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The Schrödinger equation for general non-hermitian quantum systemFeb 23 2017We derive a new time-dependent Schr\"odinger equation(TDSE) for quantum models with non-hermitian Hamiltonian. Within our theory, the TDSE is symmetric in the two Hilbert spaces spanned by the left and the right eigenstates, respectively. The physical ... More
Universal characterizing topological insulator and topological semi-metal with Wannier functionsApr 22 2015The nontrivial evolution of Wannier functions (WF) for the occupied bands is a good starting point to understand topological insulator. By modifying the definition of WFs from the eigenstates of the projected position operator to those of the projected ... More
Jackiw-Rebbi-type bound state carrying fractional fermion parityJul 14 2014Nov 24 2014We find the coexistence of two kinds of non-abelian anyons, Majorana fermion at the geometric ends and Jackiw-Rebbi-type bound state (JRBS)at a domain-wall, in a topological superconducting phase in one-dimensional (1D) systems. Each localized JRBS carries ... More
A NOT operation on Majorana qubits with mobilizable solitons in an extended Su-Schrieffer-Heeger modelJun 21 2014Coupling Majorana qubits with other qubits is an absolute essential in storing, manipulating and transferring informations for topological quantum computing. We theoretically propose a manner to coupling Majorana qubits with solitons, another kind of ... More
A Relational Approach to Functional Decomposition of Logic CircuitsNov 06 2006Functional decomposition of logic circuits has profound influence on all quality aspects of the cost-effective implementation of modern digital systems. In this paper, a relational approach to the decomposition of logic circuits is proposed. This approach ... More
The Effect of Mobility on Delayed Data OffloadingMar 27 2019Delayed offloading is a widely accepted solution for mobile users to offload their traffic through Wi-Fi when they are moving in urban areas. However, delayed offloading enhances offloading efficiency at the expense of delay performance. Previous works ... More
AWG-based Non-blocking Clos NetworksAug 21 2013Sep 13 2014The three-stage Clos networks remain the most popular solution to many practical switching systems to date. The aim of this paper is to show that the modular structure of Clos networks is invariant with respect to the technological changes. Due to the ... More
The effects of dissipation on topological mechanical systemsSep 09 2016We theoretically study the effects of isotropic dissipation in a topological mechanical system which is an analogue of Chern insulator in mechanical vibrational lattice. The global gauge invariance is still conserved in this system albeit it is destroyed ... More
Comment on "Anomalous Edge State in a Non-Hermitian Lattice"Oct 20 2016In this comment, we criticize three main conclusions of the letter\cite{Lee2016}. We show that the concept of fractional winding number(FWN) is factitious, Lee's conclusions on Fig. 3 are finite-size effect and the breakdown of bulk-boundary correspondence ... More
Modular AWG-based Optical Shuffle NetworkJul 27 2017This paper proposes an arrayed-waveguide grating (AWG) based wavelength-division-multiplexing (WDM) shuffle network. Compared with previous optical shuffle networks, our proposal is compact, easy to implement, highly scalable, and cost effective.
Power Efficiency and Delay Tradeoff of 10GBase-T Energy Efficient Ethernet ProtocolNov 09 2016In this paper, we study the power efficiency and delay performance of the IEEE 802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE) protocol. A new approach is proposed to analyze the M/G/1 queue with the vacation time that is governed by the arrival process and the ... More
Parallel Scheduling Algorithm based on Complex Coloring for Input-Queued SwitchesJun 23 2016This paper explores the application of a new algebraic method of edge coloring, called complex coloring, to the scheduling problems of input queued switches. The proposed distributed parallel scheduling algorithm possesses two important features: optimality ... More
On Pollaczek-Khinchine Formula for Peer-to-Peer NetworksMay 26 2016The performance analysis of peer-to-peer (P2P) networks calls for a new kind of queueing model, in which jobs and service stations arrive randomly. Except in some simple special cases, in general, the queueing model with varying service rate is mathematically ... More
Coordinated Multi-area Economic Dispatch via Critical Region ProjectionJun 13 2016A coordinated economic dispatch method for multi-area power systems is proposed. Choosing boundary phase angles as coupling variables, the proposed method exploits the structure of critical regions in local problems defined by active and inactive constraints. ... More
Optimum Transmission Window for EPONs with Gated-Limited ServiceMay 26 2017This paper studies the Ethernet Passive Optical Network (EPON) with gated-limited service. The transmission window (TW) is limited in this system to guaranteeing a bounded delay experienced by disciplined users, and to constrain malicious users from monopolizing ... More
Birkhoff-von-Neumann Switches with Deflection-Compensated MechanismAug 20 2013Despite the high throughput and low complexity achieved by input scheduling based on Birkhoff-von-Neumann (BvN) decomposition; the performance of the BvN switch becomes less predictable when the input traffic is bursty. In this paper, we propose a deflection-compensated ... More
Selective Term Proximity Scoring Via BP-ANNJun 23 2016When two terms occur together in a document, the probability of a close relationship between them and the document itself is greater if they are in nearby positions. However, ranking functions including term proximity (TP) require larger indexes than ... More
Stability and Delay Analysis of EPON Registration ProtocolOct 07 2013The Ethernet passive optical network (EPON) has recently emerged as the mainstream of broadband access networks. The registration process of EPON, defined by the IEEE 802.3av standard, is a multi-point control protocol (MPCP) within the media access control ... More
AWG-based Nonblocking Shuffle-Exchange NetworksJul 10 2019Optical shuffle-exchange networks (SENs) have wide application in different kinds of interconnection networks. This paper proposes an approach to construct modular optical SENs, using a set of arrayed waveguide gratings (AWGs) and tunable wavelength converters ... More
Easily Adaptable Complexity Measure for Finite Time SeriesMay 23 2005Nov 25 2008We present a complexity measure for any finite time series. This measure has invariance under any monotonic transformation of the time series, has a degree of robustness against noise, and has the adaptability of satisfying almost all the widely accepted ... More
On Robust Tie-line Scheduling in Multi-Area Power SystemsApr 24 2017Oct 06 2017The tie-line scheduling problem in a multi-area power system seeks to optimize tie-line power flows across areas that are independently operated by different system operators (SOs). In this paper, we leverage the theory of multi-parametric linear programming ... More
Generalized Coordinated Transaction Scheduling: A Market Approach to Seamless InterfacesFeb 06 2017Dec 27 2017A generalization of the coordinated transaction scheduling (CTS)---the state-of-the-art interchange scheduling---is proposed. Referred to as generalized coordinated transaction scheduling (GCTS), the proposed approach addresses major seams issues of CTS: ... More
Simplified dark matter models in the light of AMS-02 antiproton dataDec 30 2016In this work we perform an analysis of the recent AMS-02 antiproton flux and the antiproton-to-proton ratio in the framework of simplified dark matter models. To predict the AMS-02 observables we adopt the propagation and injection parameters determined ... More
A Quantum Hall Fluid of VorticesJun 26 2003Jul 03 2003In this note we demonstrate that vortices in a non-relativistic Chern-Simons theory form a quantum Hall fluid. We show that the vortex dynamics is controlled by the matrix mechanics previously proposed by Polychronakos as a description of the quantum ... More
The Moduli Space of BPS Domain WallsFeb 01 2002Apr 25 2002N=2 SQED with several flavors admits multiple, static BPS domain wall solutions. We determine the explicit two-kink metric and examine the dynamics of colliding domain walls. The multi-kink metric has a toric Kahler structure and we reduce the Kahler ... More
Superconformal Vortex StringsOct 19 2006Nov 27 2006We study the low-energy dynamics of semi-classical vortex strings living above Argyres-Douglas superconformal field theories. The worldsheet theory of the string is shown to be a deformation of the CP^N model which flows in the infra-red to a superconformal ... More
Large polar caps for twisted magnetosphere of rotating magnetarsMay 09 2019The magnetic field of magnetars may be twisted compared with that of normal pulsars. Previous works mainly discussed magnetic energy release in the closed field line regions of magnetars. For a twisted magnetic field, the field lines will inflate in the ... More
From $ε$-entropy to KL-entropy: Analysis of minimum information complexity density estimationFeb 22 2007We consider an extension of $\epsilon$-entropy to a KL-divergence based complexity measure for randomized density estimation methods. Based on this extension, we develop a general information-theoretical inequality that measures the statistical complexity ... More
Multi-Value Rule SetsOct 15 2017We present the Multi-vAlue Rule Set (MARS) model for interpretable classification with feature efficient presentations. MARS introduces a more generalized form of association rules that allows multiple values in a condition. Rules of this form are more ... More
Multicategory vertex discriminant analysis for high-dimensional dataJan 05 2011In response to the challenges of data mining, discriminant analysis continues to evolve as a vital branch of statistics. Our recently introduced method of vertex discriminant analysis (VDA) is ideally suited to handle multiple categories and an excess ... More
Coordinate descent algorithms for lasso penalized regressionMar 27 2008Imposition of a lasso penalty shrinks parameter estimates toward zero and performs continuous model selection. Lasso penalized regression is capable of handling linear regression problems where the number of predictors far exceeds the number of cases. ... More
Some sharp performance bounds for least squares regression with $L_1$ regularizationAug 20 2009We derive sharp performance bounds for least squares regression with $L_1$ regularization from parameter estimation accuracy and feature selection quality perspectives. The main result proved for $L_1$ regularization extends a similar result in [Ann. ... More
Minimal Control Selection for a Networked SystemOct 01 2016This paper investigates the minimal number of actuators required to guarantees the controllability of a system, under the condition that its state transition matrix (STM) is prescribed. It has been proved that this minimal number is equal to the maximum ... More
Generalizing the divisibility property of rectangle domino tilingsJun 03 2014Jul 26 2016We introduce a class of graphs called compound graphs, generalizing rectangles, which are constructed out of copies of a planar bipartite base graph. The main result is that the number of perfect matchings of every compound graph is divisible by the number ... More
Gaining Free or Low-Cost Transparency with Interpretable Partial SubstituteFeb 12 2018May 10 2019This work addresses the situation where a black-box model with good predictive performance is chosen over its interpretable competitors, and we show interpretability is still achievable in this case. Our solution is to find an interpretable substitute ... More
The MM Alternative to EMApr 12 2011The EM algorithm is a special case of a more general algorithm called the MM algorithm. Specific MM algorithms often have nothing to do with missing data. The first M step of an MM algorithm creates a surrogate function that is optimized in the second ... More
Room temperature infrared photodetectors with hybrid structure based on 2D materialsDec 13 2018Two-dimensional (2D) materials, such as graphene, transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs), black phosphorus (BP) and related derivatives, have attracted great attention due to their advantages of flexibility, strong light-matter interaction, broadband ... More
Radiation Studies for the Target Station of the MOMENTApr 21 2016Oct 10 2016The discovery of the neutrino mixing angle $\theta_{13}$ opens new opportunities for the discovery of the leptonic CP violation for high intensity neutrino beams. MOMENT a future neutrino facility with a high-power proton beam of 15 MW from a continuous-wave ... More
Lattice complexity and fine graining of symbolic sequenceMar 09 2006Apr 05 2008A new complexity measure named as Lattice Complexity is presented for finite symbolic sequences. This measure is based on the symbolic dynamics of one-dimensional iterative maps and Lempel-Ziv Complexity. To make Lattice Complexity distinguishable from ... More
The Nematic Energy Scale and the Missing Electron Pocket in FeSeMar 11 2019The multi-orbital nature of iron-based superconductors plays an important role in the fundamental physics of these materials. FeSe, while having the simplest structure among these materials, exhibits the effects of both nematicity and orbital-selective ... More
Simple classical groups of Lie type are determined by their character degreesMay 21 2011Feb 22 2012In this paper, we will show that nonabelian simple classical groups of Lie type are uniquely determined by the structure of their complex group algebras.
Scalar Speed Limits and Cosmology: Acceleration from D-ccelerationOct 23 2003Jul 20 2004Causality on the gravity side of the AdS/CFT correspondence restricts motion on the moduli space of the N=4 super Yang Mills theory by imposing a speed limit on how fast the scalar field may roll. This effect can be traced to higher derivative operators ... More
2-Parts of real class sizesApr 25 2018Aug 16 2018We investigate the structure of finite groups whose non-central real class sizes have the same $2$-part. In particular, we prove that such groups are solvable and have $2$-length one. As a consequence, we show that a finite group is solvable if it has ... More
Real class sizesMar 01 2018In this paper, we study the structures of finite groups using some arithmetic conditions on the sizes of real conjugacy classes. We prove that a finite group is solvable if the prime graph on the real class sizes of the group is disconnected. Moreover, ... More
On the Convergence Rate of Vanishing Viscosity ApproximationsJul 10 2003Given a strictly hyperbolic, genuinely nonlinear system of conservation laws, we prove the a priori bound $\big\|u(t,\cdot)-u^\ve(t,\cdot)\big\|_{\L^1}= \O(1)(1+t)\cdot \sqrt\ve|\ln\ve|$ on the distance between an exact BV solution $u$ and a viscous approximation ... More
Renewables and Storage in Distribution Systems: Centralized vs. Decentralized IntegrationJan 11 2016The problem of integrating renewables and storage into a distribution network is considered under two integration models: (i) a centralized model involving a retail utility that owns the integration as part of its portfolio of energy resources, and (ii) ... More
Section Extension from Hyperbolic Geometry of Punctured Disk and Holomorphic Family of Flat BundlesApr 13 2011Jul 07 2011The construction of sections of bundles with prescribed jet values plays a fundamental role in problems of algebraic and complex geometry. When the jet values are prescribed on a positive dimensional subvariety, it is handled by theorems of Ohsawa-Takegoshi ... More
Relic gravitational waves in the frame of slow-roll inflation with a power-law potential and the detectionJan 27 2013Feb 22 2013We obtained the analytic solutions of relic gravitational waves (RGWs) for the slow-roll inflation with a power-law form potential of the scalar field, $V=\lambda\phi^n$. Based on a reasonable range of $n$ constrained by cosmic microwave background (CMB) ... More
Boosting with early stopping: Convergence and consistencyAug 16 2005Boosting is one of the most significant advances in machine learning for classification and regression. In its original and computationally flexible version, boosting seeks to minimize empirically a loss function in a greedy fashion. The resulting estimator ... More
An Ehrenfeucht-Fraïssé Game for $L_{ω_1ω}$Dec 01 2012Ehrenfeucht-Fraisse games are very useful in studying separation and equivalence results in logic. The standard finite Ehrenfeucht-Fraisse game characterizes equivalence in first order logic. The standard Ehrenfeucht-Fraisse game in infinitary logic characterizes ... More
Computational Assessment of Silicon Quantum Gate Based on Detuning Mechanism for Quantum ComputingJan 17 2019May 29 2019Silicon-based quantum computing has the potential advantages of low cost, high integration density, and compatibility with CMOS technologies. The detuning mechanism has been used to experimentally achieve silicon two-qubit quantum gates and programmable ... More
Instantons, Three Dimensional Gauge Theories and Monopole Moduli SpacesOct 12 1997Dec 12 1997We calculate instanton corrections to three dimensional gauge theories with N=4 and N=8 supersymmetry and SU(n) gauge groups. The N=4 results give new information about the moduli space of n BPS SU(2) monopoles, including the leading order non-pairwise ... More
Neutrino Masses, Dark Matter and B-L Symmetry at the LHCApr 02 2010Oct 18 2010We establish a hybrid seesaw mechanism to explain small neutrino masses and predict cold dark matter candidate in the context of the B-L gauge symmetry extension of the Standard Model. In this model a new scalar doublet and two new fermion singlets are ... More
Instantons, Fermions and Chern-Simons TermsApr 10 2008May 19 2008In five spacetime dimensions, instantons are finite energy, solitonic particles. We describe the dynamics of these objects in the presence of a Chern-Simons interaction. For U(N) instantons, we show that the 5d Chern-Simons term induces a corresponding ... More
Heterotic Vortex StringsMar 06 2007Mar 19 2007We determine the low-energy N=(0,2) worldsheet dynamics of vortex strings in a large class of non-Abelian N=1 supersymmetric gauge theories.
Dirac Quasi-Normal Modes in Schwarzschild Black Hole SpacetimesMar 20 2003We evaluate both the massless and the massive Dirac quasi-normal mode frequencies in the Schwarzschild black hole spacetime using the WKB approximation. For the massless case, we find that, similar to those for the integral spin fields, the real parts ... More
von Neumann entropy and localization properties of two interacting particles in one-dimensional nonuniform systemsOct 13 2007With the help of von Neumann entropy, we study numerically the localization properties of two interacting particles (TIP) with on-site interactions in one-dimensional disordered, quasiperiodic, and slowly varying potential systems, respectively. We find ... More
Finite groups whose prime graphs are regularJul 05 2013Aug 23 2013Let G be a finite group and let Irr(G) be the set of all irreducible complex characters of G. Let cd(G) be the set of all character degrees of G and denote by \rho(G) the set of primes which divide some character degrees of G. The prime graph \Delta(G) ... More
Effective bound of linear series on arithmetic surfacesJan 11 2012Jan 23 2012We prove an effective upper bound on the number of effective sections of a hermitian line bundle over an arithmetic surface. It is an effective version of the arithmetic Hilbert--Samuel formula in the nef case. As a consequence, we obtain effective lower ... More
The Simple Ree groups ${}^2F_4(q^2)$ are determined by the set of their character degreesMar 21 2011May 29 2011Let $G$ be a finite group. Let ${\rm{cd}}(G)$ be the set of all complex irreducible character degrees of $G.$ In this paper, we will show that if ${\rm{cd}}(G)={\rm{cd}}(H),$ where $H$ is the simple Ree group ${}^2F_4(q^2),q^2\geq 8,$ then $G\cong H\times ... More
Rank 3 permutation characters and maximal subgroupsDec 04 2009Feb 23 2011In this paper we classify all maximal subgroups M of a nearly simple primitive rank 3 group G of type L=Omega_{2m+1}(3), m > 3; acting on an L-orbit E of non-singular points of the natural module for L such that 1_P^G <=1_M^G where P is a stabilizer of ... More
Brauer characters and normal Sylow $p$-subgroupsFeb 03 2018Mar 13 2018In this paper, we study some variations of the well-known It\^{o}-Michler theorem for $p$-Brauer characters using various inequalities involving the $p$-Brauer character degrees of finite groups. Several new criteria for the existence of a normal Sylow ... More
Effective Termination of Kohn's Algorithm for Subelliptic MultipliersJun 27 2007Aug 27 2008This note discusses the problem of the effective termination of Kohn's algorithm for subelliptic multipliers for bounded smooth weakly pseudoconvex domains of finite type. We give a complete proof for the case of special domains of finite type and indicate ... More
Face Super-Resolution Through Wasserstein GANsMay 06 2017Generative adversarial networks (GANs) have received a tremendous amount of attention in the past few years, and have inspired applications addressing a wide range of problems. Despite its great potential, GANs are difficult to train. Recently, a series ... More
Techniques for the Analytic Proof of the Finite Generation of the Canonical RingNov 07 2008This article is written for the Proceedings of the Conference on Current Developments in Mathematics in Harvard University, November 16-17, 2007. It is an exposition of the analytic proof of the finite generation of the canonical ring for a compact complex ... More
Finite Generation of Canonical Ring by Analytic MethodMar 17 2008In the 80th birthday conference for Professor LU Qikeng in June 2006 I gave a talk on the analytic approach to the finite generation of the canonical ring for a compact complex algebraic manifold of general type. This article is my contribution to the ... More
Additional Explanatory Notes on the Analytic Proof of the Finite Generation of the Canonical RingApr 16 2007This set of notes provides some additional explanatory material on the analytic proof of the finite generation of the canonical ring for a compact complex algebraic manifold of general type.
Testing for a linear MA model against threshold MA modelsMar 02 2006This paper investigates the (conditional) quasi-likelihood ratio test for the threshold in MA models. Under the hypothesis of no threshold, it is shown that the test statistic converges weakly to a function of the centred Gaussian process. Under local ... More
Some recent transcendental techniques in algebraic and complex geometryDec 01 2002This article discusses the recent transcendental techniques used in the proofs of the following three conjectures. (1)~The plurigenera of a compact projective algebraic manifold are invariant under holomorphic deformation. (2)~There exists no smooth Leviflat ... More
Learning Optimized Or's of And'sNov 06 2015Or's of And's (OA) models are comprised of a small number of disjunctions of conjunctions, also called disjunctive normal form. An example of an OA model is as follows: If ($x_1 = $ `blue' AND $x_2=$ `middle') OR ($x_1 = $ `yellow'), then predict $Y=1$, ... More
Hyperbolicity of Generic High-Degree Hypersurfaces in Complex Projective SpaceSep 12 2012Feb 20 2015We use two ingredients to prove the hyperbolicity of generic hypersurfaces of sufficiently high degree and of their complements in the complex projective space. One is the pullbacks of appropriate low pole order meromorphic jet differentials on the complex ... More
Automatic Generation of Probabilistic Programming from Time Series DataJul 04 2016Jul 14 2016Probabilistic programming languages represent complex data with intermingled models in a few lines of code. Efficient inference algorithms in probabilistic programming languages make possible to build unified frameworks to compute interesting probabilities ... More
Random Distances Associated with Arbitrary Polygons: An Algorithmic Approach between Two Random PointsJan 21 2016This report presents a new, algorithmic approach to the distributions of the distance between two points distributed uniformly at random in various polygons, based on the extended Kinematic Measure (KM) from integral geometry. We first obtain such random ... More
Global-in-time Stability of 2D MHD boundary Layer in the Prandtl-Hartmann RegimeFeb 28 2018Jul 07 2018In this paper, we prove global existence of solutions with analytic regularity to the 2D MHD boundary layer equations in the mixed Prandtl and Hartmann regime derived by formal multi-scale expansion in \cite{GP}. The analysis shows that the combined effect ... More
Dynamic multiplier ideal sheaves and the construction of rational curves in Fano manifoldsFeb 17 2009This note is written for the Festschrift in honor of Professor Christer Kiselman. Multiplier ideal sheaves identify the location and the extent of the failure of crucial estimates. In this note we will discuss and explain the historic evolution of the ... More
A Discontinuous Galerkin - Front Tracking Scheme and its Optimal$^2$ Error EstimationDec 09 2013In [11] and [5], an error estimate of optimal convergence rates and optimal error propagation (optimal^2) was given for the Runge-Kutta discontinuous Galerkin (RKDG) method solving the scalar nonlinear conservation laws in the case of smooth solutions. ... More
Abundance conjectureDec 03 2009Jun 26 2010We sketch a proof of the abundance conjecture that the Kodaira dimension of a compact complex algebraic manifold equals its numerical Kodaira dimension. The proof consists of the following three parts: (i) the case of numerical Kodaira dimension zero, ... More
Groups whose prime graphs have no trianglesMar 14 2013Let G be a finite group and let cd(G) be the set of all complex irreducible character degrees of G Let \rho(G) be the set of all primes which divide some character degree of G. The prime graph \Delta(G) attached to G is a graph whose vertex set is \rho(G) ... More
Using Database Rule for Weak Supervised Text-to-SQL GenerationJul 01 2019Jul 08 2019We present a simple and novel way to do the task of text-to-SQL problem with weak supervision. We call it Rule-SQL. Given the question and the answer from the database table without the SQL logic form, Rule-SQL use the database rules for the SQL exploration ... More
Loose crystalline lifts and overconvergence of étale $(\varphi, τ)$-modulesJun 23 2016Mar 11 2018Let $p$ be a prime, $K$ a finite extension of $\mathbb Q_p$, and let $G_K$ be the absolute Galois group of $K$. The category of \'etale $(\varphi, \tau)$-modules is equivalent to the category of $p$-adic Galois representations of $G_K$. In this paper, ... More
Hypercharge Quantisation and Fermat's Last TheoremJul 01 2019Jul 12 2019What values of the Standard Model hypercharges result in a mathematically consistent quantum field theory? We show that the constraints imposed by the lack of gauge anomalies can be recast as the equation x^3 + y^3 = z^3. If hypercharge is quantised, ... More
Asymptotic Performance Analysis of Majority Sentiment Detection in Online Social NetworksNov 15 2016We analyze the problem of majority sentiment detection in Online Social Networks (OSN), and relate the detection error probability to the underlying graph of the OSN. Modeling the underlying social network as an Ising Markov random field prior based on ... More
Causal Rule Sets for Identifying Subgroups with Enhanced Treatment EffectOct 16 2017Jul 24 2018We introduce a novel generative model for interpretable subgroup analysis for causal inference applications, Causal Rule Sets (CRS). A CRS model uses a small set of short rules to capture a subgroup where the average treatment effect is elevated compared ... More
Scalar Dark Matter Search at the LHC through FCNC Top DecayJan 18 2011We discuss an extended standard model electroweak sector which contains a stable scalar dark matter particle, the D boson. To search for the D boson at the LHC we exploit the flavor-changing neutral current (FCNC) top quark decay, t->c D D, mediated by ... More
"Faster Than Light" Photons in Dilaton Black Hole SpacetimesApr 07 1997We investigate the phenomenon of "faster than light" photons in a family of dilaton black hole spacetimes. For radially directed photons, we find that their light-cone condition is modified even though the spacetimes are spherically symmetric. They also ... More
Quasi-semi-stable representationsSep 13 2007Fix K a p-adic field and denote by G_K its absolute Galois group. Let K_infty be the extension of K obtained by adding (p^n)-th roots of a fixed uniformizer, and G_\infty its absolute Galois group. In this article, we define a class of p-adic torsion ... More
Solving linear program with Chubanov queries and bisection movesJan 22 2019Feb 01 2019This short article focus on the link between linear feasibility and generic linear program. An algorithm is presented to solve generic linear program using linear feasibility queries and working at constraint level instead of raw values level. Even if ... More
Table2answer: Read the database and answer without SQLFeb 12 2019Feb 19 2019Semantic parsing is the task of mapping natural language to logic form. In question answering, semantic parsing can be used to map the question to logic form and execute the logic form to get the answer. One key problem for semantic parsing is the hard ... More
Von Neumann entropy and localization-delocalization transition of electron states in quantum small-world networksOct 13 2007The von Neumann entropy for an electron in periodic, disorder and quasiperiodic quantum small-world networks(QSWNs) are studied numerically. For the disorder QSWNs, the derivative of the spectrum averaged von Neumann entropy is maximal at a certain density ... More
Modal analysis of the scattering coefficients of an open cavity in a waveguideJun 15 2016The characteristics of an acoustic scatterer are often described by scattering coefficients. The understanding of the mechanisms involved in the frequency dependent features of the coefficients has been a challenge task, owing to the complicated coupling ... More
Complemented Subspaces of L_p Determined by Partitions and WeightsOct 15 2002Many of the known complemented subspaces of L_p have realizations as sequence spaces. In this paper a systematic approach to defining these spaces which uses partitions and weights is introduced. This approach gives a unified description of many well-known ... More
New MDS Euclidean and Hermitian self-dual codes over finite fieldsJun 23 2016In this paper, we construct MDS Euclidean self-dual codes which are extended cyclic duadic codes. And we obtain many new MDS Euclidean self-dual codes. We also construct MDS Hermitian self-dual codes from generalized Reed-Solomon codes and constacyclic ... More
Néron models of algebraic curvesDec 17 2013Let S be a Dedekind scheme with field of functions K. We show that if X_K is a smooth connected proper curve of positive genus over K, then it admits a N\'eron model over S, i.e., a smooth separated model of finite type satisfying the usual N\'eron mapping ... More
Multiplier ideal sheaves in complex and algebraic geometryApr 12 2005This article discusses the geometric application of the method of multiplier ideal sheaves. It first briefly describes its application to effective problems in algebraic geometry and then presents and explains its application to the deformational invariance ... More
Invariance of PlurigeneraDec 15 1997The following conjecture on the deformation invariance of plurigenera is proved. For a smooth projective holomorphic family of compact complex manifolds over the open unit 1-disk such that all the fibers are of general type, every plurigenus of the fiber ... More
Notes on 8 Majorana FermionsJun 17 2019Eight Majorana fermions in $d=1+1$ dimensions enjoy a triality that permutes the representation of the $SO(8)$ global symmetry in which the fermions transform. This triality plays an important role in the quantization of the superstring, and in the analysis ... More
Discovering Latent Covariance Structures for Multiple Time SeriesMar 28 2017May 22 2019Analyzing multivariate time series data is important to predict future events and changes of complex systems in finance, manufacturing, and administrative decisions. The expressiveness power of Gaussian Process (GP) regression methods has been significantly ... More
Multivariate Tail Estimation: Conditioning on an extreme eventFeb 25 2015We consider regularly varying random vectors. Our goal is to estimate in a non-parametric way some characteristics related to conditioning on an extreme event, like the tail dependence coefficient. We introduce a quasi-spectral decomposition that allow ... More
Revisit relic gravitational waves based on the latest CMB observationsJun 11 2012According to the CMB observations, Mielczarek (\cite{Mielczarek}) evaluated the reheating temperature, which could help to determine the history of the Universe. In this paper, we recalculate the reheating temperature using the new data from WMAP 7 observations. ... More
Subspaces of L_p, p>2, with unconditional basis have equivalent partition and weight normsOct 21 2003Oct 22 2003In this note we give a simple proof that every subspace of L_p, 2<p<infinity, with an unconditional basis has an equivalent norm determined by partitions and weights. Consequently L_p has a norm determined by partitions and weights.