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Search for the $a_0(980)-f_0(980)$ mixing in weak decays of $D_s/B_s$ mesonsFeb 17 2016Scalar mesons $a^0_0(980)$ and $f_0(980)$ can mix with each other through isospin violating effects, and the mixing intensity has been predicted at the percent level in various theoretical models. However the mixing has not been firmed established on ... More
Stability of closed characteristics on compact hypersurfaces in $\R^{2n}$ under pinching conditionNov 29 2008In this article, let $\Sigma\subset\R^{2n}$ be a compact convex hypersurface which is $(r, R)$-pinched with $\frac{R}{r}<\sqrt{{3/2}}$. Then $\Sg$ carries at least two strictly elliptic closed characteristics; moreover, $\Sg$ carries at least $2[\frac{n+2}{4}]$ ... More
Closed trajectories on symmetric convex Hamiltonian energy surfacesSep 19 2009In this article, let $\Sigma\subset\R^{2n}$ be a compact convex Hamiltonian energy surface which is symmetric with respect to the origin. where $n\ge 2$. We prove that there exist at least two geometrically distinct symmetric closed trajectories of the ... More
Stability of closed characteristics on symmetric compact convex hypersurfaces in $\R^{2n}$Nov 29 2008In this article, let $\Sigma\subset\R^{2n}$ be a compact convex hypersurface which is symmetric with respect to the origin. We prove that if $\Sg$ carries finitely many geometrically distinct closed characteristics, then at least $n-1$ of them must be ... More
On the global $2$-holonomy for a $2$-connection on a $2$-bundleDec 29 2015A crossed module constitutes a strict $2$-groupoid $\mathcal{G}$ and a $\mathcal{G}$-valued $2$-cocycle on a manifold defines a $2$-bundle. A $2$-connection on this $2$-bundle is given by a Lie algebra $\mathfrak g$ valued $1$-form $A $ and a Lie algebra ... More
Relative Definability of $n$-GenericsNov 28 2015A set $G \subseteq \omega$ is $n$-generic for a positive integer $n$ if and only if every $\Sigma^0_n$ formula of $G$ is decided by a finite initial segment of $G$ in the sense of Cohen forcing. It is shown here that every $n$-generic set $G$ is properly ... More
Two closed geodesics on compact bumpy Finsler manifoldsApr 20 2018In this paper, we prove there are at least two closed geodesics on any compact bumpy Finsler $n$-manifold with $n\ge 2$. Thus generically there are at least two closed geodesics on compact Finsler manifolds. Furthermore, there are at least two closed ... More
Closed characteristics on compact convex hypersurfaces in $\R^8$May 21 2013Dec 30 2013In this paper, we prove there exist at least four geometrically distinct closed characteristics on every compact convex hypersurface $\Sg$ in $\R^8$. This gives a confirmed answer in the case $n=4$ to a long standing conjecture in Hamiltonian analysis ... More
On the $3$-representations of groups and the $2$-categorical TracesFeb 14 2015Jan 30 2016To $2$-categorify the theory of group representations, we introduce the notions of the $3$-representation of a group in a strict $3$-category and the strict $2$-categorical action of a group on a strict $2$-category. We also $2$-categorify the concept ... More
Closed geodesics on positively curved Finsler spheresMay 29 2007Mar 19 2008In this paper, we prove that for every Finsler $n$-sphere $(S^n, F)$ for $n\ge 3$ with reversibility $\lambda$ and flag curvature $K$ satisfying $(\frac{\lambda}{\lambda+1})^2<K\le 1$, either there exist infinitely many prime closed geodesics or there ... More
On the average indices of closed geodesics on positively curved Finsler spheresNov 29 2008In this paper, we prove that on every Finsler $n$-sphere $(S^n, F)$ for $n\ge 6$ with reversibility $\lambda$ and flag curvature $K$ satisfying $(\frac{\lambda}{\lambda+1})^2<K\le 1$, either there exist infinitely many prime closed geodesics or there ... More
Modeling study on the validity of a possibly simplified representation of proteinsJun 23 2000The folding characteristics of sequences reduced with a possibly simplified representation of five types of residues are shown to be similar to their original ones with the natural set of residues (20 types or 20 letters). The reduced sequences have a ... More
Simplification of protein representation from the contact potentials between residuesOct 19 2000Based on the concept of energy landscape a picture of the mismatch between the reduced interaction matrix of residues and the matrix of statistical contact potentials is presented. For the Miyazawa and Jernigan (MJ) matrix, rational groupings of 20 kinds ... More
On quaternionic Monge-Ampere operator, closed positive currents and Lelong-Jensen type formula on quaternionic spaceJan 21 2014In this paper, we introduce the first-order differential operators $d_0$ and $d_1$ acting on the quaternionic version of differential forms on the flat quaternionic space $\mathbb{H}^n$. The behavior of $d_0,d_1$ and $\triangle=d_0d_1$ is very similar ... More
Improving Regret Bounds for Combinatorial Semi-Bandits with Probabilistically Triggered Arms and Its ApplicationsMar 05 2017Feb 21 2018We study combinatorial multi-armed bandit with probabilistically triggered arms (CMAB-T) and semi-bandit feedback. We resolve a serious issue in the prior CMAB-T studies where the regret bounds contain a possibly exponentially large factor of $1/p^*$, ... More
Homogenized dynamics of stochastic partial differential equations with dynamical boundary conditionsMar 19 2007A microscopic heterogeneous system under random influence is considered. The randomness enters the system at physical boundary of small scale obstacles as well as at the interior of the physical medium. This system is modeled by a stochastic partial differential ... More
Multiplicative Zagreb indices of cactiApr 05 2016Jul 16 2016Let $\prod(G)$ be Multiplicative Zagreb index of a graph G. A connected graph is a cactus graph if and only if any two of its cycles have at most one vertex in common, which has been the interest of researchers in the filed of material chemistry and graph ... More
Neural Segmental Hypergraphs for Overlapping Mention RecognitionOct 03 2018In this work, we propose a novel segmental hypergraph representation to model overlapping entity mentions that are prevalent in many practical datasets. We show that our model built on top of such a new representation is able to capture features and interactions ... More
Equivariant cohomology Chern numbers determine equivariant unitary bordism for torus groupsAug 09 2014Mar 16 2019This paper shows that the integral equivariant cohomology Chern numbers completely determine the equivariant geometric unitary bordism classes of closed unitary $G$-manifolds, which gives an affirmative answer to the conjecture posed by Guillemin--Ginzburg--Karshon ... More
Square-free Discriminants of Matrices and the Generalized Spectral Characterizations of GraphsAug 03 2016Let $S_n(\mathbb{Z})$ and $O_n(\mathbb{Q})$ denote the set of all $n\times n$ symmetric matrices over the ring of integers $\mathbb{Z}$ and the set of all $n\times n$ orthogonal matrices over the field of rational numbers $\mathbb{Q}$, respectively. The ... More
Thompson Sampling for Combinatorial Semi-BanditsMar 13 2018Jun 21 2018We study the application of the Thompson sampling (TS) methodology to the stochastic combinatorial multi-armed bandit (CMAB) framework. We analyze the standard TS algorithm for the general CMAB, and obtain the first distribution-dependent regret bound ... More
A generalization of Noel-Reed-Wu Theorem to signed graphsOct 23 2018Let $\Sigma$ be a signed graph where two edges joining the same pair of vertices with opposite signs are allowed. The zero-free chromatic number $\chi^*(\Sigma)$ of $\Sigma$ is the minimum even integer $2k$ such that $G$ admits a proper coloring $f\colon\,V(\Sigma)\mapsto ... More
Hard X-ray emissions from Cassiopeia A observed by INTEGRALMay 02 2016Cassiopeia A (Cas A) as the nearby young remnant of a core-collapse supernova is the best candidate for astrophysical studies in supernova explosion and its environment. We studied hard X-ray emissions from Cas A using the ten-year data of INTEGRAL observations, ... More
Connectivity of Kronecker products by K2Jun 07 2011Let $\kappa(G)$ be the connectivity of $G$. The Kronecker product $G_1\times G_2$ of graphs $G_1$ and $G_2$ has vertex set $V(G_1\times G_2)=V(G_1)\times V(G_2)$ and edge set $E(G_1\times G_2)=\{(u_1,v_1)(u_2,v_2):u_1u_2\in E(G_1),v_1v_2\in E(G_2)\}$. ... More
Landweber iteration of Kaczmarz type with general non-smooth convex penalty functionalsJul 16 2013The determination of solutions of many inverse problems usually requires a set of measurements which leads to solving systems of ill-posed equations. In this paper we propose the Landweber iteration of Kaczmarz type with general uniformly convex penalty ... More
Chromatic-choosability of hypergraphs with high chromatic numberJul 22 2018It was conjectured by Ohba and confirmed recently by Noel et al. that, for any graph $G$, if $|V(G)|\le 2\chi(G)+1$ then $\chi_l(G)=\chi(G)$. This indicates that the graphs with high chromatic number are chromatic-choosable. We show that this is also ... More
Closed geodesics on positively curved spheres $S^n$ with Finsler metric induced by $(\mathbb{R}P^n,F)$Apr 17 2018May 31 2019It's well known that the n-sphere $S^n$ is the universal double covering of the $n$-dimensional real projective space $\mathbb{R}P^n$ and then any Finsler metric on $\mathbb{R}P^n$ induces a Finsler metric of $S^n$. In this paper, we prove that for every ... More
The tangential $k$-Cauchy-Fueter complexes and Hartogs' phenomenon over the right quaternionic Heisenberg groupSep 11 2018We construct the tangential $k$-Cauchy-Fueter complexes on the right quaternionic Heisenberg group, as the quaternionic counterpart of $\overline{\partial}_b$-complex on the Heisenberg group in the theory of several complex variables. We can use the $L^2$ ... More
On Conformal Qc Geometry, Spherical Qc Manifolds and Convex Cocompact Subgroups of ${\rm Sp}{(n+1,1)}$Sep 20 2015Conformal qc geometry of spherical qc manifolds are investigated. We construct the qc Yamabe operators on qc manifolds, which are covariant under the conformal qc transformations. A qc manifold is scalar positive, negative or vanishing if and only if ... More
Viscosity solutions to quaternionic Monge-Ampère equationsJun 12 2015Quaternionic Monge-Amp\`{e}re equations have recently been studied intensively using methods from pluripotential theory. We present an alternative approach by using the viscosity methods. We study the viscosity solutions to the Dirichlet problem for quaternionic ... More
Quasi-periodic solutions of the Schrödinger equation with arbitrary algebraic nonlinearitiesJul 20 2009Jul 28 2009We present a geometric formulation of existence of time quasi-periodic solutions. As an application, we prove the existence of quasi-periodic solutions of $b$ frequencies, $b\leq d+2$, in arbitrary dimension $d$ and for arbitrary non integrable algebraic ... More
Dynamics of Bright Soliton in Optical FiberMay 12 2001The bright soliton in optical fiber is generally investigated via its spatial evolution in the time domain, where its waveform is considered in many studies. To be consistent with the well-established picture of the dynamics of solitons in other systems, ... More
Reductions and deviations for stochastic partial differential equations under fast dynamical boundary conditionsMar 01 2007Aug 07 2008In order to understand the impact of random influences at physical boundary on the evolution of multiscale systems, a stochastic partial differential equation model under a fast random dynamical boundary condition is investigated. The noises in the model ... More
Alon-Tarsi number of signed planar graphsSep 09 2018Let $(G,\sigma)$ be any signed planar graph. We show that the Alon-Tarsi number of $(G,\sigma)$ is at most 5, generalizing a recent result of Zhu for unsigned case. In addition, if $(G,\sigma)$ is $2$-colorable then $(G,\sigma)$ has the Alon-Tarsi number ... More
Equitable chromatic threshold of Kronecker products of complete graphsAug 04 2012Jul 09 2013A proper vertex coloring of a graph is equitable if the sizes of color classes differ by at most 1. The equitable chromatic threshold of a graph $G$, denoted by $\chi_=^*(G)$, is the minimum $k$ such that $G$ is equitably $k^\prime$-colorable for all ... More
Meso-scale modeling: beyond local equilibrium assumption for multiphase flowDec 14 2015This is a summary of the article with the same title, accepted for publication in Advances in Chemical Engineering, 47: 193-277 (2015). Gas-solid fluidization is a typical nonlinear nonequilibrium system with multiscale structure. In particular, the mesoscale ... More
Three-body force effect on the properties of nuclear matter under the gap and continuous choices within the BHF approachOct 06 2013Apr 16 2014We have calculated and compared the three-body force effects on the properties of nuclear matter under the gap and continuous choices for the self-consistent auxiliary potential within the Brueckner-Hartree-Fock approach by adopting the Argonne $V18$ ... More
Model independent investigation of the $R_{J/ψ,η_c}$ and ratios of decay widths of semileptonic $B_c$ decays into a P-wave charmoniumAug 31 2018Experimental measurements of decay branching fractions of semitaunic and semimuonic $B_c$ into $J/\psi$ has challenged the lepton flavor universality in standard model with about two standard deviations. In this paper, we first investigate the unitary ... More
Can $X(5568)$ be a tetraquark state?Feb 29 2016Apr 30 2016Very recently, the D0 collaboration has reported the observation of a narrow structure, $X(5568)$, in the decay process $X(5568)\to B^0_s\pi^\pm$ using the 10.4${\rm fb}^{-1}$ data of $p\bar p$ collision at $\sqrt s= 1.96$ TeV. This structure is of great ... More
The Bochner-Type Formula and The First Eigenvalue of the sub-Laplacian on a Contact Riemannian ManifoldJan 27 2015Contact Riemannian manifolds, with not necessarily integrable complex structures, are the generalization of pseudohermitian manifolds in CR geometry. The Tanaka-Webster-Tanno connection on such a manifold plays the role of Tanaka-Webster connection in ... More
A dynamical approximation for stochastic partial differential equationsJul 03 2006Oct 07 2007Random invariant manifolds often provide geometric structures for understanding stochastic dynamics. In this paper, a dynamical approximation estimate is derived for a class of stochastic partial differential equations, by showing that the random invariant ... More
Examples of quasitoric manifolds as special unitary manifoldsOct 15 2013Mar 03 2015This note shows that for each $n\geq 5$ with only $n\not= 6$, there exists a $2n$-dimensional specially omnioriented quasitoric manifold $M^{2n}$ which represents a nonzero element in $\Omega_*^U$. This provides the counterexamples of Buchstaber--Panov--Ray ... More
A note on the independent domination number versus the domination number in bipartite graphsJun 17 2016Jul 06 2016Let $\gamma(G)$ and $i(G)$ be the domination number and the independent domination number of $G$, respectively. Rad and Volkmann posted a conjecture that $i(G)/ \gamma(G) \leq \Delta(G)/2$ for any graph $G$, where $\Delta(G)$ is its maximum degree (See ... More
Equitable chromatic threshold of complete multipartite graphsJul 16 2012A proper vertex coloring of a graph is equitable if the sizes of color classes differ by at most one. The equitable chromatic number of a graph $G$, denoted by $\chi_=(G)$, is the minimum $k$ such that $G$ is equitably $k$-colorable. The equitable chromatic ... More
Equitable coloring of Kronecker products of complete multipartite graphs and complete graphsSep 30 2012A proper vertex coloring of a graph is equitable if the sizes of color classes differ by at most 1. The equitable chromatic number of a graph $G$, denoted by $\chi_=(G)$, is the minimum $k$ such that $G$ is equitably $k$-colorable. The equitable chromatic ... More
An empirical Bayes testing procedure for detecting variants in analysis of next generation sequencing dataJan 10 2014Because of the decreasing cost and high digital resolution, next-generation sequencing (NGS) is expected to replace the traditional hybridization-based microarray technology. For genetics study, the first-step analysis of NGS data is often to identify ... More
The entropy of co-compact open coversDec 19 2012Co-compact entropy is introduced as an invariant of topological conjugation for perfect mappings defined on any Hausdorff space(compactness and metrizability not necessarily required). This is achieved through the consideration of co-compact covers of ... More
Irregular Convolutional Neural NetworksJun 24 2017Convolutional kernels are basic and vital components of deep Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN). In this paper, we equip convolutional kernels with shape attributes to generate the deep Irregular Convolutional Neural Networks (ICNN). Compared to traditional ... More
$a_1(1260), a_1(1420)$ and the production in heavy meson decaysNov 22 2015The $a_1(1420)$ with $I^G(J^{PC})= 1^-(1^{++})$ observed in the $\pi^+ f_0(980)$ final state in the $\pi^-p\to \pi^+\pi^-\pi^- p$ process by the COMPASS collaboration seems unlikely to be an ordinary $\bar qq$ mesonic state. Available theoretical explanations ... More
Effect of atmospheric turbulence on propagation properties of optical vortices formed by using coherent laser beam arraysJun 10 2008In this paper, we consider the effect of the atmospheric turbulence on the propagation of optical vertex formed from the radial coherent laser beam array, with the initially well-defined phase distribution. The propagation formula of the radial coherent ... More
Constructing New Braided $T$-Categories via Weak Monoidal Hom-Hopf AlgebrasFeb 26 2015In this paper, we define and study weak monoidal Hom-Hopf algebras, which generalize both weak Hopf algebras and monoidal Hom-Hopf algebras. If $H$ is a weak monoidal Hom-Hopf algebra with bijective antipode and let $Aut_{wmHH}(H)$ be the set of all automorphisms ... More
Anderson Localization for Time Periodic Random Schrödinger operatorsSep 09 2002We prove that at large disorder, Anderson localization in $\Z^d$ is stable under localized time-periodic perturbations by proving that the associated quasi-energy operator has pure point spectrum. The formulation of this problem is motivated by questions ... More
Instance-aware Image and Sentence Matching with Selective Multimodal LSTMNov 17 2016Effective image and sentence matching depends on how to well measure their global visual-semantic similarity. Based on the observation that such a global similarity arises from a complex aggregation of multiple local similarities between pairwise instances ... More
The optimal shape of an object for generating maximum gravity field at a given point in spaceDec 13 2014Jun 24 2016How can we design the shape of an object, in the framework of Newtonian gravity, in order to generate maximum gravity at a given point in space? In this work we present a study on this interesting problem. We obtain compact solutions for all dimensional ... More
Spin Transport Properties in Heisenberg Antiferromagnetic Spin Chains: Spin Current induced by Twisted Boundary Magnetic FieldsJan 28 2005Nov 24 2005Spin transport properties of the one-dimensional Heisenberg antiferromagnetic spin systems for both $S=1/2$ and S=1 are studied by applying twisted boundary magnetic field. The spin current displays significantly different behavior of the spin transport ... More
Steady-state entanglement and coherence of the coupled qubit system in equilibrium and nonequilibrium environmentsDec 12 2018Mar 26 2019We investigate analytically and numerically the steady-state entanglement and coherence of two coupled qubits each interacting with a local boson or fermion reservoir, based on the Bloch-Redfield master equation beyond the secular approximation. We find ... More
An Intelligent QoS Identification for Untrustworthy Web Services Via Two-phase Neural NetworksFeb 24 2016QoS identification for untrustworthy Web services is critical in QoS management in the service computing since the performance of untrustworthy Web services may result in QoS downgrade. The key issue is to intelligently learn the characteristics of trustworthy ... More
Electrical Detection of Spin Wave Resonance in a Permalloy Thin StripAug 14 2013We investigated the microwave-induced DC response of spin wave resonance (SWR) in a permalloy thin strip via electrical detection. Our experimental results obtained by sweeping the external field reveal that: 1. the amplitude of SWR signals depend on ... More
Collective excitations and instabilities in multi-layer stacks of dipolar condensatesDec 10 2008We analyze theoretically the collective mode dispersion in multi-layer stacks of two dimensional dipolar condensates and find a strong enhancement of the roton instability. We discuss the interplay between the dynamical instability and roton softening ... More
Effect of quantum fluctuations on the dipolar motion of Bose-Einstein condensates in optical latticesNov 20 2003Jul 30 2004We revisit dipolar motion of condensate atoms in one-dimensional optical lattices and harmonic magnetic traps including quantum fluctuations within the truncated Wigner approximation. In the strong tunneling limit we reproduce the meanfield results with ... More
Co-compact entropy and its variational principle for non-compact spacesDec 03 2013The purpose of this paper is to generalize the variational principle, which states that the topological entropy is equal to the supremum of the measure theoretical entropies and also the minimum of the metric theoretical entropies, to non-compact dynamical ... More
An iteration regularizaion method with general convex penalty for nonlinear inverse problems in Banach spacesJan 09 2018In this paper, we discuss the construction, analysis and implementation of a novel iterative regularization scheme with general convex penalty term for nonlinear inverse problems in Banach spaces based on the homotopy perturbation technique, in an attempt ... More
Nonequilibrium steady state transport of collective-qubit system in strong coupling regimeAug 10 2015Apr 02 2016We investigate the steady state photon transport in a nonequilibrium collective-qubit model. By adopting the noninteracting blip approximation, which is applicable in the strong photon-qubit coupling regime, we describe the essential contribution of indirect ... More
Chiral Dynamics and S-wave contributions in Semileptonic $D_s/B_s$ decays into $π^+π^-$Jul 28 2015In this work, we study the semileptonic decay modes $B_s^0\to \pi^+\pi^-\ell^+\ell^-$ and $D_s^+\to \pi^+\pi^-\ell^+ \nu$ in the kinematics region where the $\pi^+\pi^-$ system has a invariant mass in the range $0.5$-$1.3$ GeV. These processes are valuable ... More
Using Semantic Similarity for Input Topic Identification in Crawling-based Web Application TestingAug 23 2016To automatically test web applications, crawling-based techniques are usually adopted to mine the behavior models, explore the state spaces or detect the violated invariants of the applications. However, in existing crawlers, rules for identifying the ... More
Crack-tip stress evaluation of multi-scale Griffith crack subjected to tensile loading by using peridynamicsJan 06 2017Apr 04 2017Crack-tip stress evaluation has always been a problem in the frame of classical elasticity theory. Peridynamics has been shown to have great advantages in dealing with crack problems. In the present study, we present a peridynamic crack-tip stress evaluation ... More
Multimodal Memory Modelling for Video CaptioningNov 17 2016Video captioning which automatically translates video clips into natural language sentences is a very important task in computer vision. By virtue of recent deep learning technologies, e.g., convolutional neural networks (CNNs) and recurrent neural networks ... More
Network Coding for Energy-Efficient Distributed Storage System in Wireless Sensor NetworksApr 05 2013A network coding-based scheme is proposed to improve the energy efficiency of distributed storage systems in WSNs (wireless sensor networks), which mainly focuses on two problems: firstly, consideration is given to effective distributed storage technology ... More
Heavy-to-light form factors on the light coneJan 31 2007Jun 22 2007The light cone method provides a convenient non-perturbative tool to study the heavy-to-light form factors. We construct a light cone quark model utilizing the soft collinear effective theory. In the leading order of effective theory, the ten $B$ to light ... More
Divide-and-Conquer Strategy for Large-Scale Eulerian Solvent Excluded SurfaceSep 12 2018Motivation: Surface generation and visualization are some of the most important tasks in biomolecular modeling and computation. Eulerian solvent excluded surface (ESES) software provides analytical solvent excluded surface (SES) in the Cartesian grid, ... More
Non-Markovian dynamics of mixed-state geometric phase of dissipative qubitsDec 17 2014We investigate the geometric phase of a two-level atom (qubit) coupled to a bosonic reservoir with Lorentzian spectral density, and find that for the non-Markovian dynamics in which rotating-wave approximation (RWA) is performed, geometric phase has a ... More
Existence of sign-changing solutions for the nonlinear $p$-Laplacian boundary value problemMay 11 2011We study the nonlinear one-dimensional $p$-Laplacian equation $$ -(y'^{(p-1)})'+(p-1)q(x)y^{(p-1)}=(p-1)w(x)f(y) on (0,1),$$ with linear separated boundary conditions. We give sufficient conditions for the existence of solutions with prescribed nodal ... More
Distributed Optimal Load Frequency Control Considering Nonsmooth Cost FunctionsJun 06 2019This work addresses the distributed frequency control problem in power systems considering controllable load with a nonsmooth cost. The nonsmoothness exists widely in power systems, such as tiered price, greatly challenging the design of distributed optimal ... More
On The Computability of Perfect Subsets of Sets with Positive MeasureAug 18 2018Nov 02 2018A set $X \subseteq 2^\omega$ with positive measure contains a perfect subset. We study such perfect subsets from the viewpoint of computability and prove that these sets can have weak computational strength. Then we connect the existence of perfect subsets ... More
Rigidity strengthening is a vital mechanism for protein-ligand bindingMar 31 2017Protein-ligand binding is essential to almost all life processes. The understanding of protein-ligand interactions is fundamentally important to rational drug design and protein design. Based on large scale data sets, we show that protein rigidity strengthening ... More
The dual eigenvalue problems for $p$-LaplacianMay 11 2011In this paper, we find the minimizer of the eigenvalue gap for the single-well potential problem and the eigenvalue ratio for the single-barrier density problem and symmetric single-well (single-barrier)density problem for $p$-Laplacian. This extends ... More
Improving the Improved Training of Wasserstein GANs: A Consistency Term and Its Dual EffectMar 05 2018Despite being impactful on a variety of problems and applications, the generative adversarial nets (GANs) are remarkably difficult to train. This issue is formally analyzed by \cite{arjovsky2017towards}, who also propose an alternative direction to avoid ... More
Resonant Raman scattering by elementary electronic excitations in semiconductor structuresJun 18 1999We explain quantitatively why resonant Raman scattering spectroscopy, an extensively used experimental tool in studying elementary electronic excitations in doped low dimensional semiconductor nanostructures, always produces an observable peak at the ... More
Delay Optimal Scheduling of Arbitrarily Bursty Traffic over Multi-State Time-Varying ChannelsJun 03 2016In this paper, we study joint queue-aware and channel-aware scheduling of arbitrarily bursty traffic over multi-state time-varying channels, where the bursty packet arrival in the network layer, the backlogged queue in the data link layer, and the power ... More
Searching for the Evidence of Dynamical Dark EnergyMar 21 2019In the statistical framework of model-independent Gaussian processes (GP), we search for the evidence of dynamical dark energy (DDE) using the "Joint Light-curve Analysis" (JLA) Type Ia supernovae (SNe Ia) sample, the 30 latest cosmic chronometer data ... More
Inflationary NonGaussianity from Thermal FluctuationsDec 14 2007Dec 18 2007We calculate the contribution of the fluctuations with the thermal origin to the inflationary nonGaussianity. We find that even a small component of radiation can lead to a large nonGaussianity. We show that this thermal nonGaussianity always has positive ... More
Dynamics of the Thermohaline Circulation Under UncertaintyJun 30 2006The ocean thermohaline circulation under uncertainty is investigated by a random dynamical systems approach. It is shown that the asymptotic dynamics of the thermohaline circulation is described by a random attractor and by a system with finite degrees ... More
On the volume of orbifold quotients of symmetric spacesAug 17 2018Sep 21 2018A classic theorem of Kazhdan and Margulis states that for any semisimple Lie group without compact factors, there is a positive lower bound on the covolume of lattices. H. C. Wang's subsequent quantitative analysis showed that the fundamental domain of ... More
Backward Compton Scattering in Strong Uniform Magnetic FieldSep 21 2006In strong uniform magnetic field, the vacuum Non-Commutative Plane (NCP) caused by the lowest Landau level(LLL) effect and the QED with NCP (QED-NCP) are studied. Being similar to the theory of Quantum Hall effect, an effective filling factor $f(B)$ is ... More
Secure Massive MIMO Systems with Limited RF ChainsOct 03 2016In future practical deployments of massive multi-input multi-output (MIMO) systems, the number of radio frequency (RF) chains at the base stations (BSs) may be much smaller than the number of BS antennas to reduce the overall expenditure. In this paper, ... More
Analysis the $f_0(980)$ and $a_0(980)$ mesons as four-quark states with the QCD sum rulesJan 13 2005Mar 22 2005In this article, we take the point of view that the scalar mesons $ f_0(980)$ and $a_0(980)$ are diquark-antidiquark states $(qq)_{\bar{3}}(\bar{q}\bar{q})_3$, and devote to determine their masses in the framework of the QCD sum rules approach with the ... More
Colorings v.s. list colorings of uniform hypergraphsApr 09 2018Let $r$ be an integer with $r\ge 2$ and $G$ be a connected $r$-uniform hypergraph with $m$ edges. By refining the broken cycle theorem for hypergraphs, we show that if $k>\frac{m-1}{\ln(1+\sqrt{2})}\approx 1.135 (m-1)$ then the $k$-list assignment of ... More
End-to-end driving simulation via angle branched networkMay 19 2018Imitation learning for end-to-end autonomous driving has drawn attention from academic communities. Current methods either only use images as the input which is ambiguous when a car approaches an intersection, or use additional command information to ... More
Feature functional theory - binding predictor (FFT-BP) for the blind prediction of binding free energiesMar 31 2017We present a feature functional theory - binding predictor (FFT-BP) for the protein-ligand binding affinity prediction. The underpinning assumptions of FFT-BP are as follows: i) representability: there exists a microscopic feature vector that can uniquely ... More
Image Registration Based Flicker Solving in Video Face Replacement and Analysis Based Sub-pixel Image RegistrationMar 09 2018In this paper, a framework of video face replacement is proposed and it deals with the flicker of swapped face in video sequence. This framework contains two main innovations: 1) the technique of image registration is exploited to align the source and ... More
Analytical quantitative description of wide plate U-free bend process of intelligent controlJul 23 2013According to flexure theory of plate, on the premise of plane deformation assumption, an analytic model of U-free bend theory is proposed in this paper, which considered the harden, anisotropy and elastic deformation of material. Then the theoretical ... More
Trajectory Prediction of Rotating Objects in Viscous Fluid: Based on Kinematic Investigation of Magnus GliderOct 10 2016The case of a rotating object traveling through viscous fluid appears in many phenomena like the banana ball and missile movement. In this work, we build a model to predict the trajectory of such rotating objects with near-cylinder geometry. The analytical ... More
Multiqubit Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger state generated by synthetic magnetic field in circuit QEDApr 07 2017We propose a scheme to generate Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger (GHZ) state for N superconducting qubits in a circuit QED system. By sinusoidally modulating the qubit-qubit coupling, a synthetic magnetic field has been made which broken the time-reversal ... More
Signatures of Bose-Einstein condensation in an optical latticeSep 05 2014We discuss typical experimental signatures for the Bose-Einstein condensation (BEC) of an ultracold Bose gas in an inhomogeneous optical lattice at finite temperature. Applying the Hartree-Fock-Bogoliubov-Popov formalism, we calculate quantities such ... More
A general cloak to shift the scattering of different objectsAug 18 2009May 28 2010By introducing a concept of "minifying layer", we propose a universal device to hide the position of an object by shifting its scattering without scaling effect for a distance, independent of the direction of incident wave and observation. Unlike the ... More
Exploring the Node Importance Based on von Neumann EntropyJul 03 2017May 07 2018When analyzing the statistical and topological characteristics of complex networks, an effective and convenient way is to compute the centralities for recognizing influential and significant nodes or structures, yet most of them are restricted to local ... More
Combinatorial Multi-Armed Bandit and Its Extension to Probabilistically Triggered ArmsJul 31 2014Mar 29 2016We define a general framework for a large class of combinatorial multi-armed bandit (CMAB) problems, where subsets of base arms with unknown distributions form super arms. In each round, a super arm is played and the base arms contained in the super arm ... More
Pose-Based Two-Stream Relational Networks for Action Recognition in VideosMay 22 2018Recently, pose-based action recognition has gained more and more attention due to the better performance compared with traditional appearance-based methods. However, there still exist two problems to be further solved. First, existing pose-based methods ... More
Factorization Bandits for Online Influence MaximizationJun 09 2019We study the problem of online influence maximization in social networks. In this problem, a learner aims to identify the set of "best influencers" in a network by interacting with it, i.e., repeatedly selecting seed nodes and observing activation feedback ... More
Progressive Cluster Purification for Transductive Few-shot LearningJun 10 2019Few-shot learning aims to learn to generalize a classifier to novel classes with limited labeled data. Transductive inference that utilizes unlabeled test set to deal with low-data problem has been employed for few-shot learning in recent literature. ... More