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Maltese cross coupling to cold atoms in free spaceFeb 08 2019We demonstrate a novel geometry for strong coupling of light and matter in free space, i.e., without the use of optical cavities. Guided by optical metrology tools, we use a manual pick-and-place technique to precisely and stably position four high numerical ... More
Neutron stars as probes of extreme energy density matterApr 07 2014Neutron stars have long been regarded as extra-terrestrial laboratories from which we can learn about extreme energy density matter at low temperatures. In this article, I highlight some of the recent advances made in astrophysical observations and related ... More
A remark on a result of Helfgott, Roton and NaslundMar 29 2014Let $F(X)= \prod_{i=1}^k(a_iX+b_i)$ be a polynomial with $a_i, b_i$ being integers. Suppose the discriminant of $F$ is non-zero and $F$ is admissible. Given any natural number $N$, let $S(F,N)$ denotes those integers less than or equal to $N$ such that ... More
Quark matter and the astrophysics of neutron starsApr 02 2007Some of the means through which the possible presence of nearly deconfined quarks in neutron stars can be detected by astrophysical observations of neutron stars from their birth to old age are highlighted.
Irredundance in Eigenvalue ProblemsAug 04 2003We show the irredundancy, necessity and sufficiency of inequalities corresponding to intersections whose ``Witten Bundle'' is polyrigid for the product of unitary matrices problem.
Geometric Proofs of Horn and Saturation ConjecturesAug 13 2002Jul 21 2005We provide a geometric proof of the Schubert calculus interpretation of the Horn conjecture, and show how the saturation conjecture follows from it. The geometric proof gives a strengthening of Horn and saturation conjectures. We also establish transversality ... More
Neutron Stars and the EOSJul 01 2013Implications of recently well-measured neutron star masses, particularly near and above 2 solar masses, for the equation of state (EOS) of neutron star matter are highlighted. Model-independent upper limits to thermodynamic properties in neutron stars, ... More
Measures of Fault Tolerance in Distributed Simulated AnnealingDec 13 2012Dec 30 2012In this paper, we examine the different measures of Fault Tolerance in a Distributed Simulated Annealing process. Optimization by Simulated Annealing on a distributed system is prone to various sources of failure. We analyse simulated annealing algorithm, ... More
Compton scattering in Noncommutative Space-Time at the NLCNov 27 2000Jan 04 2001We study the Compton scattering in the noncommutative counter part of QED (NC QED). Interactions in NC QED have momentum dependent phase factors and the gauge fields have Yang Mills type couplings, this modifies the cross sections and are different from ... More
Extremal rays in the Hermitian eigenvalue problemMay 30 2017Nov 16 2017The Hermitian eigenvalue problem asks for the possible eigenvalues of a sum of $n\times n$ Hermitian matrices, given the eigenvalues of the summands. The regular faces of the cones $\Gamma_n(s)$ controlling this problem have been characterized in terms ... More
Transformation formulas in Quantum CohomologyOct 03 2002The article discusses an action of the center of G on the quantum cohomology of G/P's constructed geometrically. It is shown how to recover Bertram's Quantum Schubert Calculus from this action, and also a refinement of a formula of Fulton and Woodward ... More
Mining Interesting Trivia for Entities from WikipediaOct 11 2015Trivia is any fact about an entity, which is interesting due to any of the following characteristics - unusualness, uniqueness, unexpectedness or weirdness. Such interesting facts are provided in 'Did You Know?' section at many places. Although trivia ... More
Reconstructing Self Organizing Maps as Spider Graphs for better visual interpretation of large unstructured datasetsDec 24 2012Self-Organizing Maps (SOM) are popular unsupervised artificial neural network used to reduce dimensions and visualize data. Visual interpretation from Self-Organizing Maps (SOM) has been limited due to grid approach of data representation, which makes ... More
Unitarity of the KZ/Hitchin connection on conformal blocks in genus 0 for arbitrary Lie algebrasJan 31 2011Mar 16 2011We prove that the vector bundles of conformal blocks, on suitable moduli spaces of genus zero curves with marked points, for arbitrary simple Lie algebras and arbitrary integral levels, carry unitary metrics of geometric origin which are preserved by ... More
Geometric Proof of a Conjecture of FultonNov 28 2005We give a geometric proof of a conjecture of W. Fulton on the multiplicities of irreducible representations in a tensor product of irreducible representations for GL(r).
Strange duality and the Hitchin/WZW connectionMay 04 2007Feb 15 2008For a compact Riemann surface X of positive genus, the space of sections of certain theta bundle on moduli of bundles of rank r and level k admits a natural map to (the dual of) a similar space of sections of rank k and level r (the strange duality isomorphism). ... More
Number of sets with small sumset and the clique number of random Cayley graphsNov 01 2007May 20 2009Let $G$ be a finite abelian group of order $n$. For any subset $B$ of $G$ with $B=-B$, the Cayley graph $G_B$ is a graph on vertex set $G$ in which $ij$ is an edge if and only if $i-j\in B.$ It was shown by Ben Green that when $G$ is a vector space over ... More
Neutron Star News and PuzzlesApr 07 2014Apr 30 2014Gerry Brown has had the most influence on my career in Physics, and my life after graduate studies. This article gives a brief account of some of the many ways in which Gerry shaped my research. Focus is placed on the significant strides on neutron star ... More
Probing Quark Matter In Neutron StarsMay 16 2001The presence of quark matter in neutron star interiors may have distinctive signatures in basic observables such as (i) masses and radii [1], (ii) surface temperatures versus age [2], (iii) spin-down rates of milli-second pulsars [3], and (iv) neutrino ... More
Strange Pathways for Black Hole FormationSep 18 2000Immediately after they are born, neutron stars are characterized by an entropy per baryon of order unity and by the presence of trapped neutrinos. If the only hadrons in the star are nucleons, these effects slightly reduce the maximum mass relative to ... More
Tipping of a classical point mass pendulum: Role of statistical fluctuationsSep 28 2010The behavior of a stationary inverted point mass pendulum pivoted at its lower end in a gravitational potential is studied under the influence of statistical fluctuations. It is shown using purely classical equations that the pendulum eventually tips ... More
The strange duality conjecture for generic curvesFeb 01 2006Feb 22 2006For X a compact Riemann surface of positive genus, the strange duality conjecture predicts that the space of sections of certain theta bundle on moduli of bundles of rank r and level k is naturally dual to a similar space of sections of rank k and level ... More
Quantum Generalization of the Horn ConjectureMar 02 2003Jul 21 2005We prove a theorem which implies a quantum (multiplicative) analogue of the Horn conjecture, and also of the saturation conjecture. We obtain transversality statements for quantum schubert calculus in any characteristic and also determine the smallest ... More
Orthogonal bundles, theta characteristics and the symplectic strange dualityAug 06 2008Aug 13 2008A basis for the space of generalized theta functions of level one for the spin groups, parameterized by the theta characteristics (the even theta characteristcs for the odd spin groups) on a curve, is shown to be projectively flat over the moduli space ... More
Vortex arrays and ciliary tangles underlie the feeding-swimming tradeoff in starfish larvaeNov 03 2016Many marine invertebrates have larval stages covered in linear arrays of beating cilia, which propel the animal while simultaneously entraining planktonic prey. These bands are strongly conserved across taxa spanning four major superphyla, and they are ... More
Almost Armendariz RingsFeb 05 2015In this paper, we introduce the notion of almost Armendariz ring which is the generalization of Armendariz ring and discuss some of its properties. We prove that a ring R is almost Armendariz if and only if n X n upper triangular matrix ring T_{n}(R) ... More
Quantum Alternation: Prospects and ProblemsNov 05 2015We propose a notion of quantum control in a quantum programming language which permits the superposition of finitely many quantum operations without performing a measurement. This notion takes the form of a conditional construct similar to the IF statement ... More
The Pervasive Role of the Nuclear Symmetry Energy in the Structure and Evolution of Neutron StarsDec 10 2008The multifaceted role of the density dependent nuclear symmetry energy in the nuclear astrophysics involving neutron stars is highlighted. Efforts toward a model independent determination of the dense matter equation state through a deconstruction of ... More
On the existence and characterization of the maxent distribution under general moment inequality constraintsJun 05 2005A broad set of sufficient conditions that guarantees the existence of the maximum entropy (maxent) distribution consistent with specified bounds on certain generalized moments is derived. Most results in the literature are either focused on the minimum ... More
Simultaneous polarization squeezing in polarized N photon state and diminution on a squeezing operationMar 28 2016We study polarization squeezing of a pure photon number state which is obviously polarized but the mere change in the basis of polarization leads to simultaneous polarization squeezing in all the components of Stokes operator vector except those falling ... More
Alteration in Non-Classicality of Light on Passing Through a Linear Polarization Beam SplitterMar 28 2016Apr 22 2016We observe the polarization squeezing in the mixture of a two mode squeezed vacuum and a simple coherent light through a linear polarization beam splitter. Squeezed vacuum not being squeezed in polarization, generates polarization squeezed light when ... More
A novel quantum grid search algorithm and its applicationMar 18 2019In this paper we present a novel quantum algorithm, namely the quantum grid search algorithm, to solve a special search problem. Suppose $ k $ non-empty buckets are given, such that each bucket contains some marked and some unmarked items. In one trial ... More
Punch Card Programmable MicrofluidicsAug 21 2014Small volume fluid handling in single and multiphase microfluidics provides a promising strategy for efficient bio-chemical assays, low-cost point-of-care diagnostics and new approaches to scientific discoveries. However multiple barriers exist towards ... More
Thermal and transport properties of a non-relativistic quantum gas interacting through a delta-shell potentialJul 16 2013This work extends the seminal work of Gottfried on the two-body quantum physics of particles interacting through a delta-shell potential to many-body physics by studying a system of non-relativistic particles when the thermal De-Broglie wavelength of ... More
Neutrino Pair Emission from Cooper Pair Breaking and Recombination in Superfluid Quark MatterMay 14 2001For the low energy Standard Model neutrino-matter interactions, we calculate neutrino pair ($\nu\bar\nu$) emissivites in superfluid quark matter. Just below the critical temperature, Cooper pairs continuously break and recombine, resulting in the emission ... More
Baryonic contributions to e+e- yields in a hydrodynamic model of Pb+Au collisions at the SPSJul 16 1999We analyze e+e- yields from matter containing baryons in addition to mesons using a hydrodynamic approach to describe Pb+Au collisions at 158 A GeV/c. We use two distinctly different e+e- production rates to provide contrast. Although the presence of ... More
Techniques for Deep Query UnderstandingMay 19 2015Query Understanding concerns about inferring the precise intent of search by the user with his formulated query, which is challenging because the queries are often very short and ambiguous. The report discusses the various kind of queries that can be ... More
An Auxiliary 'Differential Measure' for $SU(3)$May 27 1996May 29 1996A 'differential measure' is used to cast our calculus for the group $SU(3)$ into a form similar to Schwinger's boson operator calculus for the group $SU(2)$. It is then applied to compute (i) the inner product between the basis states and (ii) an algebraic ... More
Curing the acausal behavior of the sound velocity in an excluded volume hadron resonance gas modelOct 15 2015We improve the excluded volume hadron resonances gas model (EHRG) to cure the acausal behavior of the sound velocity which is typical of excluded volume models. We achieve this by including temperature (T) and density ({\mu}) dependent hadron masses in ... More
Shear unzipping of double stranded DNAApr 27 2011Aug 09 2011We propose a simple nonlinear scaler displacement model to calculate the distribution of effect created by a shear stress on a double stranded DNA (dsDNA) molecule and the value of shear force $F_c$ which is required to separate the two strands of a molecule. ... More
Secret Key and Private Key Constructions for Simple Multiterminal Source ModelsAug 12 2010We propose an approach for constructing secret and private keys based on the long-known Slepian-Wolf code, due to Wyner, for correlated sources connected by a virtual additive noise channel. Our work is motivated by results of Csisz\'ar and Narayan which ... More
Secret Key and Private Key Constructions for Simple Multiterminal Source ModelsNov 13 2005This work is motivated by recent results of Csiszar and Narayan (IEEE Trans. on Inform. Theory, Dec. 2004), which highlight innate connections between secrecy generation by multiple terminals and multiterminal Slepian-Wolf near-lossless data compression ... More
Interaction Strictly Improves the Wyner-Ziv Rate-distortion functionJan 15 2010Jun 01 2010In 1985 Kaspi provided a single-letter characterization of the sum-rate-distortion function for a two-way lossy source coding problem in which two terminals send multiple messages back and forth with the goal of reproducing each other's sources. Yet, ... More
Jordan {g, h}-derivations on algebra of matricesMar 21 2018In this article, we show that every Jordan {g, h}-derivation over T_n(C) is a {g, h}-derivation under an assumption, where C is a commutative ring with unity 1 not equal to 0. We give an example of a Jordan {g, h}-derivation over T_n(C) which is not a ... More
GCD Computation of n IntegersJul 25 2014Greatest Common Divisor (GCD) computation is one of the most important operation of algorithmic number theory. In this paper we present the algorithms for GCD computation of $n$ integers. We extend the Euclid's algorithm and binary GCD algorithm to compute ... More
Unparticle physics at hadron collider via dilepton productionMay 31 2007Oct 24 2007The scale invariant unparticle physics recently proposed by Georgi could manifest at low energies as non integral number d_U of invisible particles. Unparticles if existing, could couple to the Standard Model fields and consequently affect the collider ... More
Angular distribution of Drell-Yan process at hadron colliders to NLO-QCD in models of TeV scale gravityJul 21 2005Jul 19 2006In TeV scale gravity models, for dilepton production at hadron colliders, we present the NLO-QCD corrections for the double differential cross section in the invariant mass and scattering angle. For both ADD and RS models, the quantitative impact of QCD ... More
Variation of Weyl modules in $p$-adic familiesDec 04 2015Jul 26 2016Given a Weil-Deligne representation with coefficients in a domain, we prove the rigidity of the structures of the Frobenius-semisimplifications of the Weyl modules associated to its pure specializations. Moreover, we show that the structures of the Frobenius-semisimplifications ... More
Neutrino Scattering in Strangeness-Rich Stellar MatterDec 07 1995Dec 08 1995We calculate neutrino cross sections from neutral current reactions in dense matter containing hyperons. We show that Sigma- hyperons give significant contributions. To lowest order, the contributions from the neutral Lambda and Sigma0, which have zero ... More
Neutral Triple Vector Boson Production in Randall-Sundrum Model at the LHCJul 31 2015Nov 04 2015In this paper, triple neutral electroweak gauge boson production processes, viz. \gamma\gamma\gamma, \gamma\gamma Z, \gamma ZZ and ZZZ productions merged to 1-jet have been studied at the leading order in QCD in the context of Randall-Sundrum model at ... More
Extension of Almost Armendariz RingsJul 10 2017A ring $R$ is said to be an almost Armendariz ring if whenever product of two polynomials in $R[x]$ is zero, then product of their coefficients are in $N_{*}(R)$. In this article, for an endomorphism $\alpha$ on $R$, we define an $\alpha$-almost Armendariz ... More
Polarised and Unpolarised Charmonium Production at Higher Orders in vAug 28 1997We study the unpolarised and polarised hadro-production of charmonium in non-relativistic QCD (NRQCD) at low transverse momentum, including sufficiently higher orders in the relative velocity, $v$, so as to study the ratio of $\chi_{c1}$ and $\chi_{c2}$ ... More
Skew cyclic codes over F_{p}+uF_{p}+\dots +u^{k-1}F_{p}Feb 23 2018In this article, we study the skew cyclic codes over R_{k}=F_{p}+uF_{p}+\dots +u^{k-1}F_{p} of length n. We characterize the skew cyclic codes of length $n$ over R_{k} as free left R_{k}[x;\theta]-submodules of R_{k}[x;\theta]/\langle x^{n}-1\rangle and ... More
Adjacency Matrix and Energy of the Line Graph of $Γ(\mathbb{Z}_n)$Jun 23 2018Let $\Gamma(\mathbb{Z}_n)$ be the zero divisor graph of the commutative ring $\mathbb{Z}_n$ and $L(\Gamma(\mathbb{Z}_n))$ be the line graph of $\Gamma(\mathbb{Z}_n)$. In this paper, we discuss about the neighborhood of a vertex, the neighborhood number ... More
Proceedings 9th Workshop on Quantum Physics and LogicJul 29 2014This volume contains the proceedings of the ninth workshop on Quantum Physics and Logic (QPL2012) which took place in Brussels from the 10th to the 12th of October 2012. QPL2012 brought together researchers working on mathematical foundations of quantum ... More
Valuation Networks and Conditional IndependenceMar 06 2013Valuation networks have been proposed as graphical representations of valuation-based systems (VBSs). The VBS framework is able to capture many uncertainty calculi including probability theory, Dempster-Shafer's belief-function theory, Spohn's epistemic ... More
A Fusion Algorithm for Solving Bayesian Decision ProblemsMar 20 2013This paper proposes a new method for solving Bayesian decision problems. The method consists of representing a Bayesian decision problem as a valuation-based system and applying a fusion algorithm for solving it. The fusion algorithm is a hybrid of local ... More
The multiplicative eigenvalue problem and deformed quantum cohomologyOct 11 2013Nov 01 2013We construct deformations of the small quantum cohomology rings of homogeneous spaces G/P, and obtain an irredundant set of inequalities determining the multiplicative eigenvalue problem for the compact form K of G.
Trajectory optimization using quantum computingJan 14 2019We present a framework wherein the trajectory optimization problem (or a problem involving calculus of variations) is formulated as a search problem in a discrete space. A distinctive feature of our work is the treatment of discretization of the optimization ... More
Generalized deconvolution procedure for structural modeling of turbulenceJul 28 2017Approximate deconvolution forms a mathematical framework for the structural modeling of turbulence. The sub-filter scale flow quantities are typically recovered by using the Van Cittert iterative procedure. In this paper, however, we put forth a generalized ... More
An Improved Interactive Streaming Algorithm for the Distinct Elements ProblemFeb 27 2014The exact computation of the number of distinct elements (frequency moment $F_0$) is a fundamental problem in the study of data streaming algorithms. We denote the length of the stream by $n$ where each symbol is drawn from a universe of size $m$. While ... More
Data Privacy for a $ρ$-Recoverable FunctionFeb 21 2018Jan 10 2019A user's data is represented by a finite-valued random variable. Given a function of the data, a querier is required to recover, with at least a prescribed probability, the value of the function based on a query response provided by the user. The user ... More
Perfect Omniscience, Perfect Secrecy and Steiner Tree PackingAug 05 2010We consider perfect secret key generation for a ``pairwise independent network'' model in which every pair of terminals share a random binary string, with the strings shared by distinct terminal pairs being mutually independent. The terminals are then ... More
How Many Queries Will Resolve Common Randomness?May 07 2013A set of m terminals, observing correlated signals, communicate interactively to generate common randomness for a given subset of them. Knowing only the communication, how many direct queries of the value of the common randomness will resolve it? A general ... More
The Secret Key-Private Key Capacity Region for Three TerminalsNov 12 2005We consider a model for secrecy generation, with three terminals, by means of public interterminal communication, and examine the problem of characterizing all the rates at which all three terminals can generate a ``secret key,'' and -- simultaneously ... More
A Quantum Interior Point Method for LPs and SDPsAug 28 2018We present a quantum interior point method with worst case running time $\widetilde{O}(\frac{n^{2.5}}{\xi^{2}} \mu \kappa^3 \log (1/\epsilon))$ for SDPs and $\widetilde{O}(\frac{n^{1.5}}{\xi^{2}} \mu \kappa^3 \log (1/\epsilon))$ for LPs, where the output ... More
Simultaneous Localization And Mapping with depth Prediction using Capsule Networks for UAVsAug 16 2018In this paper, we propose an novel implementation of a simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) system based on a monocular camera from an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) using Depth prediction performed with Capsule Networks (CapsNet), which possess ... More
Wigner's $D$-matrix elements for $SU(3)$ - A Generating Function ApproachApr 07 1996A generating function for the Wigner's $D$-matrix elements of $SU(3)$ is derived. From this an explicit expression for the individual matrix elements is obtained in a closed form.
Hot and dense matter beyond relativistic mean field theoryFeb 24 2016Properties of hot and dense matter are calculated in the framework of quantum hadro-dynamics by including contributions from two-loop (TL) diagrams arising from the exchange of iso-scalar and iso-vector mesons between nucleons. Our extension of mean-field ... More
Bulk Viscosity of Interacting HadronsJun 30 2009Sep 16 2009We show that first approximations to the bulk viscosity $\eta_v$ are expressible in terms of factors that depend on the sound speed $v_s$, the enthalpy, and the interaction (elastic and inelastic) cross section. The explicit dependence of $\eta_v$ on ... More
e+e- yields in Pb+Au collisions at 158 AGeV/c: Assessment of baryonic contributionsDec 10 1998Jan 27 1999Using a hydrodynamic approach to describe Pb+Au collisions at 158 AGeV/c, we analyze e+e- yields from matter containing baryons in addition to mesons. We employ e+e- production rates from two independent calculations, which differ both in their input ... More
The Local Dimension: a method to quantify the Cosmic WebDec 09 2008It is now well accepted that the galaxies are distributed in filaments, sheets and clusters all of which form an interconnected network known as the Cosmic Web. It is a big challenge to quantify the shapes of the interconnected structural elements that ... More
Infinite-message Interactive Function Computation in Collocated NetworksJan 11 2010Jun 01 2010An interactive function computation problem in a collocated network is studied in a distributed block source coding framework. With the goal of computing a desired function at the sink, the source nodes exchange messages through a sequence of error-free ... More
A Complex Fermionic Tensor Model in $d$ DimensionsOct 25 2017Dec 28 2017In this note, we study a melonic tensor model in $d$ dimensions based on three-index Dirac fermions with a four-fermion interaction. Summing the melonic diagrams at strong coupling allows one to define a formal large-$N$ saddle point in arbitrary $d$ ... More
Derivations of Lie Algebras of Dominant Upper Triangular Ladder MatricesNov 26 2015We explicitly describe the Lie algebras $M_L$ of ladder matrices in $M_n$ associate with dominant upper triangular ladders $L$, and completely characterize the derivations of these $M_L$ over a field $F$ with $char(F) \neq 2$. We also completely characterize ... More
Branching laws on the metaplectic cover of ${\rm GL}_{2}$Jun 20 2014Representation theory of $p$-adic groups naturally comes in the study of automorphic forms and one way to understand representations of a group is by restricting to its nice subgroups. D. Prasad studied the restriction for pairs $({\rm GL}_{2}(E), {\rm ... More
A question on splitting of metaplectic coversJun 16 2014Let $E/F$ be a quadratic extension of a non-Archimedian local field. Splitting of the 2-fold metaplectic cover of ${\rm Sp}_{2n}(F)$ when restricted to various subgroups of ${\rm Sp}_{2n}(F)$ plays an important role in application of the Weil representation ... More
Photon Structure Functions: Target Photon Mass Effects and QCD CorrectionsNov 08 1994We present a systematic analysis of the processes $e^+ ~e^- \rightarrow e^+ ~e^- X$ to study the polarised and unpolarised photon structure functions. The effect of target photon mass, which manifests itself as new singly polarised structure functions ... More
Adaptive Scheduling in Real-Time Systems Through Period AdjustmentDec 14 2012Real time system technology traditionally developed for safety critical systems, has now been extended to support multimedia systems and virtual reality. A large number of real-time application, related to multimedia and adaptive control system, require ... More
Neutrinos from Protoneutron Stars: A Probe of Hot and Dense matterAug 03 1995Neutrino processes in dense matter play a key role in the dynamics, deleptonization and early cooling of hot protoneutron stars formed in the gravitational collapse of massive stars. Here we calculate neutrino mean free paths from neutrino-hyperon interactions ... More
Spacetime topology from causalityJul 26 2004We prove that a globally hyperbolic spacetime with its causality relation is a bicontinuous poset whose interval topology is the manifold topology. This provides an abstract mathematical setting in which one can study causality independent of geometry ... More
A note on lower nil M-Armendariz ringsNov 13 2016May 08 2018In this article, we prove some results for lower nil M-Armendariz ring. Let M be a strictly totally ordered monoid and I be a semicommutative ideal of R. If R/I is a lower nil M-Armendariz ring, then R is lower nil M-Armendariz. Similarly, for above M, ... More
Saturation of number variance in embedded random matrix ensemblesDec 11 2015We study fluctuation properties of embedded random matrix ensembles of non-interacting particles. For ensemble of two non-interacting particle systems, we find that unlike the spectra of classical random matrices, correlation functions are non-stationary. ... More
Eigenvalue problem and a new product in cohomology of flag varietiesJul 02 2004Jul 02 2004Let G be a connected semisimple complex algebraic group and let P be a parabolic subgroup. In this paper we define a new (commutative and associative) product on the cohomology of the homogenous spaces G/P and use this to give a more efficient solution ... More
Improved Probabilistic Quantum Teleportation By Repeated Generalized Bell State MeasurementFeb 09 2019We propose a scheme of probabilistic quantum teleportation (PQT) in which Alice possesses both qubits of the entangled resource and makes repeated generalized Bell state measurement (GBSM) on the pair of qubits, consisting of (1) the qubit of information ... More
Rapid behavioral transitions produce chaotic mixing by a planktonic microswimmerApr 23 2018Despite their vast morphological diversity, many invertebrates have similar larval forms characterized by ciliary bands, innervated arrays of beating cilia that facilitate swimming and feeding. Hydrodynamics suggests that these bands should tightly constrain ... More
Vortex arrays and ciliary tangles underlie the feeding-swimming tradeoff in starfish larvaeNov 03 2016Feb 13 2017Many marine invertebrates have larval stages covered in linear arrays of beating cilia, which propel the animal while simultaneously entraining planktonic prey. These bands are strongly conserved across taxa spanning four major superphyla, and they are ... More
Controlled Quantum Teleportation of Superposed Coherent State using GHZ Entangled Coherent StateApr 26 2019Controlled quantum teleportation of superposed coherent states using GHZ entangled 3-mode coherent states is studied. Proposed scheme can be implemented experimentally using linear optical components such as a symmetric lossless beam splitter, two phase-shifters ... More
A New Pruning Method for Solving Decision Trees and Game TreesFeb 20 2013The main goal of this paper is to describe a new pruning method for solving decision trees and game trees. The pruning method for decision trees suggests a slight variant of decision trees that we call scenario trees. In scenario trees, we do not need ... More
Triviality properties of principal bundles on singular curvesSep 21 2015Feb 09 2016We show that principal bundles for a semisimple group on an arbitrary affine curve over an algebraically closed field are trivial, provided the order of $\pi_1$ of the group is invertible in the ground field, or if the curve has semi-normal singularities. ... More
Armendariz Property on Weak IFP RingSep 04 2016In this work, we study about the ideals of a ring by introducing a new concept which combines the concept of Armendariz ring and weakly semicommutative (weakly IFP) properties of rings, called weak ideal Armendariz ring. It is a generalisation of ideal ... More
Quantum Teleportation of Single Qubit Mixed Information State with Werner-Like State as ResourceMay 18 2013In this paper we extend our recent results for quantum teleportation of single qubit pure information state using non-maximally entangled pure state resource [Quantum Inf Process, 11 (2012) 1251] to the case of a general mixed information state and mixed ... More
Scrambling in strongly chaotic weakly coupled bipartite systems: Universality beyond the Ehrenfest time-scaleApr 13 2019Out-of-time-order correlators (OTOC), vigorously being explored as a measure of quantum chaos and information scrambling, is studied here in the natural and simplest multi-particle context of bipartite systems. We show that two strongly chaotic and weakly ... More
Invariant compact finite difference schemesJan 03 2019In this paper, we propose a method, that is based on equivariant moving frames, for development of high order accurate invariant compact finite difference schemes that preserve Lie symmetries of underlying partial differential equations. In this method, ... More
Transport Properties of a Non-relativistic Delta-Shell Gas with Long Scattering LengthsFeb 13 2009Dec 08 2010The coefficients of diffusion, thermal conductivity, and shear viscosity are calculated for a system of non-relativistic particles interacting via a delta-shell potential V(r)=-v \delta(r-R) when the average distance between particles is smaller than ... More
Enforcing causality in nonrelativistic equations of state at finite temperatureFeb 22 2017We present a thermodynamically consistent method by which equations of state based on nonrelativistic potential models can be modified so that they respect causality at high densities, both at zero and finite temperature (entropy). We illustrate the application ... More
Correlation matrices, Clifford algebras, and completely positive semidefinite rankFeb 21 2017Sep 28 2018We introduce a notion of matrix valued Gram decompositions for correlation matrices whose study is motivated by quantum information theory. We show that for extremal correlations, the matrices in such a factorization generate a Clifford algebra and thus, ... More
Rouse Chains with Excluded Volume Interactions: Linear ViscoelasticityFeb 29 2000Nov 09 2000Linear viscoelastic properties for a dilute polymer solution are predicted by modeling the solution as a suspension of non-interacting bead-spring chains. The present model, unlike the Rouse model, can describe the solution's rheological behavior even ... More
The Kinetic Theory of Dilute Solutions of Flexible Polymers: Hydrodynamic InteractionNov 15 1998The development of a coherent conceptual basis for the treatment of non-linear microscopic phenomena, such as, hydrodynamic interaction, finite extensibility, excluded volume and internal viscosity, in molecular theories of dilute polymer solutions, is ... More
An Explicit and Simple Relationship Between Two Model SpacesMay 31 1996An explicit and simple correspondence, between the basis of the model space of $SU(3)$ on one hand and that of $SU(2)\otimes SU(2)$ or $SO(1,3)$ on the other, is exhibited for the first time. This is done by considering the generating functions for the ... More