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On the global $2$-holonomy for a $2$-connection on a $2$-bundleDec 29 2015A crossed module constitutes a strict $2$-groupoid $\mathcal{G}$ and a $\mathcal{G}$-valued $2$-cocycle on a manifold defines a $2$-bundle. A $2$-connection on this $2$-bundle is given by a Lie algebra $\mathfrak g$ valued $1$-form $A $ and a Lie algebra ... More
Relative Definability of $n$-GenericsNov 28 2015A set $G \subseteq \omega$ is $n$-generic for a positive integer $n$ if and only if every $\Sigma^0_n$ formula of $G$ is decided by a finite initial segment of $G$ in the sense of Cohen forcing. It is shown here that every $n$-generic set $G$ is properly ... More
Two closed geodesics on compact bumpy Finsler manifoldsApr 20 2018In this paper, we prove there are at least two closed geodesics on any compact bumpy Finsler $n$-manifold with $n\ge 2$. Thus generically there are at least two closed geodesics on compact Finsler manifolds. Furthermore, there are at least two closed ... More
On the $3$-representations of groups and the $2$-categorical TracesFeb 14 2015Jan 30 2016To $2$-categorify the theory of group representations, we introduce the notions of the $3$-representation of a group in a strict $3$-category and the strict $2$-categorical action of a group on a strict $2$-category. We also $2$-categorify the concept ... More
Closed characteristics on compact convex hypersurfaces in $\R^8$May 21 2013Dec 30 2013In this paper, we prove there exist at least four geometrically distinct closed characteristics on every compact convex hypersurface $\Sg$ in $\R^8$. This gives a confirmed answer in the case $n=4$ to a long standing conjecture in Hamiltonian analysis ... More
Cohesive sets and rainbowsMar 14 2013We study the strength of $\RRT^3_2$, Rainbow Ramsey Theorem for colorings of triples, and prove that $\RCA + \RRT^3_2$ implies neither $\WKL$ nor $\RRT^4_2$. To this end, we establish some recursion theoretic properties of cohesive sets and rainbows for ... More
The Definability Strength of Combinatorial PrinciplesAug 07 2014Aug 11 2014We introduce the definability strength of combinatorial principles. In terms of definability strength, a combinatorial principle is strong if solving a corresponding combinatorial problem could help in simplifying the definition of a definable set. We ... More
Existence of closed geodesics on Finsler $n$-spheresSep 19 2009In this paper, we prove that on every Finsler $n$-sphere $(S^n, F)$ with reversibility $\lambda$ satisfying $F^2<(\frac{\lambda+1}{\lambda})^2g_0$ and $l(S^n, F)\ge \pi(1+\frac{1}{\lambda})$, there always exist at least $n$ prime closed geodesics without ... More
Stability of closed characteristics on compact hypersurfaces in $\R^{2n}$ under pinching conditionNov 29 2008In this article, let $\Sigma\subset\R^{2n}$ be a compact convex hypersurface which is $(r, R)$-pinched with $\frac{R}{r}<\sqrt{{3/2}}$. Then $\Sg$ carries at least two strictly elliptic closed characteristics; moreover, $\Sg$ carries at least $2[\frac{n+2}{4}]$ ... More
On the average indices of closed geodesics on positively curved Finsler spheresNov 29 2008In this paper, we prove that on every Finsler $n$-sphere $(S^n, F)$ for $n\ge 6$ with reversibility $\lambda$ and flag curvature $K$ satisfying $(\frac{\lambda}{\lambda+1})^2<K\le 1$, either there exist infinitely many prime closed geodesics or there ... More
Closed geodesics on positively curved Finsler spheresMay 29 2007Mar 19 2008In this paper, we prove that for every Finsler $n$-sphere $(S^n, F)$ for $n\ge 3$ with reversibility $\lambda$ and flag curvature $K$ satisfying $(\frac{\lambda}{\lambda+1})^2<K\le 1$, either there exist infinitely many prime closed geodesics or there ... More
Search for the $a_0(980)-f_0(980)$ mixing in weak decays of $D_s/B_s$ mesonsFeb 17 2016Scalar mesons $a^0_0(980)$ and $f_0(980)$ can mix with each other through isospin violating effects, and the mixing intensity has been predicted at the percent level in various theoretical models. However the mixing has not been firmed established on ... More
Reduced genus-two Gromov-Witten Invariants for complex manifoldsDec 13 2008Mar 05 2009In this article, we construct the reduced genus-two Gromov-Witten invariants for certain almost K\"{a}hler manifold $(X, \omega, J)$ such that $J$ is integrable and satisfies some regularity conditions. In particular, the standard projective space $(\P^n, ... More
On the Wu classes of the topological blow upJul 06 2011Jul 07 2011We mainly discuss the Wu classes $v(M)$ and the Steenrod operation $Sq$ of the topological blow up $\tilde{M}$. The formula of the Wu class $v(\tilde{M})$ will be given as well as the formula of the Steenrod operation $Sq$. As an application, we will ... More
Stability of closed characteristics on compact convex hypersurfaces in $\R^6$Jan 24 2007Oct 11 2007In this paper, let $\Sigma\subset\R^{6}$ be a compact convex hypersurface. We prove that if $\Sigma$ carries only finitely many geometrically distinct closed characteristics, then at least two of them must possess irrational mean indices. Moreover, if ... More
Multiple closed geodesics on positively curved Finsler manifoldsMar 21 2018In this paper, we prove that on every Finsler manifold $(M,\,F)$ with reversibility $\lambda$ and flag curvature $K$ satisfying $\left(\frac{\lambda}{\lambda+1}\right)^2<K\le 1$, there exist $[\frac{\dim M+1}{2}]$ closed geodesics. If the number of closed ... More
Rainbow Ramsey theorem for triples is strictly weaker than the Arithmetic Comprehension AxiomMar 14 2013We prove that $\RCA + \RRT^3_2 \not\vdash \ACA$ where $\RRT^3_2$ is the Rainbow Ramsey Theorem for 2-bounded colorings of triples. This reverse mathematical result is based on a cone avoidance theorem, that every 2-bounded coloring of pairs admits a cone-avoiding ... More
On the topological decomposition of the hypersurfaces in projective toric manifoldsDec 07 2011In this paper, we want to discuss the topology of the non-singular hypersurface $Y^{n}$ with complex dimension $n$ in a projective toric manifold $X^{n+1}$. When $n$ is odd, our main results are a decomposition of $Y^{n}\cong Y'\sharp \ s(S^n \times S^n) ... More
A generalization of Montgomery-Yang correspondenceOct 20 2012In this paper, we want to construct a one-to-one correspondence from the set of diffeomorphism classes of spin $d$-twisted homology $\mc P^3$ to the set of isotopy classes of the embedding from $S^3$ to $S^6$, which is a generalization of the Montgomery-Yang ... More
Closed trajectories on symmetric convex Hamiltonian energy surfacesSep 19 2009In this article, let $\Sigma\subset\R^{2n}$ be a compact convex Hamiltonian energy surface which is symmetric with respect to the origin. where $n\ge 2$. We prove that there exist at least two geometrically distinct symmetric closed trajectories of the ... More
Stability of closed characteristics on symmetric compact convex hypersurfaces in $\R^{2n}$Nov 29 2008In this article, let $\Sigma\subset\R^{2n}$ be a compact convex hypersurface which is symmetric with respect to the origin. We prove that if $\Sg$ carries finitely many geometrically distinct closed characteristics, then at least $n-1$ of them must be ... More
Simplification of protein representation from the contact potentials between residuesOct 19 2000Based on the concept of energy landscape a picture of the mismatch between the reduced interaction matrix of residues and the matrix of statistical contact potentials is presented. For the Miyazawa and Jernigan (MJ) matrix, rational groupings of 20 kinds ... More
Modeling study on the validity of a possibly simplified representation of proteinsJun 23 2000The folding characteristics of sequences reduced with a possibly simplified representation of five types of residues are shown to be similar to their original ones with the natural set of residues (20 types or 20 letters). The reduced sequences have a ... More
Objective-oriented Persistent HomologyDec 07 2014Persistent homology provides a new approach for the topological simplification of big data via measuring the life time of intrinsic topological features in a filtration process and has found its success in scientific and engineering applications. However, ... More
Quasi-periodic solutions for nonlinear wave equationsSep 01 2016We construct time quasi-periodic solutions to the nonlinear wave equations on the torus in arbitrary dimensions. This generalizes the method developed in the limit-elliptic setting in [W1] to the hyperbolic setting. The additional ingredient is a Diophantine ... More
Quasi-periodic solutions of the Schrödinger equation with arbitrary algebraic nonlinearitiesJul 20 2009Jul 28 2009We present a geometric formulation of existence of time quasi-periodic solutions. As an application, we prove the existence of quasi-periodic solutions of $b$ frequencies, $b\leq d+2$, in arbitrary dimension $d$ and for arbitrary non integrable algebraic ... More
Reductions and deviations for stochastic partial differential equations under fast dynamical boundary conditionsMar 01 2007Aug 07 2008In order to understand the impact of random influences at physical boundary on the evolution of multiscale systems, a stochastic partial differential equation model under a fast random dynamical boundary condition is investigated. The noises in the model ... More
Closed geodesics on positively curved spheres $S^n$ with Finsler metric induced by $(\mathbb{R}P^n,F)$Apr 17 2018May 31 2019It's well known that the n-sphere $S^n$ is the universal double covering of the $n$-dimensional real projective space $\mathbb{R}P^n$ and then any Finsler metric on $\mathbb{R}P^n$ induces a Finsler metric of $S^n$. In this paper, we prove that for every ... More
Alon-Tarsi number of signed planar graphsSep 09 2018Let $(G,\sigma)$ be any signed planar graph. We show that the Alon-Tarsi number of $(G,\sigma)$ is at most 5, generalizing a recent result of Zhu for unsigned case. In addition, if $(G,\sigma)$ is $2$-colorable then $(G,\sigma)$ has the Alon-Tarsi number ... More
Model independent investigation of the $R_{J/ψ,η_c}$ and ratios of decay widths of semileptonic $B_c$ decays into a P-wave charmoniumAug 31 2018Jun 10 2019Experimental measurements of decay branching fractions of semitaunic and semimuonic $B_c$ into $J/\psi$ has challenged the lepton flavor universality in standard model with about two standard deviations. In this paper, we first investigate the unitary ... More
Series expansions for $1/π^m$ and $π^m$Nov 21 2013By means of the telescoping method, we establish two sum- mation formulas on sine function. As the special cases of them, several interesting series expansions for $1/\pi^m$ and $\pi^m$.
Spontaneous Long-range Vortex-antivortex Pair in the Two-band 2D SuperconductorJan 29 2019The relaxation iterative method is used to minimize Ginzburg-Landau model for the two-band superconductor with Josephson-coupling. A stable spontaneous vortex-antivortex pair with long range order has been revealed. Our result appears due to the Josephson-coupling ... More
On the Consistency and Confidence of Distributed Dynamic State Estimation in Wireless Sensor NetworksAug 13 2015The problem of distributed dynamic state estimation in wireless sensor networks is studied. Two important properties of local estimates, namely, the consistency and confidence, are emphasized. On one hand, the consistency, which means that the approximated ... More
Accurate, robust and reliable calculations of Poisson-Boltzmann solvation energiesJul 10 2016Developing accurate solvers for the Poisson Boltzmann (PB) model is the first step to make the PB model suitable for implicit solvent simulation. Reducing the grid size influence on the performance of the solver benefits to increasing the speed of solver ... More
Early Tracking Behavior in Small-field Quintessence ModelsAug 04 2005We study several quintessence models which are singular at Q=0, and use a simple initial constraint $Q_i\ge H_{inflation}/2\pi$ to see when they enter tracking regime, disregarding the details of inflation. We find it can give strong constraints for the ... More
Global Well-posedness for the Three Dimensional Simplified Inertial Ericksen-Leslie Systems Near EquilibriumJan 05 2018Jan 08 2018We study a simplified Ericksen-Leslie system with the inertial term for the nematic liquid crystal flow, which can be also viewed as a system coupling Navier-Stokes equations and wave map equations. We prove the global existence of classical solution ... More
Depth and Reflection Total Variation for Single Image DehazingJan 22 2016Haze removal has been a very challenging problem due to its ill-posedness, which is more ill-posed if the input data is only a single hazy image. In this paper, we present a new approach for removing haze from a single input image. The proposed method ... More
Production of the Exotic $1^{--}$ Hadrons $φ(2170)$, X(4260) and $Y_b(10890)$ at the LHC and Tevatron via the Drell-Yan MechanismMar 23 2011We calculate the Drell-Yan production cross sections and differential distributions in the transverse momentum and rapidity of the $J^{PC}=1^{--}$ exotic hadrons $\phi(2170)$, X(4260) and $Y_b(10890)$ at the hadron colliders LHC and the Tevatron. These ... More
Square-free Discriminants of Matrices and the Generalized Spectral Characterizations of GraphsAug 03 2016Let $S_n(\mathbb{Z})$ and $O_n(\mathbb{Q})$ denote the set of all $n\times n$ symmetric matrices over the ring of integers $\mathbb{Z}$ and the set of all $n\times n$ orthogonal matrices over the field of rational numbers $\mathbb{Q}$, respectively. The ... More
Equivariant cohomology Chern numbers determine equivariant unitary bordism for torus groupsAug 09 2014Mar 16 2019This paper shows that the integral equivariant cohomology Chern numbers completely determine the equivariant geometric unitary bordism classes of closed unitary $G$-manifolds, which gives an affirmative answer to the conjecture posed by Guillemin--Ginzburg--Karshon ... More
Thompson Sampling for Combinatorial Semi-BanditsMar 13 2018Jun 21 2018We study the application of the Thompson sampling (TS) methodology to the stochastic combinatorial multi-armed bandit (CMAB) framework. We analyze the standard TS algorithm for the general CMAB, and obtain the first distribution-dependent regret bound ... More
A generalization of Noel-Reed-Wu Theorem to signed graphsOct 23 2018Let $\Sigma$ be a signed graph where two edges joining the same pair of vertices with opposite signs are allowed. The zero-free chromatic number $\chi^*(\Sigma)$ of $\Sigma$ is the minimum even integer $2k$ such that $G$ admits a proper coloring $f\colon\,V(\Sigma)\mapsto ... More
Critical behaviors of the entanglement and participation entropy near the many-body localization transition in a disordered quantum spin chainAug 12 2019The transition between many-body localized states and the delocalized thermal states is an eigen-state phase transition at finite energy density outside the scope of conventional quantum statistical mechanics. In this work we investigate the properties ... More
Large number of bubble solutions for a perturbed fractional Laplacian equationAug 09 2019This paper deals with the following nonlinear perturbed fractional Laplacian equation $$(-\Delta)^s u = K(|y'|,y'')u^{\frac{N+2s}{N-2s}\pm\epsilon},\,\,u>0,\,\,u\in D^{1,s}(\mathbb{R}^N),$$ where $0<s<1, N\geq 4,$ $(y',y'')\in \mathbb{R}^2\times \mathbb{R}^{N-2},$ ... More
Meso-scale modeling: beyond local equilibrium assumption for multiphase flowDec 14 2015This is a summary of the article with the same title, accepted for publication in Advances in Chemical Engineering, 47: 193-277 (2015). Gas-solid fluidization is a typical nonlinear nonequilibrium system with multiscale structure. In particular, the mesoscale ... More
Hard X-ray emission and $^{44}$Ti line features of Tycho Supernova RemnantMay 26 2014A deep hard X-ray survey of the INTEGRAL satellite first detected the non-thermal emission up to 90 keV in the Tycho supernova (SN) remnant. Its 3 -- 100 keV spectrum is fitted with a thermal bremsstrahlung of $kT\sim 0.81\pm 0.45$ keV plus a power-law ... More
A note on the independent domination number versus the domination number in bipartite graphsJun 17 2016Jul 06 2016Let $\gamma(G)$ and $i(G)$ be the domination number and the independent domination number of $G$, respectively. Rad and Volkmann posted a conjecture that $i(G)/ \gamma(G) \leq \Delta(G)/2$ for any graph $G$, where $\Delta(G)$ is its maximum degree (See ... More
Second order estimates on transition layersOct 22 2018In this paper we establish a uniform $C^{2,\theta}$ estimate for level sets of stable solutions to the singularly perturbed Allen-Cahn equation in dimensions $ n\leq 10$ (which is optimal). The proof combines two ingredients: one is the infinite dimensional ... More
Equitable coloring of Kronecker products of complete multipartite graphs and complete graphsSep 30 2012A proper vertex coloring of a graph is equitable if the sizes of color classes differ by at most 1. The equitable chromatic number of a graph $G$, denoted by $\chi_=(G)$, is the minimum $k$ such that $G$ is equitably $k$-colorable. The equitable chromatic ... More
Equitable chromatic threshold of complete multipartite graphsJul 16 2012A proper vertex coloring of a graph is equitable if the sizes of color classes differ by at most one. The equitable chromatic number of a graph $G$, denoted by $\chi_=(G)$, is the minimum $k$ such that $G$ is equitably $k$-colorable. The equitable chromatic ... More
Examples of quasitoric manifolds as special unitary manifoldsOct 15 2013Mar 03 2015This note shows that for each $n\geq 5$ with only $n\not= 6$, there exists a $2n$-dimensional specially omnioriented quasitoric manifold $M^{2n}$ which represents a nonzero element in $\Omega_*^U$. This provides the counterexamples of Buchstaber--Panov--Ray ... More
A dynamical approximation for stochastic partial differential equationsJul 03 2006Oct 07 2007Random invariant manifolds often provide geometric structures for understanding stochastic dynamics. In this paper, a dynamical approximation estimate is derived for a class of stochastic partial differential equations, by showing that the random invariant ... More
Quasi-periodic solutions for nonlinear wave equations (announcement)Feb 07 2011Jul 10 2015We construct time quasi-periodic solutions to nonlinear wave equations on the torus in arbitrary dimensions. All previously known results (in the case of zero or a multiplicative potential) seem to be limited to the circle. This generalizes the method ... More
Can $X(5568)$ be a tetraquark state?Feb 29 2016Apr 30 2016Very recently, the D0 collaboration has reported the observation of a narrow structure, $X(5568)$, in the decay process $X(5568)\to B^0_s\pi^\pm$ using the 10.4${\rm fb}^{-1}$ data of $p\bar p$ collision at $\sqrt s= 1.96$ TeV. This structure is of great ... More
On quaternionic Monge-Ampere operator, closed positive currents and Lelong-Jensen type formula on quaternionic spaceJan 21 2014In this paper, we introduce the first-order differential operators $d_0$ and $d_1$ acting on the quaternionic version of differential forms on the flat quaternionic space $\mathbb{H}^n$. The behavior of $d_0,d_1$ and $\triangle=d_0d_1$ is very similar ... More
Distributed Subgradient-based Multi-agent Optimization with More General Step SizesJan 30 2016A wider selection of step sizes is explored for the distributed subgradient algorithm for multi-agent optimization problems, for both time-invariant and time-varying communication topologies. The square summable requirement of the step sizes commonly ... More
Neural Segmental Hypergraphs for Overlapping Mention RecognitionOct 03 2018In this work, we propose a novel segmental hypergraph representation to model overlapping entity mentions that are prevalent in many practical datasets. We show that our model built on top of such a new representation is able to capture features and interactions ... More
Global existence of smooth solution to relativistic membrane equation with large dataAug 13 2017This paper is concerned with the Cauchy problem for the relativistic membrane equation (RME) embedded in $\mathbb R^{1+(1+n)}$ with $n=2, 3$. We show that the RME with a class of large (in energy norm) initial data admits a global, smooth solution. The ... More
Summation formulas involving generalized harmonic numbersJun 27 2016In terms of the derivative operator and three hypergeometric series identities, several interesting summation formulas involving generalized harmonic numbers are established.
Object Detection based on LIDAR Temporal Pulses using Spiking Neural NetworksOct 29 2018Neural networks has been successfully used in the processing of Lidar data, especially in the scenario of autonomous driving. However, existing methods heavily rely on pre-processing of the pulse signals derived from Lidar sensors and therefore result ... More
On the Yamabe Problem on contact Riemannian ManifoldsJan 27 2015Contact Riemannian manifolds, whose complex structures are not necessarily integrable, are generalization of pseudohermitian manifolds in CR geometry. The Tanaka-Webster-Tanno connection plays the role of the Tanaka-Webster connection of a pseudohermitian ... More
Confinement Loss in Hollow-Core Negative Curvature Fiber: a Multi-Layered ModelOct 25 2017Simple structures are always a pursuit but sometimes not easily attainable. It took researchers nearly two decades for conceiving the structure of single-ring hollow-core negative curvature fiber (NCF). Recently NCF eventually approaches to the centre ... More
Improving Regret Bounds for Combinatorial Semi-Bandits with Probabilistically Triggered Arms and Its ApplicationsMar 05 2017Feb 21 2018We study combinatorial multi-armed bandit with probabilistically triggered arms (CMAB-T) and semi-bandit feedback. We resolve a serious issue in the prior CMAB-T studies where the regret bounds contain a possibly exponentially large factor of $1/p^*$, ... More
Reliable Identification of Redundant Kernels for Convolutional Neural Network CompressionDec 10 2018To compress deep convolutional neural networks (CNNs) with large memory footprint and long inference time, this paper proposes a novel pruning criterion using layer-wised Ln-norm of feature maps. Different from existing pruning criteria, which are mainly ... More
On solutions with polynomial growth to an autonomous nonlinear elliptic problemDec 28 2012We study the following nonlinear elliptic problem [-\Delta u =F^{'} (u) in {\mathbb R}^n] where $F(u)$ is a periodic function. Moser (1986) showed that for any minimal and nonself-intersecting solution, there exist $ \alpha \in {\mathbb R}^n$ and $ C>0$ ... More
On the uniqueness of solutions of an nonlocal elliptic systemMar 10 2014We consider the following elliptic system with fractional laplacian $$ -(-\Delta)^su=uv^2,\ \ -(-\Delta)^sv=vu^2,\ \ u,v>0 \ \mbox{on}\ \R^n,$$ where $s\in(0,1)$ and $(-\Delta)^s$ is the $s$-Lapalcian. We first prove that all positive solutions must have ... More
Finite Morse index implies finite endsMay 18 2017We prove that finite Morse index solutions to the Allen-Cahn equation in $\R^2$ have {\bf finitely many ends} and {\bf linear energy growth}. The main tool is a {\bf curvature decay estimate} on level sets of these finite Morse index solutions, which ... More
Carbon nanotubes heavy metal detection with stripping voltammetry: A review paperMay 04 2017The challenge of heavy metal detection for environmental, industrial and medical purposes has led to the development of many analytical techniques. Stripping voltammetry is a very sensitive electrochemical method and has been widely used for heavy metal ... More
On the edge connectivity of direct products with dense graphsFeb 25 2011Let $\kappa'(G)$ be the edge connectivity of $G$ and $G\times H$ the direct product of $G$ and $H$. Let $H$ be an arbitrary dense graph with minimal degree $\delta(H)>|H|/2$. We prove that for any graph $G$, $\kappa'(G\times H)=\textup{min}\{2\kappa'(G)e(H),\delta(G)\delta(H)\}$, ... More
Inflation and Alternatives with Blue Tensor SpectraMar 23 2014Oct 20 2014We study the tilt of the primordial gravitational waves spectrum. A hint of blue tilt is shown from analyzing the BICEP2 and POLARBEAR data. Motivated by this, we explore the possibilities of blue tensor spectra from the very early universe cosmology ... More
Multiplicative Zagreb indices of cactiApr 05 2016Jul 16 2016Let $\prod(G)$ be Multiplicative Zagreb index of a graph G. A connected graph is a cactus graph if and only if any two of its cycles have at most one vertex in common, which has been the interest of researchers in the filed of material chemistry and graph ... More
Homogenized dynamics of stochastic partial differential equations with dynamical boundary conditionsMar 19 2007A microscopic heterogeneous system under random influence is considered. The randomness enters the system at physical boundary of small scale obstacles as well as at the interior of the physical medium. This system is modeled by a stochastic partial differential ... More
Breaking Bad: Detecting malicious domains using word segmentationJun 12 2015In recent years, vulnerable hosts and maliciously registered domains have been frequently involved in mobile attacks. In this paper, we explore the feasibility of detecting malicious domains visited on a cellular network based solely on lexical characteristics ... More
Hard X-ray emissions from Cassiopeia A observed by INTEGRALMay 02 2016Cassiopeia A (Cas A) as the nearby young remnant of a core-collapse supernova is the best candidate for astrophysical studies in supernova explosion and its environment. We studied hard X-ray emissions from Cas A using the ten-year data of INTEGRAL observations, ... More
Landweber iteration of Kaczmarz type with general non-smooth convex penalty functionalsJul 16 2013The determination of solutions of many inverse problems usually requires a set of measurements which leads to solving systems of ill-posed equations. In this paper we propose the Landweber iteration of Kaczmarz type with general uniformly convex penalty ... More
On Serrin's overdetermined problem and a conjecture of Berestycki, Caffarelli and NirenbergFeb 16 2015This paper concerns rigidity results to Serrin's overdetermined problem in an epigraph $$ \{\begin{aligned} &\Delta u+ f(u)=0,\ \ \ {in}\ \Omega=\{(x^\prime,x_n): x_n>\varphi (x^\prime)\},\\ &u>0,\ \ \ {in}\ \Omega,\\ &u=0,\ \ \ {on}\ \partial\Omega,\\ ... More
Chromatic-choosability of hypergraphs with high chromatic numberJul 22 2018It was conjectured by Ohba and confirmed recently by Noel et al. that, for any graph $G$, if $|V(G)|\le 2\chi(G)+1$ then $\chi_l(G)=\chi(G)$. This indicates that the graphs with high chromatic number are chromatic-choosable. We show that this is also ... More
Connectivity of Kronecker products by K2Jun 07 2011Let $\kappa(G)$ be the connectivity of $G$. The Kronecker product $G_1\times G_2$ of graphs $G_1$ and $G_2$ has vertex set $V(G_1\times G_2)=V(G_1)\times V(G_2)$ and edge set $E(G_1\times G_2)=\{(u_1,v_1)(u_2,v_2):u_1u_2\in E(G_1),v_1v_2\in E(G_2)\}$. ... More
Carbon nanotube-based quantum pump in the presence of superconducting leadJul 19 2002Parametric electron pump through superconductor-carbon-nanotube based molecular devices was investigated. It is found that a dc current, which is assisted by resonant Andreev reflection, can be pumped out from such molecular device by a cyclic variation ... More
Tensor train-Karhunen-Loève expansion for continuous-indexed random fields using higher-order cumulant functionsJul 15 2019The goals of this work are two-fold: firstly, to propose a new theoretical framework for representing random fields on a large class of multidimensional geometrical domain in the tensor train format; secondly, to develop a new algorithm framework for ... More
Some Experimental Results of Relieving Discomfort in Virtual Reality by Disturbing Feedback Loop in Human BrainMar 19 2019Recently, great progress has been made in virtual reality(VR) research and application. However, virtual reality faces a big problem since its appearance, i.e. discomfort (nausea, stomach awareness, etc). Discomfort can be relieved by increasing hardware ... More
Production of $ρ^{0}$ meson with large $p_T$ at NLO in heavy-ion collisionsJan 16 2017Aug 03 2018Production of large transverse momentum $\rho^{0}$ meson in high-energy nuclear collisions is investigated for the first time at the next-leading-order in the QCD improved parton model. The $\rho^0$ fragmentation functions (FFs) in vacuum at any scale ... More
Impact of membrane bistability on dynamical response of neuronal populationsMar 31 2015Neurons in many brain areas can develop pronounced depolarized state of membrane potential (up state) in addition to the normal hyperpolarized down state near the resting potential. The influence of the up state on signal encoding, however, is not well ... More
Spin Transport Properties in Heisenberg Antiferromagnetic Spin Chains: Spin Current induced by Twisted Boundary Magnetic FieldsJan 28 2005Nov 24 2005Spin transport properties of the one-dimensional Heisenberg antiferromagnetic spin systems for both $S=1/2$ and S=1 are studied by applying twisted boundary magnetic field. The spin current displays significantly different behavior of the spin transport ... More
Electrical Detection of Spin Wave Resonance in a Permalloy Thin StripAug 14 2013We investigated the microwave-induced DC response of spin wave resonance (SWR) in a permalloy thin strip via electrical detection. Our experimental results obtained by sweeping the external field reveal that: 1. the amplitude of SWR signals depend on ... More
Collective excitations and instabilities in multi-layer stacks of dipolar condensatesDec 10 2008We analyze theoretically the collective mode dispersion in multi-layer stacks of two dimensional dipolar condensates and find a strong enhancement of the roton instability. We discuss the interplay between the dynamical instability and roton softening ... More
Effect of quantum fluctuations on the dipolar motion of Bose-Einstein condensates in optical latticesNov 20 2003Jul 30 2004We revisit dipolar motion of condensate atoms in one-dimensional optical lattices and harmonic magnetic traps including quantum fluctuations within the truncated Wigner approximation. In the strong tunneling limit we reproduce the meanfield results with ... More
An introduction to a new space debris evolution model -- SOLEMMar 28 2019SOLEM is the first space debris long-term evolution model of China. This paper describes the principles, components and workflow of the SOLEM. The effects of different mitigation measures based on SOLEM model are analyzed and presented. The limitation ... More
Effect of atmospheric turbulence on propagation properties of optical vortices formed by using coherent laser beam arraysJun 10 2008In this paper, we consider the effect of the atmospheric turbulence on the propagation of optical vertex formed from the radial coherent laser beam array, with the initially well-defined phase distribution. The propagation formula of the radial coherent ... More
Estimating the Probability of Wind Ramping Events: A Data-driven ApproachMar 15 2016Mar 21 2016This letter proposes a data-driven method for estimating the probability of wind ramping events without exploiting the exact probability distribution function (PDF) of wind power. Actual wind data validates the proposed method.
Diffusion of charm quarks in jets in high-energy heavy-ion collisionsJun 04 2019Jun 24 2019The radial distribution of $D^0$ mesons in jets probes the diffusion of charm quark relative to the jet axis and provides a new perspective to study the interaction mechanisms between heavy quarks and the medium in the nucleus-nucleus collisions. The ... More
Co-compact entropy and its variational principle for non-compact spacesDec 03 2013The purpose of this paper is to generalize the variational principle, which states that the topological entropy is equal to the supremum of the measure theoretical entropies and also the minimum of the metric theoretical entropies, to non-compact dynamical ... More
Particle Probability Hypothesis Density Filter based on Pairwise Markov ChainsNov 28 2018Most multi-target tracking filters assume that one target and its observation follow a Hidden Markov Chain (HMC) model, but the implicit independence assumption of HMC model is invalid in many practical applications, and a Pairwise Markov Chain (PMC) ... More
Constructing New Braided $T$-Categories via Weak Monoidal Hom-Hopf AlgebrasFeb 26 2015In this paper, we define and study weak monoidal Hom-Hopf algebras, which generalize both weak Hopf algebras and monoidal Hom-Hopf algebras. If $H$ is a weak monoidal Hom-Hopf algebra with bijective antipode and let $Aut_{wmHH}(H)$ be the set of all automorphisms ... More
Anderson Localization for Time Periodic Random Schrödinger operatorsSep 09 2002We prove that at large disorder, Anderson localization in $\Z^d$ is stable under localized time-periodic perturbations by proving that the associated quasi-energy operator has pure point spectrum. The formulation of this problem is motivated by questions ... More
Measuring $D^0-\bar D^0$ mixing in $D^0(\bar D^0)\to f_0(980) K^{*}$ and moreFeb 05 2008Feb 18 2008We investigate the $D^0-\bar D^0$ mixing through the doubly Cabibbo suppressed (DCS) channel $D^0\to f_0(980)K^{*0}$ and its charge conjugate channel, in which the $K^{*0}$ meson is reconstructed in both $K^+\pi^-$ and $K_S\pi^0$ final state. Although ... More
On a construction of FriedmanSep 08 2000H. Friedman obtained remarkable results about the longest finite sequence $x$ such that for all $i \not= j$ the word $x[i..2i]$ is not a subsequence of $x[j..2j]$. In this note we consider what happens when ``subsequence'' is replaced by ``subword''.
Evolutionary Implications from SDSSJ085338.27+033246.1: A Spectacular N arrow-Line Seyfert 1 Galaxy with Young Post-starburstMay 16 2006We analyze the physical properties of post-starburst AGN SDSS J085338.27+033246.1 according to its optical spectrum and discuss its implications on AGN's evolution. The spectra PCA method is developed to extract emission lines and absorption features ... More
An iteration regularizaion method with general convex penalty for nonlinear inverse problems in Banach spacesJan 09 2018In this paper, we discuss the construction, analysis and implementation of a novel iterative regularization scheme with general convex penalty term for nonlinear inverse problems in Banach spaces based on the homotopy perturbation technique, in an attempt ... More
Analysis of $B\to K^*_J (\to K π) μ^+μ^-$ in the higher kaon resonance regionNov 07 2011Feb 08 2012We study the resonant contributions in the process $\bar{B}^0\to K^- \pi^+\mu^+\mu^-$ with the $K^-\pi^+$ invariant mass square $m_{K\pi}^2\in [1, 5] {\rm GeV}^2$. Width effects of the involved strange mesons, $K^*(1410), K_0^*(1430), K_2^*(1430), K^*(1680), ... More