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An exact extremal result for tournaments and 4-uniform hypergraphsFeb 21 2018In this paper, we address the following problem due to Frankl and F\"uredi (1984). What is the maximum number of hyperedges in an $r$-uniform hypergraph with $n$ vertices, such that every set of $r+1$ vertices contains $0$ or exactly $2$ hyperedges? They ... More
Matricial characterization of tournaments with maximum number of diamondsJun 11 2019A diamond is a $4$-tournament which consists of a vertex dominating or dominated by a $3$-cycle. Assuming the existence of skew-conference matrices, we give a complete characterization of $n$-tournaments with the maximum number of diamonds when $n\equiv0\pmod{4}$ ... More
Manipulation of two quantum systems through their mutual interaction in presence of a radiation fieldFeb 06 2018In cavity QED, the mutual interaction between natural atomic systems in presence of a radiation field was ignored due to its negligible impact compared with the coupling to the field. The newly engineered artificial atomic systems (such as quantum dots ... More