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Dilemma game in a traffic model with the crossingJun 06 2010In this paper, we investigate the non-signalized intersection issue considering traffic flow and energy dissipation in terms of game theory based on the Nagel-Schreckenberg (NaSch) model. There are two types of driver agents at the intersection when vehicles ... More
Vehicular traffic flow at a intersection controlled by signal light with a new probabilityApr 23 2009We introduced a probability of traffic light, PL, at an intersection when approaching cars in two roads are in same conditions. As a application, we proposed a modified Nagel-Schreckenberg cellular automata model for describing a conflicting vehicular ... More
Biharmonic space-like hypersurfaces in pseudo-Riemannian spaceAug 09 2008We classify the space-like biharmonic surfaces in 3-dimension pseudo-Riemannian space form, and construct explicit examples of proper biharmonic hypersurfaces in general ADS space.
Ergodic SDEs on submanifolds and related numerical sampling schemesFeb 26 2017Nov 30 2018In many applications, it is often necessary to sample the mean value of certain quantity with respect to a probability measure {\mu} on the level set of a smooth function $\xi: \mathbb{R}^d\rightarrow \mathbb{R}^k$, $1\le k < d$. A specially interesting ... More
Periods, cycles, and $L$-functions: a relative trace formula approachDec 23 2017This is a report for the author's talk in ICM-2018. Motivated by the formulas of Gross--Zagier and Waldspurger, we review conjectures and theorems on automorphic period integrals, special cycles on Shimura varieties, and their connection to central values ... More
Convergence of Yang-Mills-Higgs flow for twist Higgs pairs on Riemann surfacesSep 18 2012We consider the gradient flow of the Yang-Mills-Higgs functional of twist Higgs pairs on a Hermitian vector bundle $(E,H_0)$ over a Riemann surface $X$. It is already known the gradient flow with initial data $(A_0,\phi_0)$ converges to a critical point ... More
Asymptotic Analysis of Multiscale Markov ChainDec 30 2015Jan 27 2016We consider continuous-time Markov chain on a finite state space X. We assume X can be clustered into several subsets such that the intra-transition rates within these subsets are of order $\mathcal{O}(\frac{1}{\epsilon})$ comparing to the inter-transition ... More
Boundary effects on energy dissipation in a cellular automaton modelApr 23 2009Apr 25 2009In this paper, we numerically study energy dissipation caused by traffic in the Nagel-Schreckenberg (NaSch) model with open boundary conditions (OBC). Numerical results show that there is a nonvanishing energy dissipation rate Ed, and no true free-flow ... More
Automorphic period and the central value of Rankin--Selberg L-functionAug 30 2012Feb 16 2014We prove a refinement of the global Gan-Gross-Prasad conjecture proposed by Ichino-Ikeda and N. Harris for unitary groups under some local conditions. We need to assume some expected properties of L-packets and some part of the local Gan-Gross-Prasad ... More
On the Gauss Map with Vanishing Biharmonic stress-energy tensorSep 21 2007We study the biharmonic stress-energy tensor $S_2$ of Gauss map. Adding few assumptions, the Gauss map with vanishing $S_2$ would be harmonic.
New Examples of Biharmonic Submanifolds in $CP^n$ and $S^{2n+1}$May 27 2007We construct biharmonic real hypersurfaces and Lagrangian submanifolds of Clifford torus type in $CP^n$ via the Hopf fibration; and get new examples of biharmonic submanifolds in $S^{2n+1}$ as byproducts .
Bernstein Type Results for Lagrangian Graphs with Partially Harmonic Gauss MapJul 02 2007Jun 21 2008We establish Bernstein Theorems for Lagrangian graphs which are Hamiltonian minimal or have conformal Maslov form. Some known results of minimal (Lagrangian) submanifolds are generalized.
Phase transition behavior in a cellular automaton model with different initial configurationsFeb 28 2011We investigate the dynamical transition from free-flow to jammed traffic, which is related to the divergence of the relaxation time and susceptibility of the energy dissipation rate $E_d$, in the Nagel-Schreckenberg (NS) model with two different initial ... More
Effective Hamiltonians for quasi-one-dimensional Fermi gases with spin-orbit couplingAug 21 2013We derive one-dimensional effective Hamiltonians for spin-orbit coupled Fermi gases confined in quasi-one-dimensional trapping potentials. For energy regime around the two-body bound state energy, the effective Hamiltonian takes a two-channel form, where ... More
Confinement-induced Resonances in Quasi-one-dimensional Traps with Transverse AnisotropyDec 23 2010We study atom-atom scattering in quasi-one-dimensional geometries with transverse anisotropy. By assuming an s-wave pseudo-potential of contact interaction, we show that the system would exhibit a single confinement-induced resonance, where the scattering ... More
Binomial coefficients and the ring of p-adic integersDec 16 2008Jan 25 2011Let k>1 be an integer and let p be a prime. We show that if $p^a\le k<2p^a$ or $k=p^aq+1$ (with 2q<p) for some a=1,2,..., then the set {\binom{n}{k}: n=0,1,2,...} is dense in the ring Z_p of p-adic integers, i.e., it contains a complete system of residues ... More
Productions of $η$, $ρ^0$ and $φ$ at large transverse momentum in Heavy ion CollisionsDec 18 2016The suppression of the productions of the $\eta$ meson in relativistic heavy-ion collisions and its ratio of $\eta/\pi^0$ are computed theoretically in the framework of the perturbative QCD(pQCD) to confront the experimental data which matches well. We ... More
On Switching Stabilizability for Continuous-Time Switched Linear SystemsJun 12 2015Jan 07 2016This paper studies switching stabilization problems for continuous-time switched linear systems. We consider four types of switching stabilizability defined under different assumptions on the switching control input. The most general switching stabilizability ... More
On the integers of the form $p^2+b^2+2^n$ and $b_1^2+b_2^2+2^{n^2}$Dec 06 2008May 24 2009We prove that the sumset {p^2+b^2+2^n: p is prime and b,n\in N} has positive lower density. We also construct a residue class with odd modulo, which contains no integer of the form p^2+b^2+2^n. And similar results are established for the sumset {b_1^2+b_2^2+2^{n^2}: ... More
A Concave Optimization Algorithm for Matching Partially Overlapping Point SetsJan 04 2017Point matching refers to the process of finding spatial transformation and correspondences between two sets of points. In this paper, we focus on the case that there is only partial overlap between two point sets. Following the approach of the robust ... More
Shtukas and the Taylor expansion of $L$-functions (II)Dec 21 2017For arithmetic applications, we extend and refine our results in \cite{YZ} to allow ramifications in a minimal way. Starting with a possibly ramified quadratic extension $F'/F$ of function fields over a finite field in odd characteristic, and a finite ... More
Rational vertex operator algebras are finitely generatedJun 13 2008It is proved that any vertex operator algebra for which the image of the Virasoro element in Zhu's algebra is algebraic over complex numbers is finitely generated. In particular, any vertex operator algebra with a finite dimensional Zhu's algebra is finitely ... More
Power-law/exponential transport of electromagnetic field in one-dimensional metallic nanoparticle arraysFeb 11 2018Based on the coupled-dipole analysis and finite-difference time-domain simulation, we have investigated the surface plasmon propagation in one-dimensional metallic nanoparticle (NP) chains. Our systematic studies reveal that the interplay between the ... More
Non-degeneracy of Gauss curvature equation with negative conic singularityJun 30 2017Jul 05 2017We study the Gauss curvature equation with negative singularities. For a local mean field type equation with only one negative index we prove a uniqueness property. For a global equation with one or two negative indexes we prove the non-degeneracy of ... More
Antenna Array Based Positional Modulation with a Two-Ray Multi-Path ModelAug 25 2018Traditional directional modulation (DM) designs are based on the assumption that there is no multi-path effect between transmitters and receivers. One problem with these designs is that the resultant systems will be vulnerable to eavesdroppers which are ... More
A Piecewise Smooth Control-Lyapunov Function Framework for Switching StabilizationMar 06 2015This paper studies switching stabilization problems for general switched nonlinear systems. A piecewise smooth control-Lyapunov function (PSCLF) approach is proposed and a constructive way to design a stabilizing switching law is developed. The switching ... More
Low Energy Spectral Index and $E_{p}$ evolution of Quasi-thermal Photosphere Emission of Gamma-Ray BurstsFeb 21 2014Recent observations by the Fermi satellite suggest that a photosphere emission component is contributing to the observed spectrum of many GRBs. One important question is whether the photosphere component can interpret the typical ``Band'' function of ... More
A Monte Carlo study of the triangular lattice gas with the first- and the second-neighbor exclusionsMar 23 2008We formulate a Swendsen-Wang-like version of the geometric cluster algorithm. As an application,we study the hard-core lattice gas on the triangular lattice with the first- and the second-neighbor exclusions. The data are analyzed by finite-size scaling, ... More
Quasi-cotilting modules and torsion-free classesJan 07 2016We prove that all quasi-cotilting modules are pure-injective and cofinendo. It follows that the class CogenM is always a covering class whenever M is a quasi-cotilting module. Some characterizations of quasi-cotilting modules are given. As a main result, ... More
Comparison theorems in pseudo-Hermitian geometry and applicationsNov 02 2016In this paper, we study the theory of geodesics with respect to the Tanaka-Webster connection in a pseudo-Hermitian manifold, aiming to generalize some comparison results in Riemannian geometry to the case of pseudo-Hermitian geometry. Some Hopf-Rinow ... More
Wave and Klein-Gordon equations on certain locally symmetric spacesSep 14 2018This paper is devoted to study the dispersive properties of the linear Klein-Gordon equation on a class of locally symmetric spaces. As a consequence, we obtain the Strichartz estimate and prove global well-posedness results for the corresponding semilinear ... More
Indivisibility of Heegner points in the multiplicative caseJul 04 2014For certain elliptic curves $E$ over $\mathbb{Q}$ with multiplicative reduction at a prime $p\geq 5$, we prove the $p$-indivisibility of the derived Heegner classes defined with respect to an imaginary quadratic field $K$, as conjectured by Kolyvagin. ... More
Pathwise estimates for effective dynamics: the case of nonlinear vectorial reaction coordinatesMay 04 2018Effective dynamics using conditional expectation was proposed in [F. Legoll and T. Leli\`evre, Nonlinearity, 2010] to approximate the essential dynamics of high-dimensional diffusion processes along a given reaction coordinate. The approximation error ... More
One-loop renormalization group equations of the neutrino mass matrix in the triplet seesaw modelNov 27 2006Jan 25 2007Within the framework of the standard model plus one heavy Higgs triplet, we derive a full set of one-loop renormalization group equations of the neutrino mass matrix and Higgs couplings in both full and effective theories. The explicit RGEs of neutrino ... More
Persistent ferromagnetism and topological phase transition at the interface of a superconductor and a topological insulatorJul 11 2014At the interface of an s-wave superconductor and a three-dimensional topological insulator, Ma- jorana zero modes and Majorana helical states have been proposed to exist respectively around magnetic vortices and geometrical edges. Here we first show that ... More
Quantum game players can have advantage without discordFeb 01 2015The last two decades have witnessed a rapid development of quantum information processing, a new paradigm which studies the power and limit of "quantum advantages" in various information processing tasks. Problems such as when quantum advantage exists, ... More
Fano Resonance Induced Anomalous Collective Hotspots in Metallic Nanoparticle Dimer ChainsFeb 16 2016Hotspots with strong near fields due to localized surface plasmons (LSPs) in metallic nanostructures have various applications, such as surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS). The long range Coulomb coupling between LSPs in periodic metallic nanostructures ... More
Covering Radius of Permutation Groups with Infinity-NormMay 20 2019The covering radius of permutation group codes are studied in this paper with $l_{\infty}$-metric. We determine the covering radius of the $(p,q)$-type group, which is a direct product of two cyclic transitive groups. We also deduce the maximum covering ... More
Delay-optimal Data Transmission in Renewable Energy Aided Cognitive Radio NetworksOct 03 2015Renewable energy powered cognitive radio (CR) network has gained much attention due to its combination of the CR's spectrum efficiency and the renewable energy's "green" nature. In the paper, we investigate the delay-optimal data transmission in the renewable ... More
Performance Analysis of Massive MIMO with Low-Resolution ADCsNov 29 2017The uplink performance of massive multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) systems where the base stations (BS) employ low-resolution analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) is analyzed. A high performance MMSE receiver that takes both additive white Gaussian ... More
Randomized Core Reduction for Discrete Ill-Posed ProblemAug 08 2018In this paper, we apply randomized algorithms to approximate the total least squares (TLS) solution of the problem $Ax\approx b$ in the large-scale discrete ill-posed problems. A regularization technique, based on the multiplicative randomization and ... More
Lie-Type Derivations of Nest Algebras on Banach SpacesJun 09 2017Let $\mathcal{X}$ be a Banach space over the complex field $\mathbb{C}$ and $\mathcal{B(X)}$ be the algebra of all bounded linear operators on $\mathcal{X}$. Let $\mathcal{N}$ be a non-trivial nest on $\mathcal{X}$, ${\rm Alg}\mathcal{N}$ be the nest ... More
On characterizing quantum correlated equilibriaMay 26 2011Quantum game theory lays a foundation for understanding the interaction of people using quantum computers with conflicting interests. Recently Zhang proposed a simple yet rich model to study quantum strategic games, and addressed some quantitative questions ... More
Cosmological implications of Fast Radio Burst / Gamma-Ray Burst AssociationsDec 31 2013Jan 30 2014If a small fraction of Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs) are associated with Gamma-Ray Bursts (GRBs), as recently suggested by Zhang, the combination of redshift measurements of GRBs and dispersion measure (DM) measurements of FRBs opens a new window to study ... More
Near-field Ultra-wideband mmWave Channel Characterization Using Successive Cancellation Beamspace UCA AlgorithmJan 29 2019Of the wide palette of 5G features, ultra-wide bandwidth and large-scale antenna configuration are regarded as the essential enabling technology components at millimeter wave (mmWave) communication. Accurate knowledge of delay and angle information of ... More
Shape evolutions of $^{72,74}$Kr with temperature in the covariant density functional theoryAug 19 2016May 12 2017The rich phenomena of deformations in neutron-deficient krypton isotopes such as the shape evolution with neutron number and the shape coexistence attract the interests of nuclear physicists for decades. It will be interesting to study such shape phenomena ... More
Complete Submodularity Characterization in the Comparative Independent Cascade ModelFeb 17 2017Nov 14 2018We study the propagation of comparative ideas or items in social networks. A full characterization for submodularity in the comparative independent cascade (Com-IC) model of two-idea cascade is given, for competing ideas and complementary ideas respectively, ... More
Spectrum sharing in energy harvesting cognitive radio networks: A cross-layer perspectiveNov 08 2016Jul 07 2017In the paper, we present a cross-layer perspective on data transmission in energy harvesting cognitive radio networks (CRNs). The delay optimal power allocation is studied while taking into account the randomness of harvested energy, data generation, ... More
Levy-Khintchine type representation of Dirichlet generators and Semi-Dirichlet formsMar 14 2013Apr 11 2013Let $U$ be an open set of $\mathbb{R}^n$, $m$ a positive Radon measure on $U$ such that ${\rm supp}[m]=U$, and $(P_t)_{t>0}$ a strongly continuous contraction sub-Markovian semigroup on $L^2(U;m)$. We investigate the structure of $(P_t)_{t>0}$. (i) Denote ... More
Computing the permanental polynomials of bipartite graphs by Pfaffian orientationOct 06 2010The permanental polynomial of a graph $G$ is $\pi(G,x)\triangleq\mathrm{per}(xI-A(G))$. From the result that a bipartite graph $G$ admits an orientation $G^e$ such that every cycle is oddly oriented if and only if it contains no even subdivision of $K_{2,3}$, ... More
Regression based principal component analysis for sparse functional data with applications to screening growth pathsSep 17 2015Growth charts are widely used in pediatric care for assessing childhood body size measurements (e.g., height or weight). The existing growth charts screen one body size at a single given age. However, when a child has multiple measures over time and exhibits ... More
Learning to update Auto-associative Memory in Recurrent Neural Networks for Improving Sequence MemorizationSep 19 2017Oct 03 2017Learning to remember long sequences remains a challenging task for recurrent neural networks. Register memory and attention mechanisms were both proposed to resolve the issue with either high computational cost to retain memory differentiability, or by ... More
Shtukas and the Taylor expansion of $L$-functionsDec 08 2015Apr 11 2017We define the Heegner--Drinfeld cycle on the moduli stack of Drinfeld Shtukas of rank two with $r$-modifications for an even integer $r$. We prove an identity between (1) The $r$-th central derivative of the quadratic base change $L$-function associated ... More
Analysis of Dual-Hop AF Relay Systems in Mixed RF and FSO LinksNov 27 2017We analysis the performances for the dual-hop fixed gain amplify-and-forward (AF) relay systems operating over mixed radio-frequency (RF) and free-space optical (FSO) links. The RF link is subject to Rician fading and the FSO link experiences Gamma-Gamma ... More
A tight-binding model for the excitonic band structure of a one-dimensional molecular chain: UV-Vis spectra, Zak phase and topological propertiesApr 03 2019Recently organic optics becomes a hot topic due to the rapid development of organic light-emitting diodes, organic solar cells, and organic photon detectors. The optical spectra of the molecular semiconductors are difficult to solve an model from first-principles ... More
Convexity of the smallest principal curvature of the convex level sets of some quasi-linear elliptic equations with respect to the heightMay 10 2010Nov 04 2012For the $p$-harmonic function with strictly convex level sets, we find a test function which comes from the combination of the norm of gradient of the $p$-harmonic function and the smallest principal curvature of the level sets of $p$-harmonic function. ... More
Estimates for Liouville equation with quantized singularitiesMay 10 2019For Liouville equations with singular sources, it is well known that blowup solutions may exhibit non-simple blowup phenomenon if the blowup point happens to be the singular source and the strength of the singular source is a multiple of $4\pi$. In this ... More
Cosilting complexes and AIR-cotilting modulesJan 07 2016We introduce and study the new concepts of cosilting complexes, cosilting modules and AIR-cotilting modules. We prove that the three concepts AIR-cotilting modules, cosilting modules and quasi-cotilting modules coincide with each other, in contrast with ... More
AI Matrix - Synthetic Benchmarks for DNNNov 27 2018Deep neural network (DNN) architectures, such as convolutional neural networks (CNN), involve heavy computation and require hardware, such as CPU, GPU, and AI accelerators, to provide the massive computing power. With the many varieties of AI hardware ... More
Interatomic collisions in two-dimensional and quasi-two-dimensional confinements with spin-orbit couplingMar 03 2012Oct 28 2012We investigate the low-energy scattering and bound states of two two-component fermionic atoms in pure two-dimensional (2D) and quasi-2D confinements with Rashba spin-orbit coupling (SOC). We find that the SOC qualitatively changes the behavior of the ... More
Pairing Superfluidity in Spin-Orbit Coupled Ultracold Fermi GasesOct 07 2014We review some recent progresses on the study of ultracold Fermi gases with synthetic spin-orbit coupling. In particular, we focus on the pairing superfluidity in these systems at zero temperature. Recent studies have shown that different forms of spin-orbit ... More
Production of $ρ^{0}$ meson with large $p_T$ at NLO in heavy-ion collisionsJan 16 2017Aug 03 2018Production of large transverse momentum $\rho^{0}$ meson in high-energy nuclear collisions is investigated for the first time at the next-leading-order in the QCD improved parton model. The $\rho^0$ fragmentation functions (FFs) in vacuum at any scale ... More
Momentum imbalance of isolated photon-tagged jet production at RHIC and LHCJul 21 2012Mar 07 2013In collisions of ultra-relativistic nuclei, photon-tagged jets provide a unique opportunity to compare jet production and modification due to parton shower formation and propagation in strongly-interacting matter at vastly different center-of-mass energies. ... More
Relationship between Characteristic Lengths and Effective Saffman Length in Colloidal Monolayers near a Water-Oil InterfaceDec 27 2018The hydrodynamic interactions (HIs) in colloidal monolayers are strongly influenced by the boundary conditions and can be directly described in terms of the cross-correlated diffusion of the colloid particles. In this work, we experimentally measured ... More
Zhu's Algebra of a C1-cofinite Vertex AlgebraAug 26 2015For a C1-cofinite vertex algebra V, we give an efficient way to calculate Zhu's algebra A(V) of V with respect to its C1-generators and relations. We use two examples to explain how this method works.
Time-Critical Influence Maximization in Social Networks with Time-Delayed Diffusion ProcessApr 13 2012Jul 13 2015Influence maximization is a problem of finding a small set of highly influential users, also known as seeds, in a social network such that the spread of influence under certain propagation models is maximized. In this paper, we consider time-critical ... More
Assignments of $Λ_Q$ and $Ξ_Q$ baryons in the heavy quark-light diquark pictureJun 25 2014Jul 11 2015We apply a new mass formula which is derived analytically in the relativistic flux tube model to the mass spectra of $\Lambda_Q$ and $\Xi_Q$ (\emph{Q} = \emph{c} or \emph{b} quark) baryons. To this end, the heavy quark-light diquark picture is employed. ... More
Swallowtail Structure in Fermi Superfluids with Periodically Modulated InteractionsMar 16 2015We study the superfluid flow in a quasi-one-dimensional Fermi gas with spatially modulated interactions induced by an optical Feshbach resonance. Due to the competition between the periodicity of the modulated interaction and the nonlinearity of the background ... More
Probing Shadowed Nuclear Sea with Massive Gauge Bosons in the Future Heavy-Ion CollisionsMay 29 2015Oct 14 2015The production of the massive bosons $Z^0$ and $W^{\pm}$ could provide an excellent tool to study cold nuclear matter effects and the modifications of nuclear parton distribution functions (nPDFs) relative to parton distribution functions (PDFs) of a ... More
Global Complexity Analysis of Inexact Successive Quadratic Approximation methods for Regularized Optimization under Mild AssumptionsAug 13 2018Successive quadratic approximations (SQA) are numerically efficient for minimizing the sum of a smooth function and a convex function. The iteration complexity of inexact SQA methods has been analyzed recently. In this paper, we present an algorithmic ... More
Nonconvex Proximal Incremental Aggregated Gradient Method with Linear ConvergenceApr 07 2018In this paper, we study the proximal incremental aggregated gradient(PIAG) algorithm for minimizing the sum of L-smooth nonconvex component functions and a proper closed convex function. By exploiting the L-smooth property and with the help of an error ... More
Magnetization in two-dimensional electron gas in a perpendicular magnetic field: the roles of edge states and spin-orbit couplingFeb 08 2009We study the de Haas--van Alphen (dHvA) oscillations in the magnetization of a two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG) under the influence of the edge states and/or the Rashba spin-orbit interaction (SOI). The boundaries of the systems lift partially the ... More
A Provably Secure Ring Signature Scheme in Certificateless CryptographyDec 25 2017Ring signature is a kind of group-oriented signature. It allows a member of a group to sign messages on behalf of the group without revealing his/her identity. Certificateless public key cryptography was first introduced by Al-Riyami and Paterson in Asiacrypt ... More
Enhancements to A Lightweight RFID Authentication ProtocolOct 18 2008Oct 25 2008Vajda and Buttyan (VB) proposed a set of five lightweight RFID authentication protocols. Defend, Fu, and Juels (DFJ) did cryptanalysis on two of them - XOR and SUBSET. To the XOR protocol, DFJ proposed repeated keys attack and nibble attack. In this paper, ... More
Second-order numerical schemes for decoupled forward-backward stochastic differential equations with jumpsDec 25 2014Jul 27 2015We propose new numerical schemes for decoupled forward-backward stochastic differential equations (FBSDEs) with jumps, where the stochastic dynamics are driven by a $d$-dimensional Brownian motion and an independent compensated Poisson random measure. ... More
Polarity Reversed Robust Carrier Mobility in Monolayer MoS2 NanoribbonsOct 26 2013Using first-principles calculations and deformation potential theory, we investigate the intrinsic carrier mobility ({\mu}) of monolayer MoS2 sheet and nanoribbons. In contrast to the dramatic three orders of magnitude of deterioration of {\mu} in graphene ... More
AC-field-controlled localization-delocalization transition in one dimensional disordered systemMar 27 2006Based on the random dimer model, we study correlated disorder in a one dimensional system driven by a strong AC field. As the correlations in a random system may generate extended states and enhance transport in DC fields, we explore the role that AC ... More
Jet tomography of high-energy nucleus-nucleus collisions at next-to-leading orderOct 06 2009Apr 06 2010We demonstrate that jet observables are highly sensitive to the characteristics of the vacuum and the in-medium QCD parton showers and propose techniques that exploit this sensitivity to constrain the mechanism of quark and gluon energy loss in strongly-interacting ... More
Mixed Quark-Gluon condensate at finite temperature and density in the global color symmetry modelJun 21 2004The mixed quark-gluon condensate is another chiral order parameter in QCD, which plays an important role in the application of QCD sum rules. In this letter, we study the properties of quark-gluon mixed condensate at finite temperature and quark chemical ... More
Reconstructing the Cosmic Expansion History up to Redshift z=6.29 with the Calibrated Gamma-Ray BurstsAug 18 2008Aug 31 2009Recently, Gamma-Ray Bursts (GRBs) were proposed to be a complementary cosmological probe to type Ia supernovae (SNIa). GRBs have been advocated to be standard candles since several empirical GRB luminosity relations were proposed as distance indicators. ... More
Analysis on the evolution process of BFW-like model with explosive percolation of multiple giant componentsJun 13 2012Recently, the modified BFW model on random graph [Phys. Rev. Lett., 106, 115701 (2011)], which shows a strongly discontinuous percolation transition with multiple giant components, has attracted much attention from physicists, statisticians and materials ... More
Correlated diffusion of colloidal particles near a liquid-liquid interfaceApr 14 2013Optical microscopy and multi-particle tracking are used to investigate the cross-correlated diffusion of quasi two-dimensional (2D) colloidal particles near an oil-water interface. It is shown that the effect of the interface on correlated diffusion is ... More
Inertial Proximal Incremental Aggregated Gradient MethodDec 04 2017Dec 18 2017In this paper, we introduce an inertial version of the Proximal Incremental Aggregated Gradient method (PIAG) for minimizing the sum of smooth convex component functions and a possibly nonsmooth convex regularization function. Theoretically, we show that ... More
Description of $^{178}$Hf$^{m2}$ in the constrained relativistic mean field theoryOct 21 2009The properties of the ground state of $^{178}$Hf and the isomeric state $^{178}$Hf$^{m2}$ are studied within the adiabatic and diabatic constrained relativistic mean field (RMF) approaches. The RMF calculations reproduce well the binding energy and the ... More
Layer-dependent Band Alignment and Work Function of Few-Layer PhosphoreneSep 30 2014Using first-principles calculations, we study the electronic properties of few-layer phosphorene focusing on layer-dependent behavior of band gap, work function and band alignment and carrier effective mass. It is found that few-layer phosphorene shows ... More
Edge-Semantic Learning Strategy for Layout Estimation in Indoor EnvironmentJan 03 2019Visual cognition of the indoor environment can benefit from the spatial layout estimation, which is to represent an indoor scene with a 2D box on a monocular image. In this paper, we propose to fully exploit the edge and semantic information of a room ... More
Rigorous derivation from Landau-de Gennes theory to Ericksen-Leslie theoryJul 03 2013Starting from Beris-Edwards system for the liquid crystal, we present a rigorous derivation of Ericksen-Leslie system with general Ericksen stress and Leslie stress by using the Hilbert expansion method.
Charge Transfer and Functionalization of Monolayer InSe by Physisorption of Small Molecules for Gas SensingApr 13 2017First-principles calculations are performed to investigate the effects of the adsorption of gas molecules (CO, NO, NO2, H2S, N2, H2O, O2, NH3 and H2) on the electronic properties of atomically thin indium selenium (InSe). Our study shows that the lone-pair ... More
Ferromagnetic ground state of SU(3) Hubbard model on the Lieb latticeJul 28 2016Aug 08 2016We investigate the magnetic properties of the ground state of the repulsive fermionic SU($3$) Hubbard model on the Lieb lattice from weak to strong interactions, by means of mean-field approximation. To see how well the mean-field method works, we first ... More
Stable Heteronuclear Few-Atom Bound States in Mixed DimensionsApr 21 2011Jul 03 2011We study few-body problems in mixed dimensions with $N \ge 2$ heavy atoms trapped individually in parallel one-dimensional tubes or two-dimensional disks, and a single light atom travels freely in three dimensions. By using the Born-Oppenheimer approximation, ... More
Well-posedness of Hydrodynamics on the Moving Elastic SurfaceJan 19 2011Jun 24 2012The dynamics of a membrane is a coupled system comprising a moving elastic surface and an incompressible membrane fluid. We will consider a reduced elastic surface model, which involves the evolution equations of the moving surface, the dynamic equations ... More
On $p$-adic Waldspurger formulaNov 25 2015In this article, we study $p$-adic torus periods for certain $p$-adic valued functions on Shimura curves coming from classical origin. We prove a $p$-adic Waldspurger formula for these periods, generalizing the recent work of Bertolini, Darmon, and Prasanna. ... More
Inertial Bregman Proximal Gradient Algorithm For Nonconvex Problem with Smooth Adaptable PropertyApr 09 2019In this paper we study the problems of minimizing the sum of two nonconvex functions: one is differentiable and satisfies smooth adaptable property. The smooth adaptable property, also named relatively smooth condition, is weaker than the globally gradient ... More
CAD-Net: A Context-Aware Detection Network for Objects in Remote Sensing ImageryMar 03 2019Accurate and robust detection of multi-class objects in optical remote sensing images is essential to many real-world applications such as urban planning, traffic control, searching and rescuing, etc. However, state-of-the-art object detection techniques ... More
Well-posedness of the Ericksen-Leslie systemAug 30 2012In this paper, we prove the local well-posedness of the Ericksen-Leslie system, and the global well-posednss for small initial data under the physical constrain condition on the Leslie coefficients, which ensures that the energy of the system is dissipated. ... More
From microscopic theory to macroscopic theory: dynamics of the rod-like liquid crystal moleculesMay 21 2013Starting from Doi-Onsager equation for the liquid crystal, we first derive the Q-tensor equation by the Bingham closure. Then we derive the Ericksen-Leslie equation from the Q-tensor equation by taking the small Deborah number limit.
The small Deborah number limit of the Doi-Onsager equation to the Ericksen-Leslie equationJun 24 2012We present a rigorous derivation of the Ericksen-Leslie equation starting from the Doi-Onsager equation. As in the fluid dynamic limit of the Boltzmann equation, we first make the Hilbert expansion for the solution of the Doi-Onsager equation. The existence ... More
Non-crossing chords of a polygon with forbidden positionsNov 10 2016Oct 09 2018In this paper, we systematically study non-crossing chords of simple polygons in the plane. We first introduce the reduced Euler characteristic of a family of line-segments, and subsequently investigate the structure of the diagonals and epigonals of ... More
The Critical Role of Substrate in Stabilizing Phosphorene Nanoflake: A Theoretical ExplorationSep 19 2016Phosphorene, a new two-dimensional (2D) semiconductor, has received much interest due to its robust direct band gap and high charge mobility. Currently, however, phosphorene can only be produced by mechanical or liquid exfoliation, and it is still a significant ... More
The Electronic Properties of Phosphorene/Graphene and Phosphorene/Hexagonal Boron Nitride HeterostructuresMay 28 2015Vertical integration of two-dimensional materials has recently emerged as an exciting method for the design of novel electronic and optoelectronic devices. Using density functional theory, we investigatethe structural and electronic properties of two ... More