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Hydrodynamics of stratified epithelium: steady state and linearized dynamicsAug 07 2015A theoretical model for stratified epithelium is presented. The viscoelastic properties of the tissue is assumed to be dependent on the spatial distribution of proliferative and differentiated cells. Based on this assumption, a hydrodynamic description ... More
Density-Dependent Response of an Ultracold Plasma to Few-Cycle Radio-Frequency PulsesMar 07 2012Dec 06 2012Ultracold neutral plasmas exhibit a density-dependent resonant response to applied radio-frequency (RF) fields in the frequency range of several MHz to hundreds of MHz for achievable densities. We have conducted measurements where short bursts of RF were ... More
Influence of Electron Evaporative Cooling on Ultracold Plasma ExpansionApr 22 2013The expansion of ultracold neutral plasmas (UCP) is driven primarily by the thermal pressure of the electron component and is therefore sensitive to the electron temperature. At lower densities (less than 10$^8$ /cm$^3$), evaporative cooling has a significant ... More
Surface Gap Solitons in Exciton Polariton CondensatesApr 14 2018A gap soliton is a solitonic state existing inside the band gap of an infinite-periodic exciton-polariton condensate (EPC). The combination of surface states and gap solitons forms the so named surface gap solitons (SGSs). We analyze the existence of ... More
Ring dark solitons in microcavity polariton condensatesApr 14 2018A ring dark soliton is a dark soltion occurring in higher dimensions. It is still unknown in microcavity-polariton condensates due to its instability. We find that a stable RDS cannot exist in a MPC without a defect. We then propose a way to create a ... More
Type-II Topological Meissner StatesFeb 03 2016We study the \emph{orbital effects} of the synthetic magnetic fields in an interacting square lattice two-leg fermionic ladder model with the number-conserving pair hopping that hosting the Majorana bound states. By utilizing density matrix renormalization ... More
Pareto Optimal Demand Response Based on Energy Costs and Load Factor in Smart GridJul 12 2019Demand response for residential users is essential to the realization of modern smart grids. This paper proposes a multiobjective approach to designing a demand response program that considers the energy costs of residential users and the load factor ... More
Collective Excitations, Nambu-Goldstone Modes and Instability of Inhomogeneous Polariton CondensatesOct 27 2011We study non-equilibrium microcavity-polariton condensates (MPCs) in a harmonic potential trap theoretically. We calculate and analyze the steady state, collective-excitation modes and instability of MPCs. Within excitation modes, there exist Nambu-Goldstone ... More
Optimum Fairness for Non-Orthogonal Multiple AccessJan 25 2018This paper focuses on the fairness issue in non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA) and investigates the optimization problem that maximizes the worst user's achievable rate. Unlike previous studies, we derive a closed-form expression for the optimal value ... More
Cosmological and Solar-System Tests of f(R) Modified GravitySep 17 2010We investigate the cosmological and the local tests of the f(R) theory of modified gravity via the observations of (1) the cosmic expansion and (2) the cosmic structures and via (3) the solar-system experiments. To fit the possible cosmic expansion histories ... More
Observation of a strong coupling effect on electron-ion collisions in ultracold plasmasMar 22 2017May 10 2017Ultracold plasmas (UCP) provide a well-controlled system for studying multiple aspects in plasma physics that include collisions and strong coupling effects. By applying a short electric field pulse to a UCP, a plasma electron center-of-mass (CM) oscillation ... More
Stability and Excitations of Spontaneous Vortices in Homogeneous Polariton CondensatesNov 29 2011We study the dynamics of spontaneously formed vortices in homogeneous microcavity-polariton condensates (MPCs). We find that vortices are stable and appear spontaneously without stirring or rotating MPCs. The dip of the vortex core contains some background ... More
Few-Shot Representation Learning for Out-Of-Vocabulary WordsJul 01 2019Existing approaches for learning word embeddings often assume there are sufficient occurrences for each word in the corpus, such that the representation of words can be accurately estimated from their contexts. However, in real-world scenarios, out-of-vocabulary ... More
Interaction driven quantum phase transition in fractional quantum spin Hall effectsJul 07 2014Aug 10 2014By means of finite size exact diagonalization we theoretically study the electronic many-body effects on the nearly flat-band structure with time-reversal symmetry in a checkerboard lattice model and identify the topological nature of two quantum phases, ... More
On some determinant and matrix inequalities with a geometrical flavourJun 16 2016In this paper we study some determinant inequalities and matrix inequalities which have a geometrical flavour. We first examine some inequalities which place work of Macbeath [13] in a more general setting and also relate to recent work of Gressman [8]. ... More
The Associated Map of the Nonabelian Gauss-Manin ConnectionJul 11 2011Jul 13 2011The Gauss-Manin connection for nonabelian cohomology spaces is the isomonodromy flow. We write down explicitly the vector fields of the isomonodromy flow and calculate its induced vector fields on the associated graded space of the nonabelian Hogde filtration. ... More
On a geometric inequality related to fractional integrationJun 16 2016In this paper we consider a new kind of inequality related to fractional integration, motivated by Gressman's paper. Based on it we investigate its multilinear analogue inequalities. Combining with the Gressman's work on multilinear integral, we establish ... More
Towards Combining On-Off-Policy Methods for Real-World ApplicationsApr 24 2019In this paper, we point out a fundamental property of the objective in reinforcement learning, with which we can reformulate the policy gradient objective into a perceptron-like loss function, removing the need to distinguish between on and off policy ... More
The relationship between trading volumes, number of transactions, and stock volatility in GARCH modelsDec 18 2017We examine the relationship between trading volumes, number of transactions, and volatility using daily stock data of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Following the mixture of distributions hypothesis, we use trading volumes and the number of transactions as ... More
Phase diagram of microcavity polariton condensates with a harmonic potential trapSep 12 2013We theoretically explore the phase transition in inhomogeneous exciton-polariton condensates with variable pumping conditions. Through Bogoliubov excitations to the radial-symmetric solutions of complex Gross-Pitaevskii equation, we determine not only ... More
Multiple Policy Value Monte Carlo Tree SearchMay 31 2019Many of the strongest game playing programs use a combination of Monte Carlo tree search (MCTS) and deep neural networks (DNN), where the DNNs are used as policy or value evaluators. Given a limited budget, such as online playing or during the self-play ... More
Pressure induced topological quantum phase transition in Sb_2Se_3Apr 11 2013Jan 04 2014Based on the first-principles band structure calculations, we investigate the effects of hydrostatic pressure on the conventional insulator (CI) Sb_2Se_3 and predict that it undergoes a topological quantum phase transition from a CI to a nontrivial topological ... More
Box-Cox transformation of firm size data in statistical analysisNov 23 2015Firm size data usually do not show the normality that is often assumed in statistical analysis such as regression analysis. In this study we focus on two firm size data: the number of employees and sale. Those data deviate considerably from a normal distribution. ... More
HSEARCH: fast and accurate protein sequence motif search and clusteringJan 02 2017Protein motifs are conserved fragments occurred frequently in protein sequences. They have significant functions, such as active site of an enzyme. Search and clustering protein sequence motifs are computational intensive. Most existing methods are not ... More
Flux-Stabilized Majorana Zero Modes in Coupled One-Dimensional Fermi WiresJan 07 2017One promising avenue to study one-dimensional ($1$D) topological phases is to realize them in synthetic materials such as cold atomic gases. Intriguingly, it is possible to realize Majorana boundary modes in a $1$D number-conserving system consisting ... More
Empirical Study of the GARCH model with Rational ErrorsDec 26 2013We use the GARCH model with a fat-tailed error distribution described by a rational function and apply it for the stock price data on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. To determine the model parameters we perform the Bayesian inference to the model. The Bayesian ... More
Versatile surface ion trap for effective cooling and large-scale trapping of ionsJan 31 2019May 04 2019Scaling up the number of trapped ions and the effective cooling of ions in surface ion traps is a central challenge in the research of trapped-ion systems. In this computational study, we propose a novel surface ion trap design that enables innate principle-axes ... More
Improving Adversarial Robustness via Guided Complement EntropyMar 23 2019Model robustness has been an important issue, since adding small adversarial perturbations to images is sufficient to drive the model accuracy down to nearly zero. In this paper, we propose a new training objective "Guided Complement Entropy" (GCE) that ... More
Dispersion relation, propagation length and mode conversion of surface plasmon polaritons in silver double-nanowire systemsMay 15 2013We study the surface plasmon modes in a silver double-nanowire system by employing the eigenmode analysis approach based on the finite element method. Calculated dispersion relations, surface charge distributions, field patterns and propagation lengths ... More
EmotionLines: An Emotion Corpus of Multi-Party ConversationsFeb 23 2018May 30 2018Feeling emotion is a critical characteristic to distinguish people from machines. Among all the multi-modal resources for emotion detection, textual datasets are those containing the least additional information in addition to semantics, and hence are ... More
Quantum Teleportation with Remote Rotation on a GHZ stateNov 29 2012Dec 04 2012This study proposes a pioneering protocol for teleporting an arbitrary single particle state and simultaneously performing a rotation operation on that particle. There are protocols for either only teleporting particles or only remotely controlling quantum ... More
Carrier Transport in Films of Alkyl-Ligand-Terminated Silicon NanocrystalsJan 27 2014Aug 31 2014Silicon nanocrystals (Si NCs) have shown great promise for electroluminescent and photoluminescent applications. In order to optimize the properties of Si NC devices, however, electronic transport in Si NCs films needs to be thoroughly understood. Here ... More
Learning Multi-Level Information for Dialogue Response Selection by Highway Recurrent TransformerMar 21 2019With the increasing research interest in dialogue response generation, there is an emerging branch formulating this task as selecting next sentences, where given the partial dialogue contexts, the goal is to determine the most probable next sentence. ... More
A Comparative Study on Spin-Orbit Torque Efficiencies from W/ferromagnetic and W/ferrimagnetic HeterostructuresNov 02 2017Dec 10 2017It has been shown that W in its resistive form possesses the largest spin-Hall ratio among all heavy transition metals, which makes it a good candidate for generating efficient dampinglike spin-orbit torque (DL-SOT) acting upon adjacent ferromagnetic ... More
Pre-Training Graph Neural Networks for Generic Structural Feature ExtractionMay 31 2019Graph neural networks (GNNs) are shown to be successful in modeling applications with graph structures. However, training an accurate GNN model requires a large collection of labeled data and expressive features, which might be inaccessible for some applications. ... More
Inexact Shift-and-Invert Arnoldi for Toeplitz Matrix ExponentialMar 17 2015We revisit the shift-and-invert Arnoldi method proposed in [S. Lee, H. Pang, and H. Sun. {\it Shift-invert Arnoldi approximation to the Toeplitz matrix exponential}, SIAM J. Sci. Comput., 32: 774--792, 2010] for numerical approximation to the product ... More
High efficiency dielectric metasurfaces at visible wavelengthsMar 08 2016Metasurfaces are planar optical elements that hold promise for overcoming the limitations of refractive and conventional diffractive optics1-3. Dielectric metasurfaces demonstrated thus far4-10 are limited to transparency windows at infrared wavelengths ... More
Planar Lenses at Visible WavelengthsMay 07 2016Sub-wavelength resolution imaging requires high numerical aperture (NA) lenses, which are bulky and expensive. Metasurfaces allow the miniaturization of conventional refractive optics into planar structures. We show that high-aspect-ratio titanium dioxide ... More
Unsupervised Inductive Graph-Level Representation Learning via Graph-Graph ProximityApr 01 2019Jun 02 2019We introduce a novel approach to graph-level representation learning, which is to embed an entire graph into a vector space where the embeddings of two graphs preserve their graph-graph proximity. Our approach, UGRAPHEMB, is a general framework that provides ... More
Macroblock Classification Method for Video Applications Involving MotionsFeb 28 2015In this paper, a macroblock classification method is proposed for various video processing applications involving motions. Based on the analysis of the Motion Vector field in the compressed video, we propose to classify Macroblocks of each video frame ... More
Attention-over-Attention Neural Networks for Reading ComprehensionJul 15 2016Jun 06 2017Cloze-style queries are representative problems in reading comprehension. Over the past few months, we have seen much progress that utilizing neural network approach to solve Cloze-style questions. In this paper, we present a novel model called attention-over-attention ... More
No More Discrimination: Cross City Adaptation of Road Scene SegmentersApr 27 2017Despite the recent success of deep-learning based semantic segmentation, deploying a pre-trained road scene segmenter to a city whose images are not presented in the training set would not achieve satisfactory performance due to dataset biases. Instead ... More
MoodSwipe: A Soft Keyboard that Suggests Messages Based on User-Specified EmotionsJul 22 2017We present MoodSwipe, a soft keyboard that suggests text messages given the user-specified emotions utilizing the real dialog data. The aim of MoodSwipe is to create a convenient user interface to enjoy the technology of emotion classification and text ... More
A broadband achromatic polarization-insensitive metalens consisting of anisotropic nanostructuresOct 11 2018Metasurfaces have attracted widespread attention due to an increasing demand of compact and wearable optical devices. For many applications, polarization-insensitive metasurfaces are highly desirable and appear to limit the choice of their constituent ... More
Revealing the binary origin of Type Ic superluminous supernovae through nebular hydrogen emissionOct 06 2015Oct 26 2015We propose that nebular H-alpha emission as detected in the Type Ic superluminous supernova iPTF13ehe stems from matter which is stripped from a companion star when the supernova ejecta collide with it. The temporal evolution, the line broadening, and ... More
From Receptive to Productive: Learning to Use Confusing Words through Automatically Selected Example SentencesJun 06 2019Knowing how to use words appropriately has been a key to improving language proficiency. Previous studies typically discuss how students learn receptively to select the correct candidate from a set of confusing words in the fill-in-the-blank task where ... More
Effects of single- and multi-substituted Zn ions in doped-122 type iron-based superconductorsApr 05 2016Recent experiments on Zn-substituted 122-type iron-based superconductors (FeSCs) at electron- and hole- doped region provide us with a testing ground for understanding the effect of Zn impurities in these systems. Our first-principle calculations of the ... More
Graph Edit Distance Computation via Graph Neural NetworksAug 16 2018Oct 03 2018Graph similarity search is among the most important graph-based applications, e.g. finding the chemical compounds that are most similar to a query compound. Graph similarity/distance computation, such as Graph Edit Distance (GED) and Maximum Common Subgraph ... More
Classification of entanglement and quantum phase transition in XX modelJun 19 2012We study the relation between entanglement and quantum phase transition (QPT) from a new perspective. Motivated by one's intuition: QPT is characterized by the change of the ground-state structure, while entangled states belong to different classes have ... More
RAP-Net: Recurrent Attention Pooling Networks for Dialogue Response SelectionMar 21 2019The response selection has been an emerging research topic due to the growing interest in dialogue modeling, where the goal of the task is to select an appropriate response for continuing dialogues. To further push the end-to-end dialogue model toward ... More
When Crowdsourcing Meets Mobile Sensing: A Social Network PerspectiveAug 03 2015Mobile sensing is an emerging technology that utilizes agent-participatory data for decision making or state estimation, including multimedia applications. This article investigates the structure of mobile sensing schemes and introduces crowdsourcing ... More
Supervised Collective Classification for CrowdsourcingJul 23 2015Sep 08 2015Crowdsourcing utilizes the wisdom of crowds for collective classification via information (e.g., labels of an item) provided by labelers. Current crowdsourcing algorithms are mainly unsupervised methods that are unaware of the quality of crowdsourced ... More
Phase and dispersion engineering of metalenses: broadband achromatic focusing and imaging in the visibleNov 26 2017Metasurfaces have the potential to miniaturize and improve the performance of any optical element, with applications spanning telecommunications, computing and wearable optics. However, the ability to retain functionality over a continuous, broad range ... More
Pairing Symmetry in Iron-Pnictide Superconductor KFe$_2$As$_2$Mar 12 2012Sep 12 2012The pairing symmetry is one of the major issues in the study of iron-based superconductors. We adopt a low-energy effective kinetic model based on the first-principles band structure calculations combined with the $J_1$-$J_2$ model for KFe$_2$As$_2$, ... More
Waiting is not easy but worth it: the online TSP on the line revisitedJun 30 2019We consider the online traveling salesman problem on the real line (OLTSPL) in which a salesman begins at the origin, traveling at no faster than unit speed along the real line, and wants to serve a sequence of requests, arriving online over time on the ... More
The First Evaluation of Chinese Human-Computer Dialogue TechnologySep 29 2017In this paper, we introduce the first evaluation of Chinese human-computer dialogue technology. We detail the evaluation scheme, tasks, metrics and how to collect and annotate the data for training, developing and test. The evaluation includes two tasks, ... More
Electronic Transport Evidence for Topological Nodal-Line Semimetals of ZrGeSe single crystalsJul 10 2019Although the band topology of ZrGeSe has been studied via magnetic torque technique, the electronic transport behaviors related to the relativistic Fermions in ZrGeSe are still unknown. Here, we first report systematic electronic transport properties ... More
Modeling Market Inefficiencies within a Single InstrumentNov 06 2015In this paper, we propose a minimal model beyond geometric Brownian motion that aims to describe price actions with market inefficiency. From simple financial theory considerations, we arrive at a simple two-variable hidden Markovian time series model, ... More
Pathwise nonuniqueness for the SPDEs of some super-Brownian motions with immigrationAug 23 2013Dec 22 2015We prove pathwise nonuniqueness in the stochastic partial differential equations (SPDEs) for some one-dimensional super-Brownian motions with immigration. In contrast to a closely related case investigated by Mueller, Mytnik and Perkins [Ann. Probab. ... More
Iterated and Mixed Weak Norms with Applications to Geometric InequalitiesDec 04 2017Mar 30 2018In this paper, we consider a new weak norm, iterated weak norm in Lebesgue spaces with mixed norms. We study properties of the mixed weak norm and the iterated weak norm and present the relationship between the two weak norms. Even for the ordinary Lebesgue ... More
Integrated Plasmonic Metasurfaces for SpectropolarimetryOct 14 2015Apr 26 2016Plasmonic metasurfaces enable simultaneous control of the phase, momentum, amplitude and polarisation of light and hence promise great utility in realisation of compact photonic devices. In this paper, we demonstrate a novel chip-scale device suitable ... More
A vacuum problem for multidimensional compressible Navier-Stokes equations with degenerate viscosity coefficientsJan 05 2007Apr 16 2008Local solutions of the multidimensional Navier-Stokes equations for isentropic compressible flow are constructed with spherically symmetric initial data between a solid core and a free boundary connected to a surrounding vacuum state. The viscosity coefficients ... More
Mining Mass Spectra: Metric Embeddings and Fast Near Neighbor SearchMar 01 2006Mining large-scale high-throughput tandem mass spectrometry data sets is a very important problem in mass spectrometry based protein identification. One of the fundamental problems in large scale mining of spectra is to design appropriate metrics and ... More
Duality at Lattice Scale around the Takhtajan-Babujain Point in the Bilinear Biquadratic Spin-1 ChainDec 03 2015In the literature, it is known that near the Takhtajan-Babujain point of the bilinear-biquadratic spin-$1$ chain, the low energy theory is captured by three Majorana fermions with a mass sign change, or three Ising chains near the transition. In this ... More
Dixit: Interactive Visual Storytelling via Term ManipulationMar 06 2019May 31 2019In this paper, we introduce Dixit, an interactive visual storytelling system that the user interacts with iteratively to compose a short story for a photo sequence. The user initiates the process by uploading a sequence of photos. Dixit first extracts ... More
Task-Guided and Path-Augmented Heterogeneous Network Embedding for Author IdentificationDec 08 2016Dec 17 2016In this paper, we study the problem of author identification under double-blind review setting, which is to identify potential authors given information of an anonymized paper. Different from existing approaches that rely heavily on feature engineering, ... More
On the Convergence and Consistency of the Blurring Mean-Shift ProcessMay 05 2013The mean-shift algorithm is a popular algorithm in computer vision and image processing. It can also be cast as a minimum gamma-divergence estimation. In this paper we focus on the "blurring" mean shift algorithm, which is one version of the mean-shift ... More
Extension of Multilinear Fractional Integral Operators to Linear Operators on Lebesgue Spaces with Mixed NormsFeb 12 2019Feb 18 2019In [C. E. Kenig and E. M. Stein, Multilinear estimates and fractional integration, Math. Res. Lett., 6(1):1-15, 1999], the following type of multilinear fractional integral \[ \int_{\bbR^{mn}} \frac{f_1(l_1(x_1,\ldots,x_m,x))\cdots f_{m+1}(l_{m+1}(x_1,\ldots,x_m,x))}{(|x_1|+\ldots+|x_m|)^{\lambda}} ... More
TCP Decoupling for Next Generation Communication SystemApr 08 2018In traditional networks, interfaces of network nodes are duplex. But, emerging communication technologies such as visible light communication, millimeter-wave communications, can only provide a unidirectional interface when cost is limited. It's urgent ... More
Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning for Multi-agent MOBA GameJan 23 2019Jun 21 2019Real Time Strategy (RTS) games require macro strategies as well as micro strategies to obtain satisfactory performance since it has large state space, action space, and hidden information. This paper presents a novel hierarchical reinforcement learning ... More
Experimental Demonstration of Fully Atomic Weak Value AmplificationNov 15 2018Jun 20 2019In this Letter, we experimentally demonstrate the first realization of weak value amplification (WVA) using purely atomic degrees of freedom. Our measurement model identifies the internal electronic states and external motional states of a single trapped ... More
Quantum Process CapabilityNov 26 2018Physical processes in the quantum regime possess non-classical properties of quantum mechanics. However, methods for quantitatively identifying such processes are still lacking. Accordingly, in this study, we develop a framework for characterizing and ... More
Inference of time-varying regression modelsAug 17 2012We consider parameter estimation, hypothesis testing and variable selection for partially time-varying coefficient models. Our asymptotic theory has the useful feature that it can allow dependent, nonstationary error and covariate processes. With a two-stage ... More
Analysis of Realized Volatility in Two Trading Sessions of the Japanese Stock MarketApr 22 2013We analyze realized volatilities constructed using high-frequency stock data on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. In order to avoid non-trading hours issue in volatility calculations we define two realized volatilities calculated separately in the two trading ... More
On the Upload versus Download Cost for Secure and Private Matrix MultiplicationJun 25 2019In this paper, we study the problem of secure and private distributed matrix multiplication. Specifically, we focus on a scenario where a user wants to compute the product of a confidential matrix $A$, with a matrix $B_\theta$, where $\theta\in\{1,\dots,M\}$. ... More
The restricted sumsets in $\mathbb{Z}_n$Oct 12 2018Oct 18 2018Let $h\geq 2$ be a positive integer. For any subset $\mathcal{A}\subset \mathbb{Z}_n$, let $h^{\wedge}\mathcal{A}$ be the set of the elements of $\mathbb{Z}_n$ which are sums of $h$ distinct elements of $\mathcal{A}$. In this paper, we obtain some new ... More
Topological properties and helical edge states in elastic phononic waveguides with Kekulé distortionJul 11 2019This study investigates the topological behavior of an elastic phononic structure characterized by Kekul\'e distortion. The truss-like elastic waveguide consists of a hexagonal unit cell whose geometric dimensions are intentionally perturbed according ... More
Corrigendum: Recover the source and initial value simultaneously in a parabolic equationMar 10 2015In this note, the corrigendum to our earlier paper "Recover the source and initial value simultaneously in a parabolic equation" [2014 Inverse Problems 30 065013] is given.
On the Capacity of Secure Distributed Matrix MultiplicationJun 01 2018Matrix multiplication is one of the key operations in various engineering applications. Outsourcing large-scale matrix multiplication tasks to multiple distributed servers or cloud is desirable to speed up computation. However, security becomes an issue ... More
Random Sampling for Distributed Coded Matrix MultiplicationMay 16 2019Matrix multiplication is a fundamental building block for large scale computations arising in various applications, including machine learning. There has been significant recent interest in using coding to speed up distributed matrix multiplication, that ... More
Time-varying nonlinear regression models: Nonparametric estimation and model selectionMar 18 2015This paper considers a general class of nonparametric time series regression models where the regression function can be time-dependent. We establish an asymptotic theory for estimates of the time-varying regression functions. For this general class of ... More
Complement Objective TrainingMar 04 2019Mar 21 2019Learning with a primary objective, such as softmax cross entropy for classification and sequence generation, has been the norm for training deep neural networks for years. Although being a widely-adopted approach, using cross entropy as the primary objective ... More
Multi-Instance Multi-Scale CNN for Medical Image ClassificationJul 04 2019Deep learning for medical image classification faces three major challenges: 1) the number of annotated medical images for training are usually small; 2) regions of interest (ROIs) are relatively small with unclear boundaries in the whole medical images, ... More
DIMM-SC: A Dirichlet mixture model for clustering droplet-based single cell transcriptomic dataApr 06 2017Motivation: Single cell transcriptome sequencing (scRNA-Seq) has become a revolutionary tool to study cellular and molecular processes at single cell resolution. Among existing technologies, the recently developed droplet-based platform enables efficient ... More
Multi-Instance Multi-Scale CNN for Medical Image ClassificationJul 04 2019Jul 18 2019Deep learning for medical image classification faces three major challenges: 1) the number of annotated medical images for training are usually small; 2) regions of interest (ROIs) are relatively small with unclear boundaries in the whole medical images, ... More
Synthetic Graphene Grown by Chemical Vapor Deposition on Copper FoilsJul 22 2013The discovery of graphene, a single layer of covalently bonded carbon atoms, has attracted intense interests. Initial studies using mechanically exfoliated graphene unveiled its remarkable electronic, mechanical and thermal properties. There has been ... More
Plug-and-Play: Improve Depth Estimation via Sparse Data PropagationDec 20 2018Apr 11 2019We propose a novel plug-and-play (PnP) module for improving depth prediction with taking arbitrary patterns of sparse depths as input. Given any pre-trained depth prediction model, our PnP module updates the intermediate feature map such that the model ... More
Schützenberger Products in a CategoryMay 06 2016The Sch\"utzenberger product of monoids is a key tool for the algebraic treatment of language concatenation. In this paper we generalize the Sch\"utzenberger product to the level of monoids in an algebraic category $\mathscr{D}$, leading to a uniform ... More
Simulation Studies of A Phenomenological Model for the Assembly of Elongated Virus CapsidsAug 28 2006We extend our previously developed general approach (1) to study a phenomenological model in which the simulated packing of hard, attractive spheres on a prolate spheroid surface with convexity constraints produces structures identical to those of prolate ... More
Theory of Magnetic Field Induced Spin Density Wave in High Temperature SuperconductorsDec 20 2001Mar 13 2002The induction of spin density wave (SDW) and charge density wave (CDW) orderings in the mixed state of high $T_c$ superconductors (HTS) is investigated by using the self-consistent Bogoliubov-de Gennes equations based upon an effective model Hamiltonian ... More
Simulation studies of a phenomenological model for elongated virus capsid formationJan 06 2007We study a phenomenological model in which the simulated packing of hard, attractive spheres on a prolate spheroid surface with convexity constraints produces structures identical to those of prolate virus capsid structures. Our simulation approach combines ... More
Statistical inferences for functional dataAug 16 2007With modern technology development, functional data are being observed frequently in many scientific fields. A popular method for analyzing such functional data is ``smoothing first, then estimation.'' That is, statistical inference such as estimation ... More
Dirichlet heat kernel estimates for fractional Laplacian under non-local perturbationMar 18 2015For $d\ge 2$ and $0<\beta<\alpha<2$, consider a family of non-local operators $\mathcal{L}^{b}=\Delta^{\alpha/2}+\mathcal{S}^{b}$ on $\mathbb{R}^d$, where $$ \mathcal{S}^{b}f(x):=\lim_{\varepsilon\to 0}\mathcal{A}(d,-\beta)\int_{ \{z\in \mathbb{R}^d: ... More
When Fashion Meets Big Data: Discriminative Mining of Best Selling Clothing FeaturesNov 11 2016Feb 22 2017With the prevalence of e-commence websites and the ease of online shopping, consumers are embracing huge amounts of various options in products. Undeniably, shopping is one of the most essential activities in our society and studying consumer's shopping ... More
Non-Markovian dynamics and strong coupling between atomic transitions and a waveguide continuum edgeOct 25 2011In quantum communication and distributed quantum computing, one-dimensional waveguides provide directional transfer of quantum information. A single-mode waveguide has a density-of-states singularity at the lower cut-off frequency, which resembles sharp ... More
States of Local Moment Induced by Nonmagnetic Impurities in Cuprate SuperconductorsApr 29 2003May 01 2003By using a model Hamiltonian with d-wave superconductivity and competing antiferromagnetic (AF) orders, the local staggered magnetization distribution due to nonmagnetic impurities in cuprate superconductors is investigated. From this, the net magnetic ... More
Searching Toward Pareto-Optimal Device-Aware Neural ArchitecturesAug 29 2018Aug 30 2018Recent breakthroughs in Neural Architectural Search (NAS) have achieved state-of-the-art performance in many tasks such as image classification and language understanding. However, most existing works only optimize for model accuracy and largely ignore ... More
Green's function relativistic mean field theory for $Λ$ hypernucleiApr 18 2017The relativistic mean-field theory with Green's function method is extended to study $\Lambda$ hypernuclei. Taking hypernucleus $^{61}_{\Lambda}$Ca as an example, the single-particle resonant states for $\Lambda$ hyperons are investigated by analyzing ... More
Multi-Labelled Value Networks for Computer GoMay 30 2017This paper proposes a new approach to a novel value network architecture for the game Go, called a multi-labelled (ML) value network. In the ML value network, different values (win rates) are trained simultaneously for different settings of komi, a compensation ... More
Weakly Interacting Topological Insulators: Quantum Criticality and Renormalization Group ApproachJan 02 2018For D-dimensional weakly interacting topological insulators in certain symmetry classes, the topological invariant can be calculated from a D- or (D+1)-dimensional integration over a certain curvature function that is expressed in terms of single-particle ... More