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The Friedberg-Lee model at finite temperature and densityNov 29 2007May 20 2008The Friedberg-Lee model is studied at finite temperature and density. By using the finite temperature field theory, the effective potential of the Friedberg-Lee model and the bag constant $B(T)$ and $B(T,\mu)$ have been calculated at different temperatures ... More
Robust Contrast Enhancement Forensics Using Pixel and Histogram Domain CNNsMar 13 2018Feb 08 2019Contrast enhancement (CE) forensics has always been ofconcern to image forensics community. It can provide aneffective tool for recovering image history and identifyingtampered images. Although several CE forensic algorithmshave been proposed, their robustness ... More
Source Camera Identification Based On Content-Adaptive Fusion NetworkMar 15 2017Source camera identification is still a hard task in forensics community, especially for the case of the small query image size. In this paper, we propose a solution to identify the source camera of the small-size images: content-adaptive fusion network. ... More
Camera Fingerprint: A New Perspective for Identifying User's IdentityOct 25 2016Identifying user's identity is a key problem in many data mining applications, such as product recommendation, customized content delivery and criminal identification. Given a set of accounts from the same or different social network platforms, user identification ... More
Security Consideration For Deep Learning-Based Image ForensicsMar 29 2018Apr 03 2018Recently, image forensics community has paied attention to the research on the design of effective algorithms based on deep learning technology and facts proved that combining the domain knowledge of image forensics and deep learning would achieve more ... More
A New Evaluation Protocol and Benchmarking Results for Extendable Cross-media RetrievalMar 10 2017This paper proposes a new evaluation protocol for cross-media retrieval which better fits the real-word applications. Both image-text and text-image retrieval modes are considered. Traditionally, class labels in the training and testing sets are identical. ... More
Non-local Meets Global: An Integrated Paradigm for Hyperspectral DenoisingDec 11 2018Mar 27 2019Non-local low-rank tensor approximation has been developed as a state-of-the-art method for hyperspectral image (HSI) denoising. Unfortunately, with more spectral bands for HSI, while the running time of these methods significantly increases, their denoising ... More
Indexing of CNN Features for Large Scale Image SearchAug 02 2015Feb 01 2018The convolutional neural network (CNN) features can give a good description of image content, which usually represent images with unique global vectors. Although they are compact compared to local descriptors, they still cannot efficiently deal with large-scale ... More
A variational surface hopping algorithm for the sub-Ohmic spin-boson modelJun 12 2013Jun 21 2013The Davydov D1 ansatz, which assigns an individual bosonic trajectory to each spin state, is an efficient, yet extremely accurate trial state for time-dependent variation of the sub-Ohmic spin-boson model [J. Chem. Phys. 138, 084111 (2013)]. A surface ... More
Double Coronal X-ray and Microwave Sources Associated With A Magnetic Breakout Solar EruptionMay 17 2017Double coronal hard X-ray (HXR) sources are believed to be critical observational evidence of bi-directional energy release through magnetic reconnection in a large-scale current sheet in solar ares. Here we present a study on double coronal sources observed ... More
Devil in the Details: Towards Accurate Single and Multiple Human ParsingSep 17 2018Nov 29 2018Human parsing has received considerable interest due to its wide application potentials. Nevertheless, it is still unclear how to develop an accurate human parsing system in an efficient and elegant way. In this paper, we identify several useful properties, ... More
Modality-dependent Cross-media RetrievalJun 22 2015Jun 23 2015In this paper, we investigate the cross-media retrieval between images and text, i.e., using image to search text (I2T) and using text to search images (T2I). Existing cross-media retrieval methods usually learn one couple of projections, by which the ... More
Touching is believing: interrogating organometal halide perovskite solar cells at the nanoscale via scanning probe microscopyJun 07 2017Sep 18 2017Halide perovskite solar cells based on CH3NH3PbI3 and related materials have emerged as the most exciting development in the next generation photovoltaic technologies, yet the microscopic phenomena involving photo-carriers, ionic defects, spontaneous ... More
CNN: Single-label to Multi-labelJun 22 2014Jul 09 2014Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) has demonstrated promising performance in single-label image classification tasks. However, how CNN best copes with multi-label images still remains an open problem, mainly due to the complex underlying object layouts ... More
Cheating-Resilient Incentive Scheme for Mobile Crowdsensing SystemsJan 08 2017Mobile Crowdsensing is a promising paradigm for ubiquitous sensing, which explores the tremendous data collected by mobile smart devices with prominent spatial-temporal coverage. As a fundamental property of Mobile Crowdsensing Systems, temporally recruited ... More
Beating maps of singlet fission: Full-quantum simulation of coherent two-dimensional electronic spectroscopy in organic aggregatesJun 02 2017The coherent two-dimensional (2D) electronic spectra with respect to the singlet fission (SF) process in organic molecular aggregates are simulated by the Davydov ansatz combined with the Frenkel-Dirac time-dependent variational algorithm. By virtue of ... More
Indexing of CNN Features for Large Scale Image SearchAug 02 2015Jul 08 2016Convolutional neural network (CNN) features which represent images with global and high-dimensional vectors have shown highly discriminative capability in image search. Although CNN features are more compact than local descriptors, they still cannot efficiently ... More
Object Region Mining with Adversarial Erasing: A Simple Classification to Semantic Segmentation ApproachMar 24 2017May 28 2018We investigate a principle way to progressively mine discriminative object regions using classification networks to address the weakly-supervised semantic segmentation problems. Classification networks are only responsive to small and sparse discriminative ... More
Spectral properties of the square-lattice antiferromagnetic J1-J2 Heisenberg model: confinement and deconfinement of spinonsMay 21 2018Based on the mapping between $s=1/2$ spin operators and hard-core bosons, we extend the cluster perturbation theory to spin systems and study the whole excitation spectrum of the antiferromagnetic $J_{1}$-$J_{2}$ Heisenberg model on the square lattice. ... More
Exotic dynamical evolution in a secant-pulse driven quantum systemJun 17 2018Aug 31 2018We investigate an explicitly time-dependent quantum system driven by a secant-pulse external field. By solving the Schr\"{o}dinger equation exactly, we elucidate exotic properties of the system with respect to its dynamical evolution: on the one hand, ... More
A Gauss-Bonnet-Chern theorem for Finsler vector bundlesMay 30 2014In this paper, we give a simple proof of the Gauss-Bonnet-Chern theorem for a real oriented Finsler vector bundle with rank equal to the dimension of the base manifold. As an application, a Gauss-Bonnet-Chern formula for any metric-compatible connection ... More
Hardy inequalities with best constants on Finsler metric measure manifoldsJun 16 2019Jul 07 2019The paper is devoted to weighted $L^p$-Hardy inequalities with best constants on Finsler metric measure manifolds. There are two major ingredients. The first, which is the main part of this paper, is the Hardy inequalities concerned with distance functions ... More
Hardy inequalities with best constants on Finsler metric measure manifoldsJun 16 2019The paper is devoted to weighted $L^p$-Hardy inequalities with best constants on Finsler metric measure manifolds. There are two major ingredients. The first, which is the main part of this paper, is the Hardy inequalities concerned with distance functions ... More
A simple proof of the Gauss-Bonnet-Chern formula for Finsler manifoldsMar 08 2013Dec 07 2013From the point of view of index theory, we give a simple proof of a Gauss-Bonnet-Chern formula for all Finsler manifolds by the Cartan connection. Based on this, we establish a Gauss-Bonnet-Chern formula for any metric-compatible connection and also derive ... More
A Gauss-Bonnet-Chern theorem for complex Finsler manifoldsSep 09 2014Oct 03 2014In this paper, we establish a Gauss-Bonnet-Chern theorem for general closed complex Finsler manifolds.
Integral curvatures of Finsler manifolds and applicationsDec 25 2017In this paper, we study the integral curvatures of Finsler manifolds. Some Bishop-Gromov relative volume comparisons and several Myers type theorems are obtained. We also establish a Gromov type precompactness theorem and a Yamaguchi type finiteness theorem. ... More
A comparison theorem for Finsler submanifolds and its applicationsOct 29 2017In this paper, we consider the conormal bundle over a submanifold in a Finsler manifold and establish a volume comparison theorem. As an application, we derive a lower estimate for length of closed geodesics in a Finsler manifold. In the reversible case, ... More
Neutral Higgs Boson Search at TevatronNov 16 2004We review searches for neutral Higgs Boson performed by the CDF and D0 collaborations using approximately 200 pb$^{-1}$ of the dataset accumulated from $p\bar p$ collisions at the center-of-mass energy of 1.96 TeV. No signals are found and limits on the ... More
Particle identification for Higgs physics at future electron-positron colliderApr 03 2019Particle Identification (PID) plays a key role in heavy flavor physics in high-energy physics experiments. However, its impact on Higgs physics is still not clear. In this note, we will explore some of the potential of PID to improve the identification ... More
Higgs(general) at ATLASJan 16 2019The ATLAS Higgs results are reviewed using Run-2 data taken at a center-of-mass energy of 13 TeV with up to an integrated luminosity of 80 fb$^{-1}$. So far, the data are consistent with the standard model expectations. ATLAS now has observed the Higgs ... More
STC: A Simple to Complex Framework for Weakly-supervised Semantic SegmentationSep 10 2015Dec 07 2016Recently, significant improvement has been made on semantic object segmentation due to the development of deep convolutional neural networks (DCNNs). Training such a DCNN usually relies on a large number of images with pixel-level segmentation masks, ... More
A New Family of Practical Non-Malleable Diffie-Hellman ProtocolsMay 05 2011Dec 19 2011Cryptography algorithm standards play a key role both to the practice of information security and to cryptography theory research. Among them, the MQV and HMQV protocols ((H)MQV, in short) are a family of (implicitly authenticated) Diffie-Hellman key-exchange ... More
Mixed Quark-Gluon condensate at finite temperature and density in the global color symmetry modelJun 21 2004The mixed quark-gluon condensate is another chiral order parameter in QCD, which plays an important role in the application of QCD sum rules. In this letter, we study the properties of quark-gluon mixed condensate at finite temperature and quark chemical ... More
Electronic Transport Evidence for Topological Nodal-Line Semimetals of ZrGeSe single crystalsJul 10 2019Although the band topology of ZrGeSe has been studied via magnetic torque technique, the electronic transport behaviors related to the relativistic Fermions in ZrGeSe are still unknown. Here, we first report systematic electronic transport properties ... More
Mixed tensor susceptibility of the QCD vacuum from effective quark-quark interactionsSep 09 2004We calculate the mixed tensor susceptibility of QCD vacuum in the framework of the global color symmetry model. In our calculation, the functional integration over gluon fields can be performed and the gluonic vacuum observable can be expressed in terms ... More
Landau gauge condensates from global color modelMar 23 2006We compute the dimension-2 gluon pair condensate $g^2<{AA}>$ and the dimension-4 mixed quark-gluon condensate $<\bar{q}gA\cdot\gamma{q}>$ in Landau gauge within the framework of global color model. The result for the dynamical gluon mass is within the ... More
Pairing origin of the pseudogap as observed in ARPES measurement in the underdoped cupratesMay 15 2018We show that electron pairing is indispensable for the development of the leading edge gap as observed in ARPES measurement in the underdoped cuprates, even though clear evidence for the violation of the particle-hole symmetry is found in the electron ... More
Detecting the orbital character of the spin fluctuation in the Iron-based superconductors with the resonant inelastic X-ray scattering spectroscopyJan 08 2016Feb 15 2019The orbital distribution of the spin fluctuation in the iron-based superconductors(IBSs) is the key information needed to understand the magnetism, superconductivity and electronic nematicity in these multi-orbital systems. In this work, we propose that ... More
The driving mechanism of the d-wave orbital order in the iron-based superconductorsJun 23 2018We study the driving mechanism and the form of the orbital order in the electronic nematic phase of the iron-based superconductors(IBSs) within the random phase approximation of a 5-band model. We find the magnetic correlation energy of the system can ... More
Why the anti-nodal quasiparticle dispersion is so flat in the superconducting cuprates?May 13 2018Emergence of the coherent quasiparticle peak and the development of the peak-dip-hump spectral shape in the anti-nodal region below $\mathrm{T_{c}}$ is the most prominent non-BCS signature of the underdoped high-$\mathrm{T_{c}}$ cuprates, in which no ... More
Vanishing pseudogap around $(π,0)$ in an electron-doped high-$\mathrm{T_{c}}$ superconductor: a simple pictureMar 22 2018Aug 10 2018Recent ARPES measurement on electron-doped cuprate $\mathrm{Pr}_{1.3-x}\mathrm{La}_{0.7}\mathrm{Ce}_{x}\mathrm{CuO}_{4}$ finds that the pseudogap along the boundary of the antiferromagnetic Brillouin zone(AFBZ) exhibits dramatic momentum dependence. In ... More
Second-order Optimality Conditions by Generalized Derivatives and Applications in Hilbert SpacesJul 22 2016In this paper, in terms of three types of generalized second-order derivatives of a nonsmooth function, we mainly study the corresponding second-order optimality conditions in a Hilbert space and prove the equivalence among these optimality conditions ... More
Low Complexity Distributed SDP Approach for General OPF Problems with Reactive Power CostDec 14 2016Feb 08 2018Optimal power flow (OPF) problem is a class of large-scale and non-convex optimization problem. Various algorithms are proposed to solve the challenging OPF problem. Recent studies show that semidefinite programming (SDP) can either provide an exact or ... More
On Constraint Qualifications of a Nonconvex InequalityMar 11 2017In this paper, we study constraint qualifications for the nonconvex inequality defined by a proper lower semicontinuous function. These constraint qualifications involve the generalized construction of normal cones and subdifferentials. Several conditions ... More
Infinitely many positive solutions of nonlinear Schrödinger equations with non-symmetric potentialsSep 27 2013We consider the standing-wave problem for a nonlinear Schr\"{o}dinger equation, corresponding to the semilinear elliptic problem \begin{equation*} -\Delta u+V(x)u=|u|^{p-1}u,\ u\in H^1(\mathbb{R}^2), \end{equation*} where $V(x)$ is a uniformly positive ... More
Orbital stability of bound states of nonlinear Schrodinger equations with linear and nonlinear optical latticesJun 24 2010We study the orbital stability and instability of single-spike bound states of semiclassical nonlinear Schrodinger (NLS) equations with critical exponent, linear and nonlinear optical lattices (OLs). These equations may model two-dimensional Bose-Einstein ... More
Distributed Control of Inverter-Based Lossy Microgrids for Power Sharing and Frequency Regulation Under Voltage ConstraintsJan 23 2015Nov 18 2015This paper presents a new distributed control framework to coordinate inverter-interfaced distributed energy resources (DERs) in island microgrids. We show that under bounded load uncertainties, the proposed control method can steer the microgrid to a ... More
Uniqueness and nondegeneracy of sign-changing radial solutions to an almost critical elliptic problemOct 15 2015We study sign-changing radial solutions for the following semi-linear elliptic equation \begin{align*} \Delta u-u+|u|^{p-1}u=0\quad{\rm{in}}\ \mathbb{R}^N,\quad u\in H^1(\mathbb{R}^N), \end{align*} where $1<p<\frac{N+2}{N-2}$, $N\geq3$. It is well-known ... More
Dimension-like functions and spectrums of Finsler manifoldsJun 11 2018Sep 12 2018In this paper, we study the spectral problem on a compact Finsler manifold with or without boundary. More precisely, given a certain collection of sets in Sobolev space $H^{1,2}(M)$ and a dimension-like function, we can define a corresponding spectrum. ... More
A Note on: `Algorithms for Connected Set Cover Problem and Fault-Tolerant Connected Set Cover Problem'Apr 05 2011A flaw in the greedy approximation algorithm proposed by Zhang et al. for minimum connected set cover problem is corrected, and a stronger result on the approximation ratio of the modified greedy algorithm is established. The results are now consistent ... More
A Cheeger type finiteness theorem for Finsler manifoldsApr 20 2015In this paper, we mainly establish a Cheeger type finiteness theorem for Berwald manifolds. In order to do this, we study the injectivity radius and the convex radius of a Finsler manifold. A Cheeger type estimate on injectivity radii for Finsler manifolds ... More
Critical phenomena of static charged AdS black holes in conformal gravityMay 29 2014Aug 18 2014The extended thermodynamics of static charged AdS black holes in conformal gravity is analyzed. The $P-V$ criticality of these black holes has some unusual features. There exists a single critical point with critical temperature $T_c$ and critical pressure ... More
Queue-Aware Variable-Length Coding for Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communications with Random ArrivalMar 14 2019With the phenomenal growth of the Internet of Things (IoT), Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communications (URLLC) has potentially been the enabler to guarantee the stringent requirements on latency and reliability. However, how to achieve low latency and ... More
Non-compactness of the Prescribed Q-curvature Problem in Large DimensionsMar 20 2009Jun 08 2011Let $(M, g)$ be a compact Riemannian manifold of dimension $N \geq 5$ and $Q_g$ be its $Q$ curvature. The prescribed $Q$ curvature problem is concerned with finding metric of constant $Q$ curvature in the conformal class of $g$. This amounts to finding ... More
Learning Good Representation via Continuous AttentionMar 29 2019Apr 02 2019In this paper we present our scientific discovery that good representation can be learned via continuous attention during the interaction between Unsupervised Learning(UL) and Reinforcement Learning(RL) modules driven by intrinsic motivation. Specifically, ... More
Charged black hole with a scalar hair in (2+1) dimensionsMay 23 2013Jun 01 2013We obtain and analyze an exact solution to Einstein-Maxwell-scalar theory in $(2+1)$ dimensions, in which the scalar field couples to gravity in a non-minimal way, and it also couples to itself with the self-interacting potential solely determined by ... More
Power Allocation in Compressed Sensing of Non-uniformly Sparse SignalsFeb 19 2014May 08 2014This paper studies the problem of power allocation in compressed sensing when different components in the unknown sparse signal have different probability to be non-zero. Given the prior information of the non-uniform sparsity and the total power budget, ... More
Decentralized Multi-UAV Routing in the Presence of DisturbancesJul 12 2018We introduce a decentralized and online path planning technique for a network of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in the presence of weather disturbances. In our problem setting, the group of UAVs are required to collaboratively visit a set of goals scattered ... More
A Stochastic Hybrid System Approach to Aggregated Load Modeling for Demand ResponseMar 24 2015Nov 29 2015Nondisruptive demand response programs often result in complex and fast aggregated load dynamics, which may lead to severe impact on the distribution and transition systems. Accurate modeling of aggregated load dynamics is of fundamental importance for ... More
Cheeger's constant and the first eigenvalue of a closed Finsler manifoldSep 09 2013Nov 29 2013In this paper, we consider Cheeger's constant and the first eigenvalue of the nonlinear Laplacian on closed Finsler manifolds. Being based on these, we establish Cheeger's inequality and Buser's inequality for closed Finsler manifolds.
Classification of nonnegative solutions to static Schrödinger-Hartree and Schrödinger-Maxwell equations with combined nonlinearitiesNov 17 2018Dec 10 2018In this paper, we are concerned with static Schr\"{o}dinger-Hartree and Schr\"{o}dinger-Maxwell equations with combined nonlinearities. We derive the explicit forms for positive solution $u$ in the critical case and non-existence of nontrivial nonnegative ... More
A Fast Multipole Method based on Band-limited Approximations for Radial Basis FunctionsJun 24 2016The meshless/meshfree radial basis function (RBF) method is a powerful technique for interpolating scattered data. But, solving large RBF interpolation problems without fast summation methods is computationally expensive. For RBF interpolation with $N$ ... More
Some formulas of Santaló type in Finsler geometry and its applicationsApr 23 2014In this paper, we establish two Santal\'o type formulas for general Finsler manifolds. As applications, we derive a universal lower bound for the first eigenvalue of the nonlinear Laplacian, two Croke type isoperimetric inequalities, and a Yamaguch type ... More
Dimension-like functions and spectrums of Finsler manifoldsJun 11 2018Jul 01 2019In this paper, we study the spectral problem on a compact Finsler manifold with or without boundary. More precisely, given a certain collection of sets in Sobolev space $H^{1,2}(M)$ and a dimension-like function, we can define a corresponding spectrum. ... More
Stochastic One-Sided Full-Information BanditJun 20 2019In this paper, we study the stochastic version of the one-sided full information bandit problem, where we have $K$ arms $[K] = \{1, 2, \ldots, K\}$, and playing arm $i$ would gain reward from an unknown distribution for arm $i$ while obtaining reward ... More
The potential applications of phosphorene as anode materials in Li-ion batteriesAug 15 2014The capacity and stability of constituent electrodes determine the performance of Li-ion batteries. In this study, density functional theory is employed to explore the potential application of recently synthesized two dimensional phosphorene as electrode ... More
Einstein frame and Jordan frame revisited: are they mathematically equivalent?Jun 27 2011Jul 07 2011This paper has been withdrawn by the author due to a crucial sign error in equation (5).
On the vanishing contact structure for viscosity solutions of contact type Hamilton-Jacobi equations I: Cauchy problemJan 18 2018Apr 13 2018We study the representation formulae for the fundamental solutions and viscosity solutions of the Hamilton-Jacobi equations of contact type. We also obtain a vanishing contact structure result for relevant Cauchy problems which can be regarded as an extension ... More
Sharp-interface approach for simulating solid-state dewetting in two dimensions: a Cahn-Hoffman $\boldsymbolξ$-vector formulationApr 01 2018Apr 13 2018By using a Cahn-Hoffman $\boldsymbol{\xi}$-vector formulation, we propose a sharp-interface approach for solving solid-state dewetting problems in two dimensions. First, based on the thermodynamic variation and smooth vector-field perturbation method, ... More
Generation of optical frequency comb in a chi-2 sheet micro optical parametric oscillator via cavity phase matchingDec 16 2018Chi-3 micro resonators have enabled compact and portable frequency comb generation, but require sophisticated dispersion control. Here we demonstrate an alternative approach using a chi-2 sheet cavity, where the dispersion requirement is relaxed by cavity ... More
Observation of Interfacial Antiferromagnetic Coupling between Magnetic Topological Insulator and Antiferromagnetic InsulatorJan 09 2019Inducing magnetic orders in a topological insulator (TI) to break its time reversal symmetry has been predicted to reveal many exotic topological quantum phenomena. The manipulation of magnetic orders in a TI layer can play a key role in harnessing these ... More
A Solar Radio Dynamic Spectrograph with Flexible Temporal-spectral ResolutionJun 24 2017The observation and research of the solar radio emission have unique scientific values in solar and space physics and related space weather forecasting applications, since the observed spectral structures may carry important information about energetic ... More
Controllable spin-current blockade in a Hubbard chainJun 27 2008We investigate the spin/charge transport in a one-dimensional strongly correlated system by using the adaptive time-dependent density-matrix renormalization group method. The model we consider is a non-half-filled Hubbard chain with a bond of controllable ... More
Modeling and Analysis for Cache-enabled Cognitive D2D Communications in Cellular NetworksOct 22 2015Jul 25 2016Exploiting cognition to the cache-enabled device-to-device (D2D) communication underlaying the multi-channel cellular network is the main focus of this paper. D2D pairs perform direct communications via sensing the available cellular channels, bypassing ... More
A class of non-matchable distributive latticesOct 17 2018The set of all perfect matchings of a plane (weakly) elementary bipartite graph equipped with a partial order is a poset, moreover the poset is a finite distributive lattice and its Hasse diagram is isomorphic to $Z$-transformation directed graph of the ... More
Modulation of pairing symmetry with bond disorder in unconventional superconductorsJan 13 2017Apr 21 2017We study a two-orbital $t$-$J_1$-$J_2$ model, originally developed to describe iron-based superconductors at low energies, in the presence of bond disorder (via next-nearest-neighbor $J_2$-bond dilution). By using the Bogoliubov--de Gennes approach, we ... More
Spin-Boson Theory for Magnetotransport in Organic Semiconducting MaterialsAug 09 2010Aug 16 2010We present a spin-boson theory for magnetotransport in organic semiconducting materials, on the basis of a coupling between charge carriers' spin and a local bosonic environment, which is shown to be an irreducible ingredient in understanding of the anomalous ... More
Some enumerative properties of a class of Fibonacci-like cubesMay 02 2019A filter lattice is a distributive lattice formed by all filters of a poset in the anti-inclusion order. We study the combinatorial properties of the Hasse diagrams of filter lattices of certain posets, so called Fibonacci-like cubes, in this paper. Several ... More
Optimal cube factors of Fibonacci and matchable Lucas cubesDec 10 2018Mar 30 2019The optimal cube factor of a graph, a special kind of component factor, is first introduced. Furthermore, the optimal cube factors of Fibonacci and matchable Lucas cubes are studied; and some results on the Padovan sequence and binomial coefficients are ... More
Double JPEG Compression Detection by Exploring the Correlations in DCT DomainJun 05 2018In the field of digital image processing, JPEG image compression technique has been widely applied. And numerous image processing software suppose this. It is likely for the images undergoing double JPEG compression to be tampered. Therefore, double JPEG ... More
Structure and enumeration results of matchable Lucas cubesOct 17 2018Mar 02 2019A lucasene is a hexagon chain that is similar to a fibonaccene, an $L$-fence is a poset the Hasse diagram of which is isomorphic to the directed inner dual graph of the corresponding lucasene. A new class of cubes, which named after matchable Lucas cubes ... More
Ultrahigh Dimensional Feature Selection via Kernel Canonical Correlation AnalysisApr 25 2016Jun 02 2016High-dimensional variable selection is an important issue in many scientific fields, such as genomics. In this paper, we develop a sure independence feature screening pro- cedure based on kernel canonical correlation analysis (KCCA-SIS, for short). KCCA- ... More
Photometric Follow-up Transit (Primary Eclipse) Observations of WASP-43 b and TrES-3b and A Study on Their Transit Timing VariationsApr 24 2018Two photometric follow-up transit (primary eclipse) observations on WASP-43 b and four observations on TrES-3 b are performed using the Xuyi Near-Earth Object Survey Telescope. After differential photometry and light curve analysis, the physical parameters ... More
Virtual Codec Supervised Re-Sampling Network for Image CompressionJun 22 2018Jul 10 2018In this paper, we propose an image re-sampling compression method by learning virtual codec network (VCN) to resolve the non-differentiable problem of quantization function for image compression. Here, the image re-sampling not only refers to image full-resolution ... More
Learning a Virtual Codec Based on Deep Convolutional Neural Network to Compress ImageDec 16 2017Jan 16 2018Although deep convolutional neural network has been proved to efficiently eliminate coding artifacts caused by the coarse quantization of traditional codec, it's difficult to train any neural network in front of the encoder for gradient's back-propagation. ... More
Mixed-Resolution Image Representation and Compression with Convolutional Neural NetworksFeb 02 2018Aug 01 2018In this paper, we propose an end-to-end mixed-resolution image compression framework with convolutional neural networks. Firstly, given one input image, feature description neural network (FDNN) is used to generate a new representation of this image, ... More
Concurrent Knowledge-Extraction in the Public-Key ModelAug 18 2009Knowledge extraction is a fundamental notion, modelling machine possession of values (witnesses) in a computational complexity sense. The notion provides an essential tool for cryptographic protocol design and analysis, enabling one to argue about the ... More
Crowdsourcing Data Acquisition via Social NetworksMay 14 2019We consider a requester who acquires a set of data (e.g. images) that is not owned by one party. In order to collect all the data, crowdsourcing mechanisms have been widely used to seek help from the crowd. However, existing mechanisms rely on third-party ... More
Kernel Reconstruction ICA for Sparse RepresentationApr 09 2013Independent Component Analysis (ICA) is an effective unsupervised tool to learn statistically independent representation. However, ICA is not only sensitive to whitening but also difficult to learn an over-complete basis. Consequently, ICA with soft Reconstruction ... More
Time Asymptotic expansions of solution for fourth-order Schrödinger equation with zero resonance or eigenvalueDec 01 2018Mar 28 2019In this paper, we first deduce the asymptotic expansions of resolvent of $H=(-\Delta)^2+V$ with the presence of resonance or eigenvalue at the degenerate zero threshold for $d\geq5$. In particular, we identify these resonance spaces for full kinds of ... More
Divisibility by 2 of Stirling numbers of the second kind and their differencesSep 27 2012Feb 25 2014Let $n,k,a$ and $c$ be positive integers and $b$ be a nonnegative integer. Let $\nu_2(k)$ and $s_2(k)$ be the 2-adic valuation of $k$ and the sum of binary digits of $k$, respectively. Let $S(n,k)$ be the Stirling number of the second kind. It is shown ... More
Convex expansion for finite distributive lattices with applicationsOct 16 2018Mar 02 2019The concept of cutting is first explicitly introduced. By the concept, a convex expansion for finite distributive lattices is considered. Thus, a more general method for drawing the Hasse diagram is given, and the rank generating function of a finite ... More
A parameter free similarity index based on clustering ability for link prediction in complex networksApr 04 2015Link prediction in complex network based on solely topological information is a challenging problem. In this paper, we propose a novel similarity index, which is efficient and parameter free, based on clustering ability. Here clustering ability is defined ... More
Magnetoresistance from quenching of spin quantum correlation in organic semiconductorsJul 05 2012Jun 04 2014We present a theory of organic magnetoresistance (OMR) based on the quenching of the quantum correlation between the carrier's spin and its local environment when the incoherent hopping takes place. We prove that this process contributes a spin-dependent ... More
Modeling the underlying mechanisms for organic memory devices: Tunneling, electron emission and oxygen adsorbingApr 10 2012We present a combined experimental and theoretical study to get insight into both memory and negative differential resistance (NDR) effect in organic memory devices. The theoretical model we propose is simply a one-dimensional metallic island array embedding ... More
Monte Carlo simulation based on dynamic disorder model in organic semiconductors: From bandlike to hopping transportDec 06 2011Apr 02 2012The dynamic disorder model for charge carrier transport in organic semiconductors has been extensively studied in recent years. Although it is successful on determining the value of bandlike mobility in the organic crystalline materials, the incoherent ... More
Cascaded Reconstruction Network for Compressive image sensingDec 11 2017Apr 08 2018The theory of compressed sensing (CS) has been successfully applied to image compression in the past few years, whose traditional iterative reconstruction algorithm is time-consuming. However, it has been reported deep learning-based CS reconstruction ... More
The 2-adic valuations of Stirling numbers of the second kindJul 20 2009Dec 27 2011In this paper, we investigate the 2-adic valuations of the Stirling numbers $S(n, k)$ of the second kind. We show that $v_2(S(4i, 5))=v_2(S(4i+3, 5))$ if and only if $i\not\equiv 7\pmod {32}$. This confirms a conjecture of Amdeberhan, Manna and Moll raised ... More
Pressure tuning the lattice and optical response of silver sulfideMar 07 2016Jul 07 2016Binary transition metal chalcogenides have attracted increasing attention for their unique structural and electronic properties. High pressure is powerful tool for tuning their crystal structure and electronic structure away from their pristine states.In ... More
Multiple Description Convolutional Neural Networks for Image CompressionJan 20 2018Feb 28 2019Multiple description coding (MDC) is able to stably transmit the signal in the un-reliable and non-prioritized networks, which has been broadly studied for several decades. However, the traditional MDC doesn't well leverage image's context features to ... More