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Constraining primordial non-Gaussianity using two galaxy surveys and CMB lensingJun 11 2019Next-generation galaxy surveys will be able to measure perturbations on scales beyond the equality scale. On these ultra-large scales, primordial non-Gaussianity leaves signatures that can shed light on the mechanism by which perturbations in the early ... More
Constraining primordial non-Gaussianity using two galaxy surveys and CMB lensingJun 11 2019Aug 13 2019Next-generation galaxy surveys will be able to measure perturbations on scales beyond the equality scale. On these ultra-large scales, primordial non-Gaussianity leaves signatures that can shed light on the mechanism by which perturbations in the early ... More
Phase Space and Jet Definitions in SCETOct 13 2009We discuss consistent power counting for integrating soft and collinear degrees of freedom over arbitrary regions of phase space in the soft-collinear effective theory (SCET), and illustrate our results at one loop with several jet algorithms: JADE, Sterman-Weinberg ... More
Uncertainty-Aware Driver Trajectory Prediction at Urban IntersectionsJan 16 2019Mar 06 2019Predicting the motion of a driver's vehicle is crucial for advanced driving systems, enabling detection of potential risks towards shared control between the driver and automation systems. In this paper, we propose a variational neural network approach ... More
Detecting hip fractures with radiologist-level performance using deep neural networksNov 17 2017We developed an automated deep learning system to detect hip fractures from frontal pelvic x-rays, an important and common radiological task. Our system was trained on a decade of clinical x-rays (~53,000 studies) and can be applied to clinical data, ... More
Producing radiologist-quality reports for interpretable artificial intelligenceJun 01 2018Current approaches to explaining the decisions of deep learning systems for medical tasks have focused on visualising the elements that have contributed to each decision. We argue that such approaches are not enough to "open the black box" of medical ... More
ALMA reveals the anatomy of the mm-sized dust and molecular gas in the HD 97048 diskSep 07 2016Nov 10 2016Transitional disks show a lack of excess emission at infrared wavelengths due to a large dust cavity, that is often corroborated by spatially resolved observations at ~ mm wavelengths. We present the first spatially resolved ~ mm-wavelength images of ... More
Hyperdeterminants of PolynomialsJul 23 2011May 06 2012The hyperdeterminant of a polynomial (interpreted as a symmetric tensor) factors into several irreducible factors with multiplicities. Using geometric techniques these factors are identified along with their degrees and their multiplicities. The analogous ... More
A recursion on maximal chains in the Tamari latticesSep 09 2017The Tamari lattices have been intensely studied since their introduction by Dov Tamari around 1960. However oddly enough, a formula for the number of maximal chains is still unknown. This is due largely to the fact that maximal chains in the $n$-th Tamari ... More
Inelastic x-ray scattering measurements on URu2Si2Dec 29 2015We report high-resolution inelastic x ray scattering measurements of the acoustic phonons of URu2Si2. We observe minimal change in the phonon structure upon entering the Hidden Order phase. At all temperatures, the longitudinal acoustic phonons are anomalously ... More
On Handlebody Structures of Rational BallsJun 06 2014It is known that for coprime integers $p>q\geq 1$, the lens space $L(p^2,pq-1)$ bounds a rational ball, $B_{p,q}$, arising as the 2-fold branched cover of a (smooth) slice disk in $B^4$ bounding the associated 2-bridge knot. Lekilli and Maydanskiy give ... More
On the Minimum Number of Edges in Triangle-Free 5-Critical GraphsFeb 09 2016Aug 07 2017Kostochka and Yancey proved that every 5-critical graph G satisfies: |E(G)|>= (9/4)|V(G)| - 5/4. A construction of Ore gives an infinite family of graphs meeting this bound. We prove that there exists e,d > 0 such that if G is a 5-critical graph, then ... More
Linear-Time and Efficient Distributed Algorithms for List Coloring Graphs on SurfacesApr 07 2019In 1994, Thomassen proved that every planar graph is 5-list-colorable. In 1995, Thomassen proved that every planar graph of girth at least five is 3-list-colorable. His proofs naturally lead to quadratic-time algorithms to find such colorings. Here, we ... More
Polytope Bounds on Multivariate Value SetsOct 10 2013Feb 18 2014We improve upon the upper bounds for the cardinality of the value set of a multivariable polynomial map over a finite field using the polytope of the polynomial. This generalizes earlier bounds only dependent on the degree of a polynomial.
Obstructing Sliceness in a Family of Montesinos KnotsSep 07 2008Using Gauge theoretical techniques employed by Lisca for 2-bridge knots and by Greene-Jabuka for 3-stranded pretzel knots, we show that no member of the family of Montesinos knots M(0;[m_1+1,n_1+2],[m_2+1,n_2+2],q), with certain restrictions on m_i, n_i, ... More
The Quadrifocal VarietyJan 06 2015Sep 20 2016Multi-view Geometry is reviewed from an Algebraic Geometry perspective and multi-focal tensors are constructed as equivariant projections of the Grassmannian. A connection to the principal minor assignment problem is made by considering several flatlander ... More
Water wave transmission by an array of floating disksMar 15 2014An experimental validation of theoretical models of transmission of regular water waves by large arrays of floating disks is presented. The experiments are conducted in a wave basin. The models are based on combined potential-flow and thin-plate theories, ... More
In Defense of Synthetic DataMay 03 2019Synthetic datasets have long been thought of as second-rate, to be used only when "real" data collected directly from the real world is unavailable. But this perspective assumes that raw data is clean, unbiased, and trustworthy, which it rarely is. Moreover, ... More
Theoretical predictions of transverse kinematic imbalance in neutrino-nucleus interactionsJun 13 2016Distributions of transverse kinematic imbalance in neutrino-nucleus interactions in the few GeV regime are sensitive to nuclear effects. We present a study comparing the latest predictions of transverse kinematic imbalance from the interaction simulations, ... More
The Price of Free Illegal Live Streaming ServicesJan 03 2019As Internet streaming of live content has gained on traditional cable TV viewership, we have also seen significant growth of free live streaming services which illegally provide free access to copyrighted content over the Internet. Some of these services ... More
Parabolic Regularity and Dirichlet boundary value problemsJul 03 2017We study the relationship between the Regularity and Dirichlet boundary value problems for parabolic equations of the form $Lu=\text{div}(A \nabla u)-u_t=0$ in Lip$(1,1/2)$ time-varying cylinders, where the coefficient matrix $A = \left[ a_{ij}(X,t)\right] ... More
Magnetic fields on resistance spacesJan 06 2015Aug 31 2016On a metric measure space $X$ that supports a regular, strongly local resistance form we consider a magnetic energy form that corresponds to the magnetic Laplacian for a particle confined to $X$. We provide sufficient conditions for closability and self-adjointness ... More
Progress towards Nash-Williams' Conjecture on Triangle DecompositionsSep 02 2019Partitioning the edges of a graph into edge disjoint triangles forms a triangle decomposition of the graph. A famous conjecture by Nash-Williams from 1970 asserts that any sufficiently large, triangle divisible graph on $n$ vertices with minimum degree ... More
Density of 5/2-critical graphsNov 24 2014A graph G is 5/2-critical if G has no circular 5/2-coloring (or equivalently, homomorphism to C_5), but every proper subgraph of G has one. We prove that every 5/2-critical graph on n>=4 vertices has at least (5n-2)/4 edges, and list all 5/2-critical ... More
Gene Expression based Survival Prediction for Cancer Patients: A Topic Modeling ApproachMar 25 2019Cancer is one of the leading cause of death, worldwide. Many believe that genomic data will enable us to better predict the survival time of these patients, which will lead to better, more personalized treatment options and patient care. As standard survival ... More
Local Linear Convergence of Approximate Projections onto Regularized SetsAug 10 2011Sep 14 2011The numerical properties of algorithms for finding the intersection of sets depend to some extent on the regularity of the sets, but even more importantly on the regularity of the intersection. The alternating projection algorithm of von Neumann has been ... More
Correspondence coloring and its application to list-coloring planar graphs without cycles of lengths 4 to 8Aug 14 2015Oct 08 2016We introduce a new variant of graph coloring called correspondence coloring which generalizes list coloring and allows for reductions previously only possible for ordinary coloring. Using this tool, we prove that excluding cycles of lengths 4 to 8 is ... More
A Simulator for Hedonic GamesJun 26 2017Jul 25 2017Hedonic games are meant to model how coalitions of people form and break apart in the real world. However, it is difficult to run simulations when everything must be done by hand on paper. We present an online software that allows fast and visual simulation ... More
Flexpoint: An Adaptive Numerical Format for Efficient Training of Deep Neural NetworksNov 06 2017Dec 02 2017Deep neural networks are commonly developed and trained in 32-bit floating point format. Significant gains in performance and energy efficiency could be realized by training and inference in numerical formats optimized for deep learning. Despite advances ... More
Non-linear Galactic Dynamos and the Magnetic Rädler EffectMay 15 2018Aug 24 2018We show that the magnetic analogue of the R\"{a}dler effect of mean-field dynamo theory leads to a non-linear backreaction that quenches a large-scale galactic dynamo, and can result in saturation of the large-scale magnetic field at near-equipartition ... More
A new constraint on mean-field galactic dynamo theoryDec 15 2016Apr 10 2017Appealing to an analytical result from mean-field theory, we show, using a generic galaxy model, that galactic dynamo action can be suppressed by small-scale magnetic fluctuations. This is caused by the magnetic analogue of the R\"{a}dler or $\Omega\times ... More
Splitting criteria for vector bundles on the symplectic isotropic GrassmannianMar 15 2010We extend a theorem of Ottaviani on cohomological splitting criterion for vector bundles over the Grassmannian to the case of the symplectic isotropic Grassmanian. We find necessary and sufficient conditions for the case of the Grassmanian of symplectic ... More
Equations for the fifth secant variety of Segre products of projective spacesFeb 01 2015Apr 01 2015We describe a computational proof that the fifth secant variety of the Segre product of five copies of the projective line is a codimension 2 complete intersection of equations of degree 6 and 16. Our computations rely on pseudo-randomness, and numerical ... More
The Optical/Infrared Astronomical Quality of High Atacama Sites. I. Preliminary Results of Optical SeeingMar 21 2001The region surrounding the Llano de Chajnantor, a high altitude plateau in the Atacama Desert in northern Chile, has caught the attention of the astronomical community for its potential as an observatory site. Combining high elevation and extremely low ... More
Thermal Conductance Across Harmonic-matched Epitaxial Al-sapphire Heterointerfaces: A Benchmark for Metal-nonmetal InterfacesJun 13 2019A unified understanding of interfacial thermal transport is missing due to the complicated nature of interfaces which involves complex factors such as interfacial bonding, interfacial mixing, surface chemistry, crystal orientation, roughness, contamination, ... More
Block-coordinate primal-dual method for the nonsmooth minimization over linear constraintsJan 15 2018We consider the problem of minimizing a convex, separable, nonsmooth function subject to linear constraints. The numerical method we propose is a block-coordinate extension of the Chambolle-Pock primal-dual algorithm. We prove convergence of the method ... More
The hydrodynamic limit of beta coalescents that come down from infinityNov 19 2016May 12 2017We quantify the manner in which the beta coalescent $\Pi=\{ \Pi(t), t\geq 0\},$ with parameters $a\in (0, 1),$ $b>0,$ comes down from infinity. Approximating $\Pi$ by its restriction $\Pi^n$ to $[n]\:= \{1, \ldots, n\},$ the suitably rescaled block counting ... More
TCPTuner: Congestion Control Your WayMay 06 2016TCPTuner is a TCP (transmission control protocol) congestion control kernel module and GUI (graphical user interface) for Linux that allows real-time modification of the congestion control parameters of TCP CUBIC, the current default algorithm in Linux. ... More
Spin Ice: Magnetic Excitations without Monopole Signatures using Muon Spin RotationOct 05 2011Nov 21 2011Theory predicts the low-temperature magnetic excitations in spin ices consist of deconfined magnetic charges, or monopoles. A recent transverse-field (TF) muon spin rotation (muSR) experiment [S T Bramwell et al, Nature 461, 956 (2009)] reports results ... More
Fully Coupled Electromechanical Elastodynamic Model for Guided Wave Propagation AnalysisFeb 26 2013Physics-based computational models play a key role in the study of wave propagation for structural health monitoring (SHM) and the development of improved damage detection methodologies. Due to the complex nature of guided waves, accurate and efficient ... More
Change Actions: Models of Generalised DifferentiationFeb 14 2019Apr 07 2019Cai et al. have recently proposed change structures as a semantic framework for incremental computation. We generalise change structures to arbitrary cartesian categories and propose the notion of change action model as a categorical model for (higher-order) ... More
The Discrete Unbounded Coagulation-Fragmentation Equation with Growth, Decay and SedimentationAug 31 2018In this paper we study the discrete coagulation--fragmentation models with growth, decay and sedimentation. We demonstrate the existence and uniqueness of classical global solutions provided the linear processes are sufficiently strong. This paper extends ... More
Smart Contracts for Machine-to-Machine Communication: Possibilities and LimitationsJun 01 2018Jan 08 2019Blockchain technologies, such as smart contracts, present a unique interface for machine-to-machine communication that provides a secure, append-only record that can be shared without trust and without a central administrator. We study the possibilities ... More
Repurposing Decoder-Transformer Language Models for Abstractive SummarizationSep 01 2019Neural network models have shown excellent fluency and performance when applied to abstractive summarization. Many approaches to neural abstractive summarization involve the introduction of significant inductive bias, exemplified through the use of components ... More
On $p$-groups with automorphism groups related to the Chevalley group $G_2(p)$Oct 04 2017Let $p$ be an odd prime. We construct a $p$-group $P$ of nilpotency class $2$, rank $7$ and exponent $p$, such that $\mathrm{Aut}(P)$ induces $N_{\mathrm{GL}(7,p)}(G_2(p)) = Z(\mathrm{GL}(7,p)) \times G_2(p)$ on the Frattini quotient $P/\Phi(P)$. The ... More
The Safe Lambda CalculusJan 16 2009Feb 19 2009Safety is a syntactic condition of higher-order grammars that constrains occurrences of variables in the production rules according to their type-theoretic order. In this paper, we introduce the safe lambda calculus, which is obtained by transposing (and ... More
Reducing Communication in Algebraic Multigrid with Multi-step Node Aware CommunicationApr 11 2019Algebraic multigrid (AMG) is often viewed as a scalable $\mathcal{O}(n)$ solver for sparse linear systems. Yet, parallel AMG lacks scalability due to increasingly large costs associated with communication, both in the initial construction of a multigrid ... More
Reducing Communication in Algebraic Multigrid with Multi-step Node Aware CommunicationApr 11 2019Apr 24 2019Algebraic multigrid (AMG) is often viewed as a scalable $\mathcal{O}(n)$ solver for sparse linear systems. Yet, parallel AMG lacks scalability due to increasingly large costs associated with communication, both in the initial construction of a multigrid ... More
Convergence Analysis of the Relaxed Douglas-Rachford AlgorithmNov 28 2018May 23 2019Motivated by nonconvex, inconsistent feasibility problems in imaging, the relaxed alternating averaged reflections algorithm, or relaxed Douglas-Rachford algorithm (DR$\lambda$), was first proposed over a decade ago. Convergence results for this algorithm ... More
Alternating Projections and Douglas-Rachford for Sparse Affine FeasibilityJul 08 2013Mar 14 2014The problem of finding a vector with the fewest nonzero elements that satisfies an underdetermined system of linear equations is an NP-complete problem that is typically solved numerically via convex heuristics or nicely-behaved nonconvex relaxations. ... More
List coloring with requestsDec 27 2016Nov 17 2018Let G be a graph with a list assignment L. Suppose a preferred color is given for some of the vertices; how many of these preferences can be respected when L-coloring G? We explore several natural questions arising in this context, and propose directions ... More
The Complexity of CampaigningJun 20 2017Jul 17 2017In "The Logic of Campaigning", Dean and Parikh consider a candidate making campaign statements to appeal to the voters. They model these statements as Boolean formulas over variables that represent stances on the issues, and study optimal candidate strategies ... More
Analysis and Simulations of the Discrete Fragmentation Equation with DecaySep 07 2018Fragmentation--coagulation processes, in which aggregates can break up or get together, often occur together with decay processes in which the components can be removed from the aggregates by a chemical reaction, evaporation, dissolution, or death. In ... More
FFT, FMM, and Multigrid on the Road to Exascale: performance challenges and opportunitiesOct 28 2018FFT, FMM, and multigrid methods are widely used fast and highly scalable solvers for elliptic PDEs. However, emerging large-scale computing systems are introducing challenges in comparison to current petascale computers. Recent efforts have identified ... More
Reply to Comment on "Spin Ice: Magnetic Excitations without Monopole Signatures using Muon Spin Rotation"May 04 2012May 21 2012We respond to the comment of Bramwell et al (arXiv:1111.4168v1) to our original publication (S. R. Dunsiger et al, Phys. Rev. Lett. 107, 207207 (2011)), detailing muon spin rotation measurements of the Spin Ice compound Dy2Ti2O7.
Maximum Likelihood Latent Space Embedding of Logistic Random Dot Product GraphsOct 03 2015Aug 30 2017A latent space model for a family of random graphs assigns real-valued vectors to nodes of the graph such that edge probabilities are determined by latent positions. Latent space models provide a natural statistical framework for graph visualizing and ... More
Optimal Continuous State POMDP Planning with Semantic Observations: A Variational ApproachJul 22 2018Aug 07 2019This work develops novel strategies for optimal planning with semantic observations using continuous state partially observable markov decision processes (CPOMDPs). Two major innovations are presented in relation to Gaussian mixture (GM) CPOMDP policy ... More
Evaluating Gender Bias in Machine TranslationJun 03 2019We present the first challenge set and evaluation protocol for the analysis of gender bias in machine translation (MT). Our approach uses two recent coreference resolution datasets composed of English sentences which cast participants into non-stereotypical ... More
Local Linear Convergence of the ADMM/Douglas--Rachford Algorithms without Strong Convexity and Application to Statistical ImagingAug 18 2015Mar 15 2016We consider the problem of minimizing the sum of a convex function and a convex function composed with an injective linear mapping. For such problems, subject to a coercivity condition at fixed points of the corresponding Picard iteration, iterates of ... More
Quantum dissipative systems beyond the standard harmonic model: features of linear absorption and dynamicsAug 27 2019Current simulations of ultraviolet-visible absorption lineshapes, and dynamics of condensed phase systems, largely adopt a harmonic description to model vibrations. Often, this involves a model of displaced harmonic oscillators that have the same curvature. ... More
A formally verified proof of the Central Limit TheoremMay 27 2014Feb 01 2017We describe a proof of the Central Limit Theorem that has been formally verified in the Isabelle proof assistant. Our formalization builds upon and extends Isabelle's libraries for analysis and measure-theoretic probability. The proof of the theorem uses ... More
Harmonic Gradients on Higher Dimensional Sierpinski GasketsAug 28 2019We consider criteria for the differentiability of functions with continuous Laplacian on the Sierpinski Gasket and its higher-dimensional variants $SG_N$, $N>3$, proving results that generalize those of Teplyaev. When $SG_N$ is equipped with the standard ... More
Hamiltonicity of the Cayley Digraph on the Symmetric Group Generated by σ = (1 2 ... n) and τ = (1 2)Jul 09 2013Oct 27 2013The symmetric group is generated by {\sigma} = (1 2 ... n) and {\tau} = (1 2). We answer an open problem of Nijenhuis and Wilf by constructing a Hamilton path in the directed Cayley graph for all n, and a Hamilton cycle for odd n.
The noncommutative Choquet boundaryJan 11 2007Feb 19 2007Let S be an operator system -- a self-adjoint linear subspace of a unital C*-algebra A such that contains 1 and A=C*(S) is generated by S. A boundary representation for S is an irreducible representation \pi of C*(S) on a Hilbert space with the property ... More
Exponential sum approximations and fast evaluation of fractional integralsJun 01 2016Given $\beta>0$ and $\delta>0$, the function $t^{-\beta}$ may be approximated for $t$ in the interval $[\delta,1]$ by a sum of terms of the form $we^{-at}$, with parameters $w>0$ and $a>0$. A basic approximation is obtained by applying quadratures to ... More
Finding paths of length k in O*(2^k) timeJul 18 2008Nov 09 2008We give a randomized algorithm that determines if a given graph has a simple path of length at least k in O(2^k poly(n,k)) time.
The quark-gluon vertex in Landau gauge bound-state studiesApr 09 2014Apr 21 2015We present a practical method for the solution of the quark-gluon vertex for use in Bethe--Salpeter and Dyson--Schwinger calculations. The efficient decomposition into the necessary covariants is detailed, with the numerical algorithm outlined for both ... More
Faster all-pairs shortest paths via circuit complexityDec 23 2013May 22 2014We present a new randomized method for computing the min-plus product (a.k.a., tropical product) of two $n \times n$ matrices, yielding a faster algorithm for solving the all-pairs shortest path problem (APSP) in dense $n$-node directed graphs with arbitrary ... More
Episodic mass transfer: A trigger for nova outbursts?Aug 24 2011High resolution spectra of postoutburst novae show multiple components of ejected gas that are kinematically distinct. We interpret the observations in terms of episodes of enhanced mass transfer originating from the secondary star that result in the ... More
Bethe-Salpeter studies of mesons beyond rainbow-ladderDec 17 2009We investigate the masses of light mesons from a coupled system of Dyson-Schwinger and Bethe-Salpeter equations. The dominant non-Abelian and sub-leading Abelian contributions to the dressed quark-gluon vertex are explicitly taken into account. We also ... More
Multi-meson States in Lattice QCDOct 07 2008In this contribution, I summarise the studies of the properties of Bose-Einstein condensed systems composed of up to twelve pions or kaons carried out by the NPLQCD collaboration. These investigations have provided precise determination the I=2 pi-pi ... More
Generators of Noncommutative DynamicsJan 15 2002For a fixed C*-algebra A, we consider all noncommutative dynamical systems that can be generated by A. More precisely, an A-dynamical system is a triple (i,B,\alpha) where $\alpha$ is a *-endomorphism of a C*-algebra B, and i: A --> B is the inclusion ... More
Interactions in noncommutative dynamicsOct 29 1999Nov 07 1999A mathematical notion of interaction is introduced for noncommutative dynamical systems, i.e., for one parameter groups of *-automorphisms of $\Cal B(H)$ endowed with a certain causal structure. With any interaction there is a well-defined "state of the ... More
The index of a quantum dynamical semigroupMay 25 1997A numerical index is introduced for semigroups of completely positive maps of $\Cal B(H)$ which generalizes the index of E_0-semigroups. It is shown that the index of a unital completely positive semigroup agrees with the index of its dilation to an E_0-semigroup, ... More
Exponential sum approximations for $t^{-β}$Jun 01 2016Oct 21 2016Given $\beta>0$ and $\delta>0$, the function $t^{-\beta}$ may be approximated for $t$ in a compact interval $[\delta,T]$ by a sum of terms of the form $we^{-at}$, with parameters $w>0$ and $a>0$. One such an approximation, studied by Beylkin and Monz\'on, ... More
A group with at least subexponential hyperlinear profileJun 13 2018The hyperlinear profile of a group measures the growth rate of the dimension of unitary approximations to the group. We construct a finitely-presented group whose hyperlinear profile is at least subexponential, i.e. at least $\exp(1/\epsilon^{k})$ for ... More
Metric currents, differentiable structures, and Carnot groupsAug 24 2010Feb 06 2011We examine the theory of metric currents of Ambrosio and Kirchheim in the setting of spaces admitting differentiable structures in the sense of Cheeger and Keith. We prove that metric forms which vanish in the sense of Cheeger on a set must also vanish ... More
Yi's Unique Range Set Construction in the Number Field CaseMay 17 2006Feb 18 2013H. X. Yi's construction of unique range sets for entire functions is translated to the number theory setting to illustrate that his construction would work in the number theory setting if one knew a version of Schmidt's Subspace Theorem with truncated ... More
Strange attractors in periodically-kicked degenerate Hopf bifurcationsJun 15 2007We prove that spiral sinks (stable foci of vector fields) can be transformed into strange attractors exhibiting sustained, observable chaos if subjected to periodic pulsatile forcing. We show that this phenomenon occurs in the context of periodically-kicked ... More
Existence of GCD's and Factorization in Rings of Non-Archimedean Entire FunctionsJul 06 2010Apr 13 2011A detailed proof is given of the well-known facts that greatest common divisors exist in rings of non-Archimedean entire functions of several variables and that these rings of entire functions are almost factorial, in the sense that an entire function ... More
Some perverse equivalences of $SL(2,q)$ in its defining characteristicJul 18 2017In this article, we study the modular representations of the special linear group of degree two over a finite field in defining characteristic. In particular, we study the automorphisms of derived category of representations. We have been able to obtain ... More
Q-Systems, Factorization Dynamics, and the Twist AutomorphismOct 24 2013We provide a concrete realization of the cluster algebras associated with Q-systems as amalgamations of cluster structures on double Bruhat cells in simple algebraic groups. For nonsimply-laced groups, this provides a cluster-algebraic formulation of ... More
Bounds on Scott Ranks of Some Polish Metric SpacesJun 11 2019If $\mathcal{N}$ is a proper Polish metric space and $\mathcal{M}$ is any countable dense submetric space of $\mathcal{N}$, then the Scott rank of $\mathcal{N}$ in the natural first order language of metric spaces is countable and in fact at most $\omega_1^{\mathcal{M}} ... More
Escaping the State of Nature: A Hobbesian Approach to Cooperation in Multi-agent Reinforcement LearningJun 05 2019Cooperation is a phenomenon that has been widely studied across many different disciplines. In the field of computer science, the modularity and robustness of multi-agent systems offer significant practical advantages over individual machines. At the ... More
Dynamics of Intermediate Measurements in Quantum SystemsJul 19 2019We study the dynamics of a quantum system in which an intermediate property $m$ is measured in between initial and final measurements of two different non-commuting properties $a$ and $b$. Since this intermediate measurement must involve an interaction, ... More
Maximal vectors in Hilbert space and quantum entanglementApr 08 2008May 13 2008Let $V$ be a norm-closed subset of the unit sphere of a Hilbert space $H$ that is stable under multiplication by scalars of absolute value 1. A {\em maximal vector} (for $V$) is a unit vector $\xi\in H$ whose distance to $V$ is maximum $d(\xi,V)=\sup_{\|\eta\|=1}d(\eta,V)$, ... More
The probability of entanglementDec 27 2007May 04 2008We show that states on tensor products of matrix algebras whose ranks are relatively small are {\em almost surely} entangled, but that states of maximum rank are not. More precisely, let $M=M_m(\mathbb C)$ and $N=M_n(\mathbb C)$ be full matrix algebras ... More
Uniformization By Classical Schottky GroupsJan 12 2006Mar 08 2006This paper has been withdrawn by the author due to an error in an inequality in the proof of Theorem 1.1.
Analysis of Rapidity Gap Cuts in Diffractive DISMay 31 1999The requirement of a large pseudo-rapidity gap to select diffractive DIS events at HERA restricts the kinematically accessible region of phase space for a significant range of $Q^2$, $\beta$ and $\xpom$. Consequences of this include a breakdown of $\xpom$-factorization ... More
The formation of stars in groupsNov 15 2001Observations of the dust and gas around embedded stellar clusters reveal some of the processes involved in their formation and evolution. Large scale mass infall with rates dM/dt=4e-4 solar masses/year is found to be disrupted on small scales by protostellar ... More
The Fate of Dwarf Galaxies in Clusters and the Origin of Intracluster StarsJul 31 2009Jul 31 2009This thesis presents a review of related important concepts in cosmology followed by details of the author's role in a research project on the origin of intracluster light. The author's role in the development of the simulations varied from searching ... More
On the homotopy type of the complement of an arrangement that is a 2-generic section of the parallel connection of an arrangement and a pencil of linesJul 16 2015Let $\mathcal{A} $ be a complexified-real arrangement of lines in $\mathbb{C}^2.$ Let $H$ be any line in $ \mathcal{A} $. Then, form a new complexified-real arrangement $ \mathcal{B}_H = \mathcal{A} \cup \mathcal{C} $ where $ \mathcal{C} \cup \{H\} $ ... More
The evolution of intracluster medium in stellar clustersSep 17 2019Stars in globular clusters lose mass through slow stellar winds that are retained by the stellar cluster and contribute to build up a non negligible intracluster medium over time. However, all the observations so far found only a negligible amount of ... More
Overpartition $M2$-rank differences, class number relations, and vector-valued mock Eisenstein seriesAug 08 2017Sep 25 2018We prove that the generating function of overpartition $M2$-rank differences is, up to coefficient signs, a component of the vector-valued mock Eisenstein series attached to a certain quadratic form. We use this to compute analogs of the class number ... More
Fixed rings in quotients of completed group ringsMar 07 2019Let $k$ be $\mathbb{F}_p$ or $\mathbb{Z}_p$, let $G$ be a compact $p$-adic analytic group, and form its completed group algebra $kG$. Take a closed subgroup $\Gamma$ of $G$. We analyse the structure of the fixed ring of $kG/I$ under the conjugation action ... More
Learning with Analytical ModelsOct 28 2018Feb 26 2019To understand and predict the performance of scientific applications, several analytical and machine learning approaches have been proposed, each having its advantages and disadvantages. In this paper, we propose and validate a hybrid approach for performance ... More
140 Characters to Victory?: Using Twitter to Predict the UK 2015 General ElectionMay 06 2015The election forecasting 'industry' is a growing one, both in the volume of scholars producing forecasts and methodological diversity. In recent years a new approach has emerged that relies on social media and particularly Twitter data to predict election ... More
Towards the inclusion of wave-ice interactions in large-scale models for the Marginal Ice ZoneMar 14 2012A wave-ice interaction model for the marginal ice zone (MIZ) is reported, which involves both the attenuation of ocean surface waves by sea ice and the concomitant breaking of the ice by waves. It is specifically designed to embed wave-ice interactions ... More
Kohn-Sham Density Functional Theory with Complex, Spin-Restricted Orbitals: Accessing a New Class of Densities without the Symmetry DilemmaApr 17 2019We show that using complex, spin-restricted orbitals (cR) in Kohn-Sham density functional theory (KS-DFT) allows one to access a new class of densities that is not accessible by either spin-restricted (RKS) or spin-unrestricted (UKS) orbitals. We further ... More
Boosted $hh \rightarrow b\bar{b}b\bar{b}$: a new topology in searches for TeV-scale resonances at the LHCJul 01 2013Apr 28 2014It is widely believed that fully hadronic final states are not competitive in searches for new physics at the Large Hadron Collider due to the overwhelming QCD backgrounds. In this letter, we present a particle-level study of the topology arising when ... More