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The gas content of peculiar galaxies: strongly interacting systemsMay 06 2004A study of the gas content in 1038 interacting galaxies, essentially selected from Arp, Arp and Madore, Vorontsov-Velyaminov catalogues and some of the published literature, is presented here. The data on the interstellar medium have been extracted from ... More
Molecular gas and star formation in M81Jun 26 2007We present IRAM 30m observations of the central 1.6 kpc of the spiral M81 galaxy. The molecular gas appears weak and with an unusual excitation physics. We discuss a possible link between low CO emission and weak FUV surface brightness.
Metallicity gradients in Local Universe galaxies: time evolution and effects of radial migrationFeb 08 2016Our knowledge of the shape of radial metallicity gradients in disc galaxies has recently improved. Conversely, the understanding of their time evolution is more complex, since it requires analysis of stellar populations with different ages, or systematic ... More
Molecular clouds in the center of M81Jul 28 2007We investigate the molecular gas content and the excitation and fragmentation properties in the central region of the spiral galaxy Messier 81 in both the ^{12}CO(1-0) and ^{12}CO(2-1) transitions. We have recently observed the two transitions of CO in ... More
Relations between ISM tracers in galaxiesSep 26 2006We study the relations existing between fluxes emitted at CO(1-0) line, 60 and 100 micron wavelengths, B and soft X-ray wavebands for galaxies of all morphological types. The large set of data that we created allows to revisit some of known relations ... More
Study of ISM tracers in galaxiesDec 05 2006We collected data for two samples of normal and interacting galaxies for a total of 2953 galaxies having fluxes in one or more of the following wavebands: FIR, 21 cm line, CO(1-0) lines and soft X-ray. The large set of data obtained allowed us to revisit ... More
Old and young stellar populations in DustPedia galaxies and their role in dust heatingMar 14 2019Within the framework of the DustPedia project we investigate the properties of cosmic dust and its interaction with the stellar radiation (originating from different stellar populations) for 814 galaxies in the nearby Universe, all observed by the Herschel ... More
Molecular Gas in NUclei of GAlaxies (NUGA). X. The Seyfert 2 galaxy NGC 3147Aug 08 2008We present CO(1-0) and CO(2-1) observations of the SA(rs)bc Seyfert 2 galaxy NGC 3147, obtained with the IRAM interferometer at 1\farcs9 $\times$1\farcs6 and 1\farcs6 $\times$1\farcs4 resolutions, respectively. A central peak seen mainly in CO(2-1) and ... More
The NUGA project: The Seyfert 2 galaxy NGC3147Dec 03 2007We present CO(1-0) and CO(2-1) maps of the Seyfert 2 galaxy NGC3147 of the NUclei of GAlaxies (NUGA) sample at 1.8'' x 1.6'' and 1.4'' x 1.2'' resolution respectively. Identifying the presence of a bar in NGC3147 we also compute the gravity torques exerted ... More
A gas-rich AGN near the centre of a galaxy cluster at z ~ 1.4Jul 17 2013Jul 29 2013The formation of the first virialized structures in overdensities dates back to ~9 Gyr ago, i.e. in the redshift range z ~ 1.4 - 1.6. Some models of structure formation predict that the star formation activity in clusters was high at that epoch, implying ... More
Are truncated stellar disks linked to the molecular gas density?Feb 01 2007We know that the slope of the radial, stellar light distribution in galaxies is well described by an exponential decline and this distribution is often truncated at a break radius ($R_{br}$). We don't have a clear understanding for the origin of these ... More
Molecular Gas in NUclei of GAlaxies (NUGA) XIV. The barred LINER/Seyfert 2 galaxy NGC 3627Jan 13 2011We present CO(1-0) and CO(2-1) maps of the interacting barred LINER/Seyfert 2 galaxy NGC 3627 obtained with the IRAM interferometer at resolutions of 2.1" x 1.3" and 0.9" x 0.6", respectively. The molecular gas emission shows a nuclear peak, an elongated ... More
ALMA Probes the Molecular Gas Reservoirs in the Changing-Look Seyfert Galaxy Mrk 590Sep 30 2015Oct 23 2015We investigate if the active galactic nucleus (AGN) of Mrk 590, whose supermassive black hole was until recently highly accreting, is turning off due to a lack of central gas to fuel it. We analyse new sub-arcsecond resolution ALMA maps of the $^{12}$CO(3-2) ... More
Molecular Gas in NUclei of GAlaxies (NUGA) XIII. The interacting Seyfert 2/LINER galaxy NGC 5953Nov 19 2009We present $^{12}$CO(1--0) and $^{12}$CO(2--1) maps of the interacting Seyfert 2/LINER galaxy NGC 5953 obtained with the IRAM interferometer at resolutions of 2\farcs1 $\times$ 1\farcs4 and 1\farcs1 $\times$ 0\farcs7, respectively. The CO emission is ... More
ALMA reveals the feeding of the Seyfert 1 nucleus in NGC 1566Jan 16 2014Mar 13 2014We report ALMA observations of CO(3-2) emission in the Seyfert 1 galaxy NGC 1566, at a spatial resolution of 25 pc. Our aim is to investigate the morphology and dynamics of the gas inside the central kpc, and to probe nuclear fueling and feedback phenomena. ... More
New views on bar pattern speeds from the NUGA surveyNov 12 2008We present a review on bar pattern speeds from preliminary results in the context of the Nuclei of Galaxies (NUGA) project. The large variety of molecular circumnuclear morphologies found in NUGA is a challenging result that implies the refinement of ... More
ALMA observations of cool dust in a low-metallicity starburst, SBS0335-052Dec 03 2013We present Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) Cycle 0 Band 7 observations of an extremely metal-poor dwarf starburst galaxy in the Local Universe, SBS0335-052 (12+log(O/H)~7.2). With these observations, dust is detected at 870micron (ALMA ... More
ALMA observations of feeding and feedback in nearby Seyfert galaxies: an AGN-driven outflow in NGC 1433Sep 28 2013Mar 21 2014We report ALMA observations of CO(3-2) emission in the Seyfert 2 double-barred galaxy NGC1433, at the unprecedented spatial resolution of 0.5"=24 pc. Our aim is to probe AGN feeding and feedback phenomena through the morphology and dynamics of the gas ... More
Molecular depletion times and the CO-to-H2 conversion factor in metal-poor galaxiesSep 16 2015Tracing molecular hydrogen content with carbon monoxide in low-metallicity galaxies has been exceedingly difficult. Here we present a new effort, with IRAM 30-m observations of 12CO(1-0) of a sample of 8 dwarf galaxies having oxygen abundances ranging ... More
Gas-phase oxygen abundances and radial metallicity gradients in the two nearby spiral galaxies NGC7793 and NGC4945Aug 11 2015Gas-phase abundances in HII regions of two spiral galaxies, NGC7793 and NGC4945, have been studied to determine their radial metallicity gradients. We used the strong-line method to derive oxygen abundances from spectra acquired with GMOS-S, the multi-object ... More
The resolved star-formation relation in nearby active galactic nucleiMar 01 2015Mar 13 2015We present an analysis of the relation between star formation rate (SFR) surface density (sigmasfr) and mass surface density of molecular gas (sigmahtwo), commonly referred to as the Kennicutt-Schmidt (K-S) relation, at its intrinsic spatial scale, i.e. ... More
A systematic metallicity study of DustPedia galaxies reveals evolution in the dust-to-metal ratiosJan 25 2019Observations of evolution in the dust-to-metal ratio allow us to constrain the dominant dust processing mechanisms. In this work, we present a study of the dust-to-metal and dust-to-gas ratios in a sub-sample of ~500 DustPedia galaxies. Using literature ... More
Multi-frequency polarimetry of a complete sample of PACO radio sourcesNov 23 2016We present high sensitivity polarimetric observations in 6 bands covering the 5.5-38 GHz range of a complete sample of 53 compact extragalactic radio sources brighter than 200 mJy at 20 GHz. The observations, carried out with the Australia Telescope Compact ... More
Italian Science Case for ALMA Band 2+3Sep 09 2015Sep 11 2015The Premiale Project "Science and Technology in Italy for the upgraded ALMA Observatory - iALMA" has the goal of strengthening the scientific, technological and industrial Italian contribution to the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA), ... More
The fraction of bolometric luminosity absorbed by dust in DustPedia galaxiesOct 02 2018We study the fraction of stellar radiation absorbed by dust, f_abs, in 814 galaxies of different morphological types. The targets constitute the vast majority (93%) of the DustPedia sample, including almost all large (optical diameter larger than 1'), ... More
The radial metallicity gradient and the history of elemental enrichment in M81 through emission-line probesMar 21 2014Mar 27 2014We present a new set of weak-line abundances of HII regions in M81, based on Gemini Multi-Object Spectrograph (GMOS) observations. The aim is to derive plasma and abundance analysis for a sizable set of emission-line targets to study the galactic chemical ... More
DustPedia - A Definitive Study of Cosmic Dust in the Local UniverseSep 20 2016The European Space Agency has invested heavily in two cornerstones missions; Herschel and Planck. The legacy data from these missions provides us with an unprecedented opportunity to study cosmic dust in galaxies so that we can answer fundamental questions ... More
Molecular line emission in NGC1068 imaged with ALMA: II. The chemistry of the dense molecular gasJul 18 2014We present a detailed analysis of ALMA Bands 7 and 9 data of CO, HCO+, HCN and CS, augmented with Plateau de Bure Interferometer (PdBI) data of the ~ 200 pc circumnuclear disk (CND) and the ~ 1.3 kpc starburst ring (SB ring) of NGC~1068, a nearby (D = ... More
ALMA resolves the torus of NGC 1068: continuum and molecular line emissionApr 01 2016May 04 2016We have used the Atacama Large Millimeter Array (ALMA) to map the emission of the CO(6-5) molecular line and the 432 {\mu}m continuum emission from the 300 pc-sized circumnuclear disk (CND) of the nearby Seyfert 2 galaxy NGC 1068 with a spatial resolution ... More
The Herschel Virgo Cluster Survey. XX. Dust and gas in the foreground Galactic cirrusSep 19 2016We study the correlation between far-infared/submm dust emission and atomic gas column density in order to derive the properties of the high Galactic latitude, low density, Milky Way cirrus in the foreground of the Virgo cluster of galaxies. Dust emission ... More
Molecular line emission in NGC1068 imaged with ALMA. I An AGN-driven outflow in the dense molecular gasMay 28 2014Jun 13 2014We investigate the fueling and the feedback of star formation and nuclear activity in NGC1068, a nearby (D=14Mpc) Seyfert 2 barred galaxy, by analyzing the distribution and kinematics of the molecular gas in the disk. We have used ALMA to map the emission ... More
The Science Case for ALMA Band 2 and Band 2+3Feb 07 2016Aug 14 2017We discuss the science drivers for ALMA Band 2 which spans the frequency range from 67 to 90 GHz. The key science in this frequency range are the study of the deuterated molecules in cold, dense, quiescent gas and the study of redshifted emission from ... More
The Science Case for ALMA Band 2 and Band 2+3Feb 07 2016We discuss the science drivers for ALMA Band 2 which spans the frequency range from 67 to 90 GHz. The key science in this frequency range are the study of the deuterated molecules in cold, dense, quiescent gas and the study of redshifted emission from ... More
ALMA reveals a warm and compact starburst around a heavily obscured supermassive black hole at z=4.75Dec 04 2013Jan 07 2014We report ALMA Cycle 0 observations at 1.3mm of LESS J033229.4-275619 (XID403), an Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxy at $z=4.75$ in the Chandra Deep Field South hosting a Compton-thick QSO. The source is not resolved in our data at a resolution of $\sim$0.75 ... More
Molecular outflow and feedback in the obscured Quasar XID2028 revealed by ALMADec 12 2017Jan 31 2018We imaged with ALMA and ARGOS/LUCI the molecular gas and the dust and stellar continuum in XID2028, an obscured QSO at z=1.593, where the presence of a massive outflow in the ionized gas component traced by the [O III]5007 emission has been resolved up ... More
Characterization of polarimetric and total intensity behaviour of a complete sample of PACO radio sources in the radio bandsNov 15 2017We present high sensitivity ($\sigma_P \simeq 0.6\,$mJy) polarimetric observations in seven bands, from $2.1$ to $38\,$GHz, of a complete sample of $104$ compact extragalactic radio sources brighter than $200\,$mJy at $20\,$GHz. Polarization measurements ... More
Molecular gas and nuclear activity in early-type galaxies: any link with radio-loudness?Dec 02 2014Aims. We want to study the amount of molecular gas in a sample of nearby early-type galaxies (ETGs) which host low-luminosity Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN). We look for possible differences between the radio-loud (RL) and radio-quiet (RQ) AGN. Methods. ... More
Quantum dynamics of nuclear spins and spin relaxation in organic semiconductorsJul 06 2016We investigate the role of the nuclear spin quantum dynamics in hyperfine-induced spin relaxation of hopping carriers in organic semiconductors. The fast hopping regime with a small carrier spin precession during a waiting time between hops is typical ... More
Two-dimensional model of intrinsic magnetic flux losses in helical flux compression generatorsSep 25 2012Helical Flux Compression Generators (HFCG) are used for generation of mega-amper current and high magnetic fields. We propose the two dimensional HFCG filament model based on the new description of the stator and armature contact point. The model developed ... More
Realistic model of correlated disorder and Anderson localizationApr 01 1999A conducting 1D chain or 2D film inside (or on the surface of) an insulator is considered. Impurities displace the charges inside the insulator. This results in a long-range fluctuating electric field acting on the conducting line (plane). This field ... More
Double resonant processes in $χ^{(2)}$ nonlinear periodic mediaAug 07 2000In a one-dimensional periodic nonlinear $\chi^{(2)}$ medium, by choosing a proper material and geometrical parameters of the structure, it is possible to obtain two matching conditions for simultaneous generation of second and third harmonics. This leads ... More
A remark on the Dixmier ConjectureNov 30 2018The Dixmier Conjecture says that every endomorphism of the (first) Weyl algebra $A_1$ (over a field of characteristic zero) is an automorphism, i.e., if $PQ-QP=1$ for some $P, Q \in A_1$ then $A_1 = K \langle P, Q \rangle$. The Weyl algebra $A_1$ is a ... More
Neutron Diffraction and Optics of a Noncentrosymmetric Crystal. New Feasibility of a Search for Neutron EDMApr 25 2005May 03 2005Recently strong electric fields (up to 10^9 V/cm) have been discovered, which affect the neutrons moving in noncentrosymmetric crystals. Such fields allow new polarization phenomena in neutron diffraction and optics and provide, for instance, a new feasibility ... More
On the irreducible representation algebra of the alternating group of degree fourOct 05 2010We obtain a description of the irreducible representation algebra of the alternating group of degree four over the ring of 2-adic integers.
On Participants Number Fluctuations for Given Centrality AA-Interactions in the Classical Glauber ApproachFeb 14 2007In the framework of the classical Glauber approach the exact analytical expression for the variance of the number of participants (wounded nucleons) for given centrality AA interactions is presented. It's shown, that in the case of nucleus-nucleus collisions ... More
Time dynamics in chaotic many-body systems: can chaos destroy a quantum computer?Nov 15 1999Highly excited many-particle states in quantum systems (nuclei, atoms, quantum dots, spin systems, quantum computers) can be ``chaotic'' superpositions of mean-field basis states (Slater determinants, products of spin or qubit states). This is a result ... More
Predictions of chiral perturbation theory for Compton scattering off protonsMay 24 2009We compute the Compton scattering off the nucleons in the framework of manifestly covariant baryon chiral perturbation theory (B$\chi$PT). The results for observables differ substantially from the corresponding calculations in heavy-baryon chiral perturbation ... More
Analysis of network by generalized mutual entropiesSep 06 2007Generalized mutual entropy is defined for networks and applied for analysis of complex network structures. The method is tested for the case of computer simulated scale free networks, random networks, and their mixtures. The possible applications for ... More
Generalized entropies and open random and scale-free networksSep 13 2007We propose the concept of open network as an arbitrary selection of nodes of a large unknown network. Using the hypothesis that information of the whole network structure can be extrapolated from an arbitrary set of its nodes, we use Renyi mutual entropies ... More
Properties of the quark-antiquark-gluon Fock state in the η_c mesonJan 29 2012In this paper the twist-3 distribution amplitude of the quark-antiquark-gluon Fock state in the \eta_c meson is studied. To calculate the moments of this distribution amplitude QCD sum rules is applied. Using the results of the calculation the model of ... More
An analogue of Hilbert's Syzygy Theorem for the algebra of one-sided inverses of a polynomial algebraJun 02 2010Apr 01 2011An analogue of Hilbert's Syzygy Theorem is proved for the algebra $\mS_n (A)$ of one-sided inverses of the polynomial algebra $A[x_1, ..., x_n]$ over an arbitrary ring $A$: $$ \lgldim (\mS_n(A))= \lgldim (A) +n.$$ The algebra $\mS_n(A)$ is noncommutative, ... More
Spontaneous creation of chromomagnetic field and A_0-condensate at high temperature on a latticeNov 19 2007In a lattice formulation of SU(2)-gluodynamics, the spontaneous generation of chromomagnetic fields at high temperature is investigated. A procedure to determine this phenomenon is developed. By means of the $\chi^2$-analysis of the data set accumulating ... More
Two-stream Instability in Pulsar MagnetospheresApr 24 2002Creation of electron-positron pairs near the pulsar surface and the parameters of plasma in pulsar magnetospheres are discussed. It is argued that the pair creation process is nonstationary, and the pair plasma that flows out from the pulsar environment ... More
Thermalization of neutrons at ultracold nanoparticles to the energy range of ultracold neutronsMar 11 2005Two hypothesizes concerning interaction of neutrons with nanoparticles and having applications in the physics of ultracold neutron (UCN) were recently considered in ref. [Physics of Atomic Nuclei 65(3): 400 (2002)]; they were motivated by the experimental ... More
High-order optical processes: towards nonperturbative nonlinear opticsApr 29 2015We develop an approach describing nonlinear-optical processes in the strong-field domain characterized by the nonperturbative field-with-matter interaction. The polarization of an isolated atom in the external field calculated via the numerical solution ... More
Construction of separately continuous functions of $n$ variables with given restrictionFeb 01 2016It is solved the problem on construction of separately continuous functions on product of $n$ topological spaces with given restriction. In particular, it is shown that for every topological space $X$ and $n-1$ Baire class function $g:X\to \mathbb R$ ... More
Baire classification of separately continuous functions and Namioka propertyJan 20 2016We prove the following two results. 1. If $X$ is a completely regular space such that for every topological space $Y$ each separately continuous function $f:X\times Y\to\mathbb R$ is of the first Baire class, then every Lindel\"of subspace of $X$ bijectively ... More
Lebesgue measurability of separately continuous functions and separabilityDec 23 2015It is studied a connection between the separability and the countable chain condition of spaces with the $L$-property (a topological space $X$ has the $L$-property if for every topological space $Y$, separately continuous function $f:X\times Y\to\mathbb ... More
Construction of separately continuous functions with given restrictionJan 29 2016It is solved the problem on constructed of separately continuous functions on product of two topological spaces with given restriction. In particular, it is shown that for every topological space $X$ and first Baire class function $g:X\to \bf R$ there ... More
Separate continuity topology and a generalization of Sierpinski's theoremJan 27 2016The separately continuity topology is considered and some its properties are investigated. With help of these properties a generalization of Sierpinski theorem on determination of real separately continuous function by its values on an arbitrary dense ... More
Spin-charge separation and Kondo effect in transport through a 1D Mott-Hubbard insulatorMay 19 2011We study low energy spin and charge transport through a 1D Mott-Hubbard insulator of finite length $L$ attached to Fermi liquid reservoirs characterized by different chemical potentials for electrons of opposite spin polarizations as it happens in quantum ... More
Alternative set of defining constants for redefinition of four SI unitsJul 08 2016We discuss different sets of defining constants, fixed values of which are considered in connection with the transition to new definitions of four SI units (the kilogram, the mole, the ampere, and the kelvin). The notion of constant's order in a given ... More
Residual HCRF Rotation relative to the Inertial Coordinate SystemFeb 28 2015VLBI measurements of the absolute proper motions of 23 radio stars have been collected from published data. These are stars with maser emission, or very young stars, or asymptotic-giant-branch stars. By comparing these measurements with the stellar proper ... More
The proper characteristics of frame reference as a 4-invariantsJun 02 2015The paper derived 4-dimensional equation for the proper characteristics of the rigid frame of reference. From these conditions it follows the laws of motion of its proper tetrad and inverse kinematics equation, i. e., differential equations, which solves ... More
Energy and system-size dependence of the Chiral Magnetic EffectNov 25 2010The energy dependence of the local ${\cal P}$ and ${\cal CP}$ violation in Au+Au and Cu+Cu collisions in a large energy range is estimated within a simple phenomenological model. It is expected that at LHC the chiral magnetic effect will be about 20 times ... More
Weakly left localizable ringsAug 24 2014A new class of rings, {\em the class of weakly left localizable rings}, is introduced. A ring $R$ is called {\em weakly left localizable} if each non-nilpotent element of $R$ is invertible in some left localization $S^{-1}R$ of the ring $R$. Explicit ... More
An analogue of the Conjecture of Dixmier is true for the algebra of polynomial integro-differential operatorsNov 12 2010Let $A_1:=K\langle x, \frac{d}{dx} \rangle$ be the Weyl algebra and $\mI_1:= K\langle x, \frac{d}{dx}, \int \rangle$ be the algebra of polynomial integro-differential operators over a field $K$ of characteristic zero. The Conjecture/Problem of Dixmier ... More
Lie algebras of triangular polynomial derivations and an isomorphism criterion for their Lie factor algebrasApr 22 2012Nov 11 2012The ideals of the Lie algebras of unitriangular polynomial derivations are classified. An isomorphism criterion is given for the Lie factor algebras of the Lie algebras of unitriangular polynomial derivations.
Ion-Acoustic Solitons in Bi-Ion Dusty PlasmaDec 02 2008The propagation of ion-acoustic solitons in a warm dusty plasma containing two ion species is investigated theoretically. Using an approach based on the Korteveg-de-Vries equation, it is shown that the critical value of the negative ion density that separates ... More
Energy loss by the arbitrary moving charged particle in classical electrodynamicsJan 02 2013Jan 18 2013The energy-impulse flow of electromagnetic field, produced by the arbitrary moving charged particle, through the sphere of large radius is calculated. The result formulae are used in problem of radiation produced by hyperbolically moving particle and ... More
Hydrodynamic view in the NICA energy rangeSep 14 2008Results for penetrating probes treated within a hybrid hydro-kinetic model are projected onto the energy range covered by the NICA and FAIR projects. A new source of dileptons emitted from a mixed quark-hadron phase, quark-hadron bremsstrahlung, is proposed. ... More
The non-perturbative equation of state for gluon matterDec 01 2007In order to derive equation of state for the pure SU(3) Yang-Mills fields from first principles, it is proposed to generalize the effective potential approach for composite operators to non-zero temperatures. It is essentially non-perturbative by construction, ... More
On algebraic structure of matter spectrumAug 04 2016An algebraic structure of matter spectrum is studied. It is shown that a base mathematical construction, lying in the ground of matter spectrum (introduced by Heisenberg) , is a two-level Hilbert space. Two-level structure of the Hilbert space is defined ... More
Log Adjunction: effectiveness and positivityAug 23 2013This is a first instalment of much larger work about relations between birational geometry and moduli of triples. The extraction of work is mainly related to Theorem 6. It is a weak version of Kawamata's Conjecture 1 and an important technical step toward ... More
Zeta2(s1,s2),Zeta3(s1,s2,s3):Integral Expressions and ApproximatesJul 03 2012For the multiple zeta function zeta2(s1,s2) of two variables,we obtain its integral representation(involving product of Hurwitz zeta functions) over the interval [1,infinity),with respect to second variable of Hurwitz zeta function and also obtain a good ... More
Normal zone propagation along superconducting films deposited on wide substratesMar 06 2007The propagation of a normal zone in a long superconducting film on a dielectric or conducting substrate is analyzed analytically. The obtained expressions for the propagation velocity allow one to analyze the effect of the thermal resistance between the ... More
Thermal state of superconducting films on wide substratesJul 05 2006The stationary thermal state and propagation of a normal zone in a long superconducting film on a wide substrate are analyzed analytically. Expressions describing voltage-current characteristics and temperature-current dependence of the film are derived ... More
Some recent results in calculating the Casimir energy at zero and finite temperatureNov 01 2002The survey summarizes briefly the results obtained recently in the Casimir effect studies considering the following subjects: i) account of the material characteristics of the media and their influence on the vacuum energy (for example, dilute dielectric ... More
Breaking a "poor man" RG approach in the Luttinger liquid with one impurityApr 16 2016The method of summation of infrared logarithms for reflection coefficient in one-dimensional channel with impurity is suggested. The method is based on the original formulation of Gell-Mann-Low renormalization group. On the level of 2 loops results are ... More
Vector field and rotational curves in dark galactic halosApr 09 2004May 17 2004We study equations of a non-gauge vector field in a spherically symmetric static metric. The constant vector field with a scale arrangement of components: the time component about the Planck mass m_{Pl} and the radial component about M suppressed with ... More
Acceleration parameter of the Universe expansion and cosmological equation of stateAug 08 2003Nov 14 2003This paper has been withdrawn by the author, due an error in Eq.(4.4), wherein a term of cosmological constant added into a theory of gravitation by Ref.[8], in which such the term is truly forbidden.
Gold-plated Mode of CP-Violation in Decays of B_c Meson from QCD Sum RulesFeb 26 2003The model-independent method based on the triangle ideology is implemented to extract the CKM-matrix angle gamma in the decays of doubly heavy long-lived meson B_c. We analyze a color structure of diagrams and conditions to reconstruct two reference-triangles ... More
Hard approximation in two-particle hadronic decays of B_c at large recoilsMay 31 1996Oct 08 2001The two-particle decays of B_c^+ to psi pi^+(rho^+) and B_c^+ to eta_c pi^+(rho^+) are considered in a way taking into account a soft binding of quarks in the heavy quarkonia and a hard gluon exchange between the constituents at large recoil momenta of ... More
f_B^{stat} and μ_π^2 in quasiclassical approximation of sum rulesFeb 21 1996In the framework of sum rules with a use of quarkonium mass spectrum, evaluated in the quasiclassical approximation, estimates of leptonic constant $f_B^{stat}\simeq 320\pm 60$ MeV in a static limit and for the average heavy quark momentum squared $\mu_\pi^2 ... More
Alpha_s from spectroscopy of psi- and Upsilon-particles in QCD sum rulesSep 13 1994In a specific scheme of the QCD sum rules, one gives the estimate of $\alpha_S\simeq 0.20$ from the data on the masses and leptonic constants of $\psi$- and $\Upsilon$-particles.
Scaling Properties of $S$-wave Level Density for Heavy Quarkonium from QCD Sum RulesJul 26 1994In the framework of a specific scheme of the QCD sum rules for $S$-wave levels of the heavy quarkonium, one derives an expression, relating the energetic density of quarkonium states and universal characteristics in the heavy quarkonium physics, such ... More
Quantum black hole and Hawking radiation at microscopic magnifyingJun 01 2005We establish a state of stopping the Hawking radiation by quantum Schwarzschild black hole in the framework of quasi-classical thermal quantization for particles behind the horizon. The mechanism of absorption and radiation by the black hole is presented. ... More
Ghost condensate model of flat rotation curvesJun 22 2004Jul 05 2004An effective action of ghost condensate with higher derivatives creates a source of gravity and mimics a dark matter in spiral galaxies. We present a spherically symmetric static solution of Einstein--Hilbert equations with the ghost condensate at large ... More
Decays of the B_c mesonAug 21 2003We summarize theoretical predictions on the decays of B_c meson.
Strong CP theta-problem in QCD and local gluon condensateApr 07 2003Jun 12 2003We calculate the contribution of local gluon condensate into the quadratic theta-term of vacuum energy and discuss its application to the study of axion mass.
Neutrino masses and Z' physicsDec 14 1998The characteristic scale of neutral current, provided by an extension of Standard Model with a local group over the right-handed fermions, determines the smallness of neutrino masses of Dirac kind. The experimental observation of neutrino oscillations ... More
Hidden scale dependence in renormalonJul 06 1995In the framework of renormalon consideration, a role of the anomalous dependence of gluon propagator on the scale $\mu$ is shown for a large number of quark flavours as well as in the nonabelian theory, where the parameter of the "running" coupling constant ... More
Upper bounds on the relative energy difference of pure and mixed Gaussian states with a fixed fidelityDec 10 2011Exact and approximate formulas for the upper bound of the relative energy difference of two Gaussian states with the fixed fidelity between them are derived. The reciprocal formulas for the upper bound of the fidelity for the fixed value of the relative ... More
One-dimensional Schrödinger operators with singular periodic potentialsMay 07 2008Jul 06 2016We study the one-dimensional Schr\"odinger operators $$ S(q)u:=-u"+q(x)u,\quad u\in \mathrm{Dom}\left(S(q)\right), $$ with $1$-periodic real-valued singular potentials $q(x)\in H_{\operatorname{per}}^{-1}(\mathbb{R},\mathbb{R})$ on the Hilbert space $L_{2}\left(\mathbb{R}\right)$. ... More
A_2 Macdonald polynomials: a separation of variablesDec 04 1995In this paper we construct a discrete linear operator $K$ which transforms $A_2$ Macdonald polynomials into the product of two basic $3\phi_2$ hypergeometric series with known arguments. The action of the operator $K$ on power sums in two variables can ... More
Recursive technique for evaluation of Feynman diagramsJul 05 2004Jul 13 2005A method is presented in which matrix elements for some processes are calculated recursively. This recursive calculational technique is based on the method of basis spinors.
Leptonic Decays of Mesons in a Poincare- Covariant of a Quark ModelDec 09 1999Using a relativistic constituent quark model based on point form of relativistic quantum mechanics with given set of degrees of freedom we investigate electroweak decays of the pion and rho mesons. All free parameters of quark model (the mass u(d) -quark ... More
Asymmetries in Asymptotic 3-fold Properties of Ergodic ActionsFeb 04 2014Feb 10 2014We present: 1) a mixing $Z ^ 2$-action with the following asymmetry of multiple mixing property: for some commuting measure-preserving transformations $S$, $T$ and a sequence $n_j$ $$ \lim_{j\to \infty}\mu(A\bigcap S^{-n_j}A\bigcap T^{-n_j}A)=\mu(A)^3$$ ... More
On Mixing of Staircase TransformationsAug 17 2011We prove the mixing for all staircase transformations satisfied the conditions $r_j/h_j\to 0$ + $r_j\to\infty$.
Chacon's Type Ergodic Transformations with Unbounded Arithmetic SpacersNov 18 2013Dec 02 2013The following generalizations of the Chacon map are proposed: instead of classical constant spacer sequence $(0,1,0)$ let a sequence $(0,s_j,0)$ be one with unbounded $s_j$. (We mention also an analogue of the historical Chacon map with spacer sequences ... More