamental research interest, but also can lead to wide-ranging applications in magnetic sensors and switches. Here we demonstrate a large linear-in-field magnetoresistance, $\Delta \rho/\rho$ ... More
Accurate evaluation of the Green's function of disordered graphenesMay 20 2010An accurate simulation of Green's function and self-energy function of non-interacting electrons in disordered graphenes are performed. Fundamental physical quantities such as the elastic relaxation time {\tau}e, the phase velocity vp, and the group velocity ... More
Reply to Valla's Comment on "Multiple Bosonic Mode Coupling in Electron Self-Energy of (La_{2-x}Sr_x)CuO_4"Feb 01 2005From consistency among different measurements, new measurements with better energy resolution, as well as simulations, we show that the fine structure we have identified in the electron self-enery of LSCO is intrinsic, not due to random noise as Valla ... More
Influence of magnetism on the superconducting properties of iron-based superconductor NdFeAsO0.88F0.12Mar 30 2010Mar 31 2010Both DC and AC magnetization measurements were performed on the NdFeAsO0.88F0.12 superconductor to investigate the influence of magnetism on the superconducting properties of this system. The crossover of the ZFC and FC magnetic susceptibility curves ... More
Phase diagram of the NdFe1-xRhxAsO superconductorFeb 04 2010Polycrystalline samples with a nominal composition of NdFe1-xRhxAsO (0 <= x <= 0.25) were synthesized using a solid state reaction method. Bulk superconductivity with a maximum Tc = 13 K is observed in the x = 0.1 sample. A temperature-composition phase ... More
Solar-cycle related variation of solar differential rotationMay 17 2013Solar-cycle related variation of differential rotation is investigated through analyzing the rotation rates of magnetic fields, distributed along latitudes and varying with time at the time interval of August 1976 to April 2008. More pronounced differentiation ... More
Long-term Variations of Solar Differential Rotation and Sunspot Activity: RevisitedMay 08 2012Long-term variations of solar differential rotation and sunspot activity are investigated through re-analyzing the data on parameters of the differential rotation law obtained by Makarov, Tlatov, and Callebaut (1997), Javaraiah, Bertello, and Ulrich (2005a, ... More
Physical Properties and Catalogue of EW-type Eclipsing Binaries Observed by LAMOSTMay 11 2017Jun 14 2017Numerous EWs were discovered by several deep photometric survey and there are about 40785 EW-type binary systems listed in the international variable star index (VSX) by March 13, 2017. 7938 of them were observed by LAMOST by November 30, 2016 and their ... More
Physical properties, strontium ordering and structural modulation in layered hexagonal Sr0.35CoO2Mar 07 2005Layered Sr0.35CoO2 has been synthesized by means of an ion exchange reaction from Na0.7CoO2. Resistivity measurements show that this material can be either metallic or semiconducting depending on the annealing conditions. Magnetic susceptibility, following ... More
The role of major gas-rich mergers on the evolution of galaxies from the blue cloud to the red sequenceApr 25 2016With the aim of exploring the fast evolutionary path from the blue cloud of star-forming galaxies to the red sequence of quiescent galaxies in the local universe, we select a local advanced merging infrared luminous and ultraluminous galaxy (adv-merger ... More
DAC-SDC Low Power Object Detection Challenge for UAV ApplicationsSep 01 2018The 55th Design Automation Conference (DAC) held its first System Design Contest (SDC) in 2018. SDC'18 features a lower power object detection challenge (LPODC) on designing and implementing novel algorithms based object detection in images taken from ... More
Heavy PentaquarksJan 24 2004Apr 02 2004We construct the spin-flavor wave functions of the possible heavy pentaquarks containing an anti-charm or anti-bottom quark using various clustered quark models. Then we estimate the masses and magnetic moments of the $J^P={1\over 2}^+$ or ${3\over 2}^+$ ... More
Universal scheme to generate metal-insulator transition in disordered systemsNov 24 2012We propose a scheme to generate metal-insulator transition in random binary layer (RBL) model, which is constructed by randomly assigning two types of layers. Based on a tight-binding Hamiltonian, the localization length is calculated for a variety of ... More
Impact of the modulation doping layer on the ν=5/2 anisotropyApr 01 2015We have carried out a systematic study of the tilted magnetic field induced anisotropy at the Landau level filling factor \nu=5/2 in a series of high quality GaAs quantum wells, where the setback distance (d) between the modulation doping layer and the ... More
3D analysis of spatial resolution of MIRO/Rosetta measurements at 67P/CGMar 04 2019The MIRO instrument's remote sensing capability is integral in constraining water density, temperature and velocity fields in the coma of 67P/Churyumov-Gersimenko. Our aim is to quantify the contribution to the water density from all facets inside and ... More
Electron energy loss spectra of Na0.33CoO2.yH2O (y = 0, 0.6 and 1.3)Dec 30 2004Electron energy loss (EEL) spectra have been obtained on materials with the nominal compositions of Na0.33CoO2_yH2O (y = 0, 0.6 and 1.3). Spectral analyses revealed systematic changes in the low-loss energy region (< 10eV) and the core losses(O-K, Co-L3,2) ... More
Niobium based intermetallics as a source of high-current/high-magnetic field superconductorsSep 05 2001The article is focused on low temperature intermetallic A15 superconducting wires development for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, NMR, and Nuclear Magnetic Imaging, MRI, magnets and also on cryogen-free magnets. There are many other applications which would ... More
MoS2 nanoribbons as promising thermoelectric materialsMay 23 2014May 30 2014The thermoelectric properties of MoS2 armchair nanoribbons with different width are studied by using first-principles calculations and Boltzmann transport theory, where the relaxation time is predicted from deformation potential theory. Due to the dangling ... More
Annealing Effect on Microstructure and Superconductivity of KxFeySe2 Synthesized by an Easy One-step MethodJan 27 2014High-quality superconducting KxFeySe2 single crystals were synthesized using an easy one-step method. Detailed annealing studies were performed to make clear the phase formation process in KxFeySe2. Compatible observations were found in temperature-dependent ... More
Cerenkov Line-like Radiation, The Extended and Improved Formulae SystemSep 07 2000You & Cheng (1980) argued that, for relativistic electrons moving through a dense gas, the Cerenkov effect will produce peculiar atomic and/or molecular emission lines--Cerenkov lines. They presented a series of formulae to describe the new line-mechanism. ... More
The SHER-HIAF Ring Lattice DesignMay 22 2013Super Heavy Experimental Ring (SHER) is one of the rings of the next accelerator complex High Intensity Heavy Ion Accelerator Facility (HIAF) at IMP[4]. Here, present ideas of the lattice design for the operation of the large acceptance ring are presented. ... More
The CP violating phase $γ$ from global fit of rare charmless hadronic B decaysNov 28 2000Mar 28 2001We study constraints on the CP violating phase $\gamma$ in the Kobayashi-Maskawa model using available experimental data. We first follow the conventional method to up date the constraint on $\gamma$ by performing a $\chi^2$ analysis using data from $|\epsilon_K|$, ... More
Limit cycle induced frequency locking in self-sustained current oscillations of superlatticesApr 29 2003The ac response of self-sustained current oscillations (SSCOs) in GaAs/AlAs superlattices (SLs) is derived based on the deformation of a limit cycle under an external ac driving force. Frequency locking into an integer fraction of the ac frequency is ... More
Spin 3/2 PentaquarksMar 17 2005Jun 06 2005We investigate the possible existence of the spin 3/2 pentaquark states using interpolating currents with K-N color-octet structure in the framework of QCD finite energy sum rule (FESR). We pay special attention to the convergence of the operator product ... More
Implementing universal multi-qubit quantum logic gates in three and four-spin systems at room temperatureAug 25 2000In this paper, we present the experimental realization of multi-qubit gates $% \Lambda_n(not) $ in macroscopic ensemble of three-qubit and four-qubit molecules. Instead of depending heavily on the two-bit universal gate, which served as the basic quantum ... More
Annealing, acid, and alcoholic beverage effects on Fe1+yTe0.6Se0.4Nov 15 2012We have systematically investigated and compared different methods to induce superconductivity in iron chalcogenide Fe1+yTe0.6Se0.4 including annealing in vacuum, N2, O2, I2 atmosphere, and immersing samples into acid and alcoholic beverages. Vacuum and ... More
Charge-density-wave and topological transitions in interacting Haldane modelDec 23 2010Haldane model is a noninteracting model for spinless fermions showing nontrivial topological properties. Effect of the electron-electron interaction on the topological phase poses an intriguing question. By means of the Hartree-Fock mean field, the exact ... More
Microstructure and superconductivity of Ir-doped BaFe2As2 superconductorDec 21 2009Polycrystalline samples with nominal composition of Ba(Fe1-xIrx)2As2 (x=0.10, 0.15, and 0.20) were investigated by means of X-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), electrical resistivity, and magnetization measurements. XRD and SEM ... More
Observation of strong-coupling pairing with weakened Fermi-surface nesting at optimal hole doping in Ca$_{0.33}$Na$_{0.67}$Fe$_2$As$_2$Feb 24 2014We report an angle-resolved photoemission investigation of optimally-doped Ca$_{0.33}$Na$_{0.67}$Fe$_2$As$_2$. The Fermi surface topology of this compound is similar to that of the well-studied Ba$_{0.6}$K$_{0.4}$Fe$_2$As$_2$ material, except for larger ... More
Interface Ferromagnetism in (110)-Oriented La0.7Sr0.3MnO3/SrTiO3 Ultrathin SuperlatticesOct 07 2008Apr 23 2009We explore manganite interface magnetism in epitaxially grown La0.7Sr0.3MnO3(LSMO)/SrTiO3 ultrathin superlattices (SL) along (110) orientation. we show that robust ferromagnetism persists down to four monolayers LSMO(MLs) (~1.1 nm in thickness), of which ... More
Thermal conductivity of the diamond-chain compound Cu_3(CO_3)_2(OH)_2Dec 17 2015Thermal conductivity (\kappa) of a distorted spin diamond-chain system, Cu_3(CO_3)_2(OH)_2, is studied at low temperatures down to 0.3 K and in magnetic fields up to 14 T. In zero field, the \kappa(T) curve with heat current along the chain direction ... More
Spin-orbit torque in MgO/CoFeB/Ta/CoFeB/MgO symmetric structure with interlayer antiferromagnetic couplingFeb 17 2017Spin current generated by spin Hall effect in the heavy metal would diffuse up and down to adjacent ferromagnetic layers and exert torque on their magnetization, called spin-orbit torque. Antiferromagnetically coupled trilayers, namely the so-called synthetic ... More
Limit cycle theory of temporal current self-oscillations in sequential tunneling of superlatticesNov 15 2002Nov 21 2002A unified theory of the temporal current self-oscillations is presented. We establish these oscillations as the manifestations of limit cycles, around unstable steady-state solutions caused by the negative differential conductance. This theory implies ... More