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On Selecting a Conjunction Operation in Probabilistic Soft LogicNov 21 2016Probabilistic Soft Logic has been proposed and used in several applications as an efficient way to deal with inconsistency, uncertainty and relational representation. In several applications, this approach has led to an adequate description of the corresponding ... More
An operationalistic reformulation of Einstein's equivalence principleMay 30 1997The Einstein's equivalence principle is formulated in terms of the accuracy of measurements and its dependence of the size of the area of measurement. It is shown that different refinements of the statement 'the spacetime is locally flat' lead to different ... More
Computers Should Be Uniters Not Dividers: A Vision of Computer-Enhanced Happy FutureAug 30 2014This manifesto provides a vision of how computers can be used to bring people together, to enhance people's use of their natural creativity, and thus, make them happier.
Ideas Behind Kolmogorov Complexity and Related Kolmogorov's Ideas about The Physical Impossibility of Large Integers: How Their Formalization Can Help in Foundations of PhysicsMay 13 2001In addition to the equations, physicists use the following additional difficult-to-formalize property: that the initial conditions and the value of the parameters must not be abnormal. We will describe a natural formalization of this property, and show ... More
A New Kalman Filter Model for Nonlinear Systems Based on Ellipsoidal BoundingFeb 08 2018In this paper, a new filter model called set-membership Kalman filter for nonlinear state estimation problems was designed, where both random and unknown but bounded uncertainties were considered simultaneously in the discrete-time system. The main loop ... More