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Upper bounds on the percolation correlation lengthFeb 08 2019We study the size of the near-critical window for Bernoulli percolation on $\mathbb Z^d$. More precisely, we use a quantitative Grimmett-Marstrand theorem to prove that the correlation length, both below and above criticality, is bounded from above by ... More
The box-crossing property for critical two-dimensional oriented percolationOct 31 2016We consider critical oriented Bernoulli percolation on the square lattice $\mathbb{Z}^2$. We prove a Russo-Seymour-Welsh type result which allows us to derive several new results concerning the critical behavior: - We establish that the probability that ... More
Crossing probabilities for Voronoi percolationOct 24 2014Jul 30 2015We prove that the standard Russo-Seymour-Welsh theory is valid for Voronoi percolation. This implies that at criticality the crossing probabilities for rectangles are bounded by constants depending only on their aspect ratio. This result has many consequences, ... More
Discontinuity of the phase transition for the planar random-cluster and Potts models with $q>4$Nov 29 2016Sep 05 2017We prove that the $q$-state Potts model and the random-cluster model with cluster weight $q>4$ undergo a discontinuous phase transition on the square lattice. More precisely, we show - Existence of multiple infinite-volume measures for the critical Potts ... More
Locality of percolation for abelian Cayley graphsDec 06 2013We prove that the value of the critical probability for percolation on an abelian Cayley graph is determined by its local structure. This is a partial positive answer to a conjecture of Schramm: the function pc defined on the set of Cayley graphs of abelian ... More
The Bethe ansatz for the six-vertex and XXZ models: an expositionNov 29 2016In this paper, we review a few known facts on the coordinate Bethe ansatz. We present a detailed construction of the Bethe ansatz vector $\psi$ and energy $\Lambda$, which satisfy $V \psi = \Lambda \psi$, where $V$ is the the transfer matrix of the six-vertex ... More
Homogenization via sprinklingMay 22 2015We show that a superposition of an $\varepsilon$-Bernoulli bond percolation and any everywhere percolating subgraph of $\mathbb Z^d$, $d\ge 2$, results in a connected subgraph, which after a renormalization dominates supercritical Bernoulli percolation. ... More
A new proof of the sharpness of the phase transition for Bernoulli percolation on $\mathbb Z^d$Feb 10 2015We provide a new proof of the sharpness of the phase transition for nearest-neighbour Bernoulli percolation. More precisely, we show that - for $p<p_c$, the probability that the origin is connected by an open path to distance $n$ decays exponentially ... More
A new proof of the sharpness of the phase transition for Bernoulli percolation and the Ising modelFeb 10 2015Mar 21 2016We provide a new proof of the sharpness of the phase transition for Bernoulli percolation and the Ising model. The proof applies to infinite range models on arbitrary locally finite transitive infinite graphs. For Bernoulli percolation, we prove finiteness ... More
On the critical value function in the divide and color modelSep 15 2011Jul 10 2013The divide and color model on a graph $G$ arises by first deleting each edge of $G$ with probability $1-p$ independently of each other, then coloring the resulting connected components (\emph{i.e.}, every vertex in the component) black or white with respective ... More
Confidence intervals for the critical value in the divide and color modelJul 10 2013We obtain confidence intervals for the location of the percolation phase transition in H\"aggstr\"om's divide and color model on the square lattice $\mathbb{Z}^2$ and the hexagonal lattice $\mathbb{H}$. The resulting probabilistic bounds are much tighter ... More
A new computation of the critical point for the planar random-cluster model with $q\ge1$Apr 13 2016We present a new computation of the critical value of the random-cluster model with cluster weight $q\ge 1$ on $\mathbb{Z}^2$. This provides an alternative approach to the result of Beffara and Duminil-Copin. We believe that this approach has several ... More
Continuity of the phase transition for planar random-cluster and Potts models with $1\le q\le4$May 15 2015This article studies the planar Potts model and its random-cluster representation. We show that the phase transition of the nearest-neighbor ferromagnetic $q$-state Potts model on $\mathbb Z^2$ is continuous for $q\in\{2,3,4\}$, in the sense that there ... More
Absence of infinite cluster for critical Bernoulli percolation on slabsJan 28 2014We prove that for Bernoulli percolation on a graph $\mathbb{Z}^2\times\{0,\dots,k\}$ ($k\ge 0$), there is no infinite cluster at criticality, almost surely. The proof extends to finite range Bernoulli percolation models on $\mathbb{Z}^2$ which are invariant ... More
Sharpness of the phase transition for continuum percolation in R^2May 19 2016We study the phase transition of random radii Poisson Boolean percolation: Around each point of a planar Poisson point process, we draw a disc of random radius, independently for each point. The behavior of this process is well understood when the radii ... More
Critical Percolation and the Minimal Spanning Tree in SlabsDec 30 2015The minimal spanning forest on $\mathbb{Z}^{d}$ is known to consist of a single tree for $d \leq 2$ and is conjectured to consist of infinitely many trees for large $d$. In this paper, we prove that there is a single tree for quasi-planar graphs such ... More
Quenched Voronoi percolationJan 16 2015We prove that the probability of crossing a large square in quenched Voronoi percolation converges to 1/2 at criticality, confirming a conjecture of Benjamini, Kalai and Schramm from 1999. The main new tools are a quenched version of the box-crossing ... More
Discontinuity of the phase transition for the planar random-cluster and Potts models with $q>4$Nov 29 2016We prove that the $q$-state Potts model and the random-cluster model with cluster weight $q>4$ undergo a discontinuous phase transition on the square lattice. More precisely, we show - Existence of multiple infinite-volume measures for the critical Potts ... More
Infinite determinacy on a closed set for smooth germs with non-isolated singularitiesJun 13 2004Oct 18 2004We give necessary and sufficient conditions of infinite determinacy for smooth function germs whose critical locus contains a given set. This set is assumed to be the zero variety X of some analytic map germ having maximal rank on a dense subset of X. ... More
Łojasiewicz ideals in Denjoy-Carleman classesOct 23 2012Jul 22 2013The classical notion of {\L}ojasiewicz ideals of smooth functions is studied in the context of non-quasianalytic Denjoy-Carleman classes. In the case of principal ideals, we obtain a characterization of {\L}ojasiewicz ideals in terms of properties of ... More
On the Stability of Analytic Germs under Ultradifferentiable PerturbationsJan 05 2006Let $ f$ be a real-analytic function germ whose critical locus contains a given real-analytic set $ X $, and let $ Y $ be a germ of closed subset of $ \mathbb{R}^n $ at the origin. We study the stability of $ f $ under perturbations $ u $ that are flat ... More
Radio emission and nonlinear diffusive shock acceleration of cosmic rays in the supernova SN 1993JMar 17 2009The extensive observations of the supernova SN 1993J at radio wavelengths make this object a unique target for the study of particle acceleration in a supernova shock. To describe the radio synchrotron emission we use a model that couples a semianalytic ... More
On the shoulders of students? The contribution of PhD students to the advancement of knowledgeAug 29 2011Using the participation in peer reviewed publications of all doctoral students in Quebec over the 2000-2007 period this paper provides the first large scale analysis of their research effort. It shows that PhD students contribute to about a third of the ... More
Modelling Chaotic DataJul 31 2011This paper extends the subjects dicussed in the Data Analysis and Dynamical Systems courses by looking at the subject of modelling data. This task is nontrivial as the underlying process could be non-linear. In the paper some common methods, including ... More
An adaptive scheme for the approximation of dissipative systemsFeb 15 2005We propose a new scheme for the long time approximation of a diffusion when the drift vector field is not globally Lipschitz. Under this assumption, regular explicit Euler scheme --with constant or decreasing step-- may explode and implicit Euler scheme ... More
Dependence and Isolated ExtensionsNov 06 2009In this paper, we show that \phi is a dependent formula if and only if all \phi-types have an extension to a \phi-isolated \phi-type that is an "elementary \phi-extension" (see Definition 2.3 in the paper). Moreover, we show that the domain of this extension ... More
Division by Flat Ultradifferentiable Functions and Sectorial ExtensionsFeb 17 2006We consider classes $ \mathcal{A}_M(S) $ of functions holomorphic in an open plane sector $ S $ and belonging to a strongly non-quasianalytic class on the closure of $ S $. In $ \mathcal{A}_M(S) $, we construct functions which are flat at the vertex of ... More
Limit groups and groups acting freely on $\bbR^n$-treesJul 21 2003We give a simple proof of the finite presentation of Sela's limit groups by using free actions on $\bbR^n$-trees. We first prove that Sela's limit groups do have a free action on an $\bbR^n$-tree. We then prove that a finitely generated group having a ... More
Lehmer code transforms and Mahonian statistics on permutationsMar 18 2012In 2000 Babson and Steingr{\'\i}msson introduced the notion of vincular patterns in permutations. They shown that essentially all well-known Mahonian permutation statistics can be written as combinations of such patterns. Also, they proved and conjectured ... More
On the Inverse Scattering Method for Integrable PDEs on a Star GraphSep 18 2014May 31 2015We present a framework to solve the open problem of formulating the inverse scattering method (ISM) for an integrable PDE on a star-graph. The idea is to map the problem on the graph to a matrix initial-boundary value (IBV) problem and then to extend ... More
Permutation classesSep 17 2014Jan 04 2015This is a survey on permutation classes for the upcoming book Handbook of Enumerative Combinatorics.
On VC-density in VC-minimal theoriesSep 29 2014We show that any formula with two free variables in a VC-minimal theory has VC-codensity at most two. Modifying the argument slightly, we give a new proof of the fact that, in a VC-minimal theory where acl = dcl, the VC-codensity of a formula is at most ... More
Comment on: "Static correlations functions and domain walls in glass-forming liquids: The case of a sandwich geometry" [J. Chem. Phys. 138, 12A509 (2013)]Nov 11 2015Jun 15 2016In this Comment, we argue that the behavior of the overlap functions reported in the commented paper can be fully understood in terms of the physics of simple liquids in contact with disordered substrates, without appealing to any particular glassy phenomenology. ... More
The Tensor Track, IVApr 26 2016This note is a sequel to the previous series "Tensor Track I-III". Assuming some familiarity with the tensor track approach to quantum gravity, we provide a brief introduction to the developments of the last two years and to their corresponding bibliography. ... More
Chemotactic waves of bacteria at the mesoscaleJul 01 2016The existence of travelling waves for a model of concentration waves of bacteria is investigated. The model consists in a kinetic equation for the biased motion of cells following a run-and-tumble process, coupled with two reaction-diffusion equations ... More
Flatness, accessibility and metric spacesMar 09 2004This paper studies a notion of parameterized flatness in the enriched context: p-flatness where the parameter p stands for a class of presheaves. One obtains a completion of a category A by considering the category F_p(A) of p-flat presheaves over A. ... More
Chtoucas pour les groupes réductifs et paramétrisation de Langlands globaleSep 24 2012Sep 28 2016For any reductive group G over a global function field, we use the cohomology of G-shtukas with multiple modifications and the geometric Satake equivalence to prove the global Langlands correspondence for G in the direction "from automorphic to Galois". ... More
Convergence at the origin of integrated semigroupsApr 22 2004Aug 04 2008We study a classification of the kappa-times integrated semigroups (for kappa>0) by the (uniform) rate of convergence at the origin: $\|S(t)\|=O(t^\alpha)$, $0\leq\alpha\leq\kappa$. By an improved generation theorem we characterize this behaviour by Hille-Yosida ... More
Signed tree associahedraSep 20 2013Dec 16 2013An associahedron is a polytope whose vertices correspond to the triangulations of a convex polygon and whose edges correspond to flips between them. A particularly elegant realization of the associahedron, due to S. Shnider and S. Sternberg and popularized ... More
Ethical Implications: The ACM/IEEE-CS Software Engineering Code applied to Tesla's "Autopilot" SystemDec 13 2018On October 14, 2015, Tesla Inc. an American electric car company, released the initial version of the Autopilot system. This system promised to provide semi-autonomous driving using the existing hardware already installed on Tesla vehicles. On March 23rd, ... More
Une infinite de structures de contact tendues sur les varietes toroidalesDec 12 2000We show that every closed toroidal irreducible orientable 3-manifold carries infinitely many universally tight contact structures.
Les applications conforme-harmoniquesMar 25 2012On a Riemannian surface, the energy of a map into a Riemannian manifold is a conformal invariant functional, and its critical points are the harmonic maps. Our main result is a generalization of this theorem when the starting manifold is even dimensional. ... More
Actions of finitely generated groups on R-treesJul 12 2006Apr 25 2007We study actions of finitely generated groups on $\bbR$-trees under some stability hypotheses. We prove that either the group splits over some controlled subgroup (fixing an arc in particular), or the action can be obtained by gluing together actions ... More
Betti tables for indecomposable matrix factorizations of $XY(X-Y)(X-λY)$Dec 19 2017We classify the Betti tables of indecomposable graded matrix factorizations over the simple elliptic singularity $f_\lambda = XY(X-Y)(X-\lambda Y)$ by making use of an associated weighted projective line of genus one.
Divergent directions in some periodic wind-tree modelsJul 12 2011Jul 14 2011The periodic wind-tree model is a family T(a,b) of billiards in the plane in which identical rectangular scatterers of size axb are disposed at each integer point. It was proven by P. Hubert, S. Leli\`evre and S. Troubetzkoy (arXiv:0912.2891v1) that for ... More
Lorentzian manifolds with a conformal action of SL(2,R)Sep 01 2016Sep 19 2016We consider conformal actions of simple Lie groups on compact Lorentzian manifolds. Mainly motivated by the Lorentzian version of a conjecture of Lichnerowicz, we establish the alternative: Either the group acts isometrically for some metric in the conformal ... More
Cell contamination and branching process in random environment with immigrationMay 13 2008Aug 05 2009We consider a branching model for a population of dividing cells infected by parasites. Each cell receives parasites by inheritance from its mother cell and independent contamination from outside the population. Parasites multiply randomly inside the ... More
Proliferating parasites in dividing cells : Kimmel's branching model revisitedJan 31 2007Jun 28 2008We consider a branching model introduced by Kimmel for cell division with parasite infection. Cells contain proliferating parasites which are shared randomly between the two daughter cells when they divide. We determine the probability that the organism ... More
Cambrian triangulations and their tropical realizationsSep 03 2018This paper develops a Cambrian extension of the work of C. Ceballos, A. Padrol and C. Sarmiento on $\nu$-Tamari lattices and their tropical realizations. For any signature $\varepsilon \in \{\pm\}^n$, we consider a family of $\varepsilon$-trees in bijection ... More
Hopf algebras on decorated noncrossing arc diagramsJan 11 2018Aug 06 2018Noncrossing arc diagrams are combinatorial models for the equivalence classes of the lattice congruences of the weak order on permutations. In this paper, we provide a general method to endow these objects with Hopf algebra structures. Specific instances ... More
Reconstructing compositionsOct 16 2006We consider the problem of reconstructing compositions of an integer from their subcompositions, which was raised by Raykova (albeit disguised as a question about layered permutations). We show that every composition w of n\ge 3k+1 can be reconstructed ... More
Constraints on $Λ(t)$-cosmology with power law interacting dark sectorsMay 30 2012May 31 2012Motivated by the cosmological constant and the coincidence problems, we consider a cosmological model where the cosmological constant $\Lambda_0$ is replaced by a cosmological term $\Lambda(t)$ which is allowed to vary in time. More specifically, we are ... More
The large-scale clustering of massive dark matter haloesMay 06 2010The statistics of peaks of the initial, Gaussian density field can be used to interpret the abundance and clustering of massive dark matter haloes. I discuss some recent theoretical results related to their clustering and its redshift evolution. Predictions ... More
Simple physics of the partly pinned fluid systemsMay 12 2014Sep 08 2014In this paper, we consider some aspects of the physics of the partly pinned (PP) systems obtained by freezing in place particles in equilibrium bulk fluid configurations in the normal (nonglassy) state. We first discuss the configurational overlap and ... More
Statistical mechanics of homogeneous partly pinned fluid systemsJun 24 2010Dec 05 2010The homogeneous partly pinned fluid systems are simple models of a fluid confined in a disordered porous matrix obtained by arresting randomly chosen particles in a one-component bulk fluid or one of the two components of a binary mixture. In this paper, ... More
Definability of types over finite partial order indiscerniblesAug 11 2011In this paper, we show that a partitioned formula \phi is dependent if and only if \phi has uniform definability of types over finite partial order indiscernibles. This generalizes our result from a previous paper [1]. We show this by giving a decomposition ... More
Semantic Vector MachinesMay 14 2011We first present our work in machine translation, during which we used aligned sentences to train a neural network to embed n-grams of different languages into an $d$-dimensional space, such that n-grams that are the translation of each other are close ... More
Gluon Mass, Glueballs and Gluonic MesonsFeb 18 2011We review the phenomenological and theoretical evidences for dynamical gluon mass generation and the main features of the glueball spectrum in (pure gauge) Yang-Mills theories. The mixing between glueball and conventional $\bar q q$ states in $f_0$ scalar ... More
Philosophy in the Face of Artificial IntelligenceMay 19 2016In this article, I discuss how the AI community views concerns about the emergence of superintelligent AI and related philosophical issues.
Cosmic anisotropies from quasars: from polarization to structural-axis alignmentsApr 18 2016The comparison of the orientations of the optical-polarization vectors of quasars that are separated by billions of light-years has led to the discovery that they are aligned instead of pointing in random directions as expected. This discovery has been ... More
The Joint Physics Analysis Center WebsiteJan 08 2016The Joint Physics Analysis Center is a collaboration between theorists and experimentalists working in hadronic physics. In order to facilitate the exchange of information between the different actors in hadron spectroscopy, we created an interactive ... More
Approximation of stochastic processes by non-expansive flows and coming down from infinityNov 23 2015May 25 2016We approximate stochastic processes in finite dimension by dynamical systems. We provide trajectorial estimates which are uniform with respect to the initial condition for a well chosen distance. This relies on some non-expansivity property of the flow, ... More
Growth rates of permutation classes: from countable to uncountableMay 13 2016Sep 05 2016We establish that there is an algebraic number $\xi\approx 2.30522$ such that while there are uncountably many growth rates of permutation classes arbitrarily close to $\xi$, there are only countably many less than $\xi$. Central to the proof are various ... More
Dessins d'enfants for analystsApr 01 2015We present an algorithmic way of exactly computing Belyi functions for hypermaps and triangulations in genus 0 or 1, and the associated dessins, based on a numerical iterative approach initialized from a circle packing combined with subsequent lattice ... More
Mean-field microrheology of a very soft colloidal suspension: inertia induces shear-thickeningMar 03 2015Apr 27 2015Colloidal suspensions have a rich rheology and can exhibit shear-thinning as well as shear-thickening. Numerical simulations recently suggested that shear-thickening may be attributed to the inertia of the colloids, besides the hydrodynamic interactions ... More
A new test of uniformity for object orientations in astronomyJul 20 2015We briefly present a new coordinate-invariant statistical test dedicated to the study of the orientations of transverse quantities of non-uniformly distributed sources on the celestial sphere. These quantities can be projected spin-axes or polarization ... More
Why are tensor field theories asymptotically free?Jul 15 2015In this pedagogic letter we explain the combinatorics underlying the generic asymptotic freedom of tensor field theories. We focus on simple combinatorial models with a $1/p^2$ propagator and quartic interactions and on the comparison between the intermediate ... More
Estimates for Weierstrass division in ultradifferentiable classesNov 26 2015Mar 23 2016We study the Weierstrass division theorem for function germs in strongly non-quasianalytic Denjoy-Carleman classes $\mathcal{C}_M$. For suitable divisors $P(x,t)=x^d+a_1(t)x^{d-1}+\cdots+a_d(t)$ with real-analytic coefficients $a_j$, we show that the ... More
Gradient trajectories for plane singular metrics I: oscillating trajectoriesMay 30 2012We construct an example of a real plane analytic singular metric, degenerating only at the origin, such that any gradient trajectory (respectively to this singular metric) of some well chosen function spirals around the origin. The inversion mapping carries ... More
Numerical Simulations of the Ising Model on the Union Jack LatticeJan 26 2011The Ising model is famous model for magnetic substances in Statistical Physics, and has been greatly studied in many forms. It was solved in one-dimension by Ernst Ising in 1925 and in two-dimensions without an external magnetic field by Lars Onsager ... More
The metric completion of the Riemannian space of Kähler metricsJan 30 2014Apr 09 2014Let $X$ be a compact K\"ahler manifold and $\a \in H^{1,1}(X,\R)$ a K\"ahler class. We study the metric completion of the space $\HH_\a$ of K\"ahler metrics in $\a$, when endowed with the Mabuchi $L^2$-metric $d$. Using recent ideas of Darvas, we show ... More
Fonctorial Construction of Frobenius CategoriesMar 16 2009Let $\Ascr,\Bscr$ be exact categories with $\Ascr$ karoubian and $M$ be an exact functor. Under suitable adjonction hypotheses for $M$, we are able to show that the direct factors of the objects of $\Ascr$ of the form $MY$ with $Y \in \Bscr$ make up a ... More
Cardinality of Rauzy classesJun 04 2011Rauzy classes define a partition of the set of irreducible (or indecomposable) permutations. They were defined by G. Rauzy as part of an induction algorithm for interval exchange transformations. In this article we prove an explicit formula for the cardinality ... More
A very short proof of Forester's rigidity resultJan 24 2003May 22 2003The deformation space of a simplicial G-tree T is the set of G-trees which can be obtained from T by some collapse and expansion moves, or equivalently, which have the same elliptic subgroups as T. We give a short proof of a rigidity result by Forester ... More
Abelianization of Subgroups of Reflection Group and their Braid Group; an Application to CohomologyMar 03 2010Aug 31 2010The final result of this article gives the order of the extension $$\xymatrix{1\ar[r] & P/[P,P] \ar^{j}[r] & B/[P,P] \ar^-{p}[r] & W \ar[r] & 1}$$ as an element of the cohomology group $H^2(W,P/[P,P])$ (where $B$ and $P$ stands for the braid group and ... More
On the non-extendability of quasianalytic germsJun 21 2010Sep 07 2010Let $\mathcal{E}_1(M)^+$ be the local ring of germs at 0 of functions belonging to a given Denjoy-Carleman quasianalytic class in a neighborhood of 0 in $[0,+\infty[$. We show that the ring $\mathcal{E}_1(M)^+$ contains elements that cannot be extended ... More
Conic intersections, Maximal Cohen-Macaulay modules and the Four Subspace problemFeb 21 2017Mar 10 2017Let $X$ be a set of $4$ generic points in $\mathbb{P}^2$ with homogeneous coordinate ring $R$. We classify indecomposable graded MCM modules over $R$ by reducing the classification to the Four Subspace problem solved by Nazarova and Gel$'$fand-Ponomarev, ... More
Shtukas for reductive groups and Langlands correspondence for function fieldsMar 10 2018We discuss recent developments in the Langlands program for function fields, and in the geometric Langlands program. In particular we explain a canonical decomposition of the space of cuspidal automorphic forms for any reductive group G over a function ... More
Brick polytopes, lattice quotients, and Hopf algebrasMay 28 2015Nov 30 2017This paper is motivated by the interplay between the Tamari lattice, J.-L. Loday's realization of the associahedron, and J.-L. Loday and M. Ronco's Hopf algebra on binary trees. We show that these constructions extend in the world of acyclic $k$-triangulations, ... More
Symmetry group analysis of an ideal plastic flowFeb 11 2011In this paper, we study the Lie point symmetry group of a system describing an ideal plastic plane flow in two dimensions in order to find analytical solutions. The infinitesimal generators that span the Lie algebra for this system are obtained. We completely ... More
On VC-minimal fields and dp-smallnessJul 30 2013In this paper, we show that VC-minimal ordered fields are real closed. We introduce a notion, strictly between convexly orderable and dp-minimal, that we call dp-small, and show that this is enough to characterize many algebraic theories. For example, ... More
A speedy pixon image reconstruction algorithmDec 03 1999A speedy pixon algorithm for image reconstruction is described. Two applications of the method to simulated astronomical data sets are also reported. In one case, galaxy clusters are extracted from multiwavelength microwave sky maps using the spectral ... More
Permutation classes of every growth rate above 2.48188Jul 17 2008Jun 22 2009We prove that there are permutation classes (hereditary properties of permutations) of every growth rate (Stanley-Wilf limit) at least \lambda \approx 2.48187, the unique real root of x^5-2x^4-2x^2-2x-1, thereby establishing a conjecture of Albert and ... More
A sharp bound for the reconstruction of partitionsJun 23 2008Answering a question of Cameron, Pretzel and Siemons proved that every integer partition of $n\ge 2(k+3)(k+1)$ can be reconstructed from its set of $k$-deletions. We describe a new reconstruction algorithm that lowers this bound to $n\ge k^2+2k$ and present ... More
A Contribution to the Theory Behind the Capture-Recapture M0 Model: An Improved EstimatorNov 21 2012Feb 17 2014We explore the use of a sufficient statistic based on the data of samples that are selected under the M_0 capture-recapture closed population model (Schwarz and Seber, 1999). A Rao-Blackwellized version of the estimator based on a sufficient statistic ... More
Mode-coupling theory predictions for the dynamical transitions of the partly pinned fluid systemsOct 04 2011The predictions of the mode-coupling theory (MCT) for the dynamical arrest scenarios in a partly pinned (PP) fluid system are reported. The corresponding dynamical phase diagram is found to be very similar to that of a related quenched-annealed (QA) system. ... More
Aging, rejuvenation and memory : the example of spin glassesMar 22 2006In this paper, we review the general features of the out-of-equilibrium dynamics of spin glasses. We use this example as a guideline for a brief description of glassy dynamics in other disordered systems like structural and polymer glasses, colloids, ... More
Core and intersection number for group actions on treesJul 12 2004Jul 21 2004We present the construction of some kind of "convex core" for the product of two actions of a group on $\bbR$-trees. This geometric construction allows to generalize and unify the intersection number of two curves or of two measured foliations on a surface, ... More
Mixed State Hall Effect in a Twinned YBa2Cu3O7-d Single CrystalJul 06 1999Thanks to the 9 contacts deposited on the surface of a high quality YBCO twinned single crystal, we investigate both vortex guided motion along twins and the mixed state Hall effect. Firstly, we clearly identify the vortex phase transition and show that, ... More
Abelian Ramsey Length and Asymptotic Lower BoundsSep 20 2016This technical note aims at evaluating an asymptotic lower bound on abelian Ramsey lengths.
Note on a product formula for unitary groupsApr 22 2004For any nonnegative self-adjoint operators A and B in a separable Hilbert space, we show that the Trotter-type formula $[(e^{i2tA/n}+e^{i2tB/n})/2]^n$ converges strongly in the closure of the intersection of the domains of A^{1/2} and B^{1/2}, along some ... More
Hofer's distance on diameters and the Maslov indexMar 09 2011Jul 11 2011We prove that Hofer's distance between two diameters of the open 2-disk admits an upper bound in terms of the Maslov index of their intersection points.
Fast Computation of Shifted Popov Forms of Polynomial Matrices via Systems of Modular Polynomial EquationsFeb 01 2016May 12 2016We give a Las Vegas algorithm which computes the shifted Popov form of an $m \times m$ nonsingular polynomial matrix of degree $d$ in expected $\widetilde{\mathcal{O}}(m^\omega d)$ field operations, where $\omega$ is the exponent of matrix multiplication ... More
Le probleme de Brill-Noether pour des fibres stables de petites pentesApr 24 1997We deal with the Brill-Noether problem for stable vector bundles of slope between one and two.
On 2-knots and connected sums with projective planesJan 30 2019In this paper, we generalize a result of Satoh to show that for any odd natural $n$, the connected sum of the $n$-twist spun sphere of a knot $K$ and an unknotted projective plane in the 4-sphere is equivalent to the same unknotted projective plane. We ... More
Weighted Sobolev inequalities and Ricci flat manifoldsFeb 07 2006Feb 24 2006We prove a weighted Sobolev inequality and a Hardy inequality on manifolds with nonnegative Ricci curvature satisfying an inverse doubling volume condition. It enables us to obtain rigidity results for Ricci flat manifolds, generalizing earlier work of ... More
Convergence analysis of sampling-based decomposition methods for risk-averse multistage stochastic convex programsAug 19 2014Sep 09 2016We consider a class of sampling-based decomposition methods to solve risk-averse multistage stochastic convex programs. We prove a formula for the computation of the cuts necessary to build the outer linearizations of the recourse functions. This formula ... More
Multistep stochastic mirror descent for risk-averse convex stochastic programs based on extended polyhedral risk measuresJul 24 2014Sep 02 2016We consider risk-averse convex stochastic programs expressed in terms of extended polyhedral risk measures. We derive computable confidence intervals on the optimal value of such stochastic programs using the Robust Stochastic Approximation and the Stochastic ... More
First passage properties in a crowded environmentFeb 23 2017We develop a model to compute the first-passage time of a random walker in a crowded environment. Hard-core particles with the same size and diffusion coefficient than the tracer diffuse, and the model allows to compute the first passage time of the tracer ... More
Arbitrarily large families of spaces of the same volumeJul 15 2011Aug 02 2011In any connected non-compact semi-simple Lie group without factors locally isomorphic to SL_2(R), there can be only finitely many lattices (up to isomorphism) of a given covolume. We show that there exist arbitrarily large families of pairwise non-isomorphic ... More