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Sparse Matrix-based Random Projection for ClassificationDec 12 2013Oct 12 2014As a typical dimensionality reduction technique, random projection can be simply implemented with linear projection, while maintaining the pairwise distances of high-dimensional data with high probability. Considering this technique is mainly exploited ... More
Near-optimal Binary Compressed Sensing MatrixApr 15 2013Oct 02 2013Compressed sensing is a promising technique that attempts to faithfully recover sparse signal with as few linear and nonadaptive measurements as possible. Its performance is largely determined by the characteristic of sensing matrix. Recently several ... More
Biomimetic Polymer Film with Brilliant Brightness Using a One-Step Water Vapor-Induced Phase Separation MethodJun 11 2019The scales of the white Cyphochilus beetles are endowed with unusual whiteness arising from the exceptional scattering efficiency of their disordered ultrastructure optimized through millions of years of evolution. Here, a simple, one-step method based ... More
Two-axis-twisting spin squeezing by multi-pass quantum erasureFeb 06 2015May 06 2016Many-body entangled states are key elements in quantum information science and quantum metrology. One important problem in establishing a high degree of many-body entanglement using optical techniques is the leakage of the system information via the light ... More
The Five Elements of Th1-Th2 SystemMar 18 2008The T helper (Th) phenotypes, Th1/Th2, are acquired upon interaction of a naive T helper cell and an antigen presenting cell (APC). Naive T helper cells may differentiate into either phenotype, and the actual outcome is determined by the density and avidity ... More
Comparison of SVM and Spectral Embedding in Promoter Biobricks' Categorizing and ClusteringFeb 15 2019Feb 18 2019Background: In organisms' genomes, promoters are short DNA sequences on the upstream of structural genes, with the function of controlling genes' transcription. Promoters can be roughly divided into two classes: constitutive promoters and inducible promoters. ... More
Reconstructing fluid dynamics with micro-finite elementAug 21 2017In the theory of the Navier-Stokes equations, the viscous fluid in incompressible flow is modelled as a homogeneous and dense assemblage of constituent "fluid particles" with viscous stress proportional to rate of strain. The crucial concept of fluid ... More
The magnetocaloric and barocaloric effects in Gd5Si2Ge2 compoundDec 09 2010Oct 10 2011The caloric effect in Gd5Si2Ge2 compound is studied experimentally and theoretically. The first-order phase transition is sensitive to both magnetic field and pressure. It indicates that the influences of magnetic field and pressure on the phase transition ... More
Quantum information processing and multi-qubit entanglement with Josephson-junction charge qubits in a thermal cavityJun 10 2003We propose a scheme to implement the two-qubit quantum phase gate with Josephson-junction charge qubits in a thermal cavity. In this scheme, the photon-number-dependent parts in the time evolution operator are canceled at the special time. Thus the scheme ... More
Intelligent Interference Exploitation for Heterogeneous Cellular Networks against EavesdroppingOct 29 2017Jul 24 2018This paper explores the co-existence of a macro cell and a small cell for heterogeneous cellular networks, where a macro base station (MBS) and small base station (SBS) transmit to respective macro user (MU) and small user (SU) through their shared spectrum ... More
Bulk characterization of topological crystalline insulators: stability under interactions and relations to symmetry enriched U(1) quantum spin liquidsNov 08 2017Jan 16 2018Topological crystalline insulators (TCIs) are nontrivial quantum phases of matter protected by crystalline (and other) symmetries. They are originally predicted by band theories, so an important question is their stability under interactions. In this ... More
Learning convolutional neural network to maximize Pos@Top performance measureSep 27 2016In the machine learning problems, the performance measure is used to evaluate the machine learning models. Recently, the number positive data points ranked at the top positions (Pos@Top) has been a popular performance measure in the machine learning community. ... More
Entanglement of three cavity fields via resonant interactions with dressed three-level atomsNov 09 2013In this paper we show that three cavity fields can be entangled when they are tuned on resonance with an ensemble of dressed three-level atoms. The master equation for the three cavity modes is derived by using atomic dressed states and the inseparability ... More
A Rational Model of Large-Scale Motion in TurbulenceMay 30 2011A rational theory is proposed to describe the large-scale motion in turbulence. The fluid element with inner orientational structures is proposed to be the building block of fluid dynamics. The variance of the orientational structures then constitutes ... More
Non-Abrikosov vortices in liquid metallic hydrogenJul 05 2013We consider non-Abrikosov vortex solutions in liquid metallic hydrogen (LMH) in the framework of two-component Ginzburg-Landau model. We have shown that there are three types of non-Abrikosov vortices depending on chosen boundary conditions at the core ... More
On the Morse--Novikov Cohomology of blowing up complex manifoldsJul 31 2019Inspired by the recent works of S. Rao--S. Yang--X.-D. Yang and L. Meng on the blow-up formulae for de Rham and Morse--Novikov cohomology groups, we give a new simple proof of the blow-up formula for Morse--Novikov cohomology by introducing the relative ... More
Physical-Layer Security for Spectrum Sharing SystemsDec 20 2016Dec 22 2016In this paper, we examine the physical-layer security for a spectrum sharing system consisting of multiple source-destination pairs, which dynamically access their shared spectrum for data transmissions in the presence of an eavesdropper. We propose a ... More
A Deep, Forgetful Novelty-Seeking Movie Recommender ModelSep 02 2019As more and more people shift their movie watching online, competition between movie viewing websites are getting more and more intense. Therefore, it has become incredibly important to accurately predict a given user's watching list to maximize the chances ... More
The complex Monge-Ampére equation on the complement of a divisorMar 28 2018We consider the complex Monge-Amp\'{e}re equation on complete K\"{a}hler manifolds with cusp singularity along a divisor when the right hand side $F$ has rather weak regularity. We proved that when the right hand side $F$ is in some \emph{weighted} $W^{1,p_0}$ ... More
Mathematical definition of general systems based on semiotics and set theoryAug 04 2009Mar 13 2014We clarified the connection between measurements and partitions, and discussed the meaning of semiotics for measurements based on functions. The terms of property and relation quantity were defined by our understanding of partitions and functions. Farther ... More
An upper bound on distance degenerate handle additionsJul 17 2017We prove that for any distance at least 3 Heegaard splitting and a boundary component $F$, there is a diameter finite ball in the curve complex $\mathcal {C}(F)$ so that it contains all distance degenerate curves or slopes in $F$.
A Sublinear Algorithm of Sparse Fourier Transform for Nonequispaced DataFeb 16 2005We present a sublinear randomized algorithm to compute a sparse Fourier transform for nonequispaced data. Suppose a signal S is known to consist of N equispaced samples, of which only L<N are available. If the ratio p=L/N is not close to 1, the available ... More
What can computational models learn from human selective attention? A review from an audiovisual crossmodal perspectiveSep 05 2019Selective attention plays an essential role in information acquisition and utilization from the environment. In the past 50 years, research on selective attention has been a central topic in cognitive science. Compared with unimodal studies, crossmodal ... More
On Breiman's Dilemma in Neural Networks: Phase Transitions of Margin DynamicsOct 08 2018Oct 18 2018Margin enlargement over training data has been an important strategy since perceptrons in machine learning for the purpose of boosting the robustness of classifiers toward a good generalization ability. Yet Breiman shows a dilemma (Breiman, 1999) that ... More
Josephson oscillations and self-trapping of superfluid fermions in a double-well potentialJan 09 2014We investigate the behaviour of a two-component Fermi superfluid in a double-well potential. We numerically solve the time dependent Bogoliubov-de Gennes equations and characterize the regimes of Josephson oscillations and self-trapping for different ... More
Multiplicity and concentration behavior of solutions to the critical Kirchhoff type problemJul 13 2016In this paper, we study the multiplicity and concentration of the positive solutions to the following critical Kirchhoff type problem: \begin{equation*} -\left(\varepsilon^2 a+\varepsilon b\int_{\R^3}|\nabla u|^2\mathrm{d} x\right)\Delta u + V(x) u = ... More
CP violation of the two-body charmless hadronic B decays in the minimal supergravity ModelJan 14 2006Feb 20 2006By choosing two typical input parameter points in the minimal supergravity (mSUGRA) model and using the QCD factorization (QCDF) approach, we studied the supersymmetric effects to the CP violation of the two-body charmless hadronic $B$ meson decays. We ... More
Impedance control of a cable-driven SEA with mixed $H_2/H_\infty$ synthesisMar 23 2019Purpose: This paper presents an impedance control method with mixed $H_2/H_\infty$ synthesis and relaxed passivity for a cable-driven series elastic actuator to be applied for physical human-robot interaction. Design/methodology/approach: To shape the ... More
On pressure and velocity flow boundary conditions and bounceback for the lattice Boltzmann BGK modelNov 21 1996Pressure (density) and velocity boundary conditions inside a flow domain are studied for 2-D and 3-D lattice Boltzmann BGK models (LBGK) and a new method to specify these conditions are proposed. These conditions are constructed in consistency of the ... More
Existence, nonexistence, symmetry and uniqueness of ground state for critical Schrödinger system involving Hardy termAug 03 2016We study the following elliptic system with critical exponent: \begin{displaymath} \begin{cases}-\Delta u_j-\frac{\lambda_j}{|x|^2}u_j=u_j^{2^*-1}+\sum\limits_{k\neq j}\beta_{jk}\alpha_{jk}u_j^{\alpha_{jk}-1}u_k^{\alpha_{kj}},\;\;x\in\R^N, u_j\in D^{1,2}(\R^N),\quad ... More
Hyperspectral Unmixing with Endmember Variability using Partial Membership Latent Dirichlet AllocationSep 12 2016The application of Partial Membership Latent Dirichlet Allocation(PM-LDA) for hyperspectral endmember estimation and spectral unmixing is presented. PM-LDA provides a model for a hyperspectral image analysis that accounts for spectral variability and ... More
A Novel Contactless Human Machine Interface based on Machine LearningJul 09 2019This paper describes a global framework that enables contactless human machine interaction using computer vision and machine learning techniques. The main originality of our framework is that only a very simple image acquisition device, as a computer ... More
Abnormal deflection of an electron crossing the boundary of opposite magnetic fieldsAug 11 2019This paper reports an experiment about abnormal deflection of cathode ray in a specially designed odd-symmetric magnetic field, which is generated by two reverse-connected solenoids. The experiment indicates that during cathode ray passes through an odd-symmetric ... More
Dimensional decoupling at continuous quantum critical Mott transitionsMar 30 2016Jul 30 2016For continuous Mott metal-insulator transitions in layered two dimensional systems, we demonstrate the phenomenon of dimensional decoupling: the system behaves as a three-dimensional metal in the Fermi liquid side but as a stack of decoupled two-dimensional ... More
A High-Resolution Transmission-Type (TT) Phaser Based on Reflection-Type (RT) Units for Radio Analog Signal Processing (R-ASP)Jul 15 2014A high Radio Analog Signal Processing (R-ASP) resolution transmission-type (TT) phaser based on reflection-type (RT) phaser units is introduced, theoretically studied and experimentally demonstrated. It is first shown that RT phasers inherently exhibit ... More
Myelin figures: the buckling and flow of wet soapMar 28 2009May 28 2009Myelin figures are interfacial structures formed when certain surfactants swell in excess water. Here, I present data and model calculations suggesting myelin formation and growth is due to the fluid flow of surfactant, driven by the hydration gradient ... More
Time-Reversal Routing for Dispersion Code Multiple Access (DCMA) CommunicationsSep 23 2017We present the modeling and characterization of a time-reversal routing dispersion code multiple access (TR-DCMA) system. We show that this system maintains the low complexity advantage of DCMA transceivers while offering dynamic adaptivity for practial ... More
Effect of Level Statistics on Local Magnetism in Nanoscale Metallic GrainsJun 04 1998Effect of level statistics on local electronic states and local magnetism in nanoscale metallic grains with transition-metal impurity in the ballistic regime is studied. It is shown that the mean occupation of local electron and the local magnetic moment ... More
Existence of extremal functions for a family of Caffarelli-Kohn-Nirenberg inequalitiesApr 02 2015Consider the following inequalities due to Caffarelli, Kohn and Nirenberg {\it (Compositio Mathematica,1984):} $$\Big(\int_\Omega \frac{|u|^r}{|x|^s}dx\Big)^{\frac{1}{r}}\leq C(p,q,r,\mu,\sigma,s)\Big(\int_\Omega \frac{|\nabla u|^p}{|x|^\mu}dx\Big)^{\frac{a}{p}}\Big(\int_\Omega ... More
Encoding Robust Representation for Graph GenerationSep 28 2018Jan 15 2019Generative networks have made it possible to generate meaningful signals such as images and texts from simple noise. Recently, generative methods based on GAN and VAE were developed for graphs and graph signals. However, the mathematical properties of ... More
Graph Convolutional Neural Networks via ScatteringMar 31 2018Nov 18 2018We generalize the scattering transform to graphs and consequently construct a convolutional neural network on graphs. We show that under certain conditions, any feature generated by such a network is approximately invariant to permutations and stable ... More
A unified treatment for Lp Brunn-Minkowski type inequalitiesJul 25 2016A unified approach used to generalize classical Brunn-Minkowski type inequalities to Lp Brunn-Minkowski type inequalities, called the Lp transference principle, is refined in this paper. As illustrations of the effectiveness and practicability of this ... More
Fast Gradient Methods with Alignment for Symmetric Linear Systems without Using Cauchy StepSep 03 2019The performance of gradient methods has been considerably improved by the introduction of delayed parameters. After two and a half decades, the revealing of second-order information has recently given rise to the Cauchy-based methods with alignment, which ... More
Representing Boolean Functions Using Polynomials: More Can Offer LessJul 02 2013Polynomial threshold gates are basic processing units of an artificial neural network. When the input vectors are binary vectors, these gates correspond to Boolean functions and can be analyzed via their polynomial representations. In practical applications, ... More
Invariants and orthogonal $q$-polynomials associated with $\Bbb{C}_{q}(osp(1,2))$Aug 28 2006The spaces of invariants and the zonal spherical functions associated with quantum super 2-shpheres defined by $\Bbb{C}_{q}(osp(1,2))$ are discussed. Connection between the zonal spherical functions and orthogonal $q$-polynomials from the Askey-Wilson ... More
A quick estimation of luminosity function based on the luminosity-distance diagramJan 12 2017Based on the luminosity-distance diagram, we propose a method to quickly estimate the luminosity function for any certain astrophysical objects. Giving the mean distance between any two objects at a given luminosity range, we can find the relation between ... More
Reply to "Comment on 'Semiquantum-key distribution using less than four quantum states' "Oct 20 2010Recently Boyer and Mor pointed out the first conclusion of Lemma 1 in our original paper is not correct, and therefore, the proof of Theorem 5 based on Lemma 1 is wrong. Furthermore, they gave a direct proof for Theorem 5 and affirmed the conclusions ... More
EDA: Easy Data Augmentation Techniques for Boosting Performance on Text Classification TasksJan 31 2019Aug 25 2019We present EDA: easy data augmentation techniques for boosting performance on text classification tasks. EDA consists of four simple but powerful operations: synonym replacement, random insertion, random swap, and random deletion. On five text classification ... More
Spikes of the two-component elliptic system in $\bbr^4$ with Sobolev critical exponentApr 02 2018Consider the following elliptic system: \begin{equation*} \left\{\aligned&-\ve^2\Delta u_1+\lambda_1u_1=\mu_1u_1^3+\alpha_1u_1^{p-1}+\beta u_2^2u_1\quad&\text{in}\Omega,\\ &-\ve^2\Delta u_2+\lambda_2u_2=\mu_2u_2^3+\alpha_2u_2^{p-1}+\beta u_1^2u_2\quad&\text{in}\Omega,\\ ... More
Explicit Solutions of Optimal Consumption, Investment and Insurance Problem with Regime SwitchingFeb 14 2014Jun 23 2014We consider an investor who wants to select her/his optimal consumption, investment and insurance policies. Motivated by new insurance products, we allow not only the financial marke but also the insurable loss to depend on the regime of the economy. ... More
Leveraging Data Driven Approaches to Quantify the Impact of Construction Projects on Urban Quality of LifeJan 25 2019Feb 05 2019According to the World Bank, more than half of the world's population now lives in cities, creating burdens on the degraded city infrastructures and driving up the demand for new ones. Construction sites are abundant in already dense cities and have unavoidable ... More
A Direct Sampling Method for Inverse Scattering Using Far-Field DataJun 02 2012Dec 25 2012This work is concerned with a direct sampling method (DSM) for inverse acoustic scattering problems using far-field data. The method characterizes some unknown obstacles, inhomogeneous media or cracks, directly through an indicator function computed from ... More
Hadron spectroscopy from strangeness to charm and beautyJan 07 2013Quarks of different flavors have different masses, which will cause breaking of flavor symmetries of QCD. Flavor symmetries and their breaking in hadron spectroscopy play important role for understanding the internal structures of hadrons. Hadron spectroscopy ... More
Baryon Resonances Observed at BESFeb 01 2008The $\psi$ decays provide a novel way to explore baryon spectroscopy and baryon structure. The baryon resonances observed from $\psi$ decays at BES are reviewed. The implications and prospects at upgraded BESIII/BEPCII are discussed.
On the nature of the lowest $1/2^-$ baryon nonet and decupletNov 30 2007From recent study of properties of the lowest spin-parity $1/2^-$ baryons, $N^*(1535)$ and $\Delta^*(1620)$, new pictures for the internal structure of the lowest $1/2^-$ baryon octet and decuplet are proposed. While the lowest $1/2^-$ baryon octet may ... More
Complementary studies on $N^*$ from $e^+e^-$, $pp$ and $p\bar p$ collisionsJul 27 2009Aug 05 2009Complementary to the conventional experimental studies on $N^*$ from $\pi N$ and $\gamma^{(*)}N$ reactions, the $e^+e^-$, $pp$ and $p\bar p$ collisions can give novel insights into these $N^*$ resonances. While the $e^+e^-$ collisions through production ... More
Strangeness in the proton and N*(1535)Oct 15 2006The newest progress on the study of the strangeness in the proton and in the lowest negative parity nucleon excited state $N^*(1535)$ is reviewed. Implications on the internal quark structure of the proton, $N^*(1535)$ and other baryons are discussed. ... More
On the Convergence of Weighted AdaGrad with Momentum for Training Deep Neural NetworksAug 10 2018Sep 28 2018Adaptive stochastic gradient descent methods, such as AdaGrad, RMSProp, Adam, AMSGrad, etc., have been demonstrated efficacious in solving non-convex stochastic optimization, such as training deep neural networks. However, their convergence rates have ... More
Existence and symmetry of positive ground states for a doubly critical Schrodinger systemNov 07 2012Mar 31 2014We study the following doubly critical Schr\"{o}dinger system $$-\Delta u -\frac{\la_1}{|x|^2}u=u^{2^\ast-1}+ \nu \al u^{\al-1}v^\bb, \quad x\in \RN, -\Delta v -\frac{\la_2}{|x|^2}v=v^{2^\ast-1} + \nu \bb u^{\al}v^{\bb-1}, \quad x\in \RN, u, v\in D^{1, ... More
Exact Asymptotic Behavior of Singular Positive Solutions of Fractional Semi-Linear Elliptic EquationsMay 10 2018In this paper, we prove the exact asymptotic behavior of singular positive solutions of fractional semi-linear equations $$(-\Delta)^\sigma u = u^p~~~~~~~~in ~~ B_1\backslash \{0\}$$ with an isolated singularity, where $\sigma \in (0, 1)$ and $\frac{n}{n-2\sigma} ... More
Asymptotic behavior of positive singular solutions to fractional Hardy-Hénon equationsMar 31 2019In this paper, we study the asymptotic behavior of positive solutions of fractional Hardy-H\'enon equation $$ (-\Delta)^\sigma u = |x|^\alpha u^p, ~~~~~~~ x \in B_1 \backslash \{0\} $$ with an isolated singularity at the origin, where $\sigma \in (0, ... More
Qualitative analysis for an elliptic system in the punctured spaceNov 17 2018In this paper, we investigate the qualitative properties of positive solutions for the following two-coupled elliptic system in the punctured space: $$ \begin{cases} -\Delta u =\mu_1 u^{2q+1} + \beta u^q v^{q+1} \\ -\Delta v =\mu_2 v^{2q+1} + \beta v^q ... More
Contrastive Variational Autoencoder Enhances Salient FeaturesFeb 12 2019Variational autoencoders are powerful algorithms for identifying dominant latent structure in a single dataset. In many applications, however, we are interested in modeling latent structure and variation that are enriched in a target dataset compared ... More
GPU Accelerated Contactless Human Machine Interface for Driving CarJul 09 2019In this paper we present an original contactless human machine interface for driving car. The proposed framework is based on the image sent by a simple camera device, which is then processed by various computer vision algorithms. These algorithms allow ... More
Linear Process Bootstrap Unit Root TestOct 20 2016One of the most widely applied unit root test, Phillips-Perron test, enjoys in general highpowers, but suffers from size distortions when moving average noise exists. As a remedy, thispaper proposes a nonparametric bootstrap unit root test that specifically ... More
HEGY test under seasonal heterogeneityAug 14 2016Sep 22 2016Both seasonal unit roots and seasonal heterogeneity are common in seasonal data. When testing seasonal unit roots under seasonal heterogeneity, it is unclear if we can apply tests designed for seasonal homogeneous settings, for example the non-periodic ... More
A Note on Chern-Yamabe ProblemApr 08 2019We propose a flow to study the Chern-Yamabe problem and discuss the long time existence of the flow. In the balanced case we show that the Chern-Yamabe problem is the Euler-Lagrange equation of some functional. The monotonicity of the functional along ... More
On the Very-well-poised Bilateral Basic Hypergeometric $_5ψ_5$ SeriesJan 09 2016Mar 29 2016In this paper, we prove several transformation formulas for the very-well-poised bilateral basic hypergeometric $_5\psi_5$ series by using the relationship between the bilateral basic hypergeometric $_5\psi_5$ series and basic hypergeometric $_8\phi_7$ ... More
Analysis and boundary condition of the lattice Boltzmann BGK model with two velocity componentsJul 22 1995In this paper, we study the two dimensional lattice Boltzmann BGK model (LBGK) by analytically solving a simple flow in a 2~-D channel. The flow is driven by the movement of upper boundary with vertical injection fluid at the porous boundaries. The velocity ... More
Complex RG flows for 2D nonlinear O(N) sigma modelsJan 06 2011Mar 25 2011Motivated by recent attempts to find nontrivial infrared fixed points in 4-dimensional lattice gauge theories, we discuss the extension of the renormalization group (RG) transformations to complex coupling spaces for O(N) models on LxL lattices, in the ... More
Inferring Gene Regulatory Network Using An Evolutionary Multi-Objective MethodDec 16 2015Inference of gene regulatory networks (GRNs) based on experimental data is a challenging task in bioinformatics. In this paper, we present a bi-objective minimization model (BoMM) for inference of GRNs, where one objective is the fitting error of derivatives, ... More
On a double-variable inequality and elliptic systems involving critical Hardy-Sobolev exponentsNov 27 2017Let $\Omega\subset \mathbb{R}^N$ ($N\geq 3$) be an open domain which is not necessarily bounded. The sharp constant and extremal functions to the following kind of double-variable inequalities $$ S_{\alpha,\beta,\lambda,\mu}(\Omega) \Big(\int_\Omega \big(\lambda ... More
A nonlinear elliptic PDE with multiple Hardy-Sobolev critical exponents in $\mathbb{R}^N$Apr 05 2015Dec 27 2017In this paper, we will study the following PDE in $\mathbb{R}^N$ involving multiple Hardy-Sobolev critical exponents: $$ \begin{cases} \Delta u+\sum_{i=1}^{l}\lambda_i \frac{u^{2^*(s_i)-1}}{|x|^{s_i}}+u^{2^*-1}=0\;\hbox{in}\;\mathbb{R}^N, u\in D_{0}^{1,2}(\mathbb{R}^N), ... More
On coupled Schrödinger systems with double critical exponents and indefinite weightsMar 31 2015By using variational methods, we study the existence of mountain pass solution to the following doubly critical Schr\"{o}dinger system: $$ \begin{cases} -\Delta u-\mu_1\frac{u}{|x|^2}-|u|^{2^{*}-2}u &=h(x)\alpha|u|^{\alpha-2}|v|^\beta u\quad \rm{in}\; ... More
Orlicz-Legendre EllipsoidsAug 24 2014The Orlicz-Legendre ellipsoids, which are in the framework of emerging dual Orlicz Brunn-Minkowski theory, are introduced for the first time. They are in some sense dual to the recently found Orlicz-John ellipsoids, and have largely generalized the classical ... More
Quantity Tagger: A Latent-Variable Sequence Labeling Approach to Solving Addition-Subtraction Word ProblemsAug 31 2019An arithmetic word problem typically includes a textual description containing several constant quantities. The key to solving the problem is to reveal the underlying mathematical relations (such as addition and subtraction) among quantities, and then ... More
Dynamics of Boolean NetworksJul 02 2013Boolean networks are special types of finite state time-discrete dynamical systems. A Boolean network can be described by a function from an n-dimensional vector space over the field of two elements to itself. A fundamental problem in studying these dynamical ... More
An Algorithm for Detecting Fixed Points of Boolean NetworksApr 22 2014In the applications of Boolean networks to modeling biological systems, an important computational problem is the detection of the fixed points of these networks. This is an NP-complete problem in general. There have been various attempts to develop algorithms ... More
Characterization of Boolean Networks with Single or Bistable StatesJul 02 2013Many biological systems, such as metabolic pathways, exhibit bistability behavior: these biological systems exhibit two distinct stable states with switching between the two stable states controlled by certain conditions. Since understanding bistability ... More
Gaussian binomials and the number of sublatticesOct 23 2006The purpose of this short communication is to make some observations on the connections between various existing formulas of counting the number of sublattices of a fixed index in an $n$-dimensional lattice and their connection with the Gaussian binomials. ... More
Optimal Investment and Risk Control Problem for an Insurer: Expected Utility MaximizationFeb 14 2014Mar 07 2014Motivated by the AIG bailout case in the financial crisis of 2007-2008, we consider an insurer who wants to maximize the expected utility of the terminal wealth by selecting optimal investment and risk control strategies. The insurer's risk process is ... More
Spectral responses in granular compactionNov 06 2009The slow compaction of a gently tapped granular packing is reminiscent of the low-temperature dynamics of structural and spin glasses. Here, I probe the dynamical spectrum of granular compaction by measuring a complex (frequency-dependent) volumetric ... More
Instance Influence Estimation for Hyperspectral Target Signature Characterization using Extended Functions of Multiple InstancesMar 21 2016The Extended Functions of Multiple Instances (eFUMI) algorithm is a generalization of Multiple Instance Learning (MIL). In eFUMI, only bag level (i.e. set level) labels are needed to estimate target signatures from mixed data. The training bags in eFUMI ... More
Regularized rank-based estimation of high-dimensional nonparanormal graphical modelsFeb 13 2013A sparse precision matrix can be directly translated into a sparse Gaussian graphical model under the assumption that the data follow a joint normal distribution. This neat property makes high-dimensional precision matrix estimation very appealing in ... More
Convergence of an Adaptive Finite Element Method for Distributed Flux ReconstructionSep 09 2013We shall establish the convergence of an adaptive conforming finite element method for the reconstruction of the distributed flux in a diffusion system. The adaptive method is based on a posteriori error estimators for the distributed flux, state and ... More
SURE Information Criteria for Large Covariance Matrix Estimation and Their Asymptotic PropertiesJun 25 2014Mar 04 2016Consider $n$ independent and identically distributed $p$-dimensional Gaussian random vectors with covariance matrix $\Sigma.$ The problem of estimating $\Sigma$ when $p$ is much larger than $n$ has received a lot of attention in recent years. Yet little ... More
Phase Retrieval using Lipschitz Continuous MapsMar 10 2014In this note we prove that reconstruction from magnitudes of frame coefficients (the so called "phase retrieval problem") can be performed using Lipschitz continuous maps. Specifically we show that when the nonlinear analysis map $\alpha:{\mathcal H}\rightarrow\mathbb{R}^m$ ... More
Emergence of conformal symmetry in quantum spin chains: anti-periodic boundary conditions and supersymmetryJul 24 2019Universal properties of a critical quantum spin chain are encoded in the underlying conformal field theory (CFT). This underlying CFT is fully characterized by its conformal data. We propose a method to extract the conformal data from a critical quantum ... More
Local Lipschitz Stability for Inverse Robin Problems in Elliptic and Parabolic SystemsMar 08 2016In this work, we shall study the nonlinear inverse problems of recovering the Robin coefficients in elliptic and parabolic systems of second order, and establish their local Lipschitz stabilities. Some local Lipschitz stability was derived for an elliptic ... More
N*, Lambda*, Sigma* and Xi* Resonances from J/Psi and Psi' DecaysJun 04 2000Vector charmonium states $J/\Psi$ and $\Psi'$ are copiously produced by $e^+e^-$ annihilations at the Beijing Electron Positron Collider (BEPC). Their decays provide an excellent place for studying excited nucleons and hyperons -- $N^*$, $\Lambda^*$, ... More
Search for Glueballs from Three-body Annihilation of Antiproton-Proton in-FlightDec 04 1998Lattice QCD and other theoretical models predict that the 0(-+), 2(++) and 2(-+) glueballs have masses in the range of 2.0 to 2.4 GeV. For resonances in such an energy range, three-body decay modes are expected to be large. The strategy for looking for ... More
pi-pi S-Wave Interaction and 0++ ParticlesNov 05 1996From a re-analysis of pi+ pi- -> pi+ pi- and pi+ pi- -> K K data, we found for pi-pi S-wave interaction below 2 GeV, sigma(400), f0(980), f0(1500) and f0(1780) clearly show up. f0(1370) can be included with a very small branching ratio to pi-pi. f0(1300) ... More
Perspectival Knowledge in PSOA RuleML: Representation, Model Theory, and TranslationDec 07 2017May 02 2018In Positional-Slotted Object-Applicative (PSOA) RuleML, a predicate application (atom) can have an Object IDentifier (OID) and descriptors that may be positional arguments (tuples) or attribute-value pairs (slots). PSOA RuleML 1.0 specifies for each descriptor ... More
Standing waves for coupled nonlinear Schrodinger equations with decaying potentialsMar 01 2013Apr 19 2014We study the following singularly perturbed problem for a coupled nonlinear Schr\"{o}dinger system: {displaymath} {cases}-\e^2\Delta u +a(x) u = \mu_1 u^3+\beta uv^2, \quad x\in \R^3, -\e^2\Delta v +b(x) v =\mu_2 v^3+\beta vu^2, \quad x\in \R^3, u> 0, ... More
On a doubly critical Schrödinger system in $\bbr^4$ with steep potential wellsJun 10 2015Study the following two-component elliptic system% \begin{equation*} \left\{\aligned&\Delta u-(\lambda a(x)+a_0)u+u^3+\beta v^2u=0\quad&\text{in }\bbr^4,\\% &\Delta v-(\lambda b(x)+b_0)v+v^3+\beta u^2v=0\quad&\text{in }\bbr^4,\\% &(u,v)\in\h\times\h,\endaligned\right.% ... More
Data Shapley: Equitable Valuation of Data for Machine LearningApr 05 2019Jun 10 2019As data becomes the fuel driving technological and economic growth, a fundamental challenge is how to quantify the value of data in algorithmic predictions and decisions. For example, in healthcare and consumer markets, it has been suggested that individuals ... More
On pressure and velocity flow boundary conditions for the lattice Boltzmann BGK modelAug 08 1995Pressure (density) and velocity boundary conditions inside a flow domain are studied for 2-D and 3-D lattice Boltzmann BGK models (LBGK) and new method to specify these conditions are proposed. These conditions are consistent with the boundary condition ... More
Convergence Detection of Asynchronous Iterations based on Modified Recursive DoublingJul 02 2019This paper addresses the distributed convergence detection problem in asynchronous iterations. A modified recursive doubling algorithm is investigated in order to adapt to the non-power-of-two case. Some convergence detection algorithms are illustrated ... More
Rich Component AnalysisJul 14 2015In many settings, we have multiple data sets (also called views) that capture different and overlapping aspects of the same phenomenon. We are often interested in finding patterns that are unique to one or to a subset of the views. For example, we might ... More