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An adaptive fast multipole accelerated Poisson solver for complex geometriesOct 04 2016We present a fast, direct and adaptive Poisson solver for complex two-dimensional geometries based on potential theory and fast multipole acceleration. More precisely, the solver relies on the standard decomposition of the solution as the sum of a volume ... More
The Vev Flip-Flop: Dark Matter Decay between Weak Scale Phase TransitionsAug 26 2016We propose a new alternative to the Weakly Interacting Massive Particle (WIMP) paradigm for dark matter. Rather than being determined by thermal freeze-out, the dark matter abundance in this scenario is set by dark matter decay, which is allowed for a ... More
Minimal Atomic ComplexesJun 07 2002Hu, Kriz and May recently reexamined ideas implicit in Priddy's elegant homotopy theoretic construction of the Brown-Peterson spectrum at a prime p. They discussed May's notions of nuclear complexes and of cores of spaces, spectra, and commutative S-algebras. ... More
Necessary conditions for steerability of two qubits, from consideration of local operationsJun 11 2019EPR-steering refers to the ability of one observer to convince a distant observer that they share entanglement by making local measurements. Determining which states allow a demonstration of EPR-steering remains an open problem in general, even for the ... More
Necessary conditions for steerability of two qubits, from consideration of local operationsJun 11 2019Jul 19 2019EPR-steering refers to the ability of one observer to convince a distant observer that they share entanglement by making local measurements. Determining which states allow a demonstration of EPR-steering remains an open problem in general. Here, we outline ... More
Experimental study of inertial particles clustering and settling in homogeneous turbulenceDec 10 2018We study experimentally the spatial distribution, settling, and interaction of sub-Kolmogorov inertial particles with homogeneous turbulence. Utilizing a zero-mean-flow air turbulence chamber, we drop size-selected solid particles and study their dynamics ... More
Grid Diagrams and Legendrian Lens Space LinksApr 18 2008Grid diagrams encode useful geometric information about knots in S^3. In particular, they can be used to combinatorially define the knot Floer homology of a knot K in S^3, and they have a straightforward connection to Legendrian representatives of K in ... More
Transformation formulae for multivariable basic hypergeometric seriesMar 30 1998We study multivariable (bilateral) basic hypergeometric series associated with (type $A$) Macdonald polynomials. We derive several transformation and summation properties for such series including analogues of Heine's ${}_2\phi_1$ transformation, the ... More
The Calogero-Sutherland Model and Polynomials with Prescribed SymmetrySep 26 1996The Schr\"odinger operators with exchange terms for certain Calogero-Sutherland quantum many body systems have eigenfunctions which factor into the symmetric ground state and a multivariable polynomial. The polynomial can be chosen to have a prescribed ... More
Cluster algebras are Cox ringsJul 18 2017It was recently shown by Gross, Hacking, and Keel that, in the absence of frozen indices, a cluster A-variety with generic coefficients is the universal torsor of the corresponding cluster X-variety with corresponding coefficients. We extend this to allow ... More
Cartan's incomplete classification and an explicit ambient metric of holonomy $\mathrm{G}_2^*$Nov 26 2014Aug 22 2017In his 1910 "Five Variables" paper, Cartan solved the equivalence problem for the geometry of $(2, 3, 5)$ distributions and in doing so demonstrated an intimate link between this geometry and the exceptional simple Lie groups of type $\textrm{G}_2$. He ... More
Theta bases and log Gromov-Witten invariants of cluster varietiesMar 07 2019Jul 31 2019Using heuristics from mirror symmetry, combinations of Gross, Hacking, Keel, Kontsevich, and Siebert have given combinatorial constructions of canonical bases of "theta functions" on the coordinate rings of various log Calabi-Yau spaces, including cluster ... More
Fano mirror periods from the Frobenius structure conjectureMar 28 2019The Fano classification program proposed by Coates-Corti-Galkin-Golyshev-Kasprzyk is based on the mirror symmetry prediction that the regularized quantum period of a Fano should be equivalent to the classical period of its mirror Landau-Ginzburg potential. ... More
Rapid Bayesian inference for expensive stochastic modelsSep 14 2019Almost all fields of science rely upon statistical inference to estimate unknown parameters in theoretical and computational models. While the performance of modern computer hardware continues to grow, the computational requirements for the simulation ... More
Deformations of algebras in noncommutative geometryDec 05 2012Mar 22 2015These are significantly expanded lecture notes for the author's minicourse at MSRI in June 2012. In these notes, we give an example-motivated review of the deformation theory of associative algebras in terms of the Hochschild cochain complex as well as ... More
Are there really two different Bell's theorems?Mar 17 2015This is a polemical response to Howard Wiseman's recent paper, "The two Bell's theorems of John Bell". Wiseman argues that, in 1964, Bell established a conflict between the quantum mechanical predictions and the joint assumptions of determinism and (what ... More
Supergravity Backgrounds for Four-Dimensional Maximally Supersymmetric Yang-MillsSep 19 2016In this note, we describe supersymmetric backgrounds for the four-dimensional maximally supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory. As an extension of the method of Festuccia and Seiberg to sixteen supercharges in four dimensions, we utilize the coupling of the ... More
Equivariant slices for symplectic conesJan 14 2015The Darboux-Weinstein decomposition is a central result in the theory of Poisson (degenerate symplectic) varieties, which gives a local decomposition at a point as a product of the formal neighborhood of the symplectic leaf through the point and a formal ... More
Characterizations of Ordered Self-adjoint Operator SpacesAug 25 2015In this paper, we generalize the work of Werner and others to develop two abstract characterizations for self-adjoint operator spaces. The corresponding abstract objects can be represented as self-adjoint subspaces of $B(H)$ in such a way that both a ... More
Classification of Rank 2 Cluster VarietiesJul 23 2014May 27 2019We classify rank $2$ cluster varieties (those for which the span of the rows of the exchange matrix is $2$-dimensional) according to the deformation type of a generic fiber $U$ of their ${\mathcal X}$-spaces, as defined by Fock and Goncharov [Ann. Sci. ... More
Homogeneous Real (2,3,5) Distributions with IsotropyJul 08 2018Feb 04 2019We classify multiply transitive homogeneous real (2,3,5) distributions up to local diffeomorphism equivalence.
The mass of the black hole in LMC X-3Aug 02 2016New high resolution, optical spectroscopy of the high mass X-ray binary LMC X-3, shows the spectral type of the donor star changes with phase due to irradiation by the X-ray source. We find the spectral type is likely to be B5V, and only appears as B3V ... More
From physical assumptions to classical and quantum Hamiltonian and Lagrangian particle mechanicsFeb 23 2017The aim of this work is to show that particle mechanics, both classical and quantum, Hamiltonian and Lagrangian, can be derived from few simple physical assumptions. Assuming deterministic and reversible time evolution will give us a dynamical system ... More
Dynamic Freeze-In: Impact of Thermal Masses and Cosmological Phase Transitions on Dark Matter ProductionDec 11 2017Mar 12 2018The cosmological abundance of dark matter can be significantly influenced by the temperature dependence of particle masses and vacuum expectation values. We illustrate this point in three simple freeze-in models. The first one, which we call kinematically ... More
AI Predicts Independent Construction Safety Outcomes from Universal AttributesAug 16 2019This paper significantly improves on, and finishes to validate, the approach proposed in "Application of Machine Learning to Construction Injury Prediction" (Tixier et al. 2016 [1]). Like in the original study, we use NLP to extract fundamental attributes ... More
Random matrix ensembles with an effective extensive external chargeMar 30 1998Recent theoretical studies of chaotic scattering have encounted ensembles of random matrices in which the eigenvalue probability density function contains a one-body factor with an exponent proportional to the number of eigenvalues. Two such ensembles ... More
High-pT Signatures in Vector-Leptoquark ModelsJan 29 2019Apr 16 2019We present a detailed analysis of the collider signatures of TeV-scale massive vector bosons motivated by the hints of lepton flavour non-universality observed in $B$-meson decays. We analyse three representations that necessarily appear together in a ... More
Automatically Learning Construction Injury Precursors from TextJul 26 2019In light of the increasing availability of digitally recorded safety reports in the construction industry, it is important to develop methods to exploit these data to improve our understanding of safety incidents and ability to learn from them. In this ... More
Government as Network Catalyst: Preferential Attachment in the High-Technology SectorJul 30 2019Governments have long standing interests in preventing market failures and enhancing innovation in strategic industries. Public policy regarding domestic technology is critical to both national security and economic prosperity. Governments often seek ... More
Realistic On-The-Fly Outcomes of Planetary Collisions: Machine Learning Applied to Simulations of Giant ImpactsMar 11 2019Planet formation simulations are capable of directly integrating the evolution of hundreds to thousands of planetary embryos and planetesimals, as they accrete pairwise to become planets. In principle such investigations allow us to better understand ... More
Assembling Omnitigs using Hidden-Order de Bruijn GraphsMay 14 2018De novo DNA assembly is a fundamental task in Bioinformatics, and finding Eulerian paths on de Bruijn graphs is one of the dominant approaches to it. In most of the cases, there may be no one order for the de Bruijn graph that works well for assembling ... More
A Unified Framework for Sparse Relaxed Regularized Regression: SR3Jul 14 2018Nov 08 2018Regularized regression problems are ubiquitous in statistical modeling, signal processing, and machine learning. Sparse regression in particular has been instrumental in scientific model discovery, including compressed sensing applications, variable selection, ... More
Embedding Complexity In the Data Representation Instead of In the Model: A Case Study Using Heterogeneous Medical DataFeb 12 2018Electronic Health Records have become popular sources of data for secondary research, but their use is hampered by the amount of effort it takes to overcome the sparsity, irregularity, and noise that they contain. Modern learning architectures can remove ... More
Extended UV Disks and UV-Bright Disks in Low-Mass E/S0 GalaxiesNov 03 2011We have identified 15 XUV disks in a largely field sample of 38 E/S0 galaxies with stellar masses primarily below ~4 x 10^10 M_sun and comparable numbers on the red and blue sequences. We use a new purely quantitative XUV disk definition requiring UV ... More
A theorem of Bombieri-Vinogradov type with few exceptional moduliMay 29 2019If a set S of pairwise coprime moduli q, less than x^(9/40), is considered, one obtains the expected behavior for primes up to x in arithmetic progressions mod q, except for a subset of S whose cardinality is bounded by a power of log x.
On the homology of regular quotientsMay 09 2013We construct a free resolution of $R/I^s$ over $R$ where $I\ideal R$ is generated by a (finite or infinite) regular sequence. This generalizes the Koszul complex for the case $s=1$. For $s>1$, we easily deduce that the algebra structure of $\Tor^R_*(R/I,R/I^s)$ ... More
Primes in arithmetic progressions to spaced moduli.IIIFeb 10 2016We obtain the analog of the Bombieri-Vinogradov theorem for square moduli up to any power of x less than 1/2.
Characteristics for $E_\infty$ ring spectraMay 14 2014Jun 01 2017We introduce a notion of characteristic for connective $p$-local $E_\infty$ ring spectra and study some basic properties. Apart from examples already pointed out by Markus Szymik, we investigate some examples built from Hopf invariant $1$ elements in ... More
Digit frequencies and self-affine sets with non-empty interiorJan 24 2017In this paper we study digit frequencies in the setting of expansions in non-integer bases, and self-affine sets with non-empty interior. Within expansions in non-integer bases we show that if $\beta\in(1,1.787\ldots)$ then every $x\in(0,\frac{1}{\beta-1})$ ... More
Frobenius Green functorsAug 08 2012Oct 11 2015These notes provide an informal introduction to a type of Mackey functor that arises naturally in algebraic topology in connection with Morava $K$-theory of classifying spaces of finite groups. The main aim is to identify key algebraic aspects of the ... More
Isogenies of supersingular elliptic curves over finite fields and operations in elliptic cohomologyDec 12 2007We investigate stable operations in supersingular elliptic cohomology using isogenies of supersingular elliptic curves over finite fields. Our main results provide a framework in which we give a conceptually simple proof of an elliptic cohomology version ... More
The Conjugacy Problem for Higman's GroupFeb 16 2019In 1951, Higman constructed a remarkable group $$H=\left\langle a,b,c,d \, \left| \, b^a = b^2, c^b = c^2, d^c = d^2, a^d = a^2 \right. \right\rangle$$ and used it to produce the first examples of infinite simple groups. By studying fixed points of certain ... More
Approximation properties of $β$-expansionsSep 09 2014Let $\beta\in(1,2)$ and $x\in [0,\frac{1}{\beta-1}]$. We call a sequence $(\epsilon_{i})_{i=1}^\infty\in\{0,1\}^{\mathbb{N}}$ a $\beta$-expansion for $x$ if $x=\sum_{i=1}^{\infty}\epsilon_{i}\beta^{-i}$. We call a finite sequence $(\epsilon_{i})_{i=1}^{n}\in\{0,1\}^{n}$ ... More
Application of some new heavy-tailed survival distributionsDec 02 2014Some new survival distributions are introduced based on a generalised exponential function. This class of distributions includes heavy-tailed generalisations of exponential, Weibull and gamma distributions. Properties of the distributions are described, ... More
$\mathcal{E}_\infty$ ring spectra and elements of Hopf invariant $1$Mar 19 2015Apr 16 2017The $2$-primary Hopf invariant $1$ elements in the stable homotopy groups of spheres form the most accessible family of elements. In this paper we explore some properties of the $\mathcal{E}_\infty$ ring spectra obtained from certain iterated mapping ... More
$BP$: Close encounters of the $E_\infty$ kindApr 22 2012Jul 29 2013Inspired by Stewart Priddy's cellular model for the $p$-local Brown-Peterson spectrum $BP$, we give a construction of a $p$-local $E_\infty$ ring spectrum $R$ which is a close approximation to $BP$. Indeed we can show that if $BP$ admits an $E_\infty$ ... More
Equidistribution and the shrinking target problem for sequences of polynomialsMay 31 2019Jun 06 2019Let $(f_n)_{n=1}^{\infty}$ be a sequence of polynomials and $\alpha>1$. In this paper we study the distribution of the sequence $(f_n(\alpha))_{n=1}^{\infty}$ modulo one. We give sufficient conditions for a sequence $(f_n)_{n=1}^{\infty}$ to ensure that ... More
Characterizations of ordered operator spacesAug 02 2016Mar 15 2017We demonstrate new abstract characterizations for unital and non-unital operator spaces. We characterize unital operator spaces in terms of the cone of accretive operators (operators whose real part is positive). Defining the gauge of an operator $T \in ... More
A rigged configuration model for $B(\infty)$Apr 25 2014Feb 12 2015We describe a combinatorial realization of the crystals $B(\infty)$ and $B(\lambda)$ using rigged configurations in all symmetrizable Kac-Moody types up to certain conditions. This includes all simply-laced types and all non-simply-laced finite and affine ... More
Invariants of Hamiltonian flow on locally complete intersectionsJan 20 2014Jun 24 2016We consider the Hamiltonian flow on complex complete intersection surfaces with isolated singularities, equipped with the Jacobian Poisson structure. More generally we consider complete intersections of arbitrary dimension equipped with Hamiltonian flow ... More
Hamel Spaces and Distal ExpansionsNov 30 2018In this note, we construct a distal expansion for the structure $(\mathbb{R}; +,<,H)$, where $H\subseteq \mathbb{R}$ is a dense $\mathbb{Q}$-vector space basis of $\mathbb{R}$ (a so-called Hamel basis). Our construction is also an expansion of the dense ... More
Cold Gas in Blue-Sequence E/S0s: Galaxies in TransitionAug 20 2009We examine the HI+H_2 content of blue-sequence E/S0s -- a recently identified population of galaxies that are morphologically early type, but reside alongside spiral galaxies in color vs. stellar mass space. We test the idea that the majority of low-to-intermediate ... More
Gas Mass Fractions and Star Formation in Blue-Sequence E/S0 GalaxiesNov 11 2009Recent work has identified a population of low-redshift E/S0 galaxies that lie on the blue sequence in color vs. stellar mass parameter space, where spiral galaxies typically reside. While high-mass blue-sequence E/S0s often resemble young merger or interaction ... More
Universally and existentially definable subsets of global fieldsSep 30 2016Apr 17 2018We show that rings of $S$-integers of a global function field $K$ of odd characteristic are first-order universally definable in $K$. This extends work of Koenigsmann and Park who showed the same for $\mathbb{Z}$ in $\mathbb{Q}$ and the ring of integers ... More
Necessary Condition for Steerability of Arbitrary Two-Qubit States with LossOct 31 2017Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen steering refers to the quantum phenomenon whereby the state of a system held by one party can be "steered" into different states at the will of another, distant, party by performing different local measurements. Although steering ... More
Kostka polynomials from nilpotent cones and Springer fiber cohomologySep 08 2015We prove a conjecture which expresses the bigraded Poisson-de Rham homology of the nilpotent cone of a semisimple Lie algebra in terms of the generalized (one-variable) Kostka polynomials, via a formula suggested by Lusztig. This can be viewed as a bigrading ... More
Characterizations of ordered operator spacesAug 02 2016We demonstrate new abstract characterizations for unital and non-unital operator spaces. We characterize unital operator spaces in terms of the cone of accretive operators (operators whose real part is positive). Defining the gauge of an operator $T \in ... More
Kirillov-Reshetikhin crystals $B^{1,s}$ for $\widehat{\mathfrak{sl}}_n$ using Nakajima monomialsOct 28 2016Jul 08 2019We give a realization of the Kirillov--Reshetikhin crystal $B^{1,s}$ using Nakajima monomials for $\widehat{\mathfrak{sl}}_n$ using the crystal structure given by Kashiwara. We describe the tensor product $\bigotimes_{i=1}^N B^{1,s_i}$ in terms of a shift ... More
High Resolution Medical Image Analysis with Spatial PartitioningSep 06 2019Sep 10 2019Medical images such as 3D computerized tomography (CT) scans and pathology images, have hundreds of millions or billions of voxels/pixels. It is infeasible to train CNN models directly on such high resolution images, because neural activations of a single ... More
On higher level Kirillov--Reshetikhin crystals, Demazure crystals, and related uniform modelsSep 09 2018Aug 27 2019We show that a tensor product of nonexceptional type Kirillov--Reshetikhin (KR) crystals is isomorphic to a direct sum of Demazure crystals; we do this in the mixed level case and without the perfectness assumption, thus generalizing a result of Naoi. ... More
Connecting marginally large tableaux and rigged configurations via crystalsMay 26 2015We show that the bijection from rigged configurations to tensor products of Kirillov-Reshetikhin crystals extends to a crystal isomorphism between the $B(\infty)$ models given by rigged configurations and marginally large tableaux.
A boundary integral equation approach to computing eigenvalues of the Stokes operatorApr 15 2019The eigenvalues and eigenfunctions of the Stokes operator have been the subject of intense analytical investigation and have applications in the study and simulation of the Navier-Stokes equations. As the Stokes operator is a fourth-order operator, computing ... More
High Resolution Medical Image Analysis with Spatial PartitioningSep 06 2019Sep 12 2019Medical images such as 3D computerized tomography (CT) scans and pathology images, have hundreds of millions or billions of voxels/pixels. It is infeasible to train CNN models directly on such high resolution images, because neural activations of a single ... More
Precise Infrared Radial Velocities from Keck/NIRSPEC and the Search for Young PlanetsFeb 01 2012We present a high-precision infrared radial velocity study of late-type stars using spectra obtained with NIRSPEC at the W. M. Keck Observatory. Radial velocity precisions of 50 m/s are achieved for old field mid-M dwarfs using telluric features for precise ... More
Coupling volume-excluding compartment-based models of diffusion at different scales: Voronoi and pseudo-compartment approachesMar 10 2016May 24 2016Numerous processes across both the physical and biological sciences are driven by diffusion. Partial differential equations (PDEs) are a popular tool for modelling such phenomena deterministically, but it is often necessary to use stochastic models to ... More
Reconciling transport models across scales: the role of volume exclusionJul 08 2015Diffusive transport is a universal phenomenon, throughout both biological and physical sciences, and models of diffusion are routinely used to interrogate diffusion-driven processes. However, most models neglect to take into account the role of volume ... More
Molecular Gas in NUclei of GAlaxies (NUGA). X. The Seyfert 2 galaxy NGC 3147Aug 08 2008We present CO(1-0) and CO(2-1) observations of the SA(rs)bc Seyfert 2 galaxy NGC 3147, obtained with the IRAM interferometer at 1\farcs9 $\times$1\farcs6 and 1\farcs6 $\times$1\farcs4 resolutions, respectively. A central peak seen mainly in CO(2-1) and ... More
Three-dimensional flow in Kupffer's VesicleJan 18 2016Whilst many vertebrates appear externally left-right symmetric, the arrangement of internal organs is asymmetric. In zebrafish, the breaking of left-right symmetry is organised by Kupffer's Vesicle (KV): an approximately spherical, fluid-filled structure ... More
Propagation Modeling Through Foliage in a Coniferous Forest at 28 GHzFeb 18 2019The goal of this article is to investigate the propagation behavior of 28-GHz millimeter wave in coniferous forests and model its basic transmission loss. Field measurements were conducted with a custom-designed sliding correlator sounder. Relevant foliage ... More
Mass production of volume phase holographic gratings for the VIRUS spectrograph arrayJul 28 2014The Visible Integral-field Replicable Unit Spectrograph (VIRUS) is a baseline array of 150 copies of a simple, fiber-fed integral field spectrograph that will be deployed on the Hobby-Eberly Telescope (HET). VIRUS is the first optical astronomical instrument ... More
Black-hole binaries, gravitational waves, and numerical relativityOct 25 2010Nov 27 2010Understanding the predictions of general relativity for the dynamical interactions of two black holes has been a long-standing unsolved problem in theoretical physics. Black-hole mergers are monumental astrophysical events, releasing tremendous amounts ... More
Extended Light in E/S0 Galaxies and Implications for Disk RebirthAug 28 2009The recent discovery of extended ultraviolet (XUV) disks around a large fraction of late-type galaxies provides evidence for unexpectedly large-scale disk building at recent epochs. Combining GALEX UV observations with deep optical and Spitzer IR imaging, ... More
Discovery of a Very Young Field L Dwarf, 2MASS J01415823-4633574Nov 15 2005While following up L dwarf candidates selected photometrically from the Two Micron All Sky Survey, we uncovered an unusual object designated 2MASS J01415823-4633574. Its optical spectrum exhibits very strong bands of vanadium oxide but abnormally weak ... More
Imaging the Fano Lattice to 'Hidden Order' Transition in URu2Si2Jun 28 2010Within a Kondo lattice, the strong hybridization between electrons localized in real space (r-space) and those delocalized in momentum-space (k-space) generates exotic electronic states called 'heavy fermions'. In URu2Si2 these effects begin at temperatures ... More
Radial Velocity Measurements of HR 8799 b and c with Medium Resolution SpectroscopySep 17 2019High-contrast medium resolution spectroscopy has been used to detect molecules such as water and carbon monoxide in the atmospheres of gas giant exoplanets. In this work, we show how it can be used to derive radial velocity (RV) measurements of directly ... More
Excitation Conditions in the Multi-component Submillimeter Galaxy SMM J00266+1708Nov 03 2014We present multiline CO observations of the complex submillimeter galaxy SMM J00266+1708. Using the Zpectrometer on the Green Bank Telescope, we provide the first precise spectroscopic measurement of its redshift (z=2.742). Based on followup CO(1-0), ... More
No fixed point guarantee of Nash equilibrium in quantum gamesSep 27 2016Nash equilibrium is not guaranteed in finite quantum games. In this letter, we revisit this fact using John Nash's original approach of countering sets and Kakutani's fixed point theorem. To the best of our knowledge, this mathematically formal approach ... More
High Spatial Resolution Thermal-Infrared Spectroscopy with ALES: Resolved Spectra of the Benchmark Brown Dwarf Binary HD 130948BCApr 16 2019We present 2.9-4.1 micron integral field spectroscopy of the L4+L4 brown dwarf binary HD 130948BC, obtained with the Arizona Lenslets for Exoplanet Spectroscopy (ALES) mode of the Large Binocular Telescope Interferometer (LBTI). The HD 130948 system is ... More
DECal: A Spectrophotometric Calibration System For DECamFeb 22 2013DECal is a new calibration system for the CTIO 4 m Blanco telescope. It is currently being installed as part of the Dark Energy Survey and will provide both broadband flat fields and narrowband (about 1 nm bandwidth) spectrophotometric calibration for ... More
Lung Cancer Detection using Co-learning from Chest CT Images and Clinical DemographicsFeb 21 2019Early detection of lung cancer is essential in reducing mortality. Recent studies have demonstrated the clinical utility of low-dose computed tomography (CT) to detect lung cancer among individuals selected based on very limited clinical information. ... More
Water Bridging Dynamics of Polymerase Chain Reaction in the Gauge Theory Paradigm of Quantum FieldsMar 29 2018We discuss the role of water bridging the DNA-enzyme interaction by resorting to recent results showing that London dispersion forces between delocalized electrons of base pairs of DNA are responsible for the formation of dipole modes that can be recognized ... More
New Experimental limit on Optical Photon Coupling to Neutral, Scalar BosonsJun 16 2008We report on the first results of a sensitive search for scalar coupling of photons to a light neutral boson in the mass range of approximately 1.0 milli-electron volts and coupling strength greater than 10$^-6$ GeV$^-1$ using optical photons. This was ... More
Binary black hole late inspiral: Simulations for gravitational wave observationsDec 19 2006Sep 08 2007Coalescing binary black hole mergers are expected to be the strongest gravitational wave sources for ground-based interferometers, such as the LIGO, VIRGO, and GEO600, as well as the space-based interferometer LISA. Until recently it has been impossible ... More
Two bifurcation sets arising from the beta transformation with a hole at $0$Apr 15 2019Given $\beta\in(1,2],$ the $\beta$-transformation $T_\beta: x\mapsto \beta x\pmod 1$ on the circle $[0, 1)$ with a hole $[0, t)$ was investigated by Kalle et al.~(2019). They described the set-valued bifurcation set \[ \mathcal E_\beta:=\{t\in[0, 1): ... More
On the cooperation algebra of the connective Adams summandJun 22 2005Jul 05 2005The aim of this paper is to gain explicit information about the multiplicative structure of l_*l, where l is the connective Adams summand. Our approach differs from Kane's or Lellmann's because our main technical tool is the MU-based Kuenneth spectral ... More
On the Adams Spectral Sequence for R-modulesMay 10 2001We discuss the Adams Spectral Sequence for R-modules based on commutative localized regular quotient ring spectra over a commutative S-algebra R in the sense of Elmendorf, Kriz, Mandell, May and Strickland. The formulation of this spectral sequence is ... More
Cannon-Thurston maps, subgroup distortion, and hyperbolic hydraSep 04 2012Jun 05 2018There is a family of hyperbolic groups known as hyperbolic hydra which contain heavily distorted free subgroups. We prove the existence of Cannon--Thurston maps (that is, maps of the boundaries induced by subgroup inclusion) for these free subgroups. ... More
Non-real eigenvalues of the Harmonic Oscillator perturbed by an odd, two-point $δ$-potentialJul 24 2019In this paper, we consider the perturbations of the Harmonic Oscillator Operator by an odd pair of point interactions: $z (\delta(x - b) - \delta(x + b))$. We study the spectrum by analyzing a convenient formula for the eigenvalue. We conclude that if ... More
A Certain p-Adic Spectral TheoremMar 19 2007We extend a p-adic spectral theorem of M. M. Vishik to a certain class of p-adic Banach algebras. This class includes inductive limits of finite-dimensional p-adic Banach algebras of the form B(X), where X is a finite-dimensional p-adic Banach space. ... More
Cannon-Thurston maps do not always existJun 04 2012Aug 13 2013We construct an example of a hyperbolic group with a hyperbolic subgroup for which the Cannon-Thurston map does not exist. That is, inclusion does not induce a map of the boundaries.
The Generalized Dehn PropertyJan 11 2019The Dehn property for a complex is that every non-trivial disk diagram has spurs or shells. It implies a linear isoperimetric inequality. It has been conjectured that the same is true of a more general property which also allows cutcells. We give counterexamples. ... More
Toward faithful templates for non-spinning binary black holes using the effective-one-body approachJun 25 2007Jan 04 2008We present an accurate approximation of the full gravitational radiation waveforms generated in the merger of non-eccentric systems of two non-spinning black holes. Utilizing information from recent numerical relativity simulations and the natural flexibility ... More
Metric Properties of the Tropical Abel-Jacobi MapMay 11 2009Oct 10 2010Let X be a tropical curve (or metric graph), and fix a base point p on X. We define the Jacobian group J(G) of a finite weighted graph G, and show that the Jacobian J(X) is canonically isomorphic to the direct limit of J(G) over all weighted graph models ... More
Numbers with simply normal $β$-expansionsJul 04 2017In [Bak] the first author proved that for any $\beta\in (1,\beta_{KL})$ every $x\in(0,\frac{1}{\beta-1})$ has a simply normal $\beta$-expansion, where $\beta_{KL}\approx 1.78723$ is the Komornik-Loreti constant. This result is complemented by an observation ... More
On the complexity of the set of codings for self-similar sets and a variation on the construction of ChampernowneOct 16 2018Let $F=\{\mathbf{p}_0,\ldots,\mathbf{p}_n\}$ be a collection of points in $\mathbb{R}^d.$ The set $F$ naturally gives rise to a family of iterated function systems consisting of contractions of the form $$S_i(\mathbf{x})=\lambda \mathbf{x} +(1-\lambda)\mathbf{p}_i,$$ ... More
Realistic protein-protein association rates from a simple diffusional model neglecting long-range interactions, free energy barriers, and landscape ruggednessJan 26 2004Jul 19 2004We develop a simple but rigorous model of protein-protein association kinetics based on diffusional association on free energy landscapes obtained by sampling configurations within and surrounding the native complex binding funnels. Guided by results ... More
A general expression for bimolecular association rates with orientational constraintsJan 26 2004We present a general expression for the association rate for partially diffusion-controlled reactions between spherical molecules with an asymmetric reactive patch on each surface. Reaction can occur only if the two patches are in contact and properly ... More
Chip-firing games, potential theory on graphs, and spanning treesJul 07 2011Jul 25 2012We study the interplay between chip-firing games and potential theory on graphs, characterizing reduced divisors ($G$-parking functions) on graphs as the solution to an energy (or potential) minimization problem and providing an algorithm to efficiently ... More
$MSp$ localized away from $2$ and odd formal group lawsMar 11 2014We investigate the relationship between complex and symplectic cobordism localized away from the prime~$2$ and show that these theories are related much as a real Lie group is related to its complexification. This suggests that ideas from the theory of ... More
Spin freezing and dynamics in Ca_{3}Co_{2-x}Mn_{x}O_{6} (x ~ 0.95) investigated with implanted muons: disorder in the anisotropic next-nearest neighbor Ising modelJul 13 2009We present a muon-spin relaxation investigation of the Ising chain magnet Ca_{3}Co_{2-x}Mn_{x}O_{6} (x~0.95). We find dynamic spin fluctuations persisting down to the lowest measured temperature of 1.6 K. The previously observed transition at around T ... More