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Knowledge Representation Issues in Semantic Graphs for Relationship DetectionApr 14 2005An important task for Homeland Security is the prediction of threat vulnerabilities, such as through the detection of relationships between seemingly disjoint entities. A structure used for this task is a "semantic graph", also known as a "relational ... More
Some Advances in Role Discovery in GraphsSep 09 2016Role discovery in graphs is an emerging area that allows analysis of complex graphs in an intuitive way. In contrast to other graph prob- lems such as community discovery, which finds groups of highly connected nodes, the role discovery problem finds ... More
MaxOutProbe: An Algorithm for Increasing the Size of Partially Observed NetworksNov 20 2015Networked representations of real-world phenomena are often partially observed, which lead to incomplete networks. Analysis of such incomplete networks can lead to skewed results. We examine the following problem: given an incomplete network, which $b$ ... More
Geometric Laplacian Eigenmap EmbeddingMay 23 2019Graph embedding seeks to build a low-dimensional representation of a graph G. This low-dimensional representation is then used for various downstream tasks. One popular approach is Laplacian Eigenmaps, which constructs a graph embedding based on the spectral ... More
Graph Distance from the Topological View of Non-backtracking CyclesJul 20 2018Whether comparing networks to each other or to random expectation, measuring dissimilarity is essential to understanding the complex phenomena under study. However, determining the structural dissimilarity between networks is an ill-defined problem, as ... More
On Designing Machine Learning Models for Malicious Network Traffic ClassificationJul 10 2019Machine learning (ML) started to become widely deployed in cyber security settings for shortening the detection cycle of cyber attacks. To date, most ML-based systems are either proprietary or make specific choices of feature representations and machine ... More
Entropic convergence and the linearized limit for the Boltzmann equation with external forceDec 15 2016The purpose of this note, as a compendium, is to extend the results on entropic convergence and the linearized limit for the Boltzmann equation (without external force) in \cite{Levermore} by Levermore to the case of the Boltzmann equation with external ... More
On the projective algebra of Einstein Matsumoto metricsSep 13 2011Jul 19 2012The projective algebra p(M;F) (i.e the collection of all projective vector fields)of a Finsler space (M;F) is a finite-dimensional Lie algebra with respect to the usual Lie bracket. The projective algebra of Einstein metrics has been perpetually studied ... More
Competitive Equilibria for Non-quasilinear Bidders in Combinatorial AuctionsJun 22 2016Quasiliearity is a ubiquitous and questionable assumption in the standard study of Walrasian equilibria. Quasilinearity implies that a buyer's value for goods purchased in a Walrasian equilibrium is always additive with goods purchased with unspent money. ... More
BB8: A Scalable, Accurate, Robust to Partial Occlusion Method for Predicting the 3D Poses of Challenging Objects without Using DepthMar 31 2017Mar 26 2018We introduce a novel method for 3D object detection and pose estimation from color images only. We first use segmentation to detect the objects of interest in 2D even in presence of partial occlusions and cluttered background. By contrast with recent ... More
Towards Measuring Vacuum Polarization of Quantum Electrodynamics with Superconducting JunctionsDec 30 2016In this proposal, we present an experimental setup based on superconducting circuits and Josephson junctions to explore the modification of Josephson coefficient in the presence of external magnetic field due to vacuum polarization of quantum electrodynamics. ... More
A test of the circular Unruh effect using atomic electronsOct 05 2011Sep 03 2012We propose a test for the circular Unruh effect using certain atoms - fluorine and oxygen. For these atoms the centripetal acceleration of the outer shell electrons implies an effective Unruh temperature in the range 1000 - 2000 K. This range of Unruh ... More
On the Detection of Magnetic HelicityNov 14 2005Feb 16 2006Magnetic fields in various astrophysical settings may be helical and, in the cosmological context, may provide a measure of primordial CP violation during baryogenesis. Yet it is difficult, even in principle, to devise a scheme by which magnetic helicity ... More
The Signature of Proper Motion in the Microwave SkyJul 26 2010The cosmic microwave background radiation defines a preferred cosmic rest frame, and inflationary cosmological theories predict that the microwave background temperature fluctuations should be statistically isotropic in this rest frame. For observers ... More
Feasibility of observing Hanbury Brown and Twiss phaseNov 10 2014The interferometers of Hanbury Brown and collaborators in the 1950s and 60s, and their modern descendants now being developed (intensity interferometers) measure the spatial power spectrum of the source from intensity correlations at two points. The quantum ... More
Weighted domination number of cactus graphsApr 21 2016In the paper, we write a linear algorithm for calculating the weighted domination number of a vertex-weighted cactus. The algorithm is based on the well known depth first search (DFS) structure. Our algorithm needs less than $12n+5b$ additions and $9n+2b$ ... More
Stochastic calculus for convoluted Lévy processesMay 14 2008We develop a stochastic calculus for processes which are built by convoluting a pure jump, zero expectation L\'{e}vy process with a Volterra-type kernel. This class of processes contains, for example, fractional L\'{e}vy processes as studied by Marquardt ... More
Polarized Gravitational Waves from Cosmological Phase TransitionsMay 13 2015Jul 23 2015We estimate the degree of circular polarization for the gravitational waves generated during the electroweak and QCD phase transitions from the kinetic and magnetic helicity generated by bubble collisions during those cosmological phase transitions.
CMB anisotropies caused by gravitational waves: A parameter studyFeb 26 1997May 26 1998Anisotropies in the cosmic microwave background radiation due to gravity waves are investigated. An initial spectrum of gravity waves may have been induced during an epoch of inflation. We study the propagation of such a spectrum in a Friedmann background ... More
Quasi-coherent Hecke category and Demazure DescentMay 20 2014Oct 26 2015Let G be a reductive algebraic group with a Borel subgroup B. We define the quasi-coherent Hecke category for the pair (G,B). For any regular Noetherian G-scheme X we construct a monoidal action of the Hecke category on the derived category of B-equivariant ... More
Demazure descent and representations of reductive groupsMar 15 2013Oct 26 2015We introduce the notion of Demazure descent data on a triangulated category C and define the descent category for such data. We illustrate the definition by our basic example. Let G be a reductive algebraic group with a Borel subgroup B. Demazure functors ... More
Time-Optimal solutions of Parallel Navigation and Finsler geodesicsJan 07 2011A geometric approach to kinematics in control theory is illustrated. A non-linear control system is derived for the problem and the Pontryagin maximum principle is used to find the time-optimal trajectories of the Parallel navigation. The time-optimal ... More
Rapoport-Zink Spaces For Local P-Shtukas and Their Local ModelsJul 09 2018Dec 13 2018In this article we first survey the analogy between Shimura varieties (resp. Rapoport-Zink spaces) and moduli stacks for global G-shtukas (resp. Rapooprt Zink spaces for local P-shtukas). This part is intended to enrich the dictionary between the arithmetic ... More
On the C-projective vector fields on Randers spacesNov 06 2018May 21 2019A characterization of the C-projective vector fields on a Randers spaces is presented in terms of a recently introduced non-Riemannian quantity defined by Z. Shen and denoted by ${\bf\Xi}$; It is proved that the quantity ${\bf\Xi}$ is invariant for C-projective ... More
Equivariant Matrix Factorizations and Hamiltonian reductionOct 26 2015Let $X$ be a smooth scheme with an action of an algebraic group $G$. We establish an equivalence of two categories related to the corresponding moment map $\mu : T^*X \to Lie(G)^*$ - the derived category of G-equivariant coherent sheaves on the derived ... More
Braid group actions on matrix factorizationsOct 26 2015Let $X$ be a smooth scheme with an action of a reductive algebraic group $G$ over an algebraically closed field $k$ of characteristic zero. We construct an action of the extended affine Braid group on the $G$-equivariant absolute derived category of matrix ... More
Enumeration Problems for Regular Path QueriesOct 06 2017Evaluation of regular path queries (RPQs) is a central problem in graph databases. We investigate the corresponding enumeration problem, that is, given a graph and an RPQ, enumerate all paths in the graph that match the RPQ. We consider several versions ... More
Summertime, and the livin is easy: Winter and summer pseudoseasonal life expectancy in the United StatesMar 10 2017In temperate climates, mortality is seasonal with a winter-dominant pattern, due in part to pneumonia and influenza. Cardiac causes, which are the leading cause of death in the United States, are also winter-seasonal although it is not clear why. Interactions ... More
Local Models For The Moduli Stacks of Global $G$-ShtukasMay 05 2016In this article we develop the theory of local models for the moduli stacks of global $G$-shtukas, the function field analogs for Shimura varieties. Here $G$ is a smooth affine group scheme over a smooth projective curve. As the first approach, we relate ... More
On graphs of bounded semilatticesNov 03 2017Nov 06 2018In this paper, we introduce the graph $G(S)$ of a bounded semilattice $S$, which is a generalization of the intersection graph of the substructures of an algebraic structure. We prove some general theorems about these graphs; as an example, we show that ... More
On k-nullity foliations in Finsler geometry and completenessJan 07 2011Here, a Finsler manifold (M, F) is considered with corresponding curvature tensor, regarded as 2-forms on the bundle of non-zero tangent vectors. Certain subspaces of the tangent spaces of M determined by the curvature are introduced and called k-nullity ... More
Classes of hydrodynamic and magnetohydrodynamic turbulent decayJul 04 2016Nov 03 2016We perform numerical simulations of decaying hydrodynamic and magnetohydrodynamic turbulence. We classify our time-dependent solutions by their evolutionary tracks in parametric plots between instantaneous scaling exponents. We find distinct classes of ... More
Classical zero-knowledge arguments for quantum computationsFeb 14 2019Apr 09 2019We show that every language in BQP admits a classical-verifier, quantum-prover zero-knowledge argument system which is sound against quantum polynomial-time provers and zero-knowledge for classical (and quantum) polynomial-time verifiers. The protocol ... More
Real Forms of the Complex Neumann System: Real Roots of Polynomial $U_{\cal S}(λ)$May 22 2018The topology of Liouville sets of the real forms of the complex generic Neumann system depends indirectly on the roots of the special polynomial $U_{\cal S}(\lambda)$. For certain polynomials, the existence and positions of the real roots, according to ... More
On the C-projective vector fields on Randers spacesNov 06 2018A non-Riemannian quantity in Finsler geometry denoted by $\Sigma$ is introduced deriving form the ${\bf S}$-curvature. It has a close relation with the non-Riemannian quantity ${\bf \Xi}$ defined by Z. Shen. Some characterizations of C-projective vector ... More
Supramolecular structures in monohydroxy alcohols: Insights from shear-mechanical studies of a systematic series of octanol structural isomersJun 10 2014Sep 11 2014A recent study [Gainaru et al. PRL., 112, 098301 (2014)] of two supercooled monohydroxy alcohols close to the glass-transition temperature showed that the Debye peak, thus far mainly observed in the electrical response, also has a mechanical signature. ... More
Classical zero-knowledge arguments for quantum computationsFeb 14 2019We show that every language in BQP admits a classical-verifier, quantum-prover zero-knowledge argument system which is sound against quantum polynomial-time provers and zero-knowledge for classical (and quantum) polynomial-time verifiers. The protocol ... More
Estimating the efficiency turn-on curve for a constant-threshold trigger without a calibration datasetJan 30 2019Many particle physics experiments use constant threshold triggers, where the trigger threshold is in an online estimator that can be calculated quickly by the trigger module. Offline data analysis then calculates a more precise offline estimator for the ... More
Numerical pricing of American options under two stochastic factor models with jumps using a meshless local Petrov-Galerkin methodOct 29 2014The most recent update of financial option models is American options under stochastic volatility models with jumps in returns (SVJ) and stochastic volatility models with jumps in returns and volatility (SVCJ). To evaluate these options, mesh-based methods ... More
A Unified Approach to Online Allocation Algorithms via Randomized Dual FittingAug 25 2013We present a unified framework for designing and analyzing algorithms for online budgeted allocation problems (including online matching) and their generalization, the Online Generalized Assignment Problem (OnGAP). These problems have been intensively ... More
A scalable estimate of the extra-sample prediction error via approximate leave-one-outJan 30 2018Feb 08 2019The paper considers the problem of out-of-sample risk estimation under the high dimensional settings where standard techniques such as $K$-fold cross validation suffer from large biases. Motivated by the low bias of the leave-one-out cross validation ... More
Strong Gaussian approximations of product-limit and Quantile Processes for Strong mixing and censored dataDec 16 2008In this paper, we consider the product-limit quantile estimator of an unknown quantile function under a censored dependent model. This is a parallel problem to the estimation of the unknown distribution function by the product-limit estimator under the ... More
Matsumoto metrics of constant flag curvature are trivialSep 13 2011Jul 19 2012The local structure of Finsler metrics of constant flag curvature have been historically mysterious. It is proved that every Matsumoto metric of constant flag curvature on a manifold of dimension n \geq 3 is either Riemannian or locally Minkowskian.
Langlands-Rapoport Conjecture Over Function FieldsMay 05 2016In this article we prove the analogue of the Langlands-Rapoport conjecture for the moduli stacks of global $G$-shtukas. Here $G$ is a parahoric Bruhat-Tits group scheme over a smooth projective curve $C$ over a finite field $\mathbb{F}_q$.
Combining collective, MSW, and turbulence effects in supernova neutrino flavor evolutionApr 23 2013(Abridged) In order to decode the neutrino burst signal from a Galactic core-collapse supernova and reveal the complicated inner workings of the explosion we need a thorough understanding of the neutrino flavor evolution from the proto-neutron star outwards. ... More
On the Relation of the Deconfinement and the Chiral Phase Transition in Gauge Theories with Fundamental and Adjoint MatterMay 03 2012We study the relation of confinement and chiral symmetry breaking in gauge theories with non-trivial center, such as SU(N) gauge theories. To this end, we deform these gauge theories by introducing an additional control parameter into the theory and by ... More
Effect of circular Unruh radiation on bound nucleons and a possible answer to the Lithium 7 puzzleJul 13 2013Aug 07 2013In the shell model of nuclei, protons and neutrons move in a phenomenological nuclear potential much in the same manner as electrons move in Coulomb based potential in the shell model of atoms. As in the atomic case, the protons and neutrons of certain ... More
Formulation and Steady-state Analysis of LMS Adaptive Networks for Distributed Estimation in the Presence of Transmission ErrorsOct 28 2013This article presents the formulation and steady-state analysis of the distributed estimation algorithms based on the diffusion cooperation scheme in the presence of errors due to the unreliable data transfer among nodes. In particular, we highlight the ... More
Local Models For The Moduli Stacks of Global $G$-ShtukasMay 05 2016Mar 02 2017In this article we develop the theory of local models for the moduli stacks of global $G$-shtukas, the function field analogs for Shimura varieties. Here $G$ is a smooth affine group scheme over a smooth projective curve. As the first approach, we relate ... More
Implementation and optimization of Wavelet modulation in Additive Gaussian channelsAug 25 2013In this paper, we investigate the implementation of wavelet modulation (WM) in a digital communication system and propose novel methods to improve its performance. We will put particular focus on the structure of an optimal detector in AWGN channels and ... More
On the Achievability of Cramér-Rao Bound In Noisy Compressed SensingJun 13 2010Aug 25 2013Recently, it has been proved in Babadi et al. that in noisy compressed sensing, a joint typical estimator can asymptotically achieve the Cramer-Rao lower bound of the problem.To prove this result, this paper used a lemma,which is provided in Akcakaya ... More
Sparse Channel Estimation by Factor GraphsAug 26 2013The problem of estimating a sparse channel, i.e. a channel with a few non-zero taps, appears in various areas of communications. Recently, we have developed an algorithm based on iterative alternating minimization which iteratively detects the location ... More
Domain Transfer for 3D Pose Estimation from Color Images without Manual AnnotationsOct 08 2018Feb 21 2019We introduce a novel learning method for 3D pose estimation from color images. While acquiring annotations for color images is a difficult task, our approach circumvents this problem by learning a mapping from paired color and depth images captured with ... More
Optimal Algorithms for Continuous Non-monotone Submodular and DR-Submodular MaximizationMay 24 2018In this paper we study the fundamental problems of maximizing a continuous non-monotone submodular function over the hypercube, both with and without coordinate-wise concavity. This family of optimization problems has several applications in machine learning, ... More
General $(α, β)$ metrics with relatively isotroic mean Landsberg curvatureJun 27 2017In this paper, we study a new class of Finsler metrics, F=\alpha\phi(b^2,s), s:=\beta/\alpha, defined by a Riemannian metric \alpha and 1-form \beta. It is called general (\alpha, \beta) metric. In this paper, we assume \phi be coefficient by s and \beta ... More
Mechanism Design for Value MaximizersJul 15 2016Bidders often want to get as much as they can without violating constraints on what they spend. For example, advertisers seek to maximize the impressions, clicks, sales, or market share generated by their advertising, subject to budget or return-on-investment ... More
Domain Transfer for 3D Pose Estimation from Color Images without Manual AnnotationsOct 08 2018We introduce a novel learning method for 3D pose estimation from color images. While acquiring annotations for color images is a difficult task, our approach circumvents this problem by learning a mapping from paired color and depth images captured with ... More
Security Analysis of Big Data on Internet of ThingsAug 28 2018The volume of data exchange in this network is ascending, by expansing of internet of things and its increasing familiarity in recent years. By increasing of requests for joining to the network and taking advantage of its services, necessity to maintain ... More
Feynman Path Integral Approach on Superconducting Qubits and Readout ProcessMar 23 2014Mar 26 2014In this paper we introduce a new procedure on precise analysis of various physical manifestations in superconducting Qubits using the concept of Feynman path integral in quantum mechanics and quantum field theory. Three specific problem are discussed, ... More
Stochastic Ultra Slow Roll InflationNov 06 2018Jan 21 2019We study the ultra slow roll model in the context of stochastic inflation. Using stochastic $\delta N$ formalism, we calculate the mean number of $e$-folds, the power spectrum, the bispectrum and the stochastic corrections into these observables. We reproduce ... More
Kalman-based Spectro-Temporal ECG Analysis using Deep Convolutional Networks for Atrial Fibrillation DetectionDec 12 2018In this article, we propose a novel ECG classification framework for atrial fibrillation (AF) detection using spectro-temporal representation (i.e., time varying spectrum) and deep convolutional networks. In the first step we use a Bayesian spectro-temporal ... More
Local P-shtukas and their relation to global G-shtukasFeb 25 2013Dec 22 2015This is the first in a sequence of two articles investigating moduli stacks of global G-shtukas, which are function field analogs for Shimura varieties. Here G is a flat affine group scheme of finite type over a smooth projective curve, and global G-shtukas ... More
GSP - The Cinderella of Mechanism DesignJan 20 2017Nearly fifteen years ago, Google unveiled the generalized second price (GSP) auction. By all theoretical accounts including their own [Varian 14], this was the wrong auction --- the Vickrey-Clarke-Groves (VCG) auction would have been the proper choice ... More
Uniformizing The Moduli Stacks of Global G-ShtukasFeb 26 2013This is the second in a sequence of two articles, in which we propose to view the moduli stacks of global G-shtukas as function field analogs for Shimura varieties. Here G is a parahoric Bruhat-Tits group scheme over a smooth projective curve, and global ... More
Enhancing synchronizability of weighted dynamical networks using betweenness centralityDec 27 2008By considering the eigenratio of the Laplacian of the connection graph as synchronizability measure, we propose a procedure for weighting dynamical networks to enhance theirsynchronizability. The method is based on node and edge betweenness centrality ... More
Hybrid Forest: A Concept Drift Aware Data Stream Mining AlgorithmFeb 10 2019Nowadays with a growing number of online controlling systems in the organization and also a high demand of monitoring and stats facilities that uses data streams to log and control their subsystems, data stream mining becomes more and more vital. Hoeffding ... More
The Kinematic Image of 2R Dyads and Exact Synthesis of 5R LinkagesMar 16 2015Jul 27 2015We characterise the kinematic image of the constraint variety of a 2R dyad as a regular ruled quadric in a 3-space that contains a "null quadrilateral". Three prescribed poses determine, in general, two such quadrics. This allows us to modify a recent ... More
On The Motive of G-bundlesDec 18 2011Jun 10 2012Let $G$ be a reductive algebraic group over a perfect field $k$ and $\cG$ a $G$-bundle over a scheme $X/k$. The main aim of this article is to study the motive associated with $\cG$, inside the Veovodsky Motivic categories. We consider the case that $\charakt ... More
Evolutionarily Stable Sets in Quantum Penny Flip GamesNov 30 2012In game theory, an Evolutionarily Stable Set (ES set) is a set of Nash Equilibrium (NE) strategies that give the same payoffs. Similar to an Evolutionarily Stable Strategy (ES strategy), an ES set is also a strict NE. This work investigates the evolutionary ... More
Secretary Problems with Non-Uniform Arrival OrderFeb 07 2015For many online problems, it is known that the uniform arrival order enables the design of algorithms with much better performance guarantees than under worst-case. The quintessential example is the secretary problem. If the sequence of elements is presented ... More
A Lower Bound for Algebraic Connectivity based on Connection Graph Stability MethodSep 15 2009In this paper a tight lower bound for algebraic connectivity of graphs (second smallest eigenvalue of the Laplacian matrix of the graph) based on connection-graph-stability method is introduced. The connection-graph-stability score for each edge is defined ... More
Optimal Synthesis of Overconstrained 6R Linkages by Curve EvolutionJan 31 2017Mar 10 2017The paper presents an optimal synthesis of overconstrained linkages, based on the factorization of rational curves (representing one parametric motions) contained in Study's quadric. The group of Euclidean displacements is embedded in a affine space where ... More
Consistent Risk Estimation in High-Dimensional Linear RegressionFeb 05 2019Feb 07 2019Risk estimation is at the core of many learning systems. The importance of this problem has motivated researchers to propose different schemes, such as cross validation, generalized cross validation, and Bootstrap. The theoretical properties of such estimates ... More
Perfect State Transfer in Two and Three Dimensional StructuresJun 23 2011Jul 15 2011We introduce a scheme for perfect state transfer in regular two and three dimensional structures. The interactions on the lattices are of XX spin type with uniform couplings. In two dimensions the structure is a hexagonal lattice and in three dimensions ... More
On general $(α, β)$-metrics of weak Landsberg typeJun 13 2017In this paper, we study general $(\alpha,\beta)$-metrics which $\alpha$ is a Riemannian metric and $\beta$ is an one-form. We have proven that every weak Landsberg general $(\alpha,\beta)$-metric is a Berwald metric, where $\beta$ is a closed and conformal ... More
Generating Steganographic Text with LSTMsMay 30 2017Motivated by concerns for user privacy, we design a steganographic system ("stegosystem") that enables two users to exchange encrypted messages without an adversary detecting that such an exchange is taking place. We propose a new linguistic stegosystem ... More
Ionic Transport in Potential Coating Materials for Mg BatteriesJul 07 2019A major bottleneck for the development of Mg batteries is the identification of liquid electrolytes that are simultaneously compatible with the Mg-metal anode and high-voltage cathodes. One strategy to widen the stability windows of current non-aqueous ... More
Microwave Background Anisotropies from Alfven wavesJul 09 1998We investigate microwave background anisotropies in the presence of primordial magnetic fields. We show that a homogeneous field with fixed direction can amplify vector perturbations. We calculate the correlations of $\delta T/T$ explicitly and show that ... More
Entanglement of Quasielastic Scattering and Pion ProductionJul 19 2011Jul 21 2011The extraction of neutrino oscillation parameters requires the determination of the neutrino energy from observations of the hadronic final state. Here we discuss the difficulties connected with this energy reconstruction for the ongoing experiments MiniBooNE ... More
Simple High-Bandwidth Sideband Locking with Heterodyne ReadoutOct 05 2016We present a robust sideband laser locking technique that is ideally suited for applications requiring low probe power and heterodyne readout. By feeding back to a high-bandwidth voltage controlled oscillator, we lock a first-order phase-modulation sideband ... More
The Cosmic Microwave Background and Helical Magnetic Fields: the tensor modeApr 30 2003Nov 17 2004We study the effect of a possible helicity component of a primordial magnetic field on the tensor part of the cosmic microwave background temperature anisotropies and polarization. We give analytical approximations for the tensor contributions induced ... More
Nonhelical inverse transfer of a decaying turbulent magnetic fieldApr 08 2014Nov 28 2014In the presence of magnetic helicity, inverse transfer from small to large scales is well known in magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) turbulence and has applications in astrophysics, cosmology, and fusion plasmas. Using high resolution direct numerical simulations ... More
A Trichotomy for Regular Trail QueriesMar 01 2019Regular path queries (RPQs) are an essential component of graph query languages. Such queries consider a regular expression r and a directed edge-labeled graph G and search for paths in G for which the sequence of labels is in the language of r. In order ... More
Linear Convergence of Stochastic Iterative Greedy Algorithms with Sparse ConstraintsJul 01 2014Motivated by recent work on stochastic gradient descent methods, we develop two stochastic variants of greedy algorithms for possibly non-convex optimization problems with sparsity constraints. We prove linear convergence in expectation to the solution ... More
Stochastic Utilities With a Given Optimal Portfolio : Approach by Stochastic FlowsApr 29 2010Apr 05 2013The paper generalizes the construction by stochastic flows of consistent utility processes introduced by M. Mrad and N. El Karoui in (2010). The utilities random fields are defined from a general class of processes denoted by $\GX$. Making minimal assumptions ... More
Simple and Near-Optimal Mechanisms For Market IntermediationSep 09 2014A prevalent market structure in the Internet economy consists of buyers and sellers connected by a platform (such as Amazon or eBay) that acts as an intermediary and keeps a share of the revenue of each transaction. While the optimal mechanism that maximizes ... More
Efficient Rewirings for Enhancing Synchronizability of Dynamical NetworksDec 27 2008In this paper, we present an algorithm for optimizing synchronizability of complex dynamical networks. Based on some network properties, rewirings, i.e. eliminating an edge and creating a new edge elsewhere, are performed iteratively avoiding always self-loops ... More
Feature Mapping for Learning Fast and Accurate 3D Pose Inference from Synthetic ImagesDec 11 2017Mar 26 2018We propose a simple and efficient method for exploiting synthetic images when training a Deep Network to predict a 3D pose from an image. The ability of using synthetic images for training a Deep Network is extremely valuable as it is easy to create a ... More
Microwave Background Signatures of a Primordial Stochastic Magnetic FieldMay 29 2001Apr 09 2002A stochastic magnetic field in the early Universe will produce anisotropies in the temperature and polarization of the cosmic microwave background. We derive analytic expressions for the microwave background temperature and polarization power spectra ... More
Shirtless and Dangerous: Quantifying Linguistic Signals of Gender Bias in an Online Fiction Writing CommunityMar 29 2016Imagine a princess asleep in a castle, waiting for her prince to slay the dragon and rescue her. Tales like the famous Sleeping Beauty clearly divide up gender roles. But what about more modern stories, borne of a generation increasingly aware of social ... More
Gravitational Radiation Generated by Cosmological Phase Transition Magnetic FieldsMay 05 2009Aug 20 2009We study gravitational waves generated by the cosmological magnetic fields induced via bubble collisions during the electroweak (EW) and QCD phase transitions. The magnetic field generation mechanisms considered here are based on the use of the fundamental ... More
Doctoral Consortium - Australasian Conference on Information Systems (ACIS) 2015Jun 11 2016Jun 14 2016This submission contains all publications from the ACIS 2015 Doctoral Consortium held in Adelaide, Australia from November 30 - December 1, 2015.
Extra dimensions and Lorentz invariance violationApr 03 2007Nov 13 2007We consider effective model where photons interact with scalar field corresponding to conformal excitations of the internal space (geometrical moduli/gravexcitons). We demonstrate that this interaction results in a modified dispersion relation for photons, ... More
Parameter inference and model selection in signaling pathway modelsMay 27 2009To support and guide an extensive experimental research into systems biology of signaling pathways, increasingly more mechanistic models are being developed with hopes of gaining further insight into biological processes. In order to analyse these models, ... More
Simulation-based model selection for dynamical systems in systems and population biologyNov 09 2009Jan 20 2010Computer simulations have become an important tool across the biomedical sciences and beyond. For many important problems several different models or hypotheses exist and choosing which one best describes reality or observed data is not straightforward. ... More
A brief critique of the Adam-Gibbs entropy modelJan 14 2009This paper critically reviews the entropy model proposed by Adam and Gibbs in 1965 for explaining the dramatic temperature dependence of glass-forming liquids' average relaxation time, one of the most influential models during the last three decades. ... More
Strategic Bidding for Producers in Nodal Electricity Markets: A Convex Relaxation ApproachJun 20 2016Strategic bidding problems in electricity markets are widely studied in power systems, often by formulating complex bi-level optimization problems that are hard to solve. The state-of-the-art approach to solve such problems is to reformulate them as mixed-integer ... More
Weighted $\ell_1$-Minimization for Sparse Recovery under Arbitrary Prior InformationJun 03 2016Weighted $\ell_1$-minimization has been studied as a technique for the reconstruction of a sparse signal from compressively sampled measurements when prior information about the signal, in the form of a support estimate, is available. In this work, we ... More
An Analysis of Optimal Link BombsMar 07 2011We analyze the phenomenon of collusion for the purpose of boosting the pagerank of a node in an interlinked environment. We investigate the optimal attack pattern for a group of nodes (attackers) attempting to improve the ranking of a specific node (the ... More
Extended pipeline for content-based feature engineering in music genre recognitionMay 12 2018We present a feature engineering pipeline for the construction of musical signal characteristics, to be used for the design of a supervised model for musical genre identification. The key idea is to extend the traditional two-step process of extraction ... More