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Probing vacuum birefringence under a high-intensity laser field with gamma-ray polarimetry at the GeV scaleDec 02 2015Probing vacuum structures deformed by high intense fields is of great interest in general. In the context of quantum electrodynamics (QED), the vacuum exposed by a linearly polarized high-intensity laser field is expected to show birefringence. We consider ... More
Verification of the global gyrokinetic stellarator code XGC-S for linear ion temperature gradient driven modesMay 14 2019XGC (X-point Gyrokinetic Code) is a whole-volume, total-f gyrokinetic particle-in-cell code developed for modelling tokamaks. In recent work, XGC has been extended to model more general 3D toroidal magnetic configurations, such as stellarators. These ... More
The optimum conditions of laser field depletion in laser-electron beam collisionAug 04 2018The laser field depletion in laser-electron beam collision is generally small. However, a properly chosen parameter of the laser and electron, the laser field depletion can be optimized. To access the laser energy evolution, simulations of laser-electron ... More
The Suppression of Radiation Reaction and Laser Field Depletion in Laser-Electron beam interactionDec 04 2017The effects of radiation reaction (RR) have been studied extensively by using the ultraintense laser interacts with the counter-propagating relativistic electron. At the laser intensity at the order of $10^{23}$ W/cm$^2$, the effects of RR are significant ... More
Intercomparison Study of Time and Frequency Transfer between VLBI and Other Techniques (GPS, ETS8(TCE), TW(DPN) and DMTD)Dec 14 2011We carried out the intercomparison experiments between VLBI and other techniques to show the capability of VLBI time and frequency transfer by using the current geodetic VLBI technique and facilities as the summary of the experiments that we carried out ... More