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Spin relaxation in diluted magnetic semiconductor quantum dotsJun 28 2005Jun 30 2005Electron spin relaxation induced by phonon-mediated s-d exchange interaction in a II-VI diluted magnetic semiconductor quantum dot is investigated theoretically. The electron-acoustic phonon interaction due to piezoelectric coupling and deformation potential ... More
Differentiable Learning of Logical Rules for Knowledge Base ReasoningFeb 27 2017Nov 27 2017We study the problem of learning probabilistic first-order logical rules for knowledge base reasoning. This learning problem is difficult because it requires learning the parameters in a continuous space as well as the structure in a discrete space. We ... More
Optimal Dynamic Contracts for a Large-Scale Principal-Agent Hierarchy: A Concavity-Preserving ApproachJun 17 2015We present a continuous-time contract whereby a top-level player can incentivize a hierarchy of players below him to act in his best interest despite only observing the output of his direct subordinate. This paper extends Sannikov's approach from a situation ... More
Pulsed Laser Deposition of a PBN:65 Morphotropic Phase Boundary Thin Film with Large ElectrostrictionJan 03 2005We deposited epitaxial thin films of Morphotropic Phase Boundary (MPB) Pb0.65Ba0.35Nb2O6 (PBN:65) on MgO substrates using pulsed laser deposition. Afterwards, a novel transmission optical experiment was developed to measure the electric field-induced ... More
Gapped superconductivity with all symmetries in InSb (110) quantum wells in proximity to s-wave superconductor in Fulde-Ferrell-Larkin-Ovchinnikov phase or with a supercurrentNov 15 2016Feb 05 2017We show that all the singlet even-frequency, singlet odd-frequency, triplet even-frequency and triplet odd-frequency pairings, and together with the corresponding order parameters (gaps) can be realized in InSb (110) spin-orbit-coupled quantum well in ... More
Asteroseismic constraints on the OPAL opacity interpolationJun 05 2008The frequency difference between a model used only two-point interpolation of opacity and a model used piecewise linear interpolation of opacity is of the order of several microHertz at a certain stage, which is almost 10 times worse than the observational ... More
Decoherence of coupled electron spins via nuclear spin dynamics in quantum dotsJul 17 2007In double quantum dots, the exchange interaction between two electron spins renormalizes the excitation energy of pair-flips in the nuclear spin bath, which in turn modifies the non-Markovian bath dynamics. As the energy renormalization varies with the ... More
Solution of the dual reflection equation for $A^{(1)}_{n-1}$ SOS modelAug 19 2003Oct 25 2004We obtain a diagonal solution of the dual reflection equation for elliptic $A^{(1)}_{n-1}$ SOS model. The isomorphism between the solutions of the reflection equation and its dual is studied.
Modular transformation and twist between trigonometric limits of $sl(n)$ elliptic R-matrixMar 23 2001Nov 15 2001We study the modular transformation of ${\bf Z}_n$-symmetric elliptic R-matrix and construct the twist between the trigonometric degeneracy of the elliptic R-matrix.
Localized states in a semiconductor quantum ring with a tangent wireJun 13 2014Aug 14 2014We extend a special kind of localized state trapped at the intersection due to the geometric confinement, first proposed in a three-terminal-opening T-shaped structure [Euro. Phys. Lett. {\bf 55}, 539 (2001)], into a ring geometry with a tangent connection ... More
A Symmetry-Based Method for Constructing Nonlocally Related PDE SystemsNov 01 2012Jan 14 2014Nonlocally related partial differential equation (PDE) systems are useful in the analysis of a given PDE system. It is known that each local conservation law of a given PDE system systematically yields a nonlocally related system. In this paper, a new ... More
The Period-Luminosity Relation of Red Supergiant Stars in the Small Magellanic CloudMay 07 2012The characteristics of light variation of RSGs in SMC are analyzed based on the nearly 8-10 year long data collected by the ASAS and MACHO projects. The identified 126 RSGs are classified into five categories accordingly: 20 with poor photometry, 55 with ... More
Red Supergiant Stars in the Large Magellanic Cloud: I. The Period-Luminosity RelationNov 23 2010From previous samples of Red Supergiants (RSGs) by various groups, 191 objects are assembled to compose a large sample of RSG candidates in LMC. For 189 of them, the identity as a RSG is verified by their brightness and color indexes in several near- ... More
Statistical Mechanics of the Cosmological Many-body Problem and its Relation to Galaxy ClusteringFeb 04 2009The cosmological many-body problem is effectively an infinite system of gravitationally interacting masses in an expanding universe. Despite the interactions' long-range nature, an analytical theory of statistical mechanics describes the spatial and velocity ... More
Exact solution of $Z_n$ Belavin model with open boundary conditionAug 20 2003$Z_n$ Belavin model with open boundary condition is studied. The double-row transfer matrices of the model are diagonalized by algebraic Bethe ansatz method in terms of the intertwiner and the face-vertex correspondence relation. The eigenvalues and the ... More
Gauge-invariant microscopic kinetic theory of superconductivity in response to electromagnetic fieldsJul 09 2018Within a gauge-invariant microscopic kinetic theory, we study the electromagnetic response in the superconducting states. Both superfluid and normal-fluid dynamics are involved. We predict that the normal fluid is present only when the excited superconducting ... More
Batched Sparse CodesJun 23 2012Feb 06 2014Network coding can significantly improve the transmission rate of communication networks with packet loss compared with routing. However, using network coding usually incurs high computational and storage costs in the network devices and terminals. For ... More
Gauge-invariant microscopic kinetic theory of superconductivity: application to electromagnetic response of Nambu-Goldstone and Higgs modesDec 17 2018We show that the gauge-invariant kinetic equation of superconductivity provides an efficient approach to study the electromagnetic response of the gapless Nambu-Goldstone and gapful Higgs modes on an equal footing. We prove that the Fock energy in the ... More
Fulde-Ferrell-Larkin-Ovchinnikov state in spin-orbit-coupled superconductorsApr 03 2017We show that in the presence of magnetic field, two superconducting phases with the center-of-mass momentum of Cooper pair parallel to the magnetic field are induced in spin-orbit-coupled superconductor Li$_2$Pd$_3$B. Specifically, at small magnetic field, ... More
Large spin pumping effect in antisymmetric precession of Ni$_{79}$Fe$_{21}$/Ru/Ni$_{79}$Fe$_{21}$Mar 25 2016In magnetic trilayer structures, a contribution to the Gilbert damping of ferromagnetic resonance arises from spin currents pumped from one layer to another. This contribution has been demonstrated for layers with weakly coupled, separated resonances, ... More
Hierarchical Maximum Margin Learning for Multi-Class ClassificationFeb 14 2012Due to myriads of classes, designing accurate and efficient classifiers becomes very challenging for multi-class classification. Recent research has shown that class structure learning can greatly facilitate multi-class learning. In this paper, we propose ... More
Two-component theory of a droplet of electrons in half-filled Landau levelMar 31 1999We have investigated low energy excitations of a disk of electrons in half-filled Landau level using trail wave function and small-size exact diagonalization approaches. We have constructed a set of many-body basis states that describe correctly the low ... More
Scaling behavior of charged hadron $p_{T}$ distributions in $pp$ and $p\bar{p}$ collisionsMar 21 2014Aug 18 2014We report on a scaling behaviour in the transverse momentum ($p_{T}$) distributions for charged hadrons produced in proton-proton ($pp$) collisions with different center of mass energies ($\sqrt{s}$ = 0.9, 2.76 and 7 TeV) at the Compact Muon Solenoid ... More
Hole spin relaxation in bilayer WSe$_2$Jun 15 2015We investigate the hole spin relaxation due to the Rashba spin-orbit coupling induced by an external perpendicular electric field in bilayer WSe$_2$. The Rashba spin-orbit coupling coefficients in bilayer WSe$_2$ are constructed from the corresponding ... More
Implementing Randomized Matrix Algorithms in Parallel and Distributed EnvironmentsFeb 10 2015Jul 27 2015In this era of large-scale data, distributed systems built on top of clusters of commodity hardware provide cheap and reliable storage and scalable processing of massive data. Here, we review recent work on developing and implementing randomized matrix ... More
A q-analogue of some binomial coefficient identities of Y. SunAug 09 2010Apr 05 2011We give a $q$-analogue of some binomial coefficient identities of Y. Sun [Electron. J. Combin. 17 (2010), #N20] as follows: {align*} \sum_{k=0}^{\lfloor n/2\rfloor}{m+k\brack k}_{q^2}{m+1\brack n-2k}_{q} q^{n-2k\choose 2} &={m+n\brack n}_{q}, \sum_{k=0}^{\lfloor ... More
Heralded Quantum Entanglement between Distant Matter QubitsJan 20 2014Jun 15 2015We propose a scheme to realize heralded quantum entanglement between two distant matter qubits using two $\Lambda$ atom systems. Our proposal does not need any photon interference. We also present a general theory of outcome state of non-monochromatic ... More
Analytic Solutions for D-optimal Factorial Designs under Generalized Linear ModelsJun 22 2013Oct 11 2013We develop two analytic approaches to solve D-optimal approximate designs under generalized linear models. The first approach provides analytic D-optimal allocations for generalized linear models with two factors, which include as a special case the $2^2$ ... More
A Variational Approach to Nonlocal Exciton-Phonon CouplingSep 19 1996In this paper we apply variational energy band theory to a form of the Holstein Hamiltonian in which the influence of lattice vibrations (optical phonons) on both local site energies (local coupling) and transfers of electronic excitations between neighboring ... More
Central elements of the elliptic $Z_n$ monodromy matrix algebra at roots of unityApr 13 2004Feb 27 2005The central elements of the algebra of monodromy matrices associated with the $\mathbb{Z}_n$ R-matrix are studied. When the crossing parameter $w$ takes a special rational value $w=\frac{n}{N}$, where $N$ and $n$ are positive coprime integers, the center ... More
Solar Models with Revised Abundances and OpacitiesMay 23 2008Using reconstructed opacities, we construct solar models with low heavy-element abundance. Rotational mixing and enhanced diffusion of helium and heavy elements are used to reconcile the recently observed abundances with helioseismology. The sound speed ... More
Analytical Solutions of Singular Isothermal Quadrupole LensMay 13 2013Using analytical method, we study the Singular Isothermal Quadrupole (SIQ) lens system, which is the simplest lens model that can produce four images. In this case, the radial mass distribution is in accord with the profile of the Singular Isothermal ... More
Explicit Integration of Friedmann's Equation with Nonlinear Equations of StateFeb 17 2015Mar 07 2015This paper is a continuation of our earlier study on the integrability of the Friedmann equations in the light of the Chebyshev theorem. Our main focus will be on a series of important, yet not previously touched, problems when the equation of state for ... More
WikiPassageQA: A Benchmark Collection for Research on Non-factoid Answer Passage RetrievalMay 10 2018With the rise in mobile and voice search, answer passage retrieval acts as a critical component of an effective information retrieval system for open domain question answering. Currently, there are no comparable collections that address non-factoid question ... More
Isospin Symmetry Breaking in the Quark Condensates, $< \bar dd>\not= < \bar uu>$, as Estimated from QCD Sum RulesMar 21 1998Isospin symmetry breaking in the quark condensates, $< \bar dd> \not= < \bar uu>$, is a fundamental parameter in both the QCD sum rule studies and the chiral perturbation theory. In this article, we apply the QCD sum rule method to treat the hyperon mass ... More
Intrinsic Spin Hall Effect Induced by Quantum Phase Transition in HgCdTe Quantum WellsNov 13 2007Spin Hall effect can be induced both by the extrinsic impurity scattering and by the intrinsic spin-orbit coupling in the electronic structure. The HgTe/CdTe quantum well has a quantum phase transition where the electronic structure changes from normal ... More
Thermal And Mechanical Analysis of High-power Light-emitting Diodes with Ceramic PackagesJan 07 2008In this paper we present the thermal and mechanical analysis of high-power light-emitting diodes (LEDs) with ceramic packages. Transient thermal measurements and thermo-mechanical simulation were performed to study the thermal and mechanical characteristics ... More
Dynamically twisted algebra $A_{q,p;\hatπ}(\hat{gl_2})$ as current algebra generalizing screening currents of q-deformed Virasoro algebraSep 13 1997Oct 24 1997In this paper, we propose an elliptic algebra $A_{q,p;\hat{\pi}}(\hat{gl_2})$ which is based on the relations $RLL=LLR^{*}$, where $R$ and $R^{*}$ are the dynamical R-maxtrices of $A^{(1)}_{1}$ type face model with the elliptic moduli shifted by the center ... More
Angular momentum transport and element mixing in the stellar interior I. Application to the rotating SunMay 23 2008The purpose of this work was to obtain diffusion coefficient for the magnetic angular momentum transport and material transport in a rotating solar model. We assumed that the transport of both angular momentum and chemical elements caused by magnetic ... More
A Simple Regularization-based Algorithm for Learning Cross-Domain Word EmbeddingsFeb 01 2019Learning word embeddings has received a significant amount of attention recently. Often, word embeddings are learned in an unsupervised manner from a large collection of text. The genre of the text typically plays an important role in the effectiveness ... More
Proof of a conjecture of Kløve on permutation codes under the Chebychev distanceApr 05 2017Let $d$ be a positive integer and $x$ a real number. Let $A_{d, x}$ be a $d\times 2d$ matrix with its entries $$ a_{i,j}=\left\{ \begin{array}{ll} x\ \ & \mbox{for} \ 1\leqslant j\leqslant d+1-i, 1\ \ & \mbox{for} \ d+2-i\leqslant j\leqslant d+i, 0\ \ ... More
Raman spectroscopic determination of the length, strength, compressibility, Debye temperature, elasticity, and force constant of the C-C bond in grapheneSep 19 2011From the perspective of bond relaxation and vibration, we have reconciled the Raman shifts of graphene under the stimuli of the number-of-layer, uni-axial-strain, pressure, and temperature in terms of the response of the length and strength of the representative ... More
Cascade of Quantum Phase Transitions in Tunnel-Coupled Edge StatesNov 03 2003Feb 04 2004We report on the cascade of quantum phase transitions exhibited by tunnel-coupled edge states across a quantum Hall line junction. We identify a series of quantum critical points between successive strong and weak tunneling regimes in the zero-bias conductance. ... More
On Linear Operator Channels over Finite FieldsFeb 11 2010Apr 14 2010Motivated by linear network coding, communication channels perform linear operation over finite fields, namely linear operator channels (LOCs), are studied in this paper. For such a channel, its output vector is a linear transform of its input vector, ... More
Unitary model for the $γp \to γπ^0 p$ reaction and the magnetic dipole moment of the $Δ^+(1232)$Sep 07 2004Radiative pion photoproduction in the $\Delta(1232)$ resonance region is studied with the aim to access the $\Delta^+(1232)$ magnetic dipole moment. We present a unitary model of the $\gamma p \to \gamma \pi N$ ($\pi N = \pi^0 p, \pi^+ n$) reactions, ... More
Breaking the Softmax Bottleneck: A High-Rank RNN Language ModelNov 10 2017Mar 02 2018We formulate language modeling as a matrix factorization problem, and show that the expressiveness of Softmax-based models (including the majority of neural language models) is limited by a Softmax bottleneck. Given that natural language is highly context-dependent, ... More
Weighted SGD for $\ell_p$ Regression with Randomized PreconditioningFeb 12 2015Jul 10 2017In recent years, stochastic gradient descent (SGD) methods and randomized linear algebra (RLA) algorithms have been applied to many large-scale problems in machine learning and data analysis. We aim to bridge the gap between these two methods in solving ... More
Deep Hyper Suprime-Cam Images and a Forced Photometry Catalog in W-CDF-SDec 18 2018The Wide Chandra Deep Field-South (W-CDF-S) field is one of the SERVS fields with extensive multiwavelength datasets, which can provide insights into the nature and properties of objects in this field. However, the public optical data from DES ($grizy$ ... More
Radiation pressure induced difference-sideband generation beyond linearized descriptionOct 09 2016We investigate radiation-pressure induced generation of the frequency components at the difference-sideband in an optomechanical system, which beyond the conventional linearized description of optomechanical interactions between cavity fields and the ... More
Proposed method for direct measurement of non-Markovian character of the qubits coupled to bosonic reservoirsDec 15 2009Mar 24 2010The non-Markovianity is a recently proposed characterization of the non-Markovian behavior in an open quantum system, based on which we first present a practical idea for directly measuring the non-Markovian character of a single qubit coupled to a zero-temperature ... More
Ground state mass spectrum for scalar diquarks with Bethe-Salpeter equationJun 04 2005Jun 10 2006In this article, we study the structures of the pseudoscalar mesons $\pi$, $K$ and the scalar diquarks $U^a$, $D^a$, $S^a$ in the framework of the coupled rainbow Schwinger-Dyson equation and ladder Bethe-Salpeter equation with the confining effective ... More
Implementation of three-qubit Grover search in cavity QEDJul 03 2007Using resonant interaction of three Rydberg atoms with a single-mode microwave cavity, we consider a realization of three-qubit Grover search algorithm in the presence of weak cavity decay, based on a previous idea for three-qubit quantum gate [Phys. ... More
Realizing Topological Transition in a Non-Hermitian Quantum Walk with Circuit QEDJan 08 2016Mar 25 2017We extend the non-Hermitian one-dimensional quantum walk model [Phys. Rev. Lett. 102, 065703 (2009)] by taking the dephasing effect into account. We prove that the feature of topological transition does not change even when dephasing between the sites ... More
Possible Nematic Spin Liquid in Spin-$1$ Antiferromagnetic System on the Square Lattice: Implication for the Nematic Paramagnetic State of FeSeJun 03 2016Aug 21 2017The exotic normal state of iron chalcogenide superconductor FeSe, which exhibits vanishing magnetic order and possesses an electronic nematic order, triggered extensive explorations of its magnetic ground state. To understand its novel properties, we ... More
Interaction Effects and Pseudogap in Two-Dimensional Lateral Tunnel JunctionsFeb 28 2006Tunneling characteristics of a two-dimensional lateral tunnel junction (2DLTJ) are reported. A pseudogap on the order of Coulomb energy is detected in the tunneling density of states (TDOS) when two identical two-dimensional electron systems are laterally ... More
Friedmann's Equations in All Dimensions and Chebyshev's TheoremSep 11 2014Dec 03 2014This short but systematic work demonstrates a link between Chebyshev's theorem and the explicit integration in cosmological time $t$ and conformal time $\eta$ of the Friedmann equations in all dimensions and with an arbitrary cosmological constant $\Lambda$. ... More
New Mechanism for Electronic Energy Relaxation in NanocrystalsAug 15 2000The low-frequency vibrational spectrum of an isolated nanometer-scale solid differs dramatically from that of a bulk crystal, causing the decay of a localized electronic state by phonon emission to be inhibited. We show, however, that an electron can ... More
Realizing Topological Transition in a Non-Hermitian Quantum Walk with Circuit QEDJan 08 2016Apr 06 2016We extend the non-Hermitian one-dimension quantum walk model [PRL 102, 065703 (2009)] by taking dephasing effect into account. We prove that the feature of topological transition does not change even when dephasing between the sites within units is present. ... More
Resonant, non-resonant, and anomalous states of Dirac electrons in a parabolic well in the presence of magnetic fieldsOct 08 2012Nov 12 2012We report on several new basic properties of a parabolic dot in the presence of a magnetic field. The ratio between the potential strength and the Landau level (LL) energy spacing serves as the coupling constant of this problem. In the weak coupling limit ... More
Mechanisms for directed self-assembly of heteroepitaxial Ge/Si quantum dots with deterministic placement and sub-23nm spacing on SiC nanotemplatesJun 08 2011Artificially ordered Ge quantum dot (QD) arrays, where confined carriers can interact via exchange coupling, may create unique functionalities such as cluster qubits and spintronic bandgap systems. Development of such arrays for quantum computing requires ... More
The generalized parton distributions of the nucleon in the NJL model based on the Faddeev approachFeb 02 2005We study the generalized parton distributions, including the helicity-flip ones, using Nambu-Jona-Lasinio model based on a relativistic Faddeev approach with `static approximation'. Sum rules relating the generalized parton distributions to nucleon electromagnetic ... More
(D* to D + gamma) and (B* to B + gamma) as derived from QCD Sum RulesOct 18 1996The method of QCD sum rules in the presence of the external electromagnetic $F_{\mu\nu}$ field is used to analyze radiative decays of charmed or bottomed mesons such as $D^{\ast}\to D\gamma$ and $B^{\ast}\to B\gamma$, with the susceptibilities obtained ... More
Estimating the Coefficients of a Mixture of Two Linear Regressions by Expectation MaximizationApr 26 2017Oct 16 2018We give convergence guarantees for estimating the coefficients of a symmetric mixture of two linear regressions by expectation maximization (EM). In particular, we show that the empirical EM iterates converge to the target parameter vector at the parametric ... More
Growth control of GaAs nanowires using pulsed laser deposition with arsenic over pressureMay 15 2007Using pulsed laser ablation with arsenic over pressure, the growth conditions for GaAs nanowires have been systematically investigated and optimized. Arsenic over pressure with As$_2$ molecules was introduced to the system by thermal decomposition of ... More
TensorLog: Deep Learning Meets Probabilistic DBsJul 17 2017We present an implementation of a probabilistic first-order logic called TensorLog, in which classes of logical queries are compiled into differentiable functions in a neural-network infrastructure such as Tensorflow or Theano. This leads to a close integration ... More
Finite-Length Analysis of BATS CodesDec 17 2013Feb 12 2016BATS codes were proposed for communication through networks with packet loss. A BATS code consists of an outer code and an inner code. The outer code is a matrix generation of a fountain code, which works with the inner code that comprises random linear ... More
Standing waves in near-parallel vortex filamentsNov 19 2014Aug 19 2016A model derived in [14] for n near-parallel vortex filaments in a three dimensional fluid region takes into consideration the pairwise interaction between the filaments along with an approximation for motion by self-induction. The same system of equations ... More
Spintronic properties of one-dimensional electron gas in graphene armchair ribbonsApr 02 2012Sep 17 2012We have investigated, using effective mass approach (EMA), magnetic properties of a one-dimensional electron gas in graphene armchair ribbons when the electrons of occupy only the lowest conduction subband. We find that magnetic properties of the one-dimensional ... More
On the Analysis of Bacterial Cooperation with a Characterization of 2D Signal PropagationDec 01 2018The exchange of small molecular signals within microbial populations is generally referred to as quorum sensing (QS). QS is ubiquitous in nature and enables microorganisms to respond to fluctuations of living environments by working together. In this ... More
Quantum-enhanced microscopy with binary-outcome photon countingJun 10 2016A polarized light microscopy using path-entangled $N$-photon states (i.e., the N00N states) has been recently demonstrated to surpass the shot-noise limit at low flux illumination level. However, the microscopy images suffers from divergence of phase ... More
$Z_n$ elliptic Gaudin model with open boundariesSep 01 2004Oct 18 2004The $Z_n$ elliptic Gaudin model with integrable boundaries specified by generic non-diagonal K-matrices with $n+1$ free boundary parameters is studied. The commuting families of Gaudin operators are diagonalized by the algebraic Bethe ansatz method. The ... More
Natural Fueling of a Tokamak Fusion ReactorDec 17 2009A natural fueling mechanism that helps to maintain the main core deuterium and tritium (DT) density profiles in a tokamak fusion reactor is discussed. In H-mode plasmas dominated by ion- temperature gradient (ITG) driven turbulence, cold DT ions near ... More
The possible $Σ^0$-$Λ$ mixing in QCD sum rulesFeb 14 1998We calculate the on-shell $\Sigma^0$-$\Lambda$ mixing parameter $\theta$ with the method of QCD sum rule. Our result is $\theta (m^2_{\Sigma^0}) =(-)(0.5\pm 0.1)$MeV. The electromagnetic interaction is not included.
Spin-polarized transport in a lateral two-dimensional diluted magnetic semiconductor electron gasSep 23 2005The transport property of a lateral two-dimensional diluted magnetic semiconductor electron gas under a spatially periodic magnetic field is investigated theoretically. We find that the electron Fermi velocity along the modulation direction is highly ... More
Quantum interferometry with binary-outcome measurements in the presence of phase diffusionApr 04 2014Jul 09 2014Optimal measurement scheme with an efficient data processing is important in quantum-enhanced interferometry. Here we prove that for a general binary outcome measurement, the simplest data processing based on inverting the average signal can saturate ... More
aNMM: Ranking Short Answer Texts with Attention-Based Neural Matching ModelJan 05 2018As an alternative to question answering methods based on feature engineering, deep learning approaches such as convolutional neural networks (CNNs) and Long Short-Term Memory Models (LSTMs) have recently been proposed for semantic matching of questions ... More
Bell-state preparation for fullerene based electron spins in distant peapod nanotubesSep 18 2008We propose a potentially practical scheme, in combination with the Bell-state analyzer [Zhang et al., Phys. Rev. A 73, 014301 (2006)], to generate Bell states for two electron spins confined, respectively, in two distant fullerenes. To this end, we consider ... More
Nanosize confinement induced enhancement of spontaneous polarization in a ferroelectric nanowireMay 17 2010We theoretically showed that the spontaneous polarization in ferroelectric (FE) nanowires (NWs) can be considerably enhanced due to the nanosize confinement by the first-principles calculations. The spontaneous polarization along the wire direction in ... More
Several Localized Waves Induced by Linear Interference between a Nonlinear Plane Wave and Bright SolitonsAug 31 2017We investigate linear interference effects between a nonlinear plane wave and bright solitons, which are admitted by pair-transition coupled two-component Bose-Einstein condensate. We demonstrate the interference effects can induce several localized waves ... More
Possible Nematic Spin Liquid in Spin-$1$ Antiferromagnetic System on the Square Lattice: Implication for the Nematic Paramagnetic State of FeSeJun 03 2016The exotic normal state of iron chalcogenide superconductor FeSe, which exhibits vanishing magnetic order and possesses an electronic nematic order, triggered extensive explorations of its magnetic ground state. To understand its novel properties, we ... More
Refined Coding Bounds and Code Constructions for Coherent Network Error CorrectionApr 13 2009Jan 22 2010Coherent network error correction is the error-control problem in network coding with the knowledge of the network codes at the source and sink nodes. With respect to a given set of local encoding kernels defining a linear network code, we obtain refined ... More
Fluctuations and scaling of inverse participation ratios in random binary resonant compositesMay 09 2002We study the statistics of local field distribution solved by the Green's-function formalism (GFF) [Y. Gu et al., Phys. Rev. B {\bf 59} 12847 (1999)] in the disordered binary resonant composites. For a percolating network, the inverse participation ratios ... More
Electromagnetic decays of vector mesons as derived from QCD sum rulesFeb 14 1998We apply the method of QCD sum rules in the presence of external electromagnetic fields $F_{\mu\nu}$ to the problem of the electromagnetic decays of various vector mesons, such as $\rho\to\pi\gamma$, $K^\ast\to K\gamma$ and $\eta'\to\rho\gamma$. The induced ... More
The Sigma_c and Lamda_c magnetic moments from QCD spectral sum rulesAug 20 1997We use QCD spectral sum rules to extract the Sigma_c and Lambda_c magnetic moments. The elctromagnetic field is treated as the external field. We adopt the value of the susceptibility chi=-4.5 GeV^{-2}, which is determined from an overall analysis of ... More
Quantum-memory-assisted entropic uncertainty relation with a single nitrogen-vacancy center in diamondSep 30 2012Dec 22 2012The limitation of simultaneous measurements of noncommuting observables can be eliminated when the measured particle is maximally entangled with a quantum memory. We present a proposal for testing this quantum-memory-assisted entropic uncertainty relation ... More
Quantum Teleportation: from Pure to Mixed States and Standard to OptimalAug 01 2003Teleportation for pure states, mixed states with standard and optimal protocols are introduced and investigated systematically. An explicit equation governing the teleportation of finite dimensional quantum pure states by a generally given non-local entangled ... More
Analysis of the Frequency Offset Effect on Zadoff-Chu Sequence Timing PerformanceJun 13 2014Zadoff-Chu (ZC) sequences have been used as synchronization sequences in modern wireless communication systems, replacing the conventional pseudo-random noise (PN) sequences due to their perfect autocorrelation properties. We first study the ambiguity ... More
Learning to Organize Knowledge and Answer Questions with N-Gram MachinesNov 17 2017Mar 03 2019Though deep neural networks have great success in natural language processing, they are limited at more knowledge intensive AI tasks, such as open-domain Question Answering (QA). Existing end-to-end deep QA models need to process the entire text after ... More
Non-Darcian flow or fractional derivative ?Jun 04 2018Aug 27 2018Modeling of water and gas flow in low-permeability media is an important topic for a number of engineering such as exploitation of tight gas and disposal of high-level radioactive waste. It has been well documented in the literature that Darcy's linear ... More
Scaling law for the electromagnetic form factors of the protonNov 19 1999The violation of the scaling law for the electric and magnetic form factors of the proton are examined within the cloudy bag model. The suppression of the ratio of the electric and magnetic form factors is natural in the bag model. The pion cloud plays ... More
Analysis of a selected sample of RR Lyrae stars in LMC from OGLE IIIAug 23 2012A systematic study of RR Lyrae stars is performed based on a selected sample of 655 objects in the Large Magellanic Cloud with observation of long span and numerous measurements by the Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment III project. The Phase Dispersion ... More
X-ray emission from HESS J1731-347/SNR G353.6-0.7 and Central Compact Source XMMS J173203-344518Jul 10 2009Jan 06 2010We present new results of the HESS J1731-347/SNR G353.6-0.7 system from XMM-NEWTOM and Suzaku X-ray observations, and Delinha CO observations. We discover extended hard X-rays coincident with the bright, extended TeV source HESS J1731-347 and the shell ... More
Observationally quantified reconnection providing a viable mechanism for active region coronal heatingFeb 17 2018The heating of the Sun's corona has been explained by several different mechanisms including wave dissipation and magnetic reconnection. While both have been shown capable of supplying the requisite power, neither has been used in a quantitative model ... More
Spin-flop transition and magnetic phase diagram in CaCo$_{2}$As$_{2}$ revealed by torque measurementsOct 13 2015The magnetic properties of CaCo$_{2}$As$_{2}$ single crystal was systematically studied by using dc magnetization and magnetic torque measurements. A paramagnetic to antiferromagnetic transition occurs at $T_N$ = 74 K with Co spins being aligned parallel ... More
Evidence for a $ν=5/2$ Fractional Quantum Hall Nematic State in Parallel Magnetic FieldsFeb 26 2013We report magneto-transport measurements for the fractional quantum Hall state at filling factor $\nu=$ 5/2 as a function of applied parallel magnetic field ($B_{||}$). As $B_{||}$ is increased, the 5/2 state becomes increasingly anisotropic, with the ... More
Kinematic Distance of Galactic Planetary NebulaeJan 13 2016We construct \HI~absorption spectra for 18 planetary nebulae (PNe) and their background sources using the data from the International Galactic Plane Survey. We estimate the kinematic distances of these PNe, among which 15 objects' kinematic distances ... More
Vertical Confinement and Evolution of Reentrant Insulating Transition in the Fractional Quantum Hall RegimeFeb 24 2003We have observed an anomalous shift of the high field reentrant insulating phases in a two-dimensional electron system (2DES) tightly confined within a narrow GaAs/AlGaAs quantum well. Instead of the well-known transitions into the high field insulating ... More
A search for hypercompact HII regions in the Galactic PlaneSep 02 2018Nov 09 2018We have carried out the largest and most unbiased search for hypercompact (HC) HII regions. Our method combines four interferometric radio continuum surveys (THOR, CORNISH, MAGPIS and White2005) with far-infrared and sub-mm Galactic Plane surveys to identify ... More
The SHER-HIAF Ring Lattice DesignMay 22 2013Super Heavy Experimental Ring (SHER) is one of the rings of the next accelerator complex High Intensity Heavy Ion Accelerator Facility (HIAF) at IMP[4]. Here, present ideas of the lattice design for the operation of the large acceptance ring are presented. ... More
Phase stabilization of Kerr frequency comb internally without nonlinear optical interferometryNov 09 2016Optical frequency comb (OFC) technology has been the cornerstone for scientific breakthroughs such as precision frequency metrology, redefinition of time, extreme light-matter interaction, and attosecond sciences. While the current mode-locked laser-based ... More