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Updates to the Fermi GBM Targeted Sub-threshold Search in Preparation for the Third Observing Run of LIGO/VirgoMar 29 2019In this document, we detail the improvements made to the Fermi GBM targeted sub-threshold search for counterparts to LIGO/Virgo gravitational-wave triggers. We describe the implemented changes and compare the sensitivity of the O3 search to that of the ... More
Impact of precession on aligned-spin searches for neutron-star--black-hole binariesNov 25 2014Apr 02 2015The inclusion of aligned-spin effects in gravitational-wave search pipelines for neutron-star--black-hole binary coalescence has been shown to increase the astrophysical reach with respect to search methods where spins are neglected completely, under ... More
PyCBC Live: Rapid Detection of Gravitational Waves from Compact Binary MergersMay 28 2018We introduce an efficient and straightforward technique for rapidly detecting gravitational waves from compact binary mergers. We show that this method achieves the low latencies required to alert electromagnetic partners of candidate binary mergers, ... More
Sensitivity of gravitational wave searches to the full signal of intermediate mass black hole binaries during the LIGO O1 Science RunNov 06 2017The sensitivity of gravitational wave searches for binary black holes is estimated via the injection and posterior recovery of simulated gravitational wave signals in the detector data streams. When a search reports no detections, the estimated sensitivity ... More
Fermi GBM follow-up of LIGO-Virgo binary black hole mergers -- detection prospectsMay 21 2019Jul 11 2019Fermi-Gamma-ray Burst Monitor observed a 1 s long gamma-ray signal (GW150914-GBM) starting 0.4 s after the first gravitational wave detection from the binary black hole merger GW150914. GW150914-GBM is consistent with a short gamma-ray burst origin; however, ... More
Electromagnetic Chirps from Neutron Star-Black Hole MergersApr 25 2017We calculate the electromagnetic signal of a gamma-ray flare coming from the surface of a neutron star shortly before merger with a black hole companion. Using a new version of the Monte Carlo radiation transport code Pandurata that incorporates dynamic ... More
Gravitational-wave parameter estimation with gaps in LISA: a Bayesian data augmentation methodJul 10 2019By listening to gravity in the low frequency band, between 0.1 mHz and 1 Hz, the future space-based gravitational-wave observatory LISA will be able to detect tens of thousands of astrophysical sources from cosmic dawn to the present. The detection and ... More
A stochastic template bank for gravitational wave searches for precessing neutron-star--black-hole coalescence eventsDec 15 2016Nov 13 2017Gravitational wave searches to date have largely focused on non-precessing systems. Including precession effects greatly increases the number of templates to be searched over. This leads to a corresponding increase in the computational cost and can increase ... More
Detectability of modulated X-rays from LISA's supermassive black hole mergersFeb 05 2019One of the central goals of LISA is the detection of gravitational waves from the merger of supermassive black holes. Contrary to stellar-mass black hole mergers, such events are expected to be rich X-ray sources due to the accretion of material from ... More
Dynamics of galaxies and clusters in \textit{refracted gravity}Mar 16 2016We investigate the proof of concept and the implications of \textit{refracted gravity}, a novel modified gravity aimed to solve the discrepancy between the luminous and the dynamical mass of cosmic structures without resorting to dark matter. Inspired ... More
Quantum effects in linguistic endeavorsMay 21 2015Classifying the information content of neural spike trains in a linguistic endeavor, an uncertainty relation emerges between the bit size of a word and its duration. This uncertainty is associated with the task of synchronizing the spike trains of different ... More
On the origin of the sub-Jovian desert in the orbital-period--planetary-mass planeMar 01 2016Transit and radial velocity observations indicate a dearth of sub-Jupiter--mass planets on short-period orbits, outlined roughly by two oppositely sloped lines in the period--mass plane. We interpret this feature in terms of high-eccentricity migration ... More
A hot Jupiter for breakfast? --- Early stellar ingestion of planets may be commonJul 28 2015Models of planet formation and evolution predict that giant planets form efficiently in protoplanetary disks, that most of these migrate rapidly to the disk's inner edge, and that, if the arriving planet's mass is $\lesssim$ Jupiter's mass, it could remain ... More
The gravitational interaction between planets on inclined orbits and protoplanetary disks as the origin of primordial spin--orbit misalignmentsDec 06 2016Many of the observed spin--orbit alignment properties of exoplanets can be explained in the context of the primordial disk misalignment model, in which an initially aligned protoplanetary disk is torqued by a distant stellar companion on a misaligned ... More
First-Order "Hyperselective" Binding Transition of Multivalent Particles Under ForceJun 17 2019Multivalent particles bind to targets via many independent "ligand-receptor" bonding interactions. This microscopic design spans length scales in both synthetic and biological systems. Classic examples include interactions between cells, virus binding, ... More
A Note on Injectivity of Frobenius on Local Cohomology of HypersurfacesFeb 11 2015Let $k$ be a field of characteristic $p > 0$ such that $[k:k^p] < \infty$ and let $f \in R = k[x_0, ..., x_n]$ be homogeneous of degree $d$. We obtain a sharp bound on the degrees in which the Frobenius action on $H^n_\mathfrak{m}(R/fR)$ can be injective ... More
Berkovich log discrepancies in positive characteristicNov 08 2017Jun 16 2019We introduce and study a log discrepancy function on the space of semivaluations centered on an integral noetherian scheme of positive characteristic. Our definition shares many properties with the analogue in characteristic zero; we prove that if log ... More
Coincident detection significance in multimessenger astronomyDec 14 2017We derive a Bayesian criterion for assessing whether signals observed in two separate data sets originate from a common source. The Bayes factor for a common vs. unrelated origin of signals includes an overlap integral of the posterior distributions over ... More
Neutrino oscillations in a turbulent plasmaJul 30 2013A new model for the joint neutrino flavor and plasma oscillations is introduced, in terms of the dynamics of the neutrino flavor polarization vector in a plasma background. Fundamental solutions are found for both time-invariant and time-dependent media, ... More
Finding the Strong CP problem at the LHCJul 01 2015We show that a class of parity based solutions to the strong CP problem predicts new colored particles with mass at the TeV scale, due to constraints from Planck suppressed operators. The new particles are copies of the Standard Model quarks and leptons. ... More
Eigenvalue estimate and compactness for closed $f$-minimal surfacesOct 31 2012Let $\Omega$ be a bounded domain with convex boundary in a complete noncompact Riemannian manifold with Bakry-\'Emery Ricci curvature bounded below by a positive constant. We prove a lower bound of the first eigenvalue of the weighted Laplacian for closed ... More
New insight into EM radiation from spinning dust and its influence on the Cosmic Microwave BackgroundFeb 01 2019Jun 19 2019Dust is ubiquitous in the Universe and its influence on the observed Electromagnetic (EM) radiation needs to be correctly addressed. In recent years it became clear that scattering of EM radiation from interstellar dust grains could change the local properties ... More
Disorder and Mimesis at Hadron CollidersFeb 14 2019We discuss how systems with a large number of degrees of freedom and disorder in their mass matrix can play a role in particle physics. We derive results on their mass spectra using, where applicable, QFT techniques. We study concrete realizations of ... More
Accretion-caused deceleration of a gravitationally powerful compact stellar object moving within a dense Fermi gasJan 13 2016We consider accretion-caused deceleration of a gravitationally-powerful compact stellar object traveling within a cold Fermi-gas medium. We provide analytical and numerical estimates of the effect manifestation.
The piNNN--NNN problem. Connectedness, transition amplitudes and quasi-particle approximationJun 03 1997In this paper we review the present status of the piNNN--NNN problem. In particular, we re-consider the chain-labelled approach recently proposed by us, and identify a class of graphs, previously overlooked, which prevents the kernel of the corresponding ... More
The pd <--> pi+ t reaction around the Delta resonanceJun 03 1997The pd <--> pi+ t process has been calculated in the energy region around the Delta-resonance with elementary production/absorption mechanisms involving one and two nucleons. The isobar degrees of freedom have been explicitly included in the two-nucleon ... More
A test of multiple correlation temporal window characteristic of non-Markov processesApr 27 2015We introduce a sensitive test of memory effects in successive events. The test consists of a combination K of binary correlations at successive times. K decays monotonically from K = 1 for uncorrelated events as a Markov process; whereas memory effects ... More
Influence of flavor oscillations on neutrino beam instabilitiesApr 13 2014We consider the collective neutrino plasma interactions, and study the electron plasma instabilities produced by a nearly mono-energetic neutrino beam in a plasma. We describe the mutual influence of neutrino flavor oscillations and electron plasma waves. ... More
A wind-driving disc model for the mm-wavelength polarization structure of HL TauAug 24 2016The recent advent of spatially resolved mm- and cm-wavelength polarimetry in protostellar accretion discs could help clarify the role of magnetic fields in the angular momentum transport in these systems. The best case to date is that of HL~Tau, where ... More
Spherical configuration of a super-dense hot compact object with particular EoSMar 10 2016The equation of state (EoS) $P = P (\rho, ...)$ -- pressure as a function of density and other thermodynamical quantities -- is what generates particularities of mass--radius distribution $M (R)$ for super--dense compact stellar bodies, the remnants of ... More
Stability and compactness for complete $f$-minimal surfacesOct 30 2012Let $(M,\bar{g}, e^{-f}d\mu)$ be a complete metric measure space with Bakry-\'Emery Ricci curvature bounded below by a positive constant. We prove that, in $M$, there is no complete two-sided $L_f$-stable immersed $f$-minimal hypersurface with finite ... More
Implementing a search for aligned-spin neutron star -- black hole systems with advanced ground based gravitational wave detectorsMay 26 2014Oct 27 2014We study the effect of spins on searches for gravitational waves from compact binary coalescences in realistic simulated early advanced LIGO data. We construct a detection pipeline including matched filtering, signal-based vetoes, a coincidence test between ... More
Fitting the Higgs to Natural SUSYDec 05 2012We present a fit to the 2012 LHC Higgs data in different supersymmetric frameworks using naturalness as a guiding principle. We consider the MSSM and its D-term and F-term extensions that can raise the tree-level Higgs mass. When adding an extra chiral ... More
Clique cycle-transversals in distance-hereditary graphsFeb 06 2013Feb 07 2013A cycle-transversal of a graph G is a subset T of V(G) such that T intersects every cycle of G. A clique cycle-transversal, or cct for short, is a cycle-transversal which is a clique. Recognizing graphs which admit a cct can be done in polynomial time; ... More
Coupling between Ion-Acoustic Waves and Neutrino OscillationsJan 06 2017The work investigates the coupling between ion-acoustic waves and neutrino flavor oscillations in a non-relativistic electron-ion plasma under the influence of a mixed neutrino beam. Neutrino oscillations are mediated by the flavor polarization vector ... More
Higher Harmonics in Non-Linear Vacuum from QED Effects Without Low Mass Intermediate ParticlesJun 08 2006Jul 03 2007We show that in the presence of a slowly rotating strong transverse magnetic field there is an infinite spectrum of harmonic wave functions $A_n$ due to the first order QED correction (in $\alpha^2$) given by the Euler-Heisenberg Lagrangian. The frequency ... More
A new approach to the Sachs-Wolfe effectMar 14 2005Jan 08 2013We present a new approach to the Sachs-Wolfe effect, which is based on the dynamics of photons in a space and time varying gravitational field. We consider the influence of plasma dispersion effects on photon propagation, and establish the limits of validity ... More
Variational problems in fracture mechanicsFeb 27 2006We present some recent existence results for the variational model of crack growth in brittle materials proposed by Francfort and Marigo in 1998. These results, obtained in collaboration with Francfort and Toader, cover the case of arbitrary space dimension ... More
Simple approach for calculating the binding free energy of a multivalent particleMar 14 2016We present a simple yet accurate numerical approach to compute the free energy of binding of multivalent objects on a receptor-coated surface. The method correctly accounts for the fact that one ligand can bind to at most one receptor. The numerical approach ... More
Freezing-in the Hierarchy ProblemAug 06 2018Mar 11 2019Models with a tiny coupling $\lambda$ between the dark matter and the Standard Model, $\lambda \sim v/M_\text{Pl}\sim 10^{-16}$, can yield the measured relic abundance through the thermal process known as freeze-in. We propose to interpret this small ... More
Probing QCD Corrections to QED Effects Through Optical Experiments in VacuumSep 29 2006Jul 03 2007A numerical estimative error of the magnitude of the vacuum polarization effect due to electron-positron by a factor of $10^3$ in [PRL97(2006)100403; 269901(E)] invalidates the study carried in this work in its present context.
Quantum gravitational decoherence of matter wavesMar 29 2006Jul 26 2006One of the biggest unsolved problems in physics is the unification of quantum mechanics and general relativity. The lack of experimental guidance has made the issue extremely evasive, though various attempts have been made to relate the loss of matter ... More
Neutrino-driven electrostatic instabilities in a magnetized plasmaDec 15 2017The destabilizing role of neutrino beams on the Trivelpiece-Gould modes is considered, assuming electrostatic perturbations in a magnetized plasma composed by electrons in a neutralizing ionic background, coupled to a neutrino species by means of an effective ... More
A Fourth Exception in the Calculation of Relic AbundancesMay 23 2017Dec 16 2017We propose that the dark matter abundance is set by the decoupling of inelastic scattering instead of annihilations. This coscattering mechanism is generically realized if dark matter scatters against states of comparable mass from the thermal bath. Coscattering ... More
The Calibration Method for Free Discontinuity ProblemsJun 02 2000The calibration method is used to identify some minimizers of the Mumford-Shah functional. The method is then extended to more general free discontinuity problems.
Variation formulas for transversally harmonic and bi-harmonic mapsMay 16 2012In the paper, we study variation formulas for transversally harmonic maps and bi-harmonic maps, respectively. We also study the transversal Jacobi field along a map and give several relations with infinitesimal automorphisms.
Liquidity on Web Dynamic NetworkDec 31 2014Nowadays, the exponentially growing of the Web renders the problem of correlation among different topics of paramount importance. The proposed model can be used to study the evolution of network depicted by different topics on the web correlated by a ... More
Elasticity on Ontology Matching of Folksodriven Structure NetworkJan 18 2012Nowadays folksonomy tags are used not just for personal organization, but for communication and sharing between people sharing their own local interests. In this paper is considered the new concept structure called "Folksodriven" to represent folksonomies. ... More
Theoretical Considerations on Compensation of the Accommodation-Vergence Mismatch by Refractive Power of Focus-Adjustable 3D GlassesSep 24 2012The accommodation-vergence mismatch has been considered as a cause of the visual fatigue induced in watching 3D display. We would propose the mismatch can be compensated by refractive power of adjustable-focus 3D glasses. From lens optics and geometrical ... More
Web Application for Collaborative Semantic Web Information ArchitectureOct 18 2018In this paper is analyzed the prototyping of the information visualization on a Web Application for community purposes in a collaborative environment representing an evolution of the actual social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, ... More
Automatic Data Deformation Analysis on Evolving Folksonomy Driven EnvironmentDec 30 2016The Folksodriven framework makes it possible for data scientists to define an ontology environment where searching for buried patterns that have some kind of predictive power to build predictive models more effectively. It accomplishes this through an ... More
A Simple Proposal for a Solution to the Accommodation-Vergence Mismatch Problem in 3D DisplaysOct 02 2011Sep 17 2012Here is suggested a solution to the accommodation-vergence mismatch problem in 3D stereoscopic displays. It can be achieved by compensating the mismatched focal length with refractive power of adjustable-focus 3D glasses. The compensation would make vergence ... More
Infinitary $λ$-Calculi from a Linear Perspective (Long Version)Apr 27 2016We introduce a linear infinitary $\lambda$-calculus, called $\ell\Lambda_{\infty}$, in which two exponential modalities are available, the first one being the usual, finitary one, the other being the only construct interpreted coinductively. The obtained ... More
Digital Advertising Traffic Operation: Flow Management AnalysisJan 11 2017In a Web Advertising Traffic Operation the Trafficking Routing Problem (TRP) consists in scheduling the management of Web Advertising (Adv) campaign between Trafficking campaigns in the most efficient way to oversee and manage relationship with partners ... More
Responsive Equilibrium for Self-Adaptive Ubiquitous InteractionDec 31 2018This work attempts to unify two domains: the Game Theory for cooperative control systems and the Responsive Web Design, under the umbrella of crowdsourcing for information gain on Ubiquous Sytems related to different devices (as PC, Tablet, Mobile,...) ... More
Solutions of Neumann problems in domains with cracks and applications to fracture mechanicsMay 16 2001The first part of the course is devoted to the study of solutions to the Laplace equation in $\Omega\setminus K$, where $\Omega$ is a two-dimensional smooth domain and $K$ is a compact one-dimensional subset of $\Omega$. The solutions are required to ... More
An image structure model for exact edge detectionApr 21 2019The paper presents a new model for single channel images low-level interpretation. The image is decomposed into a graph which captures a complete set of structural features. The description allows to accurately identify every edge location and its correct ... More
Transverse conformal Killing forms on Kahler foliationsAug 29 2014On a closed, connected Riemannian manifold with a K\"ahler foliation of codimension $q=2m$, any transverse Killing $r\ (\geq 2)$-form is parallel (S. D. Jung and M. J. Jung [\ref{JJ2}], Bull. Korean Math. Soc. 49 (2012)). In this paper, we study transverse ... More
The PyCBC search for gravitational waves from compact binary coalescenceAug 10 2015Sep 14 2016We describe the PyCBC search for gravitational waves from compact-object binary coalescences in advanced gravitational-wave detector data. The search was used in the first Advanced LIGO observing run and unambiguously identified two black hole binary ... More
A Summary of Multimessenger Science with Neutron Star MergersMar 08 2019Neutron star mergers, referring to both binary neutron star and neutron star black hole mergers, are the canonical multimessenger events. They have been detected across the electromagnetic spectrum, have recently been detected in gravitational waves, ... More
The vanishing of strong turbulent fronts in bent pipesFeb 06 2019Isolated patches of turbulence in transitional straight pipes are sustained by a strong instability at their upstream front, where the production of turbulent kinetic energy (TKE) is up to five times higher than in the core. Direct numerical simulations ... More
On Constructor Rewrite Systems and the Lambda-Calculus (Long Version)Apr 27 2009Aug 02 2012We prove that orthogonal constructor term rewrite systems and lambda-calculus with weak (i.e., no reduction is allowed under the scope of a lambda-abstraction) call-by-value reduction can simulate each other with a linear overhead. In particular, weak ... More
The Patterns of High-Level Magnetic Activity Occurring on the Surface of V1285 Aql: The OPEA Model of Flares and DFT Models of Stellar SpotsJun 24 2012Statistically analyzing Johnson UBVR observations of V1285 Aql during the three observing seasons, both activity level and behavior of the star are discussed in respect to obtained results. We also discuss the out-of-flare variation due to rotational ... More
A New Method for Classifying Flares of UV Ceti Type Stars: Differences Between Slow and Fast FlaresJun 24 2012In this study, a new method is presented to classify flares derived from the photoelectric photometry of UV Ceti type stars. This method is based on statistical analyses using an independent samples t-test. The data used in analyses were obtained from ... More
Quasistatic crack growth for a cohesive zone model with prescribed crack pathJun 17 2005In this paper we study the quasistatic crack growth for a cohesive zone model. We assume that the crack path is prescribed and we study the time evolution of the crack in the framework of the variational theory of rate-independent processes.
Quantitative Models and Implicit ComplexityJun 20 2005Oct 25 2005We give new proofs of soundness (all representable functions on base types lies in certain complexity classes) for Elementary Affine Logic, LFPL (a language for polytime computation close to realistic functional programming introduced by one of us), Light ... More
Applicative Bisimulation and Quantum $λ$-Calculi (Long Version)Jun 22 2015Applicative bisimulation is a coinductive technique to check program equivalence in higher-order functional languages. It is known to be sound, and sometimes complete, with respect to context equivalence. In this paper we show that applicative bisimulation ... More
Asymptotic behaviour and correctors for linear Dirichlet problems with simultaneously varying operators and domainsMay 22 2002We consider a sequence of Dirichlet problems in varying domains (or, more generally, of relaxed Dirichlet problems involving measures in M_0) for second order linear elliptic operators in divergence form with varying matrices of coefficients. When the ... More
KIC 7385478: An eclipsing binary with a γ Doradus componentMar 19 2017We present spectroscopic and photometric analysis of the eclipsing binary KIC\,7385478. We find that the system is formed by F1V + K4III-IV components. Combining results from analysis of spectroscopic data and $Kepler$ photometry, we calculate masses ... More
Linear Dependent Types in a Call-by-Value Scenario (Long Version)Jul 24 2012Linear dependent types allow to precisely capture both the extensional behaviour and the time complexity of lambda terms, when the latter are evaluated by Krivine's abstract machine. In this work, we show that the same paradigm can be applied to call-by-value ... More
Transverse conformal Killing forms and a Gallot-Meyer Theorem for foliationsMay 27 2008We study transverse conformal Killing forms on foliations and prove a Gallot-Meyer theorem for foliations. Moreover, we show that on a foliation with $C$-positive normal curvature, if there is a closed basic 1-form $\phi$ such that $\Delta_B\phi=qC\phi$, ... More
The mean curvature of transverse Kähler foliationsAug 29 2018Oct 22 2018We study properties of the mean curvature one-form and its holomorphic and antiholomorphic cousins on a transverse K\"ahler foliation. If the mean curvature of the foliation is automorphic, then there are some restrictions on basic cohomology similar ... More
Uniqueness of solutions to Hamilton-Jacobi equations arising in the Calculus of VariationsJun 02 2000We prove the uniqueness of the viscosity solution to the Hamilton-Jacobi equation associated with a Bolza problem of the Calculus of Variations, assuming that the Lagrangian is autonomous, continuous, superlinear, and satisfies the usual convexity hypothesis. ... More
Three-Body Dynamics in One DimensionNov 22 2002We discuss the general three-particle quantum scattering problem, for motion restricted to the full line. Specifically, we formulate the three-body problem in one dimension in terms of the (Faddeev-type) integral equation approach. As a first application, ... More
Irreducible pionic effects in nucleon-deuteron scattering below 20 MeVNov 15 2001The consequences of a recently introduced irreducible pionic effect in low energy nucleon-deuteron scattering are analyzed. Differential cross-sections, nucleon (vector) and deuteron (vector and tensor) analyzing powers, and four different polarization ... More
Multistable switching dynamical system with the location of symmetric equilibriaJul 18 2016A switching dynamical system by means of piecewise linear systems in R^3 that presents multistability is presented. The flow of the system displays multiple scroll attractors due to the unstable hyperbolic focus-saddle equilibria with stability index ... More
Probabilistic Operational Semantics for the Lambda CalculusApr 01 2011Jun 27 2011Probabilistic operational semantics for a nondeterministic extension of pure lambda calculus is studied. In this semantics, a term evaluates to a (finite or infinite) distribution of values. Small-step and big-step semantics are both inductively and coinductively ... More
The Nature of V1464 Aql: A New Ellipsoidal Variable with a Delta Scuti ComponentOct 16 2012Taking into account the results obtained from the models and analyses of the BVRI light curves, we discuss the nature of V1464 Aql. The analyses indicated that the mass ratio of the system is q=0.71(0.02), while the inclination of the system (i) is 38.45(0.22) ... More
Rotation Modulations and Distributions of the Flare Occurrence Rates on the Surface of Five UV Ceti Type StarsJun 24 2012In this study, we considered stellar spots, stellar flares, and also the relation between these two magnetic proccesses that take place on UV Cet stars. In addition, the hypothesis about slow flares described by Gurzadyan (1986 Ap&SS, 125, 127) was investigated. ... More
On Equivalences, Metrics, and Polynomial Time (Long Version)Jun 11 2015Interactive behaviors are ubiquitous in modern cryptography, but are also present in $\lambda$-calculi, in the form of higher-order constructions. Traditionally, however, typed $\lambda$-calculi simply do not fit well into cryptography, being both deterministic ... More
Linear Dependent Types and Relative CompletenessApr 01 2011Oct 19 2012A system of linear dependent types for the lambda calculus with full higher-order recursion, called dlPCF, is introduced and proved sound and relatively complete. Completeness holds in a strong sense: dlPCF is not only able to precisely capture the functional ... More
On Sharing, Memoization, and Polynomial Time (Long Version)Jan 05 2015We study how the adoption of an evaluation mechanism with sharing and memoization impacts the class of functions which can be computed in polynomial time. We first show how a natural cost model in which lookup for an already computed value has no cost ... More
Lattice model refinement of protein structuresMay 10 2010To find the best lattice model representation of a given full atom protein structure is a hard computational problem. Several greedy methods have been suggested where results are usually biased and leave room for improvement. In this paper we formulate ... More
Detailed Chromospheric Activity Nature of KIC 9641031Mar 30 2016This study depends on KIC 9641031 eclipsing binary system with a chromospherically active component. There are three type variations, such as geometrical variations due to eclipses, sinusoidal variations due to the rotational modulations and also flares, ... More
Chromospherically Active Low-Mass Close Binary: KIC 9761199Nov 05 2016In this study, we present the results obtained from KIC 9761199's the photometrical data acquired by the Kepler Mission. The light curve of the system, the sinusoidal variation out-of-eclipses and instant-short term flare events in the entire light curves ... More
KOI-256's Magnetic Activity under the Influence of the White DwarfNov 13 2017We present the findings about chromospheric activity nature of KOI-256 obtained from the Kepler Mission data. Firstly, it was found that there are some sinusoidal variations out-of-eclipses due to cool spot activity. The sinusoidal variations modelled ... More
Value Functions for Bolza Problems with Discontinuous Lagrangians and Hamilton-Jacobi InequalitiesJun 02 2000We investigate the value function of the Bolza problem of the Calculus of Variations $$ V (t,x)=\inf \{\int_{0}^{t} L (y(s),y'(s))ds + \phi(y(t)) : y \in W^{1,1} (0,t; R^n) ; y(0)=x \}, $$ with a lower semicontinuous Lagrangian $L$ and a final cost $\phi$, ... More
Gradient bounds for minimizers of free discontinuity problems related to cohesive zone models in fracture mechanicsJul 05 2005In this note we consider a free discontinuity problem for a scalar function, whose energy depends also on the size of the jump. We prove that the gradient of every smooth local minimizer never exceeds a constant, determined only by the data of the problem. ... More
Proceedings Tenth International Workshop on Developments in Computational ModelsApr 08 2015This volume contains the papers presented at the Tenth International Workshop on Developments in Computational Models (DCM) held in Vienna, Austria on 13th July 2014, as part of the Vienna Summer of Logic. Several new models of computation have emerged ... More
A Clue To Magnetic Activity Occurring On Near-Contact Binary V1003 HerOct 19 2013Taking into account results obtained from models and analyses, we determined the nature and structures of V1003 Her. We analysed the light curves obtained in this study together with the available radial velocity curve. The analysis revealed that the ... More
A Gamma Doradus Candidate In Eclipsing Binary BD And?Jun 12 2013The BVR photometric light curves of the eclipsing binary BD And were obtained in 2008 and 2009. We estimated the mass ratio of the system as 0.97 and the photometric solutions were derived. The results show that BD And is a detached binary system, whose ... More
On Constructor Rewrite Systems and the Lambda CalculusAug 02 2012Aug 11 2012We prove that orthogonal constructor term rewrite systems and lambda-calculus with weak (i.e., no reduction is allowed under the scope of a lambda-abstraction) call-by-value reduction can simulate each other with a linear overhead. In particular, weak ... More
Snapping of elastic strips with controlled endsJan 23 2019Snapping mechanisms are investigated for an elastic strip with ends imposed to move and rotate in time. Attacking the problem analytically via Euler's elastica and the second variation of the total potential energy, the number of stable equilibrium configurations ... More
Spectroscopic and photometric confirmation of chromospheric activity in four starsJan 18 2018We present analysis of medium resolution optical spectra and long term V band photometry of four cool stars, BD+13 5000, BD+11 3024, TYC 3557-919-1 and TYC 5163-1764-1. Our spectroscopic analysis reveals that the stars are giant or sub-giant from K0 or ... More
Spin-polarized electronic surface states of Re(0001): an ab-initio investigationJun 27 2019We study the electronic structure of the Re(0001) surface by means of ab-initio techniques based on the Fully Relativistic (FR) Density Functional Theory (DFT) and the Projector Augmented-Wave (PAW) method. We identify the main surface states and resonances ... More
Vanishing theorems of the basic harmonic forms on a complete foliated Riemannian manifoldJun 29 2016On a compact foliated Riemannian manifold with some transversal curvature conditions, there are no nontrivial basic harmonic forms (M. Min-Oo et al., J. Reine Angew. Math. 415 (1991). In this paper, we extend the above facts to a complete foliated Riemannian ... More
The Geometry of Types (Long Version)Oct 25 2012We show that time complexity analysis of higher-order functional programs can be effectively reduced to an arguably simpler (although computationally equivalent) verification problem, namely checking first-order inequalities for validity. This is done ... More
A model for the quasi-static growth of brittle fractures: existence and approximation resultsMar 30 2001We give a precise mathematical formulation of a variational model for the irreversible quasi-static evolution of brittle fractures proposed by G.A. Francfort and J.-J. Marigo, and based on Griffith's theory of crack growth. In the two-dimensional case ... More
Approximation of Relaxed Dirichlet Problems by Boundary Value problems in perforated domainsMar 26 1993Given an elliptic operator~$L$ on a bounded domain~$\Omega \subseteq {\bf R}^n$, and a positive Radon measure~$\mu$ on~$\Omega$, not charging polar sets, we discuss an explicit approximation procedure which leads to a sequence of domains~$\Omega_h \subseteq ... More
An Invariant Cost Model for the Lambda CalculusNov 12 2005We define a new cost model for the call-by-value lambda-calculus satisfying the invariance thesis. That is, under the proposed cost model, Turing machines and the call-by-value lambda-calculus can simulate each other within a polynomial time overhead. ... More