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Data sets of very large linear feasibility problems solved by projection methodsMar 14 2011We give a link to a page on the Web on which we deposited a set of eight huge Linear Programming (LP) problems for Intensity-Modulated Proton Therapy (IMPT) treatment planning. These huge LP problems were employed in our recent research and we were asked ... More
Inductance Due to Spin CurrentJun 11 2013Mar 17 2014The inductance of spintronic devices that transport charge neutral spin currents is discussed. It is known that in a media that contains charge neutral spins, a time-varying electric field induces a spin current. We show that since the spin current itself ... More
Time Consistent Bid-Ask Dynamic Pricing Mechanisms for Contingent Claims and Its Numerical Simulations Under UncertaintyNov 18 2011Sep 28 2013We study time consistent dynamic pricing mechanisms of European contingent claims under uncertainty by using G framework introduced by Peng ([24]). We consider a financial market consisting of a riskless asset and a risky stock with price process modelled ... More
Fractional G-White Noise Theory, Wavelet Decomposition for Fractional G-Brownian Motion, and Bid-Ask Pricing Application to Finance Under UncertaintyJun 18 2013G-framework is presented by Peng [41] for measure risk under uncertainty. In this paper, we define fractional G-Brownian motion (fGBm). Fractional G-Brownian motion is a centered G-Gaussian process with zero mean and stationary increments in the sense ... More
Scaling Theory of Topological Phase TransitionsMay 20 2015Jan 20 2016Topologically ordered systems are characterized by topological invariants that are often calculated from the momentum space integration of a certain function that represents the curvature of the many-body state. The curvature function may be Berry curvature, ... More
G-consistent price system and bid-ask pricing for European contingent claims under Knightian uncertaintyAug 28 2013Sep 17 2013The target of this paper is to consider model the risky asset price on the financial market under the Knightian uncertainty, and pricing the ask and bid prices of the uncertain risk. We use the nonlinear analysis tool, i.e., G-frame work [26], to construct ... More
An Issue in the Martingale Analysis of the Influence Maximization Algorithm IMMAug 24 2018Oct 31 2018This paper explains a subtle issue in the martingale analysis of the IMM algorithm, a state-of-the-art influence maximization algorithm. Two workarounds are proposed to fix the issue, both requiring minor changes on the algorithm and incurring a slight ... More
G-Doob-Meyer Decomposition and its Application in Bid-Ask Pricing for American Contingent Claim Under Knightian UncertaintyDec 31 2013The target of this paper is to establish the bid-ask pricing frame work for the American contingent claims against risky assets with G-asset price systems (see \cite{Chen2013b}) on the financial market under Knight uncertainty. First, we prove G-Dooby-Meyer ... More
Phase transition behavior in a cellular automaton model with different initial configurationsFeb 28 2011We investigate the dynamical transition from free-flow to jammed traffic, which is related to the divergence of the relaxation time and susceptibility of the energy dissipation rate $E_d$, in the Nagel-Schreckenberg (NS) model with two different initial ... More
Weakly Interacting Topological Insulators: Quantum Criticality and Renormalization Group ApproachJan 02 2018For D-dimensional weakly interacting topological insulators in certain symmetry classes, the topological invariant can be calculated from a D- or (D+1)-dimensional integration over a certain curvature function that is expressed in terms of single-particle ... More
Edelstein effects, spin-transfer torque, and spin pumping caused by pristine surface states of topological insulatorsJan 21 2019The Edelstein effect caused by the pristine surface states of three-dimensional topological insulators is investigated by means of a semiclassical approach. The combined effect of random impurity scattering and the spin-momentum locking of the gapless ... More
Delay-Optimal Buffer-Aware Probabilistic Scheduling with Adaptive TransmissionSep 09 2015Cross-layer scheduling is a promising way to improve Quality of Service (QoS) given a power constraint. In this paper, we investigate the system with random data arrival and adaptive transmission. Probabilistic scheduling strategies aware of the buffer ... More
Settling the $Z_c(4600)$ in the charged charmonium-like familyJan 21 2019Very recently LHCb reported the evidence of a new charged charmonium-like structure in the $J/\psi \pi^-$ invariant mass spectrum near 4600 MeV. In this work we investigate this structure together with three other charged charmonium-like states, the $Z_c(3900)$, ... More
Meso-scale modeling: beyond local equilibrium assumption for multiphase flowDec 14 2015This is a summary of the article with the same title, accepted for publication in Advances in Chemical Engineering, 47: 193-277 (2015). Gas-solid fluidization is a typical nonlinear nonequilibrium system with multiscale structure. In particular, the mesoscale ... More
A Review of Mathematical Modeling, Simulation and Analysis of Membrane Channel Charge TransportSep 29 2016The molecular mechanism of ion channel gating and substrate modulation is elusive for many voltage gated ion channels, such as eukaryotic sodium ones. The understanding of channel functions is a pressing issue in molecular biophysics and biology. Mathematical ... More
Partial results on the convexity of the Parisi functional with PDE approachAug 29 2013Nov 11 2013We investigate the convexity problem for the Parisi functional defined on the space of the so-called functional ordered parameters in the Sherrington-Kirkpatrick model. In the recent work of Panchenko [3], he proved that this functional is convex along ... More
Active Expansion Sampling for Learning Feasible Domains in an Unbounded Input SpaceAug 25 2017Jan 20 2018Many engineering problems require identifying feasible domains under implicit constraints. One example is finding acceptable car body styling designs based on constraints like aesthetics and functionality. Current active-learning based methods learn feasible ... More
Adaptive Influence Maximization with Myopic FeedbackMay 28 2019We study the adaptive influence maximization problem with myopic feedback under the independent cascade model: one sequentially selects k nodes as seeds one by one from a social network, and each selected seed returns the immediate neighbors it activates ... More
Dissipationless Multiferroic MagnonicsSep 24 2014Apr 17 2015We propose that the magnetoelectric effect in multiferroic insulators with coplanar antiferromagnetic spiral order, such as BiFeO$_{3}$, enables electrically controlled dissipationless magnonics. Applying an oscillating electric field in these materials ... More
Volume entropy estimate for integral Ricci curvatureOct 13 2018Feb 14 2019We give an estimate for the volume entropy in terms of integral Ricci curvature which substantially improves an earlier estimate in \cite{Au2} and give an application on the algebraic entropy of its fundamental group. We also extend the quantitive almost ... More
Lasry-Lions, Lax-Oleinik and Generalized characteristicsSep 11 2015Nov 09 2015In the recent works \cite{Cannarsa-Chen-Cheng} and \cite{Cannarsa-Cheng3}, an intrinsic approach of the propagation of singularities along the generalized characteristics was obtained, even in global case, by a procedure of sup-convolution with the kernel ... More
Recursion-Free Online Multiple Incremental/Decremental Analysis Based on Ridge Support Vector LearningAug 01 2016Oct 11 2016This study presents a rapid multiple incremental and decremental mechanism based on Weight-Error Curves (WECs) for support-vector analysis. Recursion-free computation is proposed for predicting the Lagrangian multipliers of new samples. This study examines ... More
$α$-vacuum and inflationary bispectrumJun 25 2008Feb 20 2009In this paper, we discuss the non-Guassianity originated from the $\alpha$-vacuum on the CMB anisotropy. For $\alpha$-vacuum, there exist correlation between points in the acausal two patches of de Sitter spactime. Such kind of correlation can lead to ... More
Hawking Radiation of Black Rings from AnomaliesMay 21 2007May 29 2007We derive Hawking radiation of 5-dimensional black rings from gauge and gravitational anomalies using the method proposed by Robinson and Wilczek. We find as in the black hole case, the problem could reduce to a (1+1) dimensional field theory and the ... More
On 1/2-BPS Wilson-'t Hooft loopsJul 05 2006Sep 19 2006We investigate the 1/2-BPS Wilson-'t Hooft loops in ${\cal N}=4$ Super-Yang-Mills theory. We use the bulk D-brane with both electric and magnetic charges to calculate the all genus contribution of the circular loops. The expectation value of Wilson-'t ... More
Stochastic One-Sided Full-Information BanditJun 20 2019In this paper, we study the stochastic version of the one-sided full information bandit problem, where we have $K$ arms $[K] = \{1, 2, \ldots, K\}$, and playing arm $i$ would gain reward from an unknown distribution for arm $i$ while obtaining reward ... More
A Low-rank Tensor Dictionary Learning Method for Multi-spectral Images DenoisingDec 07 2018As a 3-order tensor, a multi-spectral image (MSI) has dozens of spectral bands, which can deliver more information for real scenes. However, real MSIs are often corrupted by noises in the sensing process, which will further deteriorate the performance ... More
Theory of thermally activated vortex bundles flow over the directional-dependent potential barriers in type-II superocnductorsOct 04 2009Nov 03 2009The thermally activated vortex bundle flow over the directional-dependent energy barrier in type-II superconductors is investigated. The coherent oscillation frequency and the mean direction of the random collective pinning force of the vortex bundles ... More
Disorder chaos in the Sherrington-Kirkpatrick model with external fieldSep 15 2011Oct 03 2013We consider a spin system obtained by coupling two distinct Sherrington-Kirkpatrick (SK) models with the same temperature and external field whose Hamiltonians are correlated. The disorder chaos conjecture for the SK model states that the overlap under ... More
Emergence of Long Period Antiferromagnetic Orders from Haldane Phase in S=1 Heisenberg Chains with D-ModulationApr 06 2005The effect of spatial modulation of the single-site anisotropy D on the ground state of the S=1 Heisenberg chains is investigated. In the case of period 2 modulation, it is found that the phase diagram contains the Haldane phase, large-D phase, Neel phase ... More
Real-variable characterizations of Bergman spacesApr 20 2011Apr 25 2011In this paper, we give a survey of results obtained recently by the present authors on real-variable characterizations of Bergman spaces, which are closely related to maximal and area integral functions in terms of the Bergman metric. In particular, we ... More
Maximum intrinsic spin-Hall conductivity in two-dimensional systems with k-linear spin-orbit interactionAug 18 2012Feb 11 2013We analytically calculate the intrinsic spin-Hall conductivity (ISHC) ($\sigma^z_{xy}$ and $\sigma^z_{yx}$) in a clean, two-dimensional system with generic k-linear spin-orbit interaction. The coefficients of the product of the momentum and spin components ... More
Rigidity of minimal submanifolds in space formsJan 26 2018In this paper, we consider the rigidity for an $n(\geq 4)$-dimensional submanfolds $M^n$ with parallel mean curvature in the space form ${\mathbb M}^{n+p}_c$ when the integral Ricci curvature of $M$ has some bound. We prove that, if $c+H^2>0$ and $\|\mathrm{Ric}_{-}^\lambda\|_{n/2}< ... More
Multi-Output Recommender: Items, Groups and Friends, and Their Mutual Contributing EffectsApr 10 2012Oct 16 2012Due to the development of social media technology, it becomes easier for users to gather together to form groups. Take the for example, users can join groups they may be interested where they can share their loved songs and discuss topics about ... More
Continuous-time Markov decision processes under the risk-sensitive average cost criterionDec 21 2015This paper studies continuous-time Markov decision processes under the risk-sensitive average cost criterion. The state space is a finite set, the action space is a Borel space, the cost and transition rates are bounded, and the risk-sensitivity coefficient ... More
Phase transition in the spiked random tensor with Rademacher priorDec 05 2017Dec 11 2017We consider the problem of detecting a deformation from a symmetric Gaussian random $p$-tensor $(p\geq 3)$ with a rank-one spike sampled from the Rademacher prior. Recently in Lesieur et al. (2017), it was proved that there exists a critical threshold ... More
Variational representations for the Parisi functional and the two-dimensional Guerra-Talagrand boundJan 27 2015May 13 2016The validity of the Parisi formula in the Sherrington-Kirkpatrick model (SK) was initially proved by Talagrand [18]. The central argument therein relied on a very dedicated study of the coupled free energy via the two-dimensional Guerra-Talagrand (GT) ... More
Delay-optimal Data Transmission in Renewable Energy Aided Cognitive Radio NetworksOct 03 2015Renewable energy powered cognitive radio (CR) network has gained much attention due to its combination of the CR's spectrum efficiency and the renewable energy's "green" nature. In the paper, we investigate the delay-optimal data transmission in the renewable ... More
Spin Superfluidity in Coplanar MultiferroicsDec 10 2013Jan 24 2014Multiferroics with coplanar magnetic order are discussed in terms of a superfluid condensate, with special emphasis on spin supercurrents created by phase gradients of the condensate and the effect of external electric fields. By drawing the analogy to ... More
A non-integrated hypersurface defect relation for meromorphic maps over complete Kähler manifolds into projective algebraic varietiesOct 28 2016Dec 11 2016In this paper, a non-integrated defect relation for meromorphic maps from complete K\"ahler manifolds $M$ into smooth projective algebraic varieties $V$ intersecting hypersurfaces located in $k$-subgeneral position is proved. The novelty of this result ... More
Numerical Simulation of Radio Signal from Extended Air ShowersAug 10 2014The burst of radio emission by the extensive air shower provides a promising alternative for detecting ultra-high energy cosmic rays.We have developed an independent numerical program to simulate these radio signals. Our code is based on a microscopic ... More
The Aizenman-Sims-Starr scheme and Parisi formula for mixed p-spin spherical modelsApr 23 2012The Parisi formula for the free energy in the spherical models with mixed even p-spin interactions was proven in Michel Talagrand [16]. In this paper we study the general mixed p-spin spherical models including p-spin interactions for odd p. We establish ... More
On the Mixed Even-Spin Sherrington-Kirkpatrick Model with Ferromagnetic InteractionMay 13 2011Nov 30 2012We study a spin system with both mixed even-spin Sherrington-Kirkpatrick (SK) couplings and Curie-Weiss (CW) interaction. Our main results are: (i) The thermodynamic limit of the free energy is given by a variational formula involving the free energy ... More
Privacy-Preserved Big Data Analysis Based on Asymmetric Imputation Kernels and Multiside SimilaritiesMar 25 2016Nov 21 2016This study presents an efficient approach for incomplete data classification, where the entries of samples are missing or masked due to privacy preservation. To deal with these incomplete data, a new kernel function with asymmetric intrinsic mappings ... More
Interference Channels With Arbitrarily Correlated SourcesNov 10 2009Communicating arbitrarily correlated sources over interference channels is considered in this paper. A sufficient condition is found for the lossless transmission of a pair of correlated sources over a discrete memoryless interference channel. With independent ... More
Thompson Sampling for Combinatorial Semi-BanditsMar 13 2018Jun 21 2018We study the application of the Thompson sampling (TS) methodology to the stochastic combinatorial multi-armed bandit (CMAB) framework. We analyze the standard TS algorithm for the general CMAB, and obtain the first distribution-dependent regret bound ... More
Continuation of solutions of coupled dynamical systemsAug 31 2007Recently, the synchronization of coupled dynamical systems has been widely studied. Synchronization is referred to as a process wherein two (or many) dynamical systems are adjusted to a common behavior as time goes to infinity, due to coupling or forcing. ... More
Limit Theorems in the Imitative Monomer-Dimer Mean-Field Model via Stein's MethodJun 29 2015Jul 23 2015We consider the imitative monomer-dimer model on the complete graph introduced in [1]. It was understood that this model is described by the monomer density and has a phase transition along certain critical line. By reverting the model to a weighted Curie-Weiss ... More
Weighted norm inequalities for multisublinear maximal operator in martingale spacesJun 07 2013Feb 14 2015Let $v,~\omega_1, ~\omega_2$ be weights and $1<p_1, ~p_2<\infty.$ Suppose that $\frac{1}{p}=\frac{1}{p_1}+\frac{1}{p_2}$ and $(\omega_1, \omega_2)\in RH(p_1, p_2).$ For the multisublinear maximal operator $\mathfrak{M}$ in martingale spaces, we characterize ... More
Weighted estimates for the multilinear maximal functionApr 22 2013Jul 09 2013A formulation of the Carleson embedding theorem in the multilinear setting is proved which allows to obtain a multilinear analogue of Sawyer's two weight theorem for the multisublinear maximal function \mathcal{M} introduced in Lerner et al. A multilinear ... More
On Adaptivity Gaps of Influence Maximization under the Independent Cascade Model with Full Adoption FeedbackJul 03 2019In this paper, we study the adaptivity gap of the influence maximization problem under independent cascade model when full-adoption feedback is available. Our main results are to derive upper bounds on several families of well-studied influence graphs, ... More
Critical Statistical Charge for Anyonic SuperconductivityMay 02 1996We examine a criterion for the anyonic superconductivity at zero temperature in Abelian matter-coupled Chern-Simons gauge field theories in three dimensions. By solving the Dyson-Schwinger equations, we obtain a critical value of the statistical charge ... More
Speaker Cluster-Based Speaker Adaptive Training for Deep Neural Network Acoustic ModelingApr 20 2016A speaker cluster-based speaker adaptive training (SAT) method under deep neural network-hidden Markov model (DNN-HMM) framework is presented in this paper. During training, speakers that are acoustically adjacent to each other are hierarchically clustered ... More
Improving Regret Bounds for Combinatorial Semi-Bandits with Probabilistically Triggered Arms and Its ApplicationsMar 05 2017Feb 21 2018We study combinatorial multi-armed bandit with probabilistically triggered arms (CMAB-T) and semi-bandit feedback. We resolve a serious issue in the prior CMAB-T studies where the regret bounds contain a possibly exponentially large factor of $1/p^*$, ... More
Complete Submodularity Characterization in the Comparative Independent Cascade ModelFeb 17 2017Nov 14 2018We study the propagation of comparative ideas or items in social networks. A full characterization for submodularity in the comparative independent cascade (Com-IC) model of two-idea cascade is given, for competing ideas and complementary ideas respectively, ... More
Spectrum sharing in energy harvesting cognitive radio networks: A cross-layer perspectiveNov 08 2016Jul 07 2017In the paper, we present a cross-layer perspective on data transmission in energy harvesting cognitive radio networks (CRNs). The delay optimal power allocation is studied while taking into account the randomness of harvested energy, data generation, ... More
Delay-Energy lower bound on Two-Way Relay Wireless Network CodingJan 24 2014Network coding is a novel solution that significantly improve the throughput and energy consumed of wireless networks by mixing traffic flows through algebraic operations. In conventional network coding scheme, a packet has to wait for packets from other ... More
A Game Theoretic Model for the Formation of Navigable Small-World Networks --- the Tradeoff between Distance and ReciprocityNov 15 2014Apr 03 2018Kleinberg proposed a family of small-world networks to explain the navigability of large-scale real-world social networks. However, the underlying mechanism that drives real networks to be navigable is not yet well understood. In this paper, we present ... More
Büchi Types for Infinite Traces and LivenessJan 20 2014We develop a new type and effect system based on B\"uchi automata to capture finite and infinite traces produced by programs in a small language which allows non-deterministic choices and infinite recursions. There are two key technical contributions: ... More
Weighted estimates for the multilinear maximal function on the upper half-spacesMay 14 2017Aug 24 2018For a general dyadic grid, we give a Calder\'{o}n-Zygmund type decomposition, which is the principle fact about the multilinear maximal function $\mathfrak{M}$ on the upper half-spaces. Using the decomposition, we study the boundedness of $\mathfrak{M}.$ ... More
Martingale Inequalities in Variable Exponent Hardy spaces with $0<p^-\leq p^+<\infty$Dec 21 2016We investigate the properties of the variable Lebesgue spaces with quasi-norm on a probability space, and give the atomic decompositions suited to the variable exponent martingale Hardy spaces. Using the decompositions and the harmonic mean of a variable ... More
Weighted estimates for the bilinear maximal operator on filtered measure spacesMay 31 2017Assuming the bilinear reverse H\"older's condition, we character weighted inequalities for the bilinear maximal operator on filtered measure spaces. We also obtain Hyt\"onen-P\'erez type weighted estimates for the bilinear maximal operator, which is even ... More
Efficient Multiple Incremental and Decremental Ridge Support Vector Machines for Big StreamsAug 01 2016This study presents a rapid multiple incremental and decremental mechanism based on WECs for support-vector analysis. The proposed method examines the characteristics of Ridge SVMs and devises a recursion-free function for predicting the Lagrangian multipliers ... More
Ground State Properties of One Dimensional S=1/2 Heisenberg Model with Dimerization and QuadrumerizationApr 15 1998The one dimensional S=1/2 Heisenberg model with dimerization and quadrumerization is studied by means of the numerical exact diagonalization of finite size systems. Using the phenomenological renormalization group and finite size scaling law, the ground ... More
The state-of-the-art in web-scale semantic information processing for cloud computingMay 18 2013Based on integrated infrastructure of resource sharing and computing in distributed environment, cloud computing involves the provision of dynamically scalable and provides virtualized resources as services over the Internet. These applications also bring ... More
Chaos in the mixed even-spin modelsNov 30 2012Nov 11 2013We consider a disordered system obtained by coupling two mixed even-spin models together. The chaos problem is concerned with the behavior of the coupled system when the external parameters in the two models, such as, temperature, disorder, or external ... More
A hierarchical random compression method for kernel matricesMar 13 2018In this paper, we propose a hierarchical random compression method (HRCM) for kernel matrices in fast kernel summations. The HRCM combines the hierarchical framework of the H-matrix and a randomized sampling technique of the column and row spaces for ... More
Joint Network and Gelfand-Pinsker Coding for 3-Receiver Gaussian Broadcast Channels with Receiver Message Side InformationJul 31 2014Aug 20 2014The problem of characterizing the capacity region for Gaussian broadcast channels with receiver message side information appears difficult and remains open for N >= 3 receivers. This paper proposes a joint network and Gelfand-Pinsker coding method for ... More
Desynchronization of pulse-coupled oscillators with delayed excitatory couplingJul 17 2007Collective behavior of pulse-coupled oscillators has been investigated widely. As an example of pulse-coupled networks, fireflies display many kinds of flashing patterns. Mirollo and Strogatz (1990) proposed a pulse-coupled oscillator model to explain ... More
Reilly-type inequalities for $p$-Laplacian on submanifolds in space formsJun 24 2018Let $M$ be an $n$-dimensional closed orientable submanifold in an $N$-dimensional space form. When $1<p \le \frac n2 + 1$, we obtain an upper bound for the first nonzero eigenvalue of the $p$-Laplacian in terms of the mean curvature of $M$ and the curvature ... More
On the injectivity radius and tangent cones at infinity of gradient Ricci solitonsDec 06 2010May 30 2011A lower-bound estimate of injectivity radius for complete Riemannian manifolds is discussed in a pure geometric viewpoint and is applied to study tangent cones at infinity of certain gradient Ricci solitons. We also study the asymptotic volume ratio of ... More
Shi-type estimates of the Ricci flow based on Ricci curvatureFeb 05 2016Jan 25 2018We construct a uniform local bound of curvature operator from local bounds of Ricci curvature and injectivity radius among all $n$-dimensional Ricci flows. Thus new compactness theorems for the Ricci flow and Ricci solitons are derived. In particular, ... More
${\cal D}$-annihilators, weakly $n$-angulated categories and derived equivalencesJun 20 2014In this paper, we introduce ${\cal D}$-annihilators and weakly $n$-angulated categories, and give a general construction of derived equivalences between the quotient rings of endomorphism rings (modulo ${\cal D}$-annihilators or proper ${\cal D}$-annihilators) ... More
Ground State Phase Diagram of the One Dimensional S=1/2 XXZ Model with Dimerization and QuadrumerizationJan 20 1999The one dimensional S=1/2 XXZ model with dimerization (1-j) and quadrumerization \delta is studied by the numerical exact diagonalization of finite size systems. Using the conformal field theory and the level spectroscopy method, we calculate the ground ... More
Polar Codes for Broadcast Channels with Receiver Message Side Information and Noncausal State Available at the EncoderJan 22 2016In this paper polar codes are proposed for two receiver broadcast channels with receiver message side information (BCSI) and noncausal state available at the encoder, referred to as BCSI with noncausal state for short, where the two receivers know a priori ... More
BézierGAN: Automatic Generation of Smooth Curves from Interpretable Low-Dimensional ParametersAug 27 2018Many real-world objects are designed by smooth curves, especially in the domain of aerospace and ship, where aerodynamic shapes (e.g., airfoils) and hydrodynamic shapes (e.g., hulls) are designed. To facilitate the design process of those objects, we ... More
Queue-Aware Variable-Length Coding for Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communications with Random ArrivalMar 14 2019With the phenomenal growth of the Internet of Things (IoT), Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communications (URLLC) has potentially been the enabler to guarantee the stringent requirements on latency and reliability. However, how to achieve low latency and ... More
A Matlab toolbox for fractional relaxation-oscillation equationsFeb 14 2013Stress relaxation and oscillation damping of complex viscoelastic media often manifest history- and path-dependent physical behaviors and cannot accurately be described by the classical models. Recent research found that fractional derivative models can ... More
Central Limit Theorems for Cavity and Local Fields of the Sherrington-Kirkpatrick ModelOct 19 2010Jan 17 2011One of the remarkable applications of the cavity method is to prove the Thouless-Anderson-Palmer (TAP) system of equations in the high temperature regime of the Sherrington-Kirkpatrick (SK) model. This naturally leads us to the important study of the ... More
Analysis of Firing Behaviors in Networks of Pulse-Coupled Oscillators with Delayed Excitatory CouplingOct 27 2008For networks of pulse-coupled oscillators with delayed excitatory coupling, we analyze the firing behaviors depending on coupling strength and transmission delay. The parameter space consisting of strength and delay is partitioned into two regions. For ... More
Approximations, ghosts and derived equivalencesJun 20 2014Nov 10 2016Approximation sequences and derived equivalences occur frequently in the research of mutation of tilting objects in representation theory, algebraic geometry and noncommutative geometry. In this paper, we introduce symmetric approximation sequences in ... More
Exact correspondence between classical and Dirac-Pauli spinors in the weak-field limit of static and homogeneous electromagnetic fieldsApr 14 2015May 18 2017It has long been speculated that the Dirac or, more generally, the Dirac-Pauli spinor in the Foldy-Wouthuysen (FW) representation should behave like a classical relativistic spinor in the low-energy limit when the probability of particle-antiparticle ... More
High-order Foldy-Wouthuysen transformations of the Dirac and Dirac-Pauli Hamiltonians in the weak-field limitNov 14 2013Jun 09 2014The low-energy and weak-field limit of Dirac equation can be obtained by an order-by-order block diagonalization approach to any desired order in the parameter $\pi/mc$ ($\pi$ is the kinetic momentum and $m$ is the mass of the particle). In the previous ... More
Foldy-Wouthuysen transformation for a Dirac-Pauli dyon and the Thomas-Bargmann-Michel-Telegdi equationMay 22 2010The classical dynamics for a charged point particle with intrinsic spin is governed by a relativistic Hamiltonian for the orbital motion and by the Thomas-Bargmann-Michel-Telegdi equation for the precession of the spin. It is natural to ask whether the ... More
UTCNN: a Deep Learning Model of Stance Classificationon on Social Media TextNov 11 2016Most neural network models for document classification on social media focus on text infor-mation to the neglect of other information on these platforms. In this paper, we classify post stance on social media channels and develop UTCNN, a neural network ... More
Exact Foldy-Wouthuysen transformation of the Dirac-Pauli Hamiltonian by Kutzelnigg's methodMay 18 2014Apr 15 2015We apply Kutzelnigg's method for the Foldy-Wouthuysen (FW) transformation upon the Dirac-Pauli Hamiltonian. The exact FW transformations exist and agree with those obtained by Eriksen's method for two special cases. In the weak-field limit of static and ... More
Correspondence between classical and Dirac-Pauli spinors in view of the Foldy-Wouthuysen transformationOct 31 2013Mar 06 2014The classical dynamics for a charged spin particle is governed by the Lorentz force equation for orbital motion and by the Thomas-Bargmann-Michel-Telegdi (T-BMT) equation for spin precession. In static and homogeneous electromagnetic fields, it has been ... More
Exact Foldy-Wouthuysen transformation of the Dirac-Pauli Hamiltonian in the weak-field limit by the method of direct perturbation theoryMay 18 2014Nov 20 2016We apply the method of direct perturbation theory for the Foldy-Wouthuysen (FW) transformation upon the Dirac-Pauli Hamiltonian subject to external electromagnetic fields. The exact FW transformations exist and agree with those obtained by Eriksen's method ... More
Time-Critical Influence Maximization in Social Networks with Time-Delayed Diffusion ProcessApr 13 2012Jul 13 2015Influence maximization is a problem of finding a small set of highly influential users, also known as seeds, in a social network such that the spread of influence under certain propagation models is maximized. In this paper, we consider time-critical ... More
Assignments of $Λ_Q$ and $Ξ_Q$ baryons in the heavy quark-light diquark pictureJun 25 2014Jul 11 2015We apply a new mass formula which is derived analytically in the relativistic flux tube model to the mass spectra of $\Lambda_Q$ and $\Xi_Q$ (\emph{Q} = \emph{c} or \emph{b} quark) baryons. To this end, the heavy quark-light diquark picture is employed. ... More
Relationship between Characteristic Lengths and Effective Saffman Length in Colloidal Monolayers near a Water-Oil InterfaceDec 27 2018The hydrodynamic interactions (HIs) in colloidal monolayers are strongly influenced by the boundary conditions and can be directly described in terms of the cross-correlated diffusion of the colloid particles. In this work, we experimentally measured ... More
A Novel VSWR-Protected and Controllable CMOS Class E Power Amplifier for Bluetooth ApplicationsAug 06 2011This paper describes the design of a differential class-E PA for Bluetooth applications in 0.18um CMOS technology with load mismatch protection and power control features. The breakdown induced by load mismatch can be avoided by attenuating the RF power ... More
Option Pricing via Multi-path Autoregressive Monte Carlo ApproachJun 15 2019The pricing of financial derivatives, which requires massive calculations and close-to-real-time operations under many trading and arbitrage scenarios, were largely infeasible in the past. However, with the advancement of modern computing, the efficiency ... More
Proactive Caching for Energy-Efficiency in Wireless Networks: A Markov Decision Process ApproachNov 29 2017Content caching in wireless networks provides a substantial opportunity to trade off low cost memory storage with energy consumption, yet finding the optimal causal policy with low computational complexity remains a challenge. This paper models the Joint ... More
Parallel Statistical Computing with R: An Illustration on Two ArchitecturesSep 05 2017Sep 07 2017To harness the full benefit of new computing platforms, it is necessary to develop software with parallel computing capabilities. This is no less true for statisticians than for astrophysicists. The R programming language, which is perhaps the most popular ... More
Multipolar Conversion Induced Subwavelength High-Q Supermodes with Unidirectional RadiationsAug 16 2018Dec 18 2018The two-mode coupling model with energy splitting and formation of supermodes with different life times has been pervasive in almost every discipline of physics. We revisit this fundamental model from a different perspective of multipolar expansions, ... More
Singularities and Poincaré Indexes of Electromagnetic MultipolesJan 14 2019Mar 04 2019Electromagnetic multipoles have been broadly adopted as a fundamental language throughout photonics, of which general features such as radiation patterns and polarization distributions are generically known, while their singularities and topological properties ... More
Weighted inequlities for a generalized dyadic maximal operator involving the infinite productApr 27 2014We define a generalized dyadic maximal operator involving the infinite product and discuss weighted inequalities for the operator. A formulation of the Carleson embedding theorem is proved. Our results depend heavily on a generalized H\"{o}lder's inequalities. ... More
Fountain Uncorrectable Sets and Finite-Length AnalysisFeb 01 2015Decoding performance of Fountain codes for the binary erasure channel (BEC) depends on two aspects. One is the essential code structure, on which stopping set analysis operates. The other is the effect from the channel characteristic, which is difficult ... More
Terahertz wave emission from mesoscopic crystals of BSCCODec 07 2009We study the Terahertz (THz) emission mechanism in BSCCO with an external magnetic field theoretically. The total power is proportional to the square of the number of layers and the frequency. Under the small size limitation, the angular distribution ... More