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Ergodicity-breaking reveals time optimal economic behavior in humansJun 11 2019Jun 12 2019Ergodicity describes an equivalence between the expectation value and the time average of observables. Applied to human behaviour, ergodic theory reveals how individuals should tolerate risk in different environments. To optimise wealth over time, agents ... More
Continuous Vernier filtering of an optical frequency comb for broadband cavity-enhanced molecular spectroscopyMar 09 2016We have recently introduced the Vernier-based Direct Frequency Comb Cavity-Enhanced Spectroscopy technique and we present the corresponding formalism for quantitative broadband spectroscopy. We achieve high sensitivity and broadband performance by acquiring ... More
Ergodicity-breaking reveals time optimal economic behavior in humansJun 11 2019Ergodicity describes an equivalence between the expectation value and the time average of observables. Applied to human behaviour, ergodic theory reveals how individuals should tolerate risk in different environments. To optimise wealth over time, agents ... More
Ergodicity-breaking reveals time optimal economic behavior in humansJun 11 2019Jun 19 2019Ergodicity describes an equivalence between the expectation value and the time average of observables. Applied to human behaviour, ergodic theory reveals how individuals should tolerate risk in different environments. To optimise wealth over time, agents ... More
Generating functionals and Gaussian approximations for interruptible delay reactionsMay 19 2015We develop a generating functional description of the dynamics of non-Markovian individual-based systems, in which delay reactions can be terminated before completion. This generalises previous work in which a path-integral approach was applied to dynamics ... More
Cross ratios, translation lengths and maximal representationsAug 27 2009Jan 22 2011We define a family of four-point invariants for Shilov boundaries of bounded symmetric domains of tube type, which generalizes the classical four-point cross ratio on the unit circle. This generalization, which is based on a similar construction of Clerc ... More
Gaussian approximations for stochastic systems with delay: chemical Langevin equation and application to a Brusselator systemDec 10 2013Mar 25 2014We present a heuristic derivation of Gaussian approximations for stochastic chemical reaction systems with distributed delay. In particular we derive the corresponding chemical Langevin equation. Due to the non-Markovian character of the underlying dynamics ... More
Piecewise Weierstraß preparation and division for o-minimal holomorphic functionsJun 08 2016Given an o-minimal structure expanding the field of reals, we show a piecewise Weierstra{\ss} preparation theorem and a piecewise Weierstra{\ss} division theorem for the ring of definable holomorphic functions. The numbers of pieces needed are determined ... More
Quantized Equations of Motion and Currents in Noncommutative TheoriesJan 20 2005We study quantized equations of motion and currents, that means equations on the level of Green's functions, in three different approaches to noncommutative quantum field theories. At first, the case of only spatial noncommutativity is investigated in ... More
Arithmetic Problems in Cubic and Quartic Function FieldsJul 08 2010One of the main themes in this thesis is the description of the signature of both the infinite place and the finite places in cubic function fields of any characteristic and quartic function fields of characteristic at least 5. For these purposes, we ... More
New Physics Search in Flavour PhysicsNov 24 2005With the running B, kaon and neutrino physics experiments, flavour physics takes centre stage within today's particle physics. We discuss the opportunities offered by these experiments in our search for new physics beyond the SM and discuss their complementarity ... More
Present Status of Inclusive Rare B DecaysDec 19 2002Feb 05 2003We give a status report on inclusive rare B decays, highlighting recent developments and open problems. We focus on the decay modes $B \to X_{s,d} \gamma$, $ B \to X_s \ell^+\ell^-$ and $B \to X_s \nu \bar \nu$ and on their role in the search for new ... More
On the Bloch-Kato conjecture for the Asai L-functionJul 02 2015Following Ribet's seminal 1976 paper there have been many results employing congruences between stable cuspforms and lifted forms to construct non-split extensions of Galois representations. We show how this strategy can be extended to construct elements ... More
Band antiferromagnetism in a two-band model for iron pnictidesDec 20 2013Jun 25 2014In this work I investigate a two-band Hubbard model using the Gutzwiller wavefunction. The tight-binding part of the model was constructed to have a gapless spin-density wave state which leads to Dirac points in the bandstructure, a common feature of ... More
The Peano software - parallel, automaton-based, dynamically adaptive grid traversalsJun 15 2015We introduce the third generation of the PDE framework Peano. It incorporates a mesh storage and traversal scheme for dynamically adaptive multiscale Cartesian grids. Starting from a formalism of the software design at hands of two types of interacting ... More
Using System Hyper Pipelining (SHP) to Improve the Performance of a Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Architecture (CGRA) Mapped on an FPGAAug 28 2015The well known method C-Slow Retiming (CSR) can be used to automatically convert a given CPU into a multithreaded CPU with independent threads. These CPUs are then called streaming or barrel processors. System Hyper Pipelining (SHP) adds a new flexibility ... More
On Oscillations in the Social Force ModelJul 09 2015The Social Force Model is one of the most prominent models of pedestrian dynamics. As such naturally much discussion and criticism has spawned around it, some of which concerns the existence of oscillations in the movement of pedestrians. This contribution ... More
Fractional topological phases in three-dimensional coupled-wire systemsJun 03 2015Oct 12 2015It is shown that three-dimensional systems of coupled quantum wires support fractional topological phases composed of closed loops and open planes of two-dimensional fractional quantum Hall subsystems. These phases have topologically protected edge states, ... More
The critical probability for confetti percolation equals $1/2$Apr 29 2015Mar 05 2016In the confetti percolation model, or two-coloured dead leaves model, radius one disks arrive on the plane according to a space-time Poisson process. Each disk is coloured black with probability $p$ and white with probability $1-p$. In this paper we show ... More
Non-leptonic B-decays at two-loops in QCDOct 13 2014I review the status of the calculation of two-loop QCD corrections to non-leptonic B-decays in the framework of QCD factorisation. In the case of heavy-to-light decays I will cover the leading penguin amplitudes a_4^u and a_4^c. For heavy-to-heavy transitions ... More
An NLP Assistant for ClideSep 07 2014This report describes an NLP assistant for the collaborative development environment Clide, that supports the development of NLP applications by providing easy access to some common NLP data structures. The assistant visualizes text fragments and their ... More
Quantile-Based Spectral Analysis in an Object-Oriented Framework and a Reference Implementation in R: The quantspec PackageAug 28 2014Quantile-based approaches to the spectral analysis of time series have recently attracted a lot of attention. Despite a growing literature that contains various estimation proposals, no systematic methods for computing the new estimators are available ... More
Chromatic completionNov 06 2014We study the limit of the chromatic tower for not necessarily finite spectra, obtaining a generalization of the chromatic convergence theorem of Hopkins and Ravenel. Moreover, we prove that in general this limit does not coincide with harmonic localization, ... More
Role of medium modifications for neutrino-pair processes from nucleon-nucleon bremsstrahlung - Impact on the protoneutron star deleptonizationAug 17 2016Aug 23 2016In this article the neutrino-pair production from nucleon-nucleon (NN) bremsstrahlung is explored via medium-modifications of the strong interactions at the level of the one-pion exchange approximation. It governs the bulk part of the NN interaction at ... More
A Chomsky-Schützenberger representation for weighted multiple context-free languagesJun 13 2016Nov 28 2016We prove a Chomsky-Sch\"utzenberger representation theorem for multiple context-free languages weighted over complete commutative strong bimonoids.
String Method for Generalized Gradient Flows: Computation of Rare Events in Reversible Stochastic ProcessesJul 31 2018Aug 23 2018Rare transitions in stochastic processes often can be rigorously described via an underlying large deviation principle. Recent breakthroughs in the classification of reversible stochastic processes as gradient flows have led to a connection of large deviation ... More
On Global Deformations of Quartic Double SolidsFeb 24 2014It is shown that a smooth global deformation of quartic double solids, i.e. double covers of $\mathbb P^3$ branched along smooth quartics, is again a quartic double solid without assuming the projectivity of the global deformation. The analogous result ... More
An exact and two heuristic strategies for truthful bidding in combinatorial transport auctionsJun 07 2014To support a freight carrier in a combinatorial transport auction, we proposes an exact and two heuristic strategies for bidding on subsets of requests. The exact bidding strategy is based on the concept of elementary request combinations. We show that ... More
The complex shade of a real space and its applicationsApr 05 2001A natural oriented (2k+2)-chain in CP^{2k+1} with boundary twice RP^{2k+1}, its complex shade, is constructed. Via intersection numbers with the shade, a new invariant, the shade number of k-dimensional subvarieties with normal vector fields along their ... More
The Fermion Sign Problem in Path Integral Monte Carlo Simulations: Quantum Dots, Ultracold Atoms, and Warm Dense MatterJun 03 2019The ab initio thermodynamic simulation of correlated Fermi systems is of central importance for many applications, such as warm dense matter, electrons in quantum dots, and ultracold atoms. Unfortunately, path integral Monte Carlo (PIMC) simulations of ... More
Beyond Bell's Theorem: Correlation ScenariosJun 22 2012Sep 02 2012Bell's Theorem witnesses that the predictions of quantum theory cannot be reproduced by theories of local hidden variables in which observers can choose their measurements independently of the source. Working out an idea of Branciard, Rosset, Gisin and ... More
Nonlocality with less ComplementarityJun 20 2011Feb 01 2012In quantum mechanics, nonlocality (a violation of a Bell inequality) is intimately linked to complementarity, by which we mean that consistently assigning values to different observables at the same time is not possible. Nonlocality can only occur when ... More
The Shannon Lower Bound is Asymptotically TightApr 30 2015Feb 22 2016The Shannon lower bound is one of the few lower bounds on the rate-distortion function that holds for a large class of sources. In this paper, it is demonstrated that its gap to the rate-distortion function vanishes as the allowed distortion tends to ... More
Instrument Control at the FRM-II using TACO and NICOSOct 20 2002Oct 22 2002At the new neutron source FRM--II in Garching, Germany, the TACO control system, originally developed at the ESRF in Grenoble, France is used for instrument control purposes. TACO provides an object oriented, distributed control system including a clearly ... More
Form Follows Function -- Do algorithms and applications challenge or drag behind the hardware evolution?Jul 11 2016We summarise some of the key statements made at the workshop Form Follows Function at ISC High Performance 2016. The summary highlights what type of co-design the presented projects experience; often in the absence of an explicit co-design agenda. Their ... More
Forms of an affinoid disc and ramificationDec 14 2012Dec 01 2014Let $k$ be a complete nonarchimedean field and let $X$ be an affinoid closed disc over $k$. We classify the tamely ramified twisted forms of $X$. Generalizing work of P. Russell on inseparable forms of the affine line we construct explicit families of ... More
The Dirichlet problem in the plane with semianalytic raw data, quasianalyticity and o-minimal structuresMay 14 2007Jul 21 2008We investigate the Dirichlet solution for a semianalytic continuous function on the boundary of a semianalytic bounded domain in the plane. We show that the germ of the Dirichlet solution at a boundary point with angle greater than 0 lies in a certain ... More
Simpler Proofs by Symbolic PerturbationOct 08 2009Nov 04 2009In analyses of algorithms, a substantial amount of effort has often to be spent on the discussion of special cases. For example, when the analysis considers the cases X<Y and X>Y separately, one might have to be especially careful about what happens when ... More
Decomposition of tensor products involving a Steinberg moduleJun 20 2016Feb 08 2018We study the decomposition of tensor products between a Steinberg module and a costandard module, both as a module for the algebraic group $G$ and when restricted to either a Frobenius kernel $G_r$ or a finite Chevalley group $G(\mathbb{F}_q)$. In all ... More
Using the AIDA Language to Formally Organize Scientific ClaimsJun 05 2018Scientific communication still mainly relies on natural language written in scientific papers, which makes the described knowledge very difficult to access with automatic means. We can therefore only make limited use of formal knowledge organization methods ... More
String Method for Generalized Gradient Flows: Computation of Rare Events in Reversible Stochastic ProcessesJul 31 2018Mar 14 2019Rare transitions in stochastic processes can often be rigorously described via an underlying large deviation principle. Recent breakthroughs in the classification of reversible stochastic processes as gradient flows have led to a connection of large deviation ... More
Convex programming in optimal control and information theoryDec 13 2017The main theme of this thesis is the development of computational methods for classes of infinite-dimensional optimization problems arising in optimal control and information theory. The first part of the thesis is concerned with the optimal control of ... More
Holomorphic curves for Legendrian surgeryJun 17 2019Let $X$ be a Weinstein manifold with ideal contact boundary $Y$. If $\Lambda\subset Y$ is a link of Legendrian spheres in $Y$ then by attaching Weinstein handles to $X$ along $\Lambda$ we get a Weinstein cobordism $X_{\Lambda}$ with a collection of Lagrangian ... More
Analysis of the first variation and a numerical gradient flow for integral Menger curvatureAug 27 2014In this thesis, we consider the knot energy "integral Menger curvature" which is the triple integral over the inverse of the classic circumradius of three distinct points on the given knot to the power $p\in [2,\infty)$. We prove the existence of the ... More
The concept of bounded mean motion for toral homeomorphismsFeb 28 2008Apr 29 2008A conservative irrational pseudo-rotation of the two-torus is semi-conjugate to the irrational rotation if and only if it has the property of bounded mean motion [10]. (Here 'irrational pseudo-rotation' means a toral homeomorphism with uniquely defined, ... More
Verma modules over p-adic Arens-Michael envelopes of reductive Lie algebrasAug 23 2010Jun 25 2013Let K be a locally compact nonarchimedean field, g a split reductive Lie algebra over K and U(g) its universal enveloping algebra. We study the category C_g of coadmissible modules over the nonarchimedean Arens-Michael envelope of U(g). Let p be a parabolic ... More
Slice theorem for Fréchet group actions and covariant symplectic field theoryMay 09 2014A general slice theorem for the action of a Fr\'echet Lie group on a Fr\'echet manifolds is established. The Nash-Moser theorem provides the fundamental tool to generalize the result of Palais to this infinite-dimensional setting. The presented slice ... More
On permutations with decidable cyclesDec 15 2016Recursive permutations whose cycles are the classes of a decidable equivalence relation are studied; the set of these permutations is called $\mathrm{Perm}$, the group of all recursive permutations $\mathcal{G}$. Multiple equivalent computable representations ... More
Positions of characters in finite groups and the Taketa inequalityNov 06 2013Dec 17 2014We define the position of an irreducible complex character of a finite group as an alternative to the degree. We then use this to define three classes of groups: PR-groups, IPR-groups and weak IPR-groups. We show that IPR-groups and weak IPR-groups are ... More
On unitary deformations of smooth modular representationsDec 20 2009Oct 15 2012Let G be a locally analytic group. We use deformation theory and Emerton's 'augmented' Iwasawa modules to study the possible liftings of a given absolutely irreducible smooth modular representation of G to a unitary Banach space representation. Final ... More
Compact generators in categories of matrix factorizationsApr 29 2009Feb 08 2011We study the category of matrix factorizations associated to the germ of an isolated hypersurface singularity. This category is shown to admit a compact generator which is given by the stabilization of the residue field. We deduce a quasi-equivalence ... More
Zeros of the Zak transform of totally positive functionsNov 06 2014We study the Zak transform of totally positive (TP) functions. We use the convergence of the Zak transform of TP functions of finite type to prove that the Zak transforms of all TP functions without Gaussian factor in the Fourier transform have only one ... More
The role of the chemical potential in coupling superfluid dark matter to baryonsSep 02 2019Superfluid dark matter postulates that the centers of galaxies contain superfluid condensates. An important quantity regarding these superfluids is their chemical potential $ \mu $. Here, we discuss two issues related to this chemical potential. First, ... More
Global solvability of chemotaxis-fluid systems with nonlinear diffusion and matrix-valued sensitivities in three dimensionsJul 06 2018In this work we extend a recent result to chemotaxis fluid systems which include matrix-valued sensitivity functions $S(x,n,c):\Omega\times[0,\infty)^2\to\mathbb{R}^{3\times3}$ in addition to the porous medium type diffusion, which were discussed in the ... More
Global very weak solutions to a chemotaxis-fluid system with nonlinear diffusionDec 01 2017Jun 06 2018We consider the chemotaxis-fluid system \begin{align}\label{star}\tag{$\diamondsuit$} \left\{ \begin{array}{r@{\,}c@{\,}c@{\ }l@{\quad}l@{\quad}l@{\,}c} n_{t}&+&u\cdot\!\nabla n&=\Delta n^m-\nabla\!\cdot(n\nabla c),\ &x\in\Omega,& t>0,\\ c_{t}&+&u\cdot\!\nabla ... More
The Stokes limit in a three-dimensional chemotaxis-Navier-Stokes systemFeb 17 2019We consider initial-boundary value problems for the $\kappa$-dependent family of chemotaxis-(Navier--)Stokes systems \begin{align*} \left\{ \begin{array}{r@{\,}c@{\,}c@{\ }l@{\quad}l@{\quad}l@{\,}c} n_{t}&+&u\cdot\!\nabla n&=\Delta n-\nabla\!\cdot(n\nabla ... More
The average size of the kernel of a matrix and orbits of linear groups, II: dualityJul 03 2018Aug 26 2019Define a module representation to be a linear parameterisation of a collection of module homomorphisms over a ring. Generalising work of Knuth, we define duality functors indexed by the elements of the symmetric group of degree three between categories ... More
Eventual smoothness of generalized solutions to a singular chemotaxis-Stokes systemMay 17 2017We study the chemotaxis-fluid system \begin{align*} \left\{ \begin{array}{r@{\,}c@{\,}c@{\ }l@{\quad}l@{\quad}l@{\,}c} n_{t}&+&u\cdot\!\nabla n&=\Delta n-\nabla\!\cdot(\frac{n}{c}\nabla c),\ &x\in\Omega,& t>0, c_{t}&+&u\cdot\!\nabla c&=\Delta c-nc,\ &x\in\Omega,& ... More
Resonance chains and geometric limits on Schottky surfacesMar 28 2014Resonance chains have been observed in many different physical and mathematical scattering problems. Recently numerical studies linked the phenomenon of resonances chains to an approximate clustering of the length spectrum on integer multiples of a base ... More
Counterflow in EvacuationsOct 07 2011It is shown in this work that the average individual egress time and other performance indicators for egress of people from a building can be improved under certain circumstances if counterflow occurs. The circumstances include widely varying walking ... More
Nonabelian Gauge Theories: The Causal ApproachNov 11 1994May 02 1996We present the causal construction of perturbative Yang-Mills theories in four(3+1)-dimensional space-time. We work with free quantum fields throughout. The inductive causal method by Epstein and Glaser leads directly to a finite perturbation series and ... More
Electron drift orbits in crossed electromagnetic fields and the quantum Hall effectDec 28 2005The classical drift motion of electrons in crossed electric and magnetic fields provides an interesting example of a system with an on average constant velocity -- despite the presence of an electric field. This drift-velocity depends solely on the ratio ... More
A heuristic quantum theory of the integer quantum Hall effectSep 16 2005Dec 28 2005Contrary to common belief, the current emitted by a contact embedded in a two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG) is quantized in the presence of electric and magnetic fields. This observation suggests a simple, clearly defined model for the quantum current ... More
Quantum analogues of Hardy's nonlocality paradoxJun 12 2010Apr 04 2011Hardy's nonlocality is a "nonlocality proof without inequalities": it exemplifies that quantum correlations can be qualitatively stronger than classical correlations. This paper introduces variants of Hardy's nonlocality in the CHSH scenario which are ... More
A Chomsky-Schützenberger representation for weighted multiple context-free languagesJun 13 2016We prove a Chomsky-Sch\"utzenberger representation theorem for multiple context-free languages weighted over complete commutative strong bimonoids.
Quench dynamics of dipolar fermions in a one-dimensional harmonic trapJul 20 2015We study a system of few fermions in a one-dimensional harmonic trap, and focus on the case of dipolar majority particles in contact with a single impurity. The impurity is used both for quenching the system, and for tracking the system evolution after ... More
A Framework for Similarity Search with Space-Time Tradeoffs using Locality-Sensitive FilteringMay 09 2016Nov 22 2016We present a framework for similarity search based on Locality-Sensitive Filtering (LSF), generalizing the Indyk-Motwani (STOC 1998) Locality-Sensitive Hashing (LSH) framework to support space-time tradeoffs. Given a family of filters, defined as a distribution ... More
A Fast Incremental BSP Tree Archive for Non-dominated PointsApr 05 2016Sep 11 2016Maintaining an archive of all non-dominated points is a standard task in multi-objective optimization. Sometimes it is sufficient to store all evaluated points and to obtain the non-dominated subset in a post-processing step. Alternatively the non-dominated ... More
An automata characterisation for multiple context-free languagesJun 09 2016Sep 23 2016We introduce tree stack automata as a new class of automata with storage and identify a restricted form of tree stack automata that recognises exactly the multiple context-free languages.
Extra dimension-inspired models: Z', W', dijet resonances, black hole searchesDec 08 2015Dec 11 2015I give a summary of BSM searches performed by the ATLAS and CMS experiments with an focus on heavy gauge bosons, extra dimensions and quantum black holes. The presented results use data collected during 2012 when the LHC operated at an center of mass ... More
Invariants of generic immersions and Bernoulli numbersApr 08 1999First order invariants of generic immersions of manifolds of dimension nm-1 into manifolds of dimension n(m+1)-1, m,n>1 are constructed using the geometry of self-intersections. The range of one of these invariants is related to Bernoulli numbers. As ... More
Notes on topological strings and knot contact homologyDec 03 2013Dec 12 2013We give an introduction to the physics and mathematics involved in the recently observed relation between topological string theory and knot contact homology and then discuss this relation. The note is based on two lectures given at the Gokova Geometry ... More
Challenges of Convex Quadratic Bi-objective Benchmark ProblemsOct 23 2018Jan 25 2019Convex quadratic objective functions are an important base case in state-of-the-art benchmark collections for single-objective optimization on continuous domains. Although often considered rather simple, they represent the highly relevant challenges of ... More
Various Views on the Trapdoor Channel and an Upper Bound on its CapacityJan 18 2014Feb 06 2014Two novel views are presented on the trapdoor channel. First, by deriving the underlying iterated function system (IFS), it is shown that the trapdoor channel with input blocks of length $n$ can be regarded as the $n$th element of a sequence of shapes ... More
A note on Metropolis-Hasting for sampling across mixed spacesAug 02 2018We are concerned with the Metropolis-Hastings algorithm for sampling across so-called mixed spaces. The most important example of a mixed space is a space that consists of real vectors of different lengths. Sampling within this space is called trans dimensional ... More
Fast Locality-Sensitive Hashing Frameworks for Approximate Near Neighbor SearchAug 25 2017Feb 16 2018The Indyk-Motwani Locality-Sensitive Hashing (LSH) framework (STOC 1998) is a general technique for constructing a data structure to answer approximate near neighbor queries by using a distribution $\mathcal{H}$ over locality-sensitive hash functions ... More
B-Meson Properties from Modified Sum Rule AnalysesSep 03 2004We introduce two approaches to analyses of Borel sum rules. In the first method, we take the Borel mass M2 to infinity. Here, the sum rules become very sensitive to the chosen threshold s0. We fix the threshold by setting the daughter sum rule equal to ... More
Parikh-reducing Church-Rosser representations for some classes of regular languagesMar 29 2017In this paper the concept of Parikh-reducing Church-Rosser systems is studied. It is shown that for two classes of regular languages there exist such systems which describe the languages using finitely many equivalence classes of the rewriting system. ... More
Self-Supervised Damage-Avoiding Manipulation Strategy Optimization via Mental SimulationDec 20 2017Everyday robotics are challenged to deal with autonomous product handling in applications like logistics or retail, possibly causing damage on the items during manipulation. Traditionally, most approaches try to minimize physical interaction with goods. ... More
Quantum correlations in the temporal CHSH scenarioMay 19 2010Mar 26 2014We consider a temporal version of the CHSH scenario using projective measurements on a single quantum system. It is known that quantum correlations in this scenario are fundamentally more general than correlations obtainable with the assumptions of macroscopic ... More
Transition probabilities and measurement statistics of postselected ensemblesMar 23 2010Jul 20 2010It is well-known that a quantum measurement can enhance the transition probability between two quantum states. Such a measurement operates after preparation of the initial state and before postselecting for the final state. Here we analyze this kind of ... More
On the existence of quantum representations for two dichotomic measurementsAug 18 2009Feb 16 2010Under which conditions do outcome probabilities of measurements possess a quantum-mechanical model? This kind of problem is solved here for the case of two dichotomic von Neumann measurements which can be applied repeatedly to a quantum system with trivial ... More
A categorified Dold-Kan correspondenceOct 23 2017In this work, we establish a categorification of the classical Dold-Kan correspondence in the form of an equivalence between suitably defined $\infty$-categories of simplicial stable $\infty$-categories and connective chain complexes of stable $\infty$-categories. ... More
Regularity of distributions of Wigner integralsDec 23 2015Mar 07 2016Wigner integrals and the corresponding Wigner chaos were introduced by P. Biane and R. Speicher in 1998 as a non-commutative counterpart of classical Wiener-It\^o integrals and the corresponding Wiener-It\^o chaos, respectively, in free probability. In ... More
Morse flow trees and Legendrian contact homology in 1-jet spacesSep 16 2005Let $L\subset J^1(M)$ be a Legendrian submanifold of the 1-jet space of a Riemannian $n$-manifold $M$. A correspondence is established between rigid flow trees in $M$ determined by $L$ and boundary punctured rigid pseudo-holomorphic disks in $T^\ast M$, ... More
On the Navier-Stokes equations with rotating effect and prescribed outflow velocityMay 09 2009May 26 2011We consider the equations of Navier-Stokes modeling viscous fluid flow past a moving or rotating obstacle in $\mathbb{R}^d$ subject to a prescribed velocity condition at infinity. In contrast to previously known results, where the prescribed velocity ... More
The Peano software - parallel, automaton-based, dynamically adaptive grid traversalsJun 15 2015Dec 02 2018We discuss the design decisions, design alternatives and rationale behind the third generation of Peano, a framework for dynamically adaptive Cartesian meshes derived from spacetrees. Peano ties the mesh traversal to the mesh storage and supports only ... More
Quantum logic is undecidableJul 20 2016Nov 04 2016We investigate the first-order theory of closed subspaces of complex Hilbert spaces in the signature $(\lor,\perp,0,1)$, where `$\perp$' is the orthogonality relation. Our main result is that already its purely implicational fragment is undecidable: there ... More
Non-loose Legendrian spheres with trivial Contact Homology DGAFeb 16 2015Feb 13 2018Loose Legendrian n-submanifolds, for n at least 2, were introduced by Murphy and proved to be flexible in the h-principle sense: any two loose Legendrian submanifolds that are formally Legendrian isotopic are also actually Legendrian isotopic. Legendrian ... More
Hecke algebras and affine flag varieties in characteristic pJan 24 2015Oct 02 2015Let G be a split semi-simple p-adic group and let H be its Iwahori-Hecke algebra with coefficients in the algebraic closure k of the finite field with p elements. Let F be the affine flag variety over k associated with G. We show, in the simply connected ... More
Stable flatness of nonarchimedean hyperenveloping algebrasJul 17 2008Dec 14 2012Let L be a p-adic local field and g a finite dimensional Lie algebra over L. We show that its hyperenveloping algebra F(g) is a stably flat completion of its universal enveloping algebra. As a consequence the relative cohomology for the locally convex ... More
Multiplicity-free super vector spacesAug 29 2011Nov 30 2011Let $V$ be a complex finite dimensional super vector space with an action of a connected semisimple group $G$. We classify those pairs $(G,V)$ for which all homogeneous components of the super symmetric algebra of $V$ decompose multiplicity-free.
nanopub-java: A Java Library for NanopublicationsAug 20 2015The concept of nanopublications was first proposed about six years ago, but it lacked openly available implementations. The library presented here is the first one that has become an official implementation of the nanopublication community. Its core features ... More
How Controlled English can Improve Semantic WikisJul 07 2009The motivation of semantic wikis is to make acquisition, maintenance, and mining of formal knowledge simpler, faster, and more flexible. However, most existing semantic wikis have a very technical interface and are restricted to a relatively low level ... More
Stability results for local zeta functions of groups and related structuresApr 16 2015Various types of local zeta functions studied in asymptotic group theory admit two natural operations: (1) change the prime and (2) perform local base extensions. Often, the effects of both of these operations can be expressed simultaneously in terms ... More
Regularizing Feynman path integrals using the generalized Kontsevich-Vishik traceMar 09 2017A fully regulated definition of Feynman's path integral is presented here. The proposed re-formulation of the path integral coincides with the familiar formulation whenever the path integral is well-defined. In particular, it is consistent with respect ... More
Topological representation zeta functions of unipotent groupsMar 06 2015Inspired by work surrounding Igusa's local zeta function, we introduce topological representation zeta functions of unipotent algebraic groups over number fields. These group-theoretic invariants capture common features of established $p$-adic representation ... More
A synthetic approach to Markov kernels, conditional independence, and theorems on sufficient statisticsAug 19 2019Sep 01 2019We develop Markov categories as a framework for synthetic probability and statistics, following work of Golubtsov as well as Cho and Jacobs. This means that we treat the following concepts in purely abstract categorical terms: conditioning and disintegration; ... More
Polyhedral duality in Bell scenarios with two binary observablesFeb 01 2012Jun 18 2012For the Bell scenario with two parties and two binary observables per party, it is known that the no-signaling polytope is the polyhedral dual (polar) of the Bell polytope. Computational evidence suggests that this duality also holds for three parties. ... More
A Conjectural Algorithm for Simple Characters of Algebraic GroupsSep 08 2017We describe an algorithm, which - given the characters of tilting modules and assuming that Donkin's tilting conjecture is true - computes the characters of simple modules for an algebraic group in any characteristic.