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Commutation Relations for Double Tensors of Two Equivalent D ElectronsJul 07 2007We apply the Clebsch-Gordan and Racah coefficients to calculate the double tensors for two equivalent d electrons. We also obtain the commutation relations for these double tensors and choose certain quantum numbers, which produce a subgroup. From the ... More
The Comparison between the Infinitesimal Operators for SU(3) and Boson Operators in Cartan-Weyl BasisJul 22 2003Apr 28 2005We present the detailed calculation of the infinitesimal operators and the boson operators for SU (3) in Cartan-Weyl basis. They have been used extensively as theoretical models for particle physics. We make a comparison between them, alongside with SL(3,c), ... More
The Recurrence Relation of Irreducible Tensor Operators for O(4)Jun 18 2004We derive the recurrence relation of irreducible tensor operator for O(4) in using the Wigner-Eckart theorem. The physical process like radiative transitions in atomic physics, nuclear transitions between excited nuclear states can be described by the ... More
The Calculation of Clebsh-Gordan Coefficients for the Permutation Group by the Eigenfunction MethodJul 11 2006We use the eigenfunction method to calculate the Clebsh-Gordan coefficients for the permutation group . This method is well-established by Jin-Quan Chen. Here we elaborate the detailed procedures for the pedagogical purpose. Due to the nature of the symmetry, ... More
Rafiki: Machine Learning as an Analytics Service SystemApr 17 2018Big data analytics is gaining massive momentum in the last few years. Applying machine learning models to big data has become an implicit requirement or an expectation for most analysis tasks, especially on high-stakes applications.Typical applications ... More
UStore: A Distributed Storage With Rich SemanticsFeb 09 2017Today's storage systems expose abstractions which are either too low-level (e.g., key-value store, raw-block store) that they require developers to re-invent the wheels, or too high-level (e.g., relational databases, Git) that they lack generality to ... More
Deep Learning At Scale and At EaseMar 25 2016Recently, deep learning techniques have enjoyed success in various multimedia applications, such as image classification and multi-modal data analysis. Large deep learning models are developed for learning rich representations of complex data. There are ... More
Distributed Control of Inverter-Based Lossy Microgrids for Power Sharing and Frequency Regulation Under Voltage ConstraintsJan 23 2015Nov 18 2015This paper presents a new distributed control framework to coordinate inverter-interfaced distributed energy resources (DERs) in island microgrids. We show that under bounded load uncertainties, the proposed control method can steer the microgrid to a ... More
Low Complexity Distributed SDP Approach for General OPF Problems with Reactive Power CostDec 14 2016Feb 08 2018Optimal power flow (OPF) problem is a class of large-scale and non-convex optimization problem. Various algorithms are proposed to solve the challenging OPF problem. Recent studies show that semidefinite programming (SDP) can either provide an exact or ... More
Signs of outflow feedback from a nearby young stellar object on the protostellar envelope around HL TauJan 11 2019HL Tau is a Class I-II protostar embedded in an infalling and rotating envelope and possibly associated with a planet forming disk, and it is co-located in a 0.1 pc molecular cloud with two nearby young stellar objects. Our ALMA observations revealed ... More
JCMT POL-2 and ALMA polarimetric observations of 6000-100 au scales in the protostar B335: linking magnetic field and gas kinematics in observations and MHD simulationsJan 02 2019We present our analysis of the magnetic field structures from 6000 au to 100 au scales in the Class 0 protostar B335 inferred from our JCMT POL-2 observations and the ALMA archival polarimetric data. To interpret the observational results, we perform ... More
PANDA: Facilitating Usable AI DevelopmentApr 26 2018Recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have created a general perception that AI could be used to solve complex problems, and in some situations over-hyped as a tool that can be so easily used. Unfortunately, the barrier ... More
High Spatio-Temporal-Resolution Detection of Chlorophyll Fluorescence Dynamics from a Single Chloroplast with Confocal Imaging FluorometerNov 09 2016Chlorophyll fluorescence (CF) is a key indicator to study plant physiology or photosynthesis efficiency. Conventionally, CF is characterized by fluorometers, which only allows ensemble measurement through wide-field detection. For imaging fluorometers, ... More
Extensions of multiply twisted pluri-canonical formsJan 11 2011Jan 24 2011Given a projective variety X, a smooth divisor D, and semipositive line bundles (L_1,h_1),,...,(L_m,h_m), we consider the "multiply twisted pluricanonical bundle" F:=m(K_X+D)+L_1+...+L_m on X and F_D:=mK_D+(L_1+...+L_m)|_D. Let I_j be the multiplier ideal ... More
The Shaping of the Multipolar Pre-Planetary Nebula CRL 618 by Multi-directional BulletsMar 01 2016In order to understand the formation of the multipolar structures of the pre-planetary nebula (PPN) CRL 618, we perform 3D simulations using a multi-directional bullet model. The optical lobes of CRL 618 and fast molecular outflows at the tips of the ... More
A study of the wiggle morphology of HH 211 through numerical simulationsMay 10 2016Recent high-resolution high-sensitivity observations of protostellar jets have shown many to possess deviations to their trajectories. HH 211 is one such example where sub-mm observations with the SMA have revealed a clear reflection-symmetric wiggle. ... More
Observation of Collective Coulomb Blockade in a Gate-controlled Linear Quantum-dot ArrayMar 15 2016The quantum transport of electrons in an artificial atom, such as a quantum dot (QD), is governed by the Coulomb blockade (CB) effects, revealing the ground-state charge configuration of the electronic system under interplays of the on-site strong Coulomb ... More
Probability Friends-of-Friends (PFOF) Group Finder: Performance Study and Observational Data Applications on Photometric SurveysMay 07 2013(Abridged) In tandem with observational datasets, we utilize realistic mock catalogs, based on a semi-analytic galaxy formation model, constructed specifically for Pan-STARRS1 Medium Deep Surveys in order to assess the performance of the Probability Friends-of-Friends ... More
Thermalization component model of multiplicity distributions of charged hadrons at BNL($E^{lab}_{NN}=2-11.6GeV/c$), the CERN($E^{lab}_{NN}=20-200GeV/c$), and the BNL ($\sqrt{s_{NN}}=19.6-200 GeV$)Feb 10 2012Nov 16 2014We find that collective flow model which can successfully analyze charged particle distributions at AGS and lower SPS (less than 20Gev/n). but fails to analyze that of at RHIC. The tails of distribution of charged particle at RHIC has a jump from the ... More
Open quantum random walks with decoherence on coins with $n$ degrees of freedomJan 01 2013Jan 26 2013In this paper, we define a new type of decoherent quantum random walks with parameter $0\le p\le 1$, which becomes a unitary quantum random walk (UQRW) when $p=0$ and an open quantum random walk (OPRW) when $p=1$ respectively. We call this process a partially ... More
A groupoidification of the fermion algebraFeb 19 2016In this paper, we consider the groupoidification of the fermion algebra. We construct a groupoid as the categorical analogues of the fermionic Fock space, and the creation and annihilation operators correspond to spans of groupoids. The categorical fermionic ... More
A Simple Method for searching for Prime Pairs in the Goldbach ConjectureMay 04 2015In this paper we introduce a simple method of searching for the prime pairs in the famous Goldbach Conjecture. The method, which is based on certain integer identities as well as an observation related to the remainder property, enables us to cut the ... More
An Efficient Transparent Test Scheme for Embedded Word-Oriented MemoriesOct 25 2007Memory cores are usually the densest portion with the smallest feature size in system-on-chip (SOC) designs. The reliability of memory cores thus has heavy impact on the reliability of SOCs. Transparent test is one of useful technique for improving the ... More
Strong Interaction Effects in Superfluid Ising Quantum Phase TransitionFeb 19 2014We study the quantum phase transition between a normal Bose superfluid to one that breaks additional Z_2 Ising symmetry. Using the recent shaken optical lattice experiment as an example, we first show that at mean-field level atomic interaction can significantly ... More
The Strongly Antimagic labelings of Double SpidersDec 27 2017A graph $G=(V,E)$ is strongly antimagic, if there is a bijective mapping $f: E \to \{1,2,\ldots,|E|\}$ such that for any two vertices $u\neq v$, not only $\sum_{e \in E(u)}f(e) \ne \sum_{e\in E(v)}f(e)$ and also $\sum_{e \in E(u)}f(e) < \sum_{e\in E(v)}f(e)$ ... More
On the CR Analogue of Reilly Formula and Yau Eigenvalue ConjectureMar 26 2015May 29 2015In this paper, we derive the CR Reilly's formula and its applications to studying of the first eigenvalue estimate for CR Dirichlet eigenvalue problem and embedded p-minimal hypersurfaces. In particular, we obtain the first Dirichlet eigenvalue estimate ... More
Optical Properties of Monolayer Tinene in Electric FieldsNov 28 2016Monolayer tinene presents rich absorption spectra in electric fields. There are three kinds of special structures, namely shoulders, logarithmically symmetric peaks and asymmetric peaks in the square-root form, corresponding to the optical excitations ... More
Efficient Processing of k Nearest Neighbor Joins using MapReduceJun 30 2012k nearest neighbor join (kNN join), designed to find k nearest neighbors from a dataset S for every object in another dataset R, is a primitive operation widely adopted by many data mining applications. As a combination of the k nearest neighbor query ... More
Improving Explorability in Variational Inference with Annealed Variational ObjectivesSep 06 2018Oct 26 2018Despite the advances in the representational capacity of approximate distributions for variational inference, the optimization process can still limit the density that is ultimately learned. We demonstrate the drawbacks of biasing the true posterior to ... More
Generating Contradictory, Neutral, and Entailing SentencesMar 07 2018Learning distributed sentence representations remains an interesting problem in the field of Natural Language Processing (NLP). We want to learn a model that approximates the conditional latent space over the representations of a logical antecedent of ... More
Neural Autoregressive FlowsApr 03 2018Normalizing flows and autoregressive models have been successfully combined to produce state-of-the-art results in density estimation, via Masked Autoregressive Flows (MAF), and to accelerate state-of-the-art WaveNet-based speech synthesis to 20x faster ... More
Out-of-plane spin polarization of edge currents in Chern insulator with Rashba spin-orbit interactionMay 03 2016We investigate the change in the non-zero Chern number and out-of-plane spin polarization of the edge currents in a honeycomb lattice with the Haldane-Rashba interaction. This interaction breaks the time-reversal symmetry due to the Haldane phase caused ... More
Neural Language Modeling by Jointly Learning Syntax and LexiconNov 02 2017Feb 19 2018We propose a neural language model capable of unsupervised syntactic structure induction. The model leverages the structure information to form better semantic representations and better language modeling. Standard recurrent neural networks are limited ... More
ISBNet: Instance-aware Selective Branching NetworkMay 13 2019Recent years have witnessed growing interests in designing efficient neural networks and neural architecture search (NAS). Although remarkable efficiency and accuracy have been achieved, existing expert designed and NAS models neglect that input instances ... More
Building a 3.5 m prototype interferometer for the Q & A vacuum birefringence experiment and high precision ellipsometryAug 21 2003Aug 22 2003We have built and tested a 3.5 m high-finesse Fabry-Perot prototype inteferometer with a precision ellipsometer for the QED test and axion search (Q & A) experiment. We use X-pendulum-double-pendulum suspension designs and automatic control schemes developed ... More
Multiple Fast Molecular Outflows in the PPN CRL 618Aug 28 2013CRL 618 is a well-studied pre-planetary nebula. It has multiple highly collimated optical lobes, fast molecular outflows along the optical lobes, and an extended molecular envelope that consists of a dense torus in the equator and a tenuous round halo. ... More
First Abundance Measurement of Organic Molecules in the Atmosphere of HH 212 Protostellar DiskApr 23 2019HH 212 is one of the well-studied protostellar systems, showing the first vertically resolved disk with a warm atmosphere around the central protostar. Here we report a detection of 9 organic molecules (including newly detected ketene, formic acid, deuterated ... More
LogBase: A Scalable Log-structured Database System in the CloudJun 30 2012Numerous applications such as financial transactions (e.g., stock trading) are write-heavy in nature. The shift from reads to writes in web applications has also been accelerating in recent years. Write-ahead-logging is a common approach for providing ... More
Test of CPT symmetry in cascade decaysApr 20 1999Feb 23 2000Cascade mixing provides an elegant place to study the $B^0-\bar{B^0}$ mixing. We use this idea to study the CPT violation caused by $B^0-\bar{B^0}$ mixing. An approximation method is adopted to treat the two complex $B^0-\bar{B^0}$ mixing parameters $\theta$ ... More
On the mean speed of bistable transition fronts in unbounded domainsAug 10 2018This paper is concerned with the existence and further properties of propagation speeds of transition fronts for bistable reaction-diffusion equations in exterior domains and in some domains with multiple cylindrical branches. In exterior domains we show ... More
CP violation in chargino decays in the MSSMNov 29 2002In the minimal supersymmetric standard model (MSSM) with complex parameters, supersymmetric loop effects can lead to \emph{CP} violation. We calculate the rate asymmetries of decays of charginos into the lightest neutralino and a $W$ boson on the basis ... More
Associated production of a Higgs boson with tau sleptons in the CP violating MSSM at future e^+ e^- collidersAug 10 2002Sep 06 2002We investigate the production of the lightest neutral Higgs boson in association with tau sleptons in the CP violating minimal supersymmetric standard model (MSSM) at future high-energy $e^{+}e^{-}$ linear colliders. In parameter space of the constrained ... More
Space-like Penguin Effects in $B_{c}$ DecaysFeb 22 1998The space-like penguin contributions to branching ratios and CP asymmetries in charmless decays of $B_{c}$ to two pseudoscalar mesons are studied using the next-to-leading order low energy effective Hamiltonian and factorization approximation. Both the ... More
Compact Formulation of the First Evolution Equation for Optimal Control ComputationApr 09 2018The first evolution equation is derived under the Variation Evolving Method (VEM) that seeks optimal solutions with the variation evolution principle. To improve the performance, its compact form is developed. By replacing the states and costates variation ... More
Uniform transverse beam profile with a new type nonlinear magnetMar 08 2017In this paper, a new type magnet is proposed and processed to uniform the transverse beam profile. Compeared to the octupole, the new type magnet can prove a similar octupole magnet field in the middle, but the rise rate declines quickly in the edge. ... More
Energy band of graphene ribbons under the tensile forceApr 30 2008According to the tight-binding approximation, we investigate the electronic structures of graphene ribbons with zigzag shaped edges (ZGRs) and armchair shaped edges (AGRs) drawn by the tensile force, and obtain the analytic relations between the energy ... More
MIMO Relaying Broadcast Channels with Linear Precoding and Quantized Channel State Information FeedbackMay 11 2012Multi-antenna relaying has emerged as a promising technology to enhance the system performance in cellular networks. However, when precoding techniques are utilized to obtain multi-antenna gains, the system generally requires channel state information ... More
Weakly Supervised Person Re-IdentificationApr 08 2019In the conventional person re-id setting, it is assumed that the labeled images are the person images within the bounding box for each individual; this labeling across multiple nonoverlapping camera views from raw video surveillance is costly and time-consuming. ... More
Gluon saturation and pseudo-rapidity distributions of charged hadrons at RHIC energy regionsFeb 10 2012Nov 20 2014We modified the gluon saturation model by rescaling the momentum fraction according to saturation momentum and introduced the Cooper-Frye hydrodynamic evolution to systematically study the pseudo-rapidity distributions of final charged hadrons at different ... More
A proof of a conjecture in the Cramér-Lundberg model with investmentsFeb 27 2010In this paper, we discuss the Cram\'er-Lundberg model with investments, where the price of the invested risk asset follows a geometric Brownian motion with drift $a$ and volatility $\sigma> 0.$ By assuming there is a cap on the claim sizes, we prove that ... More
Atomic Scale Investigation of Dye Sensitized Solar Cells_Interface Structure and DynamicsJun 12 2014Dye-sensitized solar cells (DSC), built upon organic/inorganic hybrid materials, are promising third generation solar cells, which attract wide attentions due to their low-cost, flexibility and environment-friendly properties. We review recent progresses ... More
The second order nonlinear conductance of a two-dimensional mesoscopic conductorApr 11 1997We have investigated the weakly non-linear quantum transport properties of a two-dimensional quantum conductor. We have developed a numerical scheme which is very general for this purpose. The nonlinear conductance is computed by explicitly evaluating ... More
CP Asymmetry in Tau Slepton Decay in The Minimal Supersymmetric Standard ModelFeb 06 2002We investigate CP violation asymmetry in the decay of tau slepton into a tau neutrino and a chargino in the minimal supersymmetric standard model. The new source of CP violation is the complex mixing in the tau slepton sector. The rate asymmetry between ... More
Pseudo-potential of a power-law decaying interaction in two-dimensional systemsFeb 17 2009Apr 17 2009We analytically derive the general pseudo-potential operator of an arbitrary isotropic interaction for particles confined in two-dimensional (2D) systems, using the frame work developed by Huang and Yang for 3D scattering. We also analytically derive ... More
Network of tRNA Gene SequencesOct 20 2004Dec 14 2004We showed in this paper that similarity network can be used as an powerful tools to study the relationship of tRNA genes. We constructed a network of 3719 tRNA gene sequences using simplest alignment and studied its topology, degree distribution and clustering ... More
Efficient $N$-particle $W$ state concentration with different parity check gatesApr 06 2012We present an universal way to concentrate an arbitrary $N$-particle less-entangled $W$ state into a maximally entangled $W$ state with different parity check gates. It comprises two protocols. The first protocol is based on the linear optical elements ... More
Enriching Article Recommendation with Phrase AwarenessDec 05 2018Dec 12 2018Recent deep learning methods for recommendation systems are highly sophisticated. For article recommendation task, a neural network encoder which generates a latent representation of the article content would prove useful. However, using raw text with ... More
Resonance states near a quantum magnetic impurity in single-layer FeSe superconductors with $d$-wave symmetryApr 01 2018In this work, we investigate the local density of states (LDOS) near a magnetic impurity in single-layer FeSe superconductors. The two-orbital model with spin-orbit coupling proposed in Ref. [{\emph{Phys. Rev. Lett.} \textbf{119}, 267001 (2017)}] is used ... More
1000 AU Exterior Arcs Connected to the Protoplanetary Disk around HL TauAug 08 2017The protoplanetary disk around HL Tau is so far the youngest candidate of planet formation, and it is still embedded in a protostellar envelope with a size of thousands of au. In this work, we study the gas kinematics in the envelope and its possible ... More
Implications of a hot atmosphere/corino from ALMA observations towards NGC1333 IRAS 4A1Jan 16 2019Jan 29 2019We report high angular resolution observations of NGC1333 IRAS4A, a protostellar binary including A1 and A2, at 0.84 mm with the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array. From the continuum observations, we suggest that the dust emission from the ... More
Extreme Active Molecular Jets in L1448CMay 05 2010The protostellar jet driven by L1448C was observed in the SiO J=8-7 and CO J=3-2 lines and 350 GHz dust continuum at ~1" resolution with the Submillimeter Array (SMA). A narrow jet from the northern source L1448C(N) was observed in the SiO and the high-velocity ... More
Deuterated Formaldehyde in the low mass protostar HH212Jan 20 2018HH212, a nearby (400 pc) object in Orion, is a Class 0 protostellar system with a Keplerian disk and collimated bipolar SiO jets. Deuterated water, HDO and a deuterated complex molecule, methanol (CH2DOH) have been reported in the source. Here, we report ... More
Constraints on Unparticle Interactions from Particle and Antiparticle OscillationsOct 19 2007We study unparticle effects on particle and antiparticle osillations in meson-antimeson, and muonium-antimuonium systems. Unlike usual tree level contributions to meson oscillations from heavy particle exchange with small $\Gamma_{12}$, the unparticle ... More
A Novel Stretch Energy Minimization Algorithm for Equiareal ParameterizationsAug 05 2017Surface parameterizations have been widely applied to computer graphics and digital geometry processing. In this paper, we propose a novel stretch energy minimization (SEM) algorithm for the computation of equiareal parameterizations of simply connected ... More
Automated Mutual Explicit Induction Proof in Separation LogicSep 04 2016Sep 06 2016We present a sequent-based deductive system for automatically proving entailments in separation logic by using mathematical induction. Our technique, called mutual explicit induction proof, is an instance of Noetherian induction. Specifically, we propose ... More
Learnable Explicit Density for Continuous Latent Space and Variational InferenceOct 06 2017In this paper, we study two aspects of the variational autoencoder (VAE): the prior distribution over the latent variables and its corresponding posterior. First, we decompose the learning of VAEs into layerwise density estimation, and argue that having ... More
Dynamically Weighted Ensemble-based Prediction System for Adaptively Modeling Driver Reaction TimeSep 18 2018Predicting a driver's cognitive state, or more specifically, modeling a driver's reaction time (RT) in response to the appearance of a potential hazard warrants urgent research. In the last two decades, the electric field that is generated by the activities ... More
On Resilience Analysis and Quantification for Wide-Area Control of Power SystemsApr 18 2016Wide-area control is an effective mean to reduce inter-area oscillations of large power systems. Its dependence on communication of remote measurement signals makes the closed-loop system vulnerable to cyber attacks. This paper develops a framework to ... More
Object-Level Representation Learning for Few-Shot Image ClassificationMay 28 2018Few-shot learning that trains image classifiers over few labeled examples per category is a challenging task. In this paper, we propose to exploit an additional big dataset with different categories to improve the accuracy of few-shot learning over our ... More
Bayesian HypernetworksOct 13 2017Apr 24 2018We study Bayesian hypernetworks: a framework for approximate Bayesian inference in neural networks. A Bayesian hypernetwork $\h$ is a neural network which learns to transform a simple noise distribution, $p(\vec\epsilon) = \N(\vec 0,\mat I)$, to a distribution ... More
Effective and Efficient Dropout for Deep Convolutional Neural NetworksApr 06 2019Apr 22 2019Machine-learning-based data-driven applications have become ubiquitous, e.g., health-care analysis and database system optimization. Big training data and large (deep) models are crucial for good performance. Dropout has been widely used as an efficient ... More
Hierarchical Importance Weighted AutoencodersMay 13 2019Importance weighted variational inference (Burda et al., 2015) uses multiple i.i.d. samples to have a tighter variational lower bound. We believe a joint proposal has the potential of reducing the number of redundant samples, and introduce a hierarchical ... More
Automated Lemma Synthesis in Symbolic-Heap Separation LogicOct 26 2017Nov 08 2017The symbolic-heap fragment of separation logic has been actively developed and advocated for verifying the memory-safety property of computer programs. At present, one of its biggest challenges is to effectively prove entailments containing inductive ... More
Effective and Efficient Dropout for Deep Convolutional Neural NetworksApr 06 2019Machine-learning-based data-driven applications have become ubiquitous, e.g., health-care analysis and database system optimization. Big training data and large (deep) models are crucial for good performance. Dropout has been widely used as an efficient ... More
Can We Detect the Color-Density Relation with Photometric Redshifts?Jan 07 2015May 02 2016A variety of methods have been proposed to define and to quantify galaxy environments. While these techniques work well in general with spectroscopic redshift samples, their application to photometric redshift surveys remains uncertain. To investigate ... More
An Information Analysis on Modeling Interaction Effects in Logistic RegressionJan 03 2018Apr 07 2018The Akaike information criterion (AIC) is commonly used to select a logistic regression model for optimal prediction of a binary response by a specified family of models. It however lacks a convincing method of prescribing a proper family of models using ... More
Stability Analysis of a Stringy Black HoleMay 12 1992We investigate the stability of charged black holes in two-dimensional heterotic string theories that were recently discussed by McGuidan, Nappi and Yost. In the framework of small time-dependent perturbation, we find that these black holes are linearly ... More
Conformal Surface Morphing with Applications on Facial ExpressionsApr 01 2015Morphing is the process of changing one figure into another. Some numerical methods of 3D surface morphing by deformable modeling and conformal mapping are shown in this study. It is well known that there exists a unique Riemann conformal mapping from ... More
Machine Learning at Microsoft with ML .NETMay 14 2019Machine Learning is transitioning from an art and science into a technology available to every developer. In the near future, every application on every platform will incorporate trained models to encode data-based decisions that would be impossible for ... More
Improper Ferroelectric Polarisation in a Perovskite driven by Inter-site Charge Transfer and OrderingMar 15 2018It is of great interest to design and make materials in which ferroelectric polarisation is coupled to other order parameters such as lattice, magnetic and electronic instabilities. Such materials will be invaluable in next-generation data storage devices. ... More
Global Phase Diagram of Competing Ordered and Quantum Spin Liquid Phases on the Kagomé LatticeDec 04 2014We study the quantum phase diagram of the spin-$1/2$ Heisenberg model on the kagom\'e lattice with first-, second-, and third-neighbor interactions $J_1$, $J_2$, and $J_3$ by means of density matrix renormalization group. For small $J_2$ and $J_3$, this ... More
Convolutional neural networks with fractional order gradient methodMay 14 2019This paper proposes a fractional order gradient method for the backward propagation of convolutional neural networks. To overcome the problem that fractional order gradient method cannot converge to real extreme point, a simplified fractional order gradient ... More
Experimental long-distance quantum secure direct communicationOct 22 2017Quantum secure direct communication (QSDC) is an important quantum communication branch, which realizes the secure information transmission directly without encryption and decryption processes. Recently, two table-top experiments have demonstrated the ... More
Q & A Experiment to Search for Vacuum Dichroism, Pseudoscalar-Photon Interaction and Millicharged FermionsNov 28 2006A number of experiments are underway to detect vacuum birefringence and dichroism -- PVLAS, Q & A, and BMV. Recently, PVLAS experiment has observed optical rotation in vacuum by a magnetic field (vacuum dichroism). Theoretical interpretations of this ... More
Nonlocality-controlled interaction of spatial solitons in nematic liquid crystalsFeb 24 2006Mar 13 2006We demonstrate experimentally that the interactions between a pair of nonlocal spatial optical solitons in a nematic liquid crystal (NLC) can be controlled by the degree of nonlocality. For a given beam width, the degree of nonlocality can be modulated ... More
Optical Flow Guided Feature: A Fast and Robust Motion Representation for Video Action RecognitionNov 29 2017Jul 07 2018Motion representation plays a vital role in human action recognition in videos. In this study, we introduce a novel compact motion representation for video action recognition, named Optical Flow guided Feature (OFF), which enables the network to distill ... More
Test Flavor SU(3) symmetry in Exclusive $Λ_c$ decaysJan 17 2016Flavor SU(3) symmetry is a powerful tool to analyze charmed baryon decays, however its applicability remains to be experimentally validated. Since there is not much data on $\Xi_c$ decays, various exclusive $\Lambda_c$ decays especially the ones into ... More
Convergence of quantum random walks with decoherenceAug 23 2011In this paper, we study the discrete-time quantum random walks on a line subject to decoherence. The convergence of the rescaled position probability distribution $p(x,t)$ depends mainly on the spectrum of the superoperator $\mathcal{L}_{kk}$. We show ... More
Semileptonic $Λ_b \to \bar ν_l l Λ_c(2595)$ and $Λ_b \to \bar ν_l l Λ_c(2625)$ decays in the molecular picture of $Λ_c(2595)$ and $Λ_c(2625)$Nov 22 2016We evaluate the partial decay widths for the semileptonic $\Lambda_b \to \bar \nu_l l \Lambda_c(2595)$ and $\Lambda_b \to \bar \nu_l l \Lambda_c(2625)$ decays from the perspective that these two $\Lambda^*_c$ resonances are dynamically generated from ... More
Twin-beam-enhanced displacement measurement of a membrane in a cavityFeb 12 2019Ultrasensitive measurement of a small displacement is an essential goal in various applications of science and technology, ranging from large-scale laser interferometric gravitational wave detectors to micro-electro-mechanical-systems-based force microscopy. ... More
Spatially Separated and Correlated Atom-molecule Lasers from a Bose CondensateDec 26 2005We propose a feasible scheme to create two spatially separated atomic and molecular beams from an atomic Bose-Einstein condensate by combining the Raman-type atom laser output and the two-color photo-association processes. We examine the quantum dynamics ... More
Machine Learning at Microsoft with ML .NETMay 14 2019May 15 2019Machine Learning is transitioning from an art and science into a technology available to every developer. In the near future, every application on every platform will incorporate trained models to encode data-based decisions that would be impossible for ... More
Robust AC Quantum Spin Hall Effect without Participation of Edge StatesJun 27 2016The quantum spin Hall (QSH) effect in the DC regime, which has been intensively researched, relies on the existence of symmetry-protected edge states. Here, we demonstrate that a QSH system behaves quite differently in response to an applied AC electric ... More
Quantum Secure Direct Communication with Quantum MemorySep 29 2016May 08 2017Quantum communication provides an absolute security advantage, and it has been widely developed over the past 30 years. As an important branch of quantum communication, quantum secure direct communication (QSDC) promotes high security and instantaneousness ... More
Efficient electronic entanglement concentration assisted with single mobile electronFeb 13 2012We present an efficient entanglement concentration protocol (ECP) for mobile electrons with charge detection. This protocol is quite different from other ECPs for one can obtain a maximally entangled pair from a pair of less-entangled state and a single ... More
Improving ellipticity detection sensitivity for the Q & A vacuum birefringence experimentAug 29 2003Sep 05 2003Q & A (quantum electrodynamics test and search for axion) experiment was first proposed in 1994 and a 3.5 m high-finesse Fabry-Perot prototype detector extendable to 7 m has been built and tested. We now enter into the 2nd phase of improving the ellipticity ... More
Study on the injection beam commissioning software for CSNS/RCSOct 16 2015The China Spallation Neutron Source (CSNS) accelerator uses H- stripping and phase space painting method of filling large ring acceptance with the linac beam of small emittance. The beam commissioning software system is the key part of CSNS accelerator. ... More
Half-metallic ferromagnetism in transition-metal doped germanium nitride: A first-principles studyMar 31 2010Apr 01 2010The electronic and magnetic properties of transition-metal doped $\beta$-Ge3N4 have been studied using first-principles calculations. The results show that the substitutional transition-metal impurities tend to cluster. The V and Cr doped Ge3N4 compounds ... More
Motion-enhanced quantum entanglement in the dynamics of excitation transferApr 13 2014Aug 16 2015We investigate the dynamics of entanglement in the excitation transfer through a chain of interacting molecules. In the case of two-molecule coupled to noisy environments we show that entanglement can be further enhanced if the distance between the molecules ... More