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Commissioning and operation of the Cherenkov detector for proton Flux Measurement of the UA9 ExperimentApr 12 2019The UA9 Experiment at CERN-SPS investigates channeling processes in bent silicon crystals with the aim to manipulate hadron beams. Monitoring and characterization of channeled beams in the high energy accelerators environment ideally requires in-vacuum ... More
Modelling of laser-plasma acceleration of relativistic electrons in the frame of ESCULAP projectFeb 14 2018We present numerical simulations results on the injection and acceleration of a 10 MeV, 10 pC electrons beam in a plasma wave generated in a gas cell by a 2J, 45 fs laser beam. This modeling is related to the ESCULAP project in which the electrons accelerated ... More
Longitudinal compression and transverse matching of electron bunch for external injection LPWA at ESCULAPDec 05 2017We present theoretical and numerical studies of longitudinal compression and transverse matching of electron bunch before injecting into the Laser-plasma Wake Field Accelerator (LWFA) foreseen at the ESCULAP project in ORSAY. Longitudinal compression ... More
Status report of the ESCULAP project at Orsay: External injection of low energy electrons in a PlasmaFeb 26 2018Mar 05 2018The ESCULAP project aims at studying external injection of low energy (\SI{10}{MeV}) electrons in a plasma in the quasilinear regime. This facility will use the photo injector PHIL and the high power laser LASERIX. We will give a status report of the ... More
PHIL photoinjector test lineSep 24 2012LAL is now equiped with its own platform for photoinjectors tests and Research and Developement, named PHIL (PHotoInjectors at LAL). This facility has two main purposes: push the limits of the photoinjectors performances working on both the design and ... More
SuperB Technical Design ReportJun 24 2013In this Technical Design Report (TDR) we describe the SuperB detector that was to be installed on the SuperB e+e- high luminosity collider. The SuperB asymmetric collider, which was to be constructed on the Tor Vergata campus near the INFN Frascati National ... More
Kolmogorov complexity in the USSR (1975--1982): isolation and its endJul 11 2019These reminiscences are about the "dark ages" of algorithmic information theory in the USSR. After a great interest in this topic in 1960s and the beginning of 1970s the number of people working in this area in the USSR decreased significantly. At that ... More
Morita invariance of the filter dimension and of the inequality of BernsteinOct 29 2006It is proved that the filter dimenion is Morita invariant. A direct consequence of this fact is the Morita invariance of the inequality of Bernstein: if an algebra $A$ is Morita equivalent to the ring $\CD (X)$ of differential operators on a smooth irreducible ... More
Double resonant processes in $χ^{(2)}$ nonlinear periodic mediaAug 07 2000In a one-dimensional periodic nonlinear $\chi^{(2)}$ medium, by choosing a proper material and geometrical parameters of the structure, it is possible to obtain two matching conditions for simultaneous generation of second and third harmonics. This leads ... More
Hyperfine-induced spin relaxation of a diffusively moving carrier in low dimensions: implications for spin transport in organic semiconductorsMar 27 2015The hyperfine coupling between the spin of a charge carrier and the nuclear spin bath is a predominant channel for the carrier spin relaxation in many organic semiconductors. We theoretically investigate the hyperfine-induced spin relaxation of a carrier ... More
Neutron Diffraction and Optics of a Noncentrosymmetric Crystal. New Feasibility of a Search for Neutron EDMApr 25 2005May 03 2005Recently strong electric fields (up to 10^9 V/cm) have been discovered, which affect the neutrons moving in noncentrosymmetric crystals. Such fields allow new polarization phenomena in neutron diffraction and optics and provide, for instance, a new feasibility ... More
Onepoint discontinuity set of separately continuous functions on the product of two compact spacesJan 12 2016It is investigated the existence of a separately continuous function $f:X\times Y\to \mathbb R$ with an onepoint set of discontinuity for topological spaces $X$ and $Y$ which satisfy compactness type conditions. In particular, it is shown that for compact ... More
The discontinuity points set of separately continuous functions on the products of compactsDec 24 2015It is solved a problem of construction of separately continuous functions on the product of compacts with a given discontinuity points set. We obtaine the following results. 1. For arbitrary \v{C}ech complete spaces $X$, $Y$ and a separable compact perfect ... More
Low voltage transport through a tunneling barrier in Tomonaga-Luttinger liquid constrictionMar 09 1997As voltage decreases d.c. condctivity of a Tomonaga-Luttinger liquid wire collapses to a small value determined by the length of the wire and its contacts with the leads. In condition that voltage drop (V) mostly occurs across a tunnel barrier inside ... More
Statistics of heat generated in a solvable dissipative Landau-Zener modelDec 05 2014Jul 07 2015We consider an adiabatic Landau-Zener model of two-level system diagonally coupled to an Ohmic bosonic bath of large spectral width and derive through fermionization its exact solution at a special value of the coupling constant. From this solution we ... More
Geoneutrinos and the Earth inner parts structureJul 15 2010The connection between geoneutrino registration and the Earth theory test is discussed. We compare standard theory of lithosphere plates and hypothesis of hydride Earth. Last hypothesis adds additional neutrino source $-$ planet core in which the initial ... More
Surface plasmon on the metal nanofilament excitation by a quantum oscillatorDec 31 2009Surface waves on a thin metal filament are described in terms of quantum electrodynamics. The interaction of surface waves with a quantum oscillator is discussed in the dipole approximation. The increase in the spontaneous emission rate of the excited ... More
Estimation of the SolarGalactocentric Distance and Rotation Velocity from Near-Solar-Circle ObjectsDec 29 2012We have tested the method of determining the solar Galactocentric distance R_0 and Galactic rotation velocity $V_0$ modified by Sofue et al. using near-solar-circle objects. The motion of objects relative to the local standard of rest has been properly ... More
Snyder-Yang algebra and confinement of color particlesDec 21 2010A model of color particle confinement is considered. The model is based on the Snyder-Yang algebra, which takes into account a non-commutativity of generalized momenta and coordinates of a color particle and contains two new constants. An extended kinematical ... More
Some examples of uses of Dirac equation and its generalizations in particle physicsApr 13 2010Applications of the Dirac equation with an anomalous magnetic moment are considered for description of characteristics of electrons, muons and quarks. The Dirac equation with four-dimensional scalar and vector potentials is reduced to a form suitable ... More
Evaluation of neutrino masses from $m_{ββ}$ valuesDec 10 2008May 20 2009A neutrino mass matrix is considered under conditions of a CP invariance and a small reactor mixing $\theta_{13}$ angle. Absolute mass values for three neutrinos are evaluated for normal and inverted hierarchy spectra on the ground of data for oscillation ... More
Calculation of pseudoscalar and vector mesons' masses in extended model of quasi-independent quarksApr 19 2007Masses of pseudoscalar and vector mesons, which are ground states of light or/and heavy quarks and antiquarks, have been calculated in the framework of an extended model of quasi-independent quarks with absolute uncertainties about 30 MeV. It is shown ... More
Calculations of meson mass spectra in the model of quasi-independent quarksFeb 26 2007A method of calculations of meson mass spectra in the framework of the model of quasi-independent quarks is discussed. Meson mass spectra evaluated with the help of the Dirac equation with the quasi-Coulombic potential and the confinement potential, as ... More
Comments on redefinition of SI units based on fundamental physical constants with fixed valuesFeb 22 2011Advantages and disadvantages of fixation of fundamental physical constants' values for definition of SI units are considered. The case with a new definition of the mass unit on the base of a fixed value of the Avogadro constant is studied in detail. Criteria ... More
Relation between confinement and higher symmetry restrictions for color particle motionDec 15 2009Apr 01 2010Quantum operators of coordinates and momentum components of a particle in the Minkowski spacetime can belong to the generalized Snyder-Yang algebra and produce a quantum phase space with three new constants in the general case. With account for the O(2,6) ... More
Determination of constants of Standard Model and some generalized modelsApr 07 2006Methods of determination of constants of the Standard Model are considered. The constants values obtained now are presented and experiments for improving some values are pointed out. A few possible generalized models are considered together with their ... More
Magnetic helicity in non-axisymmetric mean-field solar dynamoJan 20 2016The paper address the effects of magnetic helicity conservation in a non-linear nonaxisymmetric mean-field solar dynamo model. We study the evolution of the shallow non-axisymmetric magnetic field perturbation with the strength about 10G in the solar ... More
Towards the Quantum Electrodynamics on the Poincare GroupMar 05 2004Jul 08 2004A general scheme of construction and analysis of physical fields on the various homogeneous spaces of the Poincar\'{e} group is presented. Different parametrizations of the field functions and harmonic analysis on the homogeneous spaces are studied. It ... More
Spinor Structure and Matter SpectrumFeb 12 2016Oct 20 2016Classification of relativistic wave equations is given on the ground of interlocking representations of the Lorentz group. A system of interlocking representations is associated with a system of eigenvector subspaces of the energy operator. Such a correspondence ... More
New path integral representation for Hubbard model: II. Spinless caseJun 08 2010The Hubbard model is used to study an electronic system. In this paper we present the new path integral representation for Hubbard model. We have constructed the new supercoherent state for spinless electrons which appears from a set of eigenfunctions ... More
O-like Stars in the Direction of the North America and Pelican NebulaeSep 18 2008In the area covering the complex of the North America and Pelican nebulae we identified 13 faint stars with J-H and H-Ks color indices which simulate heavily reddened O-type stars. One of these stars is CP05-4 classified as O5 V by Comeron and Pasquali ... More
Young Stars in the Camelopardalis Dust and Molecular Clouds. II. Infrared ObjectsMar 17 2008Using infrared photometric data extracted from the 2MASS, IRAS and MSX databases, 142 suspected young stellar objects (YSOs) are selected from about 2 million stars in the Camelopardalis segment of the Milky Way limited by Galactic longitude 132-158 deg, ... More
CCD photometry and classification of stars in the North America and Pelican nebulae region. I. Moletai photometrySep 21 2002Magnitudes and color indices in the Vilnius seven-color system are measured for 690 stars down to ~13.2 mag in the area of the North America and Pelican nebulae. Spectral types, absolute magnitudes, color excesses, interstellar extinctions and distances ... More
Bare Quark Matter Surfaces of Strange Stars and $e^+e^-$ EmissionDec 23 1997We show that the Coulomb barrier at the quark surface of a hot strange star may be a powerful source of $e^+e^-$ pairs which are created in an extremely strong electric field of the barrier and flow away from the star. The luminosity in the outflowing ... More
Billiards, Invariant Measures, and Equilibrium ThermodynamicsApr 13 2005The questions of justification of the Gibbs canonical distribution for systems with elastic impacts are discussed. A special attention is paid to the description of probability measures with densities depending on the system energy.
Scattering optimization of photonic cluster: from minimal to maximal reflectivityMay 30 2010The optimization of the light scattered by photonic cluster made of small particles is studied with the help of the local perturbation method and special optimization algorithm. It was shown that photonic cluster can be optimized in a such a way that ... More
Dual Teichm\" uller spacesFeb 20 1997Dec 18 1998We describe in elementary geometrical terms Teichm\" uller spaces of decorated and holed surfaces. We construct explicit global coordinates on them as well as on the spaces of measured laminations with compact and closed support respectively. We show ... More
Lepton mixing and CP violation phase in the 3-3-1 model with neutral leptons based on T13 flavor symmetryJun 24 2015Aug 11 2015We study a 3-3-1 model based on non-Abelian discrete symmetry group $T_{13}$ which accommodates lepton mixing with non-zero $\theta_{13}$ and CP violation phase. The neutrinos get small masses and mixing with CP violation phase from $SU(3)_L$ antisextets ... More
Some recent results in calculation of the Casimir energy at zero and finite temperatureOct 05 2003The survey summarizes briefly the results obtained recently in the Casimir effect studies considering the following subjects: i) account of the material characteristics of the media and their influence on the vacuum energy (for example, dilute dielectric ... More
On the origin of the system PSR B1757-24/SNR G5.4-1.2Nov 20 2003A scenario for the origin of the system PSR B1757-24/supernova remnant (SNR) G5.4-1.2 is proposed. It is suggested that both objects are the remnants of a supernova (SN) that exploded within a pre-existing bubble blown-up by a runaway massive star (the ... More
Neutron star/supernova remnant associations: the view from TbilisiAug 01 2002We propose a new approach for studying the neutron star/supernova remnant associations, based on the idea that the supernova remnants (SNRs) can be products of an off-centered supernova (SN) explosion in a preexisting bubble created by the wind of a moving ... More
On neutron star/supernova remnant associationsMay 30 2000Apr 01 2001It is pointed out that a cavity supernova (SN) explosion of a moving massive star could result in a significant offset of the neutron star (NS) birth-place from the geometrical centre of the supernova remnant (SNR). Therefore: a) the high implied transverse ... More
A short and simple proof of the Jurkat--Waterman theorem on conjugate functionsMar 15 2016It is well--known that certain properties of continuous functions on the circle $\mathbb T$, related to the Fourier expansion, can be improved by a change of variable, i.e., by a homeomorphism of the circle onto itself. One of the results in this area ... More
Nonstationary Casimir Effect and analytical solutions for quantum fields in cavities with moving boundariesJun 14 2001This is a review of publications on classical and quantum electrodynamics in cavities with moving boundaries (in the quantum case this subject is labeled frequently as "nonstationary Casimir effect" or "dynamical Casimir effect"), from 1921 to October ... More
Scaling attractors for quintessence in flat universe with cosmological termNov 13 2006Feb 08 2007For evolution of flat universe, we classify late time and future attractors with scaling behavior of scalar field quintessence in the case of potential, which, at definite values of its parameters and initial data, corresponds to exact scaling in the ... More
Scaling Relation for Leptonic Constants\\ of Higher Excitations in Heavy QuarkoniumJul 26 1994Using a specific scheme of the QCD sum rules, one derives the relation for leptonic constants of $nS$-wave heavy qiarkonia, so $f^2_{n_1}/f^2_{n_2}= n_2/n_1$, that does not depend on the quarkonium content, and it is in a good agreement with the experimental ... More
Decay of $B_c^{*+}(3S) \to B^+D^0$Aug 26 1996The decay constant for the vector state of $3S$-level in the heavy $(\bar b c)$-quarkonium is evaluated in the framework of sum rules for the mesonic currents. A scaling relation for the constants of vector quarkonia with different quark contents is derived. ... More
CMBR anisotropy in the framework of cosmological extrapolation of MONDApr 04 2012Jun 22 2012A modified gravity involving a critical acceleration, as empirically established at galactic scales and successfully tested by data on supernovae of type Ia, can fit the measured multipole spectrum of anisotropy in the cosmic microwave background radiation, ... More
Renormalization group improvement of truncated perturbative series in QCD. Decays of tau-lepton and eta_c-charmoniumNov 16 2002Nov 20 2002We formulate a general scheme to improve the truncated perturbative expansion in alpha_s by means of the renormalization group in QCD for the single-scale quantities. The procedure is used for the evaluation of hadronic decay rates of tau-lepton and eta_c-charmonium. ... More
Separation of variables for the A_3 elliptic Calogero-Moser systemMay 02 2001We consider the classical elliptic Calogero-Moser model. A set of canonical separated variables for this model has been constructed in Kuznetsov et al. However, the generating function of the separating canonical transform is known only for two- and three-particle ... More
Exchange-assisted tunneling in the classical limitOct 07 2009The exchange interaction and correlations may produce a power-law decay instead of the usual exponential decrease of the wave function under potential barrier. The exchange-assisted tunneling vanishes in the classical limit, however, the dependence on ... More
Comment on "Time modulation of the K-shell electron capture decay rates of H-like heavy ions at GSI experiments", arXiv:0908.0877Aug 14 2009Aug 15 2009According to GSI experiment Phys.Lett.B 664, 162 (2008), the rate of the daughter ion production by the K-shell electron capture (with neutrino emission) in H-like ions 142Pm, 140Pr and 152I is modulated with a period of 6 to 7 seconds. In PRL 103, 062502, ... More
Variation of fundamental constants in space and time: theory and observationsJan 14 2008Review of recent works devoted to the temporal and spatial variation of the fundamental constants and dependence of the fundamental constants on the gravitational potential (violation of local position invariance) is presented. We discuss the variation ... More
Enhancement of parity and time invariance violation in Radium atomJun 24 1999There are several factors which lead to a huge enhancement of parity and time invariance violating effects in the Ra atom: very close electronic levels of opposite parity, the large nuclear charge Z and the collective nature of T,P-odd nuclear moments. ... More
Comment on "Does the rapid appearence of life on Earth suggest that life is common in the Universe"Jul 11 2002In a recent paper [1] Lineweaver and Davis performed a statistical analysis to claim that the rapidity of biogenesis on Earth indicates high probability of biogenesis on terrestrial- type planets. We argue that the rapid appearance of life on Earth hardly ... More
Resonant Enhancement of Second Harmonic Generation by Edge States in Transition Metal Dichalcogenide MonolayersSep 28 2016We derive a low-energy theory for edge states in transition metal dichalcogenide monolayers for a two-band $\bm{kp}$-Hamiltonian in case of uncoupled valleys. In the absence of spin-orbit interaction at the edge, these states possess a linear dispersion ... More
On the thermocapillary motion of deformable dropletsFeb 10 2001In studies on Marangoni type motion of particles the surface tension is often approximated as a linear function of temperature. For deformable particles in a linear external temperature gradient far from the reference point this approximation yields a ... More
Universality of vertex corrections to the electrical conductivity in models with elastically scattered electronsJan 15 2010We study quantum coherence of elastically scattered lattice fermions. We calculate vertex corrections to the electrical conductivity of electrons scattered either on thermally equilibrated or statically distributed random impurities. We demonstrate that ... More
About one method of analytical calculations of reaction amplitudes with fermionsMay 13 2002The paper presents the new method of calculations of reaction amplitudes of processes with spin 1/2 fermions. The method is based on the application of isotropic tetrad in Minkowski space and basis spinors connected with it. We obtained as test and illustration ... More
Spinor techniques for massive fermions with arbitrary polarizationJan 13 2001We present a new variant of the spinor techniques for calculating the amplitudes of processes involving massive fermions with arbitrary polarization. It is relatively simple and leads to basic spinor products. Our procedure is not more complex than CALCUL ... More
On Thouvenot's ergodic proof of Roth's theoremJul 27 2011Aug 02 2011We present a lecture note on Thouvenot's proof of the Roth-Furstenberg theorem and joining proofs of Furstenberg's theorems on multiple progression average mixing for weakly mixing transformations.
Minimal Self-Joinings, Bounded Constructions, and Weak Closure of Ergodic ActionsDec 11 2012Dec 12 2012For a weakly mixing bounded rank-one construction the disjointness of its powers is proved. For non-rigid constructions we get minimal self-joinings. Examples of non-mixing rank one actions with explicit weak closure are proposed.
On the products in the finite groupsDec 07 2002All possible products of all elements of an odd order finite group are considered. A set of all such products is called as a K-set. A hypothesis of K-set coincidence of any group of an odd order with its commutant is proposed and the hypothesis validity ... More
Weakly homoclinic groups of ergodic actionsJan 25 2019This work contains the following results: the trajectory fullness of the homoclinic groups, their connections with factors, K-property, weak multiple mixing; the ergodicity of the weakly homoclinic group for Gauss and Poisson actions; the triviality of ... More
Spectral properties and approximations of joinings for infinite rank-one actionsFeb 08 2019An ergodic self-joining of an infinite rank-one transformation is a part of the weak limit of off-diagonal measures. A class of uncountaible cardinality of nonisomorphic transformations with polynomial weak closure is presented. Such actions have minimal ... More
Lower bounds for Kolmogorov widths of classes of convolutions with Neumann kernelDec 20 2013We obtain exact lower bounds for Kolmogorov $n$-widths in spaces $C$ and $L$ of classes of convolutions with Neumann kernel $N_{q,\beta}(t)=\sum\limits_{k=1}^{\infty}\dfrac{q^k}{k}\cos\left(kt-\dfrac{\beta\pi}{2}\right)$, ${q\in(0,1)}$, ${\beta\in\mathbb{R}}$, ... More
On questions which are connected with Talagrand problemJan 13 2016We prove the following results. 1. If $X$ is a $\alpha$-favourable space, $Y$ is a regular space, in which every separable closed set is compact, and $f:X\times Y\to\mathbb R$ is a separately continuous everywhere jointly discontinuous function, then ... More
Generalized Cantor manifolds and indecomposable continuaApr 13 2012We review results concerning homogeneous compacta and discuss some open questions. It is established that indecomposable continua are Alexandroff (resp., Mazurkiewicz, or strong Cantor) manifolds with respect to the class of all continua. We also provide ... More
On Vassiliev Invariants for Links in HandlebodiesSep 13 1997Oct 21 1997The notion of Vassiliev algebra in case of hanlebodies is developed. The analogues of the results of John Baez for links in handlebodies are proved. That means that there exists a one-to-one correspondence between the special class of finite type invariants ... More
The group of automorphisms of the first Weyl algebra in prime characteristic and the restriction mapAug 12 2007Let $K$ be a {\em perfect} field of characteristic $p>0$, $A_1:=K< x, \der | \der x- x\der =1>$ be the first Weyl algebra and $Z:=K[X:=x^p, Y:=\der^p]$ be its centre. It is proved that $(i)$ the restriction map $\res :\Aut_K(A_1)\ra \Aut_K(Z), \s \mapsto ... More
Generators and defining relations for ring of invariants of commuting locally nilpotent derivations or automorphismsApr 04 2006Let $A$ be an algebra over a field $K$ of characteristic zero, let $\d_1, >..., \d_s\in \Der_K(A)$ be {\em commuting locally nilpotent} $K$-derivations such that $\d_i(x_j)=\d_{ij}$, the Kronecker delta, for some elements $x_1,..., x_s\in A$. A set of ... More
Uniformly convergent Fourier series and multiplication of functionsJul 11 2018Let $U(\mathbb T)$ be the space of all continuous functions on the circle $\mathbb T$ whose Fourier series converges uniformly. Salem's well-known example shows that a product of two functions in $U(\mathbb T)$ does not always belongs to $U(\mathbb T)$ ... More
Chebyshev Polynomials on a System of ContinuaApr 13 2014The estimates of the uniform norm of the Chebyshev polynomial associated with a compact set $K$ consisting of a finite number of continua in the complex plane are established. These estimates are exact (up to a constant factor) in the case where the components ... More
The gamma-ray bursts, core-collapse supernovae and global star forming rate at large redshiftsNov 06 2011The brief review and discussion of statement of some observational problems of gamma-ray bursts (GRB), GRB host galaxies and star forming at small and large redshifts: Are there similarities and differences between GRB hosts and the typical galaxy population ... More
Double charmonium production at B-factories within light cone formalismNov 17 2008This paper is devoted to the study of the processes e^+e^- \to J/\Psi \eta_c, J/\Psi \eta_c', \psi' \eta_c, \psi' \eta_c' within light cone formalism. It is shown that if one disregards the contribution of higher fock states, the twist-3 distribution ... More
The study of leading twist light cone wave functions of 2S state charmonium mesonsSep 25 2007In this paper leading twist light cone wave functions of 2S state charmonium mesons are studied and models of these functions are built.
The inversion formula for automorphisms of the Weyl algebras and polynomial algebrasDec 10 2005The inversion formula is given for automorphisms of the Weyl algebras with polynomial coefficients over a field of characteristic zero. The theorem of Gabber on the degree of polynomial automorphism is extended. It is proved that any automorphism of the ... More
On the eigenvector algebra of the product of elements with commutator one in the first Weyl algebraJan 22 2011May 02 2011Let $A_1=K < X, Y | [Y,X]=1>$ be the (first) Weyl algebra over a field $K$ of characteristic zero. It is known that the set of eigenvalues of the inner derivation $\ad (YX)$ of $A_1$ is $\Z$. Let $ A_1\ra A_1$, $X\mapsto x$, $Y\mapsto y$, be a $K$-algebra ... More
The Roelcke compactification of groups of homeomorphismsApr 21 2000Let X be a zero-dimensional compact space such that all non-empty clopen subsets of X are homeomorphic to each other, and let H(X) be the group of all self-homeomorphisms of X with the compact-open topology. We prove that the Roelcke compactification ... More
The behavior of functions of operators under perturbationsApr 10 2009This is a survey article. We consider different problems in connection with the behavior of functions of operators under perturbations of operators. We deal with three classes of operators: unitary operators, self-adjoint operators, and contractions. ... More
Generators and defining relations for ring of differential operators on smooth affine algebraic variety in prime characteristicAug 28 2008For ring of differential operators on smooth affine algebraic variety over perfect field of prime characteristic a set of algebra generators and a set of defining relations are found explicitly.
Simple derivations of differentiably simple Noetherian commutative rings in prime characteristicFeb 27 2006Jan 23 2008Let $R$ be a {\em differentiably simple Noetherian commutative} ring of characteristic $p>0$ (then $(R, \gm)$ is local with $n:= {\rm emdim} (R)<\infty$). A short proof is given of the Theorem of Harper \cite{Harper61} on classification of differentiably ... More
Cosh-Gordon equation and quasi-Fuchsian groupsNov 20 2008We show a few propositions in favour of relations between the phase space of 3D gravity, moduli of quasi-Fuchsian groups, global solutions of cosh-Gordon equations and minimal surfaces in hyperbolic spaces.
On some basic properties of Leibniz algebrasFeb 14 2013Mar 01 2013This paper gives an overview of some basic properties of Leibniz algebras. Some of the results were known earlier, but in the article they are accompanied by new simple proofs. Some of the results are new. The article can be viewed as a digest or a mini-manual ... More
Namioka spaces and strongly Baire spacesJan 22 2016A notion of strongly Baire space is introduced. Its definition is a transfinite development of some equivalent reformulation of the Baire space definition. It is shown that every strongly Baire space is a Namioka space and every $\beta-\sigma$-unfavorable ... More
Dixmier's Problem 5 for the Weyl AlgebraMar 02 2004A proof is given to the Dixmier's 5'th problem for the Weyl algebra.
Criteria for a ring to have a left Noetherian left quotient ringAug 16 2015Two criteria are given for a ring to have a left Noetherian left quotient ring (this was an open problem since 70's). It is proved that each such ring has only finitely many maximal left denominator sets.
Three-page embeddings of singular knotsSep 19 2003Sep 20 2003Construction of a semigroup with 15 generators and 84 relations is given. The center of this semigroup is in one-to-one correspondence with the set of all isotopy classes of non-oriented singular knots (links with finitely many double intersections in ... More
Two scales in neutrino physicsJun 28 2011The problem of neutrino mass origin is considered on the phenomenological level. The assumption is made that the neutrino mass values depend on two dominant contributions with their characteristic scales. The neutrino mass values as well as the values ... More
Fundamental interactions in quantum phase space specified by extra dimensional constantsNov 14 2007Dec 18 2007A generalized algebra of quantum observables, depending on extra dimensional constants, is considered. Some limiting forms of the algebra are investigated and their possible applications to the descriptions of interactions of fundamental particles are ... More
Mass spectra of excited meson states consisting of u-, d-quarks and antiquarksApr 11 2005Mass spectra of excited meson states consisting of u-, d-quarks and antiquarks with I = 1 are considered. The comparison between the existing experimental data and the mass values evaluated with phenomenological formulae is carried out. Problems of identification ... More
Open Clusters IC 4665 and Cr 359 and a Probable Birthplace of the Pulsar PSR B1929+10Oct 01 2008Based on the epicyclic approximation, we have simulated the motion of the young open star clusters IC 4665 and Collinder 359. The separation between the cluster centers is shown to have been minimal 7 Myr ago, 36 pc. We have established a close evolutionary ... More
Hamiltonian anomalies of bound states in QEDMay 13 2012The Bound State in QED is described in systematic way by means of nonlocal irreducible representations of the nonhomogeneous Poincare group and Dirac's method of quantization. As an example of application of this method we calculate triangle diagram $Para-Positronium ... More
Chiral Phenomenological Relations between Rates of Rare Radiative Decay of Kaon to Pion and leptons and the meson FormfactorsApr 09 2010Oct 08 2010In framework of the chiral perturbation theory we obtain the phenomenological relations between decay branches of rare radiative kaon to pion and leptons $K^+ \to \pi^+ l^+ l^-$ and $K^0_S \to \pi^0 l^+ l^-$ and meson form factors. The comparison of these ... More
On the two body problem in the classical electrodynamicsJan 12 2015Jan 14 2015In this paper we propose an approach to the problem of two body motion in classical electrodynamics that takes into account the electromagnetic radiation and the radiation reaction forces. The resulting differential equations are solved numerically.
Surface plasmon excitation by a quantum oscillatorNov 08 2009Dec 03 2009Surface waves in a thin uniform metal film are described in terms of quantum electrodynamics.The interaction of surface waves with a quantum oscillator is discussed in the dipole approximation. The increase in the spontaneous emission rate of the excited ... More
Viscous dark fluidOct 01 2007Oct 15 2007The unified dark energy and dark matter model within the framework of a model of a continuous medium with bulk viscosity (dark fluid) is considered. It is supposed that the bulk viscosity coefficient is an arbitrary function of the Hubble parameter. The ... More
Letters of a Bi-Rationalist: VII. Ordered terminationJul 31 2006Nov 21 2006To construct a resulting model in LMMP is sufficient to prove existence of log flips and their termination for certain sequences. We prove that LMMP in dimension $d-1$ and termination of terminal log flips in dimension $d$ imply, for any log pair of dimension ... More
CPT Groups of Spinor Fields in de Sitter and Anti-de Sitter SpacesJan 30 2014Apr 02 2015$CPT$ groups for spinor fields in de Sitter and anti-de Sitter spaces are defined in the framework of automorphism groups of Clifford algebras. It is shown that de Sitter spaces with mutually opposite signatures correspond to Clifford algebras with different ... More
Cyclic structures of Cliffordian supergroups and particle representations of Spin_+(1,3)Jul 26 2012Supergroups are defined in the framework of $\dZ_2$-graded Clifford algebras over the fields of real and complex numbers, respectively. It is shown that cyclic structures of complex and real supergroups are defined by Brauer-Wall groups related with the ... More