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Much easing learning-with-errors problem with small-sized quantum samplesAug 17 2019Learning-with-errors (LWE) problem has been a long-standing challenge in computation science and machine learning. In particular, the LWE problem offers useful primitives in modern post-quantum cryptography, since it is believed to be "intractable" even ... More
A classical-quantum hybrid oracle architecture for Boolean oracle identification in the noisy intermediate-scale quantum eraMay 14 2019Quantum algorithms have the potential to be very powerful. However, to exploit quantum parallelism, some quantum algorithms require an embedding of large classical data into quantum states. This embedding can cost a lot of resources, for instance by implementing ... More
Dynamic Large Spatial Covariance Matrix Estimation in Application to Semiparametric Model Construction via Variable Clustering: the SCE approachJun 20 2011Jun 23 2011To better understand the spatial structure of large panels of economic and financial time series and provide a guideline for constructing semiparametric models, this paper first considers estimating a large spatial covariance matrix of the generalized ... More
Mechanism of the Fano resonance in a planar metamaterials: Analysis from the coupled two-oscillator modelMay 03 2016Mechanism of the Fano resonances in planar metamaterials demonstrate based on the coupled two-oscillator model. We have described the optical spectrums like reflectance and transmittance near the resonances of bright mode (continuum mode) and dark mode ... More
Note on K-stability of pairsAug 23 2011Nov 23 2012We prove that a pair (X, D) with X Fano and D a smooth anti-canonical divisor is K-unstable for negative angles, and K-semistable for zero angle.
Dimension Data, Local and Global Conjugacy in Reductive GroupsJul 02 2007Jul 21 2007Let G be a connected reductive group (over $\mathbb{C}$) and H a connected semisimple subgroup. The dimension data of H (realative to its given embedding in G) is the collection of the numbers $\{{\rm dim} V^{H}\}$, where V runs over all the finite dimensional ... More
A Note on Quantum Security for Post-Quantum CryptographySep 08 2014Shor's quantum factoring algorithm and a few other efficient quantum algorithms break many classical crypto-systems. In response, people proposed post-quantum cryptography based on computational problems that are believed hard even for quantum computers. ... More
A Factorial Analysis based Prove on Goldbach's ConjectureNov 12 2007Jul 09 2012Other than any odd prime whose factor is contained by the given even number 2N, the odd primes within open interval (1, 2N - 1) were defined as effective primes of 2N. Products which contain and only contain the effective prime factor(s) of 2N were defined ... More
Quark Spin and Orbital Angular Momentum in the Chiral Quark ModelOct 21 1998Nov 25 1998Quark spin and orbital angular momentum in the nucleon are calculated in symmetry-breaking chiral quark model. The results are compared with data and other models.
Quantum Cellular Automata Models for General Dirac EquationOct 10 2016Oct 11 2016The goal of this study is to provide an exact unitary quantum cellular automata that, under discrete time steps, converges towards the Generalized Dirac Equation (GDE) in the continuum limit. The evolutionary rules for such a single particle walk are ... More
Modified Wandzura-Wilczek Relation with the Nachtmann VariableAug 10 2000Dec 16 2000If one retains M^2/Q^2 terms in the kinematics, the Nachtmann variable \xi seems to be more appropriate to describe deep inelastic lepton-nucleon scattering. Up to the first power of M^2/Q^2, a modified Wandzura-Wilczek relation with respect to \xi was ... More
Orbital Angular Momentum in the Chiral Quark ModelJan 31 1998May 06 1998We developed a new and unified scheme for describing both quark spin and orbital angular momenta in symmetry-breaking chiral quark model. The loss of quark spin in the chiral splitting processes is compensated by the gain of the orbital angular momentum ... More
Quark Orbital Motion in the NucleonJan 17 1998Jan 21 1998An unified scheme for describing both spin and orbital motion in symmetry-breaking chiral quark model is suggested. The analytic results of the spin and orbital angular momenta carried by different quark flavors in the nucleon are given. The quark spin ... More
On the projective normality of cyclic coverings over a rational surfaceDec 20 2016Feb 22 2018Let $S$ be a rational surface with $\dim|-K_S|\ge 1$ and let $\pi: X\rightarrow S$ be a ramified cyclic covering from a nonruled smooth surface $X$. We show that for any integer $k\ge 3$ and ample divisor $A$ on $S$, the adjoint divisor $K_X+k\pi^*A$ ... More
Generators of invariant linear system on tropical curves for finite isometry groupMay 18 2018May 22 2018For a tropical curve and a finite subgroup of the isometry group of the tropical curve, we prove, extending the work by Haase, Musiker and Yu, that the invariant part of the complete linear system associated to a invariant effective divisor on the tropical ... More
Binary Generative Adversarial Networks for Image RetrievalAug 08 2017The most striking successes in image retrieval using deep hashing have mostly involved discriminative models, which require labels. In this paper, we use binary generative adversarial networks (BGAN) to embed images to binary codes in an unsupervised ... More
On the projective normality of cyclic coverings over a rational surfaceDec 20 2016Apr 09 2019Let $S$ be a rational surface with $\dim|-K_S|\ge 1$ and let $\pi: X\rightarrow S$ be a ramified cyclic covering from a nonruled smooth surface $X$. We show that for any integer $k\ge 3$ and ample divisor $A$ on $S$, the adjoint divisor $K_X+k\pi^*A$ ... More
Effective prime factors and Goldbach's Theorem/ConjectureSep 18 2006Nov 06 2013According to the similarity theorem on the distributions of the effective prime factors and by using two-part method, Goldbach theorem and, consequently, Goldbach conjecture was proved.
The P versus NP Problem in Quantum PhysicsFeb 12 2014Motivated by the fact that information is encoded and processed by physical systems, the P versus NP problem is examined in terms of physical processes. In particular, we consider P as a class of deterministic, and NP as nondeterministic, polynomial-time ... More
Einstein's MoonAug 15 2010Apr 16 2013An account of the subjective elements of quantum mechanics or of whether, as Einstein famously asked, the Moon exists when nobody is looking at it.
Galois quotients of metric graphs and invariant linear systemsJan 26 2019For a map $\varphi : \varGamma \rightarrow \varGamma^{\prime}$ between metric graphs and an isometric action on $\varGamma$ by finite group $K$, $\varphi$ is a $K$-Galois covering on $\varGamma^{\prime}$ if $\varphi$ is a morphism, the degree of $\varphi$ ... More
The Symmetricity of Normal Modes in Symmetric ComplexesSep 19 2016In this work, we look at the symmetry of normal modes in symmetric structures, particularly structures with cyclic symmetry. We show that normal modes of symmetric structures have different levels of symmetry, or symmetricity. One novel theoretical result ... More
Use Symmetry to Elucidate the Roles of Global Shape and Local Interactions in Protein Dynamics and CooperativityFeb 10 2019Shape had been intuitively recognized to play a dominant role in determining the global motion patterns of bio-molecular assemblies. However, it is not clear exactly how shape determines the motion patterns. What about the local interactions that hold ... More
Non-Superconducting Non-Abelian Statistics in One-Dimensional Topological InsulatorsDec 20 2017Feb 16 2018Topological materials are of great interest for applications in quantum computing, providing intrinsic robustness against environmental noises. A popular direction is to look for Majorana modes in integrated systems interfaced with superconducting materials. ... More
Decay estimates for fractional wave equations on H-type groupsAug 28 2016The aim of this paper is to establish the decay estimate for the fractional wave equation semigroup on H-type groups given by $e^{it\Delta^\alpha}$, $0<\alpha<1$. Combing the dispersive estimate and a standard duality argument, we also derive the corresponding ... More
Invariants and structures of the homology cobordism group of homology cylindersMay 18 2015The homology cobordism group of homology cylinders is a generalization of the mapping class group and the string link concordance group. We study this group and its filtrations by subgroups by developing new homomorphisms. First, we define extended Milnor ... More
Local solution method for the problem of enlargement of filtrationFeb 12 2013Mar 27 2013The enlargement of filtration theory is a study of semimartingales when the basic filtration changes. This theory provides particular techniques on stochastic calculus. We present here a technique, that we call the local solution method. We will show, ... More
Random time with differentiable conditional distribution functionDec 19 2013Given a stochastic structure with a filtration $\mathbb{F}$, the class of all random times whose conditional distribution functions are differentiable with respect to some $\mathbb{F}$ adapted non decreasing processes is considered. The main property ... More
An alternative proof of a result of TakaokaJun 05 2013In Karatzas and Kardaras's paper on semimartingale financial models, it is proved that the NUPBR condition is a property of the local characteristic of the asset process alone. In Takaoka's paper on NUPBR, it is proved that the NUPBR condition is equivalent ... More
Lower Bounds for the Domination Numbers of Connected Graphs without Short CyclesDec 20 2015Jan 04 2016In this paper, we obtain lower bounds for the domination numbers of connected graphs with girth at least $7$. We show that the domination number of a connected graph with girth at least $7$ is either $1$ or at least $\frac{1}{2}(3+\sqrt{8(m-n)+9})$, where ... More
Social Learning with Coordination MotivesSep 10 2015Oct 29 2015The theoretical study of social learning typically assumes that each agent's action affects only her own payoff. In this paper, I present a model in which agents' actions directly affect the payoffs of other agents. On a discrete time line, there is a ... More
An Improved Parameterized Algorithm for the Independent Feedback Vertex Set ProblemAug 01 2013In this paper, we develop a new parameterized algorithm for the {\sc Independent Feedback Vertex Set} (IFVS) problem. Given a graph $G=(V,E)$, the goal of the problem is to determine whether there exists a vertex subset $F\subseteq V$ such that $V-F$ ... More
A K-homological approach to the quantization commutes with reduction problemApr 18 2014Oct 09 2014Kasparov defined a distinguished K-homology fundamental class, so called the Dirac element. We prove a localization formula for the Dirac element in K-homology of crossed product of C^{*}-algebras. Then we define the quantization of Hamiltonian G-spaces ... More
Hydrodynamic Modeling and the QGP Shear ViscosityJul 10 2012In this article, we will briefly review the recent progress on hydrodynamic modeling and the extraction of the quark-gluon plasma (QGP) specific shear viscosity with an emphasis on results obtained from the hybrid model VISHNU that couples viscous hydrodynamics ... More
QGP viscosity at RHIC and the LHC - a 2012 status reportOct 21 2012Nov 26 2012In this article, we briefly review the recent progress related to extracting the quark-gluon plasma (QGP) specific shear viscosity from the flow data measured at Relativistic Heavy-Ion Collider (RHIC) and the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).
Local martingale deflators for asset processes stopped at a default time $S^τ$ or right before $S^{τ-}$May 18 2014Jul 20 2016Let $\mathbb{F}\subset \mathbb{G}$ be two filtrations and $S$ be a $\mathbb{F}$ semimartingale possessing a $\mathbb{F}$ local martingale deflator. Consider $\tau$ a $\mathbb{G}$ stopping time. We study the problem whether $S^{\tau-}$ or $S^{\tau}$ can ... More
Optional splitting formula in a progressively enlarged filtrationAug 21 2012Dec 20 2013Let $\mathbb{F}$ be a filtration and $\tau$ be a random time. Let $\mathbb{G}$ be the progressive enlargement of $\mathbb{F}$ with $\tau$. We study the validity of the following formula, called optional splitting formula : For any $\mathbb{G}$-optional ... More
A maximum principle for self-shrinkers and some consequencesDec 15 2014Using a maximum principle for self-shrinkers of the mean curvature flow, we give new proofs of a rigidity theorem for rotationally symmetric compact self-shrinkers and a result about the asymptotic behavior of self-shrinkers. This comparison argument ... More
Dense Nuclear Matter: Landau Fermi-Liquid Theory and Chiral Lagrangian with ScalingJun 16 2000The relation between the effective chiral Lagrangian whose parameters scale according to Brown and Rho scaling("BR scaling") and Landau Fermi-liquid theory for hadronic matter is discussed in order to make a basis to describe the fluctuations under the ... More
The global sections of chiral de Rham complexes on compact Ricci-flat Kähler manifoldsSep 27 2018The space of the global sections of chiral de Rham complex on a compact Ricci-flat K\"ahler manifold is calculated and it is expressed as an invariant subspace of a $\beta\gamma-bc$ system under the action of certain Lie algebra.
Appearance of stable minimal spheres along the Ricci flow in positive scalar curvatureNov 29 2016May 03 2017We construct examples of spherical space forms $(S^3/\Gamma,g)$ with positive scalar curvature and containing no stable embedded minimal surfaces, such that the following happens along the Ricci flow starting at $(S^3/\Gamma,g)$: a stable embedded minimal ... More
Embeddedness of least area minimal hypersurfacesNov 09 2015Dec 06 2016E. Calabi and J. Cao showed that a closed geodesic of least length in a two-sphere with nonnegative curvature is always simple. Using min-max theory, we prove that for some higher dimensions, this result holds without assumptions on the curvature. More ... More
Ordering-Free Inference from Locally Dependent DataApr 02 2016Jun 29 2018This paper focuses on a data-rich environment where the data set has a very large cross-sectional dimension, is likely to exhibit local dependence, and yet is hard to determine the dependence ordering. Such a situation arises, for example, when the data ... More
Note on geodesic rays tamed by simple test configurationsJun 17 2008Nov 08 2009In this short note, we give a new proof of a theorem of Arezzo-Tian on the existence of smooth geodesic rays tamed by a special degeneration.
Embeddedness of least area minimal hypersurfacesNov 09 2015E. Calabi and J. Cao showed that a closed geodesic of least length in a two-sphere with nonnegative curvature is always simple. Using min-max theory, we prove that for some higher dimensions, this result holds without assumptions on the curvature. More ... More
Ordering-Free Inference from Locally Dependent DataApr 02 2016This paper focuses on a situation where data exhibit local dependence but their dependence ordering is not known to the econometrician. Such a situation arises, for example, when many differentiated products are correlated locally and yet the correlation ... More
Charm Antiquark and Charm Quark in the NucleonNov 11 2001Apr 15 2002We estimate the intrinsic charm contributions to the quark flavor and spin observables of the nucleon in the SU(4) quark meson fluctuation model. In this model, the charm or anticharm reside in the charmed mesons created by the nonperturbative quantum ... More
Intrinsic Charm in the NucleonOct 27 1999Oct 28 1999The quark spin and flavor structure of the nucleon is discussed in the SU(4) symmetry breaking chiral quark model. The spin and flavor contents for charm quarks and anti-charm quarks are predicted and compared with the results given by other models. The ... More
Polarized structure function $g_2$ in the CM bag modelApr 08 1996The spin-dependent structure functions $g_1(x)$, $g_2(x)$, ${g}_2^{WW}(x)$ and ${\bar g}_2(x)$ and their moments are studied in the CM bag model. The results show that (i) $\int_0^1g_2(x)dx=0$, i.e. the Burkhardt-Cottingham sum rule holds, hence $g_2(x)$ ... More
Macdonald Index and Chiral AlgebraDec 28 2016Aug 10 2017For any 4d N=2 SCFT, there is a subsector described by a 2d chiral algebra. The vacuum character of the chiral algebra reproduces the Schur index of the corresponding 4d theory. The Macdonald index counts the same set of operators as the Schur index, ... More
Riemannian geometry of Kahler-Einstein currentsApr 02 2014We study Riemannian geometry of canonical Kahler-Einstein currents on projective Calabi-Yau varieties and canonical models of general type with crepant singularities. We prove that the metric completion of the regular part of such a canonical current ... More
The SzegÖ kernel on an orbifold circle bundleMay 05 2004The analysis of holomorphic sections of high powers $L^N$ of holomorphic ample line bundles $L\to M$ over compact K\"ahler manifolds has been widely applied in complex geometry and mathematical physics. The Tian-Yau-Zelditch's asymptotic expansion of ... More
On the singularities of effective loci of line bundlesMay 10 2013Sep 27 2014We prove that every irreducible component of semi-regular loci of effective line bundles in the Picard scheme of a smooth projective variety has at worst rational singularities. This generalizes Kempf's result on rational singularities of $W^0_d$ for ... More
On the universal family of Hilbert schemes of points on a surfaceJul 21 2014Sep 24 2015For a smooth quasi-projective surface $X$ and an integer $n\ge 3$, we show that the universal family $Z^n$ over the Hilbert scheme $\text{Hilb}^{n}(X)$ of $n$ points has non $\mathbb{Q}$-Gorenstein, rational singularities, and that the Samuel multiplicity ... More
Dark Energy and ConsciousnessJan 22 2017Jul 16 2018One of the most important concepts in logic and the foundations of mathematics may be useful in providing an explanation for the cosmological constant problem. A connection between self-reference and consciousness has been previously discussed due to ... More
Immeasurability of Zero-point Energy in the Cosmological Constant problemMar 14 2007Mar 21 2008A huge discrepancy between the zero-point energy calculated from quantum theory and the observed quantity in the Universe has been one of the most illusive problems in physics. In order to examine the measurability of zero-point energy, we construct reference ... More
Semantics of InformationNov 07 2016Aug 03 2017Due to the self-referencing aspect, consciousness is placed in a unique non-computable position among natural phenomena. Non-computable consciousness was previously analyzed on the basis of self-referential cyclical time. This paper extends the cyclical ... More
Negative Entropy and Black Hole InformationJan 28 2013Dec 08 2013Based on negative entropy in entanglement, it is shown that a single-system Copenhagen measurement protocol is equivalent to the two-system von Neumann scheme with the memory filling up the system with negative information similar to the Dirac sea of ... More
Secure Key Distribution by Swapping Quantum EntanglementMay 28 2003Jan 01 2004We report two key distribution schemes achieved by swapping quantum entanglement. Using two Bell states, two bits of secret key can be shared between two distant parties that play symmetric and equal roles. We also address eavesdropping attacks against ... More
Automorphic Forms, Bundles and Yang-Mills EquationsMay 13 1997Nov 22 2001The paper has been withdrawn by the author.
Feynman Algorithm Implementation for Comparison with Euler in a Uniform Elastic Two-Layer 2D and 3D Object Dynamic Deformation Framework in OpenGL with GUIJun 17 2009We implement for comparative purposes the Feynman algorithm within a C++-based framework for two-layer uniform facet elastic object for real-time softbody simulation based on physics modeling methods. To facilitate the comparison, we implement initial ... More
Dynamic Deformation of Uniform Elastic Two-Layer ObjectsJul 24 2009Jul 25 2009This thesis presents a two-layer uniform facet elastic object for real-time simulation based on physics modeling method. It describes the elastic object procedural modeling algorithm with particle system from the simplest one-dimensional object, to more ... More
Dynamic construction of martingales of density functionsJan 27 2014Feb 02 2014The density hypothesis on random times becomes now a standard in modeling of risks. One of the basic reasons to introduce the density hypothesis is the desire to have a computable credit risk model. However, recent work shows that merely an existence ... More
$\natural$-model with jumpsSep 29 2013We consider the so-called $\natural$-model. It is an one-default model which gives the conditional law of a random time with respect to a reference filtration. This model has been studied in the case where the parameters are continuous. In this paper ... More
Martingale representation processes and applications in the market viability with information flow expansionMay 04 2015Mar 17 2016When the \textit{martingale representation property} holds, we call any local martingale which realizes the representation a \textit{representation process}. There are two properties of the \textit{representation process} which can greatly facilitate ... More
Econometric Inference on Large Bayesian Games with Heterogeneous BeliefsApr 08 2014Econometric models on games often assume observation of many replications of a single representative game. Such a framework is not adequate when one observes multiple heterogeneous many-player games, as in many models of social interactions. This paper ... More
An equation for the general Ramsey number R(p1,p2,;r)Sep 07 2010Aug 08 2011The Ramsey number $R(P_1,P_2,...,P_t;r)$ is a valve value such that as long as the cardinality $n$ of the $n$-set $V_n={1,...,n}$ is no less than $R$,however all the $\binom{n}{r}$ $r$-subsets of $V_n$ are distributed into $t$ boxes, $V_n$ will always ... More
Charmonia formation in quark-gluon plasmaFeb 14 2014Using the color evaporation model, the cross section for charmonium production in p+p collision is calculated in quark-gluon plasma. The threshold energy for open charms is given by the free energy potential from lattice calculations, the initial charm ... More
Testing conditional independence via Rosenblatt transformsNov 19 2009This paper proposes new tests of conditional independence of two random variables given a single-index involving an unknown finite-dimensional parameter. The tests employ Rosenblatt transforms and are shown to be distribution-free while retaining computational ... More
Causal Viscous Hydrodynamics for Relativistic Heavy Ion CollisionsAug 25 2009The viscosity of the QGP is a presently hotly debated subject. Since its computation from first principles is difficult, it is desirable to try to extract it from experimental data. Viscous hydrodynamics provides a tool that can attack this problem and ... More
A Decomposition Analysis of Diffusion over a Large NetworkApr 17 2019Diffusion over a causal network refers to the phenomenon of a change of state of a cross-sectional unit in one period leading to a change of state of its causal neighbors in the next period. One may estimate or test for diffusion by estimating a cross-sectionally ... More
On the ruin problem in the renewal risk processes perturbed by diffusionMar 06 2008In this paper, we consider the perturbed renewal risk process. Systems of integro-differential equations for the Gerber-Shiu functions at ruin caused by a claim and oscillation are established, respectively. The explicit Laplase transforms of Gerber-Shiu ... More
The global sections of the chiral de Rham complex on a Kummer surfaceDec 28 2013Jul 09 2014The chiral de Rham complex is a sheaf of vertex algebras {\Omega}^ch_M on any nonsingular algebraic variety or complex manifold M, which contains the ordinary de Rham complex as the weight zero subspace. We show that when M is a Kummer surface, the algebra ... More
Chiral Hodge cohomology and Mathieu moonshinMay 11 2017Dec 07 2018We construct a filtration of chiral Hodge cohomolgy of a K3 surface $X$, such that its associated graded object is a unitary representation of the N=4 vertex algebra with central charge $6$ and its subspace of primitive vectors has the property: its equivariant ... More
DFT-based calculation of Coulomb blockade in molecular junctionOct 02 2007Quantum transport through single molecules is very sensitive to the strength of the molecule-electrode contact. When a molecular junction weakly coupled to external electrodes, charging effects do play an important role (Coulomb blockade regime). In this ... More
Local min-max surfaces and strongly irreducible minimal Heegaard splittingsJun 04 2017Let $(M,g)$ be a closed oriented Riemannian $3$-manifold and suppose that there is a strongly irreducible Heegaard splitting $H$. We prove that $H$ is either isotopic to a minimal surface of index at most one or isotopic to the stable oriented double ... More
A Link Representation for Gravity AmplitudesJul 17 2012We derive a link representation for all tree amplitudes in N=8 supergravity, from a recent conjecture by Cachazo and Skinner. The new formula explicitly writes amplitudes as contour integrals over constrained link variables, with an integrand naturally ... More
Hall universal group has ample generic automorphismsMar 20 2017Oct 20 2017We show that the automorphism group of Philip Hall's universal locally finite group has ample generics,that is, it admits comeager diagonal conjugacy classes in all dimensions.Consequently, it has the small index property, is not the union of a countable ... More
A Uniform-in-$P$ Edgeworth Expansion under Weak Cramér ConditionsJun 04 2018Aug 13 2019This paper provides a finite sample bound for the error term in the Edgeworth expansion for a sum of independent, potentially discrete, nonlattice random vectors, using a uniform-in-$P$ version of the weaker Cram\'{e}r condition in Angst and Poly (2017). ... More
Lower order tensors in non-Kähler geometry and non-Kähler geometric flowMar 21 2015May 31 2016In recent years, Streets and Tian introduced a series of curvature flows to study non-K\"{a}hler geometry. In this paper, we study how to construct second order curvature flows in a uniform way, under some natural assumptions which holds in Streets and ... More
Morawetz estimates as well as spacetime bounds based on pseudoconformal conservation law and interaction Morawetz estimates for a quasilinear Schrödinger equationApr 22 2019In this paper, we consider the Cauchy problem of the quasilinear Sch\"{o}dinger equation \begin{equation*} \left\{ \begin{array}{lll} iu_t = \Delta u+2uh'(|u|^2)\Delta h(|u|^2)+V(x)u+F(|u|^2)u+(W*|u|^2)u,\ x\in \mathbb{R}^N,\ t>0\\ u(x,0) = u_0(x),\quad ... More
Large Vector Auto RegressionsJun 20 2011One popular approach for nonstructural economic and financial forecasting is to include a large number of economic and financial variables, which has been shown to lead to significant improvements for forecasting, for example, by the dynamic factor models. ... More
Solvability of Dirichlet problem with Nonlinear Integro-differential OperatorFeb 19 2016Jul 26 2016This paper studies the solvability of a class of Dirichlet problem associated with non-linear integro-differential operator. The main ingredient is the probabilistic construction of continuous supersolution via the identification of the continuity set ... More
Semantics of InformationNov 07 2016Both the choice made by the observer and consciousness are discussed in terms of cyclical time. That is, while the process of classical choice evolves forward in time, the quantum reference frame evolves backward in time to equate itself with the classical ... More
Baryon Magnetic Moments and Quark Orbital Motion in the Chiral Quark ModelApr 30 1998May 13 1998Using the unified scheme for describing both quark spin and orbital angular momenta in the chiral quark model developed in the previous work, the magnetic moments of octet and decuplet baryons are calculated. The numerical result shows that the overall ... More
Intrinsic Charm Flavor and Helicity Content in the ProtonSep 28 2001Oct 28 2001Contributions to the quark flavor and spin observables from the intrinsic charm in the proton are discussed in the SU(4) quark meson fluctuation model. Our results suggest that the probability of finding the intrinsic charm in the proton is less than ... More
Entanglement Entropy Evolution under Double-trace DeformationMay 08 2016May 16 2016In this paper, we study the bulk entanglement entropy evolution in conical BTZ black bole background using the heat kernel method. This is motivated by exploring the new examples where quantum corrections of entanglement entropy give the leading contribution. ... More
Superconformal indices of generalized Argyres-Douglas theories from 2d TQFTSep 22 2015Jun 19 2016We study superconformal indices of 4d N=2 class S theories with certain irregular punctures called type $I_{k, N}$. This class of theories include generalized Argyres-Douglas theories of type $(A_{k-1}, A_{N-1})$ and more. We conjecture the superconformal ... More
Ricci flow and birational surgeryApr 09 2013We study the formation of finite time singularities of the Kahler-Ricci flow in relation to high codimensional birational surgery in algebraic geometry. We show that the Kahler-Ricci flow on an n-dimensionl Kahler manifold contracts a complex submanifold ... More
Some Type I solutions of Ricci flow with rotational symmetryMar 13 2012We prove that the Ricci flow on CP^n blown-up at one point starting with any rotationally symmetric Kahler metric must develop Type I singularities. In particular, if the total volume does not go to zero at the singular time, the parabolic blow-up limit ... More
On a conjecture of Candelas and de la OssaJan 20 2012We prove that the metric completion of a canonical Ricci-flat Kahler metric on the nonsingular part of a projective Calabi-Yau variety $X$ with ordinary double point singularities, is a compact metric length space homeomorphic to the projective variety ... More
Finite time extinction of the Kahler-Ricci flowMay 07 2009We investigate the limiting behavior of the unnormalized Kahler-Ricci flow on a Kahler manifold with a polarized initial Kahler metric. We prove that the Kahler-Ricci flow becomes extinct in finite time if and only if the manifold has positive first Chern ... More
Generalizing Virtual Values to Multidimensional Auctions: a Non-Myersonian ApproachNov 29 2017We consider the revenue maximization problem of a monopolist via a non-Myersonian approach that could generalize to multiple items and multiple buyers. Although such an approach does not lead to any closed-form solution of the problem, it does provide ... More
Remarks on the undecidability of the quantum halting problemJan 22 2007Oct 22 2015The halting problem is a decision problem first posed and proved by Alan Turing in 1936. With the recent surge of interest in quantum computation, one is led to ask if the problem can also be considered for a quantum computer. It is reported that the ... More
Unsolvability of the Halting Problem in Quantum DynamicsOct 07 2006It is shown that the halting problem cannot be solved consistently in both the Schrodinger and Heisenberg pictures of quantum dynamics. The existence of the halting machine, which is assumed from quantum theory, leads into a contradiction when we consider ... More
Post-measurement Nonlocal GatesMar 24 2003Several proposed quantum computer models include measurement processes, in order to implement nonlocal gates and create necessary entanglement resources during the computation. We introduce a scheme in which the measurements can be delayed for two- and ... More
Approximating Functional of Local Martingale Under the Lack of Uniqueness of Black-Scholes PDEFeb 11 2011Sep 21 2012When the underlying stock price is a strict local martingale process under an equivalent local martingale measure, Black-Scholes PDE associated with an European option may have multiple solutions. In this paper, we study an approximation for the smallest ... More
Large Volatility Matrix Prediction with High-Frequency DataJul 02 2019We provide a novel method for large volatility matrix prediction with high-frequency data by applying eigen-decomposition to daily realized volatility matrix estimators and capturing eigenvalue dynamics with ARMA models. Given a sequence of daily volatility ... More
Relay Selection for Two-way Relaying with Amplify-and-Forward ProtocolsNov 30 2011In this paper, we propose a relay selection amplify-and-forward (RS-AF) protocol in general bi-directional relay networks with two sources and $N$ relays. In the proposed scheme, the two sources first transmit to all the relays simultaneously, and then ... More
Stream-based Online Active Learning in a Contextual Multi-Armed Bandit FrameworkJul 11 2016We study the stream-based online active learning in a contextual multi-armed bandit framework. In this framework, the reward depends on both the arm and the context. In a stream-based active learning setting, obtaining the ground truth of the reward is ... More