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Limit multiplicities for principal congruence subgroups of GL(n) and SL(n)Aug 10 2012Mar 26 2014We study the limiting behavior of the discrete spectra associated to the principal congruence subgroups of a reductive group over a number field. While this problem is well understood in the cocompact case (i.e., when the group is anisotropic modulo the ... More
Parallelized Solution Method of the Three-dimensional Gravitational Potential on the Yin-Yang GridJun 12 2018Jul 12 2018We present a new method for solving the three-dimensional gravitational potential of a density field on the Yin-Yang grid. Our algorithm is based on a multipole decomposition and completely symmetric with respect to the two Yin-Yang grid patches. It is ... More
Calculating the Habitable Zone of Multiple Star Systems ( 03 2014We have developed a comprehensive methodology and an interactive website for calculating the habitable zone (HZ) of multiple star systems. Using the concept of spectral weight factor, as introduced in our previous studies of the calculations of HZ in ... More
Spin-Imbalance in a One-Dimensional Fermi GasDec 01 2009Jul 21 2010Superconductivity and magnetism generally do not coexist. Changing the relative number of up and down spin electrons disrupts the basic mechanism of superconductivity, where atoms of opposite momentum and spin form Cooper pairs. Nearly forty years ago ... More
Global analysis of generalized parton distributions -- collider kinematics --Dec 19 2013We utilize H1 and ZEUS data for exclusive electroproduction of photons, $\rho^0$- and $\phi$-mesons to access generalized parton distributions at small momentum fraction. To do so, we employ state-of-the art techniques, based on next-to-leading order ... More
Unsupervised Watertight Mesh Generation for Physics Simulation Applications Using Growing Neural Gas on Noisy Free-Form Object ModelsMar 02 2016Sep 03 2016We present a framework to generate watertight mesh representations in an unsupervised manner from noisy point clouds of complex, heterogeneous objects with free-form surfaces. The resulting meshes are ready to use in applications like kinematics and dynamics ... More
Combining Aspects of Genetic Algorithms with Weighted Recommender HybridizationOct 27 2017Recommender systems are established means to inspire users to watch interesting movies, discover baby names, or read books. The recommendation quality further improves by combining the results of multiple recommendation algorithms using hybridization ... More
Permutation groups of prime degree, a quick proof of Burnside's theoremOct 14 2003A transitive permutation group of prime degree is doubly transitive or solvable. We give a direct proof of this theorem by Burnside which uses neither S-ring type arguments, nor representation theory.
The Selberg trace formula for non-unitary representations of the latticeJun 22 2009For a compact locally symmetric space X, we establish a version of the Selberg trace fromula for a non-unitary representation of the fundamental group of X. On the spectral side appears the spectrum of the "flat Laplacian", acting in the space of sections ... More
Weyl's law in the theory of automorphic formsOct 11 2007For a compact Riemannian manifold, Weyl's law describes the asymptotic behavior of the counting function of the eigenvalues of the associated Laplace operator. In this paper we discuss Weyl's law in the context of automorphic forms. The underlying manifolds ... More
Investigation of Higgs boson couplings via the production of a single top quark in association with a Higgs boson in the $\text{H} \to \text{b} \bar{\text{b}}$ channelNov 25 2016A search for the production of a single top quark in association with a Higgs boson is performed using the decay $\text{H} \to \text{b} \bar{\text{b}}$. The rate of this Higgs production mode is particularly sensitive to the relative sign of the Higgs ... More
Tidal theory of the thermal windJun 26 2002The baroclinic instability problem is considered in the framework of Laplacian tidal theory. The Hilbert space of the quasigeostrophic vorticity budget is spanned by spheroidal functions. The fluid is linearly stable against quasigeostrophic disturbances. ... More
A spectral interpretation of the zeros of the constant term of certain Eisenstein seriesMar 12 2007In this paper we consider the constant term $\phi_K(y,s)$ of the non-normalized Eisenstein series attached to $\PSL(2,\cO_K)$, where $K$ is either $\Q$ or an imaginary quadratic field of class number one. The main purpose of this paper is to show that ... More
Deconvolving oscillatory transients with a Kalman filterSep 26 2008This paper describes a method to filter oscillatory transients from measurements of a time series which were at least an order of magnitude larger than the signal to be measured. Based on a Kalman filter, it has an optimality property and a natural scaling ... More
A note on $H^* (\rm{Emb}_0 (M,N))$Jan 25 2002Jan 29 2002Aim of this note is to gain cohomological information about the infinite-dimensional manifold $\rm{Emb}_0 (M,N)$ of asymptotically fixed embeddings of M into N from the topology of the target manifold N. This paper has been withdrawn by the author due ... More
Generating functionals and Gaussian approximations for interruptible delay reactionsMay 19 2015We develop a generating functional description of the dynamics of non-Markovian individual-based systems, in which delay reactions can be terminated before completion. This generalises previous work in which a path-integral approach was applied to dynamics ... More
MATSuMoTo: The MATLAB Surrogate Model Toolbox For Computationally Expensive Black-Box Global Optimization ProblemsApr 16 2014MATSuMoTo is the MATLAB Surrogate Model Toolbox for computationally expensive, black-box, global optimization problems that may have continuous, mixed-integer, or pure integer variables. Due to the black-box nature of the objective function, derivatives ... More
Cross ratios, translation lengths and maximal representationsAug 27 2009Jan 22 2011We define a family of four-point invariants for Shilov boundaries of bounded symmetric domains of tube type, which generalizes the classical four-point cross ratio on the unit circle. This generalization, which is based on a similar construction of Clerc ... More
On the analytic torsion of hyperbolic manifolds of finite volumeJan 30 2015In this paper we study the analytic torsion for a complete oriented hyperbolic manifold of finite volume. This requires the definition of a regularized trace of heat operators. We use the Selberg trace formula to study the asymptotic behavior of the regularized ... More
Coupled variational problems of linear growth related to the denoising and inpainting of imagesMar 28 2018In this note we present some results that were already conjectured in the work [9] by Bildhauer, Fuchs and Weickert, where they have investigated analytical aspects of coupled variational models with applications to mathematical imaging. Here we focus ... More
Gaussian approximations for stochastic systems with delay: chemical Langevin equation and application to a Brusselator systemDec 10 2013Mar 25 2014We present a heuristic derivation of Gaussian approximations for stochastic chemical reaction systems with distributed delay. In particular we derive the corresponding chemical Langevin equation. Due to the non-Markovian character of the underlying dynamics ... More
Towards a fitting procedure to deeply virtual meson production -- the next-to-leading order case --Oct 21 2013Based on the collinear factorization approach, we present a comprehensive perturbative next-to-leading (NLO) analysis of deeply virtual meson production (DVMP). Our representation in conformal Mellin space can serve as basis for a global fitting procedure ... More
QUICker connection establishment with out-of-band validation tokensApr 12 2019QUIC is a secure transport protocol and aims to improve the performance of HTTPS traffic. It is a design goal of QUIC to reduce the delay overhead of its connection establishment. However, an initial handshake enforcing strict validation of the client's ... More
Enhanced Performance and Privacy for TLS over TCP Fast OpenMay 09 2019Small TCP flows make up the majority of web flows. For them, the TCP three-way handshake represents a significant delay overhead. The TCP Fast Open (TFO) protocol provides zero round-trip time (0-RTT) handshakes for subsequent TCP connections to the same ... More
Accelerating QUIC's Connection Establishment on High-Latency Access NetworksJul 02 2019A significant amount of connection establishments on the web require a prior domain name resolution by the client. Especially on high-latency access networks, these DNS lookups cause a significant delay on the client's connection establishment with a ... More
QUICker connection establishment with out-of-band validation tokensApr 12 2019May 03 2019QUIC is a secure transport protocol that improves the performance of HTTPS. An initial QUIC handshake that enforces a strict validation of the client's source address requires two round-trips. In this work, we extend QUIC's address validation mechanism ... More
Enhanced Performance for the encrypted Web through TLS Resumption across HostnamesFeb 07 2019TLS can resume previous connections via abbreviated resumption handshakes that significantly decrease the delay and save expensive cryptographic operations. For that, cryptographic TLS state from previous connections is reused. TLS version 1.3 recommends ... More
Counterflow in EvacuationsOct 07 2011It is shown in this work that the average individual egress time and other performance indicators for egress of people from a building can be improved under certain circumstances if counterflow occurs. The circumstances include widely varying walking ... More
Nonabelian Gauge Theories: The Causal ApproachNov 11 1994May 02 1996We present the causal construction of perturbative Yang-Mills theories in four(3+1)-dimensional space-time. We work with free quantum fields throughout. The inductive causal method by Epstein and Glaser leads directly to a finite perturbation series and ... More
Electron drift orbits in crossed electromagnetic fields and the quantum Hall effectDec 28 2005The classical drift motion of electrons in crossed electric and magnetic fields provides an interesting example of a system with an on average constant velocity -- despite the presence of an electric field. This drift-velocity depends solely on the ratio ... More
A heuristic quantum theory of the integer quantum Hall effectSep 16 2005Dec 28 2005Contrary to common belief, the current emitted by a contact embedded in a two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG) is quantized in the presence of electric and magnetic fields. This observation suggests a simple, clearly defined model for the quantum current ... More
Quench dynamics of dipolar fermions in a one-dimensional harmonic trapJul 20 2015We study a system of few fermions in a one-dimensional harmonic trap, and focus on the case of dipolar majority particles in contact with a single impurity. The impurity is used both for quenching the system, and for tracking the system evolution after ... More
A Framework for Similarity Search with Space-Time Tradeoffs using Locality-Sensitive FilteringMay 09 2016Nov 22 2016We present a framework for similarity search based on Locality-Sensitive Filtering (LSF), generalizing the Indyk-Motwani (STOC 1998) Locality-Sensitive Hashing (LSH) framework to support space-time tradeoffs. Given a family of filters, defined as a distribution ... More
nanopub-java: A Java Library for NanopublicationsAug 20 2015The concept of nanopublications was first proposed about six years ago, but it lacked openly available implementations. The library presented here is the first one that has become an official implementation of the nanopublication community. Its core features ... More
A Fast Incremental BSP Tree Archive for Non-dominated PointsApr 05 2016Sep 11 2016Maintaining an archive of all non-dominated points is a standard task in multi-objective optimization. Sometimes it is sufficient to store all evaluated points and to obtain the non-dominated subset in a post-processing step. Alternatively the non-dominated ... More
Extra dimension-inspired models: Z', W', dijet resonances, black hole searchesDec 08 2015Dec 11 2015I give a summary of BSM searches performed by the ATLAS and CMS experiments with an focus on heavy gauge bosons, extra dimensions and quantum black holes. The presented results use data collected during 2012 when the LHC operated at an center of mass ... More
Eigenvalue fluctuations for random regular graphsJun 26 2014One of the major themes of random matrix theory is that many asymptotic properties of traditionally studied distributions of random matrices are universal. We probe the edges of universality by studying the spectral properties of random regular graphs. ... More
Knot contact homology and open Gromov-Witten theoryNov 16 2017Knot contact homology studies symplectic and contact geometric properties of conormals of knots in 3-manifolds using holomorphic curve techniques. It has connections to both mathematical and physical theories. On the mathematical side, we review the theory, ... More
Hecke algebras and affine flag varieties in characteristic pJan 24 2015Oct 02 2015Let G be a split semi-simple p-adic group and let H be its Iwahori-Hecke algebra with coefficients in the algebraic closure k of the finite field with p elements. Let F be the affine flag variety over k associated with G. We show, in the simply connected ... More
The fiber dimension of a graphJan 18 2016Graphs on integer points of polytopes whose edges come from a set of allowed differences are studied. It is shown that any simple graph can be embedded in that way. The minimal dimension of such a representation is the fiber dimension of the given graph. ... More
An Improved Approximation Algorithm for the Traveling Salesman Problem with Relaxed Triangle InequalityDec 21 2014Given a complete edge-weighted graph G, we present a polynomial time algorithm to compute a degree-four-bounded spanning Eulerian subgraph of 2G that has at most 1.5 times the weight of an optimal TSP solution of G. Based on this algorithm and a novel ... More
A Riemann-Hilbert correspondence for Cartier crystalsDec 01 2018For a variety $X$ separated over a perfect field of characteristic $p>0$ which admits an embedding into a smooth variety, we establish an anti-equivalence between the bounded derived categories of Cartier crystals on $X$ and constructible $\mathbb Z/p ... More
Topological representation zeta functions of unipotent groupsMar 06 2015Inspired by work surrounding Igusa's local zeta function, we introduce topological representation zeta functions of unipotent algebraic groups over number fields. These group-theoretic invariants capture common features of established $p$-adic representation ... More
Stable flatness of nonarchimedean hyperenveloping algebrasJul 17 2008Dec 14 2012Let L be a p-adic local field and g a finite dimensional Lie algebra over L. We show that its hyperenveloping algebra F(g) is a stably flat completion of its universal enveloping algebra. As a consequence the relative cohomology for the locally convex ... More
Morse flow trees and Legendrian contact homology in 1-jet spacesSep 16 2005Let $L\subset J^1(M)$ be a Legendrian submanifold of the 1-jet space of a Riemannian $n$-manifold $M$. A correspondence is established between rigid flow trees in $M$ determined by $L$ and boundary punctured rigid pseudo-holomorphic disks in $T^\ast M$, ... More
A Conjectural Algorithm for Simple Characters of Algebraic GroupsSep 08 2017We describe an algorithm, which - given the characters of tilting modules and assuming that Donkin's tilting conjecture is true - computes the characters of simple modules for an algebraic group in any characteristic.
Nonlocality with less ComplementarityJun 20 2011Feb 01 2012In quantum mechanics, nonlocality (a violation of a Bell inequality) is intimately linked to complementarity, by which we mean that consistently assigning values to different observables at the same time is not possible. Nonlocality can only occur when ... More
Beyond Bell's Theorem: Correlation ScenariosJun 22 2012Sep 02 2012Bell's Theorem witnesses that the predictions of quantum theory cannot be reproduced by theories of local hidden variables in which observers can choose their measurements independently of the source. Working out an idea of Branciard, Rosset, Gisin and ... More
Instrument Control at the FRM-II using TACO and NICOSOct 20 2002Oct 22 2002At the new neutron source FRM--II in Garching, Germany, the TACO control system, originally developed at the ESRF in Grenoble, France is used for instrument control purposes. TACO provides an object oriented, distributed control system including a clearly ... More
New Physics Search in Flavour PhysicsNov 24 2005With the running B, kaon and neutrino physics experiments, flavour physics takes centre stage within today's particle physics. We discuss the opportunities offered by these experiments in our search for new physics beyond the SM and discuss their complementarity ... More
Present Status of Inclusive Rare B DecaysDec 19 2002Feb 05 2003We give a status report on inclusive rare B decays, highlighting recent developments and open problems. We focus on the decay modes $B \to X_{s,d} \gamma$, $ B \to X_s \ell^+\ell^-$ and $B \to X_s \nu \bar \nu$ and on their role in the search for new ... More
On the Bloch-Kato conjecture for the Asai L-functionJul 02 2015Following Ribet's seminal 1976 paper there have been many results employing congruences between stable cuspforms and lifted forms to construct non-split extensions of Galois representations. We show how this strategy can be extended to construct elements ... More
Band antiferromagnetism in a two-band model for iron pnictidesDec 20 2013Jun 25 2014In this work I investigate a two-band Hubbard model using the Gutzwiller wavefunction. The tight-binding part of the model was constructed to have a gapless spin-density wave state which leads to Dirac points in the bandstructure, a common feature of ... More
The Peano software - parallel, automaton-based, dynamically adaptive grid traversalsJun 15 2015We introduce the third generation of the PDE framework Peano. It incorporates a mesh storage and traversal scheme for dynamically adaptive multiscale Cartesian grids. Starting from a formalism of the software design at hands of two types of interacting ... More
Using System Hyper Pipelining (SHP) to Improve the Performance of a Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Architecture (CGRA) Mapped on an FPGAAug 28 2015The well known method C-Slow Retiming (CSR) can be used to automatically convert a given CPU into a multithreaded CPU with independent threads. These CPUs are then called streaming or barrel processors. System Hyper Pipelining (SHP) adds a new flexibility ... More
On Oscillations in the Social Force ModelJul 09 2015The Social Force Model is one of the most prominent models of pedestrian dynamics. As such naturally much discussion and criticism has spawned around it, some of which concerns the existence of oscillations in the movement of pedestrians. This contribution ... More
Fractional topological phases in three-dimensional coupled-wire systemsJun 03 2015Oct 12 2015It is shown that three-dimensional systems of coupled quantum wires support fractional topological phases composed of closed loops and open planes of two-dimensional fractional quantum Hall subsystems. These phases have topologically protected edge states, ... More
The critical probability for confetti percolation equals $1/2$Apr 29 2015Mar 05 2016In the confetti percolation model, or two-coloured dead leaves model, radius one disks arrive on the plane according to a space-time Poisson process. Each disk is coloured black with probability $p$ and white with probability $1-p$. In this paper we show ... More
Non-leptonic B-decays at two-loops in QCDOct 13 2014I review the status of the calculation of two-loop QCD corrections to non-leptonic B-decays in the framework of QCD factorisation. In the case of heavy-to-light decays I will cover the leading penguin amplitudes a_4^u and a_4^c. For heavy-to-heavy transitions ... More
An NLP Assistant for ClideSep 07 2014This report describes an NLP assistant for the collaborative development environment Clide, that supports the development of NLP applications by providing easy access to some common NLP data structures. The assistant visualizes text fragments and their ... More
Quantile-Based Spectral Analysis in an Object-Oriented Framework and a Reference Implementation in R: The quantspec PackageAug 28 2014Quantile-based approaches to the spectral analysis of time series have recently attracted a lot of attention. Despite a growing literature that contains various estimation proposals, no systematic methods for computing the new estimators are available ... More
Chromatic completionNov 06 2014We study the limit of the chromatic tower for not necessarily finite spectra, obtaining a generalization of the chromatic convergence theorem of Hopkins and Ravenel. Moreover, we prove that in general this limit does not coincide with harmonic localization, ... More
Role of medium modifications for neutrino-pair processes from nucleon-nucleon bremsstrahlung - Impact on the protoneutron star deleptonizationAug 17 2016Aug 23 2016In this article the neutrino-pair production from nucleon-nucleon (NN) bremsstrahlung is explored via medium-modifications of the strong interactions at the level of the one-pion exchange approximation. It governs the bulk part of the NN interaction at ... More
Form Follows Function -- Do algorithms and applications challenge or drag behind the hardware evolution?Jul 11 2016We summarise some of the key statements made at the workshop Form Follows Function at ISC High Performance 2016. The summary highlights what type of co-design the presented projects experience; often in the absence of an explicit co-design agenda. Their ... More
String Method for Generalized Gradient Flows: Computation of Rare Events in Reversible Stochastic ProcessesJul 31 2018Aug 23 2018Rare transitions in stochastic processes often can be rigorously described via an underlying large deviation principle. Recent breakthroughs in the classification of reversible stochastic processes as gradient flows have led to a connection of large deviation ... More
On permutations with decidable cyclesDec 15 2016Recursive permutations whose cycles are the classes of a decidable equivalence relation are studied; the set of these permutations is called $\mathrm{Perm}$, the group of all recursive permutations $\mathcal{G}$. Multiple equivalent computable representations ... More
An exact and two heuristic strategies for truthful bidding in combinatorial transport auctionsJun 07 2014To support a freight carrier in a combinatorial transport auction, we proposes an exact and two heuristic strategies for bidding on subsets of requests. The exact bidding strategy is based on the concept of elementary request combinations. We show that ... More
Holomorphic curves for Legendrian surgeryJun 17 2019Let $X$ be a Weinstein manifold with ideal contact boundary $Y$. If $\Lambda\subset Y$ is a link of Legendrian spheres in $Y$ then by attaching Weinstein handles to $X$ along $\Lambda$ we get a Weinstein cobordism $X_{\Lambda}$ with a collection of Lagrangian ... More
Analysis of the first variation and a numerical gradient flow for integral Menger curvatureAug 27 2014In this thesis, we consider the knot energy "integral Menger curvature" which is the triple integral over the inverse of the classic circumradius of three distinct points on the given knot to the power $p\in [2,\infty)$. We prove the existence of the ... More
Verma modules over p-adic Arens-Michael envelopes of reductive Lie algebrasAug 23 2010Jun 25 2013Let K be a locally compact nonarchimedean field, g a split reductive Lie algebra over K and U(g) its universal enveloping algebra. We study the category C_g of coadmissible modules over the nonarchimedean Arens-Michael envelope of U(g). Let p be a parabolic ... More
On Global Deformations of Quartic Double SolidsFeb 24 2014It is shown that a smooth global deformation of quartic double solids, i.e. double covers of $\mathbb P^3$ branched along smooth quartics, is again a quartic double solid without assuming the projectivity of the global deformation. The analogous result ... More
The Dirichlet problem in the plane with semianalytic raw data, quasianalyticity and o-minimal structuresMay 14 2007Jul 21 2008We investigate the Dirichlet solution for a semianalytic continuous function on the boundary of a semianalytic bounded domain in the plane. We show that the germ of the Dirichlet solution at a boundary point with angle greater than 0 lies in a certain ... More
Global solvability of chemotaxis-fluid systems with nonlinear diffusion and matrix-valued sensitivities in three dimensionsJul 06 2018In this work we extend a recent result to chemotaxis fluid systems which include matrix-valued sensitivity functions $S(x,n,c):\Omega\times[0,\infty)^2\to\mathbb{R}^{3\times3}$ in addition to the porous medium type diffusion, which were discussed in the ... More
Global very weak solutions to a chemotaxis-fluid system with nonlinear diffusionDec 01 2017Jun 06 2018We consider the chemotaxis-fluid system \begin{align}\label{star}\tag{$\diamondsuit$} \left\{ \begin{array}{r@{\,}c@{\,}c@{\ }l@{\quad}l@{\quad}l@{\,}c} n_{t}&+&u\cdot\!\nabla n&=\Delta n^m-\nabla\!\cdot(n\nabla c),\ &x\in\Omega,& t>0,\\ c_{t}&+&u\cdot\!\nabla ... More
Decomposition of tensor products involving a Steinberg moduleJun 20 2016Feb 08 2018We study the decomposition of tensor products between a Steinberg module and a costandard module, both as a module for the algebraic group $G$ and when restricted to either a Frobenius kernel $G_r$ or a finite Chevalley group $G(\mathbb{F}_q)$. In all ... More
The Stokes limit in a three-dimensional chemotaxis-Navier-Stokes systemFeb 17 2019We consider initial-boundary value problems for the $\kappa$-dependent family of chemotaxis-(Navier--)Stokes systems \begin{align*} \left\{ \begin{array}{r@{\,}c@{\,}c@{\ }l@{\quad}l@{\quad}l@{\,}c} n_{t}&+&u\cdot\!\nabla n&=\Delta n-\nabla\!\cdot(n\nabla ... More
Eventual smoothness of generalized solutions to a singular chemotaxis-Stokes systemMay 17 2017We study the chemotaxis-fluid system \begin{align*} \left\{ \begin{array}{r@{\,}c@{\,}c@{\ }l@{\quad}l@{\quad}l@{\,}c} n_{t}&+&u\cdot\!\nabla n&=\Delta n-\nabla\!\cdot(\frac{n}{c}\nabla c),\ &x\in\Omega,& t>0, c_{t}&+&u\cdot\!\nabla c&=\Delta c-nc,\ &x\in\Omega,& ... More
Zeros of the Zak transform of totally positive functionsNov 06 2014We study the Zak transform of totally positive (TP) functions. We use the convergence of the Zak transform of TP functions of finite type to prove that the Zak transforms of all TP functions without Gaussian factor in the Fourier transform have only one ... More
Matter waves from localized quantum sourcesSep 18 2003Matter waves originating from a localized region in space appear commonly in physics. Examples are photo-electrons, ballistic electrons in nanotechnology devices (scanning-tunneling microscopy, quantum Hall effect), or atoms released from a coherent source ... More
An Introduction to Markov Chain Monte Carlo on Finite State SpacesMar 20 2019We elaborate the idea behind Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) methods in a mathematically comprehensive way. Our focus is on simplicity. We give an elementary proof for the Perron-Frobenius theorem and a convergence theorem for Markov chains. Subsequently ... More
Organic Computing as Chance for Interwoven SystemsAug 26 2018Systems are growing into more complex ones for developing and maintaining. Existing systems which do not have much in common on the first look are connected, due to the technical progress, even if it was never intended that way. It is an upcoming challenge ... More
Effective Unsupervised Author Disambiguation with Relative FrequenciesAug 10 2018This work addresses the problem of author name homonymy in the Web of Science. Aiming for an efficient, simple and straightforward solution, we introduce a novel probabilistic similarity measure for author name disambiguation based on feature overlap. ... More
Timing Driven C-Slow Retiming on RTL for MultiCores on FPGAsJul 14 2018In this paper C-Slow Retiming (CSR) on RTL is discussed. CSR multiplies the functionality of cores by adding the same number of registers into each path. The technique is ideal for FPGAs with their already existing registers. Previously publications are ... More
Mathematical models for magnetic particle imagingMar 05 2018Magnetic particle imaging (MPI) is a relatively new imaging modality. The nonlinear magnetization behavior of nanoparticles in an applied magnetic field is employed to reconstruct an image of the concentration of nanoparticles. Finding a sufficiently ... More
NLO Higgs+jet at large transverse momenta including top quark mass effectsFeb 08 2018We present a next-to-leading order calculation of H+jet in gluon fusion including the effect of a finite top quark mass $m_t$ at large transverse momenta. Using the recently published two-loop amplitudes in the high energy expansion and our previous setup ... More
RadioPropa - A Modular Raytracer for In-Matter Radio PropagationOct 03 2018Experiments for radio detection of UHE particles such as e.g. ARA/ARIANNA or NuMoon require detailed understanding of the propagation of radio waves in the surrounding matter. The index of refraction in e.g. polar ice or lunar rock may have a complex ... More
$R$-analytic functionsFeb 23 2015Apr 04 2016We introduce the notion of $R$-analytic functions. These are definable in an o-minimal expansion of a real closed field $R$ and are locally the restriction of a $K$-differentiable function (defined by Peterzil and Starchenko) where $K=R[\sqrt{-1}]$ is ... More
Regular homotopy and total curvatureOct 17 2003Mar 10 2009We consider properties of the total absolute geodesic curvature functional on circle immersions into a Riemann surface. In particular, we study its behavior under regular homotopies, its infima in regular homotopy classes, and the homotopy types of spaces ... More
Computing local zeta functions of groups, algebras, and modulesFeb 02 2016We develop a practical method for computing local zeta functions of groups, algebras, and modules in fortunate cases. Using our method, we obtain a complete classification of generic local representation zeta functions associated with unipotent algebraic ... More
Sublinear signal production in a two-dimensional Keller-Segel-Stokes systemFeb 01 2016We study the chemotaxis-fluid system \begin{align*} \left\{\begin{array}{r@{\,}l@{\quad}l@{\,}c} n_{t}&=\Delta n-\nabla\!\cdot(n\nabla c)-u\cdot\!\nabla n,\ &x\in\Omega,& t>0,\\ c_{t}&=\Delta c-c+f(n)-u\cdot\!\nabla c,\ &x\in\Omega,& t>0,\\ u_{t}&=\Delta ... More
The Riemann Mapping Theorem for semianalytic domains and o-minimalityMay 14 2007Jul 21 2008We consider the Riemann Mapping Theorem in the case of a bounded simply connected and semianalytic domain. We show that the germ at 0 of the Riemann map (i.e. biholomorphic map) from the upper half plane to such a domain can be realized in a certain quasianalytic ... More
A generalization of Strassen's PositivstellensatzOct 19 2018Jul 10 2019Strassen's Positivstellensatz is a powerful but little known theorem on preordered commutative semirings satisfying a boundedness condition similar to Archimedeanicity. It characterizes the relaxed preorder induced by all monotone homomorphisms to $\mathbb{R}_+$ ... More
Rational SFT, linearized Legendrian contact homology, and Lagrangian Floer cohomologyFeb 25 2009We relate the version of rational Symplectic Field Theory for exact Lagrangian cobordisms introduced in [5] with linearized Legendrian contact homology. More precisely, if $L\subset X$ is an exact Lagrangian submanifold of an exact symplectic manifold ... More
Rational Symplectic Field Theory over Z_2 for exact Lagrangian cobordismsDec 01 2006We construct a version of rational Symplectic Field Theory for pairs $(X,L)$, where $X$ is an exact symplectic manifold, where $L\subset X$ is an exact Lagrangian submanifold with components subdivided into $k$ subsets, and where both $X$ and $L$ have ... More
Grothendieck duality for non-proper morphismsOct 14 2018We generalize the adjunction between the functors $Rf_*$ and $f^!$ of derived categories of quasi-coherent sheaves for proper morphisms $f\colon X \to Y$ of Noetherian schemes to the following situation: Let $f$ be a finite type morphism and let $Z' \subseteq ... More
Lebesgue measure theory and integration theory on non-archimedean real closed fields with archimedean value groupSep 08 2014Aug 08 2017Given a non-archimedean real closed field with archimedean value group which contains the reals, we establish for the category of semialgebraic sets and functions a full Lebesgue measure and integration theory such that the main results from the classical ... More
Computing topological zeta functions of groups, algebras, and modules, IMay 22 2014We develop techniques for computing zeta functions associated with nilpotent groups, not necessarily associative algebras, and modules, as well as Igusa-type zeta functions. At the heart of our method lies an explicit convex-geometric formula for a class ... More
Pricing in Resource Allocation Games Based on Duality GapsJul 03 2019Jul 09 2019We consider a basic resource allocation game, where the players' strategy spaces are subsets of $\mathbb{R}^m$ and cost/utility functions are parameterized by some common vector $u$ and, otherwise, only depend on the own strategy choice. A strategy of ... More
Birth-death processes with quenched uncertainty and intrinsic noiseJun 13 2016The dynamics of populations is frequently subject to intrinsic noise. At the same time unknown interaction networks or rate constants can present quenched uncertainty. Existing approaches often involve repeated sampling of the quenched disorder and then ... More
On the field dependent surface resistance of niobium on copper cavitiesDec 02 2014The surface resistance Rs of superconducting cavities prepared by sputter coating a thin niobium film on a copper substrate increases significantly stronger with the applied RF field compared to cavities of bulk material. A possible cause is that due ... More